The End of Something New, Part 2
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date 10/24/14
Written by Mig
Directed by Mig
The End of Something New, Part 1
Mig X: Revolution (movie)
The End of Something New, Part 2 is the fifth episode of Mig X. It is also the finale of the Mig X.


Mig struggles to remain strong as his four greatest villains unite against him, leaving him to make the most important decisions of his life in order to win.


Kurss continued walking and stopped. A slight breeze blew through the area. Mig looked at Kurss, angrily and a bit shocked. Sweat beaded across his forehead.

(Kurss): Oh Mig, how didn't you know? 

Mig looked at him with his mouth slightly open and his eyes widened. He glanced at Terox and Terox stood facing Kurss.

(Kurss): I only want the best for you. 

(Mig): All these years I've been mourning the loss of my parents, but my father was always there. And my father is you...

(Kurss): Was. 

Kurss stepped forward a bit.

(Mig): You got rid of Dirty, didn't you? 

(Kurss): I can't let anybody hurt you. 

(Mig): And you were the one who called the police.

(Kurss): Took a bit of work, but yes. Also, you needn't worry about Klemer anymore. He's long gone, and so is his precious establishment.

Mig looked at Kurss and backed up a bit.

(Kurss): What's troubling you? Haha, I don't even have to ask. You're scared of me. Good.

Mig grabbed the Gammatrix. Kurss looked at him and his hands glowed. He levitated Mig into the air and examined him.

(Kurss): Your DNA is my prime goal to achieve. This'll take a while.

Terox surrounded Kurss in an energy shield, cutting off his focus on Mig. Mig slammed into the ground. Kurss turned his head towards Terox.

(Terox): You were my creation, Kurss. Don't forget your master.

(Kurss): Listen to yourself. Still acting like you're above me and I'm beneath you. When in's vice versa.

Kurss's arms glowed purple. Deristroll and Romatron teleported beside Terox and grabbed him by the sides. Terox glowed red all around and exploded, causing the two to fall down. Terox reformed in he air and formed a large energy ball. He hurled it at Kurss.

Kurss teleported out of the way and behind Terox. He grabbed him tightly and his eyes glowed. He grew onto Terox's head.

Inside of his mind, Kurss appeared as his mother and father running towards him. Terox stood there watching them and ran towards them as well. Just then, his parents fell and were murdered. Kurss appeared standing there chopping up their bodies. He then turned to Terox and smiled.


Kurss let go of his head and grabbed onto his body. 

(Kurss): You know, I actually had respect for you.

(Terox): Skip the fakeness and give me your shot already. We've played this game before.

Kurss sighed and ripped him in half. Mig looked up and witnessed it. He quickly stood up. Terox began to glow and slowly disintegrate.


Kurss looked at Terox's energy leave him and disappear into nothing. Wind began to blow all around the area. Kurss turned towards Mig and teleported onto the ground in front of him. Deristroll looked at him.

(Deristroll): Just you.

Kurss grabbed Mig tightly and looked at him.

(Romatron): We ready? I've been waiting just about six months for this moment to happen.

Mig glared at Kurss and smacked him with his head. Kurss stood back a bit and looked at him more. 

(Mig): Go ahead. Do it.

(Kurss): As I said, it will take a while. Do you think I'm unprepared for this? No, STOP IT RIGHT. STOP. DON'T EVEN THINK OF USING THAT DEVICE.

Mig looked at him. Kurss turned towards Deristroll.

(Kurss): Hold him down.

(Mig): You need help?

(Kurss): You don't understand what is about to happen to you.

(Mig): You're screwed if Dan hears you.

(Kurss): Not really. If you didn't realize, I can screw over minds.

Deristroll walked up behind Mig and squeezed his arms, pulling them back forcefully. Kurss shoved his hands into Mig; he screamed out in immense pain.

(Mig): AGGGGGGGH!!!!!!! 

Kurss smiled as blood splattered all around Mig's body. Mig opened his eyes, which glowed purple. Kurss pulled his hands out slowly, holding Mig's soul. He split it in half and threw the split one onto the ground. The other one seeped back into Mig. Deristroll let go of him, causing him to fall.

Mig's half soul looked up at Kurss.

