This content contains material that may be unsuitable for younger children.

Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 4, Episode 8
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Out of Harm's Way

The Clone Wars is 58th episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode starts at night on a side of town that appears unfamiliar. Sounds of blasts can be heard distinctly as the view lowers from the cityscape to an open lot. Lucy can be seen running ahead, with arms similar to Astro. She then leaps up and fires energy beams from her hands. The beams hit the ground close to Hackoid, who backs up and hovers into the air- as his wings flap rapidly.

Hackoid: You nearly got me. But you'll have to try harder than that.

Hackoid flies around Lucy, firing lasers of his own. Lucy reforms her hands back to normal quickly before forming her hands into rock-like palms. She then kneels down and places her hands on the floor, raising a rock barrier before her to block the shot. She then raises her hands off from the ground, holding them up high above her head as she yells out. The rock barrier then grows into a rock slide of some kind, pushing forwards at Hackoid with quick speeds. He's caught off guard but manages to avoid it. He then turns to Lucy and smiles.

Hackoid: Nice!

Lucy: Yeah, but it wasn't that great. You still dodged it.

Hackoid: True but I was caught off guard. You could have countered with another attack.

Lucy: But Rocks does ground attacks. Y'know, up close.

Hackoid, landing by her: Clearly not. You know he can fire projectiles, right?

Lucy: Oh yeah... I think I remember that.

Hackoid: You have a lot to learn, young grasshopper.

Hackoid transforms back into Brandon.

Brandon: But we can always pick this up at anytime. It's already pretty late.

Lucy: No! I mean- come on, can't we train just a little bit longer?

Brandon: Lucy.

Lucy: I can just wanna get better. You're the only one that can teach me. And it's not like we have a lot of time.

Brandon: We have enough to train you and stop the Conqueror.

Lucy: Yeah but it'd be better if we had most of our focus on stopping him. Besides, I'm just going to try out stuff by myself if you leave.

Brandon sighs and rubs his face.

Brandon: Okay, okay. The way you're using my powers are pretty basis so just try thinking outside the box, alright? Like when you had Astro's hands back there. Instead of firing some energy beams, you could doing some consecutive blasts. Since they're not guaranteed to reach me from your distance, you're more likely to hit something even if you miss.

Lucy: Huh... So like plew, right?

Brandon: Ha. More like pew. Plew is more of a Slime Shot thing. Man, I haven't used that guy in forever... Come to think of it, you used some pretty classic ones a few times.

Lucy: Yeah, I remember you using them sometimes. Well, just basic things like how their powers work and some of their names. It's easier to access them on a whim, honestly.

Brandon: Oh right. Shared memories. That's still a little weird for me, I'll admit.

Lucy: Relax. I don't think remember everything. Just sometimes. I'm not a perfect clone after all...

She lowers her head slightly after saying that. Brandon appears to be notice this and scratches the back of his head.

Brandon: But you still know all that karate stuff, right?

Lucy: (sigh) It's marital arts. I told you that before...

Brandon: I know. Well, how about showing me some of that stuff?

Lucy: Didn't you train with a Samurai warrior one time?

Brandon: So you remember that but not the names of some of my aliens?

Lucy shrugs.

Lucy: Alright, well, I guess I can show you one of my moves.

Brandon: (scoff) Only one?

Lucy: Look, I was born to handle these powers. I don't know if you can handle marital arts. I'm just keeping an eye out for you.

Brandon: Gee thanks.

Lucy crosses her arms and has complacent smirk on her face as Brandon continues on.

Brandon: But I'm pretty sure I can handle one karate mov-

Before Brandon can finish his sentence, Lucy delivers a low, swift kick that knocks Brandon off of his balance. As he's about to hit the ground, Lucy grabs his shirt and holds him up. He then looks back, surprised, then turns back and holds her arm.

Brandon: Okay... (exhales) Lesson learned.

Lucy helps him up and Brandon catches his breath.

Lucy: So back to training?

A explosion sound is heard in the distance. Both of them turn to face the sound of the noise with surprise before their expression turn into a more serious one.

Brandon: Back to training...

