Episode from Cassie 12: Omniverse.

Cassie 12: Omniverse
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date 3.27.2013
Written by Speedy
Directed by ^
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here's a thing I like to call: Read it or weep it


Something is awakened, something that rarely is used by Cassie. For the past two weeks, she has not been using this alien at all. Not really. There's friendships in everyone, in all different shapes of forms from alien to dog to human. to all the likes. But what if...What if you see an friend in what you become?


We begin our episode in...Mexico? Cassie is attempting to learn spanish with a wide brimmed hat on her that has a pointed crown and a chin string to keep it in place. She has a small book in her little humanly hands not forgetting those replaced index fingers of Cassies. Two of them to be exact. The Temperatures are pretty high but not high for people dying.

Cassie]: *Speaking Spanish* Can I have...some hot dogs?

[Mexican]: *Gives her a dog* Here's your dog!

[Anna]: *Laughing hard*  A straaay hahahahaha

[Trucky]: *Hiding in the truck*

[Mexican]: Five dollars please

[Cassie]:  *Still speaking spanish* No cake you! *Tryig to say "No thank you."

[Stallion]: *Has some balloons randomly* Did somebody say CAAAKKE?! Where's the cake?

[Mexican]: *Confused* Cake my face?...


[Cassie]: Grrrrr I don't want the dog!

[Mexican seller]: Yes you do.

[Cassie]: *Frowns* Okaaay, here's a little bit of some OCEAN ALIEN dog teach-a-woo!*Slams her watch**Bluenes encompesses her**Getts the figure of  Graymatter**Legs merge together and get the shape of a screw**Thorn-alike scales for above her eyes that are amphibian like**Omnidewtrix appears as a small round circle inbetween her waist ontop of a white and blue band**Has black sports gloves* 

Screwhedge: SCREWWWHEDGEEEE!!!!!!  *Is small but has a high pitched voice*

Screwhedge Omniverse.

[Mexican seller]: AHHHH!!! A CHUPISCREWMATTER!!!! *Runs leaving his objects behind**Pushes through a crowd with a really white face*

[Screwhedge]: (Shakes her fist*  AND I DON'T WANT IT!!!

Beep beep beeep

[Cassie]: Huh? *Notices she was timed out early**Watch is still blue* ...What tha? The Watch isn't recharging.  *Scearches  her head*

[Anna]: *Has a taco*  Take a break  from using the watch,Cassie. *Chews with mouth clossed(

[Cassie]: Nope. *Takes a fork out of no where**Flips the lid off  the device*

[Anna]: *Eyes big* CASSSIE!

[Cassie]: Whaaatttt? *Rolls her eyes*


  • Trucky retrieves the lid*

[Cassie]: Hm.... *Recalls what Anna's trying to referat*

Flashback.....Four days ago..

Cassie did not have the protective lid on her watch. So thus she became an combination of Corefreeze and LadyArms. She has four arms. Crystal hair. Divided segements of body showing her icy cold skin while above it has the T-shirt design acknowlgedd by the line and wavy dewdrp marks above the boob area.  Her arms are just as bigger than Corefreezes.


And you know what? She's facing Doctor Animo.


  • Giant mutated animal shoots fire upon Lady Freeze*

[Ladyfreeze]: HAAAAIIII YYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! *Does a ninja kick that copys the move then forces it into a iceblock bearing the shape then hits the animal* Oh yesss! *Stretches her arms out* This...is...Awesome!

Animo: Sheep FLY!

  • A mutated dragon like sheep flys at Ladyfreeze with foiming firey mouth, it has energy piling up  inside the very mouth*

[Anna]: Case, look out!

[Ladyfreeze]: *Eyes blaze*  CALL ME CASSIE FOR GOD SAKE! *Raises hand up in the hair punching the Drago-Sheep by accident**Elbow jabs the sheep by accident sending it flying back*

[Drago Sheep]: BAW BAAWW BAWWW BAAWWW!! *Runs away*

[Uncle Stallion]:*Recording it* Hahahaha hahaha haaahahaha.

[LadyFreeze]: *Comes towards Animo* Game's up Mr Crazy-insane-scientist man! *Cracks knuckles*

[Animo]: Oooh but it's not. *Chuckles*

A creature resembling a monster monkey with spikes all overit's body and some wigs attached to it's back atttacks Ladyfreezze. Whiel inthe process this mutant monkey slaps Cassie's watch by some complete ly and total accident. LadyFreeze's body becomes the combination of SpeedGate and Sharkdog.

[Casie]:  SPEEDDOG! *Has a vulpimencer like body with massive wings* *Has a mouth capable of splitting to shoot energy balls**Claws are webbed*

[Sharkdog]: *Charges at the creature but then sniffs the ground and digs up a bone*

   ....End Flashback...

