Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 2, Episode 20
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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The Dark Dimension Part 1
An Extreme Crisis Part 1
The Dark Dimension Part 2 is the 30th episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


Brandon as Voice Over/Narrator: Previously on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Brandon: I can't just stay here and see him like this, like some kind of reminder for my failure.
Sarah: One day, Khan will pay but until that moment, Uncle Bill is your main priority.
Brandon: We only have one shot at this... we can't fail.
Khan: This whole dimension sickens me. I see it now. It's all so clear.
Sarah: Why aren't you attacking me? Why are you... offering me a choice?
Khan: You have... potential.
Kayla: I saw it...
Brandon: What did you see?
Kayla: Darkness.
Khan: With this machine I will unleash the power of the thread that holds the dimensions in place and abuse that power.
Brandon: I won't let that happen, Khan!
Khan: The time is almost upon us. A time of darkness.
Brandon, shocked: The Dimensional Rifts... We're too late.

The episode begins like the end of the last episode. Large Dimensional Rifts are seen in the sky as they are projected from Khan's newly made Dimensional Destabailizer. The team and Kayla are seen facing off against Khan after defeating his robot army.

Khan: Soon my power shall come and I will become all powerful.

Brandon: I don't see how opening up Dimensional Rifts is going to give you power, Khan.

Khan: Never-the-less, your dimension will fall.

Coco: What do we do?

Brandon: I-... I'm not sure. (thinks for a moment) The rifts seem to be projecting from the Dimensional Destabailizer.

Sarah: It seems so.

Brandon: Kayla. Can you disable the machine? Maybe it will shut down those Rifts.

Kayla: I can try but I can barely see the signal it gives off.

Kayla attempts to use her technokinesis on the Dimensional Destabilizer. She concentrates hard on the machine and the frequency of the blast changes slightly. Kayla then drops her concentration.

Kayla, exhausted: I did it, I think.

The Dimensional Rifts then change from blank rifts to open rifts.

Sarah: The Rifts are opening.

Coco: That's good, right?

Brandon: Not really. But it will slow down Khan's plans.

Khan: What is this? What did you do to my machine?

Khan then goes to check on the towering machine.

Coco: Looks like beast breath is going to fix what you did.

Kayla: I can hold it in that position but I can't fix it again. It's too much.

Brandon: Don't worry. I'm on it.

Coco: What do you we do then?

Sarah: Um... Coco? (points upwards)

Coco looks up and sees a Red Winged Alien flying through a Dimensional Rift. He roars out and flies towards them.

Coco: Guess I spoke too soon.

Meanwhile, Ultimate Khan goes to check on the machine but Brandon faces against him.

Khan: Fool. You think your attempts matter? I already succeeded. You failed.

Brandon: Not today. You've been running circles around us for weeks and now it's time you got what's coming to you, Khan. We're going to take your machine down, stop your plans and then we're going to take you down.

Khan: Primitive Insect. I will destroy you and then I'm going to destroy everyone close to you including your entire planet followed by your entire dimension.

Brandon: No, Khan. I won't let you hurt anyone else again.

Khan: There's only one way to defeat me.

Brandon: ...We'll see about that.

Brandon slaps down the Ultimatrix and undergoes a transformation sequence. He spins around in a cycle of DNA and curls up due to the changes. His ribs enlarge. His arm gets covered with a growing vegetation that spreads upwards as it soon grow all over his body. His hands and feet become webbed and his ears grow larger as his face merges into a new shape. Within a flash, Brandon transforms into Loch Ness.

Loch Ness, posing: LOCH NESS!

Loch Ness then strikes Khan in the face. He repeats that strike over and over and over until Khan grabs his arm and rips it off his body.

Loch Ness: AHH!

Khan then tears that arm into pieces.

Loch Ness: Hey! That could have been handy later.

Khan then grabs Loch Ness' face and slams it into the ground. He repeats that four more times. He then activates his drill hand and prepares to drill Loch Ness' face.

Khan: I'm going to tear you into pieces.

