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Season 1, Episode 12
Air date 1/26/19
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Paper Trails
Return of the Ryder

The Monster Within is the 12th episode of the series, Ryder.


The episode begins with a view of the city, with its various buildings and such; among them, the apartment that houses Ryder Investigations is present.

Ryder Investigations
December 31, 9:26 EDT

Inside, Raggy is set up at Ryder’s desk, with Ryder’s laptop. The hard drive is attached to the USB port as Raggy accesses the information on it.

Ryder: This is it, man. We’re finally going to end the Cabal. After all these years…

Raggy, still accessing the info on the hard drive: Yeah well, we still have quite a few more data to analyze. It’s not just a process of reading the drive but we also have to connect the info on here to the info that we have. Otherwise, it’s useless to us.

Ryder: I know but still. This is the closest we’ve gotten. Every case just brought us a step closer. I guess I’m just glad to see that it was all worth it.

Raggy: Yeah, man… Yeah.

The scene cuts over to the warehouse by the docks. Inside, the Cabal Leader steps onto the platform and stands before the window.

Cabal Leader: Today is the day. The day when all of our plans, all of our scheming have finally paid off. It is not the day of failure. We will succeed. No matter how much we’ve lost… no matter how much we will lose. This is the day for the Cabal’s victory! Even if I am the last member left-

He turns to a gathering of masked thugs and other criminals, supposedly.

Cabal Leader: I still have all of you to help me reach our shared endgame.

The mass of criminal goons cheer before the Cabal Leader who can’t help but grin in a sinister manner.

Title Sequence

The scene continues at the courthouse in the city. There are plenty of passersby as well as people heading within the courthouse, itself.

New York State Supreme Court
December 31, 9:35 EDT

At the courthouse, Kelly can be seen entering as she looks around. Chloe is off to the side, reading through case files.

Kelly, off screen: Chloe!

Chloe looks up, upon hearing her name. She looks over and sees Kelly approaching.

Chloe: Oh hey. I see you made it for the case.

Kelly: Yeah, I can’t stay long. I’m needed at the precinct in a bit. But I just wanted to see you off.

Chloe: Heh, thanks. I appreciate it. Although, I’m sure the case would be working out much better with my good luck charm there.

Kelly: Heh.

She stiffles out a laugh but it almost feels as if it’s hurting her.

Chloe, notificing: Hey… is everything alright?

Kelly: No, yeah. I’m just- thinking about somethings. A lot has been happening and, well, I guess I wanted to just talk to someone I know, y’know?

Chloe: I wish I can really hear you out but the case will be starting soon. I’ve been studying up for this one for a while now.

Kelly: Yeah, I get it. Anyways, sounds pretty intense. What happened to your usual cases?

Chloe: Yeah, well, it’s a big one this time around. They wouldn’t even give me the client’s name.

Kelly: (scoff) And how do you defend someone like that?

Chloe: Through the details. I spoke with him and I believe he’s truly innocent. It’s now my job to see it through.

Kelly: Well, I wish you the best of luck with that. Even though, I know you won’t be needing it. You have all the skills of a pro.

Chloe: I feel like I should be one wishing you luck. You never know how that meeting will end up.

Kelly: You’re right. I could get fired.

Chloe: Or promoted. What happened to all that optimism?

Kelly: Well…

Chloe: Something really did happen, didn’t it? You can tell me.

Kelly: Really, it’s nothing to worry about. Besides, your case is coming up. You don’t need me on your mind to mess you up. Just do great in there.

Kelly flashes her a smile which causes Chloe to grin back at her friend.

Chloe: Alright, I’ll consider it. I wouldn’t want the fun police shutting me down.

Kelly laughs as a man in a suit approaches Chloe, whispering into her ear. Chloe nods and the man stands by her.

Chloe: Well, that’s my cue. I should be going then.

Kelly: (nods) I understand. Seriously, you’re going to knock it out of the park.

Chloe waves to Kelly and follows the man into the court. Kelly’s smile slowly diminishes as she turns back to the door, concern and thought etched on her face. The scene then cuts away to the office of Ryder Investigations, with Raggy still accessing the data. However, at one point, he looks surprised.