(Romatron): What the actual-

Kurss grabbed onto the half soul and it glowed purple. Its eyes began to shoot out purple energy. Kurss squeezed it tighter. The half soul morphed into the shape of Mig and the same length. It gained whitish hair and a different style. Its skin turned pale and its eyes were blue, with black pointed lines coming down from them. His shirt was black and blue and his pants were blackish. 

(Kurss): The only way to truly defeat Mig is with himself, but...I tweaked him up a bit.

Mig slowly opened his eyes and had a hazy vision. He looked forward to see Kurss, Romatron, and Deristroll staring at an opposite version of him.

Quickly, he activated the Gammatrix and transformed. All four of them instantly turned around and felt a blast of wind hit them.

(Kurss): Gone. 

(Romatron): Thought you had all of this sorted out.

(Kurss): I do.

Kurss looked down at the negative version of Mig, Gim. Gim nodded and his eyes glowed blue. He transformed into 

Alien Info
General Information
Species Ieiunium
Home World Celeritate
Body Humanoid Cheetah
Alternate Counterparts Mutnemom (Gim)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super Speed
Speed Mirages
Limb Vibration
Mobile Invulnerability
Night Vision
First Appearance What I Am

, though he blue and black and had a straight symbol. He sped off.

(Kurss): I know exactly where Mig is going. The imbecile thinks about everything.

Momentum is shown speeding down the highway, breathing intensely, and bleeding out. He is shown to be limping a bit. Turning to the left, he zooms past Feminine's neighborhood sign. He then speeds to her door and transforms back, falling down.

He began to cry a bit. The door opened up a bit, revealing Feminine. She looked down at him and clasped her hands over her mouth.

(Mig, painful): HELP...ME!

Feminine dragged Mig into her house and closed the door shut. She kneeled down and looked at his chest and arms.

(Feminine): What did you do!? OH MY GOD THERE'S SO MUCH BLOOD!

The doorbell rang instantly. Mig looked at the door and then turned to Feminine. He grabbed her.


Feminine looked down at him and then back at the door. The doorbell rang once more. She rose up slowly and opened it up; Wayne stood.

(Wayne): Where's Mi-

Wayne looked down and saw Mig. Just then, Wayne fell back and collapsed. Feminine, startled and scared, screamed and looked down at Wayne.

Mig looked at Wayne for a second and then forward. He saw Gim walking towards the house slowly with a serious expression on his face.

(Mig): Trinity.

Feminine turned around to face Mig and then saw Gim. 

(Feminine): Who is that!?

Mig reached towards the Gammatrix but couldn't. He gasped in pain. Feminine looked down at him.

(Mig): Twist the dial...

Gim glowed and transformed into 

Alien Info
General Information
Species Petra
Home World Fortis Mundum
Body Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Kcordeb (Gim)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super Strength
Enhanced Condition
Armor Growth
Shield Formation
Extreme Durability
First Appearance What I Am

, the opposite of Bedrock. He smiled and hardened his armor. He began to sprint towards the house.

Feminine grabbed a hold of the Gammatrix and twisted the dial; a hologram came up.

(Mig, wincing in pain): HIT THE CORE! Aghhhh!

Feminine smashed it down with her first. Mig glowed and stood up while doing so. He held his arms out and narrowed his eyes, which glowed orange. He transformed into an 

Alien Info
General Information
Species Incursu Ed
Home World Ictis Orbis
Body Eel-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Eye Beams
Enhanced Speed
Underwater Respiration
First Appearance The End of Something New, Part 2

eel-like alien. 

He looked forward at Kcordeb and fired an electric beam from his eye. It hit directly at Kcordeb, but didn't do much damage.

(Eelectric): We can't stay here. 

(Feminine): I know. What's the plan?

Eelectric looked up and blasted a hole through the ceiling. He grabbed onto Feminine, blasted the ground to boost himself up, and was on top of the roof.

Kcordeb smashed into the house, rocking it back and forth. He climbed up the house quickly. He transformed back into Gim.

(Gim): About time you decide to stop cowarding away from your fate.

Eelectric turned around and faced the road. He saw Deristroll and Romatron standing in front of the house. Romatron blasted at the roof and broke it apart. Feminine fell.

