Kurt 10
Season 2, Episode 15
Air date 7/3/12
Written by Kross
Directed by Kross
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Return To Egypt
The Negative 10 Part 2


Eve, Fusion Ra'ad, Dr. Animo, Ult. Zs'Skayr, Ghast, Prime Kevin, Paradox, Krak, and Fuse were sitting around a large circular table.

UZ: What are we doing here? Who else was told that we will be given the Negason brat's head!?

All Villains: ME!!

Vilgax stepped in from the shadows.

Vilgax: And I'll make sure you get it.

Theme Song!

Kruti as Rubix Dude was fighting two of Animo's mutant frogs. Rubix Dude turned into Four Arms and picked up one of the frogs. The frogs leaped up and squashed Four Arms. Four Arms went Ultimate and threw the frog on top of him into the other frog, defeating them.

UFA: That was easy.

Paradox and Krak in dragon form attacked UFA. Dragon Krak flew down at UFA, but he caught DK and threw him away. Paradox drove his motorcycle straight at UFA. UFA turned into Upgrade and merged with the motorcycle. Upgrade set the motorcycle to explode in 10 seconds. Paradox created a portal that sucked up DK and Upgrade and sent them to the Negative 10's base. Paradox's motorcycle then exploded, closing the portal and killing him. Upgrade dodged a fireball thrown by Eve as soon as he fell from the potral. Upgrade turned into Battle Mech and took two maces out of the air. BM then smashed UZ and Ghast with them. FR went intangible and flew into BM. BM was reverted and Fuse made an energy ball around Kruti.

to be continued...




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