Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 4, Episode 4
Temple TLT
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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The Lost Temple is the 54th episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode begins in the dark yet light blue sky with the Interceptor flying through the air. On board, Brandon can be seen seated on the floor of the cargo bay. His hands on his knees as he looks out with a long stare that gives off the impression of disbelief, shock and confusion.

Coco, unseen: Okay, what happened exactly?

Sarah, unseen: Try to start from the beginning.

Brandon: The beginning... (sigh) It started right here... on this ship.

The current Brandon then transitions into Brandon, from an earlier point in time. He's seated in his usual seat, the co-pilot's chair, looking rather dismissive and upset compared to his look of despiration that has yet to come.

Brandon: I'm telling you something is going on here.

Sarah: It's just a coincidence.

Brandon: How can they just lose one of the most powerful artifacts in the universe? We just gave it to them!

Coco: Stuff happens, man.

Brandon: Not this kind of stuff.

Sarah: Just calm down, Brandon.

Coco: Yeah, how come you're freaking out about this crystal all of a sudden?

Brandon: Because I made a promise to the Architect that I would make sure the crystal is in safe hands. And now, it's not in Mechanic custody like it was supposed to be. And you know I feel about breaking promises...

Coco: Yeah, I know...

Sarah: This isn't like that, Brandon.

Brandon: You saw what the crystal could do, imagine that power being used in the wrong hands. People got get hurt, or worse! (sigh) First we can't find the Lesko Engine and now this. It can't just be a coincidence.

Coco: You think someone stole these things?

Sarah: Why would they do that?

Brandon: I don't know but we need to find out and stop them before something seriously dangerous happens.

Coco: We don't even have a clue about who could have them or where they could be.

Brandon: Yes- yes, we do. Those government guys were talking with the Mechanics earlier. Maybe they're- I don't know- involved in some way.

Sarah: But I thought the government was on good terms with the Mechanics.

Brandon: Yeah, they were also on good terms with us before turning their backs on us. I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled something on the Mechanics too in order to get another piece of alien technology to add to their collection back at Area 51.

Sarah: Which we're not supposed to talk about.

Brandon glares at Sarah.

Coco: So where do we start?

Brandon: (sigh) I don't know. Anywhere, everywhere- just until we find something we can work with.

Sarah: You call that a plan? Suppose they don't even have it? Then what? We apologize? Face it, we have nothing and making promises doesn't add mean anything when considering that.

Brandon: Hey, my promises do mean something, okay? Do you- do you even get that?

Coco, putting his hand on his shoulder, guiding him away: I get it, alright? This promise stuff is getting to you and it's bad news but if we're going to help anyone, we need a little bit more than a few hunches.

Brandon: Yeah, I- I guess so.

Coco: Come on.

Coco leads Brandon outside of the cockpit and into the corridor. As they walk forwards, they continue their conversation.

Coco: Listen, I think you should take a break, clear your head.

Brandon: What? Now? I think that's a terrible idea and you've had plenty of terrible ideas.

Coco: Thanks for that but I'm serious. I know what you're going through. You're angry, you're holding onto things that happened- things that you can't change no matter how much you want them to. You're holding onto bad thoughts and feelings. And that stuff is gonna mess with your head and force you into making some crazy decisions. Now, you could get lucky and get what you're looking for or you could end up hurting the people that only want to help you out.

Brandon: Well, taking a break when you wanted me to hasn't always worked out for me considering the last time I went on a break I had to blow up a star cruiser engine and save you guys. And the time before that, there were mutant squirrels and we were on an island.

Coco: That last part doesn't sound too bad.

Brandon: We were on an island after we crash landed there.

Coco: Oh yeah, it's coming back to me. Well then, don't on a break for me. Go on a break for you. Go where you want to go and do what you want to do.

Brandon: Okay... well, I think I know what I want to do but I'm not sure where to do it.

Coco: You want me to pick out some places and come with?

Brandon: Nah, a break from the team is a break from the team. You and Sarah spend some time together- speaking of which, has Sarah been acting a little different lately or is that just me?

Coco: I mean, just a little bit but between that little confrontation back there, I wouldn't be surprised if she's more intense towards you. I'll uh- talk with her.

Brandon: Thanks, I appreciate that.

Coco: So where are you going to go?

Brandon: Someplace different, out of this world- (thinks for a second) And I know just the person to get me there.

Brandon whips out his phone and scrolls through the contents for a number. The scene then then shows the Interceptor still flying through the air.

Sarah, unseen, present-time: So that's what happened?

Brandon:, unseen, present-time:  No, we didn't even come close to what actually happened.

The Interceptor then flies up ahead, right into the view, throwing it into darkness.

Title Sequence After the titles, a wide field is seen with a few mountains in the far distance. There are a couple of trees in the area as well as a dirt path. A group of men, who are armed and covering their heads with scarves and goggles, walk up the path, shouting in a foreign language. When they get to a clearing, they reach deep into their group and toss a captive man onto the ground. The impact causes some dirt or sand to rise up in the form of dust. He looks up, scared and pushes away from the men slightly. His arms are also tied behind his back with a rope. The man is wearing a grey shirt with a brown scarf around his neck as well some black holstiers.

Man: Oh gosh, I can't believe this is happening. Oh gosh, oh gosh-

Voice: Oh, shut up already.

From the group, another captive is brought out; a girl. She is thrown like him into the clearing. She looks up at her captors with a determined glare, revealing herself to be Lauren Crafter.

Lauren: You really have no idea who you're messing with.

The group of captors speak or argue among each other in a foreign language until one of the, a larger and more muscular man, emerges and steps forwards, silencing the others.

Lauren: I take it you're the leader then. King of the bandits...

Main Bandit: Luchas bastante duro por una niña pequeña.

Lauren: Trust me, you haven't seen anything yet.

Main Bandit: Tu sabes lo que queremos. Queremos que sus suministros y el tesoro que robó de las ruinas.

Man: He says he wants our uh- supplies and the treasure that you stole from the ruins.

Lauren: I didn't steal anything. It's my job, as an archaeologist. I have a right to preserve these treasures in more refined conditions.

Main Bandit: No deberías entrometerse con el tesoro. Así es como debía ser. Nos darás el tesoro para estar en el lugar que le corresponde.

Man: He wants you to give him the treasure so he can return it to its rightful place.

Lauren: What, so you can nick it for yourself later? Don't try to think you're better than me, it's only a waste of everyone's time.

The main bandit seems insulted, causing the others in the group to get rowdy again. The main bandit brandishes his weapon at the two of them. Lauren is slightly surprised but manages to retain her cool demeanor while her associate is even more terrified.

Main Bandit: ¡Ríndete el tesoro o te exterminaré!

Man: Okay now he wants you to surrender the treasure or he's going to end you.

Lauren: Go ahead. I don't even have it on my person but I take it you already knew that with all the searching your men did. Kill me and you won't even have a treasure to steal.

The main bandit looks at her for a few seconds before turning his gun on the man.

Man: Oh gosh, oh gosh- Please, mister bandit guy, don't shoot me. I don't even get paid enough for this.

Lauren: What? Really? How much are your rates?

Man: Like, $350.

Lauren: Really?

Man: Yeah, and it's not even per day or hour.

Lauren: Wow, I'm so sorry to hear that, Nathan. I'll be sure to do something about that when we're done here.

Man: Thanks but- my name's Toby, actually.

Lauren: Oh!

Toby: Yeah...

Main Bandit: ¡SILENCIO! Dinos dónde está el tesoro o tu amigo muere...

The bandit presses his weapon against Toby's head as he shutters. Lauren's determined look fades with one of pure concern but then returns as she turns back to him.

