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The Other Crisis is the third episode of the Wars of the Worlds special event and the fifty eighth episode chronologically in Earth-19.

Wars of the Worlds
Season 0, Episode 3
Production Code WW3
Airdate July 4, 2014
Written By Paper and Sci
Directed By Paper
Season 0 Guide
"Prelude to Destruction"
Rating Episode may include:
Mild Fantasy Violence
Brief romance
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Plumbers' Academy, Dimension 19
May 1, 2020, 1:15 PM EDT

[The camera shows all the Magisters sitting in the office.]

[Slick]: It's been surprisingly quiet the last few months, hasn't it?

[Kruto]: Don't say that; you're basically begging for something to happen.

[Slick]: Relax... I think we're all just a little bored with nothing to do.

[The camera cuts to the Team's office, recently built just for them. The entire team is inside.]

[Other Will]: We've been waiting for over six months; when are we continuing with our plan...

[Other Paper]: We needed to wait for there to be a planetary alignment in our galaxy. In theory, the alignment should strengthen the affects of the diamond and allow for a larger portal to open. That alignment begins at midnight tonight...

[Other Toon]: What do we need to do?

[Other Paper]: We need 7 people... We need the ancient Sages of this world...

[The camera cuts back to the office. The Magisters are still in it, sitting around and not really doing anything.]

[Computer]: Incoming transmission from Fellson City...

[A holographic screen appears in front of the Magisters. A Plumber at the Fellson City Plumber base is on the screen.]

[Plumber]: We have a bit of a situation here... Dr. Animo is...

[Hornbok]: Say no more... We're on our way...

[Slick]: We're taking this one ourselves?

[Hornbok]: Why not?

[The camera cuts to the Magisters going towards the transport platform that will take them to the Fellson City base. As they walk towards it, the platform surprisingly activates.]

[Computer]: Platform breach imminent... Academy lock down protocol activated...

[The door behind the Magisters shuts closed and locks itself, as do all the other doors in the Academy.]

[Ivada]: Who is it this time?

[Two figures appear in the transport platform. They walk towards the Plumbers, who at first do not recognize the two men. They are Randy Olset and Victor Persons, the supervisors of the destroyed Midnight City Museum.]

[Olset]: Hornbok...

[Hornbok]: Wait, you're the museum supervisors?

[Persons]: Yes, and we desperately need your help...

[Ivada]: Why should we help you? According to Paper, the Elite hired you to build the museum...

[Olset]: That's not entirely true...

[Persons]: You see, in a way, we are the Elite.

[They each take off an ID mask, revealing Olset to be Ra'ol Set, and Persons to be Viper. The Magisters' eyes widen as the camera cuts to a warehouse in Midnight City. Specifically, this is the Midnight City of another dimension. Outside, Plumbers march in the streets in martial law, attacking all who don't stay in their homes. Inside the warehouse, the team is sitting around on various couches and chairs. Paper, Sci, Bink, and Kali are standing in the far side of the warehouse, away from all the other recruits.]

Midnight City, Dimension 91
May 1, 2020, 12:19 PM CDT

[Sci]: You're saying that the alignment will occur tonight?

[Paper]: Yes. With the alignment, the gem's power will grow and the fluctuations between the two dimensions will increase, making it easier to travel between them... We can use this to get back to our own world and send our doppelgangers back here...

[Bink]: There's a problem, though, isn't there?

[Paper]: Unfortunately, there is. I have no idea where the gem is located in this world; no idea where the portal will open...

[Sci]: I might have an idea... If this dimension's Bink was the first to get into our dimension, then the gem is probably somewhere with the Plumbers...

[Kali]: Getting the gem from the Plumbers isn't exactly going to be an easy task. This world is flipped; the Plumbers are not the police here; they are ruthless conquerors with a galactic wide empire. The gem could be anywhere in the galaxy...

[Paper]: We've got no other options... It's try, or remain here forever...

[They turn to the rest of the team. They are all listening in on the conversation.]

[Paper]: You guys here that?

[Nick]: It's a death sentence...

[Paper]: What else can we do?

[Will]: The Plumbers here are conquerors. Wouldn't they want to add another dimension to their territory?

[Sci]: You think they're planning to launch an invasion of our dimension?

[Will]: Yes...

[Rob]: If they are going to launch an attack, we can just get aboard one of their ships and easily make it back home...

[Jack]: Seems much easier than getting the gem back from them...

[Nick]: Can we all agree to this?

[Paper]: Okay, we've got a plan. We still need to figure out where the gem is...

[Bink]: I could probably track it... Magical objects are pretty easy to locate...

[Paper nods his head and turns to the rest of the team.]

[Paper]: There is one more thing that will make this a lot easier...

[Aevan]: Yes?

[Paper]: Specifically, our favorite seven people in the world...

[The camera cuts back to the Academy, in Dimension 19. The Magisters charge at Ra'ol Set and Viper, who simply back away, not wanting a fight. Hornbok draws his sword and jumps up at Ra'ol Set, slashing his armor and knocking him back into the wall.]

[Ra'ol Set]: We don't want to fight you...

[Ivada]: Then why are you here? How did you escape?

[Ra'ol Set]: We escaped long ago... Over a decade, actually...

[Hornbok gets a confused look. The other Magisters stand back as Hornbok sheathes his sword.]

[Hornbok]: A decade? How? We only captured you 6 years ago...

[Viper]: Perhaps you confuse us with our counterparts from this world... You see, we are from another dimension...

[Hornbok]: You've got to be kidding me...

[Other Ra'ol Set]: She's not... We come from another dimension in which everything is flipped... The Plumbers are conquerors, and Viper, myself, and five others have formed a rebellion against them... In this world...?

[Hornbok]: The Plumbers are the galactic police... And you seven formed a secret organization called the Elite bent on taking over the galaxy with whatever means necessary...

[Other Ra'ol Set]: I see...

[Slick]: This still doesn't explain why you built a museum...

[Other Ra'ol Set]: We built the museum to hide the diamond...

