Brandon 10: Alien Force
Season 4, Episode 20
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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The Final Fight Part 1
A Hero is Known
The Final Fight Part 2 is the 70th and final episode of Brandon 10: Alien Force.


Narrator (Brandon): Previously on Brandon 10: Alien Force...

Figure: Is my device assembled yet?

The Figure steps out revealing himself to be The Conqueror.

Brandon Clone: This doesn't seem like a good idea.

The Conqueror: -if we form an alliance, we can destroy our one archenemy, Brandon Tennyson.

Bill: There's no time to explain, Brandon. Brandon Clone is back and he's out to take out everyone that can help you.

Brandon: There's no more chances left.

Electrix grabs Coco's leg and electrocutes him. Coco then falls over passed out.

Brandon: Now is the time to act.

Sarah then coughs and passes out.

Brandon Clone: I added a new feature. If I can't unlock the previous transformations, I minus as well upgrade the current one's statistics.

Brandon: I see you're back to hacking signals. You can now transform into my aliens.

Crusher (Nodnarb): But what I can do is something you never could.

Crusher (Nodnarb) turns the dial of the New Omnitrix until it comes out. He then pushes it down and a red flash comes out of the New Omnitrix and overcomes Crusher as he transforms into a New Alien.

New Alien: Allow me to introduce... Ultimate Crusher!

Ultimate Crusher had formed his hands into boulder hammers and smashes rapidly against Crusher's face.

Conqueror: Enough. We need him alive for now.

Crusher then transforms back into Brandon.

Conqueror: Here's whats going to happen, Brandon 10. You're going to give me the Omnitrix or your friends die.

Brandon: You can't remove the Omnitrix.

Ultimate Crusher: Use the code.

Brandon: Omnitrix, Removal Protocol.

Omnitrix, in Brandon's Voice: Access Granted. Omnitrix is now being Removed.

The Omnitrix then comes off. The Conqueror grabs the Omnitrix.

Conqueror: Yes! YES! It's finally mine.

Brandon: What have I done?

Theme Song

The Conqueror continues lifting the Omnitrix in his grasp.

Conqueror: The Power of the Omnitrix... Is finally MINE!

Brandon: We had a deal, Conqueror. Let my friends go.

Conqueror: What does it matter, Tennyson? You lost. Even with your friends, there is no way you can stop me now.

Brandon: I said let them go.

Conqueror: Ah... You didn't do it for a Plan B or even because you need a team. You did it because they are your loved ones; your friends.

Brandon stares at the Conqueror.

Conqueror: I should just kill them now. And you too. That is what I wanted since you foiled me the first time.

Ultimate Crusher: We've got the Omnitrix. What matter does it make to destroy his friends?

The Conqueror stares at Ultimate Crusher.

Conqueror: Since when did you care?

Ultimate Crusher: ...I don't.

Conqueror: Well then... You kill them yourself.

Ultimate Crusher: It's just that I've been doing the dirty work around here, Conqueror.

Conqueror: (scoffs) Doing this is child's play for me. If you want to prove to the universe who and what you are, then prove it right here and right now.

Ultimate Crusher: You question me?!

Conqueror: Yes!

Ultimate Crusher lifts his arm up and prepares to strike down Coco and Sarah.

Ultimate Crusher: RRAAAAA!

Brandon: NO!

Conqueror: YES!

Ultimate Crusher throws his arm down but is thrown back by several lasers. The Conqueror turns back and sees Bill firing a blaster off at Ultimate Crusher.

Conqueror: Tennyson...

Bill: I thought you supposed to be exiled from Earth, Conqueror.

Conqueror: You'll never learn. There are no communication signals for you to contact the Mechanics for help. I don't have to play by your rules anymore. And now, I have the two most powerful weapons in the universe. (shows the Omnitrix)

Bill, shocked: No... (looks at Brandon)

Brandon: (looks down) I'm sorry, Uncle Bill...

Conqueror: You've lost, Tennyson.

Bill: I didn't loose nothing yet.

Bill throws a device at the Conqueror and it detonates causing an explosion which pushes him back into Ultimate Crusher. Bill then rushes over and gets Coco and Sarah. They then go over to Brandon.

Bill: Sarah, are you alright?

Sarah: Yeah... But I think Coco's hurt.

The Conqueror laughs and the team looks in that direction. The Conqueror then walks out of the smoke.

Conqueror: Fight all you want, Tennyson. But you can't escape my master plan and your fate with my fist.

Bill: Yeah? Think again.