Raggy: Alright, I think I got something.

Ryder, leaning close: What is it?

Raggy: Looks like five different locations, they seem completely unrelated but some of them come up a few times from your investigation notes. Apparently, Agent Anderson thought they were suspicious but lacked the evidence to conduct a full investigation into them.

Ryder: Eh, so there’s nothing much we can gather from that.

Raggy: I don’t know, man. Could be a possible location.

Ryder: Alright, (studies the locations for a moment) I’ll check ‘em out. Beats waiting around with nothing to do, anyways.

Ryder pushes off from Raggy’s shoulder and walks off from behind the desk.

Raggy: Sure. I’d contact you when I get more but apparently you don’t have a cell phone?

Ryder: Anymore. I don’t have a cell phone anymore.

Raggy: Right, well, just meet back here later.

Ryder: You got it.

Ryder steps out of the office, leaving Raggy to keep using the laptop to his content.

Raggy: Come on, hard drive. What else are you hiding?

The scene then cuts over to the police precinct.

NYPD Police Precinct
December 31, 10:24 EDT

Inside, cops are moving about the place. The precinct is obviously crowded with busy officers. Kelly has trouble moving past them for a brief moment before heading to the Commissioner's Office. She knocks on the door. Inside, the Commissioner can be seen seated at his desk, phone in hand. He pulls the phone away for a second and lifts his head towards the door.

Commissioner: It’s open.

The commissioner returns the phone.

Commissioner: Yes, sir. I understand. Thank you.

Kelly then comes in and closes the door behind her.

Kelly: Hello, sir. You wanted to see me?

Commissioner: Yes. Look, I know you’ve been wanting to get reinstated.

Kelly: Yes but I understand moving to a detective’s aid.

Commissioner: Well, I got the report back from Detective Lee.

Kelly: ...I see.

Commissioner: Apparently you did good work. I’m proud of you.

Kelly: T-Thank you, sir!

Commissioner: (sigh) You just might be ready to get your job back. That is… you can consider yourself an officer of the law again. Although the paperwork isn’t official so I recommend you stick with reporting the actual crimes to active officers. We need more people on the beat so that’s where you come in, Kelly.

Kelly: I see. Thank you, sir. I don’t know what to say.

Commissioner: The thanks was more than enough. Just keep in mind that this is also your final assignment. You work the night without issue and you can be considered officially reinstated by the upcoming year.

Kelly: Yes, sir.

Commissioner: Now get to work, Officer.

Kelly: Of course, sir! Right away, sir.

Kelly soon leaves the office with the commissioner watching the door as she leaves. The scene cuts to the precinct parking lot with Kelly walking past a few cruisers. She then stops before a particular one, with her hands in her jacket pockets. She smiles at the vehicle.

Voice: Saying hi to an old friend?

Kelly turns and sees Detective Lee, approaching, hands in his own coat.

Kelly: Detective Lee.

Detective Lee: Please, you can call me Akira. We’ve had an escapade together after all.

Kelly: Is that what you’re calling it? (laugh) Not sure if your wife would like that.

Detective Lee: Yeah, well, what happens on the force- stays on the force. That being said, you’ve obviously got some things on your mind after visiting that federal outpost. Want to talk about it?

Kelly: (sigh) Am I that transparent?

Detective Lee: I wouldn’t be a good detective-

Kelly: -if you couldn’t pick up on clues, yeah.

Detective Lee: Well?

Kelly: This used to be my partner’s cruiser. We used to ride together on patrols. I think I had some feelings for him before he uh- passed away.

Detective Lee: I’m sorry you had to go through that.

Kelly: Thanks but- I’ve moved on, I think. I have a boyfriend, I’ve made friends. I’ll even be getting my job back thanks to you.

Detective Lee: So you should be happy.

Kelly: Y-yeah. I should. But I’m not, am I?

Detective Lee: So what’s up?

Kelly: I don’t know. I guess I just learned something that I probably shouldn't have. Or maybe I’m just letting all of this stuff get to my head. (holds her head) I don’t know anymore…

Detective Lee: Maybe getting your job back wasn’t the best course of action.

