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Kurt 10
Season 2, Episode 16
Air date 7/4/12
Written by Kross
Directed by Kross
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Kruti was trapped in an energy ball, with all of the villains surrounding the ball.

Fuse: I will finally kill you!

Ult. Zs'Skayr: No! She's mine!

Krak: Who says?

Eve: She's mine!

The back of the room exploded, and George Negason and other villains were behind him in the hole.

George: No, she's coming with me!

Theme song!

UZ was hit in the face with a concussion grenade from Doyle Blackwell, sending him flying. Ghast shot lightning at him, but it was blocked by Drew Saturday's sword. Ben turned into Heatblast and threw fireballs at Eve. Eve absorbed the fire and shot water at him. Zak S. swung the Claw at Fusion Ra'ad, but it was blocked. Dr. Animo got on a mutant bat that screeched at the heroes. the sonic screech was blocked by a rainbow forcefield.

Kruti: How!?

George: Azmuth put the Snackatrix in me, which gave me the powers of all my aliens.

Kruti: Cool. Now, can you get me out of this bubble?

George: Who's controling it?

Kruti: Fuse!

George: ?

Fuse: How did you find this place?

Prime Kevin picked up Fuse by the throat.

PK: Who says everyone was working with Vilgax?

PK absorbed Fuse, causing Fuse to die and the bubble to dissolve.

Kruti: Yay! I'm finally free! (transforms) Diamondrillo!

Eve: Kevin was the traitor! I knew it!

FR flew at Diamonrillo, but was sent flying back into Eve. Ghast and UZ blasted P'andor, but the balsts were absorbed. P'andor blasted Ghast, defeating him. UZ screeched at P'andor, defeating him. UZ grabbed Ghast and fled. Dreg was kicking Eve super fast. Eve was blocking with her arms, but was being pushed back. Eve grabbed Dreg's legs and slammed him into the ground, defeating him. Eve then pushed a button on her belt, making her and FR teleport away.

Diamondrillo: Give up Vilgax, you only have two allies left.

Vilgax: Animo, teleport us now!

Animo pushed a button and teleported himself, Vilgax and Krak away.

Diamondrillo: Zorgatrix, can you track the teleportaion?

Zorgatrix: Yes. The teleportion leads to Primus.

Diamondrillo: Can you eleport me there?

Diamondrillo teleported to Primus where Animo injected Vilgax with some DNA. Vilgax was mutating, but then exploded, making him vanish and Animo die.

Diamondrillo: No.

Zorgatrix: One teleportation to an unknown location 5 seconds ago.

Diamondrillo reverted.

Kruti: Guess that's the end of Vilgax.

IN an unknown location Krak was addressing Drakath.

Krak: Vilgax was a faliure.

Drakath: Just as I guessed. Prepare plan Beta





Aliens Used[]

By Ben[]

By Kruti[]

  • Diamondrillo