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The Crucible
General Information
Entity Type Artificial Planet
Functional Time Machine
Habitability Habitable
Sapient Species Chronosapiens

The Crucible is the homeworld of the Chronosapiens. It was created after the destruction of the original Chronosapien homeworld in Eon's Dimension of Earth-1010. It is the largest time machine ever created.


Externally, the Crucible appears to be a large, bronze, segmented octohedron with green light visible from the gaps in its surface.

The interior of the planet consists of a smaller octohedron core, with each side being considered a continent. Each continent is in turn covered in vast steampunk-ish cities, with a capital city in the centre of each that holds up the outer plates of the Crucible.

According to Professor Paradox, The Crucible contains deep tombs somewhere that are supposed to keep forbidden technologies such as the Time Breaker Technology locked away.


The Chronosapiens are reclusive and technophobic due to their past.


Some elements of the Chronosapien language do not translate, as explained by Eon:

Chronosapien Phrase English
Chrono Lit. "Does Not Belong"
Chronian "Intruder"
Chronosapien "Species Without A Place"


The Crucible was built during the Heaven Wars after one of the first Chronosapien Time Bombs eliminated the Chronosapien species from every timeline bar Eon's Dimension, ravaged the continuum of Eon's Dimension, and destroyed every instance of the original Chronosapien home planet.

It now exists in what is currently the Prime Dimension, and houses the only thriving Chronosapien population in the omniverse.

Ben 10: Road Trip

The Crucible arrived in the Vilgaxia system during the events of In The Shadow Of Vilgax in search of Ben Tennyson. In Time Trials, Ben was brought inside to help High Pacekeeper Chronark and Tempoch locate a "Chronian" that had broken into the vaults. Once Ben had passed the security trials, he found the "Chronian" to be Eon, who had brought Malware's remains to resurrect Maltruant to fulfil the latter's time loop. Tempoch revealed himself to be Timekiller, who was shunned by the Chonosapiens for his mechnical arm. He killed Chronark, used Time Breaker Vilgax to kill Eon and merge Malware with Maltruant, then left Albedo to fight Ben.

Known Inhabitants

  • Chronosapiens

Notable Visitors