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Albedo 10
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date 1/27/12
Written by Kross
Directed by Kross
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Capture Impel Down Part 2
Plumber Station


Eon and Albedo teleported into Zs’Skayr’s throne room in a flash of purple light.

Zs’Skayr: I cannot thank you enough for Impel Down; so many heroes will now be able to fight the Plumbers. Albedo: Have you seen Vilgax?

Zs’Skayr, No, but I know where he is.

Albedo: Where is he!?

Theme Song!

Zs’Skayr: He is on his home planet, The Null Void Frontier. Dr. Vicktor will accompany you on your quest.

Eon: Time to go! Bye!

Eon teleported away in a flash of purple light.

Albedo: Great, now how are we going to get there?

Dr. Vicktor: What about the Chimeran Hammer?

Albedo: Oh, yeah!

Albedo pressed a button on the Ultimatrix and teleported himself and Dr. Vicktor to the Chimeran Hammer. It was then flown to the Null Void Frontier.

Albedo: We arrived!

They teleported themselves down into Vilgax’s throne room, where Vilgax sat on his throne. He now had his Alien Force appearance.

Vilgax: Albedo! Welcome to my home planet! I will rename it Vilgaxia, after myself.

Albedo: Naming a planet after yourself? What has happened to you?

Vilgax: Ben Tennyson and his friends have helped me see the light. I will now help him show the Universe the light. If they resist, they will be crushed like insects.

Dr Vicktor: I will not allow this to happen!

Dr. Vicktor charged at Vilgax and shot lightning at him, but Vilgax used his shield to block the lightning. Vilgax used his eye beams on Dr. Vicktor, which sliced right through his chest.

Albedo: Dr. Vicktor!

Albedo ran over to Dr. Vicktor, but he was too late. Albedo himself and Dr. Vicktor’s body back to the Chimeran Hammer.

Albedo: We have to go, right now!

Albedo turned into Upgrade, merged with the Chimeran Hammer, and went super fast to Anur Phaetos. He teleported Dr. Vicktor’s body into Zs’Skayr’s throne room. He then flew all the way back to Earth. When he reached Earth’s orbit, he discovered a tiny space station.





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