Bill pulls out a trigger. The Conqueror then stops smiling and looks in a slight shock. Bill then hits the trigger and the sky above them glows blue faintly. It then grows stronger. A whirring sound is heard faintly but gets stronger as the blueness does.

Ultimate Crusher, looking up: What IS that?

Conqueror, looking up: ...It's a ETS Transport Beam! Get them before they're gone!

Ultimate Crusher then charges over to the team. A beam then shoots from the sky and lands on the team. Ultimate Crusher charges faster and reaches his hand out. The team then glow and begin to disappear. Ultimate Crusher then runs through the beam but nothing happens. The beam then vanishes and the team are gone.

Conqueror: NO!

Ultimate Crusher: Where did they go? What's an ETS?

Conqueror: It's an Electronic Transportation System. They can only be at one place. Because you let them get away.

The Conqueror turns around and has his back facing Ultimate Crusher. He examines the Omnitrix.

Ultimate Crusher: I let them get away?

Conqueror: You didn't kill them like I commanded.

Ultimate Crusher: I am not your droid. You can't command me. That's not how an alliance works, Conqueror.

Conqueror: You're right...


Faint Voice: Br...Bran...Brandon...

Eyes open up slowly with each "Brandon"; more and more open by the "Brandon". At the last one, Brandon's eyes are open.

Brandon, weakly: Huh?

Bill: Brandon? He's awake.

Erudiden: Good. I didn't want to have him on my floors all day.

Brandon gets up and sees that they're in Erudiden's Laboratory on Electronia.

Brandon: Erudiden? How did you-?

Erudiden: I managed to repair the teleportation systems. Just barely however. You were 12% away from being split into atoms.

Bill: Well thanks for answering my distress call, Erudiden.

Erudiden: I'm pleased that it was an actual emergency this time. That is what emergency communication signals are for. (to Brandon) And you should have contacted me.

Brandon: Why? You're not the creator of the Omnitrix.

Erudiden: No but I know a lot more about it than you do.

Brandon: Yeah? Like what? That its not on my wrist anymore?

Erudiden: That it was reckless and irresponsible to give it up like that.

Brandon: He had my friends. What was I going to do? Let them die?

Erudiden: I don't know. It's not my place to make a decision like that.

Brandon: Well when you find out you can start being my guidance consular. Now where are my friends?

Erudiden: I had Coco placed in medical treatment.

Bill: He's in the sick bay. Your cousin is watching over him.

Brandon, making his way there: Thanks.

Erudiden: Just make a left at the-

Brandon: I'll find my own way, Erudiden.

Brandon makes his way out of the laboratory and into the corridor. Erudiden shakes his head.

Erudiden: You have a stubborn nephew, Bill.

Bill: He lost the Omnitrix, Erudiden. That was a major part of him and to almost lose his friends... another major part of him. He'd be nothing.

Erudiden nods.

Erudiden: I'll give him time.

Bill: Erudiden... There isn't much time left.

Erudiden: He should have told me about this device sooner. An Ultimate Omnitrix. The Conqueror with two Omnitrixes. It doesn't make sense.

Bill: If it helps, I implanted an experimental drone developed by the Mechanics. I was able to keep the prototype and I help like it mind come in handy especially when using an experimental teleport.

Erudiden: I fixed the bugs... hopefully. Show me the footage before its too late.

Bill pulls out a small chip from his pocket and gives it to Erudiden. Erudiden inserts the chip into a screen and the footage comes online.

Bill: I thought this footage was protected by code.

Erudiden: Us, Electrons, save our documentations with this code's formatting.

The footage then shows the Conqueror and Ultimate Crusher from behind a rock. The scene then switches to the drone hiding behind the rocks spying on them.

Conqueror: They must be plotting against me. I must put my plan into action... now.

Ultimate Crusher: Then we'll go our separate ways then. You can take over the universe and I get the Omnitrix and "not to be conquered".

Conqueror: There's been a change of plans, Nodnarb.

Ultimate Crusher: What do you mean?

Conqueror: I... need the New Omnitrix for myself. In order to rule the universe. But imagine what I can do with the Omnitrix along with it.

Ultimate Crusher: I can image what you can do with one. You can't use two.

Conqueror: On the contrary, I can. The New Omnitrix will be mines to use a power. I can then implant chips into my droid army and use the Original Omnitrix as a remote control to change their form into whatever I choose. Now rebellion is zero percent.

Ultimate Crusher: That wasn't apart of the deal.

Conqueror: Don't be surprised that I'm not following the deal. I saw your look. You were going to betray me anyways. But none can conquer the Conqueror.