Theme Song

After the titles, the streets of the town can be seen with little activity but activity none-the-less. The crosswalk soon changes- ready for people to walk across- and a man on his phone can be seen walking ahead. However, a bus passes by before him, causing him to back up and fall onto the street; his phone shattering against the ground. He looks in surprise as the bus continues driving past him at quick speeds. The view then shows the long street from an aerial shot; with the bus continuing to speed down, actually increasing in speed the further it travels. The back of the bus sparks up constantly, obviously indicating something wrong with the vehicle. On board, the citizens are either holding onto the poles and railings tightly or squatting down close to the ground, huddled around each other. They're all screaming and terrified. Down the street, a spark is seen approaching ahead. Black boots with yellow sparks are the top are seen dashing down the street at top speeds with the view rising to show that it's Shock Speed running down the street; electricity sparking at his heels. Lucy, with her mask donned, runs alongside him, using Shock Speed-like legs of her own.

Lucy: So what's the plan here?

Shock Speed: It looks like the brakes have stopped working due to some sort of electrical issue.

Lucy: Right. So you want to use Shock Speed's electricity to shorten out that vehicle's battery.

Shock Speed: Now you're getting it. Since you have that power too, we can redistribute the electricity in order to restart the battery. The brakes should be working when the battery resets.

Lucy: So you sap it out and I knock it back in. Got it.

Shock Speed: Shock Speed can get faster by harnessing energy but you can also build up more charge by running faster. You'll need a big enough charge in your legs in order to restart the battery.

Lucy: Alright. I'll see what I can do.

Lucy runs ahead while Shock Speed focuses on the bus. He also speeds ahead until he runs along the side of the bus. He turns his head, seeing the scared passengers inside.

Citizen: Oh gosh, we're not gonna make it!

Citizen 2: Whoa look, it's Brandon 10!

Citizen 3: Isn't he a criminal though? What's he doing here? Did he cause this to happen?

Citizen: Nothing matters until this bus stops, man!

Shock Speed looks around, seeing Lucy circling around the bus at high speeds; electricity sparking from her legs. She then runs up along the other side of the bus.

Lucy: I'm all charged up!

Shock Speed: Alright, on my mark!

Shock Speed places his hand against the side of the back of the bus. He then starts to sap the electricity from the bus' battery, draining it completely. The lights on the bus flicker before shutting off. With that, the bus' back section is no longer sparking up- however, it continues moving down the street quickly. In fact, it starts to swerve towards the left of an intersection.

Shock Speed: Okay, now!

Lucy grunts as she flip kicks the side of the bus, transferring the electricity built up in her leg into the battery again. With that, the bus' systems come back online. The Bus Driver then slams his foot down on the break after inspecting the systems. The bus, itself, starts to come to a halt as it skids down the left street.

Shock Speed: I think it's working.

Lucy smiles but then looks ahead, seeing a couple of kid crossing the street.

Lucy: (gasp) We've got civilians in the way!

Shock Speed: Go! I'll handle the bus.

Lucy nods and dashes ahead. A crowd of citizens at the side of the street look off to the right, seeing the bus approaching.

Citizen: That bus is coming straight for here!

Citizen 2: I think I see some aliens around there. They must be responsible.

Citizen: Hey, someone get those kids out of there!

A man with black hair in a red coat with a maroon scarf walks through the crowd. He looks ahead and grunts to himself before lifting up his scarf to cover his face. Lucy continues racing ahead but the bus approaches behind her. The kids then stop and turn, seeing the bus coming right for them as it skids to a forced halt. However, as the headlights of the bus shine over them, a figure rushes from the crowd and pushes them out of the way. The bus passes through with Lucy coming in just a second behind. She stops for breath and looks over, seeing the kids safe on the other side of the street. The person in the red coat can be seen kneeling down before the kids, talking to them.

Stranger: Hey, you guys. No playing in the street.

Both Children: Yes, Mr. Scarf Man.

The man can't help but chuckle to himself. He then turns his head and looks across the street, seeing Lucy watching him. Her eyes widen slightly in surprise as their gazes lock. The man then rises up from his kneeling position, still looking ahead. He pauses for a moment before turning to the left and walking away. Lucy's gaze follows after him, slightly surprised actually. He turns off into an alleyway, hands in his pockets and his head lowered. Lucy chases after him from behind.

Lucy: Hey, wait!

The stranger with the scarf covering his face hurries up his pace.

Strange: Leave me alone.

Lucy: You saved those children back there! I just wanted to say that- it was pretty heroic.

The stranger stops in place, taken aback suddenly. He turns slightly, looking down.

Stranger: It was nothing.

Lucy: Not for them.

Her words seem to bring the stranger some frustration as he quickly turns to face her.