[Relgo]: That doesn't add up... Why would you build the museum with an exhibit that is bound to attract the Plumbers...

[Other Viper]: The SVT exhibit? I understand your confusion, but the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum of our world contains different prophecies than the version in this world... We could not have known that the Plumbers would have been attracted to it... You must also remember that the exhibit was closed off to the public, and once it was open, all wireless communication would be strictly prohibited within the range of affecting the diamond...

[Hornbok's worried look disappears as he breathes a sigh of relief.]

[Hornbok]: Okay, what do you need help with...

[Other Viper]: Some of the Plumbers from our dimension escaped into this one... We think they may be at this Academy, planning an attack...

[Hornbok]: Hold on... You keep using the word escape? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I mean, you two have been in this world for over a decade, but when some Plumbers escape into this world, it's bad news? How does that diamond even work?

[Other Ra'ol Set]: The diamond only activates when both counterparts in each world are near it. A portal will open, allowing free travel in between. Until just over 10 years ago, the diamond was thought to be lost in your world... Then, it was found by Ra'ol Set in your world, allowing me to escape...

[Other Viper]: A few months later, the diamond was stolen by this dimension's Viper, letting me into this world as well...

[Other Ra'ol Set]: Viper and I managed to take the diamond from this world's Viper and went into hiding... She seemed to forget about it and we eventually stopped where we knew she would never find us... It was several galaxies away, which I guess explains why we didn't know of this dimension's Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum...

[Other Viper]: After hearing a rumor that Viper and others who may have been looking for the diamond had been jailed, we decided to return to this galaxy and build the museum to hide the diamond...

[Slick]: So what's your plan...

[Other Viper]: We need to find the Plumbers from our world and send them back...

[Ivada]: Wait, if Plumbers from your world are here, then are Plumbers from our world there...

[Other Ra'ol Set]: Most likely...

[Hornbok]: Well, I think I realized who the Plumbers that made the switch are...

[Ivada]: Oh no...

[Other Viper]: They are some of the highest ranking officers in the Plumbers, only under the Magisters and the Emperor himself...

[Kruto]: The head of the Plumbers calls himself the Emperor?

[Other Ra'ol Set]: The Emperor of the Galaxy yes...

[Hornbok]: Who is it?

[Other Viper]: He is you... Emperor Hornbok...

[Hornbok's eyes widen as the camera cuts back to Midnight City in Dimension 91. Brian and Zon slightly open one of the curtain's covering a window in the warehouse. They see the Plumbers, who are actually an army of robotic police called The Paladins. They quickly close the curtain before any of the Paladins can spot them. They walk away from the window and turn to face the rest of the team.]

[Zon]: Finding them is probably going to be harder than actually getting back home...

[Brian]: Trying to get home along would be impossible. At least we've got a chance if we find The Elite...

[Nick]: They're probably not even called the Elite in this dimension... So, Brian, you ready...

[Brian]: Ready to die...

[He morphs into a Paladin and then electrocutes all of the team members. They follow along with the plan, and all of them fall to the ground. Brian runs over to the window, rips down the curtain, and crashes through the glass.]

[Brian]: Conspiracies will not be tolerated! You will be subjected to the full power of the Paladins...

[Several Paladins marching through the street notice the outburst and turn to aid their fellow Paladin. Brian and 16 other Paladins each escort one of the other team members out of the warehouse and towards the nearest Plumber stronghold. They march down the street as other squads of Paladins pass them and head for the warehouse to survey the scene. The camera cuts to the Paladins with the captured team arriving at a base. The door to the base opens, and all of the Paladins take their team members inside. On a building across from the base, five figures stand, watching the team being taken inside.]

[Figure]: I think we've finally found them...

[The camera cuts to a prison cell in the base. The Paladins shove all of the team members into a single cell, and then the Paladins shut the door. All of the Paladins except for one leave the room.]

[Rob]: We don't know if that's Brian or not. Everyone keep quiet.

[Zon]: Agreed.

[The team stands silently for a moment. A holographic screen appears in front of them with Hornbok on it. He is dressed differently, wearing robes and sitting on a throne as if he were royalty.]

[Other Hornbok]: What have you brought me?

[He looks at the team and grunts.]

[Other Hornbok]: These are my Plumbers you malfunctioning filth... Let them out at once...

[The screen disappears and the Paladin still in the room heads to open up the cell. Suddenly, there is an explosion with in the base. Several loud bangs can be heard, and then the metal door in the room flies off its hinges, hitting the Paladin and knocking it against the wall. In the doorway, the Dimension 91 versions of Lotin, Lucifer, Arthur, Blitz, and Chemestris are standing, facing the recruits. The Paladin, obviously not Brian, throws the door back at the Elite's counterparts. Two flame throwers appear on each arm and spray fire at the Elite. The Other Lucifer counters will his own fire breath as the Other Lotin jumps over the flame wall and stabs the Paladin in its shoulder with his sword. He slashes from behind and destroys one of the Paladin's arms. The Paladin spins, but Lotin ducks as Arthur jumps forward and kicks the Paladin in the back, sending it crashing into the wall. Lotin stands up, looks at Arthur, nods, and then turns to look at the team.]

[Other Lotin]: It's weird to be fighting on the same side as you...

[Paper]: Agreed...

[Lotin stabs the cell lock device with his sword, destroying it and opening the cell. The team steps out, and Paper stands across from Lotin.]

[Paper]: We thought that if we made a scene then you would find us...

[Other Lotin]: Sure enough we did... But how long have you been here and why did you need to find us?

[Sci]: We've been here since October... And we think the upcoming alignment is the perfect opportunity to try and get back home...

[Other Arthur, to Other Lotin]: There is a planetary alignment occurring tonight at midnight...

[Other Lotin]: What were you planning?

[Paper]: We think that the Plumbers of this world may be trying to launch an invasion of our world... We were going to use the portal that they open up during the alignment to get back home...

