Mutant Drake
Season 2, Episode 20
Air date 9/10/17
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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The Invasion Part 1
The Invasion Part 2 is the thirty-third episode of the series, Mutant Drake.



Drake: What's going on?

Director: Oh I'm glad you're here. We're about to begin the raid.

Drake: Why didn't you tell me about this?

Director: Because it wasn't your fight, Drake. We have this under control. Owens in charge of this operation. We finally have them.

The Xyrion base can be seen exploding.

Director: Owens? Owens!

Owens: There- there was an explosion. (breaths) Our guys... they didn't make it out.

Drake: Let me help.

Director: Drake-

Drake: I can't just stay out of this.

Detective Wilson: Look, I know you're a good friend of my daughter's. I've seen you around with her for a long while now. I just want you to know something. We're on the same side, you and I. We both want the same thing: for her to be safe. And as her father, I gotta say I appreciate what you do for her. You're a good kid.

Kate: I'm seeing someone, Adam.

Adam: Maybe, I keep covering for you so many times because I want to add something to that. I want to be more than just a replaceable friend.

Kate: I didn't know you felt that way, Adam.

Mother: While you were away, others have felt inspired by what they believed was your bravery and courage and decided to leave Secret City and explore the unknown in hopes to help others who are lost and need our guidance. But they have not returned. I fear they too were taken.

Fionna: I'm sorry Mother but I have to do this.

Mother: I understand, child.

The shaft breaks loose and drops Emmett down onto the floor below. He manages to land on his feet and looks up before him, only to be greeted with several Xyrions in the hall. They then stop and grunt in surprise at Leviathan's presence. Before Emmett could react, the Xyrion smacks him across the room and he smashes through a wall and into a small office room.

Danny then quickly turns to the bodies of the R-Corp men.

Danny: What were you guys even doing here? I thought the MCA had this place under control?

Danny then looks over at the R-Corp trucks.

Emmett: Okay. I didn't want to do this but clearly you're not going to be much help.

Fionna, readying herself: Get away from me!

Emmett approaches her but she suddenly vanishes as a blur passes through. He then looks around, surprised, when a whistle is heard, catching his attention. Emmett then turns and sees Danny standing across the laboratory with Fionna behind him, looking around surprised as well.

Danny: Pretty sure she said get away, dude.

Emmett: Who are you supposed to be?

Danny: The Speedster.

Emmett: I was looking for Anton Reeves, hoping he could give answers like why he took over Murphy Industries.

Drake: Whatever you're planning, they'll turn on you. And if they don't, we'll stop you.

Anton Reeves: (soft chuckle) We'll just have to see about that, Vigilante.

Jake, standing in the doorway: They're aliens. They're all aliens.

Drake: What?

Jake: I remember now. Whatever she did (points at Fionna), she- she made see what really happened. I was abducted by the Xyrions. I saw what they were planning as they brought me on board their ship. They're using this substance called Cytoxin to turn captured people with abilities into their soldiers. I thought they were going to do the same to me but- they said I was the key.

Drake: The key to what?

Jake: The key to their invasion.

John: Well, if we have any shot at going up against a massive swarm of unstoppable aliens, I'm going to have to work on those projects I had sent to the outpost.

Drake: You're going too?

John: Hey, I'll be back. I'm with you, no matter what, alright? Just, make sure Kate stays away from all this alien stuff, okay?

Drake: Kate?

John: I'm just- worried about her future, that's all.

Drake: You should go. Be you and leave the invasion stuff to us.

Kate: That doesn't sound like something you would say.

Drake: To be honest, I want you here, by me. But I understand if you have to go.

Kate looks at Drake for moment before embracing him with a hug. He looks uncomfortable at first but finds himself accepting it.

Kate: Just make sure you survive, alright? I still need you around.

Drake: You too...

Kate then walks off. Drake is now alone in the corridor.

Drake: The Xyrion Leader! What are you doing here?!

Xyrion Leader: Ending this resistance of yours once and for all.

Drake: Whatever they are. They can't stop the two of us.

Xyrion Leader: Then do it. Do what you were made for.

Drake then falls over, before the Xyrion Leader, and turns behind him. The view now shows a sword in his back, piercing through the armor. Owens then walks over and takes the sword from Drake's back and kneels before the Xyrion Leader.

Drake: Owens... no...

The Xyrion Leader smirks again.

Xyrion Leader: You are the one without any protection now, Vigilante.

Drake then lays there, falling unconscious, as Owens raises up and approaches him, with his blades ready.

The "Previously" landmark vanishes from the scene as it enters current time, with Drake continuing to lay against the runway. Owens is then seen approaching Drake's body, his blades readies in his hands. He then stops before Drake and raises his arm as if to finish him off.

Xyrion Leader: Wait, we still need him alive.

Owens then pauses and lowers his blade.

Owens: Yes, master.

Xyrion Leader: Have you obtained the device yet?

Owens: Not yet, master.

Xyrion Leader: Hm, and what is the status of this transport?

Owens: The Helicarrier is still mostly functional. If I continue from where I left off, surely someone will attempt to stop me.

Xyrion Leader: Stop them first! Make sure this... "Helicarrier" of theirs is destroyed. The Xyrions won't have any more resistance to our plans especially from the Mutation Containment Agency. Have I made myself clear?

Owens: ...Yes, master.

Xyrion Leader: Then go. Do what you made for.

Owens delivers a single nod then turns, heading back inside of the Helicarrier through the opening. The scene then cuts over to a corridor with a doorway at its end, guarded by two MCA Officers. Owens can be seen approaches the two officers.

MCA Officer: Agent Owens, what are you doing here?

Owens: I need to get inside the engine control room.

MCA Officer: Well, we're kinda of having a situation here. Looks like the engines were damaged internally, like someone attempted to break it or something. Did you handle that operation already?

Owens, putting more emphasis on his words: I need to get inside the engine control room... Don't make me ask again.

The two officers turn to each other before the initial officer turns back to Owens.

MCA Officer: Like I said, Director's orders.

There's a tense moment of silence between the three of them. Owens' eyes shift downwards as he sees the other MCA Officer reaching slowly for his holstered blaster. Owens then grabs his blade and rushes forwards, slicing the initial MCA Officer across the torso and tossing his second blade into the chest of the other MCA Officer. Within seconds, their bodies drop to the floor. As seen from the floor-view, the doorway slides open as Owens walks through, grabbing his blade from the torso of the MCA Officer, as he enters. The scene then cuts over to the Control Hub where several MCA Officers can be seen moving around, attending to their tasks in a hurry. The Director can be seen leaning over Agent DeLisle, checking the computer station's monitor.

Director: What's going on, people? Where are my systems at?

Agent DeLisle: We don't know, ma'am. Our systems are still failing. Whatever is causing it must be internally, originating from the engine control room.

Director: I thought I sent two officers down there already.

The Director gets up and walks to the railing, pressing her hands against her earpiece.

Director: Wilkinson, Perkins. Come in.

There is no response, only static.

Director: Wilkinson... Perkins!

No response still. The Director turns to Agent DeLisle.

Director: Sounds the alarm, I think we have an intruder. If those systems don't start looking any better within the next half hour, make sure you get all personnel off this boat.

Agent DeLisle: Ma'am-

Director: That's an order, DeLisle.

Agent DeLisle: Yes, ma'am.

The Director walks down the set of steps and approaches the elevator which slides open before her. She whips out his blaster pistol as she enters the elevator. She turns around and cocks her gun, just as the doors close before her. The scene cuts once more to the corridor with the Director, aiming her blaster before her, as she proceeds ahead. She then turns the corner and sees the bodies of the two Officers, now turned on their backs. The Director looks around then hurries ahead, squats down and checks the pulses of the two officers. After checking the second officer, she closes her eyes after a moment and lets out a sigh. She then opens her eyes, looking up at the door before her, gets up and proceeds to enter the engine control room. Inside, there are several metallic pipes along the walls with grates making up a good portion of the floor. As the Director moves ahead, continuing to aim her blaster ahead of her, her feet clang against the grate with every step she makes. The sound of something clashing against metal is heard echoing through the room. The Director grips her blaster firmly as she prepares to turn the upcoming corner. The metallic clashing sound is heard echoing again, then once more, then again after that. The Director then turns the corner, seeing a humanoid figure through the rising steam.

Director: Stay where you are!

The figure then stops and turns its head towards her. The Director continues pointing her blaster ahead of her, at the figure.

Owens, unseen: It's me.

Owens then emerges from the steam, which has dampened his hair. The Director then takes a breath of relief and lowers his pistol.

Director: Owens, what are you doing here?

Owens: Looking for the intruder.

Director: ...He was here?

Owens nods.

Owens: He killed those officers posted outside.

Director: I know, I saw when I came in. Did you see where he went?

Owens: I believe he's posing as one of us, trying to sabotage us from the inside. I heard him report in about taking the Director's data. He might just be headed to your office.

Director: Then let's get there before he gets away.

The Director then turns back, hurrying out of the engine control room. Owens then lowers his head slightly, looking at her with a cold, grim and malicious expression.

Title Sequence

The scene continues on the runway with Drake laying against it, motionless. The view focuses on his body for a moment before it starts to twitch slightly. The sound of flesh patching together can be heard slightly as Drake awakens abruptly, taking in deep breaths. He then looks around as he gets up from the platform. The Xyrion Leader is no where to be seen but his hovering platform can be seen where it was. Drake continues looking around until he comes to sudden realization.

Drake: Owens...

Drake then turns back and runs over to the opening, heading back inside of the Helicarrier. The scene then cuts over to the Director's office, where the door can be seen being kicked in by the Director, herself. As she enters the room, she was waves her pistol before her, looking around. Owens follows her in, closely behind, yet still close to the doorway. The room is cleared of anyone but the two of them. After a short moment, the Director lowers her blaster and takes a breath.

Director: There's nobody here.

Owens: ...Odd.

Owens then elbows her in the back, bringing her down slightly. She lets out a short yell of pain before snapping around, blaster still tightly in her hands. Owens grabs her arm and flips her back, throwing them both against the floor. The Director can then be seen getting up from the floor while Owens rises as well. However, as the two of the elevate from the floor, Owens can be seen pointing her blaster pistol at her. A silence passes through as the two come face to face with one another.

Director, breaking the silence: ...Owens, what are you doing? It's me.

Owens: I know. (break) Where is it?

Director: Where's what? What are you-

Owens: Where's the device? The one used to destroy Ryden.

Director: What do you need it for? Why are you doing any of this? Owens, you're not okay. I can help you.

Owens: Where. Is. The device? ...I won't ask again.

The Director takes a moment to look Owens over before taking another breath. She closes her eyes as she does so.

Director: It's under the desk. Same as the last place.

Owens looks at her, staring right at her, before lowering the blaster from her face. The Director can be seen trembling slightly as she looks at Owens, uneasily. Owens then steps a couple of steps back before turning completely as he approaches and moves around the desk. Once he's behind the desk, he kneels down and looks underneath the desk, seeing the specialized gun used to disintegrate Ryden, strapped to the bottom of the desk's surface. Owens then pauses for a moment before reaching for the blaster. Footsteps are then heard approaching quickly but, before Owens can react properly, the Director is seen running forwards, kicking her desk back and into Owens, hitting his head slightly and knocking him backwards. The Director then takes one step back and readies her fists. The desk is seen as the view moves in closer and closer until Owens leaps up from below the desk and lands right on top of it, with the device in hand. The Director's eyes then shift down at the weapon in his hands. Owens looks down at it, looks back at her then tosses the device ahead of him. It slides against the floor slightly, entering the corridor outside. He then slowly reaches behind him, removing his two blades from his sheaths and drawing them before him. The Director then rushes forwards as Owens leaps down from the desk, delivering a kick which she evades. She strikes him in his side as he swings his blade around. She leans back, dodging its swift cut. Owens swing again with his other hand but the Director blocks his arm with her own and knees him in the stomach twice. She goes for it one more time but Owens raises his own foot and pushes off the bottom of hers. The force throws her back, through the doorway and out of the office. She then tries to get up but sees Owens running right for her. She rolls across the floor, dodging his blade as he throws it right at her. He prepares to swing down on her but she kicks him in the torso, pushing him back. The Director then reaches into her boot, pulling out a small blade. Owens stands there, blades lowered. The Director is then seen, eyes squinted and mouth moving as she continues to breath heavily. She then races ahead, ready to strike, only to get shot. She then lands back and gasps in pain as she holds her shoulder. Her jacket has a crisp burn mark on its shoulder portion, with small trails smoke coming off of it. The blaster pistol can be seen, held firmly within the hands of Owens, smoke coming off of its barrel, as it recharges. The view pans back, showing Owens looking down at her, his face devoid of any signs of emotion or fatigue; only the same cold stare as earlier, possibly even more malicious than more. The Director squirms as she tries to move away but to no avail, she only ends up yelling in pain as she grips her shoulder. She then turns over to Owens, still staring at her with his cold expression.

Director: Gabe... please.

Owens continues staring at her until a faint "ping" is heard. Owens turns his head at the blaster and sees that it's now charged. Owens then swings his arm around, pointing the blaster back at her. The Director then closes her eyes as he takes the shot. Drake then jumps in front of her, absorbing the blast into his own blade-form. He then looks up quickly at Owens, clearly angered. Owens then drops the blaster and picks up his blades from the floor. He swings them around and holds them before him, readied. Drake then dashes forwards, swinging his own blade which clashes against Owens' two blades. The two continue to slash at each other with Owens, gaining the upper hand as he presses forwards, pushing Drake back. As Drake tries to swing for another attack, Owens slices at his shoulder, cutting through the armor. Drake reacts accordingly and winces to the pain. While Drake stumbles with his attack, Owens slashes at his left side, cutting through the armor as well. He then drops down and sweep kicks him, dropping Drake against the floor. Owens then stabs downwards at Drake but he blocks with his blade-form, which sparks up. A pulse then emits from the blade, sending Owens upwards, as he slams into the ceiling. As he falls, Drake, partially gotten up, jumps, spins and drop kicks him into the wall. The two drop to the floor, meeting eye to eye as they slowly get up.

Drake: How? How can you betray us? You were my mentor... YOU WERE MY FRIEND!

Owens: I was never what you thought I was.

Drake: I don't believe that, Owens. I don't, okay?! Whatever control they have under, whatever they want you to do- I won't let them make you do it to us.

Owens: You might have a chance at defeating me, Drake, but you won't be able to stop me.

Owens then drops his blades and retrieves a detonator from his jacket pocket. Drake looks down at the detonator as Owens arms it.

Drake: Owens, NO-

Drake runs forwards but Owens already presses the trigger with his thumb. The Helicarrier can be seen, hovering through the air, across the night sky. There are several clouds, thunder roaring in the distance. Then, the Helicarrier starts to drop as multiple large explosions occur across the ship. Back on board, the whole place is rocking unsteadily with fires spreading throughout the corridors and a distorted alarm echoing from the distance. Drake can then be seen laying against the floor while Owens stands uneasily before him. He tosses the detonator into the fire behind him and picks up his blades from the floor. Drake's vision then starts to go blurry as he attempts to get up. Owen drags his blades against the floor, a trailing screech following as he approaches Drake. The blurry blade then transitions to a blurry knife, being sharpened. Drake's vision then starts to clear as his younger self can be seen from within a small metallic cage.

9 Years Ago

One of the Hunters is sharpening his knife in front of cage and turns to Drake, who watches him uneasily with serious distrust. The Hunter chuckles to himself before getting up from his seat and moving away. As he walks away, he passes by poles where Leia and Marsha are chained up to. Will can then be seen approaching from the jungle by the shoreline, passing by several other Hunters and their campsite.

Hunter: Will, my old buddy. How's it going? If you came to check on our guests, they're fine.

Will: I'd like to see that myself, if you don't mind.

Hunter: What? You don't trust me?

Will: How can I after what you did to me?

Hunter: What I did to you? Boy, you better start using that head of yours before I fill it with this knife right here.

Will: That's all I do, Gerard! All I did was use my head, that's why I left. I thought about what we were doing, about what you were doing.

Gerard: What we're doing is cleansing the world of these freaks. We're the good guys, Will. That's why we offered you a spot in our group. To help us save the world and to help you get the closure you needed after that incident back in Texas.