Eelectric quickly grabbed onto her and pulled her up. He transformed into 

Alien Info
Fright Height
Fright Height
General Information
Species Rudiculus
Home World Acidum Mundi
Body Humanoid Goblin
Alternate Counterparts Thgieh Thgirf (Gim)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight
Retractable Wings
Acid Projection
Infra-Red Vision
First Appearance How It All Started

and flew off holding her tightly.

(Gim): Like I didn't expect that.

Gim transformed into the negative version of him, Thgieh Thgirf. He flew off quickly behind Mig. Mig looked down at Deristroll and Romatron and saw them glow purple and teleport.


(Fright Height): Now's a bad time.

Thgieh Thgirf fired an acid bomb from his mouth at Fright Height's arms. It exploded. Startled, he let go of Feminine.

(Feminine, panicking): AHHHHHHHHHHH MIG!!!!

Fright Height turned around. Thgieh Thgirf smashed into him and grabbed his arms, flying him downwards.

(Thgieh Thgrif): Weak. That defines everything about you.

He squeezed Fright Height and launched him into the ground. They were above downtown Central City. Fright Height slammed the side of a building. He looked forward to see Feminine falling.

(Fright Height): TRINITY-

Thgieh Thgrif blasted apart the side of the building, blasting Fright Height further into the floor he was on. He smashed througy the other side and fell out. 

Near the ground, Feminine looked around and saw Mig and Gim battling. She then took a death breath. A purple flash occurred beside her. Romatron, her father, jumped and grabbed him. He spun in the air and landed on the ground, putting her down. Glass from the building rained down, as well as small debris.

Fright Height slammed into the ground beside them and transformed back. Thgieh Thgrif smashed into the ground and transformed back. He looked at Mig and punched him twice in both eyes. Mig turned to the side.

(Gim): Pathetic. 

Feminine kicked Gim in the side of the head. She ran to Mig and kneeled down, pulling him up slowly.

(Feminine): Oh dear god, what is going on.

(Mig, coughing): It's too hard to explain...I...

Feminine kissed Mig and lifted him up. She then pulled him aside and saw Gim on the ground, rubbing his neck. Romatron glared at them.

(Romatron): Get away from him.

(Feminine): You are trying to KILL HIM, "DAD."

(Romatron): It's for a good reason.

(Feminine, angry): GOOD REASON? You're freaking messed up. How dare you.

Feminine looked at Mig and wiped away the blood and tears from his face. She stared at him. Mig coughed a bit and shook his head.

(Feminine): Miguel, look. This is the worst moment of your life, I know it is just by looking at your poor condition. Don't give up. These guys may seem intimidating but they're not. Everyone has a weakness inside them, whether it's easy to spot or not. You can find any weakness in anybody. Use that to your advantage and you will win every time. Ok?

Feminine hugged Mig and Mig smiled. She then gasped.

Mig looked at her and saw her eyes wide open and her mouth wide open. Tears began to roll down her face.

(Mig): What's wrong?

Mig looked at her chest and saw Kurss's hand going through her. Kurss looked at Mig with no expression as he threw her into the air.

He then looked up at her body flying above him and raised his arm into the air. He blasted her with fire. Gim transformed into a 

Alien Info
General Information
Species Sanum
Home World Sonitum Aquae
Body Gargoyle-like
Alternate Counterparts Lleyograg (Gim)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sound Manipulation
Healing (via sound)
Frequency Manipulation
Sound Mimicry
First Appearance The End of Something New, Part 2

named Gargoyell, though he was Lleyograg. He jumped into the air and a hole opened up in his forehead. He blasted her apart. Kurss took her soul out of the air and destroyed it. A shrill, eerie scream was heard before it disappeared.

Mig looked at this happen and then closed his mouth.

(Mig): Trinity...

His eyes immediately began to fill with water. He blinked and tears streamed down his face, filling the bloody cuts he had.

(Mig, angry): HOW COULD YOU!!!

Mig rubbed his eyes and began to ball into his arms. Kurss smiled slightly. Romatron sighed and looked at the air.

(Romatron): She was worthless anyways.

Mig closed his eyes and then opened them, trying to stop himself from crying. Deristroll was seen to the left of Kurss and left of Romatron.