[Other Blitz]: We'd have to infiltrate their headquarters... It's nearly impossible...

[Bink]: I think we've heard that too many times... We need to forget how hard this is going to be and just go ahead and do it...

[Other Lotin]: Are you sure about this?

[Paper]: Yes, we need to act quickly, though. There are less than 10 hours until the alignment begins...

[Nick]: And one more question... Where are Ra'ol Set and Viper?

[Other Arthur]: They escaped into your dimension long ago... We obviously haven't been in contact with them since...

[Other Chemestris]: With that out of the way, are all of you ready?

[Sci]: I believe we are...

[Other Lotin]: Then let's go fight some Plumbers...

[The camera cuts to the Dimension 19 Magisters running down the hallway in the Academy, with the Dimension 91 Ra'ol Set and Viper following them. They arrive at the team's office and knock down the door, finding it completely empty inside.]

[Hornbok]: Where could they be?

[Other Viper]: They might have gone to Midnight City to look for the diamond...

[She takes the diamond out of her pocket.]

[Other Viper]: But they won't find it there... Our best option is to stay here, and wait for them to come to us...

[Ivada]: How do you know that they need the diamond?

[Other Ra'ol Set]: They're certainly planning on launching an invasion... If so, they need the diamond...

[The camera cuts to Midnight City in Dimension 19. The Dimension 91 team is investigating around the museum, which is still destroyed and surrounding by police tape and barricades.]

[Other Paper]: This is getting us nowhere...

[He turns to Bink.]

[Other Paper]: Why don't you track the diamond, already?

[Other Bink]: I suggested that earlier, but you said it would just waste time...

[She closes her eyes and thinks for a moment. Her eyes glow purple then return to normal.]

[Other Bink]: It's at the Academy...?

[Other Paper]: Let's head back then... And be prepared for trouble... It shouldn't be at the Academy...

[They head off to the Plumber base and the transport platforms in the city. The camera cuts back to the Academy. The Magisters, and the Dimension 91 Ra'ol Set and Viper are still at the team's office.]

[Ivada]: This is weird to not be fighting you two...

[Other Ra'ol Set]: I can't believe it, either...

[They hear the sounds of footsteps running down the hallway.]

[Slick]: Someone's coming...

[As the footsteps get closer, several distinct people can be heard.]

[Slick]: Several people...

[The entire Dimension 91 team arrives in the hallway, across from the Dimension 19 Magisters, the Other Ra'ol Set, and the Other Viper. The Other Paper sees the diamond in the Other Viper's hand.]

[Other Paper]: Viper and Ra'ol Set? Hornbok, what are you doing... 

[Hornbok]: Paper, exactly where have you been the last few hours?

[Other Paper]: Midnight City, trying to find Oslet and Persons. Hornbok, are you... 

[Other Ra'ol Set]: You can drop the act now, they know. 

[Other Paper looks around, finding the Diamond in Other Viper's hand. He smirks. ] 

[Other Paper]: Its a shame that it had to end like this. 

[Suddenly, the Dimension 91 Team lunges at the Magisters, Other Ra'ol Set, and Other Viper. Other Paper runs up to Hornbok, grabbing a chair and throwing it at Hornbok, who falls to the ground after being hit with the chair. Other Sci uses his elemental powers to remove the air around the Other Ra'ol and the Other Viper , making them struggle to breath.  Other Toon sends large flames at Slick and Ivada, as the other Dimension 91 recruits begin using their powers on the Magisters as well. Other Bink walks into the office, as she looks around at the lights and technology in the room. ] 

[Other Bink]: Noisnemid ruo fo repiV dna teS lo'aR eht sa llew sa ,noisnemid siht fo elpoep eht kcattA .eeht nommus I eciffo fo seriw ,won srewop krad ym htiW. 

[The Wires of all the electronics are ripped from the walls, attacking the Magisters and the Other Elite members. The ground collaspes under Hornbok, as he falls down into a classroom. Other Paper jumps into the hole, kicking Hornbok over, as Other Toon and Other Bink jump into the hole as well. ] 

[Other Paper]: How sad... this Hornbok can't even fight his own recruits. 

[Hornbok kicks down Other Paper, before trying to run away. Other Bink lefts her hand up, making Hornbok freeze where he is. Paper shoots a capluse arrow at Hornbok, which opens up, releasing an electric net, hitting Hornbok and forcing him into the ground. Bink raises her hands into the air and releases blue energy at Hornbok as she chants. ] 

[Other Bink]: Create an ice prision surrounding Hornbok, with one hole for air near his face. Then I command the roof above to come down, change into bars, and surround the ice prision, so Hornbok can't escape. Finally, I demand a ring of fire surrounding these prisions, but the ice is not to melt. 

[The blue energy becomes ice, entrapping Hornbok with the exception of a hole for air. Suddenly, parts of the roof come down, breaking off but freeze, change into the shape of prision bars, and strike the ground, surrounding the ice prision. A ring of fire appears around the ice prision, but it doesn't melt. ] 

[Other Paper]: Well done, Bink. 

[Other Toon appears with the Diamond in his hand. ] 

[Other Toon]: We have it. The others are surrounded by special prisions made of earth, thanks to Sci. 

[Other Paper]: Then, let us head to Midnight City. To begin the Invasion. 

[It cuts to Dimension 91. ]

Palace of Parosia, Dimension 91
May 1, 2020, 11:19 PM CDT

[Paper, voiceover]: This is the plan.

[It shows three Paladins marching in a hallway, marching past a group of other Paladins. Once the other Paladins have left, the three Paladins enter a room. Inside the room is a generator attached to multiple computers. The Paladins walk over to the computers, and begin typing commands. ]

[Paper, voiceover]: The place we're going to is called the Palace of Parosia. Parosia is the planet that the Plumbers originate and have their Headquarters on in this dimension.

[The generator shuts down, as it cuts to an another area of the Palace. ] 

[Paladin]: Emperor Hornbok, the generator in Section 19 has been shut off. 

[Other Hornbok]: Get the camera feed immediately. 

