Mother of Invention is the name of the Project Freelancer operated Charon-class Light Frigate. The ship serves as the main setting for numerous events that occur during the "Project Freelancer" arc.


The Mother of Invention appears to be an MCC (mobile command center) for Project Freelancer. It is armed with a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon.

It also has a launch bay capable of launching at least four Pelicans simultaneously and holding many more. Upon closer inspection, the Mother of Invention's lower bridge is composed of a large glass viewing platform unlike regular Agency Frigates. It seems the scoreboard that the Director and the Counselor use to rank the Freelancer agents is also positioned on this deck.


Due to being a major setting for many of the events of Project Freelancer during the "Project Freelancer" Arc, the Mother of Invention contains several areas; many of which are where important events take place.

Training Room

The Freelancer training room is an area in which the Freelancer's test their skills in combat, spar with one another, and practice using their equipment. The room is notable for being the location where York obtained his eye injury.

Mess Hall

The Freelancer mess hall is a cafeteria-like room where the Freelancers eat.

Locker Room

The Freelancer locker room is an area where the Freelancers prepare for combat, load their weapons, or simply mingle. .


The Freelancer classroom is an area where the Freelancers sit through lectures conducted by the Counselor and the Director.

Medical Observatory

The Freelancer medical observatory, also known as "Recovery One", is an area in which the Freelancers are treated for wounds, injuries, or other physical problems.

Medical Lab

The Freelancer medical lab is an area in which the Freelancers get implanted with their A.I. programs. First appearing in Agent Bowman, the lab is notable for being the location where Bowman, as well as the other Agents presumably, had his armor augmentation.

Briefing Room/The Bridge

The Freelancer briefing room is an area where the Freelancers report to the Director before missions and are briefed on their objectives.


  • The name "Mother of Invention" is a possible reference to the names of other frigates in the Halo Trilogy, like the Forward Unto Dawn, and the In Amber Clad.
  • The name "Mother of Invention" is also a reference to the saying "Necessity is the mother of invention" which greatly reflects the Director's views on humanity as a whole.
  • The Mother of Invention's service number is RT 636.
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