General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Age Unknown
Occupation(s) Vigilante
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Expert Hacking Skills
Investigative Prowess
Equipment Watch Device
Series of Gadgets
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Grandfather
Alias The Conspirator
First Appearance Conspiracy

The Conspirator is a character from the series, Brandon 10.


The Conspirator takes the appearance of an older man wearing a brown trench coat over a wrinkled white shirt with an open collar. He also wears a fedora and blank mask to cover his face.


The Conspirator is a mysterious man and a hard person to read. He's calculative, untrusting and cautious about every action he takes. However, while this might make him seem cold and distinct at times, he's actually caring for those around him and does what he does to protect the people from lies spread by companies, organizations and governments. He often detaches himself from a regular lifestyle including pursing a romantic interest or having friends for the sake of his duty to the people but, at times, will settle down to enjoy the little things in life.

Powers and Abilities

The Conspirator wields a watch device that can access several different networks as well as project a holographic view of any map, blueprint or image for convient viewing. Even without such a device at use, he's also quite skilled in manual hacking and information collection. He can also craft more gadgets such as smoke bombs and explosives which he keeps on his personage for later use during missions. Despite being an older man, he can be quite spry and knows how to escape capture as well as blend in with crowds and shadows, making him a hard man to catch.


The Conspirator does not possess any special powers nor isn't as trained in combat. This allows him to be easily overcome in a fight and defenseless to extreme attacks.






Love Interests



Ultimate Hero


  • The Conspirator was inspired by Justice League Unlimited character, The Question.
  • He wasn't originally going to wear a mask to hide his face, in fact he was designed to either have his face covered by his hat or just be open. The point was that his identity didn't matter because he didn't exist in any system. However, that idea was lost during the production of his debut episode so a mask was thought up to logicialistically make him appear more mysterious and unknown.
  • The Conspirator was planned on revealing his face to Brandon at the end of his debut episode then again in Deposition when it didn't occur the first time. However, the Writer felt that trusting Brandon even a little bit wasn't realistic enough for him to take off his mask. A bunch of other scernarios went through his mind but, in the end, the Conspirator has yet to reveal his true face to Brandon.


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