Kelly: I keep thinking that but- No. I need this. Without this, I can’t help others.

Detective Lee: Come on, we both know that’s not true.

Kelly: Yeah, well, I need this now. But thanks for hearing me out.

Kelly gets into the police cruiser and starts it up. She then drives off, leaving the garage. The scene then cuts over to Ryder looking around a warehouse.

December 31, 13:36 EDT

He soon finds his way inside of the warehouse and continues looking around.

Ryder, to himself: Nothing yet. (sigh) This has to be like the third one… or maybe the fourth? (sigh)

Ryder moves further into the warehouse when a noise catches his attention.

Ryder, whipping around: Who’s there?

Ryder walks towards the noise while also looking around.

Ryder: Show yourself!

The Cabal Leader then steps out from the shadows and stands before Ryder.

Ryder: Y-You…

Cabal Leader: So, we meet again.

Ryder: For the last time.

Cabal Leader: (chuckle) No. Your drive to kill is what makes you weak.

Ryder: It’s what keeps me strong! You’re the last one left after all. If anything, you’re the one with nothing.

Cabal Leader: Nothing to lose but everything to gain. So much waits for me.

Ryder: I know, I know. At your stupid endgame.

Cabal Leader: You continue to be an immature pain in my side; killing all of my teammates, coming after us to no end. I should have killed you back when you were a boy.

Ryder: RAGH!

Ryder runs ahead, transforming into the wolf creature who pounces ahead. The Cabal Leader throws out his hand and grabs the wolf creature by the neck. It struggles and scratches at his hand.

Cabal Leader, grinning: Don’t fuck with me.

The Cabal Leader strikes the wolf creature in the face with his other arm before throwing him up the air and kicking it away, knocking it to the side of the warehouse. Meanwhile, Kelly can be seen patrolling down the street in her cruiser. She stops to the side and leans against the door, letting out a sigh. A noise is then heard coming from ahead. She looks up, seeing the warehouse before her. Kelly picks up the radio and is about to talk into when she stops and puts it back.

Kelly: It’s probably nothing… but I have to be sure.

She then gets out of the cruiser and closes the door behind her. She then approaches the warehouse. Back in the warehouse, the Cabal Leader is still seen battling against the wolf creature. The wolf creature then looks with a fierce look and dashes for the Cabal Leader again. The Cabal Leader dashes forward, driving his knee into the wolf creature and slamming down against its back; driving the creature into the ground. He then reaches ahead, grabbing at its tail and twirling it around with his surprising amount of strength. He then releases the creature letting it slam into the side of the warehouse once again. The wolf creature struggles to get up.

Cabal Leader: Pathetic.

The Cabal Leader spits on the creature and leaves. The wolf creature looks around, growling but limps as it slowly recovers. It sniffs the air, soon standing up again. However, it thrashes its head to the side, clearly angry. It lets out a loud howl at the ceiling. The howl continues on as it transitions to Human yelling. The view pans back down to Ryder, now in his Human form, yelling upwards. He slams his hand against the wall behind him and grunts out in frustration. He remains there for a moment before walking off. On a higher up platform, Kelly can be seen watching down; clearly shocked and taken aback by what she had just witnessed.

Kelly: Ryder… No… It- It can’t be true. (sobs)

The scene continues with her crying as Ryder leaves the room before cutting away to a view of the city as the day gets later and later. The scene cuts again to the apartment housing Ryder Investigations.

Ryder Investigations
December 31, 15:47 EDT

Ryder can be seen entering the office and looking around. However, Raggy is no longer situated there. Ryder sighs and closes the door behind. He walks over to desk and goes through the drawers. He pulls out a bottle of booze and twists the cap off. And yet, he doesn’t drink from it. He twists the cap back on and shoves it back into his drawer. He then takes a seat and leans back, stroking his forehead. The door then slowly opens with Kelly stepping in.

Ryder, still looking down: We’re not taking clients right now.

Kelly: ...It’s me, Ryder.

Ryder looks up and sighs in relief.

Ryder: Kelly. Uh- sorry about that. Just… stressed out with an investigation, I guess.

Kelly: And that’s it?