Will: That wasn't closure. That was just your opportunity to bait me in like baited everyone else here.

Gerard: I don't see them complaining. Everyone here wants to be here, except you and the people you brought to us. Now maybe I did use you, maybe you were just in the right place at the wrong time but, you can't disagree with the results. Wipe out all the freaks and the world becomes a better place, starting with that kid. He's different from the rest of them, a new breed of freaks. Instead of finishing him off the usual way, we're going to find out what makes him tick so we can use that against anyone else like him out there. For now, we'll keep the citizens around, make sure they don't bring back any buddies or anything like that. I suggest you keep with us before we decide not to keep you around anymore.

Gerard then walks past Will as he lingers there for a moment. He then walks over to Leia and Marsha.

Will: Are you two alright?

Marsha: Like you care!

Will: Calm down, will you? I'm trying- I'm trying to help.

Leia: Will, how- how could you work with them? You- you said you were a traveler.

Will: I was. I never lied to you, I just- I just didn't tell you this because, well, it wasn't something I needed you to know.

Leia: Why? So you can infiltrate our lives? Take my son away from me?

Will: I never wanted this. I never wanted you involved in this. I never wanted to be apart of this but I was drawn into it. I tried to get away from all of it then- then what happened happened and things got complicated. I was hoping I would never have to call for them but- Leia, your son is one of those things out there. He's not the boy you thought he was.

Leia: He is, Will. He's my son! He's not one of those creatures.

Will: Even if he isn't, he has powers- abilities. Whatever happened that day at that facility you were at, it changed him and not for the better. Now, you might think he's under control now but sooner or later he'll lash out, maybe attack us because he thinks he's doing the right thing or maybe he'll just stop thinking altogether and act on instinct. I've seen in happen, up close and a long while ago... I just- I didn't want the same thing to happen to you. I didn't want to see you get hurt. (break) (sigh) I know you probably don't want to hear this but I'm saying it anyways. Leia, I've- I've had feelings for you for a while now. And that's not exactly easy for me to say. I know you had- have a husband and I know no one can replace Ashley but- I just thought maybe we can work something about, start a new life, get away from all of this madness. But something tells me that's just not going to happen anymore.

Leia: ...It won't, Will. Not after what you did.

Will: I understand. Look, I'm staying with these guys. I'm going to earn their respect back and try to get you out of here as soon as I can even if you don't want it from me. I know I messed up but I didn't want you getting involved. I didn't want Eugene... I just- I'm sorry, Leia.

He takes a breath before walking off. Him walking away then transitions to Owens walking towards Drake, swords now lifted as if ready to attack. Drake tries to move but is doing so slowly. As Owens brings his blades down on Drake, water blasts up the corridor, taking the two of them with it. The Helicarrier can then be seen crashing into the ocean. The scene cuts to the underneath the surface, where both Drake and Owens' bodies can be seen floating through the water, descending slowly, as the debris from the Helicarrier sinks past them. Drake is seen, motion-less, as he sinks downwards as well. The scene then starts to transition once again to the younger Drake being dragged across the sand by two of the Hunters. His hands are wrapped with bent metal and there's a metal harness on him with chains keeping the whole ensemble together. He struggles to break free but his struggles don't seem to have much of an affect. Will looks out, watching the Hunters drag him over to the fire.

Gerard: That's right. Hold him there.

Gerard readies his knife, chuckling to himself. Will looks away while Leia watches, horrified.

Leia: What are they going to do to him?

Will: If it's like they described it to me... they'll uh- (clears his throat) they'll cut him open and damage him to see where it hurts the most.

Marsha: That's a horrible way to end a child.

Will: That's... they're going to keep him alive during the procedure, whatever it takes until they have what they need. I'm sorry you have to watch. It's graphic and-and might seem wrong but- he's one of them, if this brings us closer to stopping them for good then we need to do this.

Leia: He's not a Natural-Born, Will. Is that what you want to hear?

Will: You don't know what you're talking about...

Leia: I do because I know what they are. Who they are. People with abilities long before any of this.

Will: How do you know?

Leia: Because I'm one of them.

Will: No. No, you can't be. You're just confused, alright? You're trying to say things to make me stop them.

Leia: I wish that were true because then we wouldn't be in this situation now would we?

Will: You're a Human being, Leia. Like us, like me. You look it, you act it. And you don't have powers.

Leia: I used them before. I used them plenty of times but then I met Robert. I had to hide them, make sure no one else knew who I was, what I was. I never really used it before especially not around strangers. I considered it, really, leaving you after that creature attacked us back at the market. I didn't want to stay and lose someone else I cared about. If I left, maybe I could convince myself it never happened- that there was nothing I could do. But Drake- he insisted that I save you, in any way that I can. So I did.

Leia looks down at Will's hands. They're cut and scraped in some parts.

Leia: Touch my hand.

Will: ...I can't.

Leia: Please. Will. I want to believe there's still good in you. Do this and I'll know.

Will sighs and holds Leia's hand in his. A glow then emits over them. Will watches as the glow consumes his hand. When the glow vanishes, he lets go and looks at his hand, fully healed. All the cuts and scrapes have seamlessly vanished.

Will: You are- You are one of them.

Leia: We're not all monsters, Will. I don't know what happened to you back in Texas but whatever it was, whatever this is, it isn't all that. There's always a good and a bad- I just hope you know which one you are.

Gerard, unseen: For once, a freak is right.

Will turns around, moving out of the way, showing Gerard behind him.

Gerard: Time to know just what side you're really on, Will.

Will: It's a trick, Gerard. She's- she's not a monster.

Gerard: No? She might look all pretty on the outside, Will, but she's a freak on the inside- just like all the rest of them. Best you toss the idea of her because you wind up their next target. (to the other Hunters) Looks like we got another one to cut up. Boys!

Two Hunters hurry over and unchain Leia. She tries running but they catch her, hold her and drag her over by the fire as she struggles.

Marsha: Let her go! Let her go, you psychopaths!

Gerard: Tell me something, lady. You got powers aside from getting on my nerves?

Marsha: I don't need any to end you after what you did.

Gerard: Good to know.

Gerard turns around and approaches the fire. He waves his finger in the air and a shot is heard as he overcomes the view. Darkness momentarily before it fades back to a shoreline. The city district can be seen in the distance, with the dark sky remaining as it were, with thunder echoing softly in the back. A moment passes by before the Director emerges from the water, gasping for air, as she pulls Owens from the water. She makes it to the shore, placing his body on the sand. She looks at his unconscious self, lying there. She frowns with uneasy eyes at the body until coughing is heard, catching her attention. She gets up and walks over, coming across Drake who has awakened, coughing and dripping wet. When he stabilizes, he looks up at the Director before him. She's no longer wearing her leather jacket, just her white buttoned shirt underneath, clearly soaked, as water drips from the edges of her body.

Drake: What- What happened?

Director: It crashed. The Helicarrier crashed in the ocean. There were a few bodies but I couldn't save them, only the two I could.

Drake: ...Thanks.

Director: Looks like they got what they wanted. They took down our base, they took our big gun and now they took Owens from us. Yeah...

The Director roughly takes a seat next to Drake on the sand.

Director: It looks like they've won.

Drake: ...No. I can't let that happen.

Director: What do you do, Drake? Huh? We have nothing to on them anymore.

Drake, getting up: I don't know! Okay? You think this is easy for me? Owens, the man that taught me about control and focus, the man who had my back even when he didn't want to, the man that I've been trying to find for about a year now just tried to kill us. And you want to give up?

Director, getting up: You have no idea how close I am with him, Drake. About what we've through this. He's more than just an Agent. He's a friend and not in the mentor kind of way. We've been through tough calls and saw the world unfold up-close as the Incident took its toll on everyone and everything. Now this happens, and I don't know if all the things we've been through... were real or not. That's how much he means to me. So no, I don't plan on giving up. Heck, if I could, I'd go in guns blazing, no matter the consequences. But right now, they hit him somewhere personal so forgive me for acting like a Human being for once.

There's a silence between them for a moment as Drake looks away from the Director. His glance then finds its way to Owen's body, still laying unconscious against the sand.

Drake: Look, I'm sorry. I know you're close with Owens but- this situation we're in. It's bigger than what we thought it was. Whatever they were planning, it's about to happen and whatever it is will help them come down on the city. Now if he's apart of them, you, out of all people, know what needs to be done.

Director: I know what you want me to do but I won't.

Drake: Why not?

Director: Because there's a part of me that's telling me there's some of the Owens we know in there. And if I lose even the smallest chance of helping him get back to being his normal self, then I'll be giving up on him. And I don't know if I can go on knowing I failed him. I think I see that now.

Drake: See what?

Director: Why you do what you do? It's not about acting out on your own or protecting something that's yours. It was never about that. It was your duty to save those people, like its mine to save him.

Drake: ...If it's like that then we're taking him with us.

Director: Where?

Drake: The city. John is at the outpost. We get there, we make sense of all this.

Director: That's your plan?

Drake, turning to her: You have a better one?

The Director looks at Drake but does not wind up responding.

Drake: That's what I thought. Come on.

Drake walks off with the Director following behind. The scene then cuts over to the city, where among the several buildings lies the MCA Outpost.

MCA Manhattan Outpost
June 8, 03:08 EDT

Inside, Drake and the Director can be seen, holding Owens up by holding his arms around them. They move through the corridor and turn, entering the laboratory. John can be seen, working on a device, before looking up at the entrance, seeing them enter with Owens. John puts down his equipment, gets up and goes over to them. Drake tries to lean against a desk but ends up missing and falling against the floor. The Director tries holding Owens, resting him in a chair while John goes to Drake, helping him up.

John: What happened to you guys? I heard what happened- are you alright?

Drake: No... Not really.

John: Yeah, no kidding. You should be in the medical bay, you're lucky I have some supplies here to patch you up.

John leans Drake against a desk and moves to a cabinet, retrieving some medical equipment from within. He then starts to walk back to Drake.

John: What happened to Kate? Is she safe? I didn't see her when the Jumpjets came back.

Drake: She went home before the crash. She's safe, John. I told you.

John: Okay, good. Now, let's see what I can do about these cuts. I didn't know Xyrions had armor-piercing abilities.

Drake: It wasn't them. It was Owens.

John stops and looks at Drake.

John: Owens?

Director: He fell under their control, apparently. Fell unconscious when the Helicarrier crashed into the water.

John: Well, he won't stay that way forever.

Director: I'll make sure he's secure but- is there any chance we can fix him?

John: I don't know, Director. Everything- all of this, is new to me. I just don't know what we're dealing with here.

Director: John... please.

John looks at the Director and takes a breath.

John: I'll see what I can do.

The Director nods as she turns her head back to Owens. John is then seen helping Drake remove his armor by un-clicking it from the sides. He then tosses the damaged armor onto the desk and examines his injuries. As the Director secures Owens to the seat, he begins to stir awake.

Director, noticing: Owens?

Owens stares out for a moment before struggling to escape from his binds. Drake then turns over to him, as does John.

John: Alright, looks like this is happening now, I guess. Uh...

John looks around until he finds a small device, that appears like two earpieces conjoined together to form a metallic band of circuitry. He then grabs it and moves over to Owens, who continues to struggle.

John: Alright, someone has to hold him down.

Drake, getting up from the desk: I got it.

He holds down his side as he moves over to him. Owens whips his head around as Drake tries holding it but, he continues to put up a struggle. Drake then grabs and holds his head from the sides, holding it steady. John then applies the device to Owens' head and activates a button at its side. Drake then lets go as Owens starts to flinch as oppose to struggle. John then checks his tablet, after grabbing it from one of the desks.

Director: What's happening to him?

John, checking the tablet: It's a precaution, stuns the wearer. Just added that in case something like this happens. It's another design for my analyzer after it was destroyed but so far it can just analysis the person who's wearing it. Looks like his brain activity is super active. Like it's overwhelmed with commands so it's shutting down non-initial functions in order to process them. If brains are like super computers then his is following an advanced line of code.

Drake: Is there a way to fix him?

John: Well... I do like coding. Let's just hope it works the same way.

John then taps against his tablet as electric impulses emit from the analyzer, phasing through Owens' head repetitively as he flinches back and forth. After a moment of tapping, Owens' head drops and the impulses stop. John then looks up from his tablet at Owens. Drake and the Director then turn to look at Owens who head slowly moves.

Director: Owens?

Owens then lifts his head up, shaking it slightly.

Owens: What- You- Ugh... May?

Director: Yes. Yeah, it's- it's me.

Owens: Uh- my head...

John: Yeah, you might want to take it easy there. I haven't exactly re-calibrated someone's cognitive functions before.

Owens: Why am I tied up? What happened?

Drake: You don't remember?

Owens: I... remember flashes. Uh, I was on a ship.

Director: The Helicarrier.

Owens: No. No, there- there was another ship. They told me things there, where I was- they told me what to do and I did them.

Drake: Whatever they did to you, whatever you did because of them, that's not your fault.

Owens: I did those things. Those officers at the base in Oregon... the Helicarrier crash.... the experiments...

Director: That wasn't you, Owens.

Owens: No... it wasn't. I'm not- (takes a breath) I'm not actually Owens.

Director: What do you mean?

Owens: I remember now, I was abducted with several other officers. We were a group of five, searching for any Nanogene intel that could benefit the MCA. Then, we were taken- abducted by the Xyrions. They put us in chambers and tested on us. They scanned me and took samples, made some kind of copy of myself and the other officers.

John: Like Ekard.

Owens: Yeah, except these copies were stabilized and ready for deployment. I guess they planned on letting them go, find their way back but they you arrived and took me with you. You thought you were having Gabriel Owens but I'm nothing but a clone.

Drake: So where's the other Owens?

Owens (Clone): I don't know. Probably in another base or on their ship. I don't know, there's only so much I remember about my creation. (scoffs) To think I have the memories of another man, his looks, his personality, his everything- I'm not the man you thought you knew.

Drake: If you're the Owens I knew from when we rescued you, then you're exactly the man I thought you were. You were there for me, for us. That was you, not the other Owens. You might not be the first Owens but you're still Owens, one way or another.

Owens (Clone): ...Thanks, Drake.

Drake: (nods) Right now, we need to focus on stopping these Xyrions. Is there anything you can tell us? You said something about experiments.

Owens (Clone): The Xyrions created these experiments. Tests to help with their invasion. Some living, some artificial, others were a mix of the two.

John: We saw these experiments back at Nexus.

Owens (Clone): Yes, well, after you destroyed their ship- the experiments escaped, while you took some other ones with you. We came across some of the escaped experiments afterwards; Ekard, the Cytoxin pit, Subject SCV22.

Drake: Jake. He said he was the key to their invasion.

Owens (Clone): He is. The device on his arm, it wasn't originally a gauntlet. It was apart of his transmogrification chamber.

John: It was going to transform him into something?

Owens (Clone): A battery to power the Jumpgate to their home world.

Director: Homeworld?

John: They're aliens.

Director: Of course they are...

John: Wait, what do you mean Jumpgate? As in big giant space portal?

Owens (Clone): Most likely.

John: How can they even do that? Something like that is beyond anything we're close to discovering.

Drake: Their advanced technology proved they understand this better than we do.

John: That might explain why we always missed them when discovering their bases. If they have warp technology, they could've just been teleporting across the whole nation right under our noses.

Drake: So if they can just move from place to place quickly- uh, teleport- then why do they need all these things in order to do it?

John: Teleporting theoretically means altering with space-time physics. You're creating a breach in one location and opening up another somewhere else. Creating something like that and stabilizing it would require massive amounts of energy, you'd probably need a nuclear reactor.

Owens (Clone): The device is capable of producing more power than that. I don't know the science behind it but it's powerful and it can keep the Jumpgate open for as long as it needs to be. The other devices, including the gun used to destroy Ryden, were needed to help stabilize the portal.

John: They took that? I guess that would make sense. If you re-calibrated its frequencies, its energy could be used to stabilize rather than, y'know, destabilize things.

Drake: So we know what we're dealing with.

Owens (Clone): It's not that simple, Drake. There are other clones, we formed a group, Zeta Squad- all members of the group that got abducted by the Xyrions. The other clones went to complete the rest of the tasks while I delivered the blaster to their leader and destroyed the Helicarrier. They used information from a group to find one of their previous locations in order to capture some Natural-Born Mutants, bring them in for progressing to add to their army. Then they visited the MCA Protection facility.