Ultimate Crusher: I defeated your greatest enemy. What makes you think I can't defeat you to?

Conqueror: Because I already implanted those chips into my droids. And now that I have the Omnitrix. (shows Omnitrix on wrist) I can give my droids the ability of every unlocked transformation.

Ultimate Crusher prepares but the Conqueror's Droid Army surrounds him.

Conqueror: Make your move. I've seen what you both can do. I'm good at paying attention.

Ultimate Crusher looks around but then back at the Conqueror. He then charges for the Conqueror. The Conqueror then activates the Omnitrix and slaps it down. The Droid Army flashes but they don't change appearance.

Droid Army: CRUSHER!

Conqueror: You may be a master at hacking Omnitrix signals but I've been looking into it with every chance I had and I found out how to redirect the genetic transfer to the chip which provides the droids the abilities of the selected alien form. They might not have the appearance but well... here, I'll demonstrate. Droids... Attack!

Droid Army: Yes, Sir!

The Droids then run over to Ultimate Crusher. Ultimate Crusher whacks over the first couple of droids but a couple of more jump on top of him. Ultimate Crusher pushes those off too. He attempts to hit one but its thrown back.

Ultimate Crusher, surprised: They're not breaking...

Conqueror: See? You may have defeated Tennyson but I am the Conqueror.

A couple of droids pull down his arm while another couple pull down the other. Ultimate Crusher struggles a little but then manages to throw them off.

Ultimate Crusher: I can do this all day, Conqueror. But you're still getting what's coming to you.

Conqueror: Am I? You'll get tired. Maybe the New Omnitrix will give up on you. But my droids don't need breaks. They do not get tired. They're machines with alien powers. You can take down one Crusher but you can't take down a whole robotic species. Ultimate Crusher continues fighting but the droids begin to gain the upper hand. They then manage to knock him over and then hold him down. Ultimate Crusher struggles to get up as all the weight is pushed on top of him. The Conqueror then walks over Ultimate Crusher and they both watch each other as the last couple of droids cover up his face.

Conqueror: And as for you, Tennyson, now you see my power. (he turns and faces the hiding drone) There is no escaping my master plan.

The Conqueror fires an eye laser which destroys the drone. Back on Electronia, the screen shows an alien type of static.

Erudiden: I think he noticed us.

Bill: What are we going to do now?

Erudiden: So that's his master plan... You need to stop him. With an army of every species in the Omnitrix, your world and possibly the universe is in his grasp. We might be over exaggerating universe but its possible.

Bill: Can you get us a teleport back to Earth?

Erudiden: I'll give you some distance between the Conqueror. I suggest you speak with the boy. After all, you are his Uncle, Bill.

Bill then gets up and heads for the sick bay. Meanwhile, Brandon walks into the sick bay quickly.

Brandon: Guys?

Sarah gets up from Coco's bed side.

Sarah: Brandon... You're okay.

Brandon: Yeah... Well no... Are you hurt?

Sarah: No... but Coco...

Sarah moves out of the way and shows Coco lying in the bed with a screen over his face.

Brandon: Coco?

Coco remains silent.

Sarah: He can't talk much during the operation. It's what the doctors said.

Brandon: What happened?

Sarah: They ripped his face off, Brandon. It was partially made of gold. They could have mined it off.

Brandon: ...Why? Why would they do this?

Brandon sits down. Sarah sits next to him and holds his shoulder.

Sarah: Because they're the bad guys and we're the good guys.

Brandon: It's not that simple, Sarah. Okay? Maybe when you have super powers but I don't. Not anymore.

Sarah: This isn't your fault.

Brandon: I just need to know if my best friend is going to be okay, Sarah.

Sarah: He's going to fine. Electrons are highly intelligent, Brandon. They can work on an operation like this in at least an hour.

Bill enters the sickbay.

Bill: Erudiden is setting up a teleport back to Earth.

Brandon: I'm not leaving him he-

Coco: Go...

Brandon: Coco, I-

Coco: Go...

Sarah: Brandon, I want to be here just as much as you do but its not our place here.

Brandon: ...Okay.

Brandon then walks out of the sickbay along with Bill.

Sarah: Get better, Coco...

Sarah then follows the two. Meanwhile at the Conqueror's Ship, in Earth's atmosphere, Nodnarb sits in a cell in the dark. The cell door then opens and the Conqueror walks in. Nodnarb stands and faces the Conqueror.

The Conqueror visits Nodnarb

Conqueror: Nodnarb...

Nodnarb: What do you want, you backstabbing tyrant? Why don't you just destroy me?

