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is the 47th episode of Stupidity Force and the first made by ANCYYYYYYYYYY


Ben is trolling people.

(Gwen): Ben, stop trolling people.

(Ben): NO. LOL U MAD?

(Kevin): If you don't stop, I'll break you.

(Ben): (troll face)

(Kevin): That's it!

He runs to Ben, but Ben starts emitting weird beams that push Kevin away.


He teleports away.

(Gwen): OH NO!

(Kevin): Ikr?

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away...

Ben is teleported into a room. He stands in the middle of a circle, not really a circle, more a stairs with memes sitting on it. All types of memes, Forever Alone, Awesome Face, you name it.

(Troll Face): Ben Tennyson, the Council of Meme has gathered to punish you because of your overuse of meme powers.

(Ben): wut

(Troll Face): You see, very few on your planet have the ability to control meme powers. However, the overuse of meme powers can fuse one with the memes. You have come to close, Ben Tennyson, therefore we must ELIMINATE YOU!

(Ben): NUUUU

Troll Face dashed at Ben with a knife, but Ben reached for the Ultimatrix. The knife stabbed the Ultimatrix, and the explosion it released knocked back both Ben and Troll Face.


Ben pressed the Ultimatrix, but it didn't work. The knife broke the Ultimatrix.

(Ultimatrix): Restoration process: 2 hours.

(Ben): D'OH! Wait a minute, MAH MEME POWAHS!

Ben used Forever Alone powers, and everybody ran away from Ben. Ben then used Doctor Octagonapus BLAGH to blast open a tunnel. He ran through the tunnel, but he met Succes Kid in the tunnel.

(Succes Kid): Tries to defeat Ben Tennyson; WINS!

His meme powers created a laser that blasted Ben, but he fired another BLAGH beam.

(Ben): Tries to defeat Succes Kid; WINS!

(Succes Kid): NNUUUUU

Ben's beam overpowered Succes Kid's, and Succes Kid was destroyed. Ben started glowing red.

(Ben): I feel funny...

Ben started running again, but out of the tunnel, he met an army of memes. Together, their meme powers combined created a huge laser, but suddenly, waves of energy came out of Ben that blocked the laser.

(Ben): Something weird is happening...

Ben started to inflate, and he exploded into pure meme powers. The meme powers went into the Ultimatrix, and the Ultimatrix was instantly repaired.

(Ultimatrix): New DNA scanned. Teleporting save feature activated.


Ben teleported away, and he returned to his previous location.

(Gwen): Ben, what did you do?

(Ben): Your mom. (troll face)

(Kevin): OH BURNED.