Loch Ness fires a blast of water, from his other arm, at Khan's face.


Khan then falls over and Loch Ness gets up and regenerates his arm slowly. Khan gets up and activates his metallic claws. He then slashes at Loch Ness many times but it does little damage to Loch Ness as he constantly regenerates.


Khan the slices Loch Ness' head clean off his shoulders as it lands a close distance away from his body. Loch Ness' body then falls over.

Khan: Finally. Now to continue my plans.

Khan continues to the machine but breaks Loch Ness' remaining body into pieces with his drill hand. Back with Coco and Sarah, Red Winged Aliens are seen flying around. Sarah is fending them off with her energy discs and Coco is whacking them away with a fly swatter arm.

Coco: These are the aliens from the Capture Zone. They're called Voltarus Morusis' but residents call them Zone Patrollers.

Sarah: Pft. Zone Patrollers? Did you make that up when you were 10 or something?

Coco: Or something.

A drop ship then crashes through one of the Dimensional Rifts and hits a Zone Patroller. The other Zone Patrollers circle around the drop ship.

Coco: Well that solved our problems.

Sarah: And gave us a whole set of new ones. Watch out!

Sarah pushes Coco out of the way as a sledge hammer was about to hit them. The two look up and see the big, muscular alien creature wielding a large sledge hammer. It roars.

Coco: I'd hate to be living in that guy's dimension.

Coco is then hit by a swing delivered by the sledge hammer.

Coco, flying: AHH!

Sarah: Coco!

Coco is then grabbed by a Zone Patroller who is flying away. The Zone Patroller is then attacked by an Invader Pod. The Patroller drops Coco and screeches. The other Zone Patrollers stop attacking the Drop ship and attack the Invader Pod which is firing lasers that disintegrate the Patrollers. Sarah then catches Coco.

Sarah: Are you alright?

Coco: Fine now.

Khan is then checking on the Dimensional Destabailizer when Loch Ness comes up from behind and grabs him.

Loch Ness: Miss me?

Khan: GAH!

Khan throws Loch Ness over him and Loch Ness fires a full blast of water. Khan then breaths it in and grabs Loch Ness by the throat.

Khan: I'm actually going to try and enjoy tearing your neck apart over and over again.

Loch Ness then fires a beam of water at the Dimensional Destabilizer Panel that Khan opened. The circuits then burn up and crackle.

Khan: NO!

Khan throws Loch Ness who crashes into the ground and transforms back into Brandon. Sarah then leaves Coco and Brandon lying there as she goes after Khan herself. Sarah throws energy discs at Khan who seems not as affected by them. Khan then smacks Sarah into the Dimensional Destabailizer which goes critical. The machine then releases a high powered beam into the sky which closes all of the Dimensional Rifts but overloads on the energy and opens a Rift right at its center, sending Khan and Sarah into another dimension.

Brandon, getting up: Sarah!

The Rift then closes. Brandon looks outwards in shock.

Theme Song

After the titles, the rest of the gang are seen standing by the Interceptor.

Coco: And so she's just... gone?

Brandon: She went into another dimension with Khan.

Kayla: There was nothing I could do to save her.

Brandon: Hey. It's not your fault. We'll get her back.

Coco: How? Last time I checked we don't have a dimension opener.

Brandon: ...Wait. Yes we do. We can use Khan's machine to open up a Rift so we can go a rescue Sarah.

Coco: As much as I want to, that plan seems way off. First off, it's called a Dimensional Destabailizer. If you use that, it will destabilize this dimension. Whatever that means. Second, we don't know what dimension she's in or if she's even still alive.

Brandon: Don't say that. We can't think that way. Besides, Khan's there.

Coco: Exactly my point.

Brandon: He wouldn't kill her off just like that. Khan might be insane but he's not an idiot. He knows that we're going after her.

Coco: Which means a portal will be open. But why would he want to come back here? He hates this dimension.

Brandon: Because his machine is still here and he needs it in order to destroy this dimension. Once this dimension is destroyed, his new dimension will be the only thing left.