[A screen appears, showing the Paladins in the Generator room. ] 

[Paladin]: Are you sure this is going to work Toon?

[Toon, as the Paladin]: Of course, Bink. 

[Paladin #3]: Lets get out of here. 

[Other Hornbok slams his fist on this throne. ] 

[Other Hornbok]: What the hell, why are th- unless... sound the alarms and bring them to me. 

[The alarms begin going off as the Paladins look around in the Generator Room. ] 

[Paladin #3]: They know we're here. 

[The Paladins take off their ID Masks, to reveal themselves as Bink, Toon, and Zon. Paladins burst into the room. ] 

[Paladin]: Freeze!

[Paper, in voiceover]: They're going to know we're there, which means we'll have to fight through the Paladins. All of them. 

[Zon transforms into Diamondhead and shoots crystals at the Paladins, as Bink uses her magic to cause an explosion, and Toon destroys the Generator with his fire. ] 

[Paper, in voiceover]: According to this dimension's Elite, there are 19 generators in 19 out of 20 sections of the Palace of Parosia. So, we're going to have to either shut them down or destroy all of them to allow the Elite's forces to attack. 

[Paper sends an explosive arrow at a generator, destroying it. Sci sends a burst of fire at another generator. Jack sends energy blasts at a third generator, causing it to be destroyed. It cuts to Ben fighting Paladins after destroying a generator. ] 

[Paper, in voiceover]: Now there's only 17 of us, so we'll meet at the two generators near the Throne Room. When we take them down, the Other Elite will attack, and help us fight this dimension's Magisters. 

[It shows Will teleport behind a group of Paladins, then take them out. Nick on the other hand, uses his Acid Breath on other Paladins, melting them as Rob shoots heat vision at a third group of Paladins. Multiple cameras show the team members running in different directions, fighting Paladins. Emperor Hornbok is watching. ] 

[Other Hornbok]: We took over the galaxy, have we slacked off in the last few months?

[Suddenly, he hears something. A sound. The sound get louder and louder. After the moment, he hears an attack occuring outside. He begins hearing explosions, as the ground begins shaking. ] 

[Other Hornbok]: Paladins, fight my rogue team. 

[The Paladins begin heading towards the door as the other Magisters appear next to Other Hornbok. ] 

[Other Ivada]: If our team has indeed gone rogue, they may be planning to overthrow us. 

[Other Kruto]: They could destroy us, they could take over both dimensions... 

[Suddenly the door explodes, with a Paladin being thrown across the room. The Team appears, as Sci puts down a Paladin, and Kali appears with a pistol. ] 

[Sci]: Dang, you look hot in that leather, Kali. 

[Kali]: Excuse me?

[Sci]: Nothing. 

[The Team enters the throne room as Other Hornbok stands up. ] 

[Other Hornbok]: What is the meaning of this?

[Paper]: Excuse us, your highness but we're not your team. We're from the other dimension. And we're not going to let you or them invade our world. 

[Other Hornbok]: Is that so. 

[Other Hornbok presses a button on his throne. Suddenly, energy bars shoot up from the ground to the roof, surrounding the Team. ] 

[Other Hornbok]: Predictable. 

[Sci]: The Generators are done, which means that anyone can teleport or attack. Speaking of which...

[Suddenly, the Other Elite appear in the room. ] 

[Other Lotin]: I see the fun started without us. 

[Other Hornbok]: Deal with them... I'll get the Invasion ready. 

[The Other Magisters charge at the Other Elite, who also charge. Other Lotin throws Other Kruto across the room, as Other Lucifer and Other Arthur team up against Slick and Relgo. Chemestris runs over to the Team as Blitz fights Magister Ivada. ] 

[Other Chemestris]: Its an electric energy bar trap, I've dealt with this before. It'll require a binary virus, which will take some time... 

[Kali]: We have 15 minutes before the Portal can be opened. Hurry!

[Other Chemestris]: I'll try. 

[Other Chemestris heads to one of the Paladin Control Panels, as Other Lotin fights Other Kruto. Other Kruto grabs Other Lotin, flips him into the air and slams him into the ground. Other Lotin grabs Kruto by the leg, and presses a button on his glove that he's wearing. The glove shocks Kruto, sending him to the ground. Other Ivada then begins shooting ice at Other Lotin, having frozen Other Blitz. It cuts to Other Hornbok in a private viewing room, with a large window showing the armada of spaceships preparing to leave. Hornbok throws a device onto the ground, which creates an hologram, showing Other Paper. ] 

[Other Paper]: What?

[Other Hornbok]: It appears that you sent the other team here, and now they're attacking my stronghold to get back to your world. 

[Other Paper]: We can handle them. 

[Other Hornbok]: Get everything ready. You have 14 minutes till the portal needs to be opened. I'm preparing the fleet. DON'T disappoint me. 

[The transmission ends, as Chemistris stops typing. The energy bar prision disappears, as Chemistris is struck with ice, falling down. The Other Magisters stand up, as the Other Elite are barely able to stand up. ] 

[Other Lotin]: Goo... stop the invasion... leave us. Save yourselves... 

[Paper]: No, we'll fight, we'll... 

[Sci]: We only have 6 minutes, we don't have time to do both. 

[Other Chemistris]: Stop Hornbok... at all ... costs.

[Other Lucifer]: Please, leave us. Stop them. 

[Paper looks at the Other Elite, then nods. The Team heads towards the secret chamber Hornbok is in, as the Other Magisters aim their weapons at the Other Elite. ] 

[Other Kruto]: At last, we'll get rid of you rebels... 

[Other Lotin]: We aren't rebels... we're the Elite. 

[As Paper and the Team reaches the chamber, gunshots are heard. Other Hornbok turns around, to see the Team. ] 

[Other Hornbok]: You escaped... 

[Paper]: Of course. 

[Other Hornbok]: You're too late, the invasion will begin, and no one will stop m- 

[Paper runs up to Other Hornbok and punches him in the face, knocking him out. 