Ryder: ...Yeah. Why, what’s up? Did something happen at work?

Kelly: No. Well, yeah but uh- (rubs her mouth) Look, Ryder. I don’t know how to say this and to talk to you about this but I just- (struggling) I have to say something, okay?

Ryder, getting up from his desk: Hey, it’s alright. Just- Just talk to me.

He goes around his desk and comes over to her.

Kelly: I know, Ryder. I know what you’ve been keeping from me. I know that you’re… that wolf creature thing. I don’t know how or w-why but I know.

Ryder steps back, aback by her statement.

Kelly: Why? Why didn’t you tell me?

Ryder: Kelly… How? How could I?

Kelly: I’m supposed to be your friend, Ryder!

Ryder: Why do you think I didn’t tell you? It’s because we’re friends. It’s because we’re so close. This- This isn’t the life I wanted you to see. You deserve better than that. So much better.

Kelly: You murdered people.

Ryder: ...It’s complicated.

Kelly: How is murdering people complicated?!

Ryder: I- It’s like another side to me. There’s me and then there’s the creature… The Beast. When I’m in a situation, when I feel my blood curl and my rage ignite, he just… takes control. And I let it. I let it take over. I let it use me to do these things. To get revenge on those that need to face it.

Kelly: That’s not justice.

Ryder: ...Well, maybe that’s not what I want. Maybe it’s never something I wanted.

Kelly: No. That can’t be true. I joined you because we were helping people! We were helping people through the investigations.

Ryder: Each case got me a step closer to the Cabal.

Kelly: So you were just using people then? Your clients? The people that relied on us? That relied on you?!

Ryder: No, Kelly. I- I don’t know.

Kelly: Were you using me, Ryder?

Ryder, turning back to Kelly: Kelly-

Kelly: Answer me.

Ryder: I would never. Look, this- this doesn’t change who I am. If you want to judge me, that’s fine. I get it. But this is a side that I kept from you so that we wouldn’t have to talk about this.

Kelly: This isn’t you having a fling with another one of your girlfriends. This is you having some weird Mutant power that takes control of your body and kills criminals, that kills people! Don’t you ever think about the lives that you take? The families that are in wake of the people you kill?

Ryder: No. But I feel the guilt. I feel the vengeance, Kelly. I feel that within me. That’s my calling.

Kelly: Your calling is being a private investigator. That thing you’re hearing- that’s that monster inside you. All this time, I thought it was haunting me. But that was really you this whole time.

Kelly looks at Ryder for a moment. Her gaze fixated and almost horrified.

Kelly: You killed him too, didn’t you? Alec… You murdered him!

Kelly hits Ryder with a balled up fist which hits his shoulder.

Ryder: Kelly-

Kelly: I loved him!

Ryder: Kelly, stop!

Kelly: I loved- (sobs)

She wails on him again but Ryder catches her fist and holds her steady.

Kelly: Why did you do it, Ryder?

Ryder: You want to know why? He was in bed with the Cabal.

Kelly: What?

Ryder: He ran their drug operations in the city. He was working alongside one of the members. He was also testing them out. Experimenting on failed prototypes that caused hallucinations and paranoia as well as self harm. (pause) He was the one using you, Kelly.

Kelly: N-No. He- He was my partner.

Ryder: The world is different from how we knew it. People change, sometimes for the better but most times for the worse. You just happened to stay the same. That’s why I didn’t tell you about me or about Alec and that’s why I kept you away from all this, as best I could. I didn’t want you to become like me. Like a monster.

Ryder turns away from Kelly, leaning against his desk.

Kelly, looking up at him, holding herself: ...Ryder.

The scene cuts away to the court.

Judge: Alright, let’s continue with the proceedings. I understand that this case is a peculiar one, where the defendant hasn’t exactly been identified yet. Ms. Williams, your opinion?

Chloe: As already stated, my client’s resources were used without his foresight. I’ve presented enough evidence to cover my point.

Judge: Indeed. So what you’re saying is that his identity doesn’t matter.

Chloe: Exactly, your honor. No matter who this man is, the crimes that he has been accused of have no connections to his own actions. In fact, his record even states that his actions had helped to end the suffering of many.

