Mutant Drake
Season 2, Episode 19
Air date 9/8/17
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
Episode Guide
The Invasion Part 2
The Invasion Part 1 is thirty-second episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In a city, on a day like none other, the sky is dark and grey as clouds have overcame the sky. Echoes of thunder ring off through the clouds above with small flashes.

Drake, narrating: It hasn't been easy, our fight against the Xyrions. No one knew they existed because they were working behind abandoned companies, hiding behind the Government and now, they were coming out into the open. They had plans that we could never prepare for. But now it was our time, to bring the fight to them. I... I just want for things to have gone differently.

The scene lowers down to Murphy Tower and keeps its focus on the building as it enters the view.

Murphy Tower, Philadelphia
June 6, 20:00 EDT

Inside the building, a figure can be seen walking down the halls. As the figure continues passing through, Xyrion soldiers can be seen, attending to their own tasks at the side of the hall. The person walking is a humanoid figure, wearing a coat. The scene then cuts from the halls of the company to the conference room,  where the Xyrion Leader can be seen, looking out from the large windows. The door to the conference room is then opened by a Xyrion soldier, who keeps the door open as Anton Reeves enters.

Xyrion Leader: What brings you to me?

Anton Reeves: Inquiry.

Xyrion Leader: Are you questioning our agreement?

Anton Reeves: I am.

The Xyrion Leader turns quickly from the window, his eyes focused entirely on Reeves. The Xyrion that had opened the door for Reeves, proceeds to approach him from behind.

Anton Reeves: Please, allow me to explain myself first.

The Xyrion Leader gnarls to himself for a second before raising his arm. The Xyrion soldier stops.

Anton Reeves: I have done as you asked for the past week since we had aligned ourselves. You'll get the technology you need and my men are handling the resources. But, I must ask, at the rate that we're going, how will this benefit myself and my company? After all, I have a business to keep running.

Xyrion Leader: Your petty issues are no concern to us.

Anton Reeves: Even if it's at the cost of your entire operation?

Xyrion Leader: You dare threaten us?!

Anton Reeves: Of course not. But we are in a mutual agreement. I can't proceed without knowing I'll be compensated for my collaboration with your... organization. At the very least, I would like to know fully well what these plans are.

Xyrion Leader: ...You'll get your compensation, Anton Reeves, but know this- my superiors, my masters- they will not hesitant to order your termination. Note, that it is I, who is maintaining your existence so long as you provide what we need. As for our plans, you will see soon enough. I hope that gives you the enlightenment you desire.

Anton Reeves: Yes... I understand fully where we stand.

Xyrion Leader: Excellent. Because, I need you to take charge of this operation.

Anton Reeves: Me? From the way it sounded, you wanted to lead.

Xyrion Leader: I have more pressing issues to sort through, to make sure our plans become fully operational. We will need you and your leadership to take over and deliver the final elements before we can move forwards.

Anton Reeves: Of course. It will be done. But what about the resistance? There are factors that are actually an issue to concern yourself over.

Xyrion Leader: The Vigilante... Yes. He will be dealt with personally. And the others? There is nothing they can do- (turns back to the widow, now watching over the city) ...but fall.

Title Sequence

The scene continues in the sky, which is now bright and without a cloud in the sky. The MCA Helicarrier can be seen hovering along, with a glare from the sun coming out from behind it.

MCA Helicarrier
June 7, 8:45 EDT

On board, several MCA Officers can be seen, walking through the corridors of the Helicarrier, moving in and out of different room and attending their tasks. Kate leaves from one of the rooms, she looks around before walking down the corridor. The scene cuts to a door, which slides open as Kate approaches. She enters the room, which is the laboratory, and sees Drake, putting on his Vigilante suit by one of the desks. John is seated by the very same desk, watching Drake. She stops at the doorway, looking at them, as the doors slide shut soon after.

Kate: What are you doing?

John: He is planning on going out and taking on the Xyrion command.

Kate: On your own?

Drake: Look, Kate, they already have a plan and they're already making their move. If we want to stop them, we have to do it now. The only way to stop them for good is by hitting them at the command that their leader was talking to.

Kate: Do you even know where they are?

Drake: No, but I'm going to look around. Wherever they are, there's nowhere they can hide that I won't find them.

John: Drake, we already tried this, okay? We looked around and we couldn't find any sign of them. It's almost like they don't even exist.

Drake: They're out there, John. I heard them. I am going to find them, no matter what happens.

Kate: Can you at least talk to your boss, this time? I don't know us getting into anymore trouble because we went somewhere we weren't supposed to. You remember what happened the last time you tried that.

Drake: (sigh) Fine. But I'm going to find them, no matter what she tells me.

Drake finishes tying his boot laces and gets his leg off of the chair it was rested on. He then makes his way outside of the laboratory. Kate turns and looks over at John.

John: I guess we're going after him.

Kate: I guess so.

John gets up from his seat and leaves the lab along with Kate. The scene cuts again to the control hub where the Director is seen standing in front of the main window. There are several MCA Officers working at their stations. The elevator doors slide open as Drake, Kate and John step out and walk forwards.

Director, her hand against her earpiece: Yes, that's right. I want all of their attention on it, leave no detail unchecked. Make sure of it!

She takes her hand off of her earpiece and sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose.

Drake: What's going on?

Director: Oh, I'm glad you're here. We're about to begin the raid.

John: Uh- raid? Did you say raid?

Drake: What raid? What are you talking about?

Director: The council gave us the go ahead after I presented evidence that the Xyrions have left their base of operations. Right now, we're preparing to engage any hostiles within the facility.

Drake: Why didn't you tell me about this?

Director: Because it wasn't your fight, Drake. We have this under control. Owens is in charge of the operation. We finally have them.

Drake: ...I hope you're right about this.

The scene then cuts over to the Xyrion base out in the clearing. The Jumpjet is already landed by it with several MCA Officers surrounding the front of the base.

Xyrion Base
June 7, 8:58 EDT

Owens is seen in front of the squad of MCA Officers. He's taking cover at the side of the base's wall.

Owens: Alright, move in, move in!

Owens gets up from the wall, readying his blades as he approaches forwards followed by several MCA Officers. They enter the facility, with the area clear so far. The officers and agents find themselves at a metallic platform with a button panel at the side. Owens presses the button, holds it down for a couple of seconds before it activates.

Owens: Looks like a lift, come on.

The squad of officers get onto the platform as it starts to descend. The platform continues descending, with a view of the Xyrion base appearing as they proceed into its lower levels. Once the platform lands, the officers step off and swarm the base with their weapons readied. Agent Owens looks around the base, entering one of the rooms which is empty. The scene shows an MCA Officer entering one of the Xyrion laboratories, which is also clear of any Xyrions. Agent Shawn then enters the communications room, which also has no Xyrions anywhere. He turns around and Owens walks over to him.

Owens: All the Officers called in. There's no one here.

Agent Shawn: That's impossible. We had them on watch and they not only left on several occasions but managed to clear out before we showed up.

Owens: I don't know how to explain it, Shawn. I'll report what we found to the Director.

Agent Shawn: At this point, we found nothing. But I dunno, I'm not convinced. I think I might just have another look around with a few of our guys.

Owens: If you do, let me know before hand.

Agent Shawn: Roger that, Owens.

Owens, activating comms: Director, there aren't any hostiles in the facility... Director?

Agent Shawn: What's the matter?

Owens: I'm not getting a signal. I'm going up-top to see if I can reach her.

Agent Owens: Alright, I'll be down here.

Owens nods and turns back to leave the room. Agent Shawn then looks around. The scene then cuts to the outside of the facility, shortly later, where Owens can be seen leaving the base. After he steps a few feet away from the entrance, he places his hand against his earpiece.

Owens: Director?

Director, over the comms: What's your status, Owens?

Owens: The facility has been cleared but-

Before Owens can finish his sentence, the entire base explodes. The force of the explosion throws Owens forwards and onto the ground. He looks up at the large fire but grunts, holding his side.

Director, over the comms: Owens? Owens!

Owens: Director, the base it-'s gone.

Director, over the comms: What do you mean gone? ...Owens?

Owens: There- There was an explosion... (breaths) our guys- they didn't make it out.

Director, over the comms: (break) I understand. Come back to base.

Owens: Yes, Director...

Owens deactivates his comms as he gets himself up from the ground, holding his head. He stands there and looks before him at the destroyed Xyrion base. Smoke rises from the remains of the base while fire surrounds it. The scene then cuts back to the control hub of the MCA Helicarrier. The Director leans against one of the stations and lowers her head.

Drake: What happened?

Director: The Xyrion Base... exploded. They must have set a trap in case we came there. They cleared out before any of us arrived. 

John looks down while Kate puts her hand over her mouth. Drake slams his fist onto a station, creating a dent within it.

Director: Owens is okay but we don't know if there are any other survivors.

Drake: Let me go over there.

Director: Drake-

Drake: Let me go over there. I can help. I do something-

Director: By the time you get there, it would be too late. I need you to stay here and work on finding these Xyrions.

Drake: I can't just stay out of this. They took Owens and now they took all of these Officers, the only difference is we're not getting them back!

Director: I understand, Drake.

Drake: Do you? Let me help them, this is what I'm supposed to do.

Director: And I'm ordering you to stay down. If you get involved or captured and we can't rescue you then it's over. (break) Head back to the Manhattan Outpost, we need to find out where these things have gone and how to stop them from doing whatever they're doing.

The Director looks away from Drake who stands there, staring at her. Kate puts her hand on Drake's shoulder and guides him away.

Kate: Let's- let's just go, Drake.

Drake does not give a reply but continues staring at the Director until he is fully turned around. He then follows Kate back to the elevator with John at their side. They enter the elevator. The doors then close behind them.

John: So... what do we do now? We don't have anymore leads to go off of.

Kate: Well, if whenever I run out of leads or sources when it comes to writing up a report, I just try to clear my head, work from the beginning. Maybe we'll find something back at home.

Drake doesn't respond which brings a sigh out of Kate. As the elevator continues to descend, the scene then cuts to the Jumpjet flying through skies over an ocean of water. The Jumpjet then starts to curve slightly as it continues flying forwards. The view turns towards the right, showing the city of New York in the distance, with the Jumpjet still approaching it.

New York City
June 7, 10:38 EDT

The scene cuts to the inside of the city district, where the buildings stand tall as the Jumpjet flies past them. Several people look up from street-level at the passing by Jumpjet. One person even taking a picture with their phone. The Jumpjet is then seen flying then slowing down as it begins to hover down, over the MCA Outpost, landing on the pad on its roof.

John, unseen: Oh, it's been a while since we've been here.

The scene cuts to the inside of the Manhattan outpost with Drake, John and Kate passing through the corridors.

John, walking: The lab, the briefing room, the snack room. Good times, good times... You know, I actually have a bunch of projects I've been working on back at the Helicarrier. I can ask them to send them down and work on them in the outpost's lab. Might take some time to get them down here but, while we wait, we could check out the city.

Kate: You probably miss this place, huh, Drake?

Drake: Yeah... it's been too long. It's just- I don't know if this city changed without the Vigilante to be there.

John: Well, there's only one way to find out.

Kate: Actually, since I'm back in the city, I should probably check in with my dad and work. I guess our little trip is over now that we're back in New York.

John: Oh man, I didn't even think about that. I probably have a thousand slices of pizza waiting for me back at Darryl's. I wouldn't mind grabbing a few on our way to your place.

Kate: How about we meet before we eat?

John: (chuckles) Alright, alright.

They continue walking forwards until they are no longer in view. The scene then cuts over to the city, showing off its several buildings. Among the buildings is Kate's apartment.

June 7, 11:12 EDT

Inside the building, a door is seen with a fist knocking against it before descending out of view.

Man, voice muffled by door: Yeah, yeah. Give me a sec!  A short moment passes by until the door is opened by Detective Wilson.

Detective Wilson: Look, I told you before. I'm not interested in anything you're sell-

He looks ahead and sees Kate standing there with Drake and John behind her.

Detective Wilson: Oh my goodness. Sweetheart!

He leans forwards and wraps his arms around her.

Detective Wilson, hugging her: Oh! I didn't know you were coming in today.

