Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 2, Episode 10
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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The Hungry Alien is the 20th episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode begins in Bellwood at night. A red car with its top down is seen parked on a cliff side while the couple within are seated in their chairs, looking upwards. Woman: Isn’t this just lovely, Dave?

Dave: Sure is, Janet. Sure is.

Janet/Woman: I just want this night to last forever.

Dave: Yeah me too.

Dave then notices something shooting through the skies.

Dave: Janet, look. A shooting star. (points)

Janet, noticing it: Whoa… Make a wish, Dave.

Dave: Okay. I wish for-

Janet: You can’t say it out loud or it won’t come true.

Dave: Whoops. Sorry.

Janet: Hey. That shooting star is getting closer…

The shooting star then gets bigger and bigger and heads straight for them.

Dave: It’s comin’ right for us!

Janet: Get us out of here!

Dave starts the car up and drives out of the area right before the object crashes into the Cliffside. When the smoke lifts, the object is revealed to be a meteor which is now in its own crater.

Theme Song

After the titles, the Mach 10 is seen driving down a road at high speeds. Brandon is seen driving the car.

Brandon, driving: Come on, Coco. You're not even trying.

Coco, over the interface: Funny you say that because I'm about to pass you.

Coco's car is seen approaching the Mach 10.

Brandon, driving: Pft. Yeah, right. Dream on.

Brandon presses harder on the gas pedal and accerlates down the road. Meanwhile in Coco's car, Coco is also driving while Sarah is in the passenger seat.

Sarah: Are you sure this is a good idea? We're not exactly on an open road.

Coco, driving: Relax, Sarah. Road's been cleared out for the thing, remember?

Brandon, over a Mechanic Badge: What is this thing again? I sort of snacked through the debrief.

Sarah: Boys and their food.

Coco, driving: I take offense to that. It's man, boy and food.

Brandon, over a Mechanic Badge: You shouldn't really be calling yourself a boy, Coco. Ha ha.

Coco, driving: Oh yeah? Well, we'll see who's the one laughing when I kick your car's can.

Coco shifts the gear and the car accerlates past the Mach 10.

Coco: Eat my dust, Tennyson.

Brandon, driving: How about you concede my speed?

Brandon presses a button on the dashboard and the Mach 10 accerlates at high speeds past Coco's car.

Coco, driving: Oh you want to play it like that, Tennyson? Let's just those nitros online with a mix of my turbo thrusters.

Sarah: Seriously, guys. We're only going to the end of the road, not the other side of the state.

Brandon, over the Mechanic Badge: I'd still beat him in that race.

Coco, driving: We'll just see about that.

Coco presses a button which reveals a lever. Coco pulls the lever down and the thrusters on the car activate; launching them past the Mach 10.

Brandon, driving: Oh no you didn't.

Brandon turns a hidden dial on his dashboard which increases the Mach 10's accerlation. The Mach 10 then passes Coco's Car as it goes off road followed by Coco.

Brandon: Woohoo!

The Mach 10 and Coco's Car approach the cliffside.

Sarah: We past the end of the road, time to slow down.

Coco, driving: Drat. Still can't believe I lost. (shuts down thrusters)

Brandon, over the Mechanic Badge: Oh yeah. Who won? I won? Who won? I won. That's right. In your face.

Coco, driving: Don't make me shut this channel up, Tennyson.

Brandon, over the Mechanic Badge: Yeah Yeah. You're just jealous that I won and you lost.

Coco deactivates the Mechanic Badge.

Sarah, holding arms: Harsh.

Coco: What? He was asking for it.

Coco's Car then stops at the end of the cliffside where the Mach 10 is already parked. Brandon is seen leaning against the Mach 10 as Sarah and Coco are seen getting out of Coco's Car.

Brandon: Took you guys long enough.

Coco: Almost forgot that shutting off the badge doesn't mean shutting you up too.

Sarah: See anything?

Brandon: Nothing but a giant crater. I was sort of waiting to get some of your scientific advice and (looks at Coco) your... uh...

Coco: Extremely useful and well organized observations.