Judge: And this took place back during the supposed alien invasion back in June, correct?

Chloe: Yes, sir. I know it’s hard dealing with the details of that… event.

Judge: Yes, it is. In fact, from what I have here, it is said that he has actually helped the aliens arrive. I would say that the crimes he is accused of are extremely accurate to the situation he was in.

Chloe: Uh yes, I see your point, your Honor but-

Judge: But nothing. You have nothing else to convince of on the matter. All I ask is that we finally get to see the defendant and hear things from his perspective.

The bailiff enters the room.

Bailiff: The defendant is ready.

The defendant is seen escorted by the court security team. He is handcuffed. The court’s audience gasps audily and mutters among themselves as the defendant continues being escorted into the courtroom. The mutters grow louder and turn into yells and slurs from the audience. Chloe turns to see the defendant, a horror coming onto her face.

Chloe, turning to a man in a suit: No. N-No! You didn’t say it would be him. We had an agreement!

Man in the suit: And nothing has changed. Remember, you have a job to do, Ms. Williams.

Chloe turns ahead, slightly traumatized. The defendant continues approaching. In this time, Chloe attempts to calm herself down and compose herself. The defendant is now escorted to the booth where he takes his seat.

Judge: (clears throat) Well, it seems that the defendant has finally arrived. I know there is a lot of controversy behind your name now after the incident but, now could be the chance to finally clear it. Your defense attorney has fought quite valiantly.

Defendant: As I imagine she would, but let me assure you all-

The view then shows that the defendant is Anton Reeves.

Anton Reeves: I am innocent.

The scene then cuts back to the inside of Ryder Investigations.

Kelly: So what do we do now?

Ryder: ...I don’t know.

Kelly: You’re still going after the Cabal then?

Ryder: Kelly, you know that I have to.

Kelly: No, I don’t, Ryder. You never tell anything. You talk but nothing comes out.

Ryder: (sigh) The Cabal… they’re the ones who took my parents from me. I was raised on one thing… one ideal; revenge. I’ve fought so many people, took up so many cases just to try and get back at them. It’s… been a difficult life. And now all of that is coming to an end. If I can stop them here and now, then it’s over, Kelly. It’ll finally be over.

Kelly: You make it sound like your life is going to end.

Ryder: ...Would that make it easier for you?

Kelly: Of course not. I still care about you. But still, Ryder, this- this all changes everything. I can’t, for the life of me, stand for what you’re doing here but I can’t arrest you either. I can’t perform my duties as a police officer because you’re my friend. (scoff) I guess I really am the weakest one of the force.

Ryder: You’re kind, Kelly. Don’t let this that that away from you.

Kelly: I don’t know. I don’t know anymore. I can’t change you, Ryder. That’s something that only you can do for yourself. Then, maybe then, I’ll be able to help you. But this- this won’t help you move on. This will just eat at you until there is nothing left. Please- just… just do the right thing.

Ryder: But what if this is the right thing, Kelly? What is the only way to move on is by finishing this?

Kelly: I’m not sure if there is ever going to be a finish for this, Ryder? That monster is apart of you. You have to control that side of you and just- not go out there. Just leave this to the police.

Ryder looks down for a moment before the vintage, black desk phone rings. Ryder sighs to himself before turning and picking up the phone.

Ryder: Hello?

Raggy, over the phone: Yo, it’s me.

Ryder: What happened? Did you find anything?

Raggy, over the phone: Yeah, I did. The locations matched up better than I expected. They’re drug points. The leader of the Cabal is planning on disturbing the Mutant serums all across the city. I have the routes planning out here. But that’s- that’s not just it, man.

Ryder: What is it?

Raggy, over the phone: It’s Reeves. He’s getting released from prison.

Ryder is silent. His grip slowly tightens on the phone as he stares outwards.

Raggy, over the phone: Ryder. Ryder! Ryder, are you there, man?

Ryder: ...Yeah. I’m here.

Raggy, over the phone: What are we going to do, man?

Ryder: Where?

Raggy, over the phone: What?

Ryder: Where is he going to be?