Kate: Dad, it's alright, I'm fine.

Detective Wilson, hugging her: Oh sweetheart. It's been too long, it's been too long.

He disengages from the hug and holds her by her shoulders.

Detective Wilson: How are you? Did you eat? Are you hurt? How'd you get in, I didn't get a call or anything?

Kate: I just got in. I guess I didn't know it would be that soon.

Detective Wilson: What do you mean you didn't know? They didn't mess with your schedule or anything, did they?

Kate: Relax, Dad. Everything's fine. Look, do you mind if I- well, do you mind if my friends come in?

Detective Wilson looks partially confused at Kate then looks over and sees Drake and John behind her.

Detective Wilson, realizing: Oh, uh- yeah. Of course, of course. Make yourselves at home.

The three of them enter the apartment with Detective Wilson closing the door behind them.

Detective Wilson: So, uh... you guys. Hey.

John: Uh, yeah. Hey, Mr. Wilson. It's um- nice to see you again.

Detective Wilson: Right. Look, again, I'm sorry about the whole- accusing you and trying to shoot you- thing. I just got a little worked up. I know it's been affecting Kate and everyone else so it'd be nice if you all sat down for a talk.

John: Of course, Mr. Wilson.

Detective Wilson: Hey. That's Detective Wilson to you, kid.

John: Uh...

Kate: Dad...

Detective Wilson: Relax, I'm just messing around. Can I get you guys anything? A water or-

John: I'm fine, thanks.

Detective Wilson: So, you're back. Now, don't do that whole trip thing again, huh? At least, not for a while, okay. I get spooked sometimes, I get worried about you, sweetheart. I don't know if I deal with that, Kate. Just- not having a daughter around.

Kate: Hey, I'm back, aren't I? I'll be here today and the next day and the day after that.

John looks down slowly then turns away.

Kate: So, you're home. Is everything alright with work?

Detective Wilson: Yeah, yeah. Everything's fine with work. It's been busy here and there but yeah- I'm just working on some police reports. Nothing too out of the ordinary, y'know?

Kate: Yeah.

Detective Wilson: I actually have to head out soon. But uh- stick around as long as you need to, alright? I'm pretty sure you don't have to go back to work until next week.

Kate: Now where's the fun in that?

Detective Wilson chuckles to himself before looking up at his daughter with a more sincere look.

Detective Wilson: I'll try to get off early. Maybe we can spend some time together.

Kate: Yeah... I'd like that. Look, I'm just going to go to my room. I wanna check on somethings.

Detective Wilson: Don't worry I didn't convert into my personal man cave. Not yet, anyways.

Kate: You? With a man cave?

Detective Wilson: Hey, it could happen.

Kate laughs before turning and heading off to her room. Ryan sighs and scratches the back of his head before turning back to Drake and John.

Detective Wilson: Drake, right?

Drake: Yeah.

Detective Wilson: Look, I know you're a good friend of my daughter's. I've seen you around with her for a long while now. She doesn't have that many friends, I guess she's just independent-like that so I know you have great qualities. I also know she's gotten herself into a handful of situations. But every time, she makes it out alright. Part of me knows she can take care of herself but another part of me wants to believe that it's because you're there to make sure she's alright when I can't. I can tell by the way you look at me that you don't completely trust me, maybe it's because I'm a detective or maybe it's because I'm her father, but I just want you to know something. We're on the same side, you and I. We both want the same thing: for her to be safe. And as her father, I gotta say I appreciate what you do for her. You're a good kid.

Drake looks up at Detective Wilson and nods in acknowledgement. He then turns his head and sees John.

Detective Wilson: Oh, um- Josh, was it?

John: John... John Reed.

Detective Wilson: Right. Right. I don't know you too well but you and Kate seem to have a good thing going for each other. So... same thing for you as well.

John: Thanks...

Detective Wilson nods awkwardly.

Detective Wilson: Well, I'll see you two around. I have take care of somethings down at the precinct.

He moves towards the door.

Detective Wilson: With the Vigilante skipping town, he left the NYPD with plenty of work. (opening the door) Nothing too crazy but at least it gives us a chance to catch the bad guys rather than clean them up and send them to recovery.

He steps outside and prepares to close the door.

Drake: Maybe he's not as bad you think, Detective.

Detective Wilson: Ha! I'll believe it when I see it.

He then closes the door behind him, leaving Drake and John alone in the living room. Kate then enters the room.

Kate: Oh, he left already?

John: Yep. You know, he's a nice guy. I mean, aside from almost shooting me, he's not that bad.

Kate: That's dad, alright.

John: So where to next?

Kate: Work. I have drop off all these reports that I've been working on otherwise I'll never wind up a reporter. Plus, I might get fired otherwise.

John: If they fire you then they obviously don't know good journalism.

Kate, smirks: Smooth.

John smiles as Kate turns to the door. His smile then vanishes slowly as he looks down in thought. The scene cuts to the city once again, with its focus now on the Central News building.

Central News Corporation Building
June 7, 11:43 EDT

Inside the building, there are several employees moving around, attending to their different tasks. The environment seems busy, which is basically the norm when it comes to Central News. Among the activity, someone can be seen sitting on a desk, polishing the lens of a camera with a blue cloth. The view moves upwards from the waist of this person until it reaches their head, showing that it is Adam who is the one polishing his camera. He then puts the cloth down his desk and examines the camera thoroughly. By the entrance, elevator doors can be seen opening with Kate stepping onto the floor, followed by Drake and John. Adam turns his head and sees Kate walk into the room.

Adam: Kate!

She turns her attention to Adam who waves her over. She smiles as soon as she notices him.

Kate, making her way over: Adam, hey.

Adam: Hey, yourself. I didn't know you were coming back, you never called or anything.

Kate: Yeah, I know... I just got the same talk from my dad.

Adam: I was just worried, that's all. I mean- you were gone for that long and everything. The Chief must really like you.

Kate chuckles.

Kate: Well, I couldn't have done it without you covering for me. Thanks for that, by the way. I definitely owe you one.

Adam: Don't worry about it. Besides, friends don't owe each other. I just did it to help.

Adam looks at Kate with a shy smile. After a short moment, he comes to his senses and scratches the back of his head.

Adam: Anyways, I'm glad you're back. I was starting to get an ear-ache.

Kate: From talking to yourself?

Adam: That and from the Chief hollering orders at me. I've been drowning in work and-

Adam looks behind Kate and sees Drake, looking out of the window.

Adam: (sigh) ...I see he's here again.

Kate: Adam...

Adam: It's fine. I get it. He's going to be around and he had to go with you because of your partnership thing or whatever it was.

Kate: We're friends, Adam.

Adam: Yeah, I know we're friends but I just think he's-

Kate: I meant I'm friends with him...

Adam: Oh, right. Well... anyways, like I was saying, I'm working around the clock here.

Kate: Taking pictures?

Adam: Yeah, apparently there's this new building being constructed in Manhattan and the company that bought it are planning on releasing something tonight. I've been trying to get a good shot for weeks but security's been pretty strict when it came to photos.

Adam turns his head again, looking past Kate and sees John watching him and Kate.

Adam: Hey, isn't that the MCA guy we saw back in Central Park?

Kate: Huh? (turns and sees John)

John turns his head away when Kate looks back. Kate then turns back to Adam, continuing the conversation.

Kate: Uh, yeah. It is. That's a funny story actually-

Adam: Is he here to check up on you or something? I mean you probably had enough of the MCA on your back this whole trip, huh.

Kate: He's actually my friend too.

Adam: Really?

Kate: Yeah, we actually met in the park and he helped Drake. Apparently, they were friends for a while and now we're friends too.

Adam: But don't you have like a thing against the MCA?

Kate: Uh, yeah. I still kinda do but I mean- they're not all that bad, y'know. Some of them are kinda reasonable. Besides, he's different. He's like their intern. Well, he was their intern and now he's not their intern anymore. So I guess that still makes him MCA but, I mean, he's one of the nice ones, Adam.

Adam: ...Who are you and what did you do to Kate Wilson?

Kate: (soft chuckle) Knock it off...

Adam: Well, look. New friends, aside. I know we're probably going to be stacked with work for the next few weeks but maybe we could uh- do something later. Like grab some food... the two of us, together...

Kate: Look, Adam, I'm kind of-

Adam: I get it if you're not interested.

Kate: It's not that. It's just I already have plans with these guys and- (sentence trails off)

Adam: Oh, well, I mean- we could always do it some other thing. Just the two of us, like- like old times.

Kate looks at Adam.

Adam: What is it?

Kate: I'm seeing someone, Adam.

Adam: Oh... who-

Kate: It's the MCA guy, Adam.

Adam: Right... probably should've guessed that. I mean first you're with the Vigilante and now this guy?

Kate: Hey, come on, keep it down. Besides, that's just what I want to do, Adam. I mean we're not like a thing, we're just friends but still. It shouldn't really concern you who I end up with. I don't know what you're so upset about.

Adam: (chuckle) Oh course you don't. It's just that we've known each other for this long and I never really asked the world of you. And after all this time and what we've been through, you never bothered to even ask how I feel because maybe- ...maybe, I keep covering for you so many times because I want to add something to that. I want to be more than just a replaceable friend.

Kate: ...I-I didn't know. I didn't know you felt that way, Adam.

Adam: ...Well, now you do. (clears throat) Look, I've got plenty of work to do. I guess, we'll talk later or something. I got to go.

Kate, reaching for him: Adam-

Adam turns away and walks off elsewhere, leaving Kate where she is. She lowers his arm and sighs subtly to herself. After a short moment, she turns and walks back to the entrance where Drake and John are waiting for her.

John: So, what was that all about?

Kate: It's nothing. Look, I'm just going to go talk with the Chief. I'll meet you guys downstairs, okay?

John: Ah, yeah, sure thing. (turns to Drake) Come on, Drake.

Drake pulls himself away from the window and follows John into the elevator. John presses the button and looks back at Kate. The elevator doors then close before them and Kate turns, looking at the office across the room. Inside that very office, the Chief can be seen seated at his desk, reading a newspaper.

Kate, unseen: Chief?

Chief, reading his paper: Not right now I'm... busy looking at things. Tell Adam, he still owes me some pictures of that building in the city.

Kate: Chief.

Chief, reading his paper: What? You got a problem with your hearing? I said-

He slams the paper down and turns to see Kate standing in the doorway of his office.

Chief: Kate, you're back!

Kate: Hiya, Chief.

Chief: I thought you would be out there longer especially with all that extra time you needed for your assignments.

Kate: I think I had all the time I needed.

Chief: Where's that intern of yours? The quiet kid with the glasses.

Kate: Drake? He's uh- outside.

Chief: Well? Does he have anything to bring to the table?

Kate: He was mostly there for support, Chief.

Chief: Huh. I think I might fire him. I mean, I only put him in because you asked me.

Kate: And if you do, I might just have to ask you again.

Chief: Careful, Wilson.

Kate: Anyways, I have those reports for the RDR.

She removes a thick folder from her satchel and hands it to the Chief who takes it from her. He opens it and takes a look at the reports inside.

Chief, looking at the reports: What was it like? Your first time out of the city.

Kate: It was interesting, no-less. I met plenty of people, saw plenty of things. (catches her breath) I just can't believe it's over already. But besides all that, it's good to be here. A city like this- there's nothing else like it, Chief.

Chief: I know what you mean. I felt the same way... a long time ago. Perhaps, maybe you'll wind up getting that promotion and being a new reporter. Although, you might have to pull something less easy.

Kate: The job's never easy, Chief. It always comes with challenges and obstacles. Writing for a story is one thing but writing for the truth behind the story... that's worth every risk.

Chief: Well, it might take me a while to go over these but you did good work, Kate. I can tell. I'll see you and that intern of yours next week, right?

Kate: How about tomorrow?

She smirks as she leaves the office. The Chief then shakes his head to himself and returns to reading the reports in his hands. The scene then cuts to the outside of the Central News building where Drake is seen, looking around, as if in thought. Kate is then seen exiting the building, securing her satchel. She looks up and sees Drake looking into the distance.

Kate, approaching: Hey!

Drake turns his head and sees Kate approaching him.

Drake: Hey... How was work?