Lauren: Alright, alright. Just- don't shoot him. I still need him. (sigh) The treasure's over there- by the boulder with the white markings.

The main bandit turns and sees a large boulder behind him. He then raises his weapon and makes his way over to it.

Lauren: The one place you wouldn't think to look. A stone among other stones.

The main bandit reaches the boulder and retrieves a glowing stone with a unique shape.

Lauren: The Stone of Howling Winds, an artifact believed to be able to command the weather by several ancient civilizations in Mexico. But, of course, all you see is a price tag.

Main Bandit: Déjalos aquí por los animales, tenemos lo que buscamos.

Toby: He said-

Lauren: You are kidding me? Hey! I gave you what you wanted, let us go! ¡No eres más que un cobarde!

Toby: Wait, you understood what he was saying?

Lauren: Of course, how else do you think I managed to get this far?

Toby: But I translated everything the moment we got here.

Lauren: I thought you could use the experience.

Main Bandit, leaning in close to Lauren: You are a silly girl, Lauren Crafter. There is a lot of money for this one rock. But that is okay, as long as are getting paid, yes? You and your belief for the supernatural have lead you nowhere... except to your end.

The main bandit lowers his weapon so that it aims for Lauren. She struggles to get her hands free, as if she's close but not quite there yet. Just as the bandit is ready to fire, an explosion is heard, catching his attention. In the short distance, some of his men can be seen running away from something but a fast moving object crashes close to them, causing them to fly up into the air and crash down onto the ground. Another object is launched from the woods, destroying one of their trucks. The main bandit turns from Lauren and holds up his weapon at the approaching figure, whom is very large. As the figure emerges from the woods, the main bandit starts firing at it but it does not seem to affect him. The figure is then revealed to be none other than Ro-Warasaur. The main bandit looks surprised and drops his weapon, he steps back slowly. Lauren then extends her leg out and trips the main bandit, causing him to fall back and land on his back. He looks up as a shadow overcomes him. He then sees Lauren, now free from her bonds, ready to punch him with Ro-Warasaur towering over him and Toby just looking with some concern on his face. Lauren then strikes him in the face, causing the view to go dark. She is then seen rubbing her knuckles and looking up at Ro-Warasaur.

Lauren: Brandon... what are you doing here?

Ro-Warasaur: Uh, you're welcome? And good to see you too, Lauren.

Lauren: I had it completely under control.

Ro-Warasaur: What the part where you were about to get shot at or the part where you were forced to give that guy your treasure?

Lauren: Shut it.

Lauren searches the main bandit and retrieves the stone, placing it into her pocket. She also retrieves one of his knives and cuts Toby free. He rubs his wrists.

Toby: I'm so getting another job after this.

Lauren sighs and glares at Ro-Warasaur. The scene then fades over to a campsite of some sorts, later in the day. Toby can be seen seated on a log by the fire with a blanket covering him. Lauren watches him from the tent while Brandon leans against the table, examining a local map.

Lauren, turning to Brandon: You still haven't answered my question.

Brandon: Hm?

Lauren: What are you doing here? How did you even find me?

Brandon: I called your travel agent. She was super nice about the whole thing.

Lauren, annoyed: What did she want?

Brandon: Nothing much, just an autograph and a video of me saying Happy Birthday to her sister.

Lauren: Okay, that's understandable. So what do you want?

Brandon: I- heh, I want you. I mean- I want you to take me out somewhere- to go on an adventure, is what I'm trying to say. Y'know, just tag along with you on one of your many expeditions.

Lauren: Why me? Don't you have a team or something?

Brandon: Yes, well, I'm sorta taking a break from the team right now. Trying to get my head straight.

Lauren: You get your head straight through life-risking adventures?

Brandon: Strangely, yes. It's irritating just sitting around sometimes, you know?

Lauren: Yeah... Look, I'm not interested in baby sitting you for your team, Brandon.

Brandon: Come on, don't be like that, Lauren. We have history, you and I.

Lauren: We worked together. Once. In Egypt.

Brandon: Okay so we might have just only worked together one time but remember I saved your life back there.

Lauren: Yeah, after I saved yours.

Brandon: Right- well, that was sorta my back up bargaining chip. (sigh) Alright, I can see that you're busy but I did get you something so this trip wasn't a complete waste of your time.

Brandon reveals a teddy bear and hands it over to her.

Lauren, taking it into her hands: You... you got me a teddy bear?

Brandon: I remembered it getting destroyed when Omar shot at it. Figured I owed you a new one.

Brandon prepares to leave while Lauren takes a good look at the teddy bear. Brandon pushes the tent flap to the side, looking disappointed.

Lauren: Wait.

He stops and turns to look back at her.

Lauren: I might have something in mind.

Brandon: ...Such as?

Lauren: An expedition to find a hidden temple somewhere in Belize. My grandfather discovered it a long while ago and had always planned on exploring it. He spend years of his life planning this expedition because he knew about the traps and the dangers that came with opening up this temple. But he also was aware of the great treasure hidden within. This expedition is sorta special which is why he planned on going there alone but he suddenly became ill and had to postpone it. He then asked me to go, to explore the temple for him.

Brandon: If it's so special then why are taking me?

Lauren: Well, it's complicated. I can't take any hired help because there's no personal attachment between us. No matter how much either side tries. At the end of the day, they're just extra muscle we pay for. And all the people I do have a personal attachment with are either dead, betrayed me or are currently available. Which just leaves you. You, Brandon 10, are an anomaly. You're sorta just there, you know. I mean I know you, I feel a connection- whatever that may be- but we don't really know each other... You exist, is what I'm trying to say.

Brandon: Thanks? Still not sure what that means exactly.

Lauren: It means we have the sort of relationship where you can join me on these types of adventures without it feeling like I'm talking to just some guy... even if you are just some guy.

Brandon: Right... Gotcha.

Lauren looks at him for a moment then looks away.

Lauren: You should probably get some rest. I'll need you at your best for tomorrow, that is when we're leaving after all.

Brandon: Um yeah sure. And Lauren?

Lauren: Hm?

Brandon: Thanks for doing this. I really appreciate it.

Lauren: Just- don't make me regret it, okay?

Brandon: Sure thing, Miss.

Brandon then leaves the tent.

Lauren: (scoffs) Idiot...

Lauren then looks at the map on the table. The scene then cuts over a raggedy-looking plane flying through the sky over some gorgeous oceans. On the plane, Lauren is seen, strapped in comfortably, as she looks across from her. On the other side of the plane, across from Lauren, Brandon is seen strapped in, holding onto the bench, looking around anxiously.

Lauren: I'm still having trouble believing you actually came.

Brandon: Why? I'm the one that wanted to join you.

Lauren: I know what you said but people often say things and never own up to it. I figured being out in a jungle for a day or more might be too much for you.

Brandon: Hey, I've been in jungle before.

Lauren: Alien jungles?

Brandon: Mostly, yeah.

Lauren: You can be in a jungle for as long as you want but surviving in one is something else entirely.

Brandon: Trust me, I survived quite a bit of things. Exploding spaceships, killer robots, an alien brawling match-

Lauren: Well, your science fiction rules may apply differently to you but it's the more simpler things you should watch out for. I just want to make sure you don't trip and hurt yourself as soon as we land. You barely look like you're holding it together, as it is.

Brandon: I'm just not big on flying, I guess. A-Are you sure this whole thing is safe?

Lauren: Of course, Rico is the best pilot I could ask for. He's always flown me around for my missions.

Brandon: Yeah, I mean he's great and all but I was kind of talking about the plane. It feels like this whole thing is gonna fall apart at any minute.

