Splix 10
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date N/A
Written by Batking30
Directed by Batking30
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One day in a small neighborhood three seventeen year olds were running around in a backyard.They were Splix, Keith and Selu.They decided to start digging in the yard, to see what they could find.Keith found some TNT, Selu found dirt and Splix found the a purple watch.It instantly clung onto his wrist.They all started examining it, and then Keith touched it which turned Splix into another alien.Selu attacked him, but Splix hit her with a paper fist. Selu then roared and he flew away.The fence in his backyard stopped him from going far.Splix then changed back and said that was weird.Suddenly Splix parents ran out into the back yard with Keith's dad and Selu's foster mom.They say to get to the escape pods and leave.Splix says, "I refuse to leave you guys behind".Then his dad makes them go and without looking back they leave.On the way there they are intercepted by a drone.Keith goes into ball form while Splix jumps on top of him.Selu then pushes them into the drone.Splix jumps onto the bottom of it where its control panel is.Circling around it Keith keeps the drone distracted.The drone collapses after Splix pulls out its energy core and gives it to Keith.At the escape pod center drones have taken everyone who is trying to escape hostage.A blockade around the hostages and escape pods made by the drones is easily defeated when Keith combines the energy core and the TNT.BOOM! BOOM! VROOM! VROOM! Is all that is heard as the drones blow up and everyone escapes.As Splix's escape pod takes off he sees an image of a red thing with robotic parts.The episode ends with them flying in space.

Major Events

  • Splix finds the Technomatrix
  • Splix goes Stick Head for the 1st time
  • Nac takes over Hathor
  • Splix,Keith and Selu escape


  • Splix
  • Keith
  • Selu
  • Splix's Parents
  • Keith's Dad
  • Selu's Foster Mom
  • Various Splixsons


  • Nac
  • Nac's Drones

Aliens Used

  • Stick Head

Splix 10
Main Characters
Splix - Keith
Recurring Characters
Ambrose - Zynon
Stick Head/Ultimate Stick Head/Unlimited Stick Head - SplixSamurai - Juggernaut - Slimeball/Ultimate Slimeball - Attraction - FairyTale - Werewolf - The Rock N' Roll - Mr.Tea - Double Sided - Megabite - Brainfreeze
Nac - The Poacher - Rye - Magical - Cyberlink
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Season 2 Episodes
Smallish Invasion - Ghost Stories
Plumbers and Splix 10: Fight Against Poachers - Fred 40 and Splix 10: The Null Void Breakout - Great Legend War
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