(Kurss): This is what happens when you try to escape me. What a shame you had to get Trinity involved.

Mig looked at Kurss and didn't bother to speak. He breathed angrily.

(Deristroll): How intimidating.

Just then, something red glowed in front of Gim. Gim looked at it and stepped back. The red energy swirled around him and engulfed him.

(Gim, choking): ACK! ERRRRHHH AHHH!!!

Kurss, Deristroll, and Romatron turned around. Gim hugged his body and fell to his knees. His eyes turned red.

(Kurss): Terox...

Gim froze and exploded into bits. Terox, on his knees, glowed immensely. He looked up at Kurss, Deristroll, and Romatron and stood.

(Mig): About time.

Terox looked at Mig and smirked. He blasted the building Mig was under and debris rained down. Mig jumped out of the way and looked at him.

(Kurss, chuckling): Good to have you back.

Mig, shocked, looked at Terox.

(Terox): You're gullible, you know that? Like I would choose you.

Mig quickly grabbed the Gammatrix and activated it. Suddenly, it glowed red and shut off. Mig looked up to see Terox controlling it. He raised his arm down.

(Kurss): No point anymore.

Mig looked at Kurss; tears began to roll down his eyes. He wiped them away, closed his eyes, and opened them up again. Seriously, he looked at the four and stood.

(Mig): You can break me down. You have done that. Congratulations, but there's one surprise I have in store for you.

Just then, a large explosion smashed in front of the four. Everyone but Kurss was affected. Furtim, operating a cannon-like weapon, stood at the end of the street.

(Kurss): You decieved me...

(Mig): Like father, like son.

(Furtim): Aye ummmmmmmm...we have a slight issue here Miggy. If ya hadn't noticed, that red guy can manipulate energy, so uh, this is useless now.

Furtim kicked it away and began to run.


(Mig): As if I can.

Kurss grabbed onto Mig and threw him into the air. Mig grabbed onto the side of a pole and swung down. He turned towards Furtim and saw Deristroll and Romatron running after him.


Deristroll threw two canisters of the blue smoke in front of Furtim. Romatron fired electric bolts at them, causing them to explode and release the smoke. Furtim jumped over the explosion and rolled. He camouflaged and ran into the alleyway. Mig, sprinting through the smoke, reached it as well.


(Furtim): WHOA WHOA, don't EVER rush me dude. Ugh I hate when people do that, always bein impatient. Not cool man.

Furtim threw a shotgun-like weapon at Mig. Mig caught up and saw a canister being rolled into the alleyway.

(Mig): We need backup.


Terox, entering in through the blue smoke, rose his arms out to the sides. They glowed. He blasted apart the two buildings hiding the alleyway and the buildings beside those as well.

(Furtim): Oh my god...

Mig fired the weapon at Terox. Terox grabbed the bullets and burned them into nothing. He tackled Mig and destroyed the gun.

Furtim ran out of the alley camouflaged with the remaining weapons on his back. He stopped by an intact building. Dirty opened the door.

(Furtim): Gonna pay me now?

Dirty snatched the weapons from Furtim and threw him money. He walked out of the building with the guns and cocked them.

(Furtim): K thanks bye!

Furtim crawled away. Dirty looked at him and then turned towards the destroyed buildings.

Back in the alleyway, Mig looked around him. He turned around to see Kurss standing behind him. Terox grabbed him tightly. Deristroll and Romatron entered the area when the smoke cleared and grabbed his legs. (Kurss): From the moment I saw you when you first born, I knew you would be special.

He tore off Mig's shirt painfully and threw it into the air. He looked at the Gammatrix.

(Kurss): Your alien DNA powers that device, correct? 

Mig made no movements. He eyed Kurss without any expression. Sweat and blood beaded across his forehead. 

(Kurss): I'm sure Terox made sure that happened. Anyway, your uncle, my brother, isn't the average person you view him to be. He helped significantly make that watch you wield now. He injected you with this alien DNA that was supposed to be used to activate the Gammatrix to hide it from the group he fled from.

Mig swallowed hard.

(Kurss): It's always difficult to hear these sorts of things for the first time.

(Mig): Skip it.

