Rook: Ben lets we need information about The Destroyer

>OPEN A:/Plumber Data/Buffalominators/The Destroyer/

Acces Denied. Password required.

(Ben entered the password)


Wrong Password.


Wrong Password.

Ben: Oh Man!

(Rook entered the password)


Password accepted.

Rook: Open file Destroyer Buffalominator.

Opening file about the Buffalominators and The Destroyer...


Buffalominator's from the planet Tlumbax are one of the most dangerous species of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Buffalominator from "Buffalo" animal.

Buffalominator's are a humanoid buffalo-like species. Buffalominator's have 4 antlers on head. Buffalominator's skin color are grey and have 3 thorns on hands (in grey color ) .Buffalominator's have big thorns like the armor on his arms and on foots has a sharp claws.

Bufalominator's are lived in the war. 2 group is in a war against each other.Blue Buffalominators and Red Buffalominators. Red Buffalominators are very angry and Red Buffalominators wants to destroy other planets, but Blue Bufalominators wants live together in peace.

Red Buffalominators to dress red shorts and some parts of his body are red. Red Buffalominator eyes are in red color.

Blue Buffalominators to dress a blue shorts and some parts of his body are blue. Blue Buffalominators eyes are in blue color.

Buffalominators possesses to incredible strength and durability.Can create a powerful sonic screams (like the Echo Echo).Buffalominators  are one of the powerful species on Milky Way Galaxy (Powerful than Vaxasaurians, To'kustars and etc.)  Buffalominator's can lift the moon and possesses to destroy him with single punchs.

Buffalominators are vulnerable to high level of radiation and electricity.

Information About Destroyer.

The Destroyer are red buffalominator. His real name is Hugh. When was war between blue buffalominators and red buffalominators, Hugh shall be appointed to destroy the blue buffalominator ship. But when he was in the ship Driller (Blue Buffalominator) fire to him a powerful laser beam. This laser mutated him.

The Destroyer's appearance same as other Buffalominators.But now on some parts of his body seems some bones.And one side of face are in blue color other side of face are in red color.And in upper chest he has a blue ghost fire.Now one side of his short are red other side of his short are blue.And some parts of his body are blue, but some parts of his body are red.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Life Force Absorption
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Sonic Screams
  • Flight
  • Space Survivability

The Destroyer possesses to incredible strength (powerful than other Buffalominators). Now he possesses the ability to manipulate and generate the fire (Pyrokinesis) and ability the absorb life force energy.The Destroyer like the other Bufallominators can create a powerful sonic screams. The Destroyer possesses the ability to flight with enhanced speed and can survive in space vacuum.


Destroyer like the other Buffalominators is vulnerable to high level of radiation and electricity.
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