Director: Why there?

Owens looks over at John who shakes his head.

John: That's where you guys are keeping my sister. Please tell me this has nothing to do with her.

Owens (Clone): I guess they went through MCA records to find anything of interest to them so Zeta Squad could retrieve it and hand it to them. When they came across Emma Reed, they noticed how she vaccinated with a possible cure for mutating.

Drake: If they wanted to cure Mutants, why make incurable Mutant soldiers?

John: They don't want to cure them, they want to wipe them out. While that cure could or could not be a start towards correcting mutation corruption, reverse-engineered, it can become a powerful bio-weapon with the ability of attacking anyone's systems. Humans, Mutants, it doesn't matter.

Drake: But not them?

John: That's the thing, Drake. They're not just aliens or just Mutants. They took both of those things and put them together in order to get the perfect army. They're beyond that. They're hybrids...

Drake: So where are they?

Owens (Clone): I don't know. I was supposed to go with their leader after... doing what I did.

John: Well, energy isn't a problem. But if they are going to open up a large hole in the sky, they need altitude and space where their operations wouldn't go noticed.

Drake: There's this building in the city, didn't notice it until we got back. Under construction, tall, down the street from Central News.

John: That's sounds like the perfect evil lair to me.

Drake: So now we know where they are. It's time for me to stop them before they start this invasion of theirs.

John: Just you?

Drake: Someone has to stand up to them, John. Someone has to save this city.

John: Yeah, but you can barely stand as it is and now you expect to take down a whole alien empire within an hour or  two?

Drake: I have to try. John sighs then looks back at the damaged armor.

John: At least let me patch up your suit. If you're getting get yourself beat up, at least make it hard for them.

Drake: ...Fine.

John nods and approaches the suit while Drake looks off into the distance. The scene then cuts to a facility with a fenced perimeter around it, in an open area. There are a couple MCA Officers guarding the area. The sky is still dark.

MCA Protection Facility
June 8, 04:23 EDT

Inside, there's a blank room, decorated to look like a bedroom, with a dresser, rug, and, of course, bed. It has a simplistic design. On the bed, Emma Reed can be seen lying down, reading a magazine of "Fashion Today". As she reads, muffled noises can be heard, catching her attention. She puts the magazine down and looks at the door.

Emma, calling out: Hello? There is no response. She then places the magazine on the metallic end table, next to the bed, and gets up. She then approaches the door and slowly reaches for the door knob. She grabs it and turns it slowly until a click is heard. As she pulls the door open, it swings open with force, knocking her to the ground. Unmasked MCA Officers then step inside and grab her by her arms, lifting her up.

Emma: Hey! What are you doing?

MCA Officer, with ginger hair and blue eyes: You need to come with us.

Emma: Why? What happened? Am I free to go?

MCA Officer: Quiet.

They move her out of the room, passing through an average-sized space with more furniture, making it look like a kitchen connected to a sitting room. The whole room is blank with some colored furniture contrasting from its overall white tone. The Officers then escort her out the door, entering the metallic corridor of the facility. As they pass through the corridor, Emma notices the pattern of fallen MCA Officers that they start to pass over. Emma starts to struggle and escape their firm grasps but her struggles seem ineffective.

Emma: You're not MCA! Get off me!

One of the Officers then sedates her and she falls unconscious. The one that appears to be in charge, activates his comms.

MCA Officer: Zeta Squad, reporting in.

Man, over the comms: Officer Terrio, reporting in.

MCA Officer: The materials and the girl are now in our possession.

Officer Terrio, over the comms: Phase 3 complete. Return to the base and begin testing on the girl.

MCA Officer: Roger that. Officer Whedon, out.

The Officer then deactivates his comms. The scene then cuts over to another unmasked MCA Officer, deactivating his own comms. He has black hair, curved downwards over his forehead, and brown eyes. Officer Terrio: We need to finish here and return to base.

A grunt is heard as the view shows that he is conversing with a Xyrion soldier in a forest.

New Jersey
June 8, 04:31 EDT

Elsewhere, in the forest, Fionna is seen scouting forwards when she discovers Terrio and the Xyrion soldier, standing over a hatch in the ground. The Xyrion continues to enter through the hatch, which has been blasted with possibly an explosive to become a large hole. Fionna then looks upset as a yellow-glow appears is cast over her face from underneath her. Terrio is then seen watching around the area until Fionna runs forwards, slamming her knee into Terrio's back, dropping him to the ground. Terrio then turns around, without hesitation, as if to fire his blaster, but Fionna blasts him first with a wave of flames shooting out from her hands. Set ablaze, Terrio attempts to put himself out but ends up falling over. Fionna glares at his now unconscious body and turns to the hole. She then shakes her hands as if to cool them off and takes a step into the hole, grabbing the ladder with both hands. She then slides down the ladder after keeping her feet on the ladder's railings. She then jumps off and turns, seeing the Xyrion soldier, turning to face her. She then blasts more powerful flames ahead of her from her hands, burning the Xyrion soldier. However, it presses forwards, pushing through the pain its feeling. Fionna then forwards and strikes it back with her flaming fists before forming a fireball in her hands and slamming it against the Xyrion's face, causing it to drop back and lay on the ground. She then breaths in heavily; flames are crawling up her jacket's arms, her skin getting redder and her eyes glowing a faint yellow. She then turns roughly and her deep breaths start to become soft ones as her flames diminish, returning her to her more human-like appearance. Before her is Secret City with its alleys and spaces covered with the scattered bodies of Natural-Born Mutant corpses. One of the bodies is Mother, who tries to rise from the center of the city. Fionna then rushes over to her and holds Mother in her arms.

Fionna: Mother?

Mother, weakly: Fionna? Is that you?

Fionna: Yes, Mother. (catches her breath) It's me.

Mother: (sighs) Fionna...

Fionna: Mother, what happened here? What happened to you?

Mother: Men came, child, they came and attacked with those creatures. They captured so many of us, those that they didn't see as a threat. The others, the ones that resisted- (coughs)

She looks around at the corpses around her.

Mother: They are around us. All my children... I too will share the same fate as them.

Fionna: No, Mother. Please. I still need you.

Mother: (coughs) You don't need me, child. Not anymore. (sighs) I didn't want you to go, child. If you had stayed...

Mother catches her breath.

Fionna: I know. I'm sorry, Mother. If I just stayed, you would have a chance. You all might have-

Mother: If you had stayed, they would have taken you or perhaps even killed you. (sigh) There are some of our kind that have escaped capture; they're out there, alone and without a place to return to. I know you might go after them like the others who were taken so promise me something, child.

Fionna: Anything, Mother.

Mother: Go somewhere else. Find people you trust and be with them. I want you to belong somewhere. I know you think pushing others away will protect them from yourself but it will only make them more open to target... and will only leave you alone. The path to finding out your past is a mystery but the path will become more clearer with time. And with help. Now, promise me you won't be alone anymore.

Fionna: ...I promise.

Mother: (coughs) Thank you, Fionna...

Mother's body then loses its weakened lively nature as it drops slightly within Fionna's hands, lifeless. Fionna, noticing this, looks her over, now with worry.

Fionna: Mother? Mother! No... No!

Her eyes start to water as she holds Fionna up slightly from the ground and presses her face against her, sobbing.

Fionna: Please... Mother...

The view moves back, showing the two of them in the center of the city, surrounding by the bodies of the dead Mutant citizens. The scene then cuts over to a small house in a suburban neighborhood, with a white fence and a small yard before the porch. It's still dark, though it is lighter than before.

June 8, 05:07 EDT

On the porch is a woman, wearing a blue sweater over a white shirt. She has grey-brown hair with brown eyes. The woman is seated in a chair, watching the sky. He takes a cup of tea from the end table next to the chair and takes a sip. She places it back on the end table and continues to watch the sky, only for a thumping noise is be heard in the far distance. The woman, as if hearing the noise, looks around slightly. The thumping noise happens again, slightly closer. The woman then takes a look down, at her tea, and notices, a short moment later, that ripples appear in the tea when another thump occurs, louder and closer. When another thump occurs, the tea shakes slightly against its little saucer. The woman, somewhat startled, decides to get up from her chair, open the front door and enter the home. She passes by a sitting room, making her way to a beige-yellow landline telephone on the wall, until a crashing sound occurs, very close by, as if it had happened right outside. The woman then stops reaching for the phone and looks down a hall, surprised. She then makes her way down the hall and finds herself in front of a glass sliding door. She grabs the door handle and slides the door open, making her way outside. She stops at the steps, leading down to her grassy backyard, as the view pans to the right slightly until it shows a humanoid figure, watching her. The scene then shows that the figure is actually Emmett, in his Leviathan armor, standing in a small crater in the center of her backyard. Emmett then raises his arms up to his head, holds his helmet and removes it from his head, showing off his face to the woman before him. The woman looks surprised momentarily before she settles down, easily.

Emmett: Mom, we need to talk.

Emmett's Mother sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose for a moment. She then lowers her arm and looks ahead at her son.

Emmett's Mother: I knew this day would come.

Emmett: You knew? You knew that I wasn't Human?

Emmett's Mother: Of course. I am your mother, after all. I just didn't realize you were a vigilante while running our company.

Emmett: Why didn't you tell me this before? How is this even possible?

Emmett's Mother: It's complicated.

She sits on the wooden steps between the back porch and the backyard.

Emmett's Mother: Come, sit with me.

Emmett looks at her, firmly then hesitant. He momentarily walks over and sits besides her.

Emmett's Mother: Back in the day, your father and I weren't as well known. We had the company but it wasn't the major household name it is today. Anyways, we were happy together, your father and I. We accomplished the dream we had when we were younger but we didn't have the family that we wanted.

She looks away before looking up slightly.

Emmett's Mother: One day, we were just driving back home when we encountered some type of capsule in one of the fields. He took a look and found your mother inside. Your real mother.

Emmett: You mean-

Emmett's Mother: Yes, you were adopted.

Emmett catches his breath and looks away.

Emmett's Mother: We noticed your mother wasn't Human but she was hurt and we had helped her anyways. We took her home and tended to her but she wasn't the only one in the capsule. In her arms, you were there. Nothing more than a baby but nothing less than beautiful. It took us days- maybe even weeks just to convince her to let us take a look at you. (turns to Emmett) She cared for you, loved you even.

Emmett, turning to her: Then what happened to her?

Emmett's Mother sighs and looks away again.

Emmett's Mother: When she was healed enough, she decided it was best to leave Earth.

Emmett: But she didn't take me with her.

Emmett's Mother: No, she didn't. She was going to, naturally, but I think she looked at us and saw the two of us- me and your father- with you and saw that that was just what we wanted to have. A family. And I saw it in her eyes, the look that only a mother can give. The one where she is nothing but worried about the well-being of their child. So she left and returned to the stars. She left us some resources from her capsule that helped us solidify our company more, shaping it into something stronger so we can better support you. We wanted nothing but a good life for you but, when your father passed away, I knew I couldn't run the company anymore; not without him. When you took over, I knew it would help shape you into the man she probably wanted you to be.

Emmett: And what man would that be? A business man without a company or a vigilante trying to save a city that doesn't want him? I just- I don't know what I am anymore, Mom.

Emmett's Mother: You're a helper, Emmett. You've been trying to help others long before you discovered your abilities and before you took over the company from us. You are Leviathan, Emmett. And it doesn't matter if you're Human, Mutant or Alien. You're still my son, no matter what.

Emmett looks at his mother for a mother before turning to look at the sky. There are several stars out, up in the sky. He turns from the sky to look at his mother again, who is now looking at the sky too, with a smile. Emmett watches her then starts to smile as well, turning to watch the stars with his mother. The scene then cuts over to a city district. The sky continues to be dark but also continues to become lighter and lighter as time passes by.

Iowa City
June 8, 05:24 EDT

A blue blur can then be seen racing through the city, cutting corners and dashing along streets. The scene then cuts over to the Turbo Repairs auto-shop where the blue blur speeds over the front door, quickly entering inside and closing the door behind it. The scene then cuts to its garage section where the blue blur races over to the display case then shortly later to the couch across from it, taking the shape of Danny. Danny then plops onto the couch and exhales as he places his hands behind his head.

Danny, out loud: It's good to be home!

His voice slightly echoes through the garage followed by silence. As if acknowledging this, Danny looks down, saddened. He then leans up from the couch and scratches the back of his head then sighs to himself.

Danny, to himself: Alright, enough recovery. I need to see if any of this alien/R-Corp stuff is happening around here and stop it from happening. If I'm fast enough, I should be able to help Drake out with his problems and make it back in time for breakfast.

She then stands there for a couple seconds, thoughtfully, before speeding off into the other room and returning, a moment later, with an energy bar in his hand, already unwrapped and partially eaten. He takes another bite.

Danny, chewing, to himself: Okay- second breakfast.

He takes the last bite and crumbles up the wrapper, tossing it across the room at a waste bin. He speeds over, adjusting the waste bin and takes his suit from the display case before speeding out of the garage again. As he leaves, the wrapper makes it into the waste bin without hitting the edges. The scene then cuts over to the city once more, where the blue blur returns to racing through it. As Danny is speeding along, a gunshot echoes around him, catching him by surprise. He then stops, skidding slightly across the street until he stops completely. He then looks around and sees an apartment building across from him. In one of the windows on the upper floors, a flash of light is seen as another gunshot is heard. Danny then looks determined and speeds over, entering the apartment building. Inside the room, two men wearing black leather jackets are seen entering the room, armed with shotguns. In between them is an older man, wearing a navy blue suit with a brown tie. He has groomed, white hair with brown eyes. Before the three men are a family of three; a man wearing a green shirt with black hair and brown eyes, a woman wearing a pink shirt with blonde hair and blue eyes, and a child, presumingly their daughter, with blonde hair and brown eyes.

Man in the suit: You should have paid up, Frank. Now I'm here to collect.

Frank: I'll give you the money. Please, Donovan, I have a family here.

Donovan: Yeah, and a nice place too. Small, but nice.

Donovan takes a step closer to Frank, as he starts to remove something from his suit jacket.

Donovan: You really shouldn't have cheated me, Frank. Now you have to pay with your lives.

Just then, Danny enters the room.

Danny: Not so fast.

Donovan turns around then grabs Frank, putting his arm around his neck and brandishing a knife around.

Donovan: Boys, forget the Speedster, take out the family.

The two men then ignore Danny and aim their guns at the woman and the daughter. Danny is then caught off guard and uses his speed to run ahead, quick enough that everything else slow down. However, the bullets are already fired from the guns. Danny then slams the two thugs' heads together then turns around and speeds over to the woman and her child, grabbing her as the bullets slowly approach. He then moves them out of the way and turns to Frank who is then stabbed in the back by Donovan.

Danny: No!

Danny then speeds over and slams into Donovan, knocking him across the room and into a wall. The force renders him unconscious. Danny then quickly turns and goes to Frank who dropped to the floor. He holds him.

Danny: I'm sorry, sir. I thought- I thought I was fast enough to stop him.

Frank, weakly: Is my family safe?

Danny: Uh- ye-yeah. Yes, they are.

Frank, weakly: (coughs) Thank you... that's- all I wanted.

Frank then dies before Danny and his family.

Danny, softly to himself: No...

Danny then looks away and tries to contain himself. He then turns and sees the woman and daughter watching from behind. Danny then gets up and confronts the family.

Danny: I'm sorry. I wish I could have saved him-

Frank's Wife: I- I understand, Speedster. You- you saved us, you saved my daughter. I just- (sniffs) I would like to believe that maybe, just maybe, if they were more people out there like you, what happened to Frank and anything else that happens to people like him wouldn't happen at all.

Danny then nods slightly before looking down at the daughter who looks away from Danny to be held by her mother. Police sirens are then faintly heard in the distance. Danny then speeds out of the room after a moment, leaving the mother and her daughter alone. The scene then cuts to an alleyway, not too far from the building, where the blue blur finds itself, soon taking the shape of the Speedster, who removes his goggles and helmet, showing his face. Danny then breaths heavily and puts one hand to the wall, he looks unwell. He then composes himself, breathing more normally. He then looks away, a moment later, thoughtfully. The scene then cuts over to Jake, his head turned slightly, as he is positioned in a cell of some kind, unconscious. A Xyrion soldier then passes by his cell and confronts the Xyrion Leader, maintaining some machinery.