Kate: Good, good. I just had to hand in all my reports but I should be all set now.

Drake: Okay... (looks off again)

Kate: ...So, how does it feel? To be back in the city again?

Drake: (sigh) It feels good, Kate. It's like you said, I missed the city.

Kate: You sure about that? Something seems to be on your mind.

Drake: I don't-

Kate: You can stop, alright. You've been quiet this whole time and you look like someone's coming after you. We've been friends for this long, I know when you're thinking about something. You can tell me, Drake.

Drake: (sigh) I'm thinking about the Xyrions. About how they escaped. Where they could be. They're out there, right now, and I just- I don't know how to stop them, okay? I'm trying to think it through.

Kate: Look, Drake, you're not in this alone, alright? There are others out there that were affected by them that we helped and are willing to help us too. We can just call them in and- we can do this thing together.

Drake: I can't just call them, Kate. They have their lives, their own things to take care of. The Xyrions, all of this- this is something only I can do.

Kate: You know that's funny because I remember you saying something similar about two years ago about taking Ryden on your own and it turned out you needed help after all.

Drake: Hey, that was different. Besides, if I need help, I have you and John.

Kate: I'm flattered, Drake, but I'm a reporter-in-training and John's an inventor with a blaster. I mean, we make a good team but there's only so much we can do in this fight. I just think, we could use some back-up.

Drake: I don't know, Kate. Besides, wherever they are, they're probably as far away from this as they can get.

The scene then cuts to a refugee camp with a couple of people seen moving along, wearing more ragged clothing. There are several small stores within the camp. The sky is still clear, with a couple of clouds hovering over now, blocking the sun, creating this red-ish glare over the camp.

Refugee Camp, New Jersey
June 7, 13:44 EDT

A figure in a dark coat, with a hood, passes through, along the side, in front of the store fronts. A man, wearing a brown jacket is seen reeling out a crate from the side of one of the stores. He drops it and dusts his hands off before turning back and entering the shop once again. The dark figure then stops then quickly approaches the crate, prying open its cover and taking a few supplies from within.

Man, unseen: Hey!

The figure looks up, their face still obscured due to the hood. They then push off from the crate, with whatever supplies they have stolen and run off. The man then emerges from the store with a baseball bat, ready in hand.

Man, looking around: Where he'd go?!

The scene cuts back to the person fleeing and taking cover behind one of the stores. Their heavy breathing can be heard as they attempt to catch their breath. The figure then pulls down their hood, revealing that it's actually Fionna. She checks the supplies she gathered which really consists of food rations and cloths. Out of the rations, she grabs an apple and prepares to bite into it but she stops herself, looking into the forest beyond the camp. She then lowers the fruit from her mouth, still looking out at the forest before getting up and looking around at her surroundings. She then finds a towel, hanging up on the side of a door, and takes it. The scene then cuts over to the forest outside of the camp with Fionna walking past the trees with a sack in hand, no longer wearing the dark coat but rather her casual yellow jacket. She then finds a metallic hatch in the ground. She stares at it for a moment before squatting down. She places the sack next to the hatch and uses both hands to turn the wheel and open the hatch. She steps down, into the opening and grabs the sack as she descends, closing the hatch behind her. The scene then lowers into the ground, showing a moment of darkness before emerging into the massive cavern known as Secret City. Within the city, there are several people there. Some of which look almost like an average person while others have physical features that give them away as Mutants. Like the citizens in the camp, they move from place to place within the city, attending to their own tasks. Some of which stop what they're doing and turn as Fionna walks past them, still carrying her sack with her. There are a few gawks and mutters from the crowds at the side. Fionna turns his head, looking at the Mutant citizens watching her. She continues approaching forwards until a staff is seen, slamming down in front of her. She stops, slightly surprised.

Mother, stepping forwards with her staff: Fionna... is that you?

Fionna: Yes, Mother. It's me.

Mother: Wh- Why have you taken so long to return to Secret City? I was worried something had happened to you.

Fionna: I told you before. I needed to find the Mu- the people that those men have taken from us.

Mother: Yes, but we have received them weeks ago, Fionna. Yet, you remain out there on your own.

Fionna: I didn't know if I wanted to return here, Mother.

Mother: Why not? You belong here with the rest of your kind.

Fionna: But that's just it, Mother. I'm not just one of the Natural-Born. I don't know who I am, what I am anymore. I know you treat me different from the rest and I know that I am different from the rest. And knowing who I am is something I want to explore more. I thought that by leaving Secret City it would help me with this.

There's a moment of silence between the two. Fionna looks down at the sack she's been carrying this whole time and holds it up towards Mother.

Fionna: I uh- I bought some supplies for you and the others.

Mother: Stolen again, isn't it?

Fionna doesn't respond but looks down, possibly in shame.

Mother: You may have trouble knowing who you are but I know that you're still the same child I raised. That helped so many of our kind in Secret City. You do the same as you did before and you are the same as you were before. (sigh) I don't understand this change that you feel you're going through but Secret City is the place to help you understand those feelings. Either way, so much has changed while you left us, Fionna.

As Mother steps forwards, she coughs which brings a concerned expression upon Fionna's face. She drops the sack of supplies and steps towards her.

Fionna, holding her: Mother, are you-

Mother: I am fine, child. (sigh) I didn't want to leave in the first place, Fionna. And now that you were gone for so long, things have just- uh...

Her sentence trails off.

Mother: While you were away, others have felt inspired by what they believed was your bravery and courage and decided to leave Secret City and explore the unknown in hopes to help others who are lost and need our guidance. But they have not returned. I fear they too were taken.

Fionna: Taken? By whom?

Mother: I do not know for certain. I had our scouter search the area. He believes they were taken by men with large vehicles that bear a symbol of its sides, a symbol with an 'R'. But you should not worry yourself over that. They will find their ways back to us. What matters now is that you are home now.

Fionna: Mother, they can not return to us if they were taken. Someone has to be out there to bring them home. Someone has to be out there to protect all of our kind from outsiders and other threats. And if that someone is me then I can not do those things from in here.

Mother: But you can't go. You just returned to us! Fionna, I am not as well as I once told you I was. With you, by my side, at least, I will have the comfort of knowing you will take care of Secret City for me. Please.

Fionna: I'm sorry, Mother. But I have to do to this.

Mother: I understand, child.

Fionna turns back to where she came from and proceeds to walk towards the exit.

Mother: But know this-

Fionna stops, her back to Mother still.

Mother: I can not give you my blessing nor can I wish you good fortune for I am too ill. If you leave this city now, you will not have my protection, my guidance nor my permission to ever return... to Secret City. You will be completely on your own, with no one and nothing... but yourself.

Fionna: I know. Goodbye, Mother.

Fionna continues walking forwards, towards the exit. Mother then closes her eyes, holding tightly to her staff and sighs.

Mother, to herself, softly: Goodbye, my child.

The scene then cuts to later on, with Fionna sprinting through the forest, past several trees. She leaps over a log as she continues to run forwards. She then stops at a cliff and looks down, seeing an abandoned building with moss growing at the side of its walls. The building is partially destroyed at its upper half. Around the building is a large clearing. In the clearing, there are a couple of armed men, engaged in conversation, while another two are seen, exiting the building. The two leaving the building are also reeling out a container with a person inside of it. Fionna, watching from the distance, is surprised upon seeing the container. She continues watching, seeing the men load the container into a truck, parked not too far from the building. The truck has a logo on its side, reading "R-Corp". Fionna then squints with determination as she slides down the cliff side. The R-Corp employees are then seen getting into the truck. As they do so, Fionna makes her way to the back of the truck. She rubs her hands together until they start to glow dimly. She then places them over the doors. The metal then starts to wrap and melt slowly. The truck's engines then come alive, alerting Fionna. She then squeezes through the hole she just created and finds herself inside of the truck's cargo bay, along with the container. The truck then starts to drive off through the devastated landscape. The scene then transitions to later on, still keeping its focus on the truck driving forwards. The sky is now dimer, the red glare from the sun is slowly becoming yellow-ish as the clouds start to increase. The truck is no longer driving through a wasteland but rather a city with buildings passing by. The truck then makes a turn, driving into a garage for one of the buildings. While the truck vanishes below ground and out of sight, the view raises up the building side until it reaches the top, revealing the building to have an R-Corp symbol on its front. The view then zooms out from the building, passing by several rooftops and buildings. It then stops a certain rooftop where a figure drops down into view. The figure looks up, standing in the yellow beams of the sun, which show that the figure is actually Emmett in his Leviathan armor. He crouches down and looks down over the edge of the rooftop, looking at the entrance to Murphy Tower, being guarded by a couple of R-Corp employees.

Murphy Tower
June 7, 15:48 EDT

He looks up at the top of the tower which is way higher up than the rooftop he's currently on. Emmett delivers a grunt as he squints at the top of the tower. He then turns back and walks across the rooftop. When he gets to the back of it, he turns around and squints across the rooftop. As soon as he steps onto the edge of the rooftop, he bends down and pounces upwards. The scene cuts to street-level where the R-Corp employees are seen, paroling in front of the entrance. A small humanoid-shaped shadow flies over them but they fail to notice. Up in the air, Emmett can be seen soaring through the air as he continues to leap ahead. His momentum then starts to die down as he reaches out for the upcoming ledge at the top of the tower. However, before he can reach it, he starts to fall. His hands slip at the surface of the tower's walls as he begins to slide against them. He then slams his fist into the side of the tower and punches a hole into the wall. With his arm in the side of the building, he stops sliding and remains at the side of the tower. Emmett sighs in relief as he looks below him; the street appear so small and the bypassing citizens are like moving dots. He raises his head, looking at his arm in the side of the building and thinks for a moment. He then reaches upwards with his free hand and punches another hole in the side of the tower, slightly above the other one he had made. He then removes his initial hand, pulls himself up and punches yet another hole in the side of the tower. He continues his cycle as he scales up the side of the building until he reaches the ledge he was previously aiming for. Once he reaches the ledge, he pulls himself up and onto the roof, catching his breath along the way. He looks around the rooftop until he sees a ventilation duct. He walks over to it and puts his hands through the grate, grabbing it then ripping it out of its position without much of a struggle. He then tosses the grate onto the rooftop and crawls inside, vanishing from view. The scene then lowers into a moment of darkness before emerging within the building's ventilation shaft, where Emmett can be seen crawling through roughly.

Emmett, quietly, to himself, crawling forwards: So far so good. Now to find my way to the safe room so I can see what Reeves is really up t-

Emmett stops, muffled voices can be heard. He crawls forwards a little more and looks out of a vent. His eyes then widen as he sees two Xyrions passing through, carrying scientific equipment across the hall.

Xyrion, moving the equipment: The equipment must be moved to the other location.

Another Xyrion, moving the equipment as well: I understand.

Emmett, leaning in, quietly, to himself: Those guys again? What are they doing my equipment? I gotta try and get a better-

As he says this, he moves forwards only for the vent to let out a soft groaning noise. The Xyrions below him stop and look around. The groaning then comes to stop. Emmett then pauses for a moment then lets out a sigh. Right after, however, the shaft breaks loose and drops Emmett down onto the floor below. He manages to land on his feet and looks up before him, only to be greeted with several Xyrions in the hall. They then stop and grunt in surprise at Leviathan's presence.

Emmett: I guess there's no point in talking this through, is there?

They then rush towards him, ready to attack. Emmett blocks one then two of the strikes from the Xyrions approaching him but gets caught off-guard by the third which knocks him back. 

Emmett, looking up: Alright, now you've done it.

Emmett slams his foot then against the floor which shakes the place up slightly, throwing the Xyrions, only slightly, off-balance. Emmett rushes forwards and punches one of the Xyrions into another. However, a third Xyrion exits from a room and grabs Emmett from behind. Emmett struggles to escape his grasp while the Xyrions ahead of him, strike him across the face. Emmett then kicks the Xyrion in front of him and slams his head back against the Xyrion holding him, forcing it to let him go. He drops to the ground and coughs. As he looks up, he sees a Xyrion with its arm raised, ready to strike him. Before Emmett could react, the Xyrion smacks him across the room and he smashes through a wall and into a small office room. The Xyrions then advance towards the room. Emmett can be seen getting up from the floor, groaning softly. He looks over and sees the Xyrions advancing towards him. He then leans onto a table in the room and, with one hand, tosses it through the wall and into the advancing the Xyrions. Emmett then leans against the wall, catching his breath. As he does so, an alarm goes off.

