The new force is the first episode of the first part of the first season of Ben 10 : Cosmic War.

This is the first part of the story.

The new force part :1
Season 1, Battle 1, Episode 1
Air date May fifth 2015
Written by Mkamind
Directed by Mkamind
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The new force part : 2


A machine is approaching to the earth. One door has opened one robot has get out(fx1).The robot is listening to a message : we don’t want to kill him .if you need to kill him you can but you need only to destroy The(omnitrix) . (azmuth) is riding a small ship with a new  (Omnitrix) it’s name (unlimatrix). The ship had a problem ,it takes a wrong destination and fill in a little far destination . (fx1) found (ben) and his friends ,they were in mr.smoothy . FX1: “mission Nom.1.0 – destroying the omnitrix – “. Ben : “ really!! , can you tell me how many aliens and humans tried to take it and they failed in a few minutes  . kiven absorbed a building stone and said : “ But I think this time we don’t have much time ”. and then he attacked the robot but (FX1) caught his hand and threw him away. Then Gwen tried to shot him but she missed all the shots . he threw a small bomb from his hand , Gwen used her power to make a shield .Ben : “ I think it’s my turn , let’s try how you can play with (loadstar)” . Ben changed to heatblast . Ben : “ Ok , maybe (Heatblast) can help . Ben used his (heatblast’s) fire shots but no shot touched (FX1) . (FX1) held two cars (One for each hand) and threw them . Heatblast avoided the cars , then he avoided another car. FX1 Threw the fourth car and threw explosive bullets behind it. Heat blast didn’t know that there is explosive bullets behind the car. The car explode and heatblast fell down. The car was on him . Another car fell on him. He tried to melt parts of the cars ,which don’t let him move. When he took the first car away , a truck hit him. The truck explode , Then Heatblast said : no one can control me ,I should change to LodeStar.  <p class="MsoNormal">Bigchill : Okay ! I tried the fire , let’s try the ice. Bigchill tried to freeze FX1 but he faild . Gwen tried to catch FX1 with mana , but FX1 Threw her away . Kevin shoot FX1 with absorbed car metal. FX1 shoot explosive bullets , Kevin and his shots fell down. BigChill used his ice breathe . But FX1 Avoided it . BigChill became invisible , and used his ice breath again. FX1 used his disturbing waves to make BigChill visible . BigChill fell down and became visible . <p class="MsoNormal">Kevin pushed FX1 with his puffed hands . FX1 threw explosive bullets on Kevinand bullets on Gwen’s mana  shield . BigChill became invisible again and tried to freeze FX1 again .FX1 pushed BigChill with his disturbing waves. BigChill: I can’t fail this time,I shoulde change to LodeStar. <p class="MsoNormal">  <p class="MsoNormal">Rath: Raaaaaaath ! What kind of Devices you are Omnitrix . Rath start running and said : let me tell you something Omnitrix ,you are too stupid , When I say LodeStar that mean I need the magnetic guy. Rath held a car and threw it on FX1 but FX1 destroyed it. Rath jumped on a small building and , running away from FX1. Next. Rath jumped from the roof of the building . Rath : o, let me tell you something crazy robot , Nobody can destroy Raaaath. Kevin threw an iron building column. FX1 caught  the column and threw it on Rath. Kevin : Hey Tennyson chose a something better than this . Rath stood up and said : Raaath is the best Kevin Levin … but I think you are right. He avoided FX1’s bullets , then he said : I should return to the BigChill . <p class="MsoNormal">LodeStar : Oh Lode Star , this is nice. LodeStar tried to catch him with magnetic waves , but it was difficult to move him . LodeStar : There is a little amount of Iron in him , What He is made of . FX1 was resisting the magnetic waves , he pulled LodeStar forcefully , and he made him bump into buildings then he threw explosive bullets . LodeStar fell down and bumped into a truck . The truck Exploded . LodeStar had been ejected and fell down , and he lost his consciousness, then he returned to the human form . Gwen again tried to catch FX1 with mana . FX1 draged Gwen and threw her away , then he threw explosive bullets . Gwen created a mana shield then she fell down . The explosive bullets crushed the shield and they pushed her far away . Gwen lost her consciousness. Kevin created a spear shape in each hand , and threw them . FX1 reflected the spears . Then he used his explosive bullets to shoot Kevin. Kevin had been thrown away, then he bumped into a building . The Building’s wall fell on him . FX1 threw a bomb on him . The bomb threw Kevin  away out of the building. FX1 used his disturbing waves to destroy the Omnitrix . The Omnitrix has been broken apart.FX1 : Mission Nom.1.0 destroying the Omnitrix succeeded , waiting for the mission Nom.1.1 . <p class="MsoNormal"> Azmuth : Ben , Ben , wake up . Ben what happened ? where is the Omnitirx ? I tried to stop him I swear . Azmuth : Stay cool , FX1 destroyed it . Ben : who ? Azmuth :( FX1) it’s a robot has been sent to destroy the Omnitirx , but this is not the biggest problem , he is going to destroy the new one. Ben : The new one ? . Azmuth : yes , the Unlimitrix , look at your rest . Ben : Oh ! that is better . Azmuth : yes it’s , the Unlimitrix always chose the alien that you chose , no wrongs any more. Ben : cool! . Azmuth : The transformation time is Unlimited , you can see three buttons on it , the green one is for the hero transformation , the red one is for the fast Ultimate transformations ,but it doesn’t contain all the Ultimate transformations , and the Blue button is for the warrior transformation’s . Kevin : Warrior Transformations ? that’s new. Azmuth : The warrior aliens are ten of the strongest aliens in the  nearby galaxies , they fight the other planets without using weapons . Azmuth : also there is a DNA converter in it , this program help you re-change the creature to its real form.  