Stranger: Why are you even talking to me? I'm nobody important.

Lucy: I-

She pauses and looks down to the side, with some unease.

Lucy: I'm not sure. I just feel like I really connect with you... for some reason. It's as if you're familiar to me.

The stranger with the scarf looks up in some surprise.

Stranger: Familiar?

Voice: Kyiren?

Lucy turns around as a shadow appears on the alleyway wall, approaching them. Footsteps echo through the area as well. Soon enough, a young woman enters the alleyway- most likely a teenager. She has short dark hair, brown eyes and wears a short black jacket over a red shirt. She looks around the alleyway until she looks pleasantly surprised.

Girl: Oh there you are, Kyrien.

She hurries over into the alleyway, where only this Kryiren person is; with Lucy vanishing without a trace. She approaches him.

Girl: Are you alright? What happened?

Kyrien: I was caught up in something.

Girl: I was worried for you. I heard about that bus accident and thought you- well-

Kyrien reaches up and holds the side of the girl's face. She holds his hand with both of hers and smiles gently.

Kyrien: I'm fine, Aby. I wouldn't be anywhere without you. You're my world.

Aby: Thanks. Now, we should head back to the studio. But first, we have to pick up those supplies for the exhibition tonight.

Kyrien: Heh. Of course. I'll catch up with you in a minute. I just have to catch my breath.

Aby nods and walks on ahead. Kyrien, however, pauses before looking around the alleyway. He then looks up and squints.

Aby: Come on, Kyrien. You're not that old.

Kyrien lets out a sigh as he looks down. He glances back up at the roof of the building to his left before turning back to face the street. As he walks on ahead, Lucy steps out from behind a vent entrance and watches Kyrien leave with Aby. She squats down at the edge of the rooftop and watches them.

Lucy: Hm...

A whooshing noise is then heard along with the flash of some sparks behind Lucy. Shock Speed walks over to her and places his hands on his hips.

Shock Speed: You know I was running all around looking for you? That bus is fine, by the way.

Lucy: Sorry, just got a little distracted.

Shock Speed: Hm?

He looks up ahead and sees Kyrien walking off with Aby before they walk out of sight. Shock Speed transforms back into Brandon and strokes his chin.

Brandon: Just two ordinary people?

Lucy: I know. It's bothering me. I shouldn't be so drawn in but why does he feel so familiar? I just can't explain it. They said something about an exhibition at a studio. Do you know something about that?

Brandon: Kinda. It shouldn't be too hard to find something like that around this part of town. In fact, I don't think I've really been down this area in a while. We should be close to...

His words sort of trail off.

Lucy: Brandon?

Brandon: Sorry, just thinking about something else. But we should really be focusing on training, Lucy. The Conqueror isn't going to wait for us to figure out who some guy is.

Lucy: Come on. I have to know. I feel like this is important, somehow.

Brandon: (sigh) Well, I guess we can take a break especially after you saved that bus.

Lucy: Yeah... Well, we should come up with a plan of approach. I recommend stealth as so we aren't seen.

Brandon: Or we can just get into some less conspicuous clothes and try to blend in. It's not like anyone is actually going to be looking for us at an art exhibit.

Lucy: Conspicuous clothes? (sudden realization) Oh right, I see. A lot of people would recognize you with your hero outfit.

Brandon: W-What? These are my regular clothes, Lucy.

Lucy: Really? Is that what normal people wear?

Brandon: N-Not really. I was mostly talking about you, anyways. You can't walk around with an outfit like that unless you're fighting criminals or going to a convention.

Lucy looks down her own hero outfit and back at Brandon.

Lucy: I suppose you're right. We should both find something else to wear.

Brandon: I mean... is it that recognizable?

Lucy: Brandon.

Brandon: It's just- It's my signature outfit.

Lucy: Brandon. We don't have time for this.

Brandon: Alright, alright. I'm changing too. Come on, let's go before this exhibition thing starts.

Brandon walks out of the view while Lucy looks back over at the street; with the scene soon transitioning to another point in this area of town. Lucy can be seen walking down the street in a short leather jacket over a long grey shirt. He has her hands in her jacket pocket as he walks ahead. She then stops and sighs. She turns around, looking a little irritated.

Lucy: Come on, it couldn't be that bad.