Lauren: Relax, it's fine. This thing crashes out of the sky every day.

Brandon: Wait what?

Lauren: I'm kidding, Brandon. I can joke once and a while, you know. It mostly crashes every two months, actually, and- considering the fact that we crashed about a few weeks ago- we should be good.

Lauren smiles but Brandon does not seem to take that very well. The plane is then seen coming in for a landing. Later, at a small airport, Brandon and Lauren can be seen watching the plane leave.

Brandon: So... now what?

Lauren: Now we catch a ride and get in as close as we can.

Brandon: And after that?

Lauren: Then we walk.

Brandon: All the way to the temple?

Lauren: All the way.

Brandon: Great, sounds like fun...

The two of them then start walking along a dirt path, leading out of the airport and towards the jungle area.

Brandon: You know I can transform into a flying alien, right?

Lauren: What would be the point? Sometimes you have to be down on the ground to see things better. It's all about perspective.

The two then find themselves at a wider dirt path where several tourists can be seen. Upon seeing the two of them, the tourists go hysterical and talk amongst each other.

Brandon: Didn't think I'd get fans all the way out here.

Brandon steps forwards but the tourists push past him and surround Lauren. He turns and looks at them surrounding her with actual surprise.

Lauren: Well, I suppose that'll have to put your mind at ease then.

She tends her fans, leaving Brandon by himself. He crosses his arms, watching her with a look of dismay. Suddenly, Brandon's jacket is tugged on. He looks alarmed then looks down, seeing a kid pulling on his jacket. She holds up a book and a pen with a sweet smile. Brandon's look of disappointment is replaced with a small smile. He then gets down on one knee and signs the girl's book for her. He then rubs her hair causing her to giggle. The child then runs off to meet with an adult, most likely her parent or guardian. Brandon watches with a smile but his smile seems to fade when he sees a woman among the dissipating crowd. She's wearing a black business suit and watching Brandon very carefully through the passing people. Brandon continues watching her with a serious look then gets up, seeing Lauren standing in front of him.

Lauren: You heard me?

Brandon: W-What?

Lauren: (sigh) I said we should get moving. You're gonna need to listen up if you want to survive out here.

Brandon: Yeah, of course- I just-

He looks around Lauren, seeing only the tourists leaving.

Lauren: What? What is it?

Brandon: Nothing. I just- I thought I saw someone.

Lauren: What? Someone to satisfy that ego of yours?

Brandon: Heh, yeah- I guess so.

Lauren looks at Brandon for a moment before turning to look at the jungle in the distance.

Lauren: Look, I found us a ride. Should take us far enough into the jungle. Then we can start our trek for the temple. You ready?

Brandon: Yeah, let's do this.

The two then move forwards with the scene fading to an overhead view of the Belize Jungle. In the jungle, the two are seen navigating through it. Lauren takes the lead, chopping through vines with a machete.

Brandon: Mind if I get one of those?

Lauren: You really want one? I wouldn't picture you as a blade wielder.

Brandon: Yeah, well, I guess I could say the same.

Lauren: I practiced the art of the blade at a couple of monasteries. I was also taught by my... by my mentor. (clears throat)

Brandon: You definitely have a long list of skills.

Lauren: You need every skill you can learn in order to survive out here. Not just powers.

Brandon: What are you trying to say? Is this about the Ultimatrix?

Lauren: I'm trying to say that I have no powers yet I explore the most dangerous places in the world and still get out on top. Take from that what you will.

Lauren continues ahead, with Brandon watching her.

Brandon: Fine, I didn't need a machete anyway. I'll have you know I went to a summer camp once.

Lauren: Let me guess, you used your alien forms to get things done over there as well.

Brandon: ...Maybe. But I can do things without using my aliens. I used to make inventions.

Lauren: Really? Wait, you said used to.

Brandon: Yeah, well- I don't really do that anymore.

Lauren: Why not? A skill is like a tool; if you don't refine your skill, you don't take care of your tool. And a tool in poor condition is practically useless.

Brandon: How much further till we get there?

Lauren: Check my pack for the map.

Brandon searches through Lauren's pack and sees a rolled up map among her other belongings. He then unrolls the map and attempts to read it.

Brandon, trying to read the map: Uh... are we by the squiggly lines or the rocky looking thing?

Lauren, confused: What? (realizing) You're trying to read the map, aren't you? Give it.

Brandon: I can read a map, Lauren.

Lauren: But you know nothing about cartography which is a skill that helps when it comes to reading maps.

Brandon holds the map for a second before surrendering it over to her. She gladly accepts the map into her hands and unrolls it before her, reading it without difficulty.

Lauren: Alright, we're not too far. But we're going to have to climb.

Brandon: As in actually climb?

Lauren: Well, I guess you could fly up there if that's what you want.

Brandon: I'll climb, alright? Let's just do this thing already.

Brandon walks forward, leaving Lauren behind. She watches him take lead but squints her eyes slightly. The scene fades over to a cliff side with Lauren climbing up. She slams her multi-functional crowbar into the rock wall and takes a breath.

Lauren, looking down: You alright there?

Brandon, hugging the wall as best he can: Perfect.

Lauren: You know it's not as bad when you look away from the cliff.

Brandon: What, like down?

Lauren: No, that's just for a quick pike of adrenaline. I meant around you.

Brandon uneasily looks away from the cliff side and looks around him, like she said, seeing the large and expansive jungle around them.

Brandon: Whoa... Is this why you do it?

Lauren: Do what?

Brandon: Go on adventures. For the view? To see places most people never would?

Lauren: It's part of it, yeah... Come on, we should keep moving. The temple shouldn't be too far now.

They continue scaling up the side of the cliff until they reach the top. Lauren sets down her gear as well as her backpack, while Brandon then sits on the ground, taking a breath.

Brandon: And you do this all the time?

Lauren smiles.

Lauren: Something like that.

She looks ahead and sees the jungle continuing off in the short distance.

Lauren: Can't see much from out here so we've got no vantage point. We should keep moving.

Brandon: Wait, let's take a break. We just climbed up the side of a cliff.

Lauren: And you jump out of spaceships for a living. Come on, this isn't a big deal. Let's go.

Brandon: Yeah, well, that's when I'm transforming. It sorta gives me an energy boost. And since I'm not transforming-

Lauren: Look, we don't have for a break, okay? This- this is important to me.

Brandon, getting up from the ground: Why is this so important to you? I mean I know your grandfather spent years looking for this temple but it's not going anywhere, Lauren. I feel like there's something you're not telling me.

Lauren: Well, I guess I could say the same thing, Brandon.

Brandon: (scoffs) What are you talking about?

Lauren: Don't play dumb. I know you're hiding something from me!

Brandon: I'm not. Seriously, is the heat getting to you or are you just freaking out like usua-

Lauren: Enough! I'm tired of playing games, Brandon. Tell me the truth. Why did you come here? Tell me now, or this whole thing is over.

Brandon: I told you, I wanted to go on an adventure with you. Why is that so hard to believe?

Lauren: Yeah but why me? Why not someone else?

Brandon: I'm taking some time away from the team.

Lauren: Alright. But you know many people. I've read the articles, seen the reports, heard the tales. You saved so many people, helped out civilizations, I'm sure through all that, you've made more than a few acquaintances... maybe even friends. All of which having a great deal of adventure to contribute, I reckon.

Brandon: ...I guess.

Lauren: So why me? Why not one of them? In fact, why do you need anyone to begin with? You're Brandon 10. Where ever you go, there's action, suspense, adventure. Why not just go off on your own adventure by yourself? I'm only Human, alright? I only provide half of the adventure.