Raggy, over the phone: Ryder…

Ryder: Come on, man. Just- Just tell me.

Raggy, over the phone: ...He’ll want to avoid the press so they might just divert through the alleyway across from the courthouse. But what about the dru-

Ryder hangs up the phone and turns away. He then looks over at Kelly who watches him with a concerned look.

Ryder: I have to go.

Kelly, sternly: Ryder.

Ryder stops in his tracks.

Kelly: If you step outside that door… I don’t think we’ll be ever be the same again.

Ryder: I know... but I don’t think I can change that. I’m sorry but- this is just something I have to do.

Ryder walks off, outside of the office, closing the door behind him. Kelly stands there, tears rolling down her face as she shutters slightly. She then closes her eyes and lets out a breath as she tries to compose herself, but soon breaks down crying. The scene then cuts over the courthouse, now at night, with the press surrounding the entrance. Reeves is escorted by a security team, so it seems, as they move him away from the area and more especially the reporters.

Reporter: Mr. Reeves, is it true that you’re responsible for the attack on so many New Yorkers?

Another Reporter: Mr. Reeves, how were able of establishing contact with extraterrestrials?!

Security Guard: Mr. Reeves, won’t be taking any questions.

Anton Reeves: No, I won’t. But just know that I have now been declared an innocent man and a free one at that. I won’t hold it against the system for these false claims. But I will return to the city again and I will make it better and greater than ever by helping to aid those who have lost so much since the attack on this beautiful city.

The press seem more riled up as they try reaching Reeves, however he is soon escorted into his limo. Once inside, the door is closed for him.

Anton Reeves: New York… (scoff) I can’t stand this city. But still, it’s good to know that good things come to those that are patient. Wouldn’t you agree, Solomon?

The Cabal Leader is then seen, sitting in the driver’s seat.

Solomon: Of course, sir. I’ve carried out your instructions as ordered.

Anton Reeves: Now let us move on. I want to see these operations carried out.

Solomon: As you wish.

Solomon drives the limo away from the courthouse, turning off into an alleyway across from the street. As they move further into the alleyway, a figure appears in the headlights of the vehicle. The limo soon stops before the figure.

Solomon, gripping the wheel: Ryder…

Anton Reeves: So he’s still around, eh? Come, Solomon. Let’s talk to him.

Solomon sighs.

Solomon: With pleasure, sir.

Solomon steps out of the limo. He looks ahead at Ryder who stands before the vehicle. He then turns back to the vehicle and opens the door for Reeves, who adjusts his suit.

Anton Reeves: Well, well. Mr. Ryder. I’ll admit, I didn’t expect us to be meeting so soon after my release.

Ryder: I couldn’t just let you get away, now could I? Why am I not surprised to find the Cabal playing servant to you?

Anton Reeves: Probably because you know them so well. Tell me, does being a private investigator really pay off?

Ryder: I’m comfortable. But I already know it’s not as much as you make. It must take a lot of money to pay off a group of mercenaries to act as your babysitters.

Solomon: It’s more than just payment. Mr. Reeves has the connections to make all of our dreams come true.

Anton Reeves: He’s right. Each member of the Cabal had something waiting for them if they completed the end goal. Solomon here would finally get to raise that family he wanted so badly. You see his wife is in critically condition. The medical bills are so high up that he became- not just a mercenary but one of the best ones in the business. However, it still wasn’t enough. I have the money and resources to pay off that bill. Now, who’s the monster here?

Ryder: You’re choosing not to pay off his bills and you’re calling me the monster?

Anton Reeves: Fair enough. But at least, I’m being generous. What about you? What have you really come here for? Him or me… your worst enemy, I take it.

Ryder: You took my family away from me!

Anton Reeves: Well, yes. I did make that call. Don’t you want to know why?

Ryder: I don’t care.

Anton Reeves: It was about your father…

Ryder: I don’t care.

Anton Reeves: Alright. I understand. But there is something you should know. I did not just have any mercenary or bounty hunter do it. The Cabal were involved as I’m sure you know. But they weren’t there to finish the job by killing you. They were there for the job, period.

Ryder: W-What are you saying?