[Toon]: What the hell?

[Paper]: Lets shut this down. 

[Kali, looking at the ships]: There's no way we can stop them now. 

[Paper]: We'll take a ship then. Sneak in, hijack a ship, get back home. We can deal with our counterparts and this invasion there. 

[Nick]: Then let's get to it. 

[It returns to Dimension 19, at the Plumbers Academy. Hornbok is still trapped in the net and ice prision, when all of a sudden, he hears something. Suddenly, he hears the fire being put out, before the same noise is heard. Then, the roof bears and ice prision are shattered, as Hornbok turns his head to see Humungosaur. ] 

[Hornbok]: Ben?

[Humungosaur]: Yeah. I wanted to talk to you about Animo, but then I found you and the rest of you trapped. 

[Humungosaur detransforms back to Ben, who takes off the net. ] 

[Hornbok]: We've been betrayed... oh and the Elite, don't arrest them. We'll need them... 

[Ben]: Why?

[Hornbok]: We have an invasion coming. 

[It cuts to Midnight City. The Dimension 91 team is standing in the middle of a park. Other Bink and Other Sci are standing in front of each other. Other Bink chants a spell, causing her hands to glow, then shoot out energy hands that change to Sci's hands size. ]

[Other Bink]: To open the portal, we shall use your elemental powers, as well has the darkness inside you caused by the demon king. Now, chant with me. 

[Other Bink places the diamond on the ground, as they chant a spell, shooting lighting at the diamond. ] 

[Other Bink and Other Sci]: Won ti nepo ot uoy dnammoc I dnomaid, eno ytnin noisnemid, nepo llahs ssenkrad, nik ruo nommus, latrop eht esaeler, rehto eht ot, latrop eht nepo. Won ti nepo ot uoy dnammoc I dnomaid, eno ytnin noisnemid, nepo llahs ssenkrad, nik ruo nommus, latrop eht esaeler, rehto eht ot, latrop eht nepo. 

[As they do this, dark smoke comes out of Other Sci's mouth, going towards the diamond. Flames appear in front of Other Sci's hands, as a twister surrounds Other Bink and Other Sci, water forms around the two, and the pebbles on the ground begin to levitate. ] 

[Other Bink and Other Sci]: Won ti nepo ot uoy dnammoc I dnomaid, eno ytnin noisnemid, nepo llahs ssenkrad, nik ruo nommus, latrop eht esaeler, rehto eht ot, latrop eht nepo. Won ti nepo ot uoy dnammoc I dnomaid, eno ytnin noisnemid, nepo llahs ssenkrad, nik ruo nommus, latrop eht esaeler, rehto eht ot, latrop eht nepo. won nepo uoy dnamed I!

[Suddenly, the diamond glows bright, stopping the spell, and sending the two back. The Diamond shoots out a beam of energy, which opens up a portal in the sky. Suddenly, spaceships begin flying out of the Diamond as the Dimension 91 Team watches. ] 

[Other Paper]: It has begun. 

[Suddenly a smaller spaceship appears, and begins shooting at the Dimension 91 team. ]

[Other Nick]: What the heck?

[The spaceship lands at the edge of the Park, as a second spaceship shoots at the invasion spaceships before landing next to the invasion spaceship. Out of the first ship comes the Dimension 19 team, and out of the second ship comes the Dimension 19 Magisters. They meet up together, to each group's shock. ]

[Paper]: Sir?

[Hornbok]: Paper? Is that the this dimension you?

[Paper]: One way to find out. What did you say? Before we went to GBA Headquarters in 2014?

[Hornbok]: There is a day, in every Plumber's life were things are darker than ever. When good has failed, evil seems to have won, and all seems lost. But, some things are more powerful then evil. Some things are more powerful than a crystal, or a sword of darkness, or even a demon king. You see.. one of the most powerful things in the universe.... is hope. Remember that. Always remember that.

[Paper]: Word for word... alright. We have an entire fleet of other dimensional spaceships coming out of that portal to attack the city and the dimension. We need air support, and ground support. Get all available plumbers. This is ground zero.

[Hornbok]: Alright.

[Hornbok goes back onto one of the ships, as a third small spaceship lands on the opposite end of the Park. Kruto takes a device and puts it up to his eyes. ]

[Kruto]: I see... wait a second. Is that... Me?

[Paper]: There are alternate everyone. The Plumbers in the other dimension are galactic rulers. We have to take them, the fleet, and the alternate team down.

[The Team, Magisters, including Hornbok now and Kali, walk towards the middle of the Park. On the opposite end, the Other Magisters and Other Team walk towards the middle of the Park as well. The Papers glare at each other, as the Magisters inspect their opposite selves. ]

[Kruto]: I look good in that color.

[The two groups stand in front of each other, a few yards away from each other. ]

[Other Paper]: Are you REALLY going to try and stop us?

[Paper]: Since you are indeed me, I think you know the answer.

[Other Paper]: Indeed.

[The two Papers speed at each other, but the real Paper jumps over the Other Paper and tries to kick him in the face, but he misses. Both turn around and aim arrows at each other, but don't fire when they realize that they are locked in check. Across the park, Sci shoots a stream of water at the Other Sci, who blocks it with a wave of fire. He sends rock of Earth at Sci, who jumps up with a burst of air and then sends a wave of fireballs at his counterpart. The Other Toon sends another wave of fire as a counterattack, but then jumps back as Toon sends more fire his way. Toon starts to force the Other Toon to back away from Sci, but his counterpart jumps over him and then sweep kicks his legs. On the other side of the fight, Zon is fighting his counterpart.]

[Zon]: You can't even come close to beating me...

[Other Zon]: Well, I'm you, so we'll see how this goes...

