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The Day Everything Changed is the pilot of Roblox 10.


Ben's Team end up in Roblox! Plot Ben's Team walking through the streets.

Ben: So. What to do. Battle Vilgax? Nah, killed him yesterday.

Suddenly, a portal opened.

Ben: Woah!

Gwen: What is that world?

Kevin scanned it.

Kevin: Roblox...?

They all blinked blankly.

Ben: Huh? What is Roblox?

Gwen: A universe that is full of Block people. A series sounds familar.

Ben stepped foward. He tripped. He fell!

Ben: Aaaahhhh!!!!!

Gwen & Kevin: BBBEEENNN!!!!

Kevin: I'm goin'.

Gwen: What?

Kevin jumped in.

Gwen: My turn!

She jumped.

Kevin: Is that Ben?

Ben was checking out Roblox.

Ben: I'm Blox'd. Lemme check out Swampfire!

He turned into Swampfire.

Swampfire: Coolio! I'm different!

Gwen: Ben! Ben?

Ben was talking to Buliderman.

Ben: Oh my gosh! Buliderman! What's going on?

Builderman: I think we need you.

Telamon: A villain, TheHas, is planning on taking over Robloxia!

Roblox: We need you Ben. You've saved Earth. Now save Roblox.

Gwen: Roblox!

Kevin: Telamon!

Ben: Okay. I'll be the very best!

Later on, Ben is talking with Kevin.

Ben: Have we got what it takes?

Kevin: Dude, TheHas we can beat. He's a Super Villain with a stupid name.

???: Are you talking about me, Foolish boys?

Ben turned into a new alien, called Boomer!

Boomer: Woah! New alien! Let's NUKE TheHas!

Boomer shot missiles at TheHas. Nothing happened!

TheHas: Stupid. Just, STUPID. You Blox'd Humans were made to die! I've lived my life. I'm a immortal person!

Roblox: Robert!

TheHas: Brother? The one who killed me?

Gwen: You're name is Robert! LAME!

Roblox: Stop!

TheHas: No, I need The Key to Beyond! I must escape from the Hfil of a world!

Telamon: DIE!

Boomer: Time to go Ultimate! *evolves* Ultimate BOOMER!

The skies went dark.

TheHas: Benjamin Tennyson, give me the Ultimatrix! I shall victor against you!

Ben: Nah. But I give you this!

He threw a rock at his head.