Brandon: Yeah, well- I'm Human too. So I guess I provide half the adventure also. And, with that in mind, two halves do make a whole... adventure, right?

Lauren: So you want to play it like that, then? Okay, but if we're going from that narrative then it just circles back to the same question: Why me? Why not anyone else?

Brandon: Because you're... you. (sigh) Everyone else I've met has been fun to work with, to generally be with. I've gone on adventures with them that make everything else seem like it's not a big deal. But they're friends and I already know as much as I need to know from them. You- you're different from that. It's like this relationship with have it's hard to explain. I want to be your friend but I don't know much about you. And I like you but we're just so different. I guess, when I thought about spending some time with someone, I wanted to use that time to get to know you better. But it's not even that- I've been going through some issues lately.

Lauren: ...What kind of issues?

Brandon: Well, where do I start? My secret was blown, my girlfriend dumped me, I failed a lot of people who desperately needed my help and I lost someone that I was just started to care about. I think I've been handling it pretty well, actually. (nervous chuckle) Well, I thought I did... But uh- I guess I'm not. Just recently, I had to helplessly watch an alien cub witness his mother getting killed, I lost an important engine and now I gave my word to a person who put his trust in me and now I fail him too. I'm starting to think that I'm meant to lose and all these feelings I'm having, the ones I'm not talking about- I'm taking it out on my team. It's like you said before, our relationship is at that point where I can share something personal with you without there not being any personal attachment. And generally, I don't know how I feel about that. I mean it's obvious that you hate me so I don't even know why I'm trying anymore.

Lauren: I don't... hate you. Gosh, you're such an idiot. I should just kick you off something.

Brandon: Wha- Why? We're on cliff, who kicks people off of cliffs? I sure don't.

Lauren: Shut up. I can't believe you actually think I hate you.

Brandon: I mean you've been mean to me from the start.

Lauren: Yeah, well so have you. To be honest, I'm sorta just like that with everyone. Everyone who I don't work with on a usual basis or really get to know, anyways. I'm unimpressed with what I see, really. After training for so long, knowing so many skills and seeing so many places, it's all a routine now. And if you can't be involved in it, then I can't really get involved in them.

Brandon: That's a bit harsh.

Lauren: I know. I hate myself honestly for thinking that way. I try changing, I try getting people to like what I do but it's definitely a lot harder to train someone than it is yourself. But you- (scoffs) You don't know when to quit. You don't take anything about adventuring seriously and you prefer your own world as opposed to mine. It's offending, but it also breaks the routine. There aren't many people out there, like you. At least, none that I have met.

Brandon: Yeah, well, I could say the same about you. You're one of a kind, Lauren.

Lauren: No, I'm sure there are tons of jerks who have a thing for adventure out there.

Brandon: Yeah well, none of them are as good as you. And you're not a complete jerk. I've seen that side of you back in the Pyramids. The side that cares about more than the adventure.

Lauren: And I saw it in you too. That you do take one thing seriously, people. It's like you care about me sometimes.

Brandon: Hey, I do care. I might show it but I always cared.

Lauren: But why? If it's like you've said, I've been nothing but mean to you.

Brandon: I uh- I'm not really sure.

Lauren: Well I am. It's who you are, Brandon. That's why you're the hero, it's not the fortune or the fame but it's for the lives you save. And frankly, I'm- (sigh) I'm envious of you.

Brandon, surprised: You're- what?

Lauren: Yeah. Believe it or not, I actually want to be like you a bit. More carefree and able to get to know people better. Adventure is fun and all but it was definitely a lot more fun with you.

Brandon: I guess- I was also sorta jealous too. You're powerful and skilled and kinda unbelievable. I need my aliens to get out of crazy situations but you manage to do with with a backpack and your intuition. I guess I was just losing it a bit because of how much you were showing off how better you are at things than me...

Lauren: Well, I was trying to impress you, not make you feel bad... I'm sorry.

Brandon: Why were you trying to impress me?

Lauren: Because I don't have powers, Brandon. I train constantly so I can beat the environment but there's this whole other environment out there- the final frontier. How can I possibly survive that?

Brandon: I did.

Lauren: Well that's because you have a super watch while all I have is a crowbar. Trying to make me feel better was nice while it lasted but you're the one who's better, you're the one with the powers.

Brandon: You don't need powers to be powerful, Lauren. I know you. You can take on volcanoes because you're bored. You can find more treasures than anyone in any textbook. And your tools might break, but your spirit never will.

Lauren: Thanks... I guess you're not so much of an idiot, after all.

Brandon: And I guess you're more than just a Miss.

They smile and share a small laugh together.

Brandon: So... where does this leave us? Should we go back to being mean to each other but still secretly care for one another?

Lauren: As tempting as that would be, I prefer adventure over drama. I'm willing to start a new relationship with you, Brandon.

Brandon: So friends, then.

Lauren: Y-yeah, of course... just don't expect for me to stop being condescending all of a sudden.

Brandon: Wouldn't count on it. (smiles)

Lauren looks at Brandon a bit more passionately but their moment is cut off when an explosion is heard in the distance. Both of them turn and look, seeing smoke rising out from the trees.

Brandon: What was that?

Lauren: I don't know but I have a bad feeling about it. Come on.

Both, Brandon and Lauren, proceed to down the other side of the cliff side and navigate through the remaining jungle. They stop a group of boulders, using them as a cover. Lauren peeks around the rock, seeing a group of armed men. She looks more carefully, seeing a certain patch on their shoulders. She then turns back, pushing her back into the boulder side.

Lauren: Darn...

Brandon: What is it?

Lauren: Raiders, of the worst kind. They're apart of an organization that has been trying to compromise my family legacy for years now; the Relic Society.

Brandon: Why? What do they gain from that?

Lauren: Everything. By getting us out of the picture, they have access to our collection of artifacts as well as all our research. They'll be able to make a large profit from stealing from us and using our family name under their own brand.

Brandon: So I guess that's what they're trying to do here.

Lauren: Yes. Someone must have tipped them off about my grandfather's find. How else would they have known about the temple?

Brandon: Well, we can't worry about that now. If we're gonna get inside that temple, we need to take those guys down.

Lauren: Agreed. But it won't exactly be easy.

Brandon: Relax, I know you can do it. Besides, I've got a skill set of my own.

He reveals the Ultimatrix on his wrist. Lauren looks down at it then back at him with a smirk. The scene then cuts over to two armed men paroling the area. A rock is then thrown past them, bouncing against the stone wall. They turn and look over in that direction.

Raider: What was that?

Raider 2: Stay here, I'll check it out.

The second raider moves ahead, raising his weapon as he proceeds forwards. The initial raider stands there, watching the second one, until Lauren drops down from above, landing on his shoulders. The raider is alarmed but, before he can even do anything, she brings him down with a thigh choke. The impact, causes the second man to turn back to the first with surprise. In a swift motion, Lauren reaches into his pack and retrieves her crossbow, firing an arrow right into the man's knee. He yells out, stepping back, only to trip over his own shadow. His shadow then rises up and takes its physical form as Shadow, himself.

Shadow: Sweet combo there.

Lauren: Well, I have been training.

Shadow: It really shows.

The initial raider groans but Lauren, with an upset glare, knocks him out with a single punch. She then fixes her hair and looks at Shadow with a smile.

Lauren: Thanks!

Lauren gets off of the guy and walks towards Shadow, who turns to look for any other raiders.

Shadow: We still might be able to catch these guys by surprise. I'll look ahead, make sure to grab some cover.

Lauren: On it.