[Zon rushes at his counterpart and turns into his full vulpimancer form. He charges at him and then lunges, but the Other Zon avoids. He blasts green energy at his counterpart, but Zon rolls out of the way to avoid. He turns back into his human form and then blasts green energy at his counterpart to counterattack his own green energy. Next to them, Brian and his counterpart are locked in a dual sword exchange. Brian swings his left arm, as a sword, at his counterpart, but he counters with his right arm, also as a sword. The swords continue to slash back and forth, with neither of them gaining an advantage. Above them, Aevan and his counterparts' shadows are locked in combat, as their bodies remain motionless below. Aevan's shadow quickly gains advantage and knock's the Other Aevan's shadow back into his body. The Other Aevan then kicks Aevan's body down, which forces his shadow to return. Aevan jumps up and tries to roundhouse his counterpart, but he avoids. Both of them then get caught in a giant wave of ice sent by the Other Sub and the Other Ivada as they fight their counterparts. Sci and Ivada jump over the frozen Aevans and form large ice swords to continue the fight from close range. The frozen Aevans break free and continue close range combat as Sub and Ivada charge at their counterparts with their swords ready. The camera cuts Hornbok and the Other Hornbok, who are standing across from each other.]

[Hornbok]: I don't understand you...

[Other Hornbok]: I feel the same way about you...

[Hornbok]: Why are you so evil?

[The Other Hornbok chuckles before drawing a sword.]

[Hornbok]: Why are you so good?

[He lunges at his counterpart, but Hornbok stretches around him and the kicks him in the back of the leg. The Other Hornbok spins around and slashes his sword, but Hornbok quickly draws his own sword to block it. He spins in the other direction to try and catch Hornbok off balance, but he blocks that attack, too, and then swings the sword offensively, making his counterpart take a couple steps back. Near them, Bink and her counterpart exchange magic attacks.]

[Other Bink]: You know, you're the strongest of all the Plumbers... Stronger than the Magisters, stronger than Paper, even maybe stronger than Sci, and yet you let them boss you around...

[Bink]: I follow their orders because I respect them and their orders. Maybe you think that being the strongest means you have to be in charge, but that's not how it works in this dimension. Maybe I am stronger than them, but that doesn't give me the right to lead, you have to earn it.

[She blasts a magic beam at her counterpart, which ends the large magic attack she was preparing.]

[Bink]: Won rof cigam eht fo lla pots.

[Her counterpart tries to blast a magic beam at her, but it doesn't work.]

[Other Bink]: Oh you little... Cigam eht kcab gnirb.

[Nothing happens.]

[Other Bink, angry]: Oh you little...

[She charges at Bink and tries to punch her, but Bink ducks underneath the punch and kicks her in the back, knocking her forward. She stumbles to a stop and then turns around as Bink punches her in the face. Near them, the Jacks are locked in a lightning duel. They each cut off the lightning as the Other Jack charges at his counterpart. Jack jumps and kicks at his counterpart's face, but he misses and gets zapped by his counterpart's lightning. Next to them, the Robs are locked in sword combat while the Waters are locked in a close range brawl. Water grabs his counterparts arm and throws him into the Other Rob. The Dimension 91 Plumbers quickly get back up and charge at their counterparts as Slick collides with his counterpart. He punches his counterpart in the face, and then gets flipped over onto his back. Behind them, Nick chases after his counterpart while he avoids spurts of acid from his mouth. Below them, Will tries to roundhouse his counterpart, but misses and then gets hit by a blast from the Other Cassie. Her counterpart jumps and kicks her back before firing blasts of her own at her.]

[Cassie]: Nice try...

[She continues to fire blasts of energy at her counterpart as the two Wills return to their own fight. Near them, the two Nars are locked in close range combat with their katanas. Nar knocks one of his counterpart's katanas out of his hand and kicks him back. The Other Nar ditches the katana and charges at his counterpart. Relgo and Kruto have teamed up to fight their counterparts in more close range combat. Relgo punches his counterpart and then jumps to avoid a sweep kick from the Other Kruto. Kruto checks his counterpart, who quickly regains his balance and punches him back. The Other Ben chases his counterpart as the two blast sonic screams at each other, which only seem to affect each other. Ben lands and then jumps at his counterpart and kicks him down to the ground. He lands and stumbles but then jumps back up and continues the aerial combat. Back on the far side of the park, the two Papers are still aiming arrows at each other.]

[Other Paper]: You're making no progress whatsoever...

[Paper, grinning]: Are we?

[He looks up at the sky. The invasion force from Dimension 91 seems to have shrunk, and hundreds of Dimension 19 Plumbers' ships can be seen facing the Dimension 91 ships.]

[Paper, angry]: ARE WE?

[The Other Paper fires his arrow at Paper, who quickly unleashes his arrow. Paper's arrows opens a portal, and the Other Paper's arrows flies through it into a void of space before exploding. The portal obstructs the Other Paper's view, and once it closes, he is punched onto the ground by his counterpart. He looks around the battlefield and sees that all over, the Dimension 19 Plumbers are slowly winning the fight over their counterparts. He looks at the Dimension 91 fleet, which starts to retreat into the portal to Dimension 91.]

[Other Paper]: This fight isn't over...

[Paper]: But it will be soon...

[Other Sci]: No, it won't be...

[He overwhelms his counterpart with a blast of pure lightning, electrocuting Sci and sending him stumbling back. On the other side of the Paper's, the Other Bink can be seen walking away from a possibly unconscious Bink as the three Dimension 91 Plumbers surround Paper.]

[Other Sci]: Did you really think you could stop us that easy?

[Other Bink]: My magic is gone. 

[Other Sci]: We don't need your magic for this, by merely saying the incantation from the SVT, we can summon him. 

[Paper]: Him? 

[Other Sci]: Yes, him. You wouldn't know him, since he hasn't been to this world for a very, very long time. Since before the days of the slaughter of Love, and the transformation of Hate into Rigon. 

[Paper]: I thought Hornbok was the leader of your dimension... 

[Other Paper]: No, he's the front man. The person who acts as the leader. Our TRUE leader, is someone else.... someone you'll soon meet with the help of five friends... 