Brandon: I'm coming. Just- ugh-

Brandon walks into the view, next to Lucy. He's wearing a dark olive green overcoat over his black T-Shirt. He's also wearing light sweatpants and a wool hat. Brandon looks genuinely annoyed and uncomfortable.

Brandon: I can't believe I'm wearing this stuff.

Lucy: You needed a disguise. Fortunately, your parents were able to provide me with something to wear.

Brandon: And since I can't go home, the thrift store was our best option, I guess. Not like I had too many clothing options to begin with anyways...

Lucy: You look regular. Ah! I mean- I meant that in a good way. We're aiming for regular, right?

Brandon: Yeah but I feel like a hobo. This is my hobo gear. (scratches side of leg) So itchy...

Lucy: It's only for the exhibit. You'll be fine.

She offers him a smile and he can't help but chuckle.

Brandon: Alright. Only for the exhibit. This had better be worth it.

Lucy, turning ahead: I hope so.

The two of them walk into the studio. There are several paintings and similar work hung up on the wall; displayed in frames. The exhibit appears to be slow with very little people around. Lucy's attention turns to some paintings at her left side.

Lucy: Whoa... Someone made this?

Brandon: Yeah.

Lucy: It's beautiful.

Brandon: Heh. Reminds me of when I liked doing art.

Lucy, turning to Brandon: You did art like this?

Brandon: Well, not like this but I sketched when I was a kid. Made so many designs. Science was like a passion and then it became a reality for me. I was able to create so much. And drawing just got buried underneath all the things I was able to do.

Lucy: You never mentioned anything like that.

Brandon: Well, it was hard keeping that up when I have... had things to do as a hero. I guess that's what I'm trying to teach you when we train. That there's a responsibility that comes with our powers. To do the right thing and to help those in need, no matter who or what they are.

Lucy: I get it. Being a hero is a responsibility. And it's one that I'm prepared for.

Brandon: I know you are.

Lucy smiles.

Lucy: We should look around for this Kyrien person. That is why we're here after all.

Brandon: Yeah... We should.

Lucy turns and looks around, wandering further into the studio. Brandon takes a few steps ahead, smiling to himself. He then stops and turns to the wall, seeing a painting of a red flower besides him. He views the work displayed on the wall for a brief moment before his eyes lower down to the signature at the bottom right corner. "Kyrien Aliver".

Brandon, to himself: So he's the artist. He's got talent. Now we just have to find him. Whoever he is...

A woman soon approaches Brandon, placing a hand on his shoulder. Brandon slightly startled turns to face her and sees Aby.

Aby: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.

Brandon: Ah- It's fine. Really.

Aby: I can see you were admiring this painting.

Brandon: Yeah. I don't usually admire art but, well, it just reminded me of something. Not really sure what though. It was just- a feeling, really.

Aby: That's okay. Art is supposed to bring out hidden feelings. After all, it is a method used for expressing one's self. That's how the artist feels, at least, when he paints.

Brandon: Do you know the artist?

Aby: Yes, actually. We're dating. I own the studio and he, well, he paints his feelings. He has just so many inside.

Brandon: I guess I can understand. Sometimes, it's hard telling people how you really feel.

Aby: Heh. I don't usually hold a conversation this long with the patrons. But you really remind me of him.

Aby turns to Brandon but he looks away, trying to make his face obscure to her. She giggles and looks away.

Aby: He's also pretty shy about his face. But he's great once you get to know him.

Brandon: Is- Is he here?

Aby: Would you like to meet him?

Brandon: Can I? If it's not too much trouble-

Aby: He uh- he isn't very open to people, as you can imagine.

Brandon: Uh- No, I get it. Thank you, anyways.

Brandon turns away and walks off, leaving Aby by that painting. She seems disappointed but soon turns to the painting of the flower, viewing it for herself. Meanwhile, Lucy views the paintings elsewhere in the studio. She then turns her head and sees a person with black hair and a white T-Shirt turning the corner in a hallway across from her.

Lucy, to herself: Brandon?

She looks around, checking the coast, before going into the hallway after him. She turns the corner and sees a few steps leading up to a room. The door to the room is cracked open with some light coming out into the hallway. A shadow can be seen moving within the room, through the light. Lucy squints slightly as she heads quietly upstairs. She pushes the door open slightly, looking inside. She sees the dark haired figure siting at a dresser with a mirror.

Stranger: Everything is under control. This is your life, Kyrien. This is who you are...

