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The Omen
General Information
Species Revelageddon
Home World Ringa Morr
Body Reptile
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Time-Space manipulation


First Appearance Doomsday VS Darkseid

The Omen is a Revelageddon from Ringa Morr. He was used for the first time by Ben to stop the destruction of Doomsday battle with Darkseid. He sent them to the end of the Earth, a Earth that has been destroyed by the implosion of the sun.

Physical Appearance[]

Describing The Omen isn't easy. He has a reptilian body structure which is mostly dark bordeaux, his arms, legs, back, tail and a big part of his chest. He has no hands but instead to big 'mouths' on the places were should be hands. These 'claws' have big fangs. His head is red-pink with dark yellow stripes, he has also a ancient sun symbol under his chest with the same color yellow. His eyes are cryptic and as usual green. He have several purple fins all over his body and his long tail ends with a rattle.

Powers and abilities[]

The Omen has godlike powers and is able to great dark vortexes that sends his enemies directly to the Three Jugdes (Noira), the Lord of the Death. This is a power that Ben only will use if he has no other choice. He can also create portals to other times, dimensions or galaxies. In normal combat he's quite strong and his talent of adaption is enormous. He can also trap his opponents in their own mind and send them to other worlds with creating a portal.


The impact that The Omen has on the timestream is dubieus. Ben can alter it by only transforming in this creature. Each time this happens The Omen will tell a prophecy and this prophecy shall come true. Another problem with these prophecies are, they aren't quite clear.


Ben 10: Alien Alliance[]

Season 2[]

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  • The Omen is the first alien of a species which is believed to be a god on the homeplanet. Uxorites sees them as Gods and honours them that way.