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The Hunter's Mark is the 3rd episode of Ben 10.5.


The Tennysons are driving through Illinois.

(Ben): Are we there yet? This is sooo boring!

(Gwen): Just like your thoughts, doofus.

(Ben): You mean just like how you spend your free time, reading books and filling out a lame color coded schedule.

(Max): Knock it off you two, I want to get to Springfield by noon.

(Ben): But Grandpa...Springfield is sooo lame!

(Max): Ben, not every piece of history is lame.

(Ben, looking at the TV screen): Hey, what's that?

(News Reporter): This just in, some sort of mutant creature is terrorizing Highway 55!

(Ben): This looks like a job for Stinkfly!

He slams the dial and transforms.

(Sanor): Uh, Grandpa, can this guy fly?

(Max): An Aerosapien? You bet he can!

(Sanor): AWESOME!

He opens the door to the Rust Bucket and flies away.

(Sanor, flying at the creature): Hey, ugly, want me? Come and get me!

(Khyber's Dog, turning on Translator): Tennyson, my master has plans for you!

(Sanor): That's what they all say.

(Khyber's Dog): Make your move.

(Sanor): With pleasure, puppy dog.

He turns into Heatblast and starts shooting flames at the dog.

(Khyber's Dog): A Pyronite?

He transforms into Crabdozer.

(Crabdozer): I am the predator, you are the prey.

(Heatblast): Oh yeah? We'll see about that!

He transforms into Ditto.

(Ditto): Ditto? Awesome!

He duplicates himself and three of the clones attack Crabdozer.

(Ditto Clone #1): Oh yeah, take THAT doggy!

(Crabdozer): Ugh, my master will be most disappointed.

He disappears.

(All Dittos): Oh come on!

The Omnitrix times out.

(Ben): Man, and now the Omnitrix has to recharge.

The Rust Bucket drives up.

(Ben): Took you long enough.

There is a flash of light and Xilar is on the roof.

(Xilar): Heh, good thing I placed a tracking device on your Omnitrix, Tennyson. Now I have the perfect opportunity to take it from you.

(Ben): Really?

The Omnitrix recharges.

(Ben): I don't think so!

Xilar throws a small metal sphere at him, when it went off, Ben was trapped in a net.

(Xilar): Yes, really. I'll be taking your Omnitrix now.

(Ben): Even if I wanted to give it to you, I couldn't, it's stuck to my wrist.

(Xilar): Omnitrix, command code 0-

The Rust Bucket activates its weapon system and blasts Xilar.


He disappears in a flash of light.




Aliens Used[]

By Ben[]

  • Sanor (first appearance, accidental transformation, selected alien was Stinkfly)
  • Heatblast (first reappearance)
  • Ditto (first reappearance)

By Khyber's Dog[]