Brandon: Yeah that. Well let's take a looksie.

The team head over to the crater.

Sarah: News reports say that this object crashed just last night into the cliffside. Other than that, the Mechanics closed down the perimeder to avoid anyone getting hurt from radation or anything else.

Coco: Smart. We wouldn't want any mutants on our hands.

The three then make it to the edge of the remaining cliffside and look into the crater.

Brandon: What is that?

A large meteor-like object is seen but it does not look exactly like a meteor.

Sarah: Looks like an egg.

Coco: Sort of.

Brandon: Well James, what do you think about this?

James, unseen: Hm.. Seems like an unknown extratrestial object however nerves seem to be placed on the exterior of the shell.

Sarah: James?

Sarah and Coco turns around and they see James standing next to Brandon.

Sarah: How did he get here?

Brandon: Huh?

Sarah, putting her hands on her face: Please tell me that he was not in the passenger seat in your car during that extremely dangerous race.

Brandon: Sarah, of course not. What type of irresponsible person do you think I am? He sat in the back seat with like two seatbelts.

Coco: Ooooh. Someone's in trouble.

Sarah, putting her hands down: Do you have any idea how much trouble you could have gotten us in?

James: It's quite alright. I'm fine actually. The race was pretty exciting.

Brandon: See? He's alright. James is a tough kid.

Sarah: Not the point, Brandon. What if he got hurt? How could you take up a responsibility like that if you can't even asure your own safety half of the time?

The "meteor" rumbles.

Coco: Ugh. Something tells me that that isn't supposed to be happening.

James: It's... hatching.

Pieces of the shell fall off.

Brandon: Heads up!

James dodges out of the way as a shell piece nearly lands on him. Sarah then extends her hand out and creates an pink energy shield around them. The shell pieces bounce off but the shield takes damage as Sarah struggles to keep it there. Brandon's eyes then widen. The meteor then hatches completely but nothing happens. Sarah then drops her shield as the team go over to the meteor to investigate.

James: I don't understand. A shell that big and there's nothing inside it?

Brandon: Maybe there is. Sarah, can you give us a closer look?

Sarah nods as she creates a pink energy platform underneath their feet as it carries them off the ground. The platform then hovers to the opening on the shell. The team looks in and see an adorable looking alien crawling around.

James: Well that's... weird.

Coco: No. This can't be right.

Brandon: I know what you mean. But still, the universe is filled with a bunch of weird things. I guess it's just not going to be as exciting.

Coco: Not this again though.

James: What do you mean, Mr. Levin?

Coco: I mean "cute aliens" as the main bad guy. It took me about a week to get over that.

Sarah: Oh I remember now. They were so adorable though. Just like this one... a bit.

Brandon: Adorable or not. If it poses a danger, we need to clear it out of the area.

Coco: Fine but I'm not getting my hands on it.

Sarah: Never send a boy to do a girl's job.

Sarah extends her hands out and grabs the alien with her pink energy by encasing it within an energy sphere. She then lifts the sphere carefully and up to their eye level.

Brandon: Poor thing. Looks sad.

Coco: Good.

Sarah: Coco!

Coco: What? It shouldn't have came crashing into the Earth if it didn't want to be sad.

James: Well I'm sure there's plenty of good things on Earth too.

Coco: Aside from cars, girls, fun and food?

Alien, weakly: Food...

Brandon: I think he's hungry.

Sarah: I don't know, Brandon. Maybe we should let the Mechanics deal with this.

Brandon: Yeah but this thing is just a baby. I mean it did just come from an egg. And as the responsible father of this alien, I must feed it.

Sarah: Brandon, you are not the father of this alien just because you witnissed its hatching.

Coco: Hold up. If your the father of the alien by that logic then wouldn't that make Sarah the mother?

Brandon: Uh... Well-

Sarah: Can we change the subject?

James: Yeah that might just seem like a good idea.

The team look at the alien in the sphere.

James: So what are we going to do with it?

Sarah glares at Brandon who looks relinquished.

Brandon: Okay Okay. Fine. We'll let the Mechanics deal with this.