[Other Paper points to Other Will and Other Nick coming out the spaceship with five other people. Paper, and the recruits watch as they realize who the five are. ] 

[Other Bink]: I believe you know them as the Sages... Hope, Fear, Grief, Rage, and Joy. 

[Hope]: Don't lose hope, Guardian. You can defeat the Others. 

[Fear]: Don't give into your fears. 

[Grief]: Grief later, but for now you must stop them from unleashing him. 


[Joy]: I'm just so HAPPY that you returned to this dimension. 

[Other Nick]: Silence. 

[Other Nick presses a button, which activates the metal collars around their necks. Suddenly, each of the Sages eyes glow red. ] 

[Other Nick]: The sages are under control now. 

[Other Paper]: Let us perform the ritual at once. 

[Other Toon burns into the ground a series of runes, circles, and lines surrounding the Diamond. The diamond is in an inner circle, followed by three more larger circles that grow bigger and bigger, surrounding the smaller circles inside. From the center are five lines that shoot out like a pentagon, leading to five smaller circles with ancient runes in them. One for Hope, One for Fear, one for Grief, and the other two for Rage and Joy. The sages are placed there as Other Sci takes out the Dimension 91-version of the SVT, opening it out for him and Other Bink to read. ] 

[Other Sci and Other Bink]: rewop neddibrof eht hsaelnu ew sa hctaw setaf eht tel ...noisnemid emoh ruo ,rehtO eht fo eman eht nI!

[The sky grows darker till its pitch black as the Dimension 19 Magisters and Recruits watch. The nearby grass and trees begin dying off, as the windows in the nearby skyscrapers shatter, and begin flying around the park in a fast speed. ] 

[Other Sci and Other Bink]:  Won eb ot dlrow ruo fo emit eht eralced I ,rehtO eht fo eman eht nI .dehsaelnu eb yoJ dna ,egaR ,feirG ,raeF ,epoH segaS eht fo srewop eht ,setaF eht fo srewop eht dnamed I ,rehtO eht fo eman eht nI .noisnemid siht nmednoc I ,rehtO eht fo eman eht nI. 

[Energy bursts from the bodies of the Sages, as Hope's energy spirals around then comes towards the center and hits the diamond. Fear's energy does the same, but Joy and Rage's energies go in the opposite direction, spiraling around before hitting the other side of the diamond. Grief's energy spirals around the diamond multiple times before hitting at the very top of the diamond. The diamond begins growing bigger, as Other Sci and Other Bink smile. Paper begins crawling towards his bow and arrow, which had fallen off, only for Other Paper to notice. He grabs the bow and arrows right before Paper gets them. ] 

[Other Paper]: Why aren't you watching the show?

[Other Paper kicks Paper's face, making him face the Sages being forced to do the ritual. ] 

[Other Sci and Other Bink]: Retsam ruo eerf ,rehto eht fo eman eht nI .won eb ot dlrow ruo fo emit eht eralced I ,rehtO eht fo eman eht nI .dehsaelnu eb yoJ dna ,egaR ,feirG ,raeF ,epoH segaS eht fo srewop eht ,setaF eht fo srewop eht dnamed I ,rehtO eht fo eman eht nI .noisnemid siht nmednoc I ,rehtO eht fo eman eht nI!

[A shock wave sends everyone backwards, including the sages as their energy disappears. Then, a burst of energy shoots from the diamond, hitting the ground. It forms into a container with a lid on it. Suddenly, the lid bursts off, revealing a liquid-like substance that fills the ritual site Toon created. As it covers it, it begins to come together towards the center. As the concentration grows bigger, the liquid begins to rise, forming a humanoid shape. After a body and item has been made by the liquid, the liquid turns solid, until items begin appearing. Boots. Armor. Hands. A humanoid alien appears once the liquid is solid, opening his eyes and looking around. ] 

[Humanoid Alien]: I am freed... 

[The Dimension 91 team and Magisters, including Other Hornbok bow to the figure. ] 

[Other Paper]: Kogan sir, we have brought you back to your home dimension. 

[Kogan]: Yes, indeed. 

[Kogan notices the Dimension 19 team still alive, watching. ] 

[Kogan]: But you have not killed them?

[Other Paper]: Well no, but...

[Kogan grabs Other Paper by the throat. ] 

[Kogan]: I demanded that they were to die, and you have failed me...

[Other Paper]: No, I .. I ...

[Kogan throws Other Paper into the sky before taking his alien tech sledgehammer and shooting a boomerang of energy at Other Paper. The energy hits Other Paper, ripping him into atoms before he fades into nothing visable. The Dimension 91 team and Dimension 19 team both look in shock. ] 

[Kogan]: Now, I suppose before I wipe all of you out, you want to know my back story. 

[Voice]: Actually, I can do that. 

[Everyone turns their direction to see Paradox standing in the distance. ] 

[Paradox]: Hello everybody! I figured I'd drop by, watch you all fight. 

[Hornbok face palms himself for a few moments. ] 

[Hornbok, talking to himself]: Why does he always show up in these kind of situations?

[Paradox]: Now as I was saying, I can tell you the story. You see... Kogan was a member of this dimension's Plumbers many hundreds of years ago, before the time of Rigon. He believed that the Plumbers were superior over all other races, and decided that it was time to take control of the galaxy. But when his vision for a dictator-like society was turned down, he and his fraction went rogue. Using dark Nikon'ali magic, they decided to infiltrate the Plumbers and destroy them from the inside out. There was a nasty war that lasted for a good nineteen months, when Kogan and his fraction were found, and defeated. With his fraction stuck as other people, I sent them into a newly born dimension called "The Other". In "The Other", the dimension did indeed prosper under his cruel leadership, but there was a curse. A curse that said that everyone born in that dimension would be forced to be the exact opposite of a figure in this dimension, to the point where they even look alike. That is, with the exception of immortals. Born immortals, I must add. I had sealed off access to that dimension, and removed the ability to travel to it from the Mirror of the Stars. Kogan had created the diamond, which was the only way to get to the dimension. I couldn't destroy the diamond, so I hid it in his dimension. 