Conqueror: Because... Why should I destroy you when I can use you.

Nodnarb: The Omnitrix is already programmed...

Conqueror: Don't play dumb, Nodnarb. With your enhanced knowledge of the Omnitrix. You can unlock the locked transformations and customize it to my own special settings.

Nodnarb: Can you at least get me my bag?

Conqueror: I already did.

The Conqueror throws the bag into the cell. Nodnarb gets on his knees, grabs the bag quickly, opens it and puts his face into it.

Nodnarb: Yes! It's still fresh...

Nodnarb puts his hand in the bag and removes a burger. He then eats the burger sloppily.

Conqueror, in disgust: You disgust me. Just be glad I was merciful into getting it for you.

Nodnarb, while eating: It's one of my badly developed habits. (after swallowing) I suppose, I will tend to your Omnitrix issues.

Conqueror: You have to tend to my Omnitrix issues or you will be destroyed.

Nodnarb: ...Okay. What do you want me to do?

Meanwhile, back on Electronia, In the transporter room, the team stand on the stage as Erudiden and some Electrons set up the transporter commands.

Erudiden: I'm directing you to the nearest Mechanic Base on my updated mappings of Earth.

Bill: Thank you again, Erudiden.

Erudiden: Don't thank me yet. (to Electrons) Engage the beam.

Electron: Engaging.

The Electrons work at the controls. The transporter room then glows brightly and the team disappear. Back on Earth, the team appear in a forest.

Sarah: Where are we?

Bill: A forest... But this isn't right. Erudiden said that they'll put us near the closest Mechanic Base and there's nothing here.

Brandon then sits on a log while Bill wonders off.

Sarah: Brandon? Are you okay?

Brandon: No, Sarah. It's over. I failed...

Sarah: What do you mean?

Brandon: The Conqueror got the Omnitrix... And the New One. He got what he wanted.

Sarah, sitting down with him: There's still time...

Brandon: Yeah. There might still be time but there's no plan, Sarah. I've got nothing. No Omnitrix, No Friends, No Mechanics, Nothing to give me support. It's over.

Sarah: I'm still here. Uncle Bill is still here. Look. What happened to Coco-

Brandon: -was my responsibility. He depended on me to save him and I failed him. I failed you too. You could have died, Sarah. If it wasn't for Uncle Bill, what I would be? I would I be if I were standing over your grave? His grave?

Sarah: Well what would you be if you had to stand over a lot more people's graves, Brandon? The Conqueror is going to hurt and kill many people on Earth and other worlds so maybe you should stop thinking about yourself for once. Just for once, Brandon, think about something else besides you being guilty or responsible. Think about that... for me.

Sarah gets up. Brandon nods and Sarah walks away to find Uncle Bill. A rumbling in the clouds is heard.

Brandon: What did I do wrong?

More rumbling in the clouds in heard. It then starts to rain.

Brandon: Tell me please. Because I don't-... GIVE ME AN ANSWER!

Lightning strikes in the sky.

Brandon, getting up and screaming at the sky: CELIDA! GIVE ME AN ANSWER!

Thunder is heard as more lightning is seen in the sky. Brandon then calms down and sits back down slowly.

Celida: I've never seen you scream at the sky before.

Brandon turns and sees Celida leaning against a tree next to him.

Brandon: Celida?

Celida, waves while wiggling fingers: Hello. (smiles)

Brandon: I'm surprised you came.

Celida: Well I've always been there for you... Well for you, I've always been here since the hunt began.

Brandon: How come we aren't in space?

Celida: Oh I was just messing around with you the last couple of times. I can be anywhere and do anything. In fact, I can make everything back to normal right now. The Conqueror would be gone, the New Omnitrix would be yours, Coco will be fine, Nodnarb will go back to prison and everything would be back to the way it was. Would that make you feel better?

Brandon: ...No. It wouldn't.

Celida: And why not?

Brandon: I... I... I just don't know. It doesn't feel right. The way you say it: "everything would be back to the way it was". But that's not how it could be, that's now. I don't have the Omnitrix anymore. It's just like how it was before the invasion. Before the meteor and the tube capsule also. I'm average now and average people can't save the universe.

Celida: No... You're not average. You're guilty. Not for Coco but for those that you failed because of your tests with the Omnitrix. Tell me, If you switched places, would it be their fault?

Brandon: N- No.

Celida: Well who's fault would it be then? ...No one's. It's life. You can't control it even with an Omnitrix. I mean I can but I like it the way it is.

Brandon: Why are you helping me? You never really answered my question. I mean the Conqueror has the New Omnitrix now so I guess that whole journey was a waste of time.