Kayla: That's awful.

Brandon: Which is why we have to stop him.

Coco: What do you mean new dimension?

Brandon: He obviously goes somewhere when he isn't traveling between dimensions and it's not here. He must have a new home dimension or something. Kayla, can you scan the machine for any sign of them?

Kayla: I didn't see anything before. Just darkness.

Brandon: One more try wouldn't hurt.

Kayla: Yeah. Speak for yourself.

Kayla places her fingers against the side of her head and concentrates, after closing her eyes, on the device.

Kayla: I- I see something.

Brandon: What is it?

Kayla: A pink dot.

Coco: You think that's Sarah?

Brandon: I don't know but we can assume she's still alive.

Coco: I thought you said not to think like that.

Brandon: I did but with Khan we have to take every possibility. Sarah said he wasn't acting like himself before.

Coco: Well he did build a cage around her rather then hurt her... like the last time.

Brandon: Something must have happened to him.

Coco: It's the power, dude. That stuff goes straight to your head.

Brandon: I guess.

Coco: Money is power so it made me feel powerful when I- well y'know.

Brandon: Yeah even though I'm sure she read your file, already.

Kayla: Nope. Should I?

Brandon: Probably not and don't read mines either. Especially mines... unless you already did.

Kayla: Just a peak.

Brandon: Ugh... Anyways, is there a way to open up the rifts again? Maybe we can find one that takes us to Khan.

Kayla: The machine is damaged but are you sure you want to activate it?

Brandon: I don't but it's the only way to save Sarah and I'm not leaving her in there with him.

Kayla: I understand, Uncle Brandon.

Brandon: Let's see if I can fix up the machine.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and scrolls through the transformations. He stops at a hologram of BrandonBot and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into BrandonBot.


BrandonBot makes his way to the Dimensional Destabilizer as Kayla follows him. BrandonBot attempts to reach the open panel but he is too short. Kayla picks him up and holds him up to the open panel.

BrandonBot: Thanks. Now some of this tech looks super complicated especially for being from a different dimension.

Kayla: Just try using pieces that look like things you know and use them the same way.

BrandonBot: Hm.

BrandonBot reaches into the panel and messes with wires and circuits.

BrandonBot: Let's see if it works.

BrandonBot zaps the panel with a charge from his hands and the Dimensional Destabilizer jumpstarts and activates once again. It then projects a Dimensional Rift above itself.

BrandonBot: There.

BrandonBot leaps from the open panel and transforms back into Brandon.

Kayla: What did you do?

BrandonBot: I rewired it and had it open a Dimensional Rift. We should be able to get to Khan and rescue Sarah now.

Later, the Interceptor is seen taking off from the ground and flying through the Dimensional Rift. In the cockpit, Brandon, Coco and Kayla are seen at their seats from before.

Brandon: How's the ship holding up?

Coco, piloting: Good so far. That engine repair is a bit rusty though.

Kayla: You said we were in a hurry.

Brandon: It's alright. That repair seems to be doing a good job.

The ship then shakes violently.

Brandon: What's that? An attack?

Coco, piloting: No. The Rift isn't stabilizing. All we have left is that protection Quantum gave us.

Brandon: How much further till we get there?

Coco, piloting: Just a few more seconds.

The ship shakes again.

Kayla: We just lost the engine.

Coco: I can't keep her up for too long now.

Brandon: We're going to crash!

The Interceptor starts dropping height and lowers into the spiraling vortex of dimensional energy. The Interceptor then impacts with the Dimensional Rift's internal sides and fades into a dimensional schism.

After the break, The Interceptor is seen crashing out of a Dimensional Rift. It then flies over some clouds as they fire lightning beneath them. The sky is pink with a shade of blue, orange and white.

Kayla, looking out of the window: Where are we?

Brandon: Looks like we're above the clouds.

Kayla: Looks pretty.