Xyrion Leader, without turning back: Speak.

Xyrion: The generator is nearly ready.

Xyrion Leader, turning to face the Xyrion: Excellent. Soon, we will be able to commence our invasion to take over this planet and wipe out of Mutant kind. What is the status on the secret weapons?

Xyrion: The clones are in the process of returning to base with the materials and the girl.

Xyrion Leader: Yes... the girl with the potential cure to their self-inflicted mutations. With some experimentation, we can reverse engineer a virus to spread our Cytoxin and convert Mutants into Xyrion slaves. And those who do not fall, will soon face the wraith of the brutes. Isn't that right, Anton Reeves?

Reeves then emerges from the corner and approaches the Xyrion Leader.

Anton Reeves: But of course. I did design all of this.

Xyrion Leader: Is that so?

Anton Reeves: Okay, I contributed to the development of this generator. The building was, let's say, passed down into my possession, so to speak.

Xyrion Leader: Your assistance will be most rewarded. I assure you. Now, I must see that the generator is stable enough to open the Jumpgate.

The Xyrion leader then moves away with the Xyrion soldier, leaving Reeves to his own devices. He then turns to a tinted-out window.

Anton Reeves: I would like to believe you.

The view the zooms out from the window, now showing the outside of the building, which is, in fact, tall and under constructed but also has the "Murphy Industries" text on the front of the building, in capital letters. The sun is now starting to rise, bringing light into the sky.

June 8, 06:08 EDT

The view continues zooming away from the building until rooftops of other buildings come into view. A figure drops down onto one of the rooftops and looks up at the Murphy Industries building before him. The scene then shows the figure to be Drake, in his now enhanced and repaired Vigilante suit. Drake then runs forwards, leaping from the edge of the rooftop, over an alleyway, and onto the next rooftop. However, the view continues to focus on the alleyway before lowering down to street-level, where Kate and Adam are seen, passing by. The scene then shows them walking along on the sidewalk.

Adam: I still find it hard to believe that you actually wanted to help me with this assignment especially after you just came from a trip which pretty much had you working on reports most of the time.

Kate: Don't be. Honestly, you were right. I've been putting you off to the side and that's not something I should do to my friends or my family. Anyways, now that I'm back, we can hang out again. Just Kate and Adam, like the old days.

Adam: I wish that was the case, Kate, but what happens when the new days come around. I mean, you're dating someone now, that's not going to change things?

Kate: I don't know. I don't want it to. I mean, we've known each other for like ages. It was kind of a surprise to find out you had feelings for me, dude.

Adam: I thought that would make it less of a surprise, to be honest. I mean sure you drive me up the walls sometimes but, Kate Wilson, you are the most amazing person I've ever met. I mean, I like everything about you especially that parts where you throw us into crazy situations. But ever since yesterday, I've been giving it some serious thought and I realized it wouldn't have worked anyways.

Kate: Why not? I'm too amazing for you?

Adam chuckles softly but regains his genuine tone.

Adam: It's because I would have never kept up with you. I mean look at us. Sometimes, I find myself wondering how a guy like me ever managed to stay in a friendship with someone like yourself. I guess that's why a part of me- okay, maybe a big part of me- felt like you and Drake had something going on. I mean, you two share this connection- it's almost like you two of the same sometimes. I just didn't want him to put you in an even crazier situation, something you might not come back from.

Kate: Hey, I'm still here, aren't I? So that time hasn't come yet. Anyways, let's just make sure you get this assignment covered so that way you can finally get a promotion or something.

Adam: I can see it now: Adam Freeman, Head of Photography Department; Population: 1.

They both share a laugh. However, Kate turns her head and notices two MCA Officers, carrying an unconscious Emma, with a third MCA Officer following them from behind. Adam then notices her gaze.

Adam: Kate? What's wrong?

Kate: Those guys over there, they're taking a girl into that building.

Adam turns his head, just in time to see the third Officer entering the building.

Adam: That looked like one of those MCA guys.

Kate: That doesn't make any sense. Why would they have someone like that?

Adam: I dunno. Maybe she's one of those powered people. A non-monster Mutant or something.

Kate: Even if that was the case, why would they take her into that building in particular? Something just doesn't feel right about any of this, Adam.

Adam: You want to go check it out, don't you?

Kate: That's someone's life that could be in danger. I can't just sit back and not try to help. And even if she isn't in danger, there's always the truth that could be uncovered.

Adam then sighs, looks away and turns back to Kate, after a moment.

Adam: I can't believe I'm saying this but let's go check it out then.

Kate gives Adam a coy smile as  the two of them cross the street and enter the building through the same back door that the Officers from earlier went through. Inside the building, a moment later, Kate and Adam can be seen navigating the halls, carefully, until they come across a room. Inside there's a surgical table that two MCA Officers seem to be securing Emma to. One of them then approaches a machine while another Officer connects the wires connected to it, into her straps. The Officer by the machine then activates it, causing a flow of Cytoxin to stream through the tubes and into the table, which most likely is transferred into her body. She begins to flinch around as if rejected the Cytoxin. She then lets out a scream of pain as they continue the procedure.

Adam: What are they doing to her?

Kate: I don't know but we have to stop them.

Voice: Hey!

Both of them turn their heads and see the third MCA Officer approach them, armed with  heavy-looking blaster.

MCA Officer, in monotone: You can not be here. You need to leave the area at once. This area is under mutation containment.

Kate: Experimenting on an innocent girl is not mutation containment. What the heck is going on here?

The Officer then activates his comms.

MCA Officer: Officer Riba, reporting in. I have two-

Adam then slams his camera against the Officer's head, rendering him unconscious as he drops to the ground. Kate then looks surprised at Adam who breaths in heavily before looking stunned at what he just did.

Adam: Oh gosh, I can't believe I just did that.

Kate: Adam, that was incredible.

Adam: It was?

Kate: Yeah.

Adam: Cool... (looks at the camera) I hope I didn't damage the camera though.

While Adam examines the bottom of his camera, Kate searches the Officer and acquires his heavy-blaster.

Adam, noticing something: Aw man, I dented it...

Kate then pulls up the heavy-blaster before Adam who looks slightly surprised when seeing Kate holding it before him.

Adam: What are you going to do with that?

Kate: Something tells me they're not going to listen to reason.

Adam: Do you even know how to use one of those?

Kate: Of course, my dad showed me.

Kate then turns to the door of the experimentation room and opens it. She then aims the blaster unsteadily and fires the blaster which recoils back with force. The blast then hits the machine, causing it to malfunction and stop functioning. The two Officers then stop and turn their heads slowly and in an unsettling manner to face her. Kate then puts her arm around the weapon, getting a better grasp of the weapon, as the two Officer rush towards her, drawing their own blasters. However, before they can fire at her, Kate lifts the blaster up and pulls the trigger a few times. Firing several energy blasts in front of her, eventually taking out the two Officers before her. Kate then drops the smoking blaster before her feet and catches her breath. She then enters the room and goes to the table, unstrapping Emma from it, who groans weakly.

Kate: It's going to be okay. We're here to help you.

Kate then helps Emma off of the surgical table and into the halls, where Adam helps Kate lift her. As they start to move down the hall, an alarm can be heard echoing throughout the building.

Adam: Sounds like they know we're here.

Kate then pauses for a moment before letting go of Emma, leaving Adam to get a better hold of her. He then turns to Kate who takes a step back.

Adam: Kate?

Kate: I need to deal with that alarm.

Adam: Kate, what? Are you serious? We saved the girl, we need to get out of here.

Kate: Look, Adam. Who knows what these guys are doing? Saving her is a start but stopping them, here and now, that'll save a lot more people later down the line.

Adam: I'm not leaving you here by yourself.

Kate: Right now, you need to get her somewhere safe. Otherwise they'll just take her again. Adam, I need to do this. I need to stand up against these guys and help where I can.

Adam sighs and holds Emma within his arms.

Adam: Can you at least try and keep yourself safe?

Kate: I'll see what I can do.

Adam then looks at her for a moment before turning back and entering the stairwell. Kate then turns around and runs down the hall as the alarm continues echoing through the building. The scene then cuts to the lobby of the building, where Adam emerges from the stairwell, still carrying Emma within his arms. She starts to stir, opening her eyes.

Emma: Wh-Where am I? What's- (groans)

Adam: It's alright. Everything's going to be fine.

Adam then looks up ahead of him and stops in surprise. Before him is a Xyrion soldier which grunts upon seeing Adam. Adam takes a step back as the Xyrion rushes towards him, as if to attack. Adam turns his back to the Xyrion, covering Emma as much as possible but the approaching Xyrion is shot from behind and drops to the ground. Adam then turns around after a short moment and sees John standing in the doorway, armed with a modified-looking blaster. He then steps inside and sees Adam, carrying Emma.

John, surprised: Emma?

Adam: Y-You know her? We found her upstairs, she was being experimented on.

John: That's my sister.

John looks down at his sister and examines her. She watches him weakly.

Emma: John? Is that you?

John: Yeah, it's me, sis. Look, I have to go make sure my friend doesn't do anything stupid but I'll come back for you, alright?

Adam: You must mean Kate. You're the guy she's dating, right?

John: Kate?

Adam: She's upstairs. She said she's going to try to stop whoever is behind this.

John: And you let her?!

Adam: Of course not! I was going to get your sister somewhere safe and go back for her.

John: (sighs in frustration) Thank you but right now you need to get out of here. Something big is about to happen.

John then rushes forwards. Adam turns to see John go.

Adam: Wait.

John stops and quickly looks back at Adam, behind him.

Adam: Make sure she's alright, okay?

John nods.

John: I will.

John then turns back and enters the stairwell. Adam then turns back, looks down at Emma then looks back up and continues to leave the building. The scene cuts to Kate, entering a more larger, wider and more central room; the same room where the power cells, generator and other machinery were. Kate looks around, bewildered by the Xyrion-technology infesting the building, like moss. Her gaze then comes across one power cell where Jake can be seen inside of it, still unconscious. Kate then approaches the power cell, slowly. As she looks at the cell, the Xyrion Leader steps from the shadows, looking right at her.

Xyrion Leader: What do you think you're doing?

Kate, startled, turns to see the Xyrion Leader approaching her.

Kate: You- I remember you, you were from the base when you captured me.

Xyrion Leader: Yes... You have been assisting the Vigilante for quite some time now.

Kate: I'm not with him this time.

Xyrion Leader: That is quite unfortunate for you then.

Kate: No. It only means that I can stand up to you on my own and stop you.

Xyrion Leader: Do you really think you can stop this?

Kate: I'll try. Maybe you'll capture me down the line but at least I'll have a chance at stopping you.

Xyrion Leader: Indeed, which is why I will not capture you this time, Human.

The Xyrion Leader then draws his blaster and points it right at Kate, which makes her unnerved.

Xyrion Leader: This is the end for you and start of our reign over your world.

The Xyrion Leader then extends his arm forwards, as if to fire at Kate. She remains there, closing her eyes. Just then, Drake breaks through the glass, with his ax-form readied. He then lands onto the floor and looks up at the Xyrion Leader before him.

Xyrion Leader: You!

Drake: Your invasion is over.

Xyrion Leader: It's only just begun, Vigilante. Soldiers! Contain him...

Xyrion soldiers then come forth, surrounding Drake. Drake then looks around him, snarling at them. One Xyrion then rushes ahead, attacking, which Drake evades and slams his ax-head against its back, knocking it down to the ground. He then spins around, stretches his other arm out, as the other Xyrions rush ahead. He then slashes them across their torso which burns them from its acidic touch. Drake then slams the ax-head down onto another Xyrion. However, another tackles him from behind, striking him down. Drake then yells out and slashes the Xyrion off of him. As he tries getting up, another Xyrion strikes him in the back of the head, knocking him back down to the floor. Two more Xyrions then approach, grabbing him by his arms and dragging him over to a cell. Drake then starts stir then starts to struggle against the Xyrions. However, they toss him into a cell before he can really fight his way out of it. Drake then gets up from the bottom of the cell and runs forwards, only for a glass cover to block his escape. The Xyrion Leader then emerges from the couple of Xyrion soldiers to look at Drake, in the cell.

Xyrion Leader: Like the rest of them, you have fallen prey to our plans.

Drake: You wanted me here. In a cell with the others.

Drake slams his ax-head against the glass, which has little to no effect on it.

Drake: I will get out of here and I will-

Xyrion Leader: There are no others like you, Vigilante. When we had captured you and your associate, we scanned you. Everything from the microscopic devices in your body to your Mutant biology is the most unique of them all. You have power within you that we will use to commence our invasion.

Drake: I thought Jake was your key.

Xyrion Leader: The boy is the key, but you- if I'm using the term correctly- you are the lock. Using the energy from the generator, we will be able to unlock your true potential and use it to create a portal from which our army will come through.

Drake: I won't let you!

Xyrion Leader: You have no choice. (turning to a Xyrion) Activate the generator.

The Xyrion grunts and turns to a machine, which he activates. Jake's cell then activates, morphing around him. He then becomes awake as the container morphs around him.

Jake: No! NO! ARGH!

The device on his arm then starts to rebuild itself, moving up Jake's arm and across the rest of his body, morphing with his MCA prototype armor. Once the morphing is completed, the lines built into his body start to glow with energy which pulses through the entire chamber. Drake's cell then raises, moving above Jake's and aligning with it. Then the built up energy transfers into Drake's cell, activating it. The cell then starts to morph around him as well. Drake struggles as he resists the morphing procedure. The energy then overcomes him and his body reacts, shifting into a new form, using the material from the container. He then stands in his cell, covered in a energy pattern of some sorts. His hands are now claws, a helmet covers his head and his eyes glow a bright red. He also seems to be naturally redirecting the energy directed at him upwards, which produces an energy beam. The beam then fires into a machine which creates a projected beam into the sky, above the building. Clouds then form around the beam, thunder echoing through the sky as several bolts of lightning are seen crossing with one another until a portal starts to form overhead. Elsewhere, in the city, Detective Wilson can be seen stepping out of the police precinct, putting on his jacket. He then looks up, seeing the portal opening up in the sky.

Detective Wilson: What in the world?

The scene cuts over to the Central News building. Inside, Adam can be seen entering from the elevator, with Emma still in his arms. The Chief steps out of his office, seeing the approaching Adam.

CN Editor-in-Chief: Adam, what do you think you're doing?

Adam: She needs help. We were close by and-

Employee: Chief, we've got bigger things to worry about. Look! (turns back to the window)

The Chief looks to the window, seeing the portal emitting from the Murphy Industries building in the distance.

CN Editor-in-Chief: Oh gosh... Someone get the reporters ready.

The scene then cuts to the MCA Outpost where Owens and the Director can be seen, standing on the roof, seeing the portal open up in the distance.

Owens (Clone): It started...

The Director turns to him then turns back. The view then shows the Director holding Owens' hand. The scene cuts once more to the inside of the building, where the generator is now powered up completely, using its energy to power the portal projection. Kate watches, horrified, as both Jake and Drake are drained before her.

Kate, softly: Drake...

Inside the cell, Drake continues standing there, motion-less, in his new form. From his perspective, he sees Kate, watching him, which is slowly overcome by a blinding whiteness until the scene is nothing but blank. Voice, softly: Drake...

The blankness then dissolves, taking the view into regular sight. Drake looks around, finding himself on a beach by the water.

Woman, crying out: Drake!

Drake turns his head, seeing his mother being dragged over to a campfire by the Hunters. His younger self is there as well.

Drake: Mom?

Drake runs forwards, approaching the campfire. Will stands there, extremely concerned.

Will: Gerard, please think this through! Maybe we were wrong- maybe they're not monsters.

Gerard: And maybe they are. Face it, this is the only way to do things around here. The world is changing and the only way to survive to make sure they're not around to finish us off later. Before they evolve and run us down.

Gerard pulls out a knife as he stands before Leia. Leia looks at Will, a fearful expression on her face. Will looks at her apologetic before turning away. Drake watches the situation. He then reaches for his mother but his hand goes through her. He then retracts his hand back, surprised. The rest of the Hunters watch as Gerard approaches Leia with the knife while Will walks behind them, approaching the younger Drake. Young Drake squirms and grunts angrily at Will who brandishes a knife, himself.