Ben : That’s cool . Azmuth : Yes it’s , but it won’t be like this if FX1 destroy it , you should protect it by using it in the right way , no classic ideas any more . Gwen : Who sent this FX1 ? Azmuth : A strangers appeared at the last years they said they want to rule the nearby galaxies , and now they are ruling some planets and some parts of other planets . Gwen : They are going to create a cosmic war . Azmuth : Yes , they are , this is going to be a big trouble , the war can reach the Earth. Ben : That won’t be easy . Azmuth : yes , you are right, you should be careful while fighting that thing… <p class="MsoNormal"> <p class="MsoNormal">After a minutes Kevin was driving . Ben : did you find anything Gwen? Gwen : No , It’s a very complex technology , it’s not easy to find it . Gwen : wait a something is approaching . Ben : Drive faster .Kevin pressed a recording key . Recording : Warrning everybody, get out of here we will battle aliens here :  FX1 is approaching  more to the surface . Ben jumped out of the car . Ben transformed to SwampFire . SwampFire : SwampFire . SwampFire attacked with his fire balls , then he said : I need some help guys . Gwen : On the way . Gwen caught FX1 with mana . FX1 dragged Gwen . Gwen left him . SwampFire suddenly appeared out of the ground , then he shot fire. FX1 pushed SwampFire . Kevin created a big metal ball ,after absorbing his car metal.  The ball hit FX1 . When the ball left FX1 , a plants  (created by SwampFire) caught FX1 , then SwampFire burned the plants. FX1 tore the plants . Gwen used her wind push spell to push the metal ball . FX1 avoided the ball , the ball hit SwampFire , but he get under the ground . SwampFire appeared in a little far place . Kevin stretched his hands and caught FX1 , then he made thorns on them . Gwen caught FX1 with mana form the other side . FX1 spin them . They left him and fell down. SwampFire was near them , he said : I think you need some help , right ? . suddenly the Unlimitrix symbol start flashing . SwampFire : o,o oh. He returned to his human form .  <p class="MsoNormal">Ben : What about the Unlimited time . Unlimitrix : Device is loading , please stand by . Gwen : I think you need help . Then she protected him with mana shield . Kevin start creating hammers of his hand and throwing them on FX1. FX1 reflected them all , then he shoot explosive bullets . Kevin a metal shields , after the explosion he threw the shields . FX1 also reflected the shields . Gwen created a flying disc under her legs . She threw a mana bomb , after the explosion she caught him. FX1 dragged her . Kevin put his hands in the ground and pumped metal in it . The pumped metal wave pushed FX1 . Gwen used the stone creatures to help them . FX1 smashed all the monsters . <p class="MsoNormal">Unlimitrix : Loading finish , transformation is now available , DNA converter is also available . Ben : Good news , let’s check out the warrior aliens . Ben : This guy looks like a fox , and there is some thorns on his back , I think I should try it . Transformation to SpikeFox. SpikeFox jumped and cloned more four copies of him , then he shouted: SpikeFox . Gwen destroyed the shield . SpikeFoxes start running fast then they caught FX1 with their shadow whips . As usual , FX1 dragged them. SpikeFoxes shot thorns . FX1 reflected the thorns . The SpikeFoxes pumped into FX1 , and they pushed him . they caught him again with shadow whips . He flied fast and he let them pump into buildings . but they copy themselves more and more . FX1 smashed a building glass windows . FX1 put a bomb in the building . After the explosion . SpikeFox and FX1 got out of the building . SpikeFox covered him with shadow whips . The shadow covered his head , and it cut FX1’s Electric-Brain stem. FX1 fell down and he didn’t move. FX1 is destroyed. Gwen and Kevin came and they saw FX1 destroyed . Ben returned to the human form then he said : I think we can say mission succeeded. <p class="MsoNormal">The gang returned to burger shack. Kevin: now we can have our lunch in peace. <p class="MsoNormal">Suddenly , a light flashed in the sky , four objects fell down . A purple ball appeared . The ball started shooting energy balls .Ben transformed to cannonbolt to protect his self . There were a robot similar to FX1 in the energy ball . The robot : You destroyed FX1 , FX2 mission started , mission Nom.1.2 catch the three humans . Kevin : that don’t sound good . Three big objects from the falling place caught them , then they took them to a big jail in a big ship . FX2 jumped on the fourth on and he went to the forward of the ship then he went away with Ben , Kevin and Gwen.   

Major events

  • The destruction of the Omnitrix
  • Ben had the Unlimitrix
  • The  destruction of FX1
  • Ben,Gwen and Kevin are  caught by FX2
  • SpikeFox, HeatBlast , BigChill,SwampFire , LodeStar ,Rath and CannonBolt made their made their first appearance in Cosmic War


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Gwen Tennyson
  • Kevin Levin
  • Azmuth


  • FX1
  • FX2

 Aliens used

  • HeatBlast (First-Re-Appearance)
  • BigChill (First-Re-Appearance)
  • Rath (First-Re-Appearance)
  • LodeStar (First-Re-Appearance)
  • SwampFire (First-Re-Appearance)
  • SpikeFox (First Appearance) 
  • CannonBolt (First-Re-Appearance)

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