Coco, piloting: Doesn't matter. We survived. Now let's go take care of that-

The Interceptor shakes again from this time tilts forwards as the engine completely blows out. As seen from an exterior view, the right wing of the Interceptor is now burning.

Brandon, finishing his sentence: Engine?!

Coco, piloting: Easy, girl. Easy!

The Interceptor then loses altitude again and descends into the clouds. The Interceptor then flies through the clouds and avoids a lightning strike from above as it crosses across the grey and dark skies.

Kayla: The lightning is crazy outside. Seems like off world weather.

Brandon: Try off dimension.

Coco, piloting: Get that engine back online.

Kayla, getting out of her seat: I'm on it.

Kayla heads out of the cockpit and, shortly, enters the engine room. She then sees the main engine, burning. Kayla concentrates on the engine and extends her arms out as scraps of metal levitate from the floor and surround the engine as it holds like a casing which not only puts out the fire but covers the broken areas. On the outside, the Interceptor is no longer smoking and is starting to tilt back to its original position but still decreasing.

Coco, piloting: Hold it... Hold it... (pulls wheel up)

The Interceptor then lands steadily at a place that looks like a city.

Coco, taking his hands off of the wheel: There.... (breaths) Made it.

Kayla: Yeah, but where?

Brandon: Only one way to find out. Let's go.

Brandon heads out of the cockpit. The scene then cuts to the three of them approaching an ancient city.

Kayla, looking around: This place looks like a bunch of ruins.

Coco: Looks like it.

Brandon: I don't know... We've past by a bunch of buildings now and they look kind of familiar. Is this Bellwood?

Coco: What? No way, dude. Look at this place. It's old.

Kayla: And in another dimension.

Brandon: Exactly. We don't know what's gone down here.

Suddenly the three are surrounded by a group of people wearing cloths.

Brandon: Apparently cavemen.

Coco: Get ready!

The group of people point spears at them.

Voice: Wait!

The three look out and see a old man exiting from the group of people. He appears more clothed then the rest of the people.

Clothed Old Man: These people are not metal. They are not our enemies.

Man, pointing spear: But Chief, we saw them fall from the sky hole.

Man 2, pointing spear: Maybe they're evolvin', Chief.

Chief: Enough. They are not our enemies. They have come to stop him once and for all.

Man, point spear: But only he comes from the sky hole.

Chief: They are obviously not him.

Brandon: Who is he? Khan?

The people gasp and back away.

Brandon: So it is.

Chief: You know of the powerful one?

Brandon: We've been fighting against him for a while now. Looks like we aren't the only ones.

Chief: No. Before Khan arrived, everything was normal but then the sky hole appeared and he came from it. He sent his soldiers to finish us and clean our world for all of its resources. Everything fell and we were forced to work as his servants.

Coco: About time you guys starting a revolution.

Kayla: Sticks aren't going to stop, Khan.

Chief: We have no weapons. He gathered them all.

Brandon: You don't need weapons to win a fight. You need hope. If you work for Khan, then you should have access to his stuff.

Chief: The tower? Yes, but-

Brandon: Tower? What tower?

Chief: Follow us.

The Chief leads the three and his group of men to crater with a Dimensional Destabolizer.

Kayla: Another one?

Brandon: Khan wasn't just stripping worlds for their tech. He was building machines in every dimension he went to. That explains all the Rifts we saw before.

Coco: So the big guy thinks that building towers in every dimension is something to, what?, break apart the universe or something?

Brandon: He wants to destroy dimensions. Maybe this is some type of dimensional bomb. If he sets it off at the same time everywhere, it will cause a chain reaction.

Kayla: And wipes out all of the dimensions?

Coco: Seems like it.

Brandon: Which means we're not in the right dimension.

Chief: What do you mean? Dimensions?

Brandon: The sky hole is a rift. A portal to another world. A whole bunch of them. Khan came from ours and we have to stop him from destroying yours.

Chief: What do we do?

Coco: We can open up a Rift from this machine. Maybe it'll take us straight to Sarah.

Kayla: And activate the dimension destroyer? No thanks.