Anton Reeves: I was the one to make the call. I was the one who made it happen. But one of them killed your family.

Solomon, stepping forward: And it was me.

Ryder’s eyes widen as he steps back. He stifles a gasp and drops down to the ground; everything around him growing blurry.

Ryder: You? You…

Ryder looks out, holding his head, as a darkness appears to consume him. Through this darkness, the scene transitions to a dark road where a white car can be seen driving down it. Inside, Ryder’s father can be seen driving while his mother sits besides him. Ryder is seated in the back, looking out of the window with the town getting further away in the distance.

Ryder: How come we have to leave?

Ryder’s Father: I’ve already discussed this with you, Ryder. We should be gone for just a few days. It’s for business.

Ryder: Everything is about business with you. We’re not involved in it so I just don’t see why we have to go.

Ryder’s Father: Son, please try to understand.

Ryder: What is there to understand? We have lives back home.

Ryder’s Mother: You mean those girls you’re hanging with?

Ryder: It- It’s not like that.

Ryder’s Mother: Is it now?

Ryder: Mom!

Ryder’s Father: Kelli, please.

Kelli nods and turns away.

Ryder: What’s going on anyways?

Ryder’s Father: This might be difficult to understand.

Ryder: I’m not stupid, dad!

Ryder’s Father: I don’t- (sigh) You’re capable of so much in your life. I know that whatever you plan on doing, I’ll be proud of the man you grow up to be. But this life that I have thrusted upon myself, it is a complex one that seems to have brought my family more apart than I would’ve liked. So that’s why we’re getting away from that life. At least, for the time being. I hope things will settle down and get better.

Ryder’s father continues driving on the long road as thunder is heard outside of the car.

Kelli: Jeffrey, where’s this weather coming from?

Jeffrey: It already started…

Ryder turns, looking at the back window and sees a vehicle approaching them at high speeds.

Ryder: Dad, who’s- The sky then seems to shake as a faint boom is heard echoing throughout the region. An energy wave spreads, phasing through the clouds- causing them to shift to a darker color. The ground around the car shakes as well, causing the car to become unbalanced. The vehicle behind them drives up closer, with the window rolling down and one of the people inside, firing at the car. The tires then blow and the vehicle flips over.

Kelli: Jeffrey!

Kelli spreads her arms out in surprise as Jeffrey tries taking control of the wheel. Instinctively, he turns to Ryder who watches ahead in terror.

Jeffrey: RYDER!

The moment is then cut short, with a sudden darkness and the echoes of the thunder. Flashes of lightning cut through the darkness, showing the vehicle in a devastated state. Another flash shows Ryder limping out. He turns back and a shot is heard, echoing through his mind as the view zooms into his eyes. The same eyes as his present day self, who continues holding his head. The eyes, however, soon change into a piercing and glowing pair with shrunken pupils.

Ryder: You! It was you!

He looks up fiercely, a pain etched onto his face. The face that becomes no longer the face of a man but a wolf-like creature. He stands before Solomon, rage emanating from his body. Solomon grunts and throws off his shirt, revealing a harness with serums built into it.

Solomon: I’ve beaten you before. But now, it’s time I put you down. Just like I did your father!

Solomon presses down, activating the harness. The serums are then injected into his body, pumping the fluids into his veins and empowering him. Solomon’s muscles enhance as his body drops down. He looks ahead, already sweating with a determined look in his eye.

Solomon: You know what I’m fighting for. I can’t lose now!

Solomon runs ahead and readies a strike but the wolf form bashes ahead, slashing against Solomon’s stomach. The wounds easily heal and Solomon slams down against the wolf creature’s back, cracking it. He then grabs the wolf creature and slams it against the ground once. He lifts the creature again for another slam but the wolf creature bites his hand, tearing it open.

Solomon: ARGH!

Solomon uses his other arm and punch the wolf creature at its side, but the creature is persistent and tears through his hand- gnawing off three fingers. Solomon punches the creature off with his injured hand.

Solomon: I can’t stop! I didn’t stop before I never will!

