The Inferno is a series, written and created by Gohan. It aired its Teaser on May 27, 2013 along with 10 Force: Final Legacy and Omnitrix Chronicles: The Next Chapter. It takes place in Earth-51.


Dr. Callum Conners, a world-renowed scientist, for the past 20 years has been collected Alien DNA. His son, Sam Conners, one day explores his father's secret lab and stumbles upon his rarest DNA; a Pyronite. When his dad's lab is attacked by an unknown force, Sam gets infected by the Pyronite DNA and become a mutant called 'Inferno'. With the help of his father, Sam must find the evil force and stop their evil plan of World Domination. Will Sam suceed in his quest?




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 Title Written by Original airdate Production code
The Inferno Rises Gohan May 27, 2013 (Teaser) 101
Sam Conners is infected by a DNA sample of a Pyronite and gains weird alien powers!
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