Coco: We have to try.

Brandon: ...Alright. But we need to make sure it's safe to use and fix up the Interceptor. Besides, it's not like we have much of a way back anyways.

Kayla: I'll see if I can scan it with my mind.

Kayla places her hand on the Dimensional Destabilizer and concentrates on it. She focuses on the pink dot in the darkness but then Khan's face appears and startles her. She falls over onto the ground.

Kayla: AH!

Brandon: What's wrong? Kayla?

Kayla: Don't turn it on!

The Chief activates the Dimensional Destabilizer before he has time to react to what Kayla said. The tower then sends out a frequency and the whole world shakes around.

Coco: Something tells me that's not an earthquake.

Kayla: It was rigged, Coco. Khan set us up. The machine is destabilizing this dimension.

Chief: I trusted you!

Brandon: No. Wait!

The whole ground starts to come apart. The group of men falls into the cracks which reveal a bottomless void. Brandon tries to grab the Chief but he already falls in.

Brandon: NO!

Coco then grabs Brandon and pulls him out.

Coco: We have to get to somewhere safe.

Kayla: ...U-Up there. (points to building)

The three run over to the building avoiding the breaking ground but Kayla trips and falls.

Brandon: Kayla!

Kayla: AHH!

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the dial. He transforms into Gasadactyl.

Gasadactyl: GASADACTYL!

Gasadactyl then spreads his wings and goes after her. He then grabs her before she hits the void and flies up. Coco jumps on Gasadactyl's back as he carries both of them to the top of the building. Gasadactly then lands on the roof and let's them go. He transforms back into Brandon who drops from a couple of feet up and lands on the roof as well.

Brandon, looking down at the void, gravely: Khan's gone too far. He tricked me.

Kayla: It wasn't your fault, Brandon.

Brandon, gravely: No... It's his. It's always his. When I find Khan, I'm stopping him. Forever.

After the break, the episode continues off back in the prime dimension at the partially destroyed Mechanic Base. Inside, Uncle Bill is seen lying in bed in the Operation Room. Kim is checking his charts while Sophia is waiting outside, as seen through the window. Uncle Bill attempts to move.

Kim: What are you doing? (attempts to stop him) Magister, you need to rest. You just went through an operation.

Uncle Bill: I can't rest. Khan is out there. Brandon needs me.

Kim: And I need you to rest. Your back, it's-

Uncle Bill: I don't care. (moves) AHH!

Kim: Magister, if you refuse treatment, I will have to sedate you.

Uncle Bill: I'd like to see you try.

Kim: You can't leave. You literally can't. If you move, your nervous system will snap and you'll just lie on the floor in pain. A lot of pain.

Uncle Bill: There's another way. Project 219-B.

Kim: Magister, that's not even tested yet. Are you sure you want to-

Uncle Bill: My nephew and my niece need me. Besides, I want to show the guy that paralyzed me and crashed into my base what it means to be Bill Tennyson.

Kim: I can't believe I'm saying this but- I'll get the exoskeleton.

Later, in the corridor, Sophia is seen waiting outside. The door then opens and a figure walks out.

Sophia, surprised: U-Uncle Bill?

It is revealed that the figure is actually Uncle Bill in an exoskeleton suit.

Uncle Bill: Yep.

Sophia: What is that?

Uncle Bill: It's an exo-suit. It's used for training exercises, protection and movement for users with broken limbs or in my case nervous system. With this, I can move like I normally do and it also enhances my strength.

Sophia: Cool. Can I try?

Uncle Bill: Maybe some other time. I want you to stay with Dr. Platt while I go help out your uncle.

Sophia: I want to come too.

Uncle Bill: Sorry, kiddo, but I'm not letting you get hurt.

Kim: Bill. I'm coming with you?

Uncle Bill: No. It's far too dangerous and you're not a field medic.

Kim: No but someone has to maintain your suit.

Uncle Bill: I have it under control, Kimberly.

Kim: You might have the suit under control but someone needs to look after you.

