The Nemetrix Wielder
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Khyber's Ship

Calart's Hostel

Age about 19 years old
Affiliations The Nemetrix Program
Occupation(s) Bounty Hunter

Probably College Student


Powers and Abilities
Abilities To turn into predators at Khyber's Command


Equipment The Nemetrix

Laser Dagger

Laser Axe

Exo Suit

Relatives Unknown
Alias The Masked Guy(By Ben and Kevin)

Slave(By Khyber)

First Appearance Another Nemetrix user

The Nemetrix Wielder is a female bounty hunter/villain in Ben 10:College Years. He first appeared in Another Nemetrix user. She is a human from earth who studies at Calarts and is the slave of Khyber.


She is a tall girl dressed in an red Exo suit created by Khyber and has a mask on which the Nemetrix is situated,she also wears a red hood and parka..


Powers and Abilities

  • Agility
  • The Ability to turn into predators at Khyber's command


  • Another Nemetrix user
  • Nemetrix Wielder
  • Secret
  • Target:Ben Tennyson
  • The Big Reveal
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