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The Forest is the 14th episode of the show, Brandon 10


Coco tells a story about his other friend and how they loved to have adventures and play games and stuff. Later they investagate a forest with high energy reading when they are attack by a small fast and acid spitting alien. Brandon 10 transforms into Aqualad instead of Slimeshot and is attacked by a person with a powerful plasma rifle. After beging defeated by the alien, the person lies there as Aqualad traps the alien in a treetrunk and turns back to human. Waking up, the person recanizes Coco and tells them that he is Coco's other friend. His friend informs Coco that he is now a part of an alien capture team and he couldn't be around. Brandon, unsure about his friend's friend, continues looking for the energy readings. The Next day, Coco's friend offers Coco to have fun like the old days with him but Coco is unsure. Brandon then puts the readings in the computer and annylizes similar scans and DNA so he then asks Coco to join his investagation. Unsure Coco denies his old friend goes to the forest. When they arrive, a proyite is burning down the forest and Brandon turns into Freezefire to take him out while Coco scans the area. Knowing that this the forest where the DNA rod was found, Brandon and Coco realize that his old friend has been releasing aliens from the comany he worked for so he can be at the top in his Co.. Taking a stand, Coco transforms into Fourarms and attacks his old friend who defends himself with a Shock Beast. Gaining the element of surprize, Brandon becomes Big Boo and defeats him and retrives the samples. Armed with a powerful sample, Coco's friend tries to escape but is soon traped within a sample pod. At the end, Brandon and Coco retrive the stolen samples and the some of the forest samples and return them to the lab for expermenting but leave the friend to emniey along with the bad sample mixes.


  • Brandon 10
  • Coco

Aliens Used

By Brandon

  • Aqualad(Accidently Transformation - Slime Shot)(1st Apperance)
  • Freezefire
  • Big Boo

By Coco

  • Wildmutt(off sence)
  • Fourarms


  • Old Friend(ACU employe)


  • This is the 1st episode where a character returns to certain location besides the lab
  • This is the 1st episode where an episode is named after a location
  • This is the 1st episode where Aqualad appears
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