The Final Level is the nineteenth comic of Young Plumbers and ninth issue of Set 2.

Young Plumbers Comics
Set 2, Issue 9
Production Code B09
Release Date: January 21, 2013
Written By Paper
Artist Paper
Directed By Paper
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Plumbers' Academy
February 21, 2013, 4:19 AM EST

[Zon runs down the stairs and enters the game room at the Academy. He turns on a system and begins to play a game called "Wonder World." It is an adventure and fighting game with separate levels. Each level has a high score next to it. Zon goes to a special menu with the total score for each play. There are only two players: Brian at 8734 and Zon at 8522.]

[Zon, disappointed]: He passed me...

[Zon goes back to the main menu and then opens his save file.]

[Zon]: Doesn't really matter... I can easily get over 9000

[The game screen shows a character in a world with a brown ground and light blue sky. There is a large sign that says "Welcome to Wonder World" with a door below it. There is another sign next to it that says "This Way" with an arrow pointing to the door. Zon makes the character enter the door. He arrives in a 3D environment that is a jungle like area. He begins moving his character around and blasting through all the enemies that he encounters.]

[Zon]: Yes yes yes!

[His score is now almost past Brian's. He defeats another slew of enemies, which sends his score to 8765.

[Zon]: Yes! I got past him! Now let's keep going...

[His character gets on a horse as he rides it through a portal.]


[Brian comes running down the stairs and finds Zon playing the game.]

[Brian]: You're up playing Wonder World?

[Zon]: Yeah!

[Brian]: It's 4:30 in the morning!

[Zon]: Who cares? I've got to beat the game before you...

[Brian]: Fine! You're on!

[Zon]: Rotate every hour?

[Brian]: Deal...

[They sake hands. A panel shows Zon's character fighting a demon enemy. He defeats it and gains a full 1000 points.]

[Zon]: First world, beaten!

[Brian]: Already? We got the game yesterday!

[Zon]: According to the packaging there are 12 worlds in the game! So if we play a lot, we can beat it by the end of the day...

[Brian]: I'll still beat it before you!

[Zon]: Will you now?


[All of the sudden, a demonic face appears on the screen. It covers the entire screen.]

[Zon]: That's not supposed to happen, is it?

[Brian]: No, I think it's part of the game...

[Face]: FOOLS! You will feed my hunger!

[Zon]: I don't think that's part of the game.

[He presses the off button for the system, but the face remains on the screen.]

[Brian]: Okay, that's just creepy...

[Face]: HUNGRY!

[The face opens its mouth and begins to suck Zon and Brian into the TV.]

[Zon]: OK! Now we know this isn't natural...

[Brian]: Maybe we should go inside...

[Zon]: Yeah, it could be fun!

[Zon and Brian get sucked into the creature's mouth. On the next page, they land in Wonder World, right where Zon's character was when the face appeared.]

Wonder World
February 21, 2013, 5:57 AM EST

[Brian]: You know what I have to say about this?

[Zon]: Weird? Creepy? Disgusting?

[Brian]: No! Awesome!

[Figure]: It is anything but awesome! The evil demon Toko has returned!

[Brian]: And you are?

[Figure]: I am Sanorth. Who are you?

[Brian]: Well, my name is--

[Zon]: We're the heroes who have come to save the world!

[Brian]: Wha--

[Sanorth]: Oh, excellent, please follow me!

[Brian]: Zon, what are you doing?

[Zon]: You said it yourself: This is awesome...

[Brian]: Not now. Now we're going to have to fight that face thing...

[Sanorth]: Please, take all the weapons and armor you need. Toko is up in the castle...

[A panel shows a castle at the edge of the town they are in.]

[Brian]: We have to kill Toko, right?

[Sanorth, picking up an artifact]: No. Toko is a genie, just seal him inside of his lamp!

[Brian, receiving the artifact from Sanorth]: Right...

[Sanorth]: Good luck on your quest!

[Zon]: We will return with Toko in this bottle!

[They run off towards the castle.]


[On the next page, the recruits enter the castle.]

[Zon]: This place is creepy...

[Brian]: Wait, isn't this the final level of the game?

[Zon]: I don't know! We haven't beaten it yet...

[Brian]: I think the final boss is coming up... Toko could be right around the corner...

[They head into the next room and find a statue.]

[Zon]: That's Toko?

[Brian]: No, that's a statue...

[The statue springs to life and starts attacking them.]

[Zon]: This doesn't look good!