Coco: That's a relief.

Brandon: And why's that?

Coco: Because there would have been some big huge adventure if we just let you take care of it.

Brandon: Hey, I'm responsible.

Coco: Sure sure.

Sarah lowers them back to the ground while Brandon looks upset at Coco. Coco then pulls out his Mechanic Badge and activates it.

Coco, using the badge: This Sector B-10. Calling in. Report.

Mechanic Officer, over the badge: Greetings, Sector B-10. What seems to be your situation?

Coco, using the badge: We're inside the perimeter. Send down some officers to contain an neutral alien lifeform.

Mechanic Officer, over the badge: Roger that. Sending two near by officers as we speak. Over and out.

Coco deactivates his badge and puts it back into his pocket.

Coco: I hoping I could beat something up today.

Sarah: Rough day.

Coco: Nah. Just feeling in the mood. I haven't hit anything in a while.

Sarah: Well that's good. You're improving.

Coco: I am?

Sarah: Yeah. Totally.

The Mechanic Ship then lands close to the crater. Two Mechanic Officers then exit from the ship.

Brandon: Well that didn't take long. I guess they were really close by.

Mechanic Officer: Hey there, kids. Keeping yourselves out of trouble?

Coco: Just the usual amount.

Brandon: Not much this time.

Mechanic Officer 2: Do you have the life form ready for transport?

Sarah: It's right (hovers the sphere containing the alien in front of her and towards the Mechanics) here.

Mechanic Officer, looking up for device, shocked: N-No... No. No NO NO! It can't be.

Brandon looks around and then back at the Mechcanic Officer.

Brandon: Is something wrong?

Mechanic Officer: Do not release that creature. Whatever you do. Do not let go of it.

Mechanic Officer 2: Is that a-

Mechanic Officer: Yes... Yes it is.

Mechanic Officer 2: What do we do?

Mechanic Officer: What do you mean what do we do? I don't know. We're not trained for this type of scenario!

Sarah: Please, calm down. What is the problem here?

Mechanic Officer 2: Who don't know?

Mechanic Officer: Of course they don't know. That monster is a killer.

Sarah: No... No that can't be right.

Brandon: Hold up, Sarah. Let's just hear him out.

Mechanic Officer: Hear me out? I'm getting out of here! I don't want to die.

Mechanic Officer 2: Micheal, just calm down.

Micheal/Mechanic Officer: Don't tell me to calm down! (pulls out a blaster)

Coco: Easy there.

Micheal: Open it. I'm gonna kill that thing before it kills everything here.

Brandon: Just calm down, Micheal. Everything is going to be fine.

Micheal, panicing: No... You don't understand. That thing is a monster.

Sarah: What are you talking about?

Micheal Are you going to release it or not?

Brandon: Just earlier you told us not to and then you started freaking out. I'm going to take my chances here and say that it needs to be contained for a reason.

Mechanic Officer 2: Proper Mechanic Procedure indicates that-

Micheal: Forget Procedure! We're not trained for this. What if we mess up and that things gets out?

Mechanic Officer 2: Give me the blaster, Micheal.

Micheal: No... It has to be done...

Mechanic Officer 2: Give me the blaster!

The second Mechanic Officer reaches for the blaster but Micheal ends up firing it causing him to accidentally shoot his partner in the chest. His partner then falls to ground in pain.

Micheal: I-I-I'm so sorry. But this is for real this time.

Micheal points the blaster at the sphere. His hands are shaking. Getting worse and worse.

Sarah: No don't. Micheal, we can talk about-

Micheal then fires and Sarah gets shot by the blast in the stomach.

Sarah: AHHHH!

Coco: Sarah!

Sarah then falls over. As soon as she hits the ground, the sphere shatters into pieces causing the alien to be free.

Micheal then points the blaster at the alien now on the ground.

Micheal: This is for my family...

Micheal fires but Coco blocks it, now in stone form. He then socks Micheal in the face which causes his blaster to drop on the ground close to the alien who looks at it with its big eyes. Coco then grabs Micheal and prepares to hit him again.