He sighs and then looks up at the mirror. In its reflection, his face appears looking so similar to Brandon's own face yet with a pale stubble. However, Kyrien's gaze moves past his own face and to the doorway also in the reflection, where Lucy watches in surprise. Downstairs, Brandon walks towards the back of the studio, checking out some more of the paintings. A faint shriek then catches his attention as he turns around to the hallway across from him.

Brandon: ...Lucy?

Brandon then looks around and cautiously hurries into the hallway. Back in the room, Kyrien can be seen standing before Lucy who has found herself inside the room. He covers his face with one hand and holds the another out towards her.

Kyrien: You didn't see anything!

Lucy: Your face. I saw it. You look just like him.

Kyrien: No. Stop it, I don't! I'm nothing like him!

He grunts in frustration as he turns his back to her. Lucy actually appears frightened as Brandon bursts into the room. He turns to Lucy and holds her shoulder.

Brandon: Hey, are you alright? What happened?

Lucy: It's the person I saw earlier. There's a reason he felt so familiar... it's because he's you.

Kyrien stops suddenly, his breath shutters underneath his hand before he slowly lowers his arm. A weak chuckle then escapes from him as his head hangs low.

Kyrien: "He's you", huh? So you're here then, Brandon. I knew it was just a matter of time... And I suppose this girl is the masked one from the alleyway then. Yes, it's all coming together now.

Brandon turns to Kyrien.

Brandon: You know me?

Kyrien: Yes. As you know me.

He reaches over to the dresser and grabs a white towel. He then places the towel on his head and rubs it against his hair before pulling it off; revealing his white hair. Brandon's eyes widen in surprise as he takes a step back. Lucy turns from Kyrien to Brandon then back to the now white-haired look alike.

Lucy: White hair?

Brandon: But that means...

Kyrien: Yes. It's me, Brandon.

He turns to face the two of them. His appearance is so similar to Brandon but his hair is more grown out, not to mention white, his eyes are red and his facial hair is starting to grow out as well.

Brandon, sternly: Nodnarb.

Lucy: Nodnarb?

Nodnarb: Yes. That is the name I chose for myself. As a way of being different from you. But I've settle on a new name now. Kyrien Aliver.

Brandon: It doesn't matter what name you go by. It's still you. You can't hide that.

Lucy: But who is he? And why does he look like you?

Brandon: ...Isn't it obvious? He's a clone. My clone.

Nodnarb: Don't call me that. I'm more than that.

Brandon: Yeah, you're also a villain.

Nodnarb: I've moved on!

Brandon: What are you even doing here, Nodnarb?

Nodnarb: (Scoff) I should really be the one asking you that. This is where I live and work. I have a life now.

Brandon: I find that hard to believe.

Nodnarb: Believe what you want, Brandon. Last time we met, however, I was working with you. At least I was before we were forced to escape that accursed spaceship. Everything would have worked out fine if you hadn't knocked me off my course, sending my escape pod into deep space.

Brandon: I... I didn't know.

Nodnarb: Hmph. Well, I survived out there for- well- I honestly lost track of time at that point. My resources were running low and while I raged on and on about how I would get back at you, I just had grown sick of it altogether. If I was going to die in space, I wouldn't want my last thoughts to be something so mediocre as revenge. And just when I thought I was done for, a light had overcome my escape pod and I had myself back towards Earth once more.

Lucy: A light?

Lucy looks away, thinking. Brandon glances at her, curiously, but turns back to face Nodnarb.

Brandon: So you found yourself on Earth. Then what?

Nodnarb: By the time I landed, I discovered that you were already a well-known celebrity. So I tried to make a place for myself but, well, I just didn't have the resources. I was homeless and alone for quite some time before I managed to settle for a bit. And in that time, I decided to finally think for myself and do something that I wanted to do. I picked up art. I drew and sketched how I feel and I eventually caught the eye of Aby Yukimura, my girlfriend. She had owned a studio and offered me a place to live. Since then, we've been working together, living together, doing plenty of things together. I've been living a normal life. And, of course, the tides of fate would turn when the Conqueror, of all people, takes the office and you show up at my doorstep with another one of your colorful friends.

Brandon: So you've just been living a normal life here on Earth? Not causing any trouble?

Nodnarb: No. Like I said, I'm through with that line of thinking. It hasn't done me any good before and brooding about it wasn't doing me any favors. I'm my own man and it's about time I started living that way.