Lauren heads off to the side, hiding behind a long stone. She looks over at Shadow, giving him a nod. He then travels within the shadow cast by a large tree, disappearing. Lauren moves carefully and quietly down to the other end of the stone she's hiding behind. She then picks out from the edge, seeing three of the armed men. Shadow emerges from the one on the left, wrapping his arm around him. He then spins the man around and launches him into the one directly across from him, knocking both of them out. He then flies up and grows his hand into a larger one, while keeping the rest of his body practically the same size. He then flicks the weapon out of the man's hands and then flicks him into the stone wall. Shadow then shrinks his hand down, back to its normal size and flies into the unconscious man's shadow. Lauren then turns, seeing a tent close by. Shadow then rises up from Lauren's own shadow.

Shadow: How's it going?

Lauren: I think I found something but I'll need a diversion. See if you can take out any other raiders surrounding the tent.

Shadow: Sure thing, I've got you covered.

Shadow then flies up and heads over to some more raiders. They look up, shout and start firing upon him. He uses his intangibility to phase through the projectiles.

Shadow: Alright, diversion. That, I can do.

Shadow then looks around, seeing two large shadows cast by two large trees at the sides of the group of raiders firing at him. He then extends his hands out and starts to manipulate the shadows of the large trees, forming them into large hands. The hands the cover the raiders, encasing them in complete darkness.

Shadow, becoming tangible again: Heh, looks like I've got you covered too.

Outside of the tent, Lauren can be seen shifting between different covers. She then leans against a pole that the tent is mounted to and listens in on the conversation going on inside.

Man: He said this was a guaranteed deal. Access to the temple that the Crafter family discovered and the chance the end the girl before she has a chance to sabotage our operations.

Lauren, quietly, to herself: Thornton...

Raider: Y-yes, sir.

Thornton: So why isn't the temple open yet! Come on, already. We're burning daylight out of here!

Raider: Sorry, sir, but we tried everything.

Thornton: You haven't tried anything yet. Crowbars and lock picks don't work on ancient temples, moron. They probably booby-trapped that place up so much, it makes me want to vomit. (sigh) There is another option. Explosives.

Raider: We didn't bring any with us.

Thornton: Then I'll call someone who can. He made the deal, he got us into this predicament- he can get us out.

Raider: Are you even sure he will be willing to deal with you again? He seems to have- (clears throat) other business to take care of.

Thornton: What are you? My manager? He'll do the deal if he knows what's good for him. Who does he think he is? It feels like we've been set up by that arrogant jerk.

Raider: Would you like me to call him for you, sir?

Thornton: No... I'll call Mr. C myself.

Lauren's eyes widen slightly. The raider then leaves the tent, passing just by her without noticing she was there. She then looks inside, seeing Grey on a sat-phone with his back to her. She looks around the tent from where she is, noticing maps, charts and research files. She squints. A brief moment later, Grey finally gets his call answered.

Mr. C, over the phone: I'm busy, Grey. If you have something to say, then say it now.

Thornton: Yeah, I have something to say. You promised me a temple with ancient treasure.

Mr. C, over the phone: And I delivered. What more do you want?

Thornton: Well, since you've asked, how about a way to open it?

Mr. C, over the phone: You couldn't handle that all on your own. I guess I've heard wrong about your reputation. The Relic Society could become quite the asset under my control. And I do have the resources to make that happen.

Thornton: I just need some explosives to get this thing open, then our deal is done.

Mr. C, over the phone: ...Alright.

Thornton: Really? That's it? No catch?

Mr. C, over the phone: Be thankful there isn't one. The explosives will be in bound soon enough. This conversation is over.

He hangs up. Grey mumbles under his voice, turning back to the table to see that there's nothing on it.

Thornton: Wha- ...Crafter.

Just as Grey heads out, the tent collapses on him. Lauren then runs off, after knocking down the support poles. Back with Shadow, he's using his shadow manipulation and shape changing abilities to knock out more raiders. He then vanishes when a raider fires at him. The raider looks around, confused, but then he emerges from the shadow of the tomb raider, grabbing him and slamming him into the ground, knocking him out. Shadow then looks up, seeing Lauren running over.

Lauren: Come on, let's go. I bought us some time but we don't have long.

Shadow then transforms back into Brandon and runs with Lauren. The two then find themselves in a wide and open area with tall columns in a row of two, leading up to a large temple with the jungle surrounding it from the back and sides. Brandon and Lauren stop and look up at the temple before them.

Brandon: Whoa...

Lauren: Yeah, definitely. This is it, Brandon. It all leads up to this moment.

Brandon: So... how do we get in?

Lauren looks around, noticing the layout of the area before the temple, while Brandon looks at the temple, itself.

Lauren: It's a puzzle. Whoever designed this temple must have been extremely clever. And usually the smarter they are, the greater the treasure is.

Brandon: You do hand them over to museums afterwards, right?

Lauren: Of course. Doesn't mean I can't admire it after collecting it.

Lauren walks closer to the temple, reading out some ancient language written above the sealed off entrance.

Lauren, reading out loud: The path you seek is the one inside you. To enter this place, you must be true. The coming darkness is one you must fight in. For the prize inside is one to enlighten.

Brandon: What does that mean?

Lauren: I'm not entirely sure. This things usually take a while to figure out.

Brandon: Well, I doubt they'll give us enough time to do so.

Brandon thinks for a moment while Lauren continues searching around. She then notices a small mechanism of some kind with a platform, in front of the temple. It appears to be some kind of mounted pressure switch.

Lauren: Hey, I found something.

Brandon looks over, checking out the mechanism.

Brandon: Looks like you put something on top of it. This might be apart of the door's riddle.

Lauren: Wait, what is this?

She squats down and points out a panel at the side of the mechanism. Brandon takes a knee and opens up the panel, seeing ancient machinery inside mixed with something that looks not of Earth.

Brandon examining the device: Looks like ancient alien technology.

Lauren: Seriously?

Brandon: What? It's possible, remember back at the Pyramids?

Lauren: Alright, good point. So what does it do?

Brandon: Well... judging from the way it looks, it might be a sensor of some kind. But I'm not exactly sure what it's sensing for.

Lauren leans against the panel and sighs. She looks over at Brandon, examining the sensor, and smiles slightly. The sensor then faintly lights up.

Brandon: Whoa. (looking up at her) Do that again!

Lauren: Do what again?

Brandon: Whatever you just did.

Lauren: I didn't do anything.

Brandon: Okay... um- what were thinking?

Lauren: I wasn't really thinking about anything, Brandon.

Brandon: Then... what were feeling?

Lauren is about to say something but hesitates until she decides to say something else.

Lauren: Bored. I was getting kinda bored looking at this sci-fi stuff, honestly.

Brandon looks back at the sensor which seems to be dying down.

Brandon: Uh- alright, tell me something about myself.

Lauren: Really? You want me to fuel your ego now?

Brandon: No, I'm trying to see if something you say or do affects the sensor pad. Just say something honest about me.

Lauren: Okay, uh- you're a hero. You wear green...

The sensor is practically deactivating at this point, causing Brandon to gain a look of concern. Lauren looks at Brandon once again.

Lauren: You're my... friend.

The sensor starts to light up again. Brandon looks interested then back up at Lauren.

Brandon: How'd that last part make you feel?

Lauren: Glad. (gives a small smile)

Brandon smiles himself but regains focus on the current situation at hand.

Brandon: So uh- I think the sensor detects feelings on some kind of psychic level.

Lauren: So what exactly does that mean?

Brandon: It means, if we ever want to get this door open, we have to have a sort of bond or connection between us and manifest it into a physical object that we can place on the device.