Brandon: That's enough, Coco. Sarah needs your help now. Forget him. He's not going anywhere.

Coco then drops him in anger and then rushes over to Sarah.

Coco, grabbing her: Sarah? ...Sarah?

James then grabs her wrist and listens.

James: There's still a pulse. She's breathing.

Brandon: Get her back to the Interceptor.

Coco: Aren't you coming? She's your cousin.

Brandon: I need to know why he shot her. I need to know what's going on. Otherwise, the whole organization might just come for us with lasers set for something much worse.

Coco nods and carries Sarah. He and James then head to the car. Brandon then goes over to Micheal who is starting to wake up.

Brandon: Why? Why did you do it?

Micheal: Is it... finished?

Brandon: What? What is it? What are you not telling us?

Micheal tries to get up but Brandon steps on his chest preventing him from doing so.

Brandon: Answer me!

Micheal then looks past Brandon and sees the alien crawling away and his blaster missing.

Micheal: No... NO!

Micheal then throws Brandon off of him. Brandon pulls down his sleeve.

Brandon: I don't want to hurt you, Micheal.

Micheal: I don't want to hurt you either. I want to save you but if you're getting my way then I'm going to have to hurt you. Look, I'm sorry for your cousin. I'm sorry for my partner. But that-that thing is a murderer.

Brandon: Who did it kill?

Micheal: Not who, Tennyson. What. It destroyed entire planets and now its on the loose. And it is very, very hungry.

After the transmission, the team, minus Sarah, are seen on The Interceptor.

Brandon: Is she-

Coco: She's going to be fine.

Brandon looks releaved.

James: She's just resting now.

Coco: What'd you find out?

Brandon: Looks like Sarah was right. The Mechanics should have just dealt with the situation. This is way beyond us.

Coco: Come on. What's beyond us?

Brandon: Try end of the world. And I'm not talking about an alien invasion or an alien dicator or a giant explosive. I'm talking about the whole planet being eaten away.

Coco: Eaten away by what?

James: A matter decomposer? A molecular deconstructor?

Brandon: That alien in the egg thing.

Coco: You're kidding me.

Brandon: Apparently it's true. It's called Vorzzle the Planet Eater.

Coco: Wait. You're telling me that alien eats planets?

Brandon: I guess.

James: I know the universe is vast and filled with many things we might consider impossible but is it possible that he was just wacko?

Brandon: It's a possibility. But if a man is willingly to shoot an innocent person in order to get revenge on this alien then we need to find it and fast.

Meanwhile, close to the residenal area of Bellwood, the Vorzzle is seen crawling around. It also got slightly bigger. It then sees a trash can and manages to crawl into it. Eating sounds are heard. A man pushing a food cart is seen appoarching the garbage can which is shaking.

Man: Stupid cats... Tryin' to scare me.

The trash can is then knocked over but no garbage is seen spilling out.

Man: What the?

The Vorrzle then crawls out, now bigger than before, and screeches at the man.

Man: AHH! Aliens!

The man then throws his cart over and runs for his life. The Vorzzle then crawls over to the food cart and sees pretzels all over the ground.

Vorzzle: Food...

The Vorzzle then feeds on the pretzels and gets bigger with every pretzel that he ate. When he finishes, the Vorzzle is now the size of the cart itself.

Vorzzle: Food!

Vorzzle then turns and sees Bellwood close by.

Vorzzle: FOOD!

The Vorzzle then crawls towards Bellwood. Back on the Interceptor, Brandon is sitting at the computer stations while Coco is piloting. James is at his station as well. They are quiet.

James: So... Where are we off to?

Coco remains silent while his eyes are fixed on the sky in front of him. Brandon remains the same way.

James: Uh... guys?

Brandon, snapping out of the silence: Huh? Oh sorry, James. What were you asking?

James: I just wanted to know where we're off to.

Coco: We're gonna find that monster. That's what.

Brandon: I was sort of looking for any isolated incidents but none so far. I think we should call for backup.

