The Forgotten Alien is an extradimensional alien called Lihinian in the dimension of Forged Nothing.


The Forgotten Alien was from the dimension. Like, Celestialsapiens or Ectonourites, their subconscious existed in a single strand of DNA. The Forgotten Alien deleted everything from his sight, the only thing he can interact was the DNA strands of multiple beings. The alien appeared in Ultimate Omnitrix: Battle of Nothingness as a lonely and sad alien sample which was accidentally jettisoned to Ultratrix. The Forgotten Alien in anger that Ben had been controlling his "friends" went on a mad rampage to destroy everything Ben holds dear. The Alien began to "steal" Ben's alien samples and destroyed his friends. After a fight using Darkstare, The Alien begged for forgiveness to Ben. Ben accepted. The Alien returned back into his sample form and everything destroyed returned.


  • Control the power of space itself
  • Gravitakinesis
  • Stop time


  • It is usually asked for forgiveness when he did something wrong.

The people, the Alien destroyed

  • Carl Tennyson and Sandra Tennyson
  • Gwen
  • Kevin
  • Julie
  • Ship
  • Max
  • Zeszon
  • Raphael
  • Aguas
  • Sora
  • Stan LI
  • Tempeter
  • Etoile
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