Lauren: (nervous chuckle) Well, it's a good thing we're friends then.

Brandon: ...Are we?

Lauren's smile fades as Brandon looks at her with a blank stare.

Lauren: What do you mean? I said we could be friends, right?

Brandon: Yeah and I want to be friends, for sure, but- Lauren, I don't think this is going to work in the long run if you keep hiding things from me. I mean, I just opened myself up to you and that wasn't exactly easy. I'm glad you comforted me, really I am, but- I want to be able to do the same thing for you too.

Lauren takes a breath and a minute to process this.

Brandon: Hey, look at me.

She does.

Brandon: You can tell me anything.

Lauren: Alright, I guess I haven't exactly been completely honest with you. (sigh) The temple wasn't my grandfather's finding, at least not originally. It was my father's. He was my mentor and taught me basically everything I needed to know on being an adventurer like him.

Brandon: Why wouldn't you tell me that?

Lauren: I suppose I didn't want to be reminded again. You see, he knew that he would have to give up the life he had in order to start a family. But he wasn't exactly one to listen to others. My mother said I was lucky to have him around for as long as I did. But then I guess my luck ran out come my tenth birthday because he didn't make it that night...

Brandon: I'm- sorry to hear that, Lauren.

Lauren: Yeah... After that, my grandfather came to raise him, teach me. And soon enough, I got into the whole adventuring business and made a name for myself. I really wanted to make him proud.

Brandon: I'm sure if he was still here, he would be so proud of you.

Lauren: Thanks, Brandon... I haven't really told anyone that before.

Brandon: Well, that's what friends are for.

Brandon comforts her then gives her a hug. He then lets out a sigh.

Lauren: What is it?

Brandon: I just realized we still need an object that holds our connection.

Lauren: I have something.

Lauren disengages from the hug and goes into her pack, removing the teddy bear that Brandon gave her earlier.

Brandon: You- brought it along?

Lauren: Yeah, it um- meant a lot to me.

Brandon smiles. Lauren looks at the bear, though, with a feeling of regret.

Lauren: I almost don't want to give it away. It feels like the only connection I had with my father, especially since the first one was already destroyed. I can't really go through with losing it again.

Brandon: Your father left you this temple. He wanted you to find it. I'm sure whatever lies inside is worth it.

Lauren: I suppose you're right. After all, this symbolizes a new connection.

Lauren places the teddy bear on the device, and the sensor glows brightly. The bright glow continues below the ground, traveling in a circuit-like fashion until it reaches the temple. The temple glows as well and rumbles slightly as the door begins to lower.

Lauren, smiling: It's- It's working! The temple, it's opening!

Brandon smiles at Lauren then turns to look at the temple as it starts to open up. However, their moment of victory is cut short when the sound of men shouting is heard. Brandon turns around, seeing raiders coming up from behind them.

Brandon: Lauren, get down!

They fire they their weapons at the two of them, with Brandon pushing Lauren down to the ground as they take cover behind one of the columns.

Lauren: Relic Society! I thought we would've had enough time to get the treasure and leave before they showed their miserable faces here again.

Brandon: We can't let them get inside and steal your treasure.

Lauren: No... I can't.

Lauren gets up, readying her crossbow.

Brandon: Lauren?

Lauren then rushes out of cover, firing her crossbow at the raiders; knocking some down. However, she soon becomes outnumbered and unable to take them down fast enough.

Brandon: LAUREN!

He dashes out from behind the cover as the raiders point their weapons at her, ready to shoot. He activates the Ultimatrix and smacks down the face plate as he leaps up in the air, behind her. A bright, green flash overcomes the view as a transformation sequence occurs. Brandon spins around in DNA and curls up due to the changes. Tubes then form from his back and bend backwards as they connect to a panel that has now formed onto his back. The bones in his hand then start to stretch, making his fingers longer. Brandon can be seen looking down from a certain angle as his torso begins to build up a collar around his neck, which shortly releases a gas that corrodes his face. His eyes become bigger, more roundish and unnatural, while his mouth becomes frozen in an frowning expression that shows off his teeth. The view then zooms back, showing Brandon finishing up the transformation as his body is now becoming a suit with a glass container covering his head from the back. Now that the transformation is finished, a new alien launches forwards before a green flash overcomes the screen. When the flash fades, the new alien can be seen continuing the leap that Brandon had made but now over Lauren. The new alien's finger charge up with electricity and he comes down for a slam attack.

New Alien: BIO-SHOCK!

He then slams his hands against the ground, releasing a wide spreading electric discharge that knocks all the raiders back. As the smoke fades, he stands up and takes a breath. He then looks at his hands, possibly surprised; his fixated expression makes it difficult to tell.

Bio-Shock: Whoa...

Bio-Shock turns back to Lauren, who just looks surprised.

Bio-Shock: Are you alright?

Lauren: Y-yeah. I- you weren't supposed to save me.

Bio-Shock: That's not how friendship works, Lauren. I couldn't let you get hurt. We're either doing this together or not at all.

Lauren nods. She then looks alarmed by seeing something. Bio-Shock raises his head and turns, seeing Thornton arrive with more raiders.

Thornton: Did you really think you could stop me, kid?

Lauren: A girl could dream...

Thornton: I guess we don't need those explosives after all. It would seem you have already opened the temple for us. Classic Crafter; always doing the hard work so we can just take it.

Lauren: Is that what you said to my father?!

Thornton: Well, yeah. But you think I had anything to do with his disappearance, you might as well know now that it wasn't me or any of my men. If it were, I'm be showing that off like a badge! No- his death wasn't at my own hands, but yours, little lady, will be. And your artifact finding days will be over and your profits will belong to us.

Bio-Shock: If you want her, you'll have to go through me.

Thornton: So you brought you boyfriend to protect you?

Bio-Shock: I'm not her-

Lauren: We never-

Bio-Shock: I mean we're just friends-

Lauren: Exactly, just- friends... unless we're not-

Bio-Shock: Wait, I thought you said we were-

Thornton: Enough already! This has dragged on enough as it has. We're getting into that temple, whether you let us or not.

Bio-Shock: You might've had a chance actually. You see, this is a new alien. I've never used him before. You could have probably could be off guard. But today isn't your lucky day, dude.

Thornton: And why's that?

Bio-Shock: Because I've been to the future and this guy rocks.

Bio-Shock fires out a blast of energy, disabling their weaponry and causing it to fall apart.

Thornton: Fall back, regroup, flank them and get me more weapons!

Raiders: Sir!

Some raiders still with weapons fire at the two of them. Lauren returns their fire with her crossbow while Bio-Shock uses his electric based attacks to shock away some raiders on his side. Lauren fires a dart from her crossbow and glimpses at the temple; with its door still slowly lowering. However, it is open enough for a person to come through. She then sees two raiders trying to get inside the temple.

Lauren: Brandon, the temple!

Bio-Shock turns and sees the raiders running up the stairs, into the temple. He then fires at a beam of energy which wraps around them. He then lifts them up and flings them into the columns. Bio-Shock is then shot at from behind, the projectiles pinging off of his armor. While it bounces off of his suit, the oncoming fire does seem to be affected him, as if he doesn't have the durability to resist it. He swings around, firing another blast of energy from his hands; shocking some raiders back. He then takes a knee, as if to recover. Lauren steps before him, firing her crossbow, causing the remaining raiders to take cover.

Lauren: You good?

Bio-Shock: Just about. You?

Lauren: Peachy but we won't be able to hold them off.

Bio-Shock: Yeah, as long as the door is open; those guys are going to want in.

Lauren: So we close the door.