Celida: Was it? I think it really changed you. Y'know I noticed a pattern about it. Did you?

Brandon: Yeah... That the destinations weren't random. You selected them to be in Time and Space, Beginning for Loch Ness' Planet and End for "my grave" Planet.

Celida: No No. You see that's where everyone gets it wrong. The real pattern is you. Ever since the start, you've been surprised and confused but then after a while you've began asking less and less of the Omnitrix and thinking more about how much of a hero you are. And then you went through the five year thing and grew up and you began questioning about the Omnitrix again but over time you've began asking less and thinking more about how much of a hero you aren't. But now you've got to fix the problem in the pattern.

Celida opens a crack in reality and enters it.

Celida: See ya.

She then closes it. Brandon then looks down and thinks.

Erudiden: Enjoying the weather?

Brandon: Erudiden? What are you-

Erudiden: I wanted to make sure you didn't transport inside the ground or something such like that. I also came to tell you that your friend is alright.

Brandon: I can't believe it was an hour already.

Erudiden: I can't believe that you gave up the Omnitrix.

Brandon: I didn't have a choice in what I did.

Erudiden: We always have a choice, Brandon.

Brandon: Yeah...

Erudiden: Although I know that you needed some alone time with your precious Human emotions, I wanted to talk you through and make you feel better.

Brandon: Thanks. You're sort of supporting a point that's been made.

Erudiden: However, I'd recommend thinking on your own behalf in another area. This "forest" is contaminated with Omnitrix like radiation. It's very interesting actually because it doesn't pick up anywhere on my mappings but I'll have to look into it some other time.

Brandon, looking around: Omnitrix... Radiation?

Erudiden: Yes. I think you've found an answer to a problem you've been having.

Brandon: How'd you know?

Erudiden: I'm a genius, Brandon, I get the same expression when I'm working on equations.

Brandon: Y'know you're not such a mean guy when you get to know you.

Erudiden: This doesn't leave the forest. Now go save the universe or something.

Erudiden teleports away. Brandon then goes further up a slope of the forest. He enters a less tree-filled part and see a sort of cliff as a shooting star passes by. Brandon then closes his eyes. When he opens his eyes, he's smiling. Meanwhile, Bill is scanning the area with his Mechanic Badge while Sarah is waiting.

Bill: Sarah, where's Brandon?

Brandon: He needed some time by himself.

Bill: Well we're not too far away from the town but the Conqueror's Ship is probably in orbit all ready.

Brandon then steps in.

Brandon: He's not going anywhere yet. Sarah, I'm going to need you to teleport the three of us on board that ship so we can get to the main control deck and stop the Conqueror.

Sarah: Okay. I think I can manage it although some of my energy may wear out.

Bill loads his blaster.

Bill: You're not doing this alone.

Voice, unseen: You'd better back that four...

The team turn and see Coco with his face back together. Meanwhile, on board the Conqueror's Ship, the Conqueror goes to the controls of the ship. A spark of light appears behind him and a pink orb appears as the team appear on board the ship. Sarah falls over a bit but Coco catches her.

Brandon: Conqueror!

Conqueror, still facing the controls: Tennyson... I'm surprised you'd bothered coming back.

Brandon: That's just good ol' unexpected me.

Conqueror: I too am unexpected...

The Conqueror turns around and reveals that the Omnitrix is in a hole in his chest. The team look in surprise.

The Conqueror: My Plan is already in action, Tennyson. Behold!

The Conqueror slaps down the Omnitrix symbol and the droids surround the team.

Brandon: We know your plan, Conqueror.

Coco: And we're prepared to take down every one of these droids.

Conqueror: I highly doubt that even the four of you can take down a species of alien droids commanded by myself.

Brandon: Well we don't have to. You're going to give both Omnitrixes or else.

Conqueror: (laughs) You think you can threaten me?

Brandon: I think I can especially when I just remembered the Omnitrix's self-destruct code.

Conqueror: You're bluffing. You wouldn't dare destroy your precious Omnitrix. It broke you last time as you said. You even made a spare to cover your lost. But now what?

Brandon: Now I truly know that I don't need an Omnitrix to be a hero. I may have thought I knew when I finished you off five years ago but no. You thought it was going to end that way... Think again. Omnitrix Voice Recognition.

Omnitrix, in Brandon's Voice: Voice Recognition Online.

Brandon: Omnitrix: Self Destruct. Override Command Code 1-0-1-0.

Omnitrix, In Brandon's Voice: Omnitrix Self Destruction in 10 seconds. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1...

