The Creator
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Home Planet:


Other Info
Crimes: Robbery

Attacking an Officer

Goal: To Rule The World
Abilities: Inventing Skills

Enhanced Intelligence

1st appearance: Robotic Past
Arch-enemy: Brandon 10
Henchmen/Leader: Drones (Henchmen)
The Creator is a villain in the series, Brandon 10.


In The Original Series, The Creator wears a white lab coat and a brown shirt. He has long, black hair and his eyes are red.

In Alien Force, He has shorter hair, looks older and is more muscular. He still wears his lab coat however he is now wearing it with a technical belt but leaving his top area exposed.

In Ultimate Hero, The Creator's appearance does not change majorly from his Alien Force appearance. In Cold Front, The Creator is wearing a snow suit with boots.

Powers and Abilities

The Creator has enhanced knowledge and inventing skills. He can summon his droids and use gadgets created by himself. He also has enhanced knowledge on alien technology.


As a Human, he still has the same weaknesses however he does have good hand to hand combat skills. 


Orginal Series

Alien Force

Ultimate Hero

Video Games


  • Even though he is focused and determined, He is considered crazied minded.
  • It seems that the Creator and the Mutanter are equally matched as they are teamed up in the Extreme Biker's Dream World. However, they are never seen together.
  • The Creator is the first villain to work with Brandon.
  • The Creator took the name "The Master of the Capture Zone" during his time in the Capture Zone.
  • According to Return of the Conqueror, The Creator can invent a way out of the Capture Zone.
  • In Redemption, The Creator was a newly added prisioner in a maximum security prision in the Capture Zone after attempting to escape from an alien nest.
  • In The Final Fight Part 1, it is revealed that the Creator escaped the maximum security prision and broke into the Portal Room in which he ended up back on Earth to continue with his schemes.
  • Ironically, the Creator had the same evil plan in The Final Fight Part 1 as he did in Brandon 10 vs the Conqueror expect he captured Brandon rather than Coco.
  • The Creator was the first villain to somewhat duplicate one of Brandon's aliens as he made a robotic image of Ro-Warasaur in Robotic Past.


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