Coco: Those officers already left to nearest Mechanic Base. By the time they get here, the planet might just be destroyed.

Brandon: Right...

James: I thought you didn't believe that it could do that, Mr. Le-

Coco: It can, okay?

Brandon: You knew about it? You knew this whole time?!

Coco: Get off my back, Tennyson.

Brandon, getting out of his chair: You could have stopped this whole thing! My cousin would still be alright if you just told us.

Coco, getting out of his chair and looking Brandon in the face: I didn't know! I didn't know that's what they looked like. Okay? I don't know everything. You of all people should know that with you being the genius and all.

Brandon: Coco... It's not like that. I never thought that you were-

Coco: What? Stupid? Just because I dropped out of school and had a criminal background doesn't mean I'm not all there. I know stuff, Tennyson., but I don't know everything.

Brandon: Look, I'm sorry. All those reactions I didn't show earlier were surfacing. You'd beat up the guy you thought was responsible too. You of all people should know that.

Coco then looks at Brandon and then sits back down in his chair and continues piloting.

A beeping is then heard from the computer station. James checks his station.

James: We got something.

Coco: What do you got?

James: Alien creature attacking people of Bellwood. Eating everything in sight. Sounds like our guy.

Coco: Plotting course now.

The Interceptor is then seen flying through the skies. Later, it lands on a street in the residental area of Bellwood. The cargo bay door then opens and the team, with the exception of Sarah, exit the ship.

Brandon: Careful. One wrong move and we could end up destroying our neighbors' house.

James: Well I leave in an apartment complex.

Coco: And I live in my warehouse and space ship half of the time.

Brandon: Yeah but- Okay but still. Be careful. They're still my neighbors.

Coco notices a trail of slime until a small explosion is heard in the distance.

Brandon: Come on!

Brandon, Coco and James run off towards the explosion. They run around the corner of the block and see a figure.

James: Holy Smokes...

The Vorzzle is then seen eating a car as it is the same size as a small house. Citizens run away from the alien.

James: It got bigger.

Brandon: Yeah no kidding. What the heck happened to it?

Coco: That's what its species does. They eat anything in their path and grow bigger and bigger until they're big enough to eat the entire planet. Once the planet is destroyed, they drift into a space and their skin hardens into a shell. The shell then crashes into another planet and the shell hatches again.

Brandon: A never ending cycle of destruction.

James: But how does the alien get small again after eating planets?

Coco: Trust me, kid, you really don't want to know.

James: I'm not to imagine it but I'm just not- (realizing) Oh...

Coco: Yep.

James: Oh that's just so wrong though.

Coco: Yep. Best to get that off of your mind.

Brandon: And right now we need to stop this thing. It's Hero Time!

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into Astro.

Astro: ASTRO!

Astro then flies up and fires an energy beam at the Vorzzle who yells out in pain. Coco absorbs the street and gains his asphalt form. Coco then goes over the to Vorzzle and punches it many times in the stomach. The Vorzzle then smacks Coco with its rear.

Astro, ceasing fire: Coco!

The Vorzzle then faces Astro and screeches. Astro turns back and fires another beam at the Vorzzle but this time the Vorzzle opens its mouth and consumes the energy. The Vorzzle then gets bigger and bigger.

James, noticing this: Brandon, stop! You're only making it bigger!

Astro then stops and looks in shock. The Vorzzle is now the size of a large house. The Vorzzle roars and smacks Astro into the pavement with its extended rear which taking the shape of a tail. Astro then gets up and James runs over to him.

James: Are you alright?

Astro: Fine. It's the midnight snacker that isn't going to be feeling good in the morning.

Astro takes off and fires multiple short lasers at the Vorzzle who reacts as if it is a series of stings.

James: Brandon, wait!

Astro then stops and hover in front of the Vorzzle.

Astro: Had enough?

The Vorzzle then leaps slightly off the ground which throws Astro off guard completely and the Vorzzle gobbles up Astro as he touches back now. James and Coco look in horror.

After the transmission, The Vorzzle is seen looking for something else to eat.

Coco: Did he just-?