[Hornbok]: Until Ra'ol Set found it, ten years ago. 

[Paradox]: Precisely, dear Hornbok. Well, if I'll be watching from beyond time and space. Cheerios!

[Paradox vanishes out of nowhere, as Kogan pays his attention towards the Plumbers. ] 

[Kogan]: Now, where were we?  [Kogan charges at the guests as he shoots more energy out of his sledgehammer. Nick and Cassie dodge the energy, as the Magisters attempt to fight. However, the D91 team begins attacking them, Other Sci grabbing Kruto and Other Bink grabbing Ivada. ] 

[Other Sci]: I don't think so. 

[Kruto]: Sci, you were never the best student... 

[Kruto jumps up, flips around, grabbing Other Sci and slamming him into the ground before punching him repeatedly in the face. This causes Other Sci's nose to break, making him bleed out. ] 

[Kruto]: We all knew that Paper was the best. 

[Ivada freezes Other Bink, then looks at Kruto] 

[Ivada]: Lets go. 

[Kogan throws his sledgehammer towards Bink, who uses her magic to teleport away and appear behind Kogan. The Sledgehammer hits Other Hornbok, killing him and ripping him to shreds. Kogan motions for the sledgehammer to come back, and it begins to come back, as Kali attempts to revive Sci. ] 

[Kali]: Wake up Sci. Wake up!

[Kali puts her lips on Sci, before getting up. Sci opens his eyes, as he looks at Kali. ] 

[Sci]: What's... going on...

[Kali]: Get up Sci, we need you. I need you. 

[Sci takes out his hand and is picked up by Kali. ]

[Sci]: Who is th-

[A blast of energy is shot towards Sci, as he dodges. ] 

[Sci]: Whoa! What the heck!

[Toon runs up to Sci and Kali. ] 

[Toon]: Let's burn that maniac. 

[Toon and Sci shoot out fire at Kogan, who jumps upwards and runs on the side. Kogan shoots lighting at the two of them, knocking them down. As Kogan throws his sledgehammer at Kali, Paper takes out an arrow with a claw and rope on it, and shoots it at the sledgehammer. The claw grabs onto the Sledgehammer, pulling it towards Paper, its energy hitting multiple buildings and destroying them and everything in them, including people nearby. It hits the ground near Paper. ]

[Kogan]: Noo... NOO.

[Kogan runs towards it, creating energy swords and cutting down anyone in his away, including Will and Cassie, who get their Plumber suits damaged but survive. Paper grabs the sledgehammer, lifts it upwards, and shoots the energy out of it towards Kogan. Kogan turns to the side, nearly being hit, as the energy flies past him. ]

[Kogan]: You... missed.

[Paper]: Did I?

[Kogan turns around to see where the energy is heading towards. The energy is in the direction of the diamond as Kogan looks in horror. ]

[Kogan, screaming]: NOOO.

[The energy hits the diamond, causing it to crack open into pieces. This causes a massive explosion, causing the first portal to close leaving only the energy shooting into the air, and creating a new portal on top of the ritual site where the diamond was. The Dimension 91/The Other team begins getting sucked into the portal, as well as any remaining wreckage from the Dimension 91/The Other team's invasion ships. Kogan realizes this, and screams as he runs towards Paper. ]

[Kogan]: You ruined everything!

[Kogan shoots lighting at Paper as Paper defends himself with the sledgehammer. The lighting begins shocking Paper, as he tries blocking it with the power of Kogan's sledgehammer. Suddenly Kogan begins feeling himself being sucked back into the container. With one last scream, he flies backwards, turning back into liquid, before being thrown into the container, and having the lid put on, and having the container thrown into the portal. The Dimension 91 team/The Other team are sucked into it as well as the wreckage, and with one last breath, the energy comes towards the portal, before causing yet another explosion, before the diamond appears, as if it was never destroyed, dropping onto the ground. Paper puts down the sledgehammer, before Paradox pops up in front of the diamond. ] 

[Paradox]: I'll take this, thank you very much. 

[Paradox picks up the diamond, whaving his hand on it. The diamond glows yellow for a second before the yellow glow disappears. ] 

[Paradox]: Once again, they will be unable to travel via the Mirror of the Stars, or any other methods. I'm going to keep this with me this time, that way they can't escape. 

[Paper]: Good idea. 

[Paradox]: You did good, Guardian. We will meet again, though I shall say this, we will meet at a time when you will face a threat unlike any other. Now remember... reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, now cheerios!

[Paradox flashes away as Paper scratches his head. ] 

[Paper]: Um... okay bye Paradox. 

[The team begins to regroup as the Plumbers' fleet begins to leave the Earth, leaving only one ship.]

[Hornbok]: Everyone here did good today... I can't believe that you guys were trapped in another dimension... For 7 months...

[Paper]: It's hard to believe; I can't believe it either...

[Hornbok]: I honestly don't have anything to say... Do whatever. Go, have fun. I can't imagine what that must have been like for you...

[The team looks at Hornbok and the other Magisters. They all walk off to the ship and prepare to head back to the Academy. Hornbok is left standing across from the ship, checking the scene once more, just to be safe. He turns around and sees the destroyed park and museum.]

[Hornbok]: I just wonder how the Elite feel, being trapped in prison forever...

[Ivada, approaching Hornbok]: Did you say something?

[Hornbok]: Uh, no, I was just making sure everything was back to normal...

[He turns around and walks with Hornbok onto the ship as the camera cuts to a news conference a few days later. Damian Walker is addressing a group of reporters.]

New York City
May 4, 2020, 10:19 AM EDT

[Damian]: ...And the only reason I haven't talked about this yet is because the Plumbers' just lifted the gag order...

[Reporter]: So what do you think caused this whole thing?

[Damian]: To me, it's obvious... The chaos in Midnight City was caused by the Plumbers, which is why I believe that the Plumbers have outlasted their stay on Earth...

[End of Part 3]


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