Emmett, looking up: Aw nuts, the lock down procedure.

Emmett pushes against the wall, heads out of the room and back into the hall. He looks around and sees a set of windows at the end of the hall, which start to become covered by a slowly sliding metal wall. Emmett then sprints down the hall, as the Xyrions get up from underneath the table. They grunt as they see him pass by them and start to give chase. Emmett turns back, seeing the Xyrions run after him. He then turns forwards, seeing the metallic walls start to close together over the windows. He then pushes harder as he continues to sprint before pressing against the  floor and leaping through the opening, shattering through the window as he just barely escapes the building. Emmett then starts to drop down at quite a fast rate. He looks ahead, seeing rooftops of other buildings close by and leans towards them as he continues to drop through the air. He then crashes onto one of the rooftops, landing on his shoulder and then rolling across the rooftop until his tumbling ceases. He lays there for a moment before rising slowly. He then leans against the air conditioner unit, trying to catch his breath. He then presses against the side of his helmet.

Emmett: Call Kate.

As a soft dial-tone is heard, Emmett winces as he tries moving forwards. He then lays back against the air conditioner unit and holds his side.

Kate, over his comms: Emmett?

Emmett: Kate, I need some help.

Kate, over his comms: Are you alright? Where are you?

Emmett turns his head and sees the R-Corp Building in the distance. He looks upset.

Emmett: Reeves...

Kate, over the comms: What?

Emmett: Nevermind, Kate. I have to- (groans) ...I have to take care of this on my own.

Kate, over the comms: Emmett, wait. Let me just-

Emmett: End Call.

The call then ends as Emmett gets up, despite the pain. He then looks over at the R-Corp Building in the distance and squats down before leaping off of the rooftop. The view then lowers from the rooftop down to the street-level while also transitioning to another location; a different city, even. The sky remains blue, but is becoming a more darker tone, with the clouds take up a good portion of the sky. It's obviously getting later, as time continues to pass by. The part of this city that scene is in shows a town-like area with plenty of different stores and small buildings. There are a few citizens seen walking along by. The atmosphere is calm, for the moment, until the sound of sirens are heard shortly after. Dark blue, police cruisers are then speeding down the road.

Iowa City
June 7, 16:15 EDT

The scene cuts over to a bank where the police cruisers are seen stopping in front of. The officers, within the cruisers, step out and point their weapons at the doors.

Police Officer: Alright, this is ICPD! Put your hands up and step out of the bank, now!

Inside the bank, are three men in black, armored suits. One is in the front, holding a woman by putting his arm around her torso. His other arm is pointing a gun at her head. The woman is wearing a pink, long-sleeve shirt over a light blue shirt. Her hair is blonde and her eyes are blue. The man, on the other hand, has brown, curved hair and green eyes. The second man, is watching over a row of hostages and is much bulkier and more muscular than the others. He's bald and has brown eyes. The third man is typing at a terminal. His armor looks a lot more modified than the others. His hair is black, drooping down over his forehead, and his eyes are brown.

Robber, holding the hostage: No one's going anywhere 'till we get what we want, coppers. You hear me?

The scene then cuts to the sidewalk where Danny can be seen walking along, talking on the phone.

Danny, walking, phone against ear: Look, Taylor, I know it's been a while since we talked and I know you were pretty clear about where we stand... especially after the last time but- I just called to see if we could work something out. I'm kinda on my own here and you were the only person to really be there for me. I don't want our friendship to just not exist anymore. And I promise to be there every step of the way to make it work.

Danny stops and looks up, seeing the police in front of the bank across from him. He then sighs.

Danny: I- uh, gotta go. I know that's probably not going to help with my statement but, well- I trying to-

Phone: You have exceeded the allowed time to leave voice mail messages. Would you like to-?

Danny lowers his phone and hangs up and sighs. He then looks up, determined and, regularly, runs off into the alleyway next to him. The scene then cuts back to the inside of the bank.

Officer, from outside: I'm not going to ask again. Let the hostages go and step out of the bank now!

Robber, holding the hostage: Fix-it, how we doing?

The third robber, the one typing at the terminal, turns his head.

Fix-It, typing: We're making tons of money, Headshot. (chuckles to himself)

Headshot: Hurry it up then.

The two robber turns from the hostages to face the one called Headshot.

Other Robber: I don't want us getting caught, Headshot.

Headshot, turning to the other robber: No one's getting caught tonight, Grunt.

Just then a blur passes through the bank, taking the robber by the terminal.

Headshot: Fix-it? Fix-it!

A "whoosh" like sound is then heard, catching Headshot's attention. He turns and sees the hostages gone and Grunt laying against the floor, unconscious. Headshot then starts to look worried.

Headshot: What the heck is going on?

He then turns to the front of the bank and sees Danny in his Speedster suit, standing in front of the doors. Naturally, Headshot steps back, in shock.

Danny: Hi. How's it going? I know, I know. You're in a bit of a rush, I'm in a bit of rush. (turns around, seeing the police) (turns back) We're all in a bit of a rush. But it'd probably help save us all a lot of time if you just- y'know- drop the gun, man.

Headshot: Listen here, kid, I'm seriously going to hurt this chick if you don't let me go.

Danny: I totally get it, man. Totally get it. I'll gladly let you get back to your devious bank-robbing ways. Of course, if there was any money back there.

Headshot: What?

Danny: Well, you're trying to get into the vault to get some money, right? Well, I just got in there and got it first. It's right here, actually. (holds up bag of money) Well, now that I think about it-

Danny speeds out of the bank then back in, almost as if he had never even left. However, the bag is no longer in his hands.

Danny: It's actually with the police outside so-

Headshot: You little-

He raises the gun from the hostage and points at Danny. He fires the gun and a bullet launches from the barrel towards Danny, slowly. Danny leans back, as the bullet slowly flies over him. He then turns his head and moves out from underneath the bullet, still moving ahead in slow motion. He grabs the bullet and turns it until it faces downwards. He then turns to Head shot and the hostage and races over to him, with time speeding up back to normal. Head shot then pulls the trigger again except there's no longer a gun in his hand. He then looks down and the hostage is no longer there as well. He then looks up and sees Speedster in front of him, with a smirk on his face.

Danny: Now where were we?

Danny then quickly strikes Head Shot across the face, knocking him out instantly. Several police officers then swarm the bank, lowering their weapons and taking the robbers.

Danny: Officers, officers, no need to thank me all at once.

Officer: You're lucky no one was shot. How about you let the police do their job, vigilante? Just be glad we're not calling the MCA on you.

Danny, rolling his eyes: Everyone's a critic.

Danny then speeds out of the bank. The scene then cuts back to the alleyway where his blue blur enters, soon taking the shape of himself. Danny then takes his goggles and raises them onto the edge of his helmet before reaching down into his suit. He pulls out his phone which says, "Low Battery" on the screen.

Danny, to himself: Great... And, of course, I left my charger back at the other base.

He puts his phone back into his suit, closes his jacket and lowers his goggles onto his face. Danny then cracks his neck and stretches his hands.

Danny, to himself: Just a quick jog to Kansas then.

Danny then speeds out of the alleyway. The scene cuts to an overhead of Iowa City where his blue blur can be seen speeding through the city, running down streets and turning corners at fast speeds until he's out of the city completely. Danny is then seen running down the street in the open land, passing by fields and patches of devastated land. He then turns his head and sees trucks by an abandoned-looking facility. He then stops, skidding across the street and looks over at the facility. At the facility, there are men moving out crates and loading them onto the trucks. Both the crates and the trucks have the R-Corp logo on them.

Danny, to himself: That looks like the warehouse I saved Taylor from... I thought that place was abandoned or something.

He watches for a moment longer before deciding to run over, getting closer to the facility. He takes cover behind the side of the facility and looks inside, seeing the men more clearly. They're R-Corp employees.

R-Corp Employee: Make sure this equipment gets back to base. The boss wants it before by tonight.

Another R-Corp Employee: Roger that. (moves elsewhere)

R-Corp Employee: Someone clear the perimeter. Use whatever force you need to.

Danny continues watching from where he is until a commotion is heard elsewhere. He looks over and sees an elderly man in overalls over a plaid shirt, approaching the facility. Two R-Corp Employees make their way over to intercept him from getting any closer.

Elderly Man: What's going on over here? Me and my family are trying to get some sleep. Who are you people anyways?

R-Corp Employee: Back away, sir. This is a contaminated site. We're just clearing out the area. Nothing to see here.

Elderly Man: What are you talking about? You're not officially licensed to do things like that. I know your company, you're from that over city. Philadelphia, ain't it?

R-Corp Employee: I'm not going to ask you again.

The R-Corp Employee then reaches for his weapon, holstered at his side. As Danny notices this,  his reflexes make everything else appear slow as the man, now, slowly continues to reach for his weapon. Danny then runs over and takes the weapon from him. Time then returns to normal as the man raises his arm at the elderly man, only to notice there's nothing in his hand. He then turns around, seeing the Speedster. Danny then strikes the R-Corp Employee in the face, quickly knocking him unconscious. He uses his speed to run over, knocking back the other R-Corp Employees piling out of the facility. The elderly man then looks around, seeing the R-Corp employees just laying on the ground before him. Within a sudden gust of wind, Danny appears before the elderly man, a serious expression on his face as he looks at the elderly man.

Danny: Are you alright, sir?

Elderly Man: Y-Yes, I'm fine. Thank you, son.

Danny: Go home. Call the authorities.

The man nods his head as he backs away, running off. Danny then quickly turns to the bodies of the R-Corp men.

Danny: What were you guys even doing here? I thought the MCA had this place under control?

Danny then looks over at the R-Corp trucks. He then speeds over to the back and sees the crates that have been loaded into the trucks.

Danny, to himself: I don't think I'm going to find anything useful here.

He then sees the R-Corp logo on the crate.

Danny: Philadelphia, huh? Let's find out why you R-Corp guys are messing around in Kansas.

Danny then speeds off once again. The scene cuts to later on, with his blue blur racing at fast speeds down a road until he turns into a city district. Inside the city district, the R-Corp Building gets most of the focus, once more, with the blue blur vanishing into its garage.

R-Corp Building
June 7, 17:40 EDT

Inside the building, Fionna is seen maneuvering through the facility, using fire coming from her hand to light the way through the dim area. She walks over fallen R-Corp employees, their armor showing signs of burn marks on them. She makes her way to a large laboratory. There are several containers lined up along the side of the room with scientific equipment elsewhere. Fionna looks around then makes her way over to the containers. She uses her flames to melt through them. However, as she does so a figure makes their way into view, watching them from a distance. The figure then starts to approach, entering the room.

Emmett, unseen: Hey!

Fionna stops and turns around, seeing Emmett in the doorway of the lab.

Emmett: What do you think you're doing?

Fionna, looking over Emmett: ...What I have to do. Either help me or stay out of my way.

She turns to him, her hands are encased in flames. Emmett noticing this, takes a step forwards.

Emmett: You're a Mutant. I heard about you.

Fionna watches him carefully.

Emmett: Look, I don't know what you're doing here but you're going to burn this whole place down if you keep doing it.

Fionna: Good. They took people I need to find.

Emmett: You really think this is the best way to find them?

Fionna: I'll set them free and take this place down.

Emmett: Well, whatever is in here is proof that I need in order to help return my- my associate's company back to him. If you burn everything, I can't help him.

Fionna: I couldn't care less.

Fionna turns back to the containers, continuing to burn through them. Emmett then turns his head and sighs before walking over to her. She manages to melt one of the containers and opens it, only to find that there's no one inside.

Fionna, to herself, softly: No...

She reaches inside but Emmett grabs her arm.

Fionna: Let go of me!

Emmett: I'm not going to ask again.

Fionna: And what are you going to do about it?

Fionna then ignites her hand aflame, causing Emmett to let her go. He then holds his hand and looks right at her as she backs away from him.