James: Yeah. He did.

Coco: No... No way, he's eating my best friend!

James: Wait I have an idea. Brandon is probably trying to escape but is probably stuck between the esophagus and the stomach.

Coco: So?

James: So you need to unblock that jam.

Coco: I think I'm starting to understand you, kid.

Coco forms a mallet hand and runs up to the Vorzzle. He then smashes at the chest of the creature which causes it to choke. The Vorzzle opens its mouth and a green flash is seen coming from within. A shape then quickly moves up his esophagus and Ultimate Astro is seen exiting the creature's mouth.

Ultimate Astro: ULTIMATE ASTRO! And ew...

The Vorzzle then grows bigger.

James: I don't understand. We stopped him from eating Brandon.

Ultimate Astro: I'm living energy. Just having that taste in his mouth but be enough for the growth to continue.

Coco: Probably best not to throw any energy attacks at this guy then.

Ultimate Astro: Smart but I never waste an Ultimate alien.

Ultimate Astro then flies behind him quickly and charges up. The Vorzzle then turns around as Ultimate Astro releases his charge which causes a massive energy blast at the Vorzzle which sends him flying through the sky.

Ultimate Astro: There. Now he's isolated from the residental area.

James: Yep. But...

Ultimate Astro: But what?

Coco: He's heading towards the city.

The three look in the distance and see Bellwood City.

Ultimate Astro: Aw crud.

The Vorzzle is then seen devouring a bus in the city. Citizens are running away from the creature in paniac. Tanks then arrive followed by a truck. General Gates steps out of the truck and pulls out a megaphone.

General Gates, over the megaphone: Alien creature, you are on Earth soil and causing distress to our popular. You will cease your attacks and surrender to the people of Earth, the Global Extraterrestrial Investigation Taskforce, and the government of the United States of America.

Vorzzle: More... Food.... MORE FOOD!

General Gates, putting away to Megaphone: We made our message clear.

G.E.I.T. Solider: Permission to fire, sir?

General Gates: Fire!

The tanks then fire at the Vorzzle in which they impact it causing a smoke cloud on impact. Once the smoke clears, the creature is revealed to be unharmed but slightly stunned.

General Gates: Good grief. Fire again!

The tanks fire again. The Vorzzle snaps out of his stunned phase and eats the missiles; growing bigger.

General Gates: What the blazes?

Ultimate Astro, flying in: General Gates.

Ultimate Astro hovers next to him and transforms back into Astro who transforms back into Brandon.

Brandon: You're making a mistake.

General Gates: Why am I not suprised that you're here? What do you mean we're making a mistake? We're attempting to defend the country from alien attack.

Brandon: It gets bigger with every bite it takes. The more things you throw at it, the more it will just end them.

General Gates: Well isn't that just swell. So what do you recommend we do?

Brandon: I don't know. My advice expert is in sick bay and my science expert needs a ride here.

General Gates: And the boy?

Brandon: He's the pilot, remember?

General Gates: Well if we can't use any ranged weapons, then you better stick with melee weapons. The creature just made off that way.

Brandon and General Gates run down the street and turn right. They then see a building is seen with a large bite mark in it.

Brandon: If we don't stop this alien, it's going to eat the world.

Brandon then runs after it. The Interceptor is then seen landing close to the G.E.I.T. Solider. The cargo bay door opens. Coco and James run out and go to General Gates.

General Gates: We're in for quite a ride, gentlemen.

Coco and James look up and see the building.

Sarah, unseen: Gentlemen?

Coco, James and General Gates turn around and see Sarah.

Sarah: Don't forget about me. (Smirks)

Meanwhile, Brandon is seen running through the city until it sees a giant Vorzzle in City Park.

Vorzzle: Precious food... I must have more... I hunger for more...

Brandon: Looks like developed an almost complete sentence.

Vorzzle: I hunger for more!

Brandon: I get it. You're hungry. But this world is off the menu forever.

Vorzzle: You deny me of my food?

Brandon: I do.

Vorzzle: They I shall consume you and your world.