[Cassie]:.I'm not messing with the plastic lid Anna!

[Uncle Stalllion]: Says The Bluffing Girl. *Mocks her in a way* No noo nooo I don't want a chupacabra necklace! *Shaking his hands at a Mexican seller*

  • Trucky returns**Has a blanket over him just so people won't freak out*

[Cassie]:...*Takes it**Starts to put it back on the watch*

Then a light blue energy ball gust flew out of the Omnidewtrix nearly blinding all who were there.

[Cassie]:: *Shields her eyes*

[Uncle Stallion]: CASSSIEEELLL What did you do?

Cassie quickly putts the lid back on the watch after the blinding light is gone.

[Cassie]: There! *Looks up to everyone*

[Mexicans]: *Are gaping and frozen*

[Anna]: *Jaw has dropped*

[Uncle Stallion]: *Could faint*

[Trucky]: *Peaks under blanket*

[Cassie]: What's with everyone being so dumbstruck-- *Turns around**Eyes widen* La....La...La...Lavathrend?

Lavathrend: *Roars at her**Stomps foot hard enough to make the ground split apart while shaking**Apparently it doens't like her anymore**Sends everyone clinging onto the nearest safety**Then the alien runs away from the crowd(

[Cassie]: LAVATHREND!!

Scene end...


Scene fade in...


[Stallion]:  The lava globe is now runing around the city, as a monster!

[Some Mexican named Mardray Modrico]: Running amok you mean!

Cassie is sitting down on a bench dubious of what she can do. Anna  is attempting to learn Spanish so she could speak to a cute Mexican boy who's flippiing through the pages of an english book Anna had brought.  Cassie's eyes were fixated at the scene where Lavathrend had escaped from her watch. She didn't have Lavathrend's DNA sample inside her Omnidewtrix so it provided her having eleven aliens in her watch instead of twelve.

[Cassie]: *Scratches head* *Is thinking*

<Stallion]: Whatever the case is, nobody should ctually panic until--

[Mardray]: When it attacks our city?! IT COULD BE JUST DOING THAT RIGHT NOW!

///SCENE flip, briefly////

[Hotteniusglobe]: *Sitting  on a building drinking what seems to be coolaid, which is impossible but it's breaking the fourth wall*



[Stallion]:   It's from her watch, it's been around water types for a while so it's not used to this enviorment.

[Mexican OFFICal named CAL]: WHAT WATCH.

<Stallion]: It's probably drinking a lot of coolaid.

[Madray]: WHY ARE YOU SO CALM?!!!!


[Stallion]: No, but you two are. *Folds his arms*

Anna looks up from her book.

[Anna]:  *Looks around just to see other people**Does not see Cassie nor Trucky* Uhhhh Wehueak eiljis Ca'hise?  *Realizes she just said something in a different language* I just said "Where is Cassie?" in something else. I do not know where that came from. _______________________________________________________________________

.........Some street....


Cassie  walks down a street being stalked by no other than Trucky.  Her eyes are really green not actually blue, and no... she isn't related to Benjamin Kirby Tennyson. It's just that some blonde girls and boys have green eyes as hers,hance they are light green somewhat a resembence to blue. If nobody took the time to notice her eyes they would still say her eyes are blue.

[Trucky]: Meow.

[Cassie]: *Sighs* *Looks down to Trucky* Why are you following me?

[Trucky]: *Tail goes back and fourth*

[Cassie]:: Jeeze what am I thinking! *Facepalms herself* Trucky's only a cat. who can't speak.  *Looks down to her watch that's recharged* Maybe...Maybe...Maybe all my aliens aren't just DNA samples or something I can just turn into, maybe they have lives and personalitys.  *Her eyes brighten*

[Trucly]: *Is hungry**Paws at her leg*

[Cassie]: Wait one second! *Grins* Lavathrend isn'st a monster,  she's a neglected and depressed alien! *She looks down*  Maybe I have been using Speedgate too much.  *Her eyes glance towards the unactive watch* Fast speed,waterblasting billl, gigantic wings, and the ability to speak...I have OTHER aliens to use instead of using one all the time!

Cassie's hand becomes a fist. Trucky catches a mouse and eats it.

[Cassie]: AND I AM SO GOING TO CHANGE THAT! *slams her watch*

Cassie becomes smaller similar to a flying little bug that had been muletipled four times by a microscope.  She has a blue and black torso more like a suit with gigantic fly-like wings with dazzling like design and four eyes similar to Stink fly stick out from the little head. Her Omnidewtrix symol appears on her little shoulder. She has a small tail similar to a keeshond.