Emmett: Okay. I didn't want to do this but clearly you're not going to be much help.

Fionna, readying herself: Get away from me!

Emmett approaches her but she suddenly vanishes as a blur passes through. He then looks around, surprised, when a whistle is heard, catching his attention. Emmett then turns and sees Danny standing across the laboratory with Fionna behind him, looking around surprised as well.

Danny: Pretty sure she said get away, dude.

Emmett: Who are you supposed to be?

Danny: The Speedster.

Emmett looks at Danny.

Danny: ...It's a work in progress.

Emmett, looking over Danny: Clearly. (looking at him) Look, you don't know what's going on here.

Danny: Guy in a costume tries kidnapping an innocent girl?

Emmett: That's not what happened.

Danny: Heard that one before. And to think I'm going to stop two hostage-related crimes today.

Emmett: We're both on the same side here, alright? I'm a vigilante too. I go by Leviathan. I was trying to stop her, she was going to burn this entire place down.

Danny: Leviathan, huh? Well, uh- (looking at Fionna) I don't see any flamethrowers on her. (turning back to Emmett)

Emmett: It was coming out her hands, man.

Danny: Right. Kinda sounds like you're digging yourself into a hole. I mean- how do I know you're not secretly in charge of this place and you were about to off her because she found out what you were out to.

Emmett: That's not what's happening here.

Danny: Really? Because I've been hearing about this Leviathan guy before, that he was messing around with some R-Corp stuff. So you're right, I don't really know the whole story here, but your stuff is getting around my city and I can't have that so knock it off before I knock you out, okay?

Emmett: You seriously don't want to fight me.

Danny: Oh really?

Emmett: You can't take me on.

Danny: Please. I've fought tougher guys than you.

Emmett: When?

Danny: For starters, how about now? Danny then launches ahead, speeding towards Emmett. Emmett tries to ready himself but it occurs slowly as Danny continues speeding towards him. Danny then prepares to strike right at Emmett's torso however, when he does, the punch falls flat. Danny then stops and looks up at Emmett who remains standing there. Danny then strikes at his torso again only to share the same result as the last one. He tries once more, albeit more quickly. Emmett, looking kind of annoyed, raises his arm and smacks Danny across the room. Danny slams against some lab equipment and lands on his shoulder.

Danny, groaning: Okay, you're tough...

Danny then turns his head and sees Emmett charging right at him. He then looks alarmed and quickly gets up before Emmett can reach him. He then sticks his foot out which Emmett trips over and slams his head against the lab equipment before him. He then presses against the equipment and turns his head, seeing Danny behind him. He gives a tense grunt before turning back to the lab equipment before him. He then grabs hold of it by the sides, swings around and chucks it over at Danny. In response, Danny speeds out of the way before the piece of equipment smashes into the ground. Emmett then runs forwards but Danny speeds off again and starts to run around the entire lab. Emmett turns his head a couple of times and even turns around completely in an attempt to try to keep up with Danny as he continues to run around the room. Danny then kicks off from the wall and flies ahead through the air. As he does this, he pulls his arms to him, leans back and pushes his legs forwards. Once he close enough to Emmett, he kicks off of him. The momentum creates a force which throws Emmett back however he manages to recover him. Danny manages to recover as well as he falls back to the ground. The two then look up at each other and start to run towards one another, yelling. Before they can attack, a high-pitched noise is heard, causing the two of them to stop and cover their ears. After a short moment, the sound diminishes. Danny and Emmett then lower their arms and look up at each other before turning to the source of the noise. Stepping out of the lab's doorway, Drake approaches them, now in his Vigilante suit and with his port-form activated.

Drake: Enough.

Both Emmett and Danny: Vigilante?

They stop and turn back to one another.

Danny: Wait, you know the Vigilante?

Emmett: I can ask you the same thing.

Drake: I know both of you. Now, what's going on here?

Both Emmett and Danny, looking at Drake: I was just-

They stop and turn to each other again. They both look upset.

Drake, annoyed: One at a time.

Danny: I was investigating this R-Corp after they were acting all suspicious back in Kansas.

Emmett: And I was looking for Anton Reeves, hoping he could give answers like why he took over Murphy Industries.

Drake: Wait, Reeves took over your company?

Danny: Your company? Hang on, you're Emmett Murphy?!

Emmett, turning to Drake: Seriously?

Drake shrugs.

Danny: Aw man, this is too good.

Emmett: Oh yeah? Take off your helmet then.

Danny: I'm not taking off my helmet!

Emmett: But you know my identity.

Danny: And I intend on keeping mine, dude. Besides, at least I can hold it to you in case you come after me again.

Emmett, to Drake: Just because people know who you are doesn't mean you can just give away who I am.

Danny: Relax, Emmett. Not everyone knows who he is.

Drake, seemingly ignoring them: Speedster, why were you attacking him?

Danny: I saw him going after this girl.

Drake: What girl?

Danny, looking around: Wait, where'd she-

Just as Danny continues his sentence, a sound is heard, as if a metallic object clattered against the floor. The three of the them turn to the source of the noise and see a desk across the room, by the containers. Fionna then slowly rises from behind the desk. She gains a surprised expression on her face when she notices Drake.

Fionna: Drake?

Drake: Fionna?

Danny, looking between the two of them: Seriously?

Drake looks over at Danny and shrugs.

Fionna: Who know these people?

Drake: They're the Mutants that I met.

Fionna, looks over Emmett: Really?

Danny: Who are we? More like who are you?

Drake: I'll explain later. We should get to base before anyone else shows up.

Drake then leaves the room, followed by the others; Fionna more hesitantly. The scene cuts to a short moment later with the four of them moving through a corridor.

Danny, speeding over at Drake: You said base, right? You mean that old van you've been driving around?

Drake: We got something... bigger.

Drake then stops and looks out of the window. The rest of them do the same, surprise on their faces. The view then shows the Helicarrier hovering in the far distance.

Danny: ...Any chance you wanna switch bases?

Drake responds with a glare before the scene cuts to the inside of outside of the Helicarrier, still hovering above in the air. The sky is getting darker, with an orange shade indicating that there's still daylight coming in. The amount of clouds still gathering.

MCA Helicarrier: Training Room
June 7, 19:04 EDT

Inside of the Helicarrier, specifically, in the training room.  A series of training dummies are set up, some ahead of others while some are much further behind but they all seem to be within the same area. A beam of energy is then seen blasting through them, leaving behind a burnt trail on the dummies. Jake is then seen hovering over the training room floor, firing energy from the mechanical device on his arm. Sweat can be seen riding down his face as he fires his beam. He then stops and fires individual blasts of energy at the dummies. He then stops again, breathing softly. His fists clench harder and he swings his arm around, delivering an energy blast strike across the all the dummies. He then brings his arm back around, doing another attack. A flash then comes over him, as a younger version of him waves his arm around, as if to push away the Xyrions, coming towards him. Another flash occurs, showing the present him, still striking the dummies. Yet another flash, shows him running from the Xyrions. Another flash shows the present him, continuing to attack the dummies. One more flash shows the Xyrion Leader activating a machine, just lowering uniquely designed needles lowering towards the younger Jake. As Danny tries to escape from the container he's in, his arms becomes restricted as the container warps around him, like liquid metal, keeping him within it. With a final flash, Jake can be seen firing a powerful beam from the device. The beam fires into wall. Jake then starts to lose his hover and drops to the ground, sweat dripping from his forehead. He presses against the ground, heavily breathing until he starts to cool down. He then gets up and sees smoke coming off from the newly created crater in the wall.

Jake: ...Sorry.

The door then slides open and Owens enters the room.

Owens: You should have waited for me.

Jake turns and looks over at Owens.

Jake: I needed to do this. I heard what happened. I'm glad you're alright.

Owens: We've lost men before. But it doesn't get easier when it happens. (break) You've been training more than usual lately. There's more to being apart of the MCA than physical training.

Jake: It's not even physical training for me, Owens. It's like- bonding, I guess. Trying to control this device needed more training than you dished out at me.

Owens: Are you sure it isn't controlling you? Focused attacks take concentration and that- (glances at the hole in the wall) is evidence that you're not concentrating.

Jake: You're right... I've been thinking a lot about the past recently. Like it's coming back to me in pieces but whatever they've done to me must be keeping some stuff back.

Owens: I felt somewhat similar when the Xyrions abducted me and those other officers. My memory was affected but it came back to me after some time. You shouldn't concern yourself over it.

Jake: Whatever you say, Owens. I just- I just can't help but feel like I'm missing something about them. Something I know. Something right in front me.

Owens: We can talk about it later. Right now the Director needs us.

Jake: Us? Don't tell me it's my first mission.

Owens: I can't confirm that but I hope so. Since you haven't really seen the world after the Incident, you could use the experience.

Jake: I think it's going to take more than a mission to help me understand this new world of ours.

Owens: You never know. This one is... a lot more different than what we're used to. I'll meet you in the Control Hub.

Owens turns back and leaves the room, leaving Jake there who watches the door with a hint of confusion and thought. The scene then cuts to the elevator doors sliding open and Jake walking into the Control Hub. He looks around, amazed, as he sees the computer stations, the massive and wide windows surrounding the room as well as the various MCA Officers moving around the room, attending to their tasks. Jake then looks down, finding himself in a small space before the computer stations. In the space, Fionna can be seen, keeping to herself; her arms are crossed and she's looking around the room, carefully. Emmett has his hands on his hips, looking at the higher-up platform, and Danny is looking around the room as well, speeding from one spot to another, checking out various things. On the small, higher-up platform, Drake, can be seen arguing with the Director. John is leaning against the railing, looking bored, while Owens stand close by.

Director: That's not the problem, Drake.

Drake: So what's the problem?

Director: The problem is you not consulting me about this before-hand. Every time I feel like we're closer to understanding each other, you do something like this and it sets us back.

Drake: This isn't about us. This is about the Xyrions.

Director: Okay so what's all (waves over the others in the small space) "this" for then?

Drake: They're here to help.

Director: Help how?

Drake: They have abilities like me. Well, I have abilities like them. Uh- John?

John: We found... Mutants with powers but they also have the ability to control these powers, like Drake. The only difference is that they had their powers before the Incident, making them natural rather than produced through Nanogenes.

Director: And you kept this from the MCA?

Drake: The MCA captures Mutants. If I told you about them, they would be in a cell like the others.

Director: Why shouldn't they be in one right now? How do I know we can trust them? Right now, they are unknown variables. We have no idea what they're capable of, what limits they can reach, who they are aligned with. How do we know we can truly trust them? (break) Like I said before, you might not report something to me but I do find out. I suspected you met with powered individuals but I never thought you would find a Natural-Born, more so three of them, so soon.

Drake: You knew about them?

Director: Of course, I knew about them, about people with Mutant abilities, even before your time. I'm the Director of the MCA, after all. Of course, I only found out shortly after becoming Director. And even then, it was just rumors and hearsay. But here they are.

The Director looks over at the small space ahead of them. Danny, apparently, has stopped running around the room and is looking over at the two of them along with the other three.

Fionna: I knew this was a bad idea. We're not animals and we aren't those creatures on the ground either. We are people!

Danny: I might not know too much about these Natural-Born Mutants I keep hearing about but people with powers don't always get special treatment when it comes to you guys. That's why I avoided the MCA for so long. I have powers, we all powers. Now I don't know about her or anyone else but I'm out there as help, not a threat.

Emmett: I couldn't have said it better. Well, maybe I could- (winces) Ack!

Emmett holds his side but finds himself loosing his balance. John then rushes down the steps and makes his way to Emmett, trying to hold him up.

Drake: What happened?

Emmett: I was in a fight with those Xyrions. They were at Murphy Tower, too many of them to fight so I had to escape. Figured Reeves knew something about it since he took over the company the other day. Thought I'd be tough enough to handle a few hits though. (groans)

John: I'll see if I can patch you up. (to the Director) I need the med bay prepped for me.

Director: I'll let them know.

John nods and makes his way to the elevator with Emmett. The doors then close behind them.

Director: (sigh) I suppose this gives us a chance to get to know our new... associates. If the Xyrions are at Murphy Tower then that's where you need to go, all of you. After that, then we'll sort this whole thing out.