A fizz goes off from the Omnitrix.

Conqueror: Ha! You've failed again, Brandon Te-

The Omnitrix then explodes which throws the Conqueror into the controls. Nodnarb's cell door then opens. He gets up and makes his way out.

Brandon: Think I'm bluffing now, Conqueror?

The Conqueror gets up from the controls and sees that the Omnitrix is broken but not destroyed.

Conqueror: You'll pay for this. Droids: Crusher!

The Conqueror slaps down the Omnitrix but nothing happens.

Conqueror: Droids: Crusher! (slaps again; nothing happens) Electrix! (slaps again; nothing happens) Rocks! (slaps again; nothing happens)

Coco: Ha! Looks like the Omnitrix broke on you, Conqueror.

Conqueror: NO! My plan! Ruined! I won't be beaten. I'll just transform into one of your aliens myself.

The Conqueror turns the dial but the Omnitrix sparks up. Nodnarb runs into the command center.

Nodnarb: No... Conqueror, stop! You don't know what you're doing.

The Conqueror slaps down the Omnitrix symbol and a red flash overcomes him.

Conqueror, transforming: AHHHHH!

The flash overcomes him. The team turn and look and see the Conqueror as a big, green, mutation of multiple species.

Nodnarb: You're... mutated...

Conqueror: No... I can feel it. With this power... All will bow to me! I am... reborn!

Nodnarb: I knew this was a bad idea...

Brandon: You made this happen?

Nodnarb: I was forced. He betrayed me.

Bill: We saw.

Conqueror: None of that matters now. I no longer need the Omnitrix now that I have all of its power within me. And now to demonstrate my power, I can destroy you all.

The Conqueror breaths fire from his mouth and the team and Nodnarb but Sarah shields all five of them.

Brandon: So I guess you're on our side now, right me?

Nodnarb: I'm not-! I mean... yes, I suppose.

Coco: Good. Now how do we stop him?

Nodnarb: His chest plate must have re-enforced the blast of the explosion. It then broke some of the technology. It's repairable but if its destroyed the mutation can be stopped before it develops permanently.

Brandon: So all we have to do is get the Omnitrix off of him?

Nodnarb: Technically.

Sarah: I could try getting it with my energy but I can't lower the shields down. Plus if its re-enforced- (struggles with the shield)

Nodnarb: Take the New Omnitrix.

Brandon: What? Why?

Nodnarb: It deactivated on me but you can restart it and use it against the Conqueror.

Brandon: Well... Can we at least give it a better name?

Sarah, struggling: Now?! You're doing this NOW?!

Brandon: It'll be quick... 

Nodnarb, rushing: Um... Ultimate Omnitrix?

Brandon: Boooring. How about... Ultimatrix.

Coco: Great. That's just dandy. Now would you go out there and fight him before we're all burned into ashes.

Nodnarb: It's not over yet.

Brandon: Omni- er Ultimatrix. Voice Recognition.

Ultimatrix, in Brandon's Voice: Voice Recognition Online.

Brandon: Restart Mode?

Ultimatrix, in Brandon's Voice: ...Restart Mode in Progress. Deactivating...

The Ultimatrix uncouples from Nodnarb's wrist.

Nodnarb: Now's your chance.

Brandon: Right...

Brandon takes the Ultimatrix and slips it on. The Ultimatrix glows brightly.

Ultimatrix, turning on; attaching itself to Brandon; in Brandon's Voice: Ultimatrix Restarted. You are now in control.

Brandon: Alright, Conqueror.

The Conqueror stops breathing fire and looks at Brandon.

Brandon: It's Hero Time!

Brandon presses the activation button of the Ultimatrix, the matrix pops up and the dial spins into place. A hologram comes up and Brandon slaps the matrix down. Brandon then transforms into Loch Ness.

Loch Ness: LOCH NESS! Oh yeah. I'm feeling rebooted and re-suited.

The Conqueror then breathes fire at Loch Ness but Loch Ness fires water blasts at the fire. Steam then overcomes the command deck. Loch Ness then stops spraying and gets hit by the Conqueror's arms/tentacles. Loch Ness then crashes into a command panel.

Conqueror: Even with a New Omnitrix, Tennyson, you can not defeat me.

Loch Ness: Heh. We'll just see about that.

As the Conqueror strikes at Loch Ness, Loch Ness grabs his arms/tentacles and starts to grow his arms around them.

Conqueror, struggling: Let go of me!

Loch Ness: And I thought I was just starting to grow on you.