Orcea Bat: ORCEA BATTT! *Flys out to the location of the HotteniusGlobe*

//End Scene//

The scene goes over to a portion of Mexico where The Hotenniusglobe is now wrecking it entirely, mostly out of fury, the large feet make ground crushes being deep as a sinkhole or bettter yet perfect for a waterhole to form from a rainstorm. People fle. Others resort to their guns shooting at the gigantic alien taking on a godzilla/King Kong role.


[Hotteniusglobe][: *Slams large hand on the ground sending a ground wave through the city*

The wind is also affected almost pulling Orcea Bat away, who keeps on going to the scene, her mulitple eyes are strong in determintion. Ths little alien has a plan wrapping out in it's head, at least a back up in this case if things didn't turn out right. An aqua like field comes in front of this alien keeping the wind from pushing the alien backwards much more.

[Orcea Bat]: Ah ha, Aqua shield, now this is what I call HANDY! *Pushes through the wind untill getting to the Hotteniusglobe* Hey, you, coolaid globe!

[HotteniusGlobe] *Crushes a cart under it's foot**Head turned towards  Orcea Bat who sounds like a bug with buzzing*

[Orcea Bat]: I know, I know, I haven't been using you at all.  *Is trying to be apologetic*

[HotteniusGlobe] *Sends a streak of lava at Orcea Bat*

Orcea Bat's eyes grow big at once.

[Orcea Bat]: *Dodges* Have I really made you THAT angery? *Flys a good distance away from HotteniusGlobe*

Steam is seen floating out of the HotteniusGlobe's eyes.

[Orcea Bat]:....Crap.

[Hotteniusglobe]: *Throws a rocky material at  her*

Orcea Bat's mouth is open it catches the rocky material into it's mouth, then chews it into nothing.  The  Bug shoots out a hardened frozen water-filthy gust stream right at the Hotteniusglobe.  Thick black smoke is seen cooling off from it's head.

[Orcea Bat]: *Is trying her best to remain calm enough she  can speak to the ongoing humans* Civilians don't fret, I have this alll under control! *Buzzing and flying at once dodging every gooy spit like strikes*

The People have cleared the street, leaving no-one in sight.

[HotteniusGlobe] *Grows more angered*

[Orcea Bat]: Can't we just talk this out? *Raises shoulders and arms confused*

The HotteniusGlobe sends a really hot water blast at Orcea Bat.

Beep beep weep deeep meeep beeeeeeeeeeeep

[Orcea Bat]: *Looks to her blinking Omnidewtrix Symbol* Fifteen minutes have passed, already?*

Orcea  Bat reverts to Cassie and lands her on some garbage cans. A bananna is seen on her head. An rotten apple is under her elbow. Her watch is red in unactive mode. Cassie looks upwards seeing the huge Alien being imitating and mean looking. Cassie frowns.

[Cassie]: You do not have to be such a meanie, you know! *Gets off the cans*  If you really wanted me to use you every so often,why couldn't you have made the watch mess up? I mean it hasn't happened lately in the past week or so, Is it because you guys do it? Not to be forgotten? I understand how desperate it can be to get social interaction when you are lonely!

[HotteniusGlobe]: *Roars at her*

[Cassie]: *Gets slob all over her* *Stands her ground* I ain't scared of you. I ain't scared of bullies who make fun of me, before this watch and you guys came into my life...before Anna, there was actually nobody.  *She looks up to the Alien**Her watch red*  I thought this would be a life-changing-awesome summer.  Using The same aliens can get boring and very neglecfull. *She looks to her watch* I realize that, Aliens have feelings, even when they are just a DNA sample.

[HotteniusGlobe]: *Takes a step back*

[Cassie]: *Feels like she has gotten the stage* *Has a rewarding smile on her face*  And this is why I will keep my promise to myself.  To keep a friend, you gotta listen to them and see who they are. Even if they are what you become. *She watches the alien glow light blue then dissapear into her watch**Cassie looks to her watch to see the figure back* Welcome back. Lavathrend

  • The civilians come*


[Cassie] San antonio.

  • Mexicans leave her*

[Stallion]: *Comes with Anna, Trucky is in the vehicle** *Smells her* Ewww. You smell. *Pinches his nose*

[Cassie]: I know right! *Is ethuastic*

[Anna]: You just accomplished something, didn't you?

[Cassie]: Yep. *Has arms folded

[Anna]:: And you are not going to tell how you got Lavathend to...

[Cassie]: Uh huh. *Grinning*

[Anna]:  I will find out. I will! ...Someday.

[Stallion]: Cassie, you are so taking a shower.  *Has  a disgusted look*

End Episode. Finally.

Aliens Used



  • The episode title is a play on the sentence "The Friend we see in."
  • This is the second time Speeddog came in again.
  • A flashback parodies how Ben's aliens got mixed up.
  • The language Anna spoke is Emoraxian from the book series 'Nature Morphers' written by the writer.
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