Jake: Uh... All of us?

Owens, turning to Jake: Time to see what you can do.

Jake then looks over at Owens, in a timid-like manner. The scene then cuts to Murphy Tower. The sky is dark, it's night. There are plenty of clouds above, with a faint of moonlight beaming through over the city.

Murphy Tower
June 7, 20:14 EDT

The Jumpjet can be seen flying around the tower, soon landing in front of the building on the street. The door then opens with Drake, Fionna and Jake stepping out. All three then approach the building. Jake, is now wearing an MCA helmet and armor however it is styled differently than the regular ones.

Fionna, walking ahead, looking at Jake: What are you wearing?

Jake: Prototype gear, according to John.

Fionna, looking ahead: You look like an idiot.

Jake, trying to ignore her: So... any reason why the fast one couldn't be here?

Drake: He needs to recover. Come on.

The three of them then enter the building through the main entrance. The lobby of the tower is narrow and has sapphire blue-colored walls with white linings. There are a couple of pieces of furniture, including some couches and end tables; one even has a set of magazines on top of it while another has a small lamp. The reception desk is white and made from metallic material. At the end of the lobby, there are two elevators while, behind the desk, there are two sets of double doors and Emmett's secretary, Rebecca. She appears to be working in a casual notion. The entire lobby is clear. The three of them look at one another before Drake turns back and approaches the reception desk. Rebecca then looks up at Drake.

Rebecca, with a smile: Hello and welcome to Murphy Tower. How can I help you?

Drake: I think you have intruders in your building.

Rebecca: I don't know what you mean, sir.

Drake: Is Reeves here?

Rebecca: He is but he's currently unavailable right now. Would you like to come back at another time?

Drake: That's not happening.

Drake turns to walk to the elevators.

Rebecca: Then can I ask- Are you the one they call the Vigilante?

He stops where he is then turns to the reception desk.

Drake: Yeah... Why?

Rebecca: Well, I have just a message for you is all- (changing tone completely) You'll never find what you're looking for. The end is closing in for all of you, Vigilante. Sooner than you think...

Drake, walking over to the desk: What are you talking about? Who told you that?!

Rebecca, in her regular tone: Sir, you need to leave the building or else I'm calling security.

Drake: We're not going anywhere until we see Reeves.

Rebecca presses a button underneath her desk.

Rebecca: SECURITY!

A few seconds later, the doors then bust open with two squads of R-Corp employees, armed with batons. Drake then backs away from the reception desk, in surprise. His surprise is quickly replaced with anger, as his hands clench into fists and he readies himself into a fighting position. Fionna and Jake take to this as well, readying themselves against the oncoming wave of R-Corp employees. Some of them move around the desk from both sides while some jump over the desk, moving past Rebecca; either way, all of them start charging for Drake, Fionna and Jake. Drake then dashes forwards, raising his arm in air as if to ready a punch attack. However, as he lowers his fist down over to an R-Corp employee, his arm turns into his mace-form. Drake then smashes the mace across the man's head, knocking him back. He then engages in combat which the rest of the approaching R-Corp employees, swinging his mace at them. He knocks a few back while having to strike some with his other arm when they dodge the mace-arm. Drake then turns and sees a few employees charging right for him. He then slams his mace against the ground, sending a wave of electricity at them which stuns them momentarily. Drake then stops and takes a breath with one R-Corp employees running right for him from behind, only to get tackled by Fionna, who lands several blows to him. As she aims for another strike, one of the R-Corp employees grabs her hand and tries to pull her off of the other person. She then ignites his hand into a flame, forcing the guy to let go of her. She then slams her flaming fist into his torso, pushing him into the ground. Fionna then gets up and spreads a wave of fire from her hands, keeping the R-Corp employees back; some getting partially burned and dropping to the ground in the progress. When she lowers her arms, he rushes over to a couple of R-Corp employees and knocks them to the ground while they're distracted. An R-Corp employee then whacks her with the baton, stunning her. The employee is then blasted away by the energy device on Jake's arm. He then turns around and fires a wave of energy, knocking over a series of R-Corp employees. Two R-Corp Employees step forwards and fire their guns at Jake who throws up an energy shield emitting from his device. While the two employees continues firing at Jake's shield, Drake comes up from behind them and slams their heads together, knocking them out. Drake then looks around the lobby with Fionna and Jake walking over to him. The lobby is silent again.

Jake: Guess we're done here.

Rebecca then charges at them, yelling, but is punched in the face by Fionna, knocking her out instantly. Drake and Jake then look down at her, now on the floor, and turn to Fionna who is making her way to the elevators.

Fionna: Let's get this over with.

Fionna stops before the elevators and presses the button in between them. Drake and Jake both join her at the elevators while a non-subtle whirring can be heard from behind the wall. After a moment passes, the elevator on the left side opens and the three of them enter.

Jake: Looks like we need an access card in order to get to the top floors.

Drake: No we don't.

Drake places his hand against the button panel and hacks it. The elevator then activates, closing its doors.

Elevator: Going Up.

As the platforms elevates, classical music can be heard playing softly in the background.

Drake, after a moment: (sigh) I don't like elevators...

When the platform finally stops, the doors open with a "Ding!" sound. The three then step out of the elevator and head down the hall to a glass door at the end of it. The scene cuts to the inside of the office where the door can be seen opening wide and three of them enter the room. Inside, Anton Reeves can be seen, seated in a chair, with his legs on top of a wooden desk. He turns his head ever so slightly to look at Drake, approaching him.

Anton Reeves: Good evening. I'm afraid business hours are closed at the moment.

Drake: Where are they?

Anton Reeves: Where are who, might I ask?

Drake: You know exactly who I'm talking about. Where are the Xyrions, Reeves?

Anton Reeves: I couldn't tell you even if I wanted to because, frankly, the name escapes me. Although, it does sound a bit familiar-

Before he can continue, Drake reaches over and grabs Reeves by the lapels of his suit.

Drake: I'm not going to ask again. Where are they?! I know you're working with them.

Anton Reeves: You dare threaten me? You have no proof that I'm working with them and even you, let's say have a character witness who was at the building when these so-called Xyrions showed up, would you be able to have him reveal himself to an open court?

Drake is silent.

Anton Reeves: I didn't think so.

Drake: For someone who wanted to work with me, you have no idea who I am. I'm the Vigilante. I let the law perform justice but not before I make criminals, like you, understand it.

Anton Reeves: You wanna break my arm? You wanna give me a black eye? Go ahead. But you send me to jail and I'll just be out the next day because I didn't do anything wrong. I guess you're the one who doesn't understand me, Vigilante. I'm Anton Reeves. I own two major companies, I have billions of dollars at my expense and a network of resources to, how should I put this- get rid of any problems when it comes to my plans. Everything I do is legitimized and within legal bounds. If that's a problem for you, maybe that's just because I'm just a up-standing citizen. Or maybe you're just a lousy Vigilante. Either way, something tells me we're done here. I believe you know the way out.

Drake stares at Anton for a moment before dropping him with a grunt.

Drake: Whatever you're planning, they'll turn on you. And if they don't, we'll stop you.

Anton Reeves: (soft chuckle) We'll just have to see about that, Vigilante.

Drake then turns back and leaves the office, followed, hesitantly, by Fionna and Jake. Reeves then gets up from the floor and dusts himself off before taking his seat at his desk. The view focuses on the desk's surface as Reeves reaches for the presses a button on his desk phone. The view then shows a wooden name plaque on the desk, with a golden plate on the front reading, "Emmett Murphy" with "CEO" underneath it.

Anton Reeves: It's done.

Xyrion Leader, over the phone: Excellent. Join us as we proceed to Phase 2.

Anton Reeves: Of course, partner...

Anton can be seen reaching for the end button.

Xyrion Leader, over the phone: One more thing, Anton Reeves.

Reeves stops before he can push the button.

Xyrion Leader: Our secret weapons need something in order to complete their function. Data that you have from the group known as the Infinite Darkness.

Anton Reeves: I'll send it as soon as I find it.

Xyrion Leader: We require it as soon as possible, Anton Reeves.

Anton Reeves: Of course, of course. I'll get right on that.

Anton reaches for the end button but the call has already been terminated. He retracts his hand from the phone and looks out, with an upset expression. The scene then cuts back to the MCA Helicarrier, hovering above. Thunder can be heard in the far distance.

MCA Helicarrier: Medical Bay
June 7, 22:54 EDT

Inside, the medical bay can be seen with Emmett laying on a bed and John seated by his side, taking a sample with some advanced-looking syringe.

Emmett: Are the samples really necessary? I don't really want my DNA in their record base.

John: Relax, I just need it to understand what stuff I should give you in order to heal behind. Your Mutant biology is different from a regular person. In fact, it's different from a regular Mutant too. Interesting.

Emmett: Of course I have good genes. I can afford the best tailor.

John: As an appreciator of lame jokes, I have to say not-bad.

Emmett: Thanks... Glad to finally talk to you.

John: What do you mean? We've talked before.

Emmett: Yeah, but not like this. It's always so formal between us, at least when it doesn't get hostile.

John: I apologized for that... I think. But, yeah, I guess I see you're point.

Emmett: It's just you don't let me in, John. I'm not a bad guy, I'm just trying to be a friend. And now that I don't have company, I guess I'm one of you guys now. I'm just trying to be one of the guys.

John: (sigh) I guess I was a little jealous of you. I mean you had everything; a nice place, a company, tons of money and even super powers. A guy like you could have swept Kate off her feet easily.

Emmett: Wait, this is about Kate?

John: I mean-

Emmett: You like her? Don't you?

John: I do... and I would appreciate it if you kept that between just us.

Emmett: Relax. I'm not trying to get with Kate or anything. We're just friends. I mean, she's the only other person I can share how I feel with, y'know? Not many people understand what it's like to be me. They just see the person they want to see but never try to get to know the real me. So I might know a lot of people but I don't actually have that many friends. I guess, I'm just super appreciative on who I have. I hope you understand.

John: I do, actually. More than you think.

Emmett: So, we buddies?

John: Sure, man. You're alright.

John and Emmett pound fists which causes Emmett to wince slightly.

John: That will go away in about an hour. You heal fast. Not as fast as Drake but pretty quick. Speaking of which, I should probably find Speedster before he touches something and I get blamed for it.

Emmett: Are you sure you can't tell me his name?

John: He's one of the guys, Emmett, and I gotta respect the bro code.

John then leaves the room via sliding doors, with Emmett to lay in bed and sigh. The scene then cuts to the hangar with Drake, Fionna and Jake walking away from the Jumpjet.

Jake: So, just to be clear, that was a complete waste of time.

Drake: We know the Xyrions are making their move. We just have to find out where.

Jake: Alright... Look, I'm gonna let everyone else know. I'll catch you guys later.

Jake walks ahead of them, leaving the hangar.

Fionna: Drake, there's something I need to tell you.

Drake: What is it?

Fionna: These people that you're working with, you can't trust them.

Drake: I know they're the MCA, Fionna, but-

Fionna: No, not them. The other ones. The Mutants that you met.

Drake: What about them?

Fionna: You know how I can sense other Mutants using my gift?

Drake nods silently.

Fionna: Well, I didn't sense anything around the big one. I don't think he's a Mutant, Drake.

Drake: That doesn't make sense. Why would he lie?

Fionna: I'm just telling you what I felt. Whoever or whatever he is, just- be careful, alright?

Fionna then walks off, leaving Drake in the hangar. He looks off as if in thought. The scene then cuts to the outside of the hangar, where Fionna can be seen walking through the corridor. The view then pans to the right, showing Jake talking to Owens behind the corner.

Jake: You're going somewhere else? What about the Xyrions?

Owens: I have my orders. At any rate, I know you've had plenty of training with that device around your arm. You might just be ready. But, we'll see once I get back.

Jake: Okay but what about-

Man, over comms: Zeta Squad reporting in.

Owens, activating his comms: Owens, reporting in.

Man, over comms: All positions are go.

Owens: Continue with Phase 2 of the operation.

Man, over comms: Roger that. Officer Whedon, out.

Owens, turning to Jake: I need to go. We'll talk soon, Jake.