Mig spat on Kurss's eye. Kurss rubbed his eye and looked down at Mig. He slapped his hands on both sides of his head and closed his eyes. Mig groaned.

(Terox): It should be by his heart.

Kurss opened his eyes, which were glowing orange. He smiled.

(Kurss): Finally...

Kurss looked up at Terox. Terox put his hands onto Mig's chest; it glowed red and black. Mig yelled out in pain and shook around. Orange began to glow in his chest. Terox took his hands off.

Kurss stabbed his finger into Mig's chest. Orange began to light up and enter Kurss. Mig screamed out in immense pain and shook all around.

(Terox): Kurss?

Kurss looked forward at Terox and stabbed his hand into his body. Terox groaned and blasted him. Kurss absorbed it and put his other hand into Terox.

(Kurss): I own you now.

Deristroll and Romatron let go of Mig and grabbed a hold of Kurss's arms, pulling them back. Mig slightly opened up his eyes.

(Terox): WE HAD A-

Kurss ripped apart Terox and absorbed all of the energy he was made of. An orange circle appeared on his chest, where all of Terox's energy swirled into. He then turned to Deristroll and grabbed a hold of him, shoving him to the ground and absoring.

Deristroll glowed orange and opened up his mouth, releasing a wave of orange energy before turning into ash.

(Kurss): All the essence...I can feel you both inside of me, but AS me.

Romatron grabbed onto Kurss's head and shocked him. He then kicked him into the air and jumped up, blasting electricity at him. Kurss shielded himself and floated. He grabbed onto Romatron's arm and pulled him up.

(Kurss): And last but not least...

He grabbed a hold of Romatron's chest and began to absorb. Romatron yelled out in pain and felt his body give away. Mig looked up and saw Romatron's body turn to dust, and orange energy circle around Kurss. Kurss glowed all around and turned orange and black. His eyes turned orange.

He raised his arms into the air and shot massive loads of energy into the sky. The sky exploded with orange. Multiple black holes swirled into existence and grew bigger and lower around Central City. 

Mig looked at the Gammatrix and shook his head. He began to shed tears.

(Voice): Heads up.

Mig turned his head to see Dirty holding an energy rifle. He aimed directly at Mig's Gammatrix. Mig sighed and looked at Dirty.

(Mig): Finish me. Please.

Dirty fired at the Gammatrix. Mig closed his eyes and felt a large shock. He opened up one and saw the Gammatrix light up.

Mig turned and saw Dirty tip his hat and run away. He faced upwards and saw Kurss glaring down at him with his beaming, orange eyes.

(Kurss): MIG.

Mig looked around and saw the black holes swallowing up Central City part by part. He then felt a massive wave of energy and saw one zoom in front of him. Kurss's face swirled into view inside of it.


Mig felt himself giving away. He looked at his legs and arms and saw them slowly evaporating into dust. He looked back up at the black hole and saw Kurss's image was gone.

(Kurss): Goodbye, SON.

Mig looked up at Kurss in the sky. He raised his arms up once moe; the sky transformed into a supermassive black hole, sucking up the clouds and parts of the ground. Mig began to lift off the ground, evaporating even more. He looked at the Gammatrix and slammed it down, disappearing into dust and an orange, blinding flash.

Mig opened his eyes and found himself in a whitish-orange area, lying on the ground. He looked at himself and found that he wore an overcoat-like outfit and metallic armor, boots, and gauntlets. He had a helmet with a large horn coming out of it and his mouth was covered. He had an infinity symbol on his forehead and three eyes. The Gammatrix symbol was on his right knee. 

Just then, three booms occurred and a flash as well. Mig, as 

Alien Info
General Information
Species Tempus
Home World Vortex Temporis
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Time Manipulation
Rule Bending (to a degree)
Enhanced Condition
First Appearance The End of Something New, Part 2

, looked forward and saw three, shadowy silhouettes coming towards him.

One of the silhouettes came into view, wearing a black t-shirt with a brown line going down the middle and an orange 10 in the middle of that. He had messy, straight hair and navy blue pants, and wore a white and orange different-looking Gammatrix on his wrist. This was Miguel Tennyson. Another figure came in beside him. He wore the same t-shirt, only it was all orange with a white 10. His hair was different and he had brown pants. This was also Miguel Tennyson, at a different time. The third one came in, wearing a mostly orange t-shirt with black lines around the middle. He had almost the same Gammatrix as Mig but it was white and orange, and the symbol wasn't titled. This was Miguel Tenison, an alternate version.

