The Omnifinity is a watch that latches onto other omnitrixes, most notably, the Ultimatrix. It is in the series, Ben 10: Omnifinity. It is unknown who made it. We do know it was made at least 20,000 years ago, when the sanctuary was last available to travel to.





Benjamin Tennyson (BTO)

Known Alien DNA





  • Regular mode (green)- It works like the omnitrix.
  • Recharge mode (white)- After using the watch for long periods of time, the watch has to recharge.
  • Master control mode (green)- Just by saying- or thinking- the name of an alien, the user becomes the alien. You don't have to recharge.
  • Destruction/Defensive mode (red)- Activated when sensing 'invalid DNA' or that the alien doesn't have an omnitrix, it could destroy whole planets.
  • Shutdown mode (black)- When in contact with a few different DNA samples, the Omnifinity shuts down. Azmuth deactivated the Osmosian shutdown mode.
  • Mana mode (purple)- When in contact with intense amounts of mana, the Omnifinity starts to channel magic. Azmuth deactivated it.
  • Recalibration mode (yellow)- It recalibrates it self to fit the user and the user's watch.
  • Scanning mode (blue/green)- When it finds new DNA, tendrils (usually blue, sometimes green) of energy come out of the Omnifinity and latches around the sample until scan is complete.
  • Gauntlet mode (green)- It turns into a gauntlet. By becoming a gauntlet, it also becomes a laser. It immediatly activates Master control mode. Fusion mode is only accessable in gauntlet mode.
  • Fusion mode (rainbow)- It fuses alien DNA together to make a new alien. It is only accessable in gauntlet mode.
  • S.D.M. (red, orange, and white alternating): It activates self destruct mode. It is only accessable by the code: INFINITY=PARADOX?


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