Sem 2.10
Season 1, Episode ???
Fusionfall - Null Void
Written by Ancy
Directed by Ancy
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Marvel 2.10
Perchance to Dream
Sem gets arrested.


  • In a warehouse, Hyjinx is smacked into a pod-like cell by some Plumbers while Sem comes out as NME and goes human again.
  • (Plumber) Listen Sem, how did you get him quiet?
  • (Sem) NME's swords can smack better then a hammer!
  • (Plumber) Plain violence? That is against Plumber's Code of Conduct! Sorry Sem, but i while have to arrest you for this.
  • (Sem) What?! You are insane?
  • (Plumber) Excuse me? Will you stand right over there, please?
  • He points to a spot, Sem stands there, but the Plumber shots a Null Void portal right underhim! Sem falls right into the Null Void, but Sem manages to save himself by transforming into Water Hazard.
  • (Menace) Well well, a new guy.
  • Menace, a Tetramand, picks him up.
  • (Menace) What's your name, Adergrass?
  • (Sem) Ehh...Sem.
  • (Menace) Right. Adergrass. Why you here, guppy?
  • (Sem) Not following the Plumber Code of Conduct.
  • Wait, your a cop? Guys, get him!!
  • A bunch of Goops show up.
  • (Sem) Don't get me angry. You wouldn't like me when i'm angry.
  • (Menace) What ya gonna do, kid? Become the Incredible Hulk?
  • (Sem) No. I'll become...
  • (transform)
  • (Sem) Emotion!
  • (Menace) Oh. Not good.
  • The Goops fuse together, but Sem throws some punches and knocks them out in no time.
  • (Menace) Hey, thats not how it goes!
  • (Sem) Yup. How it goes, you get beaten!
  • (transform!) Splike!
  • Sem shoots diamonds to make him weaker and then throws him off their rock-like platform.
  • Then, Plumbers come in.
  • (Plumber) Sem, we see now your method has proven itself once again. We allow you to come back.
  • THE END!

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