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With Rams going crazy, Ryan needs something to get off of Pyros.


(Ryan has just flown 3 miles and sees a building up ahead)

Ryan: Hmmm..... Alien U's Spacecraft and Airship Dealership. Maybe that has something I can use.

(Alien U, who is a Cesestialsapien, spots Ryan)

Alien U: Why hello.

Ryan: Wait, your not debating with yourself?

Alien U: LOOOOONG story kid.

Ryan: Ok, so do you have somthing for me?

Alien U: Come look at this.

(he takes him over to a large rock like spaceship)

Ryan: What's this called?

U: The Comet.

(Rams is seen)

Rams: DIE!

Ryan: Meh, later.

(Ryan hits the Heatrix)

Ryan: NRG! Hey, shouting is fun!

(Rams throws fire at Ryan, only for Ryan to absorb it and uses it as a boxing glove to punch Rams)

Rams: Pathetic!

Ryan: Really? How 'bout THIS! (uppercuts Rams)

(Rams puches a hole in the suit)

Ryan: Oh, you just did that? Well, I'm radioactive!

Heatrix: Overload of Radioactivity. Revert to Default form.

(Ryan reverts back) Ryan: Awwww man!

(Rams is charging up some kind of fire blast)

Ryan: Please work!

(Ryan hits the Heatrix, then screeches)

Ryan: HEATBAT! Wanna hug Rams?

(Ryan covers Rams with his wings and absorbs the fire)

Ryan: I think I'm gonna....

(Ryan discharges all the fire out of his mouth, then reverts back)

(Rams has disappeared)


U: Eating chicken wings. Why?

Ryan: You could of helped me.

U: Eh, could of. Well take your ship and leave.

Ryan: I'm gonna need some help fighting Rams. Wanna kick some flaming butt?

U: Sure but we need chicken wings.

Ryan: Deal.

(They get in the Comet and fly off with Rams on top of the ship)

Rams: Hehe....