(Gamaverse Mig, surprised): What is this!?!?

(TLOM Mig): I think we all have the same question.

Mig 10 Mig looked at the other two and then at Stopwatch. He activated his Gammatrix and slammed down; nothing worked.

(TLOM Mig): Clearly you can't do that here...

(Mig 10 Mig): Then why is THAT one an alien?? 

(Stopwatch): I brought you all here.

Stopwatch looked at his chest and saw that he was slowly disappearing. The other three Migs looked at him and at each other.

(Gamaverse Mig): What's going on?

(Stopwatch): I'm dying and I need you guys to survive. What's going on right now is my...father, who is now a mix of Deristroll, Romatron, and Terox, is destroying the Cosmos. Hence why we're all here.

(Mig 10 Mig): Did you say...Deristroll?

(Gamaverse Mig): Romatron?

(TLOM Mig): do you know of these guys? And who the hell is Kurss?

(Stopwatch): Doesn't matter right now. Agh.

Stopwatch stood up and fell back down. His legs disappeared completely. He raised his left arm behind him, forming an orange circle. It opened up, revealing Kurss.

(Stopwatch: I need you guys...please.

(Mig 10 Mig): No way, sorry bud. I enjoy living.

(TLOM Mig): Sorry, but no. 

(Gamaverse Mig): I agree with those two. Not really sorry.

Stopwatch leaned forward; his left arm disappeared. His eyes watered as he looked at Kurss destroying everything. Suddenly, the area the Migs were in began to turn black. Black holes tore through the area and grew bigger.

(Stopwatch): PLEASE! I NEED YOU GUYS! HELP ME!!!! 

All three Migs looked around and saw the black holes slowly tearing up the fabric of space time around them. They turned towards Stopwatch, who held his right arm out.

TLOM Mig looked at his arm and walked forward. Mig 10 Mig and Gamaverse Mig looked at each and nodded, stepping forward also. Stopwatch looked up.

(TLOM Mig): I'll die for you, and for the rest of the universe.

TLOM Mig half smiled and put his hand on Stopwatch's. Mig 10 Mig and Gamaverse Mig followed suit and did the same.

(Gamaverse Mig): Stop him.

(Mig 10 Mig): It was great knowing that what I did made a difference. I guess it's time to cash in my good deeds.

Stopwatch smiled as tears streamed down his face. His hand glowed, as well as all of the other Mig's hands. Orange energy circled around the three of them. The black holes around them came closer and closer towards them, growing bigger by the second.

Mig 10 Mig, Gamaverse Mig, and TLOM Mig closed their eyes, as well as Stopwatch. A large flash of energy came from the middle of the Migs. 

Mig 10 Mig glowed orange and swirled into Mig, followed by Gamaverse Mig and TLOM Mig. Stopwatch regained all of his body parts and stood up, raising his arms outward with his eyes closed. A large flash of light exploded from the area.

Stopwatch appeared in front of Kurss with a bright flash of orange. He opened up his eyes, which were glowing orange. Mig 10 Mig, Gamaverse Mig, and TLOM Mig flashed through him as he faced Kurss. He formed three giant, rotating time orbs in his hands.

(Kurss): Another waste of time.

(Stopwatch): No. Not this time. 

He raised his arms slowly into the air. The time orbs combined together and fired up into a ray into the black hole above him. The black hole boomed and glowed all around. It then exploded into nothing, as well as the other black holes. Kurss looked around startled.

(Kurss): HOW!? UGH!!!!

Kurss dashed at Mig and grabbed onto him. An orange shockwave emitted from Mig blasted him back. Stopwatch opened up his eyes and grabbed the Gammatrix symbol.

(Stopwatch): Goodbye, DAD.

He slapped the Gammatrix symbol and floated in front of Kurss. He put his arms into an X shape and looked at Kurss with a blank expression. The Gammatrix glowed bright orange and detached itself from Mig. It floated in the middle of the X shape and glowed even brighter. 