Bio-Shock: But the temple-

Lauren: You go! I'll hold them off. I trust you with this, Brandon. Besides, whatever you find, you can just give me the half of it.

Bio-Shock: I'm not worried about the treasure. This was something your father left for you. I don't want to take that away from you.

Lauren: You don't have a choice in this, Brandon. Besides, you're not taking anything if I'm giving it to you. That's what the whole concept means. (sigh) Just- do this for me, will ya?

Bio-Shock nods reluctantly. He then turns and heads for the door, with Lauren turning back to the raiders, firing from her crossbow. Bio-Shock runs up the stairs, heading for the door. Lauren then looks up from her cover, seeing the teddy bear resting on top of the mechanism. She lets out of a breath after closing her eyes and fires a round from her crossbow at the device, causing the sensor to spark up. The door then starts to close. Bio-Shock pushes himself as he goes up the stairs. He then leaps, using the electric discharge from his fingers to push him ahead quicker. Within a flash, Bio-Shock transforms back into Brandon who, being slightly smaller than Bio-Shock, flips through the opening just as it slams shut. Brandon then looks up from the floor of the temple, seeing the dark hallway he has landed in. The commotion from outside is no longer heard, just the faint echoing and silence. Brandon gets up from the floor and dusts himself off. He looks back at the sealed off door then turns, looking down the hall. He grabs a torch from the floor and swipes it against the wall, causing it to be set alight. He then walks forwards in a hint of haste with a look of seriousness on his face.

Brandon, walking forwards: This is for you, Lauren.

Back outside, Lauren continues firing back but ducks behind her cover. She attempts to reload her crossbow but discovers that she is out of arrows and other launching projectiles.

Lauren: Darn!

Over with Grey, he looks out at the temple with a fierce glare.

Thornton: The door's closed! We need those explosives now!

Thornton then checks his sat-phone, seeing an incoming call come in, labeled C.

Thornton: I'm busy right now, are the explosives ready?

Mr. C, over the phone: Yes. They're en-route now. Just be sure to stay where you are. I wouldn't want you missing them.

Thornton: Just get them here. We were so close, I'm telling you.

Mr. C, over the phone: Oh, don't worry, I'm well aware of your progress. Best of luck with the temple, Thornton.

He hangs up.

Thornton, proudly: Finally, some respect from that knucklehead. (to raiders) Push forward! I want this girl gone, you here me?!

Lauren peeks behind her cover then turns back and leans against it. She closes her eyes.

Lauren: Come on, Brandon...

Back inside the temple, Brandon can be seen navigating its dark halls. He then comes across a large door which looks unlike the rest of the temple.

Brandon: Oookay... wasn't expecting this. How do I-

Brandon places his hand on the door which seems to scan him. The door then clicks open and, with a hissing noise, the door swings open slowly. Brandon holds up his torch and takes a step forward. He then stops and looks surprised, as he looks inside the room. Inside the room is a man in a ragged hood, seated on the floor. The man looks up at him with his glossy eyes.

Man: Ah- you've arrived.

Brandon, entering the room: Who- who are you?

Man: I am just a man, a man with a gift. I know that you might have been expecting treasure but don't worry... I still have something for you, Brandon.

Brandon: You know who I am.

Man: I know a lot of things. I know that you carry a great power, I know that you have been through a great ordeal, I know that dark times are coming and I know that only you can save us all.

Brandon: ...I don't understand.

The man sighs and gets up uneasily. Brandon reaches the help him but the man refuses. He adjusts himself before turning back to Brandon.

Man: A long time ago, my people and I were living our ordinary lives until a darkness had plagued our world. We believed it was the end of days but I saw something, something that could save everyone. The days that would come, things that would unfold and, of course, you.

Brandon: You can see into the future... you're a clairvoyant.

Clairvoyant: Yes, quite true.

Brandon: Wait a long time ago, you were- but that means- how long have you been in here?

Clairvoyant: Long enough, I would like to say. My gift allowed to prepare my people for the days to come, which is why we built this temple with the machinery from those beyond the stars that have came down all those years ago. This room is extending my life so that I can deliver a message to you.

Brandon: Me? But this is meant for Lauren. You mean you predicted everything that was going to happen this day and planned this all out so that way I would be the one to get into this temple?

Clairvoyant: Yes. (coughs) But what I need to tell you is important and could possibly save the world and all the worlds beyond ours.

Brandon: ...What is it?

Clairvoyant: Something is coming, Brandon, and only you can stop it. A darkness with a name. It has invaded our world before and now, with the help of others who serve in its name, it will come for our world once again.

Brandon: How can I stop it? If you know the future, you can help me change it before it already happens.

Clairvoyant: It is too late, hero. The chain of events has already occurred.

He takes a moment to gather his thoughts.

Clairvoyant: Yes, I can see it all now. Everything that has been and will be: power from beyond the stars, a battle between worlds, a secret revealed, the succumbing of a mad man, a life ended shortly... three parts together, three parts separated, a difficult choice, a great summoning and a flower in the fall.

Brandon: But what- what does that mean? I don't understand!

Clairvoyant: All will be revealed to you, in time. But for now, you need to leave this place. It is no longer safe. They are coming for you.

Brandon: Who? The Raiders?

Clairvoyant: No. Someone much worse than them. I wish I could tell you more but my gift can only provide so much. Take this, for your young friend-

He hands him a a golden container in the shape of cylinder.

Clairvoyant: This is her reward for bringing you here. The real treasure was enlightenment of the days to come to prepare you for what's to come.

Brandon: Wait- you said something is coming. What is it?

Clairvoyant: ...Where there is darkness, there is light. The way to that light is within you, hero. Remember that. Now go. The world can not be saved if you are to be destroyed here with the temple.

Brandon: If the temple is going to get destroyed, I'm not going to leave you here.

Clairvoyant: I'm already as good as dead, the machinery is what is keeping me alive. (cough) Go! Please... The future of the world needs you more than I do.

Brandon stays with the man for a moment before nodding. He then backs off until he turns around, running back out of the room and through the dark hallway. The Clairvoyant watches the hero leave as he sits back on the floor, and closes his eyes. Back outside of the temple, Lauren is just barely holding out as the raiders press forward. A jet can then be heard, causing her to look up at the sky, along with a few of the raiders. A fighter jet is then seen approaching the temple overhead at quick speeds.

Thornton: That'll be the explosives to open the door, I bet. You've run out of luck, little lady.

Lauren then looks carefully at the fighter jet.

Lauren: That's not a cargo plane...

Back in the temple, Brandon is running down the dark halls, looking around.

Brandon: There has to be a way out of here.

Brandon stops to catch his bearings but it's so dark inside there. The object in his hand then begins to glow faintly. He looks down at it, surprised and holds it up. He moves the object to the left slightly, causing it to glow more. He then looks up, seeing the hall break off into two turns; left or right. He looks down at the object once more and then back ahead of himself.

Brandon: Well, here goes nothing.

Brandon then runs forth, making a left turn. The object is then glows faintly. He shifts it to the right slightly, causing it to glow more and makes a right turn. After a moment of navigating through the temple, he finally reaches a dead end.

Brandon: No, no, no. Dead end?