Brandon: You already tried once today. Do it again and I will kick you off a cliff.

Vorzzle: You can not stop my cravings.

Brandon: Maybe not. But I will stop you.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and scrolls through transformations. The Vorzzle approaches him. Brandon slaps down the face plate and transforms into Size Man who is at gigantic size automatically.

Size Man: SIZE MAN!

Size Man then punches the Vorzzle in the face causing it to fall on some cars.

The citizens run away from the creature but stop to look at Size Man.

Size Man: Clear the area! Now!

The citizens then run away.

The Vorzzle then smacks Size Man in the head with his fully grown tail causing Size Man to be knocked into a building.

Size Man: Uh... (pushes self off of the building)

The Vorzzle then throws itself at Size Man; slamming him into the building again. Size Man then falls on the ground.

Vorzzle: None shall stop my cravings. I am the bottom less pit.

Size Man: No. You're just a big annoyance!

Size Man turns around and uppercuts the Vorzzle in the face. The Vorzzle arms grow bigger and it punches the building Size Man slammed against earlier. The building then loses its structure in its mid section causing it to break there. The Vorzzle then eats the building's upper half which causes him to grow bigger than Size Man.

Vorzzle: The superior size shall consume all beneath him.

Size Man: Stop talking about the food chain in a sick way. It's disgusting.

Size Man increases his size to match the size of the Vorzzle.

Vorzzle: You will fail. My intelligence increases when I grow. I will find a way to destroy this world and everyone on it then I will hunger no more.

Size Man: Sucks to be you then, nerd, because I get stronger when I grow.

Size Man then socks the Vorzzle in the face.

Size Man: And I don't need intelligence to kick your hungry butt. RAHH!

Size Man kicks the Vorzzle into another building. Meanwhile, Coco, Sarah, James and General Gates drive into the area on Gates' truck.

Coco: Are you sure you want to be out here?

Sarah: It wasn't serious, Coco. I'm fine now.

James: You still need to rest but you're good enough. Just don't get too physical.

General Gates: So what's the plan?

Sarah: We need to stop the Vorzzle from growing. Otherwise, it will tear this planet apart.

James: And then devour it. Based on my observations, if eating increases the scale then prehaps he needs to start spewing.

Coco: You heard the echoing voice. That thing is a bottomless pit.

Sarah: Scienfically impossible. Every pit has its end. The Vorzzle is a legend come true and Mayans believed that there could be bottomless pits which still exist in modern day.

General Gates: Point being?

Sarah: It'll hurl. One way or the other.

James: Maybe an electromagnetic wave to the brain can create a gagging reflex.

Sarah: I'd rather not think about it.

General Gates: But can it work?

James: Only one way to find out. Do you have a neutronicelectron stablizer?

General Gates: Sorry, kid, left that at the base.

James: Well I can't build without any resources.

Coco: Maybe we can use one of Brandon's aliens.

James: It's possible but he's in the middle of a fight that can squish us any minute.

Sarah: Give me a sec, Mr. Optimistic.

Sarah throws an energy disc in the air. It curves around until it hits Size Man in the face.

Size Man: Ow! What was-

Size Man looks down and sees Sarah waving.

Size Man: Sarah?

The Vorzzle then socks Size Man in the face. Size Man then grabs the imcoming fist and slams it against the Vorzzle's own face. Size Man then shrinks down the regular size while Vorzzle looks for him.

Vorzzle: None shall escape Vorzzle the Planet Eater!

Size Man: I was in the middle of a fight.

Sarah: If you kept growing, you would have become a voilent fighting mad man.

Size Man: I-... Alright, fine.

Size Man smacks the Ultimatrix symbol and transforms back into Brandon.

Brandon: You should be resting. Are you alright?

Sarah: I'm fine. James came up with a plan to stop the Vorzzle.

Coco: With my help.

James: If you can produce an electromagnetic pulse to the neuronic section of the brain, it will create a reflex that will case the unloading of materials consumed in order to decrease the scale of the lifeform.

Brandon: What the who when?

James: Send an electromagnetic beam to the alien's brain and it will throw up causing it to shrink and be containable.