[Zon slashes his sword at the statue's arm. It falls off and crashes into a wall of the room. Brian jumps high into the air and slashes at the statue's face. He eventually knocks it to the ground. Zon shreds through the statue's feet, but the statue quickly stands up and begins to blast a wave of fire at Zon. It burns him, but his body doesn't get burned.]

[Zon]: Ha! I'm fire resistent!

[Brian]: No, it's just a video game! You're taking damage!

[His health meter goes down a lot. Brian knocks the statue back and then slices off its head. He lands on the ground next to Zon.]


[Brian]: That means you need to be more careful...

[Zon]: Yeah...

[A figure appears in front of them.]

[Figure]: You have defeated my statue... Now it is my turn to fight...

[Brian]: And I'm assuming your Toko!

[Toko]: You assume correctly hero...

[Zon]: Why are you terrorizing the village! Why have you brought us here...

[Toko]: This is not a game, children. This is real life. I was trapped in this game to prevent my rage from spreading across the galaxy! Now FEEL MY WRATH!

[He draws a sword and begins to slash at Zon and Brian. They slash their swords back at him. Zon rolls around him and then knocks him into the wall. Brian jumps and kicks him in the face. Zon continues to slash at him, but Toko turns around and kicks Zon back. Brian kicks Toko again, knocking him into the clear.]

[Brian]: NOW!

[Zon jumps and stabs down at Toko, but he teleports to the far side of the room and begins to blast fire at the recruits.]

[Zon]: I hate these fights. They always get progressively harder as they go on...

[Zon slashes his sword and knocks the fireball back at Toko. they volley it back and forth for a while until it hits Toko. Brian jumps and kicks him into the wall. He jumps and slashes at him, but as Toko hits the wall again he disappears and appear behind Zon. He now freezes the ground and then skates and knocks Zon into Brian.]

[Toko]: Ready to surrender?

[Brian]: No, but you should be...

[Brian stands across from Toko. Zon stands just behind Brian. Toko charges at Brian, but he backflips. Toko hits Zon, but slows down because of him. Brian lands with his sword going directly into the top of Toko's head. He turns to stone and then crumbles into dust. The floor melts and Brian lands next to Zon.]

[Brian]: Guess that was fun...

[They turn to the door, but it shuts on its own and locks by itself.]


[Zon]: That doesn't look good...

[They turn around and find a floating red orb. It has two eyes and a mouth with two arms coming out of it. The orb is actually Toko.]

[Toko]: Ready for round 2?

[Brian]: You've got to be kidding me!

[Toko launches an electric storm out of his mouth. Brian and Zon scatter, but then Zon jumps and stabs through Toko's brain. Instead of damaging him, Zon takes a bunch of damage and then gets through against the wall.]

[Brian]: Our swords aren't powerful enough...

[Zon]: The statue's sword! Try using that!

[Brian throws his sword into Toko. It distracts him long enough for Brian to get to the remains of the statue. He picks up the sword and charges at Toko. He slashes the sword at Toko, which knocks him to the ground. Brian hits him again, which this time sends him flying around like a pinball. Brian hits him one more time. There is a big flash and all of the sudden, Toko, the sword, and the remains of the statue are gone. There is another flash and the castle disappears. Brian and Zon are left in a garden. Sanorth approaches them.]

[Sanorth]: Thank you oh thank you great heroes for saving Wonder World from the evil Toko!

[Brian]: You're welcome... Now you wouldn't have a way to get back, would you?

[Sanorth snaps his fingers and they disappear. He takes out a communicator.]

[Sanorth]: Toko is on the outside... They don't suspect a thing...


[On the next page, Zon and Brian jump out of the TV and end up back at the Academy. It is still in the morning and no one is awake. The TV screen shows the main menu. All of the sudden, a message pops up saying that total, all players have gained 1000000 points.]

[Zon]: Well that was fun...

[Brian]: Yeah, but I still want to play the game to the end...

[Brian turns around and sees the 1000000 point message.]

[Brian]: OH MY!

[Zon]: What?

[Zon turns around and then almost faints. He jumps back up.]


[Brian]: Wait, it says total... So who got it...?

[Zon]: Let's check it...

[Zon goes to the special menu. Brian is still at 8734 and Zon is now at 9019. There is a new player named "Toko" who is at exactly 1000000 points.]

[Zon]: Toko?

[Brian]: Now that's creepy...

[Zon]: But this can only mean one thing...

[Brian]: What?

[Zon]: He's alive... And likely free in the real world...

[The End]

Dragon Wars

Young Plumbers Comics Set 2
The Final Level

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