Uncle Bill: Fine. But gather some men. I'm taking a shuttle. They need to catch up.

Uncle Bill walks away while Kim calls on the wall communication system. Sophia gets up and follows Uncle Bill. The scene cuts to the Hangar where Uncle Bill gets into a shuttle. Sophia then enters from the back. Kim then runs into the Hangar and enters the shuttle, outfitted in a Mechanic Suit. The shuttle doors then open and the shuttle takes off. Later, the shuttle is seen flying above the desert like the Interceptor (in the previous episode).

Uncle Bill, piloting: We're approaching the coordinates of the last place their badges were.

Kim: Something's not right. We should turn back.

Uncle Bill, piloting: A Mechanic never turns away from a problem. Remember that.

Kim: Even when the sky instantly gets darker?

Uncle Bill, piloting: I've seen strangers things.

A bump is heard.

Uncle Bill, piloting: What was that?

Kim: I'll go check it out.

Kim gets up from her seat and checks the back of the shuttle and sees Sophia.

Sophia: Hi. Heh.

Kim: I can't believe it.

Uncle Bill, piloting: What is it?

Kim: Sophia.

Uncle Bill, piloting: What?! (activates a button in the center of the wheel)

Shuttle Interface: Auto-Pilot Engaged.

Uncle Bill gets up and goes to the back of the shuttle.

Uncle Bill: Sophia, you're in big trouble.

Sophia: Look out!

The two turn around and see a Dimensional Rift up ahead. Uncle Bill hurries to the controls but the shuttle had already gone through the Dimensional Rift. The Shuttle then falls out of another Rift in a red space and it crashes into an asteroid.

Uncle Bill: Is everyone okay?

Sophia: I'm okay.

Kim: Me too.

Uncle Bill: Don't do that again, Sophia.

Kim: I think we're in bigger trouble, Magister.

Uncle Bill goes to the controls and looks out of the shuttle window.

Uncle Bill: Oh no...

From an outside viewpoint, the shuttle is seen on an asteroid floating in the Capture Zone.

Kim: Great... We're in the Capture Zone.

Uncle Bill: Don't worry. We have an emergency Capture Zone Projector. We'll be out of here in no time. We just need a place to fire it.

Sophia: What about the tower?

Kim: What tower?

Sophia: That one? (points)

Kim and Bill look out of the window and see the Dimensional Destabilizer planted on an asteroid not too far away.

Uncle Bill: Looks like the machine that I saw in the distance. Something tells me Khan's behind this.

Sophia: Why would Khan want to build a tower in this place?

Uncle Bill: I don't know and I don't like the feeling. The less we know about this, the better.

Uncle Bill grabs the Capture Zone Projector and attempts to activate it but it fails.

Uncle Bill: It's out of juice. We'll need to recharge it.

Kim: Maybe that tower has enough energy cells to charge the projector.

Uncle Bill: Good thinking, Kimberly. Guess the more we know about this, the better. Come on.

The scene transitions to the three making their way for the Dimensional Destabilizer on the trail of floating rocks.

Kim: Careful. These asteroids aren't exactly the perfect staircase.

Sophia: Why can't we just fly?

Uncle Bill: What do you mean?

Sophia: Like those bat things over there?

Uncle Bill looks up and sees some Zone Patrollers approaching them, screeching.

Uncle Bill: Zone Patrollers. We need to move before they pick us up and we'll never see the tower again.

The three hurry up the trail of asteroids as the Patrollers circle around them from above. One of them drops from the circle and attempts to grab Uncle Bill and succeeds.

Sophia: Uncle Bill!

Uncle Bill struggles and then electrocutes the Patroller using a charge from the exo-suit. Uncle Bill then drops down onto the Dimensional Destabilizer asteriod. He then helps Kim up who pulls in Sophia. Uncle Bill sends off an energy charge that scares the Patrollers away.

Kim: They'll be back soon. Let's just charge this thing and get out of here.

Uncle Bill: Right. Now how do you activate this thing?

