Brandon 10 - Mutant ray
The Mutanter and the Mutanted transfromations is the 25th episode of the show, Brandon 10


In an attempt to catch the Mutanter, Brandon 10 chases him into a swamp which ends up a trap as a giant mutant frog appears with him on it but Brandon doesn't seem so surprized until the Mutanter pulls out a large, heavy plasma ray and fires it at Brandon. Having his device timed out, Brandon blocks himself using the Omni- which causes it to circut out and the Mutanter escapes to avoid being shot. When Brandon wakes up, the Mutanter is gone and plans on finding him and forgets about the promblem so he incounters him at a swamp carnavial which giant big laser gloves. Brandon then tries to transfrom into Cannonbolt but becomes Aquabolt.
Brandon 10 - Fusions - Aquabolt

Aqualad and Cannonbolt's fusion

The Mutanter then attacks him and Aquabolt has a hard time smashing him when he is made of water. Soon the Mutanter retreats as he belives he has found a amount of energy from the dna mixtures. Soon Brandon chases him into a swamp forest but is attacked by Stinkquitoes so Brandon transfroms into Wildarms who swings and punches forwards the Mutanter's hideout. Soon Brandon enters an obserbatory but he proceeds to mutant to world by protecting himself with a ro-waragator. Trying to chose between Freezefire and Ro-Warasaur, Brandon becomes a Freezesaur combos a defeats the mutant gator and going after the mutanter and which a the giant frog returns and tackles him into the water in which his fire doesn't work, Brandon uses his ice crystals and throws the frog out of the water and stabs the mutant ray with his ice arm which causes a biofeeback on the omnisymbol and changes Brandon 10 and his transformations back to normal and the Mutanter goes to
Brandon 10 - Fusions - Wildarms

Fourarms and Wildvine's fusion

prision. After going home, Brandon mentions a varasity of other combo aliens when mentioning the Creator escaping jail recently.


  • Brandon 10
  • Carnavil Citizens

Aliens Used

  • Aquabolt(selected alien was Cannonbolt)
  • Wildarms(selected alien was Wildvine)
  • Freeze-saur(selected alien was Freezefire or Ro-Warasaur)
  • Diamondmutt(mentioned)
  • Slimearms(mentioned)
  • Stinkpup(mentioned)


  • The Mutanter
  • Mutant giant frog
  • Mutant stinkfly mostquitoes
  • Mutant Ro-Warasaur alligator


  • This resembles Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray
  • Another episode where the Mutanter is a big threat
  • Brandon wasn't surprized by the mutant frog because he saw Dr.Animo use it while watching Ben10
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