Brandon glances over at Lucy who returns his gaze. They both turn to him, semi-awkwardly.

Brandon: R-Right. Well, uh- I'm glad to hear it.

Nodnarb: So, if it's not too much trouble, would you mind leaving? I've worked hard for this life and I don't want to throw it away by getting involved with you again.

Brandon: Now, hold on. What- What's that supposed to mean?

Lucy: Brandon-

Brandon: If anyone needs to be looked after, it's you, Nodnarb.

Nodnarb: I only brought it up because you're criminals now. (Scoffs) How the mighty have fallen, huh? You held yourself up so high as the great hero and me the low villain but now I'm the law-abiding citizen and you're the one running away from the law. I guess I judged fate too soon. It seems it also has a sense of humor to boot.

Brandon grunts.

Nodnarb: Now you can leave on your own accord or should I call the police and send in a report?

Brandon: Go ahead. But we know that if the Conqueror gets word about my location here, he'll just come for you too. After all, I'm not the one who stabbed him in the back.

Nodnarb: Look, I'm not looking to cause any problems, Brandon. All I'm asking if you leave me alone and not bring your problems to my doorstep. I'm not your concern anymore...

Brandon continues looking hard at Nodnarb before Lucy places her hand on his shoulder.

Lucy: Come on, we should go.

Brandon lets out a sigh and turns to Lucy. He then turns back to Nodnarb, calmer than before.

Brandon: Alright. We're leaving. I'm- I'm sorry for... well, bothering you, I guess. You deserve this life, Nodnarb.

Brandon gives a slight smile before turning away. He then leaves Nodnarb's room. Lucy follows behind but stops at the doorway. She turns back to Nodnarb who faces the dresser, rubbing his hands through his hair in frustration.

Nodnarb: I deserve this life. Heh. What a joke. Of course, I deserve this life. I worked hard for it. I mean, who is he to tell me how to live my life? I am my own person... I'm not him. I'm not... (sigh)

Lucy: Something tells me you two aren't on good terms.

Nodnarb turns in slight surprise to Lucy.

Nodnarb: ...You're still here. You should leave before he blames me for it.

Lucy: He- He wouldn't do that. I know him.

Nodnarb: Not for that long, I assume. He smiles and jokes but he's a different person than he lets people see. I know the real him.

Lucy: Because you are him?

Nodnarb: I'm not!

Lucy: But you're a clone. That's not a bad thing, Nodnarb.

Nodnarb: What do you know? Who are you anyways? A little more than just a friend, eh?

Lucy: I'm- uh- I'm his cousin.

Nodnarb: Really now? Because I might not try to remember but I do possess some of his memories. And I don't remember a cousin with powers. Well, powers quite like yours. Powers like his... I'm intrigued actually.

Brandon, from outside: Lucy, come on!

Lucy: I'm coming!

Lucy turns slowly to Nodnarb who watches her with fixated and curious eyes.

Lucy: I have to go but I just want you to know that there is good in what you are. Trust me, I know. I can feel it in you, just like you felt it in me.

Lucy and Nodnarb look at each other for a brief moment longer before Lucy turns to the door and leaves. Now alone, Nodnarb's gaze moves back and forth as he backs into the dresser.

Nodnarb: Felt it?

He places his right hand against his chest. He then shakes his head and walks off, throwing his arm to the side.

Nodnarb: It's nothing. It doesn't mean anything, Nodnarb. No- Kyrien. I... I am Kyrien Aliver, my own person and this- (breaths) this is my life. Yes... yes...

He takes a seat again and looks down, composing himself. Outside of the studio, Brandon can be seen walking away with his hands in his pocket. Lucy steps outside and hurries after him.

Lucy: Hey, hold on a second.

Brandon: Just come on, I don't want to be here anymore than I have to.

Lucy: But that was you. A clone of you. You never told me there was anybody else.

Brandon: He's not like you, Lucy. He's different.

Lucy: Because he's a villain? I just- I have trouble beliving that, Brandon. I mean, if he's you in some way, I just don't see how he can ever be a bad person.

Brandon: Look, Lucy. We all make our choices. He chose the life he lived. If he's going to be living this normal life then fine. We can deal with him later. But I don't think we'll be seeing eye to eye ever.

Lucy: Can you just slow down and tell me about it? I feel like this is something I should know about.

Brandon: Trust me, it's probably better than you don't know about him. (sigh) Look, it's getting late. We should probably train some other time. If we stay out too much, we might start picking up unwanted attention. I'll call you.