Gerard: Time to end this, lady.

Leia: You're making a mistake.

Gerard: Are you threatening me?

Leia: No! I'm just telling you- what you're doing here, what you think you're doing. It's not the right thing to do.

Gerard: Well, that's too bad because we're gonna do it anyways.

Gerard laughs as he raises the knife at Leia. Drake is about to yell out when someone else yells out before he could even make a sound.

Young Drake: NO!

Gerard then turns his head and sees Young Drake run forwards, slashing the other Hunters in their legs and backs with his shard-like hands. Gerard then grabs Leia and runs with her towards the back of the shoreline. Young Drake then turns his head as the other Hunters retreat and sees Gerard escaping. The scene then cuts to the back of the shoreline where Gerard approaches a boat.

Leia: Let go of me!

Gerard: Quiet or I'll end you right here and now!

Gerard continues to the boat until a shot is fired next to him. Gerard then stops. Will is then seen, pointing a gun at Gerard.

Will: That's far enough, Gerard.

Gerard: Will... you traitor.

Will: I was never on your side. This is why I left the Hunters because you never listened to reason. You always insisted that knocking off people with powers was the way to go. Wiping them out won't help me move on.

Gerard: Forget about you, Will! This is bigger than you. This is the world we're talking about.

Will: Shut up already! This was never about the world. You was doing this because of yourself. You weren't saving anybody, you were killing people.

Gerard: They're not people, Will. You and me- we're people. You have to see that, otherwise you'll be blinded by their influence.

Will: You're the only one who can't see, Gerard. This crusade of yours- it all ends, tonight.

Gerard: You were right at one part.

Gerard pulls out a gun. Leia notices and is surprised when seeing it.

Leia: Will-!

Before she can finish her sentence, Gerard turns around and fires, hitting Will right in the chest. He drops down onto the beach.

Leia, sobbing: No!

Drake then looks down the slope, seeing Will laying there. He then turns his head, seeing his younger self find Will. Young Drake looks away then sees Gerard before him.

Gerard: So this is what it comes down to. The angry little child coming for his mamma.

Young Drake: Give her back to me!

Gerard: How about I just shoot you, end her and get on this boat? See if I can find any other places filled with you freaks, wipe them out. Will was right. This isn't about the world anymore. This about making me the new world order. With all you freaks wiped out, anyone else surviving out there will look up to me as their savior! ME! And the two of you will be nothing but footprints in the sand.

Gerard points his gun right for the younger Drake. He fires but Drake slices right through the bullet with his shard-like hand. Gerard fires again, with the younger Drake slicing through the bullet once again. Young Drake then rushes right towards Gerard, who starts to worry. He then throws the gun and pulls out the knife once again.

Leia: Drake...

Gerard then stabs Leia right in the back, bringing Drake to stop before them as Leia drops onto the sand. Drake then goes to her.

Young Drake: Mom...

Leia: It's okay, Baby. (coughs) It's okay.

Young Drake: No... please.

Leia: Take care of yourself. I know you can do it...

Leia then dies before him.

Young Drake, crying out: NOO!

Drake then starts to cry as he kneels before his mother's body. Just then, Gerard's knife enters the view.

Gerard: Time to finish you off, little guy.

Young Drake then looks up, tears running down his face. He looks beyond angered. His shard-hands then start to grow roughly, becoming more blade-like. The younger Drake then yells loudly, gets up and runs forwards, jabbing his arm right into his stomach. Gerard gasps in surprise, dropping the knife onto the sand. He then falls back and drops onto the beach as well. Young Drake then stands there, now in surprise as he looks over Gerard's body. He then drops down to his knees, grabbing the sand before him with his now normal hands. He then yells, alone on the shoreline. The present Drake then walks over to him. He then gets down on one knee and places his hand on his younger self's back until his younger self then fades away. Drake then looks down, surprised. He then looks around him with everything else disappearing, leaving him in a black void. Drake then gets up, looking around him.

Drake: What do you want me to do? Huh?! What do you I do?!

Drake then breaths heavily as he stands in the void. He then catches his breath as a light appears behind him. Drake then turns his head, seeing Leia appear from the light.

Drake: Mom?

Leia: Hello, baby.

Drake: But I saw you-

Leia: I know. I know it must have been hard for you then. I can't imagine what you must be feeling now.

Drake: I don't know what to do. I don't know how to stop them. The Hunters, the Xyrions. Nothing works.

Leia: To stop something to end it. You've ended things before.

Drake: I didn't- I wouldn't-

Leia: It's okay. That was then, this- this is now, Drake. You have a gift, a power and a force within you. I gave you the gift to heal, it was passed down from me. But your father-

Drake: Dad?

Leia: Yes. He gave you the power to create. Use that power and use my gift and you'll become this force. A force for good.

Drake: This force- with it I can- I can see you again. I can save you.

Leia: You can but at the cost of others. Drake, I know this is hard for you to understand but I've seen the person you've become and I know you would do anything to save them. When the time is right, you'll have this force again. Now, go and save your city. I believe in you, Drake.

Leia then fades before him, leaving Drake alone in the void again. Drake then holds his hands up, looking at them for a moment. He then closes his eyes, clutching them into fists. He struggles but nothing happens. He then opens his eyes again and looks down at his fists, failing to activate anything. He then takes a moment, looking at them more carefully. He then opens his fists up, revealing the palm of his hands. He closes his eyes once again and takes a breath. Then, his hands start to glow faintly. Drake then starts to open his eyes slowly. His eyes then open wide when the glow from his hands becomes brighter and brighter. The dark void around him then starts to break apart, flying into his hands, forming into something. Behind the dark void is a bright white void. The pieces of void then start to form together as they construct into a device that looks similar to the Nanogene. Drake then holds the Nanogene in his hands in the middle of this blank void and hacks into it, however rather than responding like a mechanical device, Drake's energy transfers into the device and starts to heal it in a similar fashion to how his mother used her own abilities. The Nanogene then starts to glow as it phases into Drake. A bright light then shoots out from Drake's eyes and hands as the blank void around him starts to become a vortex of energy that he seems to be falling or rising through. As he passes through the energy vortex, several visions appear before him including a male and female face, both with green eyes, an armored man reaching forwards and a hidden bunker; each of them calling out to him saying, "Come find me." The voice calling out sounds like a mix between a man and woman. Drake continues falling/rising ahead until he vanishes into a blank area within the energy vortex. The scene then cuts back to the present where John, examining the experimentation room. He finds a bottled serum inside the surgical table.

John: Emma, what did they do to you?

The building then shakes, catching John's attention. He then sticks the serum inside of his coat pocket and heads out of the room. The scene then cuts to the central room, where the generator continues powering up the portal projector. John enters the room, looking around.

John: Whoa. (seeing Kate) Kate...

John then goes to her.

Kate: John? How did you-

John: Your friend told me you were here. Kate, what are you doing here?

Kate: I'm trying to stop them. I want to try and help. Like you've been doing with Drake.

John, in a disappointed tone: No... 

Kate: John? What-

John: Look, you need to get out of here. It's not safe, you could get hurt- like seriously hurt, Kate. Please.

Kate: I'm not going anywhere. I'm not doing this for you or Drake. I'm doing this for myself. I can't always be the one being rescued, John. And if something happens to me then that's how it's going to be but I'm not giving up on helping others.

John then sighs as he looks at Kate. He then looks around.

John: Where's Drake? He was supposed to be here.

Kate: He got captured by the Xyrions. They put him in this cell and they're using him to activate this generator thing.

John: The Jumpgate. They're opening the Jumpgate. Okay, I might be able to overload the systems but all that excess energy could create an explosion wide enough to blow up the block.

Kate: It has to be worth a shot, John. We have to do something.

Xyrion Leader: You two aren't doing anything. This is the end of your world. There will only be the invasion.

The Xyrion Leader then points his blaster at the two of them however, as he does so, a bright light starts to overcome him from the side. The Xyrion Leader then turns and sees the inside of Drake's cell engulfed with a blinding light. The cell then explodes, knocking back the Xyrions maintaining the generator. Drake then jumps down before the Xyrion Leader with his Fire Fists form activated. He then looks up at the Xyrion Leader.

Xyrion Leader: No... This- This is not possible! You were supposed to be powerless against the machine.

Drake: I had power all along. A power inside me. The power to create and I'll use every creation I know to make sure this city is safe from you.

Xyrion Leader: That is. If you survive.

The Xyrion Leader then points his blaster and fires it at Drake, which he blocks by crossing his arms together. He then runs forwards and strikes the Xyrion Leader back, who looks up, firing more blasts from his blaster. Drake then blocks one shot and moves out of the way for the other, which winds up hitting Jake's cell, causing it to malfunction. Drake then turns ahead of him and fires a wave of flames from his hands, which knocks the blaster from the Xyrion Leader's hand, leaving him without a weapon. Drake then runs forwards, readying to attack, when the Xyrion Leader is suddenly teleported right as Drake strikes. Drake then stands there, by the shattered window, looking around. He then looks back at his friends who start to walk over to him.

John: That's it then. We've won. (chuckles)

Drake: Not yet but it's a start.

Kate: What matters is, we all did something. And now, we can finish this- together.

John: Yeah. I- I'm starting to think we can. Feels like history has been made today.

Kate: (chuckles softly) Let's hope so.

John, looking at Drake's hands: So, it looks like you've got the Fire Fists back. How exactly?

Drake: It's complicated.

John: Right. Figured it was something along those lines.

A metallic creaking is then heard, catching their attention. Drake looks and sees Jake's cell, becoming flooded with energy.

Drake: Something doesn't look right.

John: It's not. Without you in the cell, it looks like the excess energy has nowhere else to go.

Kate: Didn't you say that could create an explosion?

John: There's a really good chance it might.

Drake: Then I have to stop it.

Drake then switches from his Fire Fists form to his rock-like blade-form, almost instantly. He then runs ahead and stabs his blade arm into cell, absorbing its energy, however it starts to overcome him after a moment.

Drake: ARGH! It's... too much!

The energy then pushes Drake back and sends him flying across the room. He slams into the wall and drops to the floor.

John: Of course, it's unlimited alien energy. We have to shut down the generator otherwise it'll overload on itself.

John then goes to a piece of machinery and attempts to work it, only to slam his fist against it in frustration.

Kate: What is it? What's wrong?

John: The controls are fried.

Kate: ...So now what?

John: There's no other choice. I have to open the chamber and release the energy. If we do it now, it shouldn't be enough to destroy anything but if we wait, it'll overload.

John then grabs his blaster from the floor and aims it the door of the cell. He then pulls the trigger and blasts the door of the cell, open. A wave of energy then shoots out from the cell. Kate and John then take cover behind some of the machinery. Drake then manages to get up and move out of the way as the energy leaves through the shattered window, escaping outside of the building. The energy then surpasses, leaving the room clear. Kate and John then rise up from behind the machinery.

Kate: We did it.

John: Yeah, (chuckles softly) We really did it.

Kate walks out into the open, standing before the cell. Drake then starts to make his way over to them, his forms deactivated. John starts to make his way into the open until a bolt of energy shoots out from the cell, striking close to him. He then looks over and sees another bolt of energy, shooting out from the cell, more towards the other side of the room. He then looks surprised. The scene then cuts to Kate who looks ahead as another energy bolt fires out, heading right towards her. However, John leaps in front of Kate, taking the bolt to the chest.

Kate: JOHN!

Drake then looks surprised and makes his way over to Kate who kneels down, holding John, who shudders slightly.

Kate: John, you're going to be okay. Just stay with me, okay?

John: No, Kate. I'm not going to be okay.

Kate: What are you talking about? I know you're a nurse but-

John: That's not what I mean... I saw the future, Kate.

Kate: What?

John: I know... I know it sounds crazy but- I saw the future. I knew this was going to happen, I tried- so hard to get you away but it's almost as if it had to happen. Someone needed to get hit and I just couldn't let be you.

Kate: I was trying to be like you. You've been running into danger, trying to save me, trying to save Drake. I- I just wanted to help people like you.

John: (chuckle) I did that for you. All of that. I wanted you to like me.

Kate: I already liked you. I always did.

John: Now you tell me- (chuckles but then coughs) Oh gosh, this hurts... so much. (groans)

Kate: You can't just die, John. You can't just give up on me.

John: I would never give up on you. If you got hurt instead, I- I could never forgive myself. I didn't want this to happen... I wanted us to be together. I wanted to be with you... forever.

Kate starts to break down, as her eyes water.

Kate: I- (stops herself) (catches her breath) I think I love you.

John smiles weakly.

John: Kate Wilson. I don't know where I'd be without you. Now here I am, dying in your arms. I want you to know something. I want you to know that no matter what- I will always love you.

Kate then leans down and shares a kiss with John. Drake looks down at them then turns away. Kate then pulls away, wiping the tears from her eyes.

John: That- was so much better than I imagined.

Kate laughs weakly.

Kate: I can't believe you.

John: Yeah... I know. (groans) Drake?

Drake goes to his side, taking off his goggles and holding them in his hand.

Drake: I'm here.

John: I need you to do something for me. I need you to make sure my sister is okay when I'm gone.

Drake: John-

John: Just do it please. For me.

Drake: John, I- I found this power. I can help you. I just-

John: There's no helping me, man. You said that power is for saving the city so that's what you have to do. Even when you stop these guys, the fight won't be over. I know I'm the one who's against you getting torn apart out there but someone has to do the things that you're willing to do. Don't give that up, not even for me. There's a serum in my jacket. They must have- (groans in pain) extracted it from Emma and didn't get to reverse-engineer it yet. (breaths) You might be able to use that against the Xyrions.

Drake: I don't know anymore, John. It feels like I've lost so much already. You taught me so much, you became someone I can trust, someone I can talk to. You've done so much for me, I just- I don't want to lose you too.

John: Hey, just remember something, Drake. I'm with you, no matter what.

He struggles as he looks up at Drake and gives him a smirk. But he then drifts off and lays there, lifeless. Drake then looks at John as he remains there. He then closes his eyes, holding in what he's feeling. His hands clench into fists and his head leans downwards, while his body shakes ever so slightly.

Drake: NO! (sobbing) No...

A moment passes by where both Drake and Kate remain there by John's body. Kate makes her way over to Drake, comforting him. A rumble is then heard and felt around them, drawing their attention to it. Drake then manages to stand, containing his emotions. He then looks away from John and to the shattered window. He walks over to the opening and looks upwards, seeing several alien ships making their way through the portal above the building. Smaller ships, like pods, start to break away from the larger ships, flying at a much faster speed and maneuvering down, onto the city below. The smaller ships fire red energy blasts from their turrets and damage various buildings as they fly through. Some of the ships, open slots where Xyrion soldiers can be seen jumping out and onto the streets, grunting aggressively. Several citizens run from them, screaming and yelling in terror. Back in the central room, Drake continues watching the city under chaos. A mechanical structure can be seen within Jake's pod. An energy spike can then be seen puncturing through the metallic mass from within it. It then slashes across, breaking the mass open. Jake then starts to emerge from the mass, now in a slightly armored suit which appears like Xyrion technology mixed with the prototype MCA gear he was wearing earlier. Jake then looks around and sees John laying before his cell. Jake's mask then dissolves, revealing his face which is giving a sorrowful expression.

Jake: Oh no... John.

Jake looks up and sees Drake, still watching from the open window.

Jake, stepping out of the cell: What- What happened here?

Drake, after a moment, turning to Jake: The invasion... it started.

Jake: No... Look, if anything involved me, I'm sor-

Drake, approaching him: We need to save the city. That's what's important right now.

Jake: The Xyrions are powerful, Drake. Do you really think we can stop them on our own?

Drake: We have to.

Jake: So where do we start?

Drake: We start with their leader. He disappeared but I know he's out there somewhere. He find him, make him stop this attack and send them back where they came from.

Jake: Alright. I'll fly around, see if I can draw him out. What are you going to do?

Drake: What I always do.