Owens then walks off. Jake then sighs and turns back, only to bump into Fionna. Their foreheads touch during the collision and a spark of energy appears between the two of them, as if it is transferring over Fionna to Jake. Jake then opens his eyes, his pupils dilating as a flash overcomes the screen, showing the Xyrions experimenting on a younger Jake. Another flash occurs, showing the serum being developed through vats of Cytoxin. Yet another flash showing the Xyrion Base, similar to how it was in Nexus. The scene then transitions to a room, similar to the communications room back in the Oregon base. The projections of the Xyrion Command are seen with the Xyrion Leader kneeling before them.

Xyrion Command (Flashback): The experiments you've provided the Xyrion race with, Leader, will help us take over. The fall of Mutant kind will earn us atonement for creating them in the first place.

Xyrion Leader (Flashback): The child is proving to be difficult to work on, my masters. His body does not take easily to the treatments.

Xyrion Command (Flashback): Do not underestimate the Humans, Leader. If the child is what you said he is, then he is the key to our invasion. Be certain he is secure for the coming days.

A final flash then appears over the view, returning the scene to the present where Jake pushes away from Fionna who looks at him, worried.

Jake: What was that? What did you just-

Fionna: I have to go.

Jake: No, wait. Just-

Fionna walks off.

Jake: ...I remember now.

The scene then cuts to the medical bay with the doors sliding open. Drake walks in and looks around. The room is clear. He takes a few steps ahead before John and Danny walk in.

John: Drake, hey. You needed something.

Drake turns around and looks at the two of them.

Drake: Yeah, actually. You said you took samples of Emmett earlier, right?

John: Uh yeah. Why?

Drake: I need to see them.

John: Okay. Just gimme a sec.

John walks over to a table and opens up a cabinet. He takes an orange bottle of vitamins and tosses it over to Danny, who quickly catches it.

Danny: What are these for?

John, grabbing his tablet from the table: It's a supplement that should help produce more nutrients in your body, giving you less of a recovery time. Because of you increased metabolism, you'll probably go into shock if you take more than one.

Danny, looking uneasily at the bottle: Got it...

John then pulls up Emmett's samples on the screen. Drake looks over John's shoulder to take a look.

Drake: Did you see anything different? Like if shares the same things as other Mutants.

John: You want me to do a thorough scan on his biometrics?

Drake: If that's what you have to do. I need to make sure.

John: Okay, alright. 

John taps against the screen. Emmett then enters through the sliding doors.

Emmett: What's going on?

Danny: Dude, I think you have a problem with your health or something.

Emmett, turning to John: Really?

John, nervously: It's not really a problem.

Fionna then enters through the doors as well.

Fionna: Drake, there's something else-

She stops upon seeing Emmett who turns to look at her.

Fionna: Oh. Nevermind, I'll just-

Emmett: Okay. Sorry, but ever since we've met you've been acting dobious.

Fionna: What?

Danny: He thinks you're acting suspicious. I know a journalist who called me that, well, knew a journalist...

Fionna: You think I'm suspicious?

Emmett: You have admit the whole keeping to yourself thing kinda gives it away.

Fionna: Well, maybe you're just trying to throw everyone off because we know about you're not really a Mutant.

Emmett: What are you talking about? I have powers like you.

Danny: Well, you do have big company. I mean, with all those resources, maybe you're using technology to make you appear stronger.

Emmett: That's not how it works.

Fionna: Then how come you don't take off your armor?

Emmett: Because, unlike you people, I have a reputation to keep up.

Fionna: You people?

Emmett: That's- That's not what I meant.

Danny: So what did you mean? Just because you can afford a nice suit doesn't mean you're better than me.

Fionna: You shouldn't even be talking. I assume you have a home, maybe people looking out for you but I don't have that. Not anymore. That's what I gave up in order to do good by real Mutants, (looks to Emmett) not people posing as one.

Drake: Guys, enough. We have the samples. John is checking them right now.

Emmett: Why? Because you don't trust me.

Drake: We're doing it because we trust you.

Emmett then looks away with a sigh. The room goes silent with the scanning sounds from John's tablet ringing softly throughout the room. A short moment passes until a ping is heard.

John: Alright, the scan is done.

Emmett turns back.

Emmett: Well?

John: It's not that easy. Mutants have different DNA and now we have different types of Mutants. I'm comparing all four samples. One of a Human, one of a Mutant, one of a Natural-Born and Emmett's to see if there's a noticeable difference or similarity to any of them.

Emmett: Go ahead. If I'm not a Mutant, I- I need to know.

John then nods and looks down at the tablet.

John: Okay, you- you have traces of Mutant DNA, not Natural-Born but Mutant, none-the-less. However, I think that it's originating from your corrupted Nanogenes. For some reason, they aren't communicating anymore. Although I can tell that when they were, they could have been rejected by your unique body system.

Emmett: So I'm a Human with kinda of Mutant condition?

John: Well, that's the thing. I'm comparing it to a sample of Human DNA but- they don't match. Either your DNA became twisted from the effects or you're-

Jake, standing in the doorway: They're aliens. They're all aliens.

Drake: What?

Jake: I remember now. Whatever she did (points at Fionna), she- she made see what really happened. I was abducted by the Xyrions. I saw what they were planning as they brought me on board their ship. They're using this substance called Cytoxin to turn captured people with abilities into their soldiers. I thought they were going to do the same to me but- they said I was the key.

Drake: The key to what?

Jake: The key to their invasion. They want to take over the Earth and wipe out all the Mutants in order to make up for creating them. After that, it- it gets kinda blurry. I don't really remember anything else after that.

Fionna: This can't be true. The Xyrions didn't create the Natural-Born. We existed from the beginning.

Drake: I heard the Xyrion Leader say something like that back at their base in Oregon. That they designed our powers.

Danny: Sorry guys, but can we just take a minute to talk about the fact that he said- ALIENS!

Emmett: Seriously, aliens? I don't believe it.

John: Yeah, like little green men or guys in rubber suits?

Jake: I'm serious, guys. I know it sounds crazy but that's what I remember.

John: (sigh) I thought this was the Mutant apocalypse, now we have to deal with alien invasions? When is this world going to stop getting more and more complicated?

Fionna: We can't find them.

Drake: We have to. All of us.

Danny: Forget it, man. Mutants are one thing but space invaders is a whole different story.

Fionna: Besides, how do we know he (points to Jake) isn't one of them. He was experimented by them.

Jake: You were created by them.

Fionna: I don't believe you.

Jake: It doesn't matter what you believe, that's how things are. Aliens exist and Mutants were created by them.

Fionna: How dare you-

Emmett: You need to calm down and stop accusing people. It's not getting us anywhere.

Jake: Oh, she was right in one thing. You're one of them!

Emmett: I'm not like them. I don't even know them!

Danny: Sure you are.

Emmett: Who's side are you on, anyways?

Danny: Humanity's.

Fionna: But not the Natural Born?

Danny: If we're anything like the rest of them, they can take care of themselves.

Fionna: Clearly, you don't understand how this affects the Natural-Born. None of you do.

Drake: Fionna, if they really are these aliens that everyone says they are, then this affects everyone. There are people and Mutants out there who can't defend themselves. We need to be there to help them.

Fionna: You're right which I have to leave.

Drake: Fionna-

Fionna: I came here because I thought you could help me save the missing Mutants but it looks like you want to help everyone else. You do what you need to do and I'll do what I have to do. On my own.

Fionna then leaves the medical bay through the sliding doors. They close after a short moment.

Emmett: (sigh) It's almost funny, actually. I always felt like I didn't know who I am because my powers. I left to try and discover that only to get my company taken from me. Now I don't know what I am and what my place is in this world anymore.

Emmett then leaves the medical bay through the sliding doors. They close after a short moment.

Danny: This isn't what I signed up what, man. I mean, aliens? (scoffs) It's just- I want to help you. I always want to help out but what if something else happens elsewhere? I'm fast but I'm not fast enough to be in both places at once. Sorry, dudes.

Danny then leaves the medical bay through the sliding doors. They close after a short moment.

Drake: Jake?

Jake: I don't really have anywhere else to go. (sigh) I just need a moment. All this Xyrion stuff is a little too much for me handle right now.

Drake nods as Jake turns to leave. Drake sighs.

Drake: Now what?

John: I don't know, man. It really seemed like we had a chance when it was all five of you guys.

Drake: We're not giving up. We can still stop them. Aliens or Mutants. It doesn't matter. We'll find a way.

John: Well, if we have any shot at going up against a massive swarm of unstoppable aliens, I'm going to have to work on those projects I had sent to the outpost. See what I can wrangle up, maybe make an alien arsenal or something while the Director searches for more clues about their whereabouts.

Drake: You're going too?

John: Hey, I'll be back. I'm with you, no matter what, alright?

Drake nods.

John: I'll see you around. Just, make sure Kate stays away from all this alien stuff, okay?

Drake: Kate?

John: I'm just- worried about her future, that's all.

Drake: Okay.

John: Thanks...

John then leaves the medical bay through the sliding doors. The doors close behind him after a short moment, leaving the room with a feeling of emptiness. Drake makes his way out of the room a moment later and finds himself in the corridor of the Helicarrier, clear of anyone. He walks down it and finds Kate, looking out of a window.

Drake: Kate.

Kate, turning to Drake: Hey...

Drake: What's wrong?

Kate: Nothing. It's just- I'm thinking about home. I mean, it's just been so long since I've been there and now it seems we have a lot on our plates. That's a metaphor, by the way.

Drake: Yeah, I figured.

Kate: I kinda ease-dropped on your friends as they left. Something about an alien invasion?

Drake: It's-

Kate: Complicated?

Drake: Yeah...

Kate: Say no more. (soft chuckle)

She turns to look out of the window again, seeing the New York city district in the close distance.

Kate: I just- feel like I should be down there. Like something is just drawing me to it. Maybe I'm just homesick but I dunno. I really just want to stay with you guys like how it's always been. You, me and John.

Drake: Maybe you should go.

Kate: If this is about me being safe, I keep telling you- I'm up for it.

Drake: I'm always going to want you to be safe but this sounds like something you want to do, Kate. If you want to see your dad or your work, then you should go. Be you and leave the invasion stuff to us.

Kate: That doesn't sound like something you would say.

Drake: To be honest, I want you here, by me. But I understand if you have to go.

Kate looks at Drake for moment before embracing him with a hug. He looks uncomfortable at first but finds himself accepting it.

Kate: Just make sure you survive, alright? I still need you around.

Drake: You too...

Kate then unwraps her arms around Drake and smiles softly at him.

Kate: Talk to you later.

Kate then walks off. Drake is now alone in the corridor. The scene then cuts to Jake, in a small room with a bed which looks designed like the rest of the furniture in the room, let alone the Helicarrier, metallic and sharp-looking. He sits on the edge of the bed and looks down at the device on his arm before letting out a sigh. There's a knock at the door, catching his attention. Jake then gets up from the bed and moves to the door, the view still focuses on his bed, however.

Jake, unseen: Oh, it's you-

A blast is then heard and Jake is now seen, falling into view. He's laying against the floor, unconscious. With a humanoid shadow coming over him. The scene cuts once more to the Central Hub. Agent DeLisle is seen attending to a computer station when she appears to haven noticed something.

Agent DeLisle: Ma'am.

Director, turning to her: What is it?

Agent DeLisle: Our weapon systems. Someone disabled them.

The Helicarrier then shakes momentarily.

Agent DeLisle: Our engine systems are shutting out as well.

Director: Someone get on that!

Two Officers are then seen, heading to the elevator.

Agent DeLisle: We also have an object approaching the Helicarrier.

Director: Is it a projectile?

Agent DeLisle: No, it's bigger- it appears to be right over us. Could be a jet.

Director: Get a squadron ready to deal with them. In the meantime-

She activates her earpiece.

Director: Drake, I need you on top. There's something up there and we believe it's trying to shut down the Helicarrier.

Drake, over the comms: On it.

The scene cuts once more to Drake running through the corridors. The ship shakes again, causing Drake to stop and lean against the wall besides him. He looks over and sees Owens, leaning against a wall by him as well. The shaking then comes to stop and the two push themselves off of the wall.

Drake: Owens, there's-

Owens: I heard.