Brandon: Oh. Right. Well I'm not sure if even Brainiac can handle a brain that big.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and scrolls through transformations.

The Vorzzle then finds the team and Gates.

Vorzzle: None shall escape my hunger.

The Vorzzle prepares to eat them.

Coco: Now Brandon!

Brandon: Just let me think.

Sarah: Come on.

Brandon closes his eyes and slams the face plate down on a new hologram. Brandon then transforms into a New Alien.

New Alien: TELECRAFT! Another new alien? I wouldn't mind knowing what this one can do.

General Gates: I'm generally no longer surprised by what you kids throw at me.

Sarah: Believe me, General. He will surprise you.

James: Can you create an electromagnetic-

Telecraft: An electromagnetic wave to interact with neuronic systems in the brain? Yes. I can also understand you. I don't know if I should be glad or scared.

Sarah: It's good. That means you're smart now.

Telecraft: "Now"?

Sarah: Well smarter.

Vorzzle: You have no chance, inferior creatures.

Telecraft: I may be inferior in size but my processing speed has increased and my cerebrum is far more advanced than yours.

Vorzzle: My brain is larger than yours. You have failed to make your point.

Telecraft: While you think size will grant you the victory in this battle, it is really the cognition or, in this case, concentration that grants me victory.

Vorzzle: What do you mean?

Telecraft: A constantly hunger life form needs to always think about substinence. But I do that. It is your legacy but it is also your weakness. And I shall exploit it.

Telecraft then fires an energy beam from his head at Vorzzle but Vorzzle attempts to fire it. Coco then looks at General Gates' truck.

Coco: You don't need this right?

General Gates: You owe me a new truck.

Sarah then picks up the truck with her pink energy and throws it at Vorzzle who gets distracted and attempts to eat it. Telecraft's beam then enters the Vorzzle's mind causing him to react and then look sick. The citizens then cheer as the Vorzzle bends over. Vomiting sounds are heard the creature shrinks and shrinks until it is back to its original size. The Vorzzle tries to crawl away again but Telecraft forms a container made of energy around it. Later, G.E.I.T. is cleaning up the mess.

General Gates: Thanks, Brandon. You saved my skin.

Brandon: Oh it was nothing.

Coco: Really?

Brandon: Alright it was a crazy day. I almost lost even but it's okay, I guess.

Sarah: I'm just glad we managed to stop it before it was too late.

Brandon: Right well. G.E.I.T. is cleaning up the plan. I think we should go now.

Coco: Couldn't agree me.

The three go while James stays there. Brandon stops and looks around him. He then turns around and sees James.

Brandon: James... You coming or not?

James: Not, actually.

Brandon: Wha- What?

James: I realized that while being on the team was one of my best dream come true, but its hard. I don't have super powers and I'm just a kid. I  don't know about these aliens by experience. I don't know what part I play half of the time. At least with the Global Extraterristal Investigation Taskforce, I can be who I am. A scientist.

Sarah: Are you sure that you want to do this?

James: Absolutely. If I don't stand up for myself and make my own life choices, then how am I going to have a team of my own someday?

Coco: Well I'm gonna miss ya, twerp.

James: You too, Mr. Levin. But I'll be around, right General Gates?

General Gates: Well...

The team looks at Gates who looks back but is defeated.

General Gates: We'll work something out.

Brandon: Well see ya, James. It was awesome having you on our missions.

James: It was awesome just working by your side. See ya around.

The team wave as Gates and James get into a different military vehicle. The truck then drives off.

Sarah: What are we going to do without James?

Brandon: Same as before. James or no James, we're here to save the world.

The team then look at the sky as the damage from the battle and such are seen in the isolated perimeter.




  • Vorzzle the Planet Eater (First Appearance)

Aliens Used


  • Telecraft makes his first debut.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  • James leaves the team and becomes a scientist for G.E.I.T. in this episode.
  • Vorzzle comes from the words Devour and Guzzle.
  • This is the second episode in which Sarah gets shot or injured severely; The first being Genetics.
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