The Day the Academy Stood Still is the eighth comic of Young Plumbers.

Young Plumbers Comics
Set 1, Issue 8
Production Code: A07
Release Date: November 23, 2012
Written By: Paper
Artist: Paper
Directed By: Sci
Set 1 List
"Magic Trix"


Plumbers' Academy
September 27, 2012, 9:32 PM EDT

[Brian is sitting next to a wall. He is tying some sort of string to the wall. He stands up and then carries the other end of the string to the wall across from it. He pulls it tight and then ties it. He places a pie in the center of the floor on one side of the string and then jumps over the string and walks down the hallway. He enters a room with all the recruits in it.]

[Zon]: Hey Brian...

[Brian]: Zon, I just found the coolest thing!

[Zon]: Cool...

[Brian]: Want to see it?

[Zon]: SURE!

[He jumps out of his chair and then follows Brian. They walk down the hallway for a while and then Zon notices the pie.]

[Zon]: Oh, pie!

[He runs to the pie but he trips on the string and his face smashes into the pie. Brian breaks out in laughter. Zon gets up and wipes the pie off of his face.]


[Zon]: BRIAN!

[Brian]: I thought you would notice the string...

[Zon]: You still shouldn't have done that...

[Brian]: Come on, man. It was a joke...

[Zon]: I will have my revenge! Eventually!

[Zon walks off. He heads down the hallway and enters his barrack. No one else is in the room. He sits down at his bed and starts to think.]

[Zon]: So I could do the old bucket of water on the door trick. Nah, I'll think of the best prank ever. Not some dome pie in the face trick...

[He turns off the light and then puts his head down on the pillow.]

[Zon]: I'll get you tomorrow Brian.


[On the next page, Zon wakes with a start. He looks around in the room. Toon, Aevan, and Jack are sleeping. He stands up and looks around when he finds a ghost.]

[Zon]: Ghost!

[Rache]: Shhhhh.... I'm not a ghost, my name is Rache, I'm a former Magister who haunts the Academy...

[Zon]: Doesn't that make you a ghost?

[Rache]: Technically...

[Zon]: So what happened to you?

[Rache]: My species cannot come into come into contact with water. One day some students pranked me. They put glue on my chair, trapped me, and then poured water all over me. I died 2 days later...

[Zon]: That's terrible.

[Rache]: I want to help you get revenge and that guy for pranking you...

[Zon]: Brian? No, it's fine. I can do it myself...

[Rache]: No, I have a really good idea...

[He whispers something in Zon's ears. An evil grin appears on Zon's face.]

[Zon]: Oh yes, that will do...


[On the next page, the recruits are sitting in a classroom. Ivada is teaching them.]

Plumbers' Academy
September 28, 2012, 11:19 AM EDT

[Ivada]: Okay. Before we do a quick review for our upcoming Defense Tactics test on Monday, I have to talk to you about proper technique for fighting ghosts. The most simple thing you can do is use an Ecto-Vacuum.

[He picks up an Ecto-Vacuum from on the desk.]

[Ivada]: In a minute I'll tell you how this works, but first I think I'll tell you a story... It's about a former Magister at the Academy. His name was Rache...

[Zon's eyes snap open.]

[Ivada]: He was pranked by students at the Academy many years ago. They put glue on his chair and trapped him. They then took a bucket of water and poured it all over him. He died two days later because he couldn't come into contact with water. Some say he haunts the Academy as a ghost, but I've never seen him... Now then...

[He takes apart the Ecto-Vacuum. On the next page, Zon is walking down the hallway. He makes it to his barrack and meets up with Rache.]


[Rache]: Is the planning set?

[Zon]: I got the chicken feathers, glue, and the fan.

[Rache]: And I managed to get the rubber cap...

[Zon]: Now all we need is space...

[Zon exits his room. He takes out the glue and then pours it all over the floor. He takes rope and ties it to the ceiling. He ties a bag of feathers to the other end. He places a fan pointed towards the glue on the far side of the bag of feathers. He jumps over the glue and then ties in a trip wire just as Brian did at the beginning. He attaches the wire to each wall, but on either end the wire continues past the wall. One one end it goes to the bag of feathers, holding it closed and upright. The other goes to the fan so that when pulled it will activate. Zon goes walkdown the hallway and eventually finds Paper.]


[Paper]: What do you know about Rache?

[Zon]: What?

[Paper]: Once Ivada said his name your eyes popped open. You know something...

[Zon]: He visited me in my sleep last night... He's going to help me get revenge on Brian for pranking me yesterday...

[Paper]: Zon! You have to understand. Rache was not pranked. It's just a cover story the Magisters use. Rache had been put on trial after acts of treason and was eventually executed right here at the Academy. If you prank Brian, there's no telling what it would let Rache do...

[Zon]: You just don't want us to start a prank war...

[Paper]: Zon. Listen to me... Rache is dangerous...

[Zon turns to Paper.]

[Zon]: Leave me alone...

[Brian comes walking down the hallway.]


[Brian]: Oh hey Zon. Sorry about yesterday. I shouldn't have pranked you.

[Zon]: Yeah, it's okay. Let's go to the cafeteria. I think they're still serving lunch.

[Brian]: Fine with me...

[Zon and Brian begin to walk down the hallway.]

[Zon]: Oh, wait, I have to go to my barrack...

[Brian]: AHAH! Nice try but this won't work on me. I noticed your trip wire...

[Brian jumps over the trip wire and lands directly on the glue. His back gets covered in it. He tries to get up but then he falls on his front. His whole body is now covered in glue.]

[Brian]: ZON!

[He gets up and runs. But he trips on the trip wire. Feathers start to blow on his back and as he turns around they blow on his front, too. Rache swoops in and places the rubber cap on his head.]

[Zon]: Hah! You look like a chicken!

[Rache]: Alright boys you had your fun! Now it's my turn to have mine!

[He zooms at Brian and goes into his body. He starts to laugh maniacally.]

[Rache/Brian]: This academy is as good as mine.

[He extends his arms out and makes everything in the Academy stop except for Zon.]

[Zon, after gulping]: Great...


[He turns around and runs in the other direction. He heads for Ivada's classroom.]

[Rache/Brian]: You won't escape from me!

[He throws blasts of Ecto energy at Zon. Zon makes it to the classroom and then jumps inside and underneath the desk. he grabs the partially dismantled Ecto-Vacuum.]

[Zon]: I wish I payed attention...

[He tries to put together the weapon as he dodges back and forth avoiding Ecto blasts.]

[Zon]: Come on...

[Rache/Brian]: You think that a week weapon will stop me? Pathetic...

[Zon places the last piece on the weapon as it powers up.]

[Zon]: Finally...

[He pulls the trigger and sucks Rache's ghost out of Brian's body. Suddenly, everything in the Academy starts to move again.]


[Zon]: Dude, I just saved your life...

[Brian]: What no you didn't?

[Zon]: ...and you don't remember...

[Brian]: Dude I have no idea what you're talking about...

[Zon sighs and then walks out of the room. One the next page, Zon is walking down the hallway]

Plumbers' Academy
September 29, 2012, 9:41 AM EDT

[Zon]: I can't believe no one believed me...

[Zon walks all the way to his barrack. He opens the door and gets soaked in water. He notices Brian waiting for him inside the barrack.]

[Brian]: Got you...

[Zon]: Is this going to turn into a war?

[Brian]: I think it already has...

[Zon]: Oh, then let the war begin...

[The panel shows Zon taking out a pie and throwing it at Brian.]

[The End]


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