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Ben 10: Ultimate Fusetrix (Reboot)
Season 1, Episode 1
The Fourth Omnitrix, Commonly known as the Revolve Ultimatrix.
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A Nice Little Tale


When Azmuth makes a dirty threat to destroy the Revolve Ultimatrix Ben gets mad.


Ben yawned and got up. His watch was beeping.

Ben: (transforms) Stinkfly!

He flew out of Bellwood then reverted.

Ben: Now, what is the problem with my Revolve Ultimatrix?

He twisted the dial and suddenly he was teleported to Galvan Mark ||.

Ben: What the fu-

Azmuth: Tennyson! I'm afraid you aren't worthy of being the wielder. I am going to have to destroy the Revolve Ultimatrix!

Ben: I don't think so squirt. (Transforms) Fasttrack!

He ran away. Sunder came in.

Sunder: Mr. Azmuth I-

Azmuth: Not now! Just go get my Tennyson!

Sunder: With pleasure!

Theme Song!

Back in Bellwood Ben and Julie were teaching Kenny how to use the Omnitrix.

Kenny: (Transforms) XLR8!

He raced against Ben who was Jetray. Jetray won. Suddenly Sunder dropped down and captured Julie.

Sunder: Next stop, Ken!

Kenny: Me?

Ben:No, Your Uncle Ken. My cousin.

Sunder: Catch if you can!

He zoomed off on his glider thing. He shot a beam at Ben and Kenny with his staff. Dust went everywhere Kenny was knocked unconcious so Ben put him to bed.

Ben: Now it's serious! (Transforms) Big Chill!

He flew up to Sunder but Sunder jumped on him.

Big Chill: Dude, chill out! (Transforms) Eatle!

Eatle ran up and punched Sunder. Sunder shot a beam from his staff.

Eatle: Thats it, the staff!

Sunder shot another beam.

Eatle: Two can play at that game!

He ran up and the staff. He burped really loudly and then his horn lit up and shot a big blast a Sunder, knocking him back.


He charged again.

Eatle: I don't think so. (Transforms) Articquanna!

He froze Sunder and freed Julie and Ken. Suddenly Azmuth appeared.

Azmuth: By the galatic code of conduct you have my property. Hand over the watch. Tennyson.

A punch of plumbers suddenly surronded the three. Ben hesitated. The plumbers had their guns ready.

Azmuth: Please Ben. We can work something out if you hand me the watch!

Ben sighed and took off the watch. Azmuth pressed a couple buttons and it turned into dust.

Azmuth: Now you fool because of your childish acts I am suspending you to three weeks in Incarecon. If you behave I will give you the new and improved fifth Omnitrix, the Fusetrix.

Ben: Can it fuse aliens?

Azmuth: No, I just like the name.

Sunder: Take him away plumbers!

Ben rolled his eyes. He got on the spaceship and waved bye to Julie. She waved back. When they got there Ben found out his two cellmates were Diagon and Vilgax!