Uncle Bill places his hand on the machine and an electric charge is released from his exo-suit. The Dimensional Destabilizer then activates and syncs with the one in the other dimension.

Kayla: Look. (points)

The three look down from the levitating building and see their Dimensional Destabilizer syncing with the other.

Brandon: Looks like it's merging with another one.

The two dimensions then tear at each other and then merge at a split line where the center is the Dimensional Destabilizer.

Brandon: Uncle Bill?

Uncle Bill: Brandon? What are you doing here?

Brandon: I was going to ask you the same thing. Is that the Capture Zone?

Uncle Bill: It looks like we're in two different places.

Sophia: Kayla!

Kayla: Uncle Bill, what is she doing here?

Kim: She snuck on board and then we crashed here.

Coco: Must be another dimensional rift.

Brandon: But they closed up when the machine malfunctioned. They must have opened up again back in our dimension when the Dimensional Destabilizers activated.

Khan, unseen: And now your world will be destroyed from the inside.

Both groups turn and see Khan standing at a floating rock platform with Sarah in his hands.

Brandon: Let her go, Khan. She has nothing to do with this.

Khan: On the contrary, she has everything to do with this. As do you all. You stand before me and attempt to ruin my plans for power.

Coco: Newsflash, genius, destroying dimensions doesn't make you powerful. What ever happened to controlling the Four Realms?

Khan: I evolved. I'm better than the realms. Why control realms when I can control the universe?

Brandon: You're insane.

Khan: No... I am Khan. I am powerful.

Khan then absorbs Sarah who screams out in pain.

Coco: Sarah!


Khan then fires energy blasts at both groups. Kim and Coco are hit by them and fall over. Uncle Bill fires an electric charge at Khan but it does little effect.

Khan: It's over. Your dimension-

Their dimension is seen above them with Dimensional Rifts forming from the main Dimensional Destabilizer.

Khan: -will fall to darkness.

Brandon: Not if I can stop it.

Brandon jumps from the rooftop and activates the Ultimatrix. Khan fires an energy blast at Brandon but Brandon hits the Ultimatrix symbol before it impacts. Within a flash, Brandon transforms into Heal X and lands in front of Khan.

Khan: You transform into one of the aliens I absorbed? You are a fool.

Heal X: Wrong. You never absorbed Heal X and I think I figured out why. He's a genetic alien and you steal genetics. DNA X, The Ultimatrix. No more. It's about time you lost that power you crave so much. It's about time you get what you deserve.

Khan then fires an energy beam at Heal X who counters it by absorbing the beam.

Khan: Impossible.

Heal X: Barely.

Heal X then charges for Khan and jumps at him. Heal X then places his hands on Khan and absorbs his genetics.

Khan: No... NO.... NOOOOOO!

Within a flash, Khan, now in his regular form, falls on the ground, defeated. The dark realm that he was in starts to shake. Heal X then places his hand on Sarah and transfers her energy back into her.

Uncle Bill: What about this towers?

Heal X: They're all synced up to each other. Maybe if we throw them into this dimension, we can avoid blowing up any of the others.

Uncle Bill: I'm on it.

Uncle Bill grabs onto the Dimensional Destabilizer and enhances his strength using the exo-suit. The exo-suit then puts on the strain as Bill lifts the Dimensional Destabilizer. Bill forces his strength on lifting the machine as it detaches from the ground and starts to tip over. Heal X then fires a genetic beam from his hands at the falling tower and it starts to break apart.

Khan, waking up: NO! MY POWER! I will destroy you!

Heal X then punches Khan in the face as he falls over.

Heal X: I learned to channel my anger. That's why you'll never win.

Uncle Bill: Brandon, look out!

Heal X moves out of the way as the Dimensional Destabilizer crashes onto Khan.

Khan: ARGH!

The rock platform then becomes unstable due to the weight and the Dimensional Destabilizer falls into the void as Khan hangs onto the edge. Heal X then extends his hand out.

Khan: Why? After all I've done-

Heal X: You said there's only one way to stop you. I already did. I may have learned from you, I might hate you but I'm not you.