The Gammatrix fired a very large and unstable energy ray right into Kurss. Kurss froze and couldn't move. He gasped as the alien DNA energy came out of him and swarmed back into the Gammatrix. The Gammatrix then dashed at Kurss and flashed, and then exploded.

Kurss glowed all around and his eyes and mouth exploded with energy. He exploded into bits of cloth and the shape of his body floated as air, and then disappeared. Mig slammed into the ground and saw the orange energy of the Gammatrix slowly disipating. 

Mig looked at himself and noticed that he was fully restored. He looked around at the massive damage throughout Central City. 

(Voice): You're the one.

Mig turned around and saw a blue Galvanic Mechamorph. He had a metallic crown-like object on him and bands around his arms and legs. He had a metallic chest plate as well.

(Mig): The one? 

(Galvanic Mechamorph): I apologize for the sudden appearance. I'm Tekk. You're the one who was using my device, the Gammatrix. 

(Mig, stunned): What are you doing here???

(Tekk): The orange blast was seen throughout the universe, and possibly beyond. I figured it came from that. Good job on using it to save the cosmos and everything.

(Mig): Thanks?

(Tekk): I've been keeping an eye on you. I was wondering who had taken the Gammatrix, figured it was your uncle...oh well. He gave it to someone fit.

Tekk walked up to Mig and grabbed his wrist, holding onto it tightly.

(Mig): What are you doing?

(Tekk): Hm, you no longer have the alien DNA samples coursing inside of the Gammatrix. Thus, rendering it useless, in the event it wasn't destroyed. It was obsolete anyway.

Tekk began to walk away. He sat down and looked up at the damage.

(Tekk): If I were you, I would get out of town.

(Mig): This place has a compelling pull, or...did.

(Tekk): I see.

Tekk glanced over at Mig's right wrist and then looked away. He got back up and stepped forward a button. He grabbed something from his back.

(Tekk): Welp...I guess I'll be going now. But promise me this: don't ever give up being what you are.

(Mig): What do you mean? I have no Gammatrix anymore. And...I lost a few people I deeply cared for...

(Tekk): You'll see.

(Mig): Well, good to see-

Tekk teleported instantly away with a blue flash. Mig sighed and looked at the sky. He took off his ruined hoodie and put it over his shoulder.

He felt his wrist and felt something there. Looking at his wrist, he noticed a black and orange Gammatrix, unlike the one he previously had and destroyed. It was thinner and had an X shape as the dial cover.

(Mig): Is this legit!?

He put his fingers on a button-like pad at the top of the dial cover. The cover came off and the parts of it slid into the watch as the core spun up.

Just then, his phone rang. He reached into his pocket and pulled it out, seeing Dan calling.

(Mig): Hello?

(Dan): Get the hell home RIGHT. NOW. We have a lot to discuss. A LOT. Thanks, bye.

Dan hung up. Mig turned off his phone and put it back into his pocket. Feeling the cold breeze, he slipped on his hoodie once more and looked at his new Gammatrix.

(Mig): A lot indeed...


Major EventsEdit

  • Gim debuts, and is murdered.
  • Wayne is killed.
  • Eelectric debuts.
  • Trinity is killed.
  • Lleyograg (Gargoyell) debuts, though by Gim.
  • Kurss merges with Deristroll, Romatron, and Terox.
  • Stopwatch debuts.
  • All the Migs from all four Mig 10 series meet up and merge.
  • Kurss is defeated, along with the others.
  • The original Gammatrix is destroyed.
  • Central City is destroyed.
  • Tekk debuts.
  • The new Gammatrix debuts.





By Mig

By Gim


  • This is the last episode of the entire Mig 10 franchise.
  • The main villain of each Mig 10 franchise is in this movie.
    • Deristroll, Mig 10.
    • Romatron, Mig 10: Gamaverse.
    • Terox, The Legend of Mig.
    • Kurss, Mig X.
  • The last alien used is Stopwatch.
  • Mig receives a new Gammatrix, which takes on the appearance of the Omniverse Omnitrix.
  • The title of the episode refers back to the first episode of Mig 10.
  • Originally, this episode was meant to be conjoined with part 1 as a movie, but due to the length, it was split into two parts.
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