Brandon turns off and walks away, leaving Lucy at the sidewalk. She sighs and looks back to the studio.

Lucy: Different how?

She lets out a frustrated sigh and looks away, walking off in her own direction. The scene then cuts to later with Aby walking into Nodnarb's room. She looks ahead, slightly surprised and walks over to the dresser where he is sleeping in the chair. She kneels down next to him and places her hand on his back.

Aby, speaking gently: Hey... Kyrien.

Nodnarb, soon enough, comes to. He looks around, a little startled but then sees Aby and starts to calm down.

Nodnarb: Oh... Sorry, I must've fell asleep.

Aby: It's okay, it was a long night. We had a lot of patrons.

Nodnarb: I should've been there.

Aby: That's fine, Kyrien. I know how uncomfortable you are around other people. A lot of them appreciated it.

Aby rubs his back for a second before getting up. She then organizes some of his things on his dresser while he rubs his face.

Nodnarb: I'm glad to hear it. You take more pride in the exhibits than I do.

Aby: Only because it's you that's getting recognized. Nothing makes me happier than your happiness.

She kisses his forehead and turns away to the door.

Nodnarb: I feel the same. I think this next exhibition will be even better.

Aby: Glad to see you're looking forwards to it. That actually reminded me of one of the patrons from last night.

Nodnarb: Oh really?

Aby: Yeah. He reminded me a lot like you, was asking questions about your work. Heh, what a guy, right?

Nodnarb: Yes... what a guy...

Aby: So looking forward to the exhibition next week, right?

Nodnarb: ...Of course.

Nodnarb looks down slightly before the scene cuts ahead to the town with people on their regular routines. Nodnarb leaves the studio, hands in his red coat with a scarf wrapped around his neck; his hair has been newly dyed again. He walks off to the side, passing by an alleyway. A homeless person, an elderly man with a beard wearing a plaid blanket, can be seen sitting at a street corner.

Homeless Man: Oh hello, Kyrien! Having another art show soon?

Nodnarb: I am. I'm quite looking forwards to it, my friend.

Homeless Man: I'm glad to hear that. By the way, I was wondering if you could help me out again.

Nodnarb: Again? I was sure that we moved all your belongings here before.

Homeless Man: Oh we did but I may have gotten some more things the other night.

Nodnarb: You really shouldn't be going into that alleyway. This isn't exactly the best place in the neighborhood, Jerrod.

Jerod: I know, I know but I can't help it. I lived there, Kyrien. They can't just force me out and- and-

Nodnarb: (sigh) Very well. Let us go and retrieve your belongings before anyone should notice us.

Jerod: Thank you, Kyrien. You're really saving my bacon. Heh heh.

The two of them enter the alleyway together. The scene soon cuts over to an art store where Nodnarb is searching the aisles. He stops at one aisle and examines the shelves where an employee passes by him, carrying a cart of materials.

Employee: Are you looking for something in particular?

Nodnarb: Erm- yes, I suppose so. I can't seem to locate the lustrous yellow paints.

Employee: Oh yeah, we're restocking the paints this week so you'll have to ask at the counter if you can't find what you're looking for.

Nodnarb: I see. Thank you, I-

Nodnarb notices something in the employee's cart. The employee looks curiously at Nodnarb before looking down at his cart. He reaches inside and pulls out a container of black hair dye.

Employee: Were you interested in this?

Nodnarb: Yes. I'll take two.

He beams at the employee. The scene cuts again to the studio. Inside, Nodnarb is peacefully working on his art to soft, peaceful, orchestral music playing from a small radio. His strokes are gentle and the colors spread easily across the canvas. He delivers a soft sigh as he lowers his brush. After admiring his painting for a brief moment, he cleans his brush and is seen going to bed. He turns off the light, rendering the scene into the darkness. An alarm is heard, causing Nodnarb is stir awake. He rises from the bed and stretches. He makes his way out of the bed and turns to the mirror at his dresser. He expresses some surprise as he notices a streak of grey appearing on his hair. He goes to the dresser from his bed and examines his hair.

Nodnarb: No... Kyrien doesn't have w-white hair. I need to fix this. Now.

He reaches for the recently purchased hair dye and starts to apply it. The scene cuts to later with him leaving the studio; hair black once again. He moves down the sidewalk where Jerrod is looking into the alleyway, carefully.