The Conqueror then rips Loch Ness' arms off but Loch Ness regenerates them into water canons. Loch Ness then fires a blast of water at the Conqueror who is affected. He then fires an electric blast at Loch Ness and Loch Ness gets electrocuted and falls over. The Conqueror then stands over him and grabs him and holds him up.

Conqueror: You really didn't think you'd go far as to defeat me, Brandon 10.

Loch Ness: Oh I will. You just don't know it yet.

Conqueror: How? I am a mutation of your Original Omnitrix Aliens. Plus the abilities of 10 fallen heroes. How can you possibly stop me?

Loch Ness: Because the Ultimatrix has this cool "upgrading" feature. (mocking) Allow me to demonstrate.

Loch Ness pulls the dial of the Ultimatrix symbol and taps it down. The Ultimatrix then makes a beep and Loch Ness does an ultimate transformation. He transforms into a New Alien.


Ultimate Loch Ness Debuts!

The Conqueror prepares to eat him. Ultimate Loch Ness then forms his hands into water canons and fires at his face. The Conqueror then lets go of him and Ultimate Loch Ness lands on the ground.

Ultimate Loch Ness: I was hoping for Round 2 but I didn't know you started becoming an insane vegetarian.

The Conqueror fires an energetic laser from his eyes. Ultimate Loch Ness' head then blows up.

Conqueror: YES! I did it at last! I finally-

Ultimate Loch Ness' collar then grows out and around where his head used to be. It then blooms into a new head.

Ultimate Loch Ness: Wow that actually made the ideas in my head much more clearer. For example, I was just thinking about us settling this with a game with water balloons.

Ultimate Loch Ness then has his hands out and forms balls of water and throws them at The Conqueror. They then explode on impact releasing a massive hit of water. The Conqueror then lands on the rest of the controls causing the ship to malfunction and loose its orbit with Earth. An alarm goes off.

Ultimate Loch Ness: Um... Someone mind telling me what's going on?

Sarah and Nodnarb check the damaged controls.

Sarah: Scanners are off the charts.

Nodnarb: We're breaking orbit fast. In less then a few minutes, we'll either be burned through re-entry from the atmosphere or...

Bill: We'll smack right into Bellwood.

Coco: This ship oughta have a nuclear engine on board. If this ship hits the Earth...

Ultimate Loch Ness: Okay. You guys get out of here. I'll settle it from here.

Nodnarb: Right then.

Nodnarb makes a run for it.

Sarah: Wait. We're teleporting...

Coco: He's gone. Come on.

Sarah chants a spell and the three vanish from the ship. The Conqueror leaps for Ultimate Loch Ness but he grabs him and tries to push him back. Ultimate Loch Ness then starts to grow his arms onto the Conqueror's however the Conqueror notices this again and rips his arms off again.

Conqueror: You may have evolved but you still have the same old tricks, Tennyson.

Ultimate Loch Ness: Actually, you'd never know what kinds of tricks I have up my seleve.

Ultimate Loch Ness' arms then regenerate as water whips now. He then whips the Conqueror's arms together and does the same for the others.

Conqueror, struggling: Release me at once!

Ultimate Loch Ness: You have to wait for the final move though. You can't end an epic battle without the finishing move.

Ultimate Loch Ness then opens his mouth and fires a blast of water from it at the Conqueror. The Conqueror then tries to resist it but fails to and starts to pass out due to lack of air. When he does, Ultimate Loch Ness releases his whip arms. He then uses his whip arms to pull the Omnitrix out of The Conqueror's Chest. Ultimate Loch Ness then transforms back to Loch Ness and then back to Brandon.

Brandon, looking at the Omnitrix: There's only one thing to do but can I really do it? Can I destroy the Omnitrix? (looks at it for a moment)

An alarm then goes off. The Conqueror then begins to wake.

Brandon: On second though, yeah. I can. Time for running!

Conqueror, waking: TENNYSON!

Brandon runs through the corridors of the spaceship to the engine room while being chased by the Conqueror. Meanwhile, Nodnarb is getting in an escape pod. He activates it and is launched from the spaceship. Brandon then gets to the engine room and sees the control panel for it. He then installs the Broken Omnitrix Core into the ship's engine control panel and the Omnitrix begins to overload.

Brandon: Right... Goodbye, Old Friend.

Brandon runs off and dodge rolls under the oncoming Conqueror. The Conqueror's Ship is already falling through the atmosphere and approaching Bellwood from the sky. Brandon enters an escape pod and launches. His then hits Nodnarb's and they both activate their boosts. The ship then explodes. The explosions thrusts Nodnarb's escape pod into deep space while it thrusts Brandon's to Bellwood. Meanwhile on Earth, the team appear on the shore of an ocean. They then watch the explosion.

