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"The Hero Generation" is a series that revolves around the main character, Joe. He wields the power to transform into 10 aliens, like Ben Tennyson, thanks to the KeyTrix.

Episode list

Season 1:

  1. "Said in Silence"
  2. "Breaking Bounds"
  3. "The Arctic Circle"
  4. "Sludge'd"
  5. "City of Trash"
  6. "Quake of 3000"
  7. "Radiation Contamination"
  8. "Crop Circles"
  9. "Insomniac"
  10. "Negative Energy"

Season 2:

  1. "Interstellar Inquiry"
  2. "Eight Days a Week"
  3. "The Patchwork"


Joe has the ability to access and transform into alien forms from the KeyTrix. 10 aliens were available when Joe first wielded the KeyTrix.

Original 10

Additional Aliens


As Joe is a super hero, the criminals, creatures, and other unimaginable scum from all over the universe hunt him down for vengeance, his KeyTrix, or just driven by plain hatred.


Monsters, aliens, troubles to be tamed

Turning into aliens may all seem like a game

But once you're intertwined you'll never be the same

It's The Hero Generation

It's sweeping the nation

There's an unknown kid who has the power to transform

His secret identity has taken the nation by storm

No one else knows

That his name is Joe

And he's here to fight crime

One villain at a time

It's The Hero Generation!

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