Khan: I show no mercy. My work is done. I did what he asked.

Heal X: ...Who?

Khan: The lord of darkness, himself. Khan takes no prisoners and I refuse to be one.

Khan lets go of the edge and falls into the void with the Dimensional Destabilizer.

Heal X: Khan...

Uncle Bill: Brandon, get out of there!

Heal X grabs Sarah and uses the remaining genetics to blast himself upwards as the Dimensional Destabilizers explode in the dark realm. Heal X then runs out of genes to fry and starts to fall but Uncle Bill grabs him with his exo-suit arm. The explosion is so large that it creates a bright flash. When the flash is over, the team and rest are seen at the desert with The Interceptor and the shuttle.

Sarah, holding her head: What- ow.

Heal X tends to Sarah.

Sarah: Thanks...

Heal X hits the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest and transforms back into Brandon.

Brandon: Looks like the Dimensional Rifts are gone.

Uncle Bill: Yeah and hopefully forever.

Coco, waking up: What'd I miss?

Brandon: Nothing much. Just saved the dimensions or whatever.

Coco: And Khan?

Brandon: ...He didn't make it.

Uncle Bill: Not everyone can face justice, Brandon. Not the proper way, anyways.

Kayla: So now what?

Uncle Bill: Now, I get you kids back home where you'll be there for a long time.

Sophia: Aw...

Uncle Bill: You'll need to rest and discipline before becoming full-time Mechanics.

Kayla: Awesome!

Sophia: Yeah!

Uncle Bill: Don't worry about the New Mechanics. You'll be the supervising officers on the team when you get the chance. Now let's go before my suit runs out of batteries.

Bill, Kim, Sophia and Kayla head off as Mechanic Ships are seen approaching the area.

Brandon: You alright?

Sarah: Yeah just... zoned out, right now. He said I had potential... What does that even mean?

Coco: It doesn't matter. He's gone now and so's all this dimension travel stuff. Which means it's back to normal.

Brandon: As normal as it gets anyways.

Sarah: I wouldn't be too sure, those rifts were open for quite a while. Who knows what came through.

Coco: Well either way. We'll smash it or something.

Brandon: I don't think it's going to be that easy.

Coco: But it's still a clean up.

Sarah: Okay, sure, but either way we still have to do it.

There is a short moment of silence between the three of them.

Brandon: Juice Shack?

Coco: You're buying.

The two of them walk off.

Sarah: Guys? Guys!

Brandon: Relax, Sarah. If anything happens-

A view from above reveals a marking on the area that resembles a scar sketched into the ground as the team walks off towards the Mechanic Ships.

Brandon: -then it's Hero Time.


Major Events

  • The Dimensional Destabilizer are destroyed
  • Khan looses his powers and is destroyed by the explosion
  • Bill no longer needs medical attention
  • Kayla and Sophia become full-time Mechanics
  • The Interceptor crashes and needs repairs
  • Beings from alternate dimensions roam the prime dimension
  • The Dimensional Rifts are sealed from now on



Aliens Used


  • This is the second part of the Season 2 finale of Ultimate Hero.
  • The Capture Zone makes its first re-appearance since Alien Force.
  • Heal X uses left over absorbed genetics as a blast and propulsion when releasing it.
  • It is revealed that Khan was working with another force known as The Lord of Darkness.
  • The muscular alien with a giant hammer was from the episode, Strange Lands.
  • The episode, One Step Forwards, was nearly retconned in this episode when Kayla and Sophia became full-time Mechanics. This was avoided by making them actual Mechanics while the rest of the New Mechanics were still Officers belonging to that team only.
  • The Invader Pod that came from a Dimensional Rift was from Rebel Brandon's Dimension as seen in The Three Brandons.
  • The protection provided by Doctor Quantum in Riddle Diddle was used in this episode.
  • This episode is meant to be darker then the previous part as it serves as part of the transition from the lighthearted Season 2 to a darker toned Season 3.
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