Drake then puts his goggles back on and turns to the opening behind him. He then runs forwards and jumps out. As he falls down the side of the building, he activates his Stealth Wings form which flaps upwards, softening his drop and allowing him to touch down onto the street. He looks up and sees a couple of Xyrion soldiers before him. They turn and grunt upon noticing him. The two Xyrions then rush forwards, striking at Drake whom switches his wing form to his ice mace form. He then blocks one of the Xyrions attacks and swings his arm around, striking the other with the mace-head. The first Xyrion strikes once more but Drake tases it in the chest with the head of his mace, electrocuting it until it drops onto the street. The second Xyrion then gets up, grabbing Drake from behind. Drake then slams his head back, into the eye of the Xyrion, causing it to step back in pain. Drake then spins around, striking the Xyrion across the head with his mace form. Drake then looks around, seeing more Xyrions down the street. He switches from his mace-form to his Hover Speed form and speeds ahead, hovering over the street. The scene then cuts to the sky where Jake, with his mask now back on, is seen, using the energy from the gauntlet on his arm to fly around. He is then shot at a couple of Xyrion fighter-ships. He turns his head back, looking at them.

Jake: Seriously?!

Jake then holds his arm out, aiming at them, and uses the energy from the gauntlet to fire energy spikes at the ships. The spikes then pierce through the ships, causing them to malfunction and, shortly later, crash down onto the rooftops of buildings below. Jake then looks up from the crashing ships to the device on his wrist, which glows with energy.

Jake: Awesome...

Jake then turns back ahead of him with a smirk on his face as he continues flying forwards. He then blasts more energy spikes before him, crashing yet another ship. Another ship curves around, firing more blasts at Jake, who throws up an energy shield more him, blocking the blasts from hitting him. The ship continues approaching him, the blasts getting harder and harder to block. Jake then pushes the energy field back, slamming it into the ship, causing it to explode. Xyrions are then seen free-falling from the explosion which Jake flies down and catches them by creating an energy platform, like a reflex. He looks surprised then more confident.

Jake: Time to see what this thing can really do.

Jake then bends the platforms into a ball and throws it at a rooftop. The Xyrions inside then fall unconscious upon impact. Jake then turns his head, seeing more ships passes by over him. He then grunts and flies towards them. Back on the streets, several Xyrions can be seen roaming the streets. The view then zooms back, moving inside of a cafe which looks clear of any people. Behind the counter, there are a few citizens. There's a television on the wall, showing the news. A reporter, wearing a brown suit and blue tie is seen and heard talking by a desk.

Reporter, on TV: There appears to be a large- we don't even know how to describe it. What appears to be a hole made of some kind of energy over Manhattan with unknown and hostile entities exiting from it. Please, get yourself somewhere safe as soon as possible.

A woman wearing a blue apron peeks over the counter. A man in a brown jacket pulls her down. Muffled grunting can be heard. Shortly later, the Xyrions smash through the glass windows of the cafe, causing some citizens to yell out in fear. Some people start to run while, others try moving further behind the counter. Never-the-less, the Xyrions continue approaching. The woman in the apron screams as she covers her head as one of the Xyrion strikes against the counter, attempting to break through it. Just then, a blue blur speeds into the cafe and uses his momentum to push the Xyrion away from the counter. The blurred figure then runs forwards and around the Xyrion, striking it repetitively before delivering an uppercut, knocking it down. The figure then stops and turns around quickly, soon taking the shape of Danny in his Speedster suit.

Danny, to the cafe worker: Are you alright?

The woman nods silently.

Danny: Good to hear. Get these people somewhere safe and stay low.

Danny then flashes a smile before speeding ahead towards an approaching Xyrion, readying to strike them. He then kicks off from the counter and strikes the Xyrion back, the force pushing it back. He then speeds around the counter, collecting several cups, plates and silverware and chucks all of them rapidly at the Xyrions. The impact of the objects strike them like rapid fire hits. When he runs out of things, he looks slightly surprised. He then looks up and the weakened Xyrions. Danny then runs forwards, jumping up onto the counter and kicks off of it yet again, slamming into one of the Xyrions. The Xyrion then flies back, knocking back the other two behind it. Danny then gets up and looks down at the fallen Xyrions.

Danny: Huh. You guys aren't that bad after all.

Danny then speeds out of the cafe through one of the shattered windows and stops in the middle of the street, looking up at the ships overhead. He quickly gulps as he looks around at the chaos.

Danny: Definitely gonna need some help on this one...

Danny then speeds down the street. The scene then cuts to a few Xyrion fighter-ships flying down and firing at more buildings. They then shift their focus to the streets as they dive down, firing at any citizens trying to get away. Something then crashes down onto the fighter-jets, causing it to crash into the side of a building. The other two ships curve around and approach the crash site. Through the debris, a Xyrion can be seen crawling out, trying to escape when a hand wearing finger-less gloves grabs it from behind and turns it over. The view pans upwards, showing Emmett, in his Leviathan armor, standing over the Xyrion. He strikes it across the head, knocking it out. He then steps forwards, out of the crash site, when energy blasts start to fire down upon him. He blocks it with his arms and turns his head, seeing the two other fighter-ships flying towards him, firing their weapons. Emmett then squats down slightly and jumps up. He then strikes the bottom of one of the ships, punching through the metal and rips through its wiring. The ship then sparks up, exploding slightly, until it crashes down onto the street, skidding until it reaches a complete stop. The remaining ship comes around, firing at the crashed one which starts to rise up from the ground. Underneath, Emmett can be seen, lifting the ship over his head with both arms, struggling only slightly. He then lifts it overhead and it crashes into the remaining fighter-ship. He then catches his breath and turns his head, seeing the portal above the Murphy Industries building. A scream draws his gaze away from the building and he sees Xyrions forcing their way into a building. Emmett then looks at them determined and launches himself towards them. The scene then cuts away to Jake flying around the larger ships.

Jake, looking around: There has to be an easier way of finding the right one...

Jake then looks down at this device which seems to be flashing. He then stops and points it outwards. Through his perspective, he can see the ships through the green screen on his mask, with one of the ships sending out several energy frequencies.

Jake: Gotcha.

Jake then flies over the ship. The scene cuts to the inside of the ship, where the control room is; a big, round-shaped room with several computer stations and controls, being armed by a few Xyrions. The Xyrion Leader stands at the center of the room, on a platform, watching the screen above him, which shows the perspectives of several fighter-jets. Some of the views soon become disabled when attacked by the likes of Drake and Emmett, both in different parts of Manhattan. The Xyrion Leader then grunts in frustration.

Xyrion Leader: They continue to resist despite all that we've done. Something my studies have failed to show me is why they continue to fight when their world will soon fall to our might.

The ship then shakes slightly when an explosion occurs. The Xyrion Leader then turns around and sees Jake flying through the opening.

Jake: Because with enough will-power, we can accomplish anything.

Xyrion Leader: The key has returned...

Jake: I'm not your key anymore. Stop the invasion.

Xyrion Leader: What makes you think I have the power to do so?

Jake: You're the Leader, aren't you?

Xyrion Leader: Yes. Of the research division. If you thought I was the top of your worries, you have no idea what's coming next. Does that unnerve you?

Jake: ...The others you were talking to- the Command, they can stop this invasion.

Xyrion Leader: Yes. They can. But they won't. Your world is lost. But are you right about one thing.

Jake: Oh yeah? And what's that?

Xyrion Leader: You are no longer useful to us. Soldiers! Eradicate him!

The Xyrions approach Jake who blasts them back with bolts of energy. More Xyrions approach from behind, firing blasters at Jake, who winds up getting hit in the back. He drops to the floor before the Xyrion Leader.

Xyrion Leader: Your transmogrification is not yet complete. Surrender and become our next weapon against the other worlds will have come across.

Jake: Never!

Jake then fires a blast of energy at the Xyrion Leader, sending him flying across the control room and into a series of controls and causing them to spark up. The Xyrions continue firing at Jake, who throws up an energy field to block their oncoming fire. He then lowers it, runs up the platform and fires a wave of energy from his device, blasting through the screen above him and creating an opening. He lifts up, flying out of the opening, turns back and fires another blast of energy through the opening, blasting the controls which causing the whole control room to explode. Jake then starts to lose his altitude as the energy around him starts to diminish.

Jake, dropping out of the sky: No! No! NO! AHH!

Jake then falls towards the city below him. He holds up his arm and clutches his fist.

Jake, falling: Come on! Come on!

He loses some of his energy to slow down his fall but that energy diminishes as well, causing him to fall close to the side of a building. On the streets, Danny can be seen rapidly punching a Xyrion back. Jake's yells are then faintly heard, catching his attention. He looks up and sees Jake falling by the building behind him.

Danny, looking up: What the-

Danny then runs up the side of the building and catches Jake. The two of them then speed off of the side of the building and onto the rooftop of the building next to it. The both then tumble onto the rooftop and get up afterwards. Jake's mask then dissolves and he can be seen catching his breath. He turns to Danny, who needs little to none recovery.

Jake: Thanks... I had a feeling you'd come.

Danny: (nods) (break) Where's Drake?

Jake: I don't know. It looked like he was fighting on the ground somewhere.

Danny: Well, I sorta just swept that whole area back there and didn't see him anywhere. These guys are tough. I mean, I work with cars for a living, man. I don't really fight, I just slam into them and run into the next guy. If it wasn't for my healing, I'd have the sorest shoulder right now.

Jake: I know what you mean. I'll look around for Drake, try to stay close, take out as many on the way.

Jake closes his eyes and his mask forms over his face once more. His device then powers up and energy overcomes him once again as he starts to hover off of the rooftop. He looks at Danny who is looking up at him.

Jake: Try to keep up, alright?

Jake then flies off with Danny watching from the rooftop.

Danny: (scoffs) Seriously?

Danny then speeds off, running down the side of the building. The scene then cuts over to Drake, on top of a fighter-ship, slashing at it with his Crystal Claws form with a sheer anger to his strikes. He continues slashing at it, without noticing the smoke emitting from its engine. The ship then explodes with Drake still on it, the force of the explosion tossing him away and sending him crashing onto a rooftop. On the streets, a police cruiser then pulls up to a building and Detective Wilson steps out, looking up at the building's rooftop.

Detective Wilson, using his radio: Prescient, come in. This is Detective Wilson. Checking out another crash-site.

Male Officer, over the radio: Detective, you need to get out of there. The Commissioner is calling all officers to stand down and wait for reinforcements.

Detective Wilson, using his radio: Reinforcements? Officer, there are no reinforcements. I heard the commotion earlier. Sounding like a moon crashed right into the ocean. I don't know what the Commissioner's play is but there are people out here who need help.

Male Officer, over the radio: Just following orders, Detective.

Detective Wilson: Following orders, my- I think to check this out. If it could lead to stopping this- whatever is happening here, then dang it that's what I'm going to do. But don't expect me to swing on by without me securing my daughter first!

Male Officer, over the radio: Detective-

Ryan shuts down his radio and heads inside the building, drawing his gun. The scene cuts to the roof of the building, later, where Drake can be seen getting up and holding his head, with his now normal hands and his hood lowered. He looks down and sees his goggles on the floor. He then groans in pain and puts his hood back over his head. He reaches down and grabs his goggles from the floor. As he gets up, a crashing noise is heard, like the sound of something getting slammed open. Drake turns and sees Detective Wilson, pointing his gun right at him from the roof access. Drake keeps his head lowered where the hood obscures his face.

Detective Wilson, aiming his gun at him: Of course. It just had to be you. What are you up to now, huh? Finally decided to abandon the city you've been so-called protecting and now you return and this happens. Definitely not a coincidence.

Drake: Detective, I'm not your enemy.

Detective Wilson: You sure about that.

Drake: There's an invasion going on right now!

Detective Wilson: And how do I know you're not behind this, huh?

Drake: I'm not. You just have to trust me, Detective.

Detective Wilson: (chuckles) Trust- Trust you? THE Vigilante is asking me to trust him. You've been breaking the laws, avoiding me, causing damages in this city, brutalizing just about everyone you meet and, worse of all, attacking my daughter and her friends. You're no hero, you're just as bad as the rest of this madness. Stopping you right here and now will do just about everyone a favor.

Drake: I know I'm not a hero. I never thought I was. But what I am, Detective, is someone trying to help, trying to save this city from things that will stop at nothing to destroy it. I know we haven't agreed with each other on a lot of things and I know... we're on different sides of the law. But we both want the same thing... justice, justice for this city.

He takes a moment then lets out a sigh as he reaches for his hood. The Detective cocks his gun and points it, at Drake in an unsure manner.

Drake: It's like you told me before. (removes hood) We're both on the same side.

Detective Wilson: ...You- You're the Vigilante? But- I- I-

Drake: You have me. You can shoot me if you want to. But your daughter is somewhere out there and stopping this invasion is the best way of doing the one thing we both want; to keep her safe. And I won't stop until it is.

Drake then puts his goggles back on while Detective Wilson slowly lowers his gun. Drake then gives a nod as he turns to the edge of the rooftop, perching onto it and looking down below.

Detective Wilson: Just tell me one thing, Drake. Do you really want to keep my daughter safe?

Drake: ...More than anything.

Detective Wilson: Then what can I do to help?

Drake: Get Kate and find somewhere safer to be. She's at the Murphy Industries building.

Detective Wilson: I don't think so. I'm tired of sitting around and letting this city get overrun. Either we do this thing together or not at all.

Drake: ...Fine. Get as many officers as you can, keep a perimeter around the city. Make sure none of the Xyrions make it out of the city or else this will end up like Ryden's assault. We'll keep the fight on us, anyone you can spare needs to help the people in need. And you- you have a daughter that needs you.

Drake then jumps down from the building, forming his Stealth Wings once again and flying off. Detective Wilson watches him from the rooftop, partially stunned. He then activates his radio.

Detective Wilson, using the radio: Kelly, you there? I need officers to set up a perimeter around the city. No questions asked. I don't care if the Commissioner has other orders, this invasion is happening and it's happening now. We can't afford to wait any longer. The Vigilante needs us, our city needs us. If we don't stand up against them, no one else will.

Ryan looks out, holding the radio in his hand. The scene cuts again to Danny running down the streets, he quickly slams into several different Xyrions, in a zig-zag like pattern before speeding off yet again. He looks up at the sky then stops himself, skidding slightly across the street. He looks around at the sky.

Danny: Come on... Where'd he go?

Danny is then struck in the back by a Xyrion soldier, knocking him into a hot dog stand. He gets up and holds his head then quickly turns to the Xyrion which appears before him. He tries to run but the Xyrion grabs his leg and spins him around. When he lets go, Danny is tossed back onto the street, landing on his head. He lays against the street, motion less. The Xyrion then slowly approaches him, only to have the hot dog stand slam into it. Emmett then walks into view.

Emmett: That's enough of you.

He turns his attention to Danny and looks surprised when he notices that Danny isn't moving. Emmett makes his way over to Danny, who has his helmet and goggles knocked off. Emmett then kneels down next to him.

Emmett: Speedster! Are you alright? Talk to me...

Danny lays there for a moment before opening his eyes and quickly leaning up. He breaths heavily and looks up at Emmett as if to attack him.

Emmett: Whoa, whoa- Hey! It's me.

Danny: Huh? Oh... (sighs in relief) Never thought I'd be happy to see you again.

Danny then holds his head and slowly notices that his gear is no longer on. He turns his head, seeing them on the ground next to him. He turns back to Emmett, surprised.

Danny: Dude! You took off my helmet?!

Emmett: It came off when that Xyrion knocked you over.

Danny: Just because I know your secret identity doesn't mean you have to go and check out mines, alright? I've got a life, man, a-and this is my secret to protect, not yours! First I run out of the parts I need then aliens invade and now this? How many other super-powered vigilantes are gonna find out that I'm Danny Campbell?

Emmett: ...I uh- didn't know your name.

Danny looks at Emmett then plants his head into his hands before letting out a muffled yell. Emmett then smiles with a chuckle as he walks around Danny, who keeps his head buried in his hands. A short moment later, Emmett stands next to him, causing Danny to look up at him, only to be shown his helmet and goggles. Danny looks from his gear to Emmett then takes his gear back.

Danny: Thanks...

Emmett: I guess that means we're even now, Danny.

Danny doesn't respond as he puts his gear back on his head, however, he does chuckle a bit.

Emmett: If you're looking for that flying guy, he's close to the Murphy Industries building. It looked like he found something.

Danny secures his gear then turns to Emmett.

Emmett: Ready to help this city?

Danny: Whenever you are, Emmett.