Drake: What do you think it is?

Owens: I don't know but it's over Runway 3.

Drake: Come on then. We'll see what it is, together.

Owens nods as the two turn and rush down the corridor together. The scene cuts again, now showing the top of the Helicarrier. Drake and Owens then emerge from an opening and finds themselves outside, on one of the runways. They look up and see a floating platform above the runway, descending. Drake readies himself, activating his blade-form, and Owens readies himself, drawing his own blades. When the platforms lowers enough, the Xyrion Leader can be seen piloting it.

Drake: The Xyrion Leader! What are you doing here?!

Xyrion Leader: Ending this resistance of yours once and for all.

Drake: The only thing ending here is your invasion. We know what you are and what you're planning.

Xyrion Leader: Subject SCV22 must have finally remembered what we did to him.

Owens: If you've come for him, you won't have him.

Xyrion Leader: I already said. I want to end this resistance you're displaying. The Mutation Containment Agency already tried to stop us. We thought we made our warning was enough to make you stand down.

Owens: You killed our men. Those were good people.

Xyrion Leader: And now the same will happen here.

Drake: You might have taken out the ship's weapons but I'm still standing.

Xyrion Leader: For now.

Drake: You think you can stop me? You didn't even come with your soldiers.

Xyrion Leader: I don't need to take you down. I still have our secret weapons.

Drake: Whatever they are. They can't us the two of us.

Xyrion Leader: Then do it. Do what you were made for.

Drake bears his teeth and runs ahead to strike the Xyrion Leader but his blade is deflected by a field of energy that becomes apparent when striking it. The Xyrion Leader smirks.

Xyrion Leader: You'll never stop us.

Drake yells and swings his blade down against the field, keeping it against it despite the feedback it's producing. His blade then starts to move against the field, absorbing its energy. The Xyrion Leader, noticing this, now becomes concerned, if not scared.

Xyrion Leader: Protect me. Protect me now!

Drake: No one's here to save you.

The field of energy then dissipates quickly as his blade finishes absorbing its energy. Drake then raises his glowing blade into the air, to strike down upon the Xyrion Leader. But as he does so, a "thunk!" noise is heard, like something penetrating through something metallic. Drake then falls over, before the Xyrion Leader, and turns behind him. The view now shows a sword in his back, piercing through the armor. Owens then walks over and takes the sword from Drake's back and kneels before the Xyrion Leader.

Drake: Owens... no...

The Xyrion Leader smirks again.

Xyrion Leader: You are the one without any protection now, Vigilante.

Drake then starts to fall unconscious as Owens raises up and approaches him, with his blades ready. The scene then transitions to a flashback scene where an abandoned-looking city is seen. Inside the city, the pick up truck can seen pulling up with a young Drake stepping out with Leia and everyone else.

Eugene: No signs of any hunters yet.

Will: Let's just get to the cell-tower and activate it before any of them show up.

Marsha: It should get over there.

The scene cuts forwards to the five of them climbing up a series of stairs. They then find themselves on a rooftop where the cell-tower is.

Leia: It's really here. We'll finally get out of here.

Eugene: Let's hope.

Eugene opens a panel and examines it.

Eugene: Looks like it could use some tuning up, but other than that, it should be good to activate.

Marsha: Someone needs to activate the generator in order to power the cell-power. It should be in the basement.

Will: I'll do it. Anything to be put in my share of support. (to Leia) You stay up here with Drake. If the hunters show up, I don't want anything to happen to you two.

Leia: Okay.

Will then heads back down the stairs while Eugene continues working on the cell-tower. The scene then cuts to sometime later with Will being unable to move a piece of debris blocking the generator. Drake then enters the room and looks at Will, struggling. Will then stops and catches his breath. He looks around until he sees Drake watching him.

Will: Hey there. Shouldn't you be with your mother?

Young Drake: I... wanted to make sure you were okay.

He looks at the debris blocking the generator.

Young Drake: Do you- need help?

Will: I might, actually. You should call Eugene. Maybe the two of us might be able to move this thing.

Drake walks over the debris to grab it.

Will: Wait, you might-

Drake starts to move the debris back, as his hands start to form into a rock-like structure with glowing light emitting from the cracks and edges. Will watches, with udder surprise, as Drake moves the debris out of the way with his strange hands. He then, pulls the lever down, activating the generator. The electricity then comes online, lighting up the building. Drake then turns from the generator to look at Will.

Will: You're one of them...

Leia, unseen: Drake!

Drake turns around and sees Leia approaching him from the stairwell. She kneels down and holds him.

Leia: You weren't supposed to show anyone.

Young Drake: But he cares, mom.

Leia: I know, I know but-

She looks up at Will, who holds the back of his head with both hands.

Will: Leia, what-

Leia: He was there when it happened. We- both were. I was in a bunker but he- he was with his father, a scientist when it happened.

Will: And you kept that from me?

Leia: I didn't know how you would react if you found out what he could do. You can't tell the others.

Will: I won't. I won't. I just- he's just-

Leia: I know. I'll try to explain this later, when we're away from all of this. (to Drake) Come on, Drake- Let's go check with Eugene and Marsha.

Leia holds his hand as the two of them walk back to the stairwell, leaving Will on his own. He then looks down anxiously, as his eyes dart back and forth. The scene cuts once more to the first floor of the building where Eugene and Marsha can be seen conversing. Leia and Drake find themselves there and stop when they see Eugene and Marsha across from them.

Leia: What happened? Did the tower work?

Eugene: We were able to send out a message but we were able to pick up on other frequencies. Will was right. Whatever this is, it's happening everywhere. Not just here.

Marsha: We don't know if we'll ever get picked up.

Leia: We have to hope for something, anything. I have a child. I won't let him grow up in a world like this, not while I'm still here.

Eugene: In the meantime, we can search around and pick up any supplies we can. Maybe stay here for some time but who knows how long we have until some creatures wind up coming our way.

Marsha: Or any hunters that might show up.

Leia: I just-

Eugene: Wait.

The floor goes silent. What sounds like an approaching vehicle can be heard from a distance.

Eugene: You hear that?

Leia: What is that, a car?

Marsha: Someone's coming.

Eugene: Probably Hunters. Come on, let's get to the truck before they show up.

Eugene bolts from the entrance. He runs out but shots fired from a weapon can be heard.

Marsha: Eugene!

She runs to the entrance. Shortly after, Will then enters the floor, surprised.

Will: What happened? I heard shouting.

Leia: I don't know. We heard someone coming and Eugene just ran out and-

Will: Stay here.

Will goes outside and sees Eugene laying against the street. Marsha is covering her mouth as she stands in front of the entrance. Will goes over to him but a light shines on him. He stops and holds his hands up to block the light from getting to him.

Man, behind the light, unseen: Don't move unless you want to end up like him!

Will remains where he is.

Man, behind the light, unseen: Everyone else in the building, get out before we fill these two up with lead!

A short moment passes before Leia steps out of the building with Drake. The light then cuts off, causing Will to lower his arms slowly. Before them is a darker colored truck with white camouflage patterns. A man steps out of the truck, dressed in a leather jacket. His hair is black and his eyes are a dark blue.

Hunter: Well, if I'll be. Will. It's been a long time. You really thought you could run from us?

Will: I tried.

Hunter: This is what happens when you try. Your driver gets shot and now you get to see us again.

Will: You didn't have to shoot him. He was just trying to survive.

Hunter: We're trying to survive! Against them! Against those creatures that lurk around. Now they're evolving. Taking on monstrous forms and lashing out against the world. We're the Earth's last line of defense.

Will stares at the Hunter for a moment, looking upset. The Hunter smirks before turning to the entrance of the building, looking at Marsha, Leia and Drake. The Hunter points at Drake, as the other Hunters get off of the truck.

Hunter: Take the kid.

The other Hunters approach Drake and Leia.

Leia: NO!

They grab at Drake but he struggles, trying to escape them. His hands then form again, into a spiked fist as he slashes at the men trying to grab him.

Hunter: Dang it. Shoot them if you have to!

Will: No! No more shooting.

The Hunter then stops and looks at Will.

Hunter: You really want to bark orders at me?

Will: Yes. Yes, I do.

The Hunter looks at Will for a moment before smiling. He turns to his men.

Hunter: No shooting. No struggling.

The men then stop, trying to take Drake.

Hunter: Use the gun though, if you catch my drift.

One of the Hunters nods firmly and turns his gun around whacking Drake with the butt of it, knocking him out. They then take Drake while others keep Leia away from them.

Leia: Give me back my boy! (turning to the leader) What do you think you're doing?

Hunter: What I was asked to do, ain't that right, Will?

Leia, turning to Will: Will?

Will: I'm sorry, Leia. I really am.

Hunter: Glad to have you back, Will. We appreciate you calling ahead on our own personal radio device that I'm so glad you kept on you. We really couldn't have made it out here to capture this innocent woman's freakish son without your assistance.

Will: They get it. Lay off.

Hunter: You only get to do that once, Will. You have to earn it the next time around. (chuckles) (to the others) Load him up. Take the others too.

The Hunters then round up the rest, grabbing them and holding them over to their truck. As Leia is being pushed over to the truck, she looks at Will as he is escorted to another truck by the main Hunter. He looks at her as she's pushed away but turns away, ashamed, when their gazes connect. Drake is then tossed in the back of the truck, laying there, as the view zooms out slowly over his body as the scene transitions to the present day, with Drake laying against the runway, alone.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • The Xyrions begin their plans for invasion
  • Fionna, Emmett, Danny and Jake all meet for the first time
  • The Xyrion Leader attacks the Helicarrier

Minor Events

  • A mass of MCA Officers, including Agent Shawn, are killed during the explosion at the Xyrion Base
  • The Xyrions are revealed to be aliens rather than Mutants
  • Emmett discovers he's an alien and not a Natural-Born Mutant
  • Will and Owens are revealed to have betrayed Drake



  • Anton Reeves
  • Xyrions
    • Xyrion Leader
  • Bank Robbers
    • Headshot (First Appearance)
    • Grunt (First Appearance)
    • Fix-it (First Appearance)
  • Controlled Citizens
    • Agent Owens
    • Officer Whedon
    • Officer Riba
    • Officer Terrio
    • Officer Paesano
    • Rebecca
  • The Hunters (Flashback)

Forms Used

  • Sonar Scales
  • Electro-Icer
  • Stone Slicer


  • When Danny dodges the bullet in the bank, it's an allusion towards bullet-time from The Matrix.
  • When Danny confronts Emmett, he claims he fought tougher guys than him. This is an allusion to Ben's confrontation with Albedo towards the end of The Final Battle Part 1.
  • Zeta Squad is a reference to a team with the same name used in Young Justice.
  • The Xyrion-controlled MCA Officers, aside from Owens, are all named after people involved with media that helped influence this episode (but more so the next part as they really appear in there); Officer Whedon is a reference to Joss Whedon, writer and director for The Avengers, Officer Riba is a reference to Dan Riba who directed several episodes of Ben 10: Alien Force including War of the Worlds, Officer Terrio is a reference to Chris Terrio, writer for Justice League, and Officer Paesano is a reference to John Paesano, composer for Daredevil and The Defenders.


  • This is the first episode where all the secondary characters in this season not only appear in the same episode but meet each other.
  • This is also the first episode to have been recorded then written from the recording, an idea that hasn't really been enforced until now. The same process will be used in the next part.
  • When Kate and Adam have their conversation, Drake was supposed to be outside of the building and John was supposed to be apart of the conversation as well.
  • The CN Editor-in-Chief's part of this episode was originally going to be kept at a minimal or not have had him been involved, at all.
  • Jake was originally going to be in the scene where Drake breaks up the fight between Emmett and Danny but it was decided not to include him until the scene afterwards.
  • Danny was not supposed to know Emmett's identity, at least not in this part, but it was added in at the last minute.
  • Danny was originally going to be the one to go to Murphy Tower with Danny and Fionna but since he already had two scenes, he was replaced with Jake to give him more screen-time.
  • A couple of scenes were cut from the episode. One being Emmett and Fionna getting reacquainted, referring to their brief encounter in Relationships and another being Kate and Fionna bonding over their love interests.
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