The Matrix's new design

The Matrix's old design

The Matrix is a device created by Noah Segurason in Noah 10. Unlike the Omnitrix and Ultimatrix, it contains samples of every species in the entire Universe, rather than the Galaxy, and immediately having access to Ultimates. Albedo created his own negative version.


Because of Noah's Galvan heritage, he has an intellect far above average. He used this to create the Matrix for the sole purpose of learning about the Universe and its life forms. Noah started on it at age 9 in his workshop. He hired Albedo, a Galvan, to assist him. After one month of work, Albedo went rogue, wanting ultimate power. He stole the Matrix when Noah was asleep, but Noah's security system alarmed him and he stopped Albedo in his tracks. As punishment, Albedo was trapped in a negative colored body of Noah and was arrested. He had a copy of the blueprints, allowing him to create a knockoff. After one year, the Matrix was completed. Level 20+ tech (Level 25). Because of the immense crime in the world and beyond, The Matrix is now used as a weapon of good.


The Matrix has a sample of every species in the Universe. It has over 20,000,000,000 (20 Billion) DNA samples and counting. Noah only keeps about 50 unlocked to make himself less of a threat and to hide its true potential from evil ones trying to steal it (EX Vilgax, Albedo, Animo). Noah used a specially made spaceship to sample all the aliens. It took hard work, but was worth it in the end.


Often, Noah gets accidental transformations. He claims he doesn't fix it because he's too lazy and always forgets. Noah 12,000 fixes this bug sometime in the future. Sometime between The Ultimate Problem and Aeropela Search, Noah finally gets around to fixing it, and the glitch of giving aliens their own minds.

It can be maniplulated by Eon or Ghostfreak.


  • Green - Charged and ready to be used
  • Red - Charging. Not ready for usage.
  • Yellow - Capture/Recollection Mode. Recapturing escaped aliens or scanning new ones(not likely) or unlocking new ones.
  • Orange - Self Destruct Mode. Speaks for itself. The longer the countdown, the more violent the explosion.
  • Purple - Eon and Ghostfreak tampering.
  • Blue - Recallibrating. Locking aliens and unlocking new aliens or downloading updates.
  • Combo Mode - Fusing two aliens (EX: Echo Chill). Slap down two aliens and fuse!
  • Heal - Requires all available power. Heals you or someone else if injured.
  • Teleport - Set coordinates and pew!
  • Merge - Merge with Technology such as the Potis Altaire.
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