Brandon looks down at the object once more, now only glowing towards the front end. He follows its direction as he moves the object around until he reaches a suspicious looking stone in the wall. He moves the object over the stone, causing it to glow immensely. Brandon then presses the stone, causing a large block to shift from the wall, with daylight breaking into the temple. Brandon then pushes against the block, creating a wider opening. The block is then moved out of the way until Brandon finds himself outside of the temple, towards the sides in a part of the jungle. He then runs around, trying to reach the front. Lauren continues looking up at the fighter jet as the distance between it and the temple get shorter. Her eyes then widen, as if she realized something. She then looks at the raiders, distracted by the oncoming jet, and decides to make a run for it. One of the raiders notices and shouts, catching the attention of the others. They start firing at her again but a whizzing noise catches them off guard again. They turn, seeing the fighter jet firing at the temple. When the projectiles impact, the temple and the surrounding area explodes several times over. Lauren is then thrown by the force of the explosions into the jungle. Brandon is then seen running but is also caught by the force of the explosions. He slams into a tree and drops to the ground. The view then turns black. After a moment, a high pitched sound is heard as the view starts to return through a blurry and groggy-looking perspective. Brandon is then seen looking up from the ground as the area around him is practically a wasteland, with parts of the surrounding jungle on fire, large pieces of the temple and other debris scattered all over and smoke blocking out a good majority of the sky. The high pitched whine soon leaves his ears just in time to hear the fighter jet passing off. He crawls forwards, climbing up onto a piece of the temple and looks around again.

Brandon: Lauren?!

He takes a breath and just listens as he continues looking around. Some coughing is then heard, causing him to look in that direction. He gets off from the block and, with slightly difficulty, makes his way over to some debris from the temple. He pushes it with all his strength until it shifts off from another piece and reveals Lauren inside.

Brandon: Lauren, oh gosh- you're alright. Can you move?

Lauren: Y-yeah...

Brandon helps Lauren out of the wreckage and carries her, with her arm around him. The two walk into a clearing, just far enough from the site. He sets her down besides a tree which she uses as support. Brandon leans against another one, barely standing; more so slouching until he too sits down on the ground.

Lauren: There was a jet, Brandon. A fighter jet. It just- destroyed everything, everyone.

Brandon: He was right...

Lauren: Who was right?

Brandon: ...Inside the temple, there was a man who can see into the future. He was placed their by the ancient civilization that built the temple and used alien technology to extend his life. He gave me this to give to you-

He hands her the object. She takes it into her hands and opens it, revealing some kind of rolled up map.

Brandon: It guided me out of the temple, just in time. You did want to split up the treasure...

Lauren: So what did he tell you? The man who saw into the future.

Brandon: He told me about the past and then he told me about the days to come. He said, "three parts together, three parts separated, a difficult choice, a great summoning and a flower in the fall."

Lauren: What- what does even mean?

Brandon: I don't know... but he also said something was coming. A darkness... with a name. And that the person who destroyed the temple and... killed him, that they were someone much worse than any of those guys back there.

Lauren: I overheard their leader talk about a deal he made. I'm guessing the man on the phone wasn't too keen on holding up his end of that arrangement. And I'm also guessing that he's the one your seer was talking about.

Brandon: Do you know who he is?

Lauren: No, but I know what he called him... Mr. C.

Brandon then looks distraught.

Lauren: Brandon, what is it? Do you know him? Brandon, talk to me. Brandon!

The scene then returns back to the current time with Brandon seated on the floor of the cargo bay. His hands on his knees, giving a similar expression as the one he just delivered.

Brandon: And that's what happened... Soon after that, you guys picked us up.

Coco and Sarah then look at each other then back at Brandon.

Coco: Okay, I have a ton of questions.

Sarah: Me too but- now might not be a good time.

Coco: Yeah... Let us know if you need something, man.

Brandon: Yeah.

Coco and Sarah then leave the cargo bay, returning to the rest of the ship. Lauren then walks over and stands in front of him. She puts her hands on her hips as she looks down at him.

Lauren: I'm sorry you had to go through that. I imagine this must feel like another lose to you.

Brandon: Something like that.

Lauren: Well, he knew what he was getting into. Quite literally, with him seeing the future and all. (she sits besides him) What I'm trying to say is- there was nothing you could do. This- all of this- was meant to happen. It's like a prophecy or a legend.

Brandon: Is that supposed to help?

Lauren: How you feel? Possibly. But it would most definitely help you in the long run. Think about it- prophecies help out adventurers know what happened to ancient civilizations in order to get a better understanding of how something occurred. But you're in a current prophecy, you know how it all ends. You just need to figure it out.

Brandon: I could use some help.

He turns to her.

Lauren: What are you asking me?

Brandon: Join us, join the team.

Lauren smiles slightly and looks down. She bites her lip in thought then turns back to Brandon.

Lauren: I can't. I would, absolutely, but my passion is out there. The world and its great discoveries, that is my element. I will help you where I can and try to decipher this for you and your team but this- this isn't my calling. It's yours.

Brandon looks down, in thought. She then leans over and kisses him on the cheek. Brandon looks a little surprised by this and looks up at her as she gets up from the floor.

Lauren: You'll get through this, I know you can.

She then then retreats to the rest of the ship, leaving Brandon alone in the cargo bay. After a moment passes, the cockpit door opens with Brandon entering the room. Coco and Sarah turn to look at him as he makes his way to the co-pilot seat, leaning against the back of it.

Coco: You alright?

Brandon: Yeah... There's nothing we can do about the temple situation except by finding out who's behind it and putting an end to whatever he's planning.

Sarah: Do we even have somewhere to start?

Brandon: Yeah... we do.

The scene then fades into the office once again. Mr. C, through the shadows, presses a button on his conference phone speaker.

Mr. C: Go ahead.

Mr. C's Secretary, over the speaker: Target eliminated, sir.

Mr. C: Good. I was never fond of that Thornton. He lacked respect for my authority.

Mr. C's Secretary, over the speaker: If I may, how does this add to the master plan, sir?

Mr. C: Because he was there, at the temple, like you said. And while doubtful, he could have been wiped out or morally injured from the explosion.

Mr. C's Secretary, over the speaker: You were right to assume that, considering he survived along with his associate.

Mr. C: Oh well... one could only hope for so much. Not only did we eliminate the uncooperative partnership, but now the spark has been lit and soon the plan will finally be set into motion. And he won't even know what he's getting himself into. (laughs)



  • Brandon
  • Coco
  • Sarah
  • Lauren Crafter
  • The Clairvoyant (First Appearance) (Deceased)
  • Mr. C
  • Mr. C's Secretary
  • Toby (First Appearance)
  • Tourists (First Appearance)


  • The Relic Society (First Appearance)
    • Grey Thornton (First Appearance) (Deceased)
  • Bandits (First Appearance)

Aliens Used


  • This episode is meant to be different from the usual ones with Brandon just having a general connection with another character through a physical and emotional adventure. In fact, there wasn't anything else originally planned on being in this episode. Just two characters mostly just talking and exploring.
  • Lauren is the first minor character in Ultimate Hero to make a re-appearance after her debut.
    • While an episode was planned on bringing back a character from Season 2, Will Cean from Welcome to Atlantis was considered for taking that place. However, because of how popular the character had become among the fans and how much the Writer liked her dynamic with Brandon, Lauren Crafter was decided on becoming the returning character.
  • While he has appeared in episodes prior to this one, Bio-Shock makes his chronological debut, finally being used by the present-day Brandon.
  • This episode was originally titled, The Lost Transformation, with a plot planned on matching the title. However, when nothing particularly came to mind, the title was changed- along with the plot to fit a newer and more unique idea.
  • The actual temple was meant to be located in Cambodia as a reference to the first Tomb Raider film however considering the travel distance between Peru and Cambodia would take them about 21 hours to reach, it was decided to go with another option. While the trip there may had held the possibility for a montage for the characters to get to understand each other better, it would probably negate the whole purpose of the adventure. It would have also been a short montage, seeing as they mostly argue at first and would probably get bored of each other eventually.
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