Bill: Brandon...

Sarah: Is he?

Bill: I think so..

Sarah: He's dead...

Coco hugs Sarah for support and she hugs him back. Brandon's escape pod then splashes into the ocean. It then resurfaces on the surface.

Sarah: Brandon?

Sarah uses her energy to pull to them. Coco punches the cap off and they all look inside. They then see Brandon.

Brandon: Hello.

Sarah: Brandon! You're alive.

Brandon, coming out of the pod: Of course, I am.

Sarah hugs Brandon.

Brandon: Aw.. Ack Ack. Okay Too Tight!

Sarah lets go and giggles.

Bill: I never doubted you, Brandon.

Brandon: Thanks, Uncle Bill.

Coco: Yeah. Good job.

Coco then glows a bit.

Brandon: Coco... You're.. glowing.

Coco: What the-

Coco is then overcomed by a flash. The rest of the team shield their eyes but when the flash is gone they look at him shocked.

Brandon: Coco... You're...

Sarah: Back!

Coco is then back to normal. He feels his face.

Coco: Ha! I'm me again!

Bill: I guess his mutation was linked with the Omnitrix and when it was finally destroyed-

Brandon: The mutation went away.

Coco: Heh. Well I guess it's a Happy Ending after all.

Sarah: Not just yet.

Coco, confused: Huh?

Sarah grabs Coco, pulls him in and kisses him. Coco is then surprised but then goes with it.

Brandon: Euch. Gross. Come on guys. Seriously?

Coco: What?

Brandon: Way to ruin the moment.

Bill: I thought it was very touching.

Brandon: Bah. I could never get any of that romantic stuff.

Sarah: Um... Where are we anyways?

Bill: Looks familiar. I'm sure we can hitchhike.

Brandon: I can see what other awesome transformations I can turn into. Thank you, Nodnarb!

Bill: Speaking of which, where is he?

Meanwhile, in deep space, in the escape pod.

Nodnarb: I've been left alone... in deep space. My only companion... Burger Hut Bag. You never abandoned me, Mr. Bag. But we will escape from this... escape pod. And we will get our revenge. Mark my words, Brandon 10! Mark my words!

Back to the shore, the team are looking at the sun rise.

Brandon: My parents are probably worried sick.

Bill: Or sleeping. We can sneak you back in before they wake up.

Brandon: Thanks, Uncle Bill. Well I got a new Ultimatrix, The Conqueror is no more, Coco is normal again, Sarah got the man of her dreams, Uncle Bill is back to kicking butt and the universe is saved again.

Coco: Things are going to be pretty different around here now.

Sarah: Totally.

Bill: Yep.

Brandon: Maybe. But it'll always be Hero Time!

Brandon throws his hand with the Ultimatrix on it up in the air as the sun rises over a new beginning.


Major Events

  • The Omnitrix is Destroyed
  • The New Omnitrix is renamed The Ultimatrix
  • The Conqueror gets mutated for a second time
  • The Conqueror's Ship is destroyed again.
  • Nodnarb is lost in deep space
  • Coco returns back to normal
  • Coco and Sarah are now dating
  • Brandon now wields the Ultimatrix


Aliens Used

By Brandon

By Nodnarb

By The Conqueror



  • This is the final episode of Brandon 10: Alien Force.
  • The New Omnitrix was going to be called something different but a new name couldn't be thought of.
    • A simple situation occurs in the first episode of Brandon 10, A Hero is Born. The Omnitrix had remained known as The Device for a while until the writer decided to call it the Omnitrix.
  • The scenario at the end is similar to the ending of Brandon 10 vs the Conqueror.
  • The Classic Drones were meant to be added in this episode but the Mechanic Drone was used instead.
  • This is the second time the Conqueror mutated; The First being in between the Original Series and Alien Force but shown in Conquest of the Conqueror Part 2.
  • Ultimate Loch Ness makes his debut
  • Now that the Original Omnitrix is destroyed:
    • Coco's mutation is gone
    • The Conqueror's mutation is gone
    • The Ultimatrix can now access previously locked transformations
  • Chromastone was thought of being brought back to celebrate Chromastone Fest but it was rejected from the plot.
  • Celida appears outside of her realm for the first time.
  • The Forest that the team were transported to was the same forest as in The Forest.
  • Even though this episode was aired on May 31, it technically aired on the 30th.
  • This episode is the second part of the series finale of Brandon 10: Alien Force.
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