Danny smirks. Emmett smiles back before squatting down and leaping up. Danny then follows him by speeding down the street. The scene cuts again to Drake who is flying over the streets. He looks around until he is fired at by a passing by fighter-ship. He loses control and slams into a building, crashing down onto the sidewalk. His form deactivates as he struggles to get up. The ship passes over him, with Xyrion soldiers dropping out of it and down onto the street, around him. Drake then looks up but is struck across the face by a Xyrion soldier. The rest of them start to surround him, striking him down while he's on the ground. Drake looks up again, the left lens of his goggles cracked, and sees a Xyrion raising its arm to strike him once more, only for flames to overcome it. The Xyrion screeches in pain and runs off. Drake then turns his head and sees Fionna walking over, firing a wave of flames from her hands.

Fionna, sending out flames: ARGH!

Some of the Xyrions flee while the others fall over, falling unconscious from their injuries. Fionna then shakes his hands off, cooling down the flames, and extends her arm out before Drake. He looks up at her and takes it. She helps him get back onto his feet.

Drake: You came back.

Fionna: I couldn't leave you in danger besides, being here- (looks around at the state of the city) this might just be where I need to be.

She turns back to Drake who looks at her. He turns his head and sees the portal above the Murphy Industries building, close by. Fionna looks up, sharing his gaze.

Fionna: I know this is your city but- can we really save it?

Drake: We can. (turning back to her) Together.

The two then share a look until a light overcomes them. They turn their attention to it and sees Jake hovering down, next to them.

Drake: Jake, did you find the leader?

Jake: I did but he can't stop the invasion. We have to go to the Xyrion Command.

Fionna: And where's that?

Jake: Probably on the other side of that portal so there goes that possibility.

Drake: Can we shut down the Jumpgate?

Jake: The generator is the only thing powering it.

Drake: But we're not in the cells anymore.

Jake: Well, this thing- (shows the device on his arm) produces unlimited energy, I think. (lowers his arm) The generator must have been able to- I don't know- use that in order to keep the portal open without us.

Fionna: So we destroy it.

Jake: That does seem to be our only other option.

Drake: I don't know... Someone- Something tells me we need to do it another way.

Just then, Emmett drops down and makes his way over to the three of them. Danny then speeds over, shortly afterwards.

Fionna: You two showed up?

Emmett: I'm here to help, just like the rest of you.

Jake: Help them or us?

Emmett looks at Jake sternly.

Danny: Alien or not, we need all the help we can get in order to take these guys down.

Drake: John found a sample in their laboratory, that might be able to reverse what they did to the taken Mutants. Is there some way we can use that?

Emmett: The Murphy Industries building has an experimental reactor. It's supposed to power the entire building. If they're using that to power up that portal, then we might be able to use it to spread a cure across the city. In theory.

Fionna: In theory?

Emmett: I'm more of a business man than a scientist.

Danny: Even if this cure works, that won't stop them from sending more of them.

Jake: Which is why we shut down the generator, with the portal closed- all we have to do is deal with all the ones here.

Fionna: That's still a lot of them.

Drake: And we can handle them.

The four of them look at Drake.

Drake: Look, all of us are used to working alone, fighting our own fights and dealing with our own problems. But that was before the Xyrions attacked. That was who were before. But right now, this is our fight, our problem, so we fight it and deal with it together. Today, we're not just vigilantes, mutants, aliens or even regular people. Today, we're a team. And even if we can't save the city, even if we lose, we would help make sure they would never invade again. So let's save the city and win... together.

The four of them then look to one another with understanding expressions. Drake looks among them then looks up. The others turn, looking up as well, to see a large ship approaching them from above, it dispatches a group of smaller ships which fly down quickly, over their location. The smaller ships then dispatches several Xyrion soldiers which drop down onto the street before them. The Xyrions then grunts with hostility towards the five of them. Drake then stands forth, activating his ax form. Fionna then stands by his side, her hands becoming engulfed in flames. Emmett stands by her side, readying his fists. Danny speeds over, standing by Emmett, looking ahead, readying his fists as well. Jake then hovers over, his mask forming over his face, the energy from his alien device charging. The scene then shows the five of them standing before the Xyrion swarm in front of them.

Jake: Alright, I'm not much a leader but I might know some strategies I picked up from before I was-

Drake: If you got a plan, say it.

Jake: Right. Well, it's like you said: Nothing fancy, we destroy the generator, cure as many of them as we can and save the city. Fionna, you're our power-house. Use all your super attacks and hit them with everything you've got.

Fionna, smiling: With pleasure.

Jake: Emmett, you're our tank but since it's your building, you should head to Murphy Industries and see if you can crack that cure.

Emmett: I don't see how I'm a tank but I'll see what I can do.

Jake: Speedster, you're the speed type: try and run circles around these freaks. Keep the fight to us and away from the NPCs.

Danny: I actually understood that strategy.

Jake: I'm the only one who can really fly here so I'll keep to the skies, crash any stray ships that might start blasting at us.

Jake starts to rise in altitude. He looks down at Drake.

Jake: And Drake, it's your city. You know what to do.

Drake gives him a nod then turns back to the Xyrion swarm before them.

Jake: Remember guys, we do this- as a team. Now let's save this city! Fionna then charges forwards, transforming into her fiery form as a larger, less humanoid flaming figure. She roars out and extends her arms out, creating a wave of flames from her hands which keeps the Xyrions back.

Fionna: RAH!

Emmett and Danny look at her with surprise while Jake flies off.

Danny: Whoa. (turning to the others) She's totally hot. And not just because she's on fire...

Danny clicks his tongue and speeds off, running around the flames. Emmett then nods at Drake, squats down and leaps up. Drake then readies his axes and runs forwards, pushing past the flames. He then stretches his arm outwards, striking a Xyrion before him while another one gets hit by a fireball from Fionna. Drake reels his arm back in while running forwards, knocking another Xyrion back with his other arm. Fionna roars out again, extending one arm out and blasting flames ahead of her. Drake then chops another, knocking down to the ground. He then switches forms to his Hover Speed form and speeds forwards, knocking through the ones ahead of them. The view follows Drake as he continues forwards, reaching a three-way intersection. He turns to the right, hovering against the side of the building before him, for a moment, before gliding back down to the street. He continues forwards, approaching oncoming Xyrions, until he deactivates his form, launching himself forwards them, then activating his Crystal Claws form, slashing at them with his claws. The Xyrion then pushes him off and strikes at him but Drake stabs it in the side and struggles as he tosses it into the side of a building. He then turns and attacks another Xyrion. Yet another Xyrion approaches him but Danny speeds over to it, striking it repetitively until it falls over. He looks up, seeing a Xyrion approach a shop and speeds over, knocking it away from the shop. He then spins around another Xyrion, striking it repetitively while Drake continues slashing at the Xyrion until it falls over. It attempts to get up but Drake deactivates his form, slamming his fist down and rendering it unconscious. He then activates his Stealth Wings form, spreading them and flying ahead as Danny speeds off down the street. Drake flies overhead and renders himself invisible when several fighter-ships pass by him. He then turns visible again, following after them. He flies over one of them, deactivates his form and drops down onto it. He then activates his blade-form and stabs into a certain part of the ship, causing it to smoke and spark up. The ship then starts to crash, passing by one of the smaller buildings. On the roof of that building, Emmett can be seen landing onto it and starting to climb up a rooftop water tower. The view continues following Drake as the ship crashes onto the street, skidding down until it comes to a complete stop. Drake then removes his blade arm from the ship, gets off and faces the Xyrion swarm approaching him from down the street. However, before they reach him, Emmett crashes down, the force of the impact sending them flying. Emmett then grabs a loose piece of asphalt and tosses the chuck at some approaching Xyrions behind Drake, knocking them back. Drake uses his blade arm to slash against the tough exterior of the Xyrions, which starts to have little to no effect against them. Jake then flies over, looks down and fires a beam of energy from his alien device. Drake looks up at him and gets in the path of his stray beam, uses his blade arm to absorb and deflect its unlimited energy back at the approaching Xyrions. When the area is clear, Jake stops firing energy and flies up overhead, firing energy spikes at fleeing Xyrion fighter-ships. One of them crashing down into the Empire State building. Jake flies around the building, getting a better view of more fighter-ships. Danny then enters the view, running up the side of the building. Jake moves in closer and Danny, seeing him, kicks off from the side. Jake catches Danny in an energy sphere and tosses him ahead at some of the fighter-ships. Both Danny and Jake take down the fighter-ships around them; Jake firing more energy spikes at them and Danny using his super speed to rapidly kick and punch at the engine parts then leaping to the next one and doing the same. Once Danny is done with the second ship, he kicks off from it as it explodes and starts to crash down, running down the side of a different building until he reaches the street, slamming into a Xyrion, throwing it back. He then speeds down the street, cutting a corner, striking down a Xyrion, speeding away again and then stopping next to Fionna who is blasting more enemies with fireballs. Xyrions then start to surround them from all ends as they stand within a four-way intersection. Danny spins around the intersection so fast that he then creates a wind tunnel around them. Fionna blasts a wave of flames at the tunnel, turning it into a fire tornado which shoots out several fireballs at the approaching Xyrions, wiping them out. Danny then stops running, patting himself out quickly. He then looks at Fionna who is smirking at him.

Fionna: Hot enough for you?

Danny looks annoyed but then an MCA Jumpjet is seen flying over them. Danny looks up, surprised.

Danny: Looks like standing up these guys was just what the city needed. Back-up is here.

The scene then cuts to the Jumpjet flying around, cutting off the path for a group of fighter-ships. The door then opens and the Director is seen, in the doorway, firing a heavy-blaster at the ships, causing one to explode, taking the other two with it.

Director: Welcome to Earth, you alien freaks.

The Director then lowers her weapon and turns, seeing Owens in the cockpit from where she is. He turns from the controls and gives her a glance as they both share a look. The scene then cuts to the streets where several citizens are seen running down the sidewalk as an explosion occurs in the background. Two of them then enter an alleyway but stop when they see two Xyrions before them, grunting aggressively at them. The citizens try backing away as the Xyrions approach them.

Voice: Hey!

The Xyrions then stop and turn, seeing Ryder standing behind them, walking towards them slowly.

Ryder: How about you pick on someone your own size?

As he approaches them, he starts to transform. He clenches his fists as his arm starts becoming more muscular then opens it up with force, showing off his freshly-formed claws. A low growl can be heard coming from him as the scene cuts again to the NYPD, firing their weapons at Xyrions approaching their perimeter, which does not appear to have much of an effect against them.

Officer: Nothing working! Bring out the heavy artillery. Another officer nods and helps a third officer pull up at heavy-looking cannon. They aim it into position and activate it. The cannon starts to charge and fires a red beam of energy, knocking back a series of Xyrions in a single-file line. The Officers then cheer.

Officer: Yes! That's what I'm talking about!

The scene cuts over a cityscape view of Manhattan, with the Murphy Industries building in the center. The scene then cuts to the interior where Emmett can be seen entering the central room by leaping through the opening and onto the floor. He looks around and sees Kate leaning against a wall, her eyes are slightly red as she rubs them. Emmett then goes over to her.

Emmett: Kate?

Kate looks up, slightly surprised.

Kate: Oh.. (sighs) it's you. (sniffs)

Emmett: Kate, what- what are you doing here? I don't want to be that guy but there's literally an invasion happening out there. You should be somewhere safe.

Kate: John's dead, Emmett.

Emmett: What?

Kate: He died, saving me and-

Kate starts to cry again. Emmett looks at her then holds her in a comforting way.

Emmett: I'm sorry, Kate. I will do whatever I can to make this right- (looks at her) But right now, I need to shut down this generator. Drake said there was John had this serum on him, where is it?

Kate reaches into her satchel and retrieves the bottled serum. She hands to Emmett who takes it into his hands.

Emmett: Thank you.

Emmett then gets up and goes over to the generator. He looks at the controls, seeing how fried they are.

Emmett: Oh, this isn't good. I have to find a way to stop this before more people get hurt.

Anton Reeves, unseen: Then allow me to assist you, Leviathan.

Emmett turns his head and sees Anton Reeves stepping into the room.

Emmett, angered: You! (grabs him and slams him against the wall) You were working with them the whole time! Why should I even listen to you?

Anton Reeves: Because I was never really working for them. I can't stand Mutants like yourself and now aliens get involved? Well, I just couldn't resist a good business opportunity.

Emmett: What are you talking about?

Anton Reeves: I can tell you're not into business so let me put it to you straight. Mutants are a threat, threats are marketable but there's no amount of insurance that can cover a destroyed planet. I planned for this, yes- but I never planned for this to last this long. The controls were fried and I couldn't access the manual override that I installed into their generator when they had me working on it.

Emmett: So you were going to let them invade the city just enough to scare a few people into buying your products? Then what? Blow them all up by overloading the reactor?

Anton Reeves: I guess you're not as dim as I thought you were, Leviathan. Point is, we need each other. You help me and I'll help you.

Emmett: How?

Anton Reeves: Easy for a technological genius like myself. The portal is made from a projection of energy, traceable energy. If I can reverse the ion-flow from the reactor, I can reverse the projection's gravitational density. And since everything that came through that portal is laced with the same ionic energy-

Emmett: It'll send everything that came through the portal back where it came from.

Anton Reeves: It's funny. Part of me thinks I've seen you before, the real you, the man behind the mask. Maybe when this is all over, you can work for R-Corp.

Emmett: How about we stop this invasion then see where you end up?

Emmett lets go of Anton who brushes his suit off, straightening it by grabbing at the lapels.

Anton Reeves, disappointed: Touché.

Anton then makes his way to the generator. Emmett then turns his head and looks at Kate, who is looking up at him. The scene then cuts over to the sky where Jake is blasting at fighter-ship away with his energy. Drake flies over, using his Stealth Wings form.

Emmett, over his comms: Vigilante, you there?

Drake stops before Jake and activates his comms.

Drake: Emmett? You're on my comms.

Emmett, over the comms: Yeah, I sort of hacked into the MCA's frequencies just in case they ever came after me. Anyways, we figured out how to reverse the Jumpgate. It should bring all the ships around the portal back through.

Drake: Then do it!

Emmett, over the comms: There's just one thing. Once we do that, the reactor might overload and destroy the generator and I can't use the cure without powering it up. Apparently, it needs a power source and a conductor.

Jake, turning to Drake: Guessing he means you and me.

Drake: (sigh) We'll be right there.

Drake deactivates his comms and turns back to Jake.

Drake: Ready?

Jake: Not really but if this is what we have to do to stop this nightmare than let's do it.

Drake nods as the two of them fly out of view. The scene then cuts to later where fighter-ships are seen firing at the Murphy Industries building, blasting off some of the letters in the logo on the front. The ships then explode when blasted with energy spikes from the approaching Jake. Drake then flies in through the opening behind him and deactivates his form afterwards. Emmett turns from the generator.

Emmett: Alright, it's ready to go.

Anton Reeves then comes out from behind the generator.

Jake: Oh heck no!

Drake: Reeves!

Emmett: Wait, he helped repair the generator so we can use it.

Jake: How can we even trust that it'll work?

Anton Reeves: Because if this doesn't work, the Xyrions will move beyond New York and take over the entire Earth. And that simply isn't good for business.

Emmett: It'll work.

Drake grunts then makes his way to the generator. Jake hovers over to the cell and inside.

Jake: On the bright side, I might get more super powers.

Drake prepares to climb into his own cell when Emmett stops him.

Emmett: Wait. You'll need this-

Emmett hands him the bottled serum.

Drake: What do I do with this?

Emmett: Something tells me it'll come to you.

Emmett then takes a step back as Drake gets into his cell. Anton Reeves then activates the generator, sealing the cells within an energy field. The reactor can be heard humming then activating as Jake's cell powers up. His energy then fires into Drake's cell once again. Drake holds in the pain he's feeling as he grips onto the bottled serum. Technical marks then form around the hand holding the serum as he hacks into it. A wave of energy then explodes from the generator, spreading from the building, across the entire city. On the streets, Xyrions can be seen approaching, readying to attack, until the wave comes over them, reverting them back into Natural Born Mutants; some looking more or less Human while others have distinct Mutant features. Fionna and Danny then stop fighting and look around.

Fionna: They did it. They actually did it.

