The Mechanics are an intergalactic group of space police officers in the series, Brandon 10.


The Mechanics take the appearance of many different species in white armored outfits.





Known Mechanics

  • Bill Tennyson (Magister) (Retired)
  • Lagister (Magister) (Deceased)
  • Serac (Magister)
  • Forude (Magister) (Deceased)
  • Brandon Tennyson
  • Coco Levin
  • Sarah Tennyson
  • Falgar
  • Jordan
  • Kayla Tennyson
  • Sophia Tennyson
  • Todd
  • Wilson E. Douglas
  • Douglas
  • Steve
  • Mr. Brown (Alternate Timeline)
  • Ms. Jones (Alternate Timeline)
  • Mr. Daniels (Alternate Timeline)
  • Ms. Lane (Alternate Timeline)
  • Mr. Parker (Alternate Timeline)
  • James Hector (Decreased) (Alternate Timeline)
  • Tim (Decreased)
  • Unknown Mechanic (Decreased)
  • Mechanic Pilot
  • Unknown Liquid Alien Officer


The Mechanics station themselves on multiple planets and even moons to maintain a sector or planet. However there are some protocols in which they can not station themselves on or near a planet/sector such as if it is considered a War Planet or Level 8 such as Warasauria or Brobia. According to Falgar, each station is equipped with main power from a station's power core as well as emergency and secondary power for lightning, lockdown and emergency communications.


  • Landing Bay
  • Main Center
  • Corridors
  • Ventilation Shafts
  • Shooting Range
  • Training Area
  • Observation Decks
  • Core Room
  • Engine Room


  • Earth
    • Bellwood
  • Moon
  • Ursia
  • Space (Various Space Stations)





  • Energy Handcuffs
  • Exo-Skeleton


Alien Force

Ultimate Hero

Video Games

Online Games



  • The Mechanic's name was revealed in Conquest of the Conqueror Part 1
  • Brandon's team referred to The Mechanics as The Space Police before their name was revealed
    • Brandon believes that "Space Police" sounds cooler than its actual name even since he heard the name as seen through the series.
  • The Mechanics go by sectors and codes.
  • In Conquest of the Conqueror Part 1, it is revealed that the Mechanics were responsible for the creation of the Galactic Code of the Galaxy.
  • The Mechanics vary beyond Humans and expands through out different alien species to protect the civilizations from evil.
  • Although the Mechanics appeared in Aliens Among Us, their identity remained as "Space Police" as it was set before the episode when their name was revealed; between Season 2 and 3.
  • As seen in Brandon 10: Return of the Conqueror, The Mechanics have outposts on several planets.


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