Solomon bashes the wolf creature, knocking it back. He charges ahead but the wolf creature leaps forward, stabbing its claws into Solomon’s torso and using its strength to flip him over, slamming him into the ground instead. He then lands on Solomon, only to get yanked now by the tail. When the wolf creature turns to inspect, Solomon jabs him in the head. Solomon then leans up and wraps his arms around the wolf creature, squeezing hard and crushing it.

Solomon: I want you to beg like your father did. I want you to scream like your mother did. I want you to die like they both did, like you were supposed to that night!

The wolf creature’s eyes then start to bleed with rage as a red glow consumes them. An unnatural foam leaks from the creature’s mouth as it growls intensively. He then uses its strength to plunge its claws into the muscles of Solomon and pull them off of it. It then kicks back, knocking him to the ground. The creature then turns violently and extends its claws even further out, jumping ahead and slashes at Solomon’s face constantly and consistently. The slashes don’t stop there. The creature slices at Solomon’s arms, his legs, his torso, his stomach. At the rate the wolf creature is attacking, the serum can not heal Solomon’s wounds. Eventually, Solomon’s struggle weakens to a pathetic shutter as his body was practically carved by the wolf creature. He stands there, blood dripping from its sharpened claws and it breathes in heavily. A smoke billowing from its nostrils and a piercing red glare in its eyes. A voice is then heard, echoing in the back of the creature’s mind; it sounds dark and heavy with a diabolic tone and gravel.

Voice: He is dead. The man who has taken the life of your mother and father. His associates and those related to actual killing have also been dealt with. Vengeance has fallen upon you.

There is a pause as the wolf creature’s breathing slows down.

Voice: And now, our deal is over.

The wolf creature grabs its head and yells out with a ghastly howl as its veins burn red and black. A red glare appears from within, getting brighter and brighter until it consumes the creature entirely. The howl and yelling are heard as the same instance until both trail off into the white void that has appeared. With the flare fades, Ryder can be seen laying on the ground of the alleyway; clothes torn, hair rustled, and scars on his face and hands. He slowly awakens as a red glare flickers before him.

Ryder: H-Huh?

He looks up, seeing some sort of red entity appearing like a red light with a energy trail following behind and black particles flowing from its core. The entity moves past Ryder, taking possession of the fresh corpse behind him as blood flows from the body of the now deceased Solomon. However, soon after merging with this entity, the body begins to repair itself- turning the gutted wounds into scrapes while the slashes to the face become scars. The body, itself, actually begins to transform itself- taking the shape and form of Solomon and turning it into something else. Fur grows from the hair of the body and claws spike out from the hands of the corpse. Its eyes then flare open with a red energy bringing the body back to life in a sense. Before Ryder, the wolf creature stands strong.

Ryder, moving away from the creature: No. You’re apart of me! You can’t get out!

The Beast: Our deal is done, Ryder… Our hunger continues… You have no need for vengeance so no you have no rage in you. We feed on the rage and we are hungry!

The Beast turns to Reeves who gets into the limo and drives himself away. The Beast howls out and leaps ahead, clinging to the side of the building and making it to the rooftop. A thunder is heard echoing through the sky and the view pans down on Ryder, alone in the alleyway, breathing heavily in a puddle of blood.



Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Ryder has successfully defeated the Cabal and squished his thirst for vengeance
  • Kelly confronts Ryder about his identity and their friendship/partnership is now in question
  • Anton Reeves is declared an innocent man and was freed from prison
  • The Beast has separated itself from Ryder, leaving him powerless.

Minor Events

  • Solomon has deceased and was possessed by The Beast
  • Chloe had successfully, though unknowingly, defended Anton Reeves
  • Kelly is to be reinstated as a police officer




  • The move the Cabal Leader performs on the wolf creature is a reference to the Senator’s kick from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  • The names of Ryder’s parents, which have now been revealed in this episode, are references to actors and actresses. Jeffrey is a reference to Jeffrey Dean Morgan (known for various roles in media including Supernatural and The Walking Dead) and Kelli is a reference to Kelli Barrett (who plays Frank Castle’s wife in The Punisher)


  • During the press scene, Kate Wilson was considered to make a cameo appearance but it probably would’ve been too much for such a short moment.
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