The scene then returns to the central room where the generator stops pulsing and starts to die down. The energy fields around the cells then diminish, allowing both Drake and Jake to exit their cells.

Emmett: Kate?

Kate, looking out of the shattered window opening: It looks like it's working... They're turning back to normal.

Kate looks up, seeing the ships still above them, some even exiting from the portal above.

Kate: But the ships- the ships are still coming through.

Anton Reeves: That can't be right. We did everything the way it was supposed to be. Unless...

Drake: Unless what?

Anton Reeves: Unless they have a generator on the other side, keeping it stabilized from their end.

Emmett: So that's it then. They keep coming through, sending more ships and more armies but we keep fighting.

Drake: He's right, we need to-

Drake nearly falls over, he leans against the cell and catches his breath. Jake helps him up until he regains his balance.

Jake: That cure blast must have drained a lot of energy out of you. You need to rest.

Drake: I can't. We need to keep fighting until there's no more of them. It's the only thing we can do.

Jake: No... there's another way to end the invasion. We go through the portal and shut down the generator on their side.

Emmett: Is that even possible?

Anton Reeves: Technically, it is. But you would need to be able to move quick enough to be accepted by the inter-dimensional pulses and be able to reach the wormhole 100 feet above us. But even if one of you can make it, the other end of that portal leads to the other end of space- there's nothing out there. No air, no city and possibly no return.

Jake looks at Anton then looks down. Drake then pushes himself off from the cell.

Drake: I'll do it.

Emmett: What?

Drake: I can fly. I can- I can make it there.

Jake: No. You can't. You're too weak from the drain. I, on the other hand, seem to have unlimited energy inside me.

Drake: No, don't...

Jake: It has to be me. I realize that now. Each of you guys were held back in one way or another and you had to face that in order to be here, fighting together. But me, I'm still held back. I'm afraid of them.  And it's okay to have fear, I mean- that keeps alive but it's never okay to let fear overcome you. This is something I have to face. They may have taken my life away but they gave me the one thing that can stop them and I have to use it.

Drake: If you go... you might not come back.

Jake: And if you go, this city won't have anyone to save it. I'll never see my world again so why not save this one for the rest of you guys?

Jake then turns and approaches the opening.

Drake: No! Wait-!

Jake then looks down his gauntlet which charges with energy. He then looks up and takes off, flying above. He then starts to pick up on speed, approaching the Jumpgate quickly. Drake, Emmett and Kate then stand by the opening, looking up at the sky.

Drake, softly, to himself: Jake...

Jake then continues rising up until he phases right through, vanishing without a trace. Drake then turns away after it happens. Silence then occurs as the scene cuts to a dark void where Jake phases through slowly. Through his mask, his eyes can be seen, squinting then widening suddenly. The view then shows an armada of alien ships approaching the wormhole behind him, passing through the dark reaches of space; which has splashes of blue, green. Behind the ships, is a large, dark yellow mixed with heavy purple alien planet. Jake looks around until he starts to choke. His breathing appears to have slowed but sounds can be heard; just the continued silence. Jake then turns his head, seeing the largest of the ships above the others, with a dish built in front of it. Jake then slowly struggles as he extends his arm out in front of him. Through the mask, his eyes can be seen closing slowly. His hand closes slowly as well, forming a fist. Then, with what seems like a last breath, Jake manages to fire a single energy spike from his device before drifting backwards, now motionless, with his armor starting to freeze over. The view then rotates at a moderate pace until it shows the energy spike, continuing on its path. Then, it impacts with the dish, causing it explode. The scene then cuts back to the central room where the generator sends out a pulse, almost immediately. The pulse wave is then fired upwards, projecting itself onto the Jumpgate, destabilizing it. The ships around the portal then start to get pulled back, into the portal at hasty speeds.

Emmett: He did it. He took out the generator.

Drake: And Jake?

Emmett, turning to Drake: ...Let's just hope he makes it.

Back in the space, Jake can be seen floating through the darkness. The view then shows his eyes through the mask, closed. A moment passes by until a small surge of energy flows through his suit. Then, the surge becomes more intense, as if shocking him. Jake's eyes then open wide with the sound of gasping for air, becoming audible. He then looks around, seeing the large alien ships passing by him. He then turns around and sees that the Jumpgate is diminishing. He then tries moving forwards but finds it difficult to perform. He then looks down at his device then back at the quickly closing portal. He then turns himself around and extends his arm out. He then creates a blast of energy from that device, shooing him backwards quickly. The portal then start to come up right on him until he vanishes through the portal as he disappears. Back in the city, in the sky, Jake phases through the now-gone Xyrion Jumpgate and hovers around, looking down at the city around him. He looks down. The scene then cuts to the opening where Drake turns his head upwards and sees Jake hovering there. He then nods and turns to Emmett, who is now looking at him.

Emmett: We did it. We won...

Drake: Yeah... we did.

Drake turns and looks out over the city. Later, on a television screen, a reporter is seen behind a desk, with a photo of the devastated city next to him. He's wearing a black suit. He has black hair and brown eyes.

Reporter, on TV: In Latest News, as confirmed by- several sources. The city has just been through what many are calling an invasion of extra-terrestrial origin.

Another reporter is seen with a different image, of a blurred fiery figure, standing before a burning building. She's wearing a red dress. She has brown hair and brown eyes.

Reporter 2, on TV: Several mysterious individuals have been seen, definitely possessing abnormal powers and abilities. Most of which appear to have assisted in attacking the city.

Yet another reporter is seen with a different image, of Leviathan, lifting up a piece of debris as two citizens move out from underneath it. He's wearing a yellow shirt underneath a navy blue blazer and has a black tie.

Reporter 3, on TV: While some would suggest that these powered individuals have been doing harm, many eye-witnesses report that they were just simply trying to help.

Two reporters are seen, sitting next to each other, behind a desk, with an image of a blue blur and a flying light passing by in the sky. The reporter on the left is a woman wearing a blue dress, she has black hair and brown eyes while the reporter on the right is a man wearing a green suit.

Reporter 4, on TV: These enhanced individuals only prove that there is more to the Mutant population than the threats that we thought they were. With rumors of changes within our system, we only have to wonder what the future has in stored for enhanced people out there.

Reporter 5, on TV: In other news, damages to the city are being evaluated at the moment but the main question is how many more of these enhanced individuals are out there and is their presence one to welcomed? But most importantly, where are these helpers now?

Now in Daryl's Pizza, Jake is seen seated at a table, next to Danny. Across from them is Emmett and Fionna. They are all in their casual or regular clothing. The whole restaurant is in a mess, with some tables knocked over, windows shattered and blast marks on the wall.

Daryl's Pizza
June 8, 14:22 EDT

Emmett: I honestly can't believe we're having pizza right now. I mean, we just fought off an alien invasion.

Danny: I can't believe we just fought off an alien invasion.

Jake: If you ask me, we can use the break. What we went through some seriously intense.

Emmett: What matters is, we stopped their invasion and sent them back. Now, we don't have to deal with them again.

Jake: I don't know, man. They came here before, how do we know they won't come back again?

Fionna: We don't. Maybe they will come, maybe they won't. But all of us defeated them today so I know we can defeat them any other day too.

The others gives her appreciating looks as the door opens and Drake enters, in his casual attire. The others turn or look around to the door as Danny approaches their table, an uneasy expression on his face.

Danny: Hey Drake, what took you so long?

Drake: I needed to deal with something... someone, actually.

Emmett looks down and lets out a soft sigh.

Emmett: It's John, isn't it?

Emmett looks up at Drake who nods with difficulty.

Emmett: How is Kate handling it?

Drake: I don't know. She went with her dad. The police are containing the rest of the building. Reeves was sent to jail, I made sure of it.

Jake: How are you handling it?

Drake sighs.

Fionna, interjecting the silence: We've all seemed to have lost people, maybe they were close to us or maybe they weren't. But we knew these people, either way. Sometimes the best thing to do is just- keep doing what you do but for them.

The five of them remain silence as Drake looks at her with a thoughtful gaze. Drake then grabs a knocked over chair that was behind him and turns it up-right, positioning it next to the table. He then sits, looking around at his friends. Emmett then slides him a paper plate with a pizza slice resting right on top of it.

Emmett: Sorry, if it's cold or anything.

Fionna then rubs her hands together, warming them up and puts them over the plate, heating the slice up. She pulls her hands back, shaking them to cool them off.

Fionna: And now it's not.

Danny, holding his head up and smiling at her: (sigh) Please be my friend... (in a more regular tone) In fact, why don't we all be friends? I kinda need some, to be honest.

Jake: Same here, man, but we can do something better. We can stay a team and stick together, helping out pretty much anywhere.

Danny: I'm game if you guys are.

Fionna: Why not? I trust you guys.

Emmett: I have to deal my company stuff but who knows. Might just end up joining again. (turning to Drake) Drake?

Drake: I don't know if I'm ready to do this again, guys.

Emmett: Well, we'll be here when you're ready.

Drake nods.

Jake: So, what are we going to name yourselves?

Fionna: What?

Jake: Well, lots of teams have names so people know who they are like the MCA.

Fionna: What about where we're going to go? Where do we stay when we come together for our team... stuff?

Emmett: I might be able to work something out, actually.

Danny: Okay, for the name. How about... the Fascinating Five?

Fionna: How about... no.

Emmett and Jake laugh a bit while Drake sits there, slightly awkward-like. He then turns his head and sees the Director standing in the doorway of the restaurant. Drake then looks at her, carefully. The scene then cuts over to an alleyway, across from Daryl's Pizza, where the Director is seen standing there. She turns her head and sees Drake entering the alleyway.

Drake: You needed something?

Director: Just your attention.

Drake looks around then turns back to the Director, extending his arms out.

Drake: You have it.

He lowers his arms and the Director sighs.

Drake: What is it? Is something wrong?

Director: Yes! Owens- the original Owens is still missing. Even his clone agrees that we need to pull in some resources to finding him.

Drake: And you need me to go with you, don't you? If that's what you need, I'll do it. I've seen the world outside of the city, I can handle finding Owens again.

Director: Actually, I need you to stay here and look after things.

Drake: What do you mean?

Director: I'm going with Owens'... clone to search for the original. Just the two of us. We think it's for the best.

Drake: If you go, who will be Director?

Director: I don't know. They'll figure it out, find someone else. Which just means things are going to change even more. But, maybe you were right all along. Maybe it's time for change. After everything, I feel like this is just something I have to do.

Drake: Then do it. Find Owens.

Director: I will but I'm not here to let you know. I'm here to warn you, Drake. If they renew the MCA, you might not have the same freedom that I let you have. Things are going to be different, maybe even harder from here on out. I suppose I just wanted to know if you handle yourself, after everything that happened-

Drake: I will.

The Director looks at him then nods. She then turns and walks down the alleyway.

Director, walking away: Take care of yourself, Drake.

Drake then stands there in the alleyway, alone. The view then moves upwards, raising to the rooftops, as the scene transitions to later on, in the night. Drake is seen perched on the edge of the rooftop, outfitted in his Vigilante suit, watching over the city below.

Drake, narrating: The city. Safe again. I couldn't have saved my city without help from the others. Today, we became more just people with powers and we became more just friends. We became a team, something I didn't even know I was apart of until it was too late.

Drake continues looking down. The view then shows that Drake is actually looking down at an apartment balcony where Kate can be seen, leaning against the railing, by herself. Drake remains where he is, watching her for a moment longer before getting up and walking away. Kate turns back afterwards, entering the apartment. 

Drake, narrating: A friend told me that the best thing to do is to continue what I do but to do it for the ones we lost. And maybe she's right. We might have saved the city together but the world beyond the city just got bigger. There are other places out there, with other threats and other dangers. And that's something I have to be ready for.

Drake is then seen, leaping from rooftop to rooftop until he drops down onto a lower rooftop and gets up, looking ahead of him, with a faint light coming over his face.

Drake, narrating: I don't know when the world will need me and I don't know when the team will have to form again. But what I do know is that the city will always need someone to save it.

The view then pans upwards, showing the Murphy Industries building before Drake, standing on the rooftop. The building is still in a damaged state from the invasion. The text on the front of the building, no longer says "MURPHY INDUSTRIES" due to the many missing and damaged letters. The current state of the text now reads, "MD".

Drake, narrating: And that someone... is me.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • The MCA Helicarrier crashes
  • The Xyrions invade the city
  • John dies
  • Drake, Fionna, Emmett, Danny and Jake form together to stop the Xyrion invasion

Minor Events

  • Drake gains a new form, a new Nanogene and regains his previous forms
  • Detective Wilson learns that Drake is the Vigilante
  • Jake gains more access to the alien device on his arm


  • Drake
  • Kate
  • John (Deceased)
  • Fionna
  • Emmett
  • Danny
  • Jake
  • Director Harper
  • Agent Owens Clone
  • MCA Officers
    • Agent DeLisle
    • Agent Mertens
  • Detective Wilson
  • Adam
  • Emma Reed
  • Mother
  • Secret City Citizens
  • Emmett's Mother (First Appearance)
  • Frank (First Appearance) (Deceased)
  • Frank's Wife (First Appearance)
  • Frank's Daughter (First Appearance)
  • Ryder (Cameo)
  • Young Drake (Flashback)
  • Leia (Flashback) (Deceased)
  • Will (Flashback) (Deceased)
  • Marsha (Flashback) (Deceased)
  • Citizens


  • Xyrions
    • Xyrion Leader
    • Xyrion Command
  • Anton Reeves
  • Controlled Citizens
    • Agent Owens (Tempoarily)
    • Officer Whedon
    • Officer Riba
    • Officer Terrio
    • Officer Paesano
  • Donovan (First Appearance)
    • Donovan's Men (First Appearance)
  • The Hunters (Flashback)
    • Gerard (Flashback) (Deceased)

Forms Used

  • Stone Slicer (x3)
  • Acidic Thorns (x2)
  • Celesnoid (First Appearance)
  • Fire Fists (x2)
  • Stealth Wings (x4)
  • Electro-Icer
  • Hover Speed (x2)
  • Crystal Claws (x2)


  • When John removes the Xyrion's control from Owens, he claims he never "re-calibrated someone's cognitive functions before". This is a reference to The Avengers, where Black Widow performed "Cognitive Recalibration" on Hawkeye to remove Loki's mind control.
  • The Xyrion-controlled MCA Officers, aside from Owens, are all named after people involved with media that helped influence this episode; Officer Whedon is a reference to Joss Whedon, writer and director for The Avengers, Officer Riba is a reference to Dan Riba who directed several episodes of Ben 10: Alien Force including War of the Worlds, Officer Terrio is a reference to Chris Terrio, writer for Justice League, and Officer Paesano is a reference to John Paesano, composer for Daredevil and The Defenders.
  • Danny's unmasking scene was inspired by and a reference to Ultimate Spider-Man Issue 44.


  • The writing of this episode took several weeks and delays due to the extensive writing.
    • According to the writers, this is most likely the biggest episode they've written as of yet.
  • Writing Danny's scenes in this episode were, at first, probably the hardest to do as having super speed as his only ability made it harder for him to hold his own against the Xyrions, aliens that even Drake couldn't handle alone.
  • Jake's video game analogy was almost cut from the episode but was kept in to add to his child-like thinking since he was abducted as a kid.
  • The "not because she's on fire" line was actually supposed to be said by John in The Other Kind when talking about Fionna at the end of the episode but it was saved so a different character can say it better at a later time.
  •  Some scenes were cut from this episode because they either didn't feel right for the episode or because the episode was already long enough. These scenes included:
    • Xyrions attacking the Central News building.
    • Xyrions attacking the Hospital where John works.
    • The Dude helping others at Daryl's Pizza during the invasion.
    • Extended police scenes.
    • Detective Wilson with Kate at the Murphy Industries building.
    • Cameos from Blaine Winters, Professor Lloyd, Psyche and Shadow Hound.
    • The Government activating "Wipe Protocol" and the team using it on the Xyrions.
    • The team or, at least, Drake facing off against the Xyrion Command.
  • Originally, Owens and the Director were supposed to raid the Murphy Industries building with John, holding off the Xyrions while John tries to help Drake.
  • The episode was originally going to end with the five team members standing before the Murphy Industries building, united. The sign was going to be appear like it does in the episode but there wouldn't have been any narration, just dialogue among them.
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