Nodnarb: Forget something, Jerrod?

Jerrod: Oh Kyrien! So nice of you to check up on me.

Nodnarb: I wouldn't be much of a friend if I didn't. Didn't I say you should stay away from here. I don't like it so much when you ignore me, you know.

Jerrod: I wasn't. I just- need more things.

Nodnarb: That's not your place anymore. You're more important than the items there.

Jerrod: I know, I know. But- we didn't get all of them last time.

Nodnarb: That's because-

Jerrod: I just- need my stuff back, Kyrien.

Nodnarb pauses for a moment.

Nodnarb: Okay. Okay, we'll get the rest of your things. I'm sure we'll clear everything out this time before they show up so you'll have no reason to go back there. Understood?

Jerrod: Yes. Yes! Oh thank you, Kyrien. You're like that hero on TV.

Nodnarb: Ngh! W-what?

Jerrod: You know- like a super hero. Ha ha.

Nodnarb, nervously: Yeah... A hero... Come on, let's go- I have other things I uh- need to do.

Jerrod enters the alleyway with Nodnarb uneasily entering after him. The scene cuts over to the art store once more with Nodnarb going to the counter, this time.

Employee: Oh it's you again. Looking for more paint?

Nodnarb: Yes.

Employee: Sounds like you're working on something big.

Nodnarb: Yes. I am. This time I'll need some lime colors to mix in with the yellow.

Employee: Lime, eh? Sure, I have it right here.

He ducks down underneath the counter and retrieves some green paint.

Employee: Not a very popular color this time around?

Nodnarb: Why do you say that?

Employee: What do you live under a rock? That Brandon 10 guy, of course. I mean he wore green all the time so I guess a lot of painters are avoiding the color nowadays.

Nodnarb: I mean- it could be the season we're i-

Employee: It's not like I hate the guy, don't get me wrong. But well, he's a criminal now, right? Heh, funny how that turned out. You think someone is like a certain way but then they do something out of the blue like attack someone and then they're a bad guy.

Nodnarb: R-Right...

Employee: Actually, now that we're talking about him. You look a little bit like him. I mean, I haven't seen the dude in person but- kinda similar if you ask me.

Nodnarb, more strictly: I don't see it.

Employee: Yeah, probably just my imagination. Sorry about that. Anyways, is that all you're buying today, sir?

Nodnarb: N-No. I'll need more hair dye. A few bottles. Black.

The cash register is heard ringing out when the scene cuts back to the studio, towards the evening. Inside, Nodnarb is continuing to paint with the green colors this time around. His movements are more rigid this time around and some sweat appears on his brow. After his stroke, he lowers his arm and sighs harshly. With a grunt, he drops his brush into a cup of water and makes his way to bed. A sigh escapes him as he turns the lights off, sending the room into darkness again. The next day comes with the sound of his alarm again. Nodnarb slams his fist down on it and the alarm drops down on the floor. He groans and crawls out of bed, picking up the broken alarm clock. He sighs and places it on the dresser then wipes his face with his hands. He remains still as he looks ahead at the mirror; a fear frozen on his face.

Nodnarb: No... This- can't be...

He hurries to the mirror, practically dropping out of his bed and onto his feet. In his reflection, more grey streaks appear in his hair. He scrambles for the hair dye and clutches it in his hands.

Nodnarb: Why isn't this working?! (already exhausted) How much more do I need?

The scene cuts abruptly to the sidewalk. He leaves the studio, now wearing a hat. His expression is clearly showing that he's not in a well mood. As he turns, he bumps into Jerrod who chuckles nervously.

Jerrod: Sorry about that, Kyrien. I was just waiting for you to step out and-

Nodnarb: What do you want?

Jerrod: Eh? Well, I was just wondering if you could help me out again, you know?

Nodnarb: I don't have time for this.

Jerrod: Come on, Kyrien. Please! I just need the tent, itself. Then I'll be at my corner, like usual. No more trips. Just one more.

Nodnarb: It's always one more trip, Jerrod. It's never enough for you. You just want to go back to the ways things were but guess what, Jerrod? They won't. They never will be. This is your life now so get used to it. I can't change that for you. No one can.

Jerrod: ...So you won't help me anymore?

Nodnarb: (sigh) Is that so hard to understand? Look, I have things to do. Better things. I'm no hero. Not like him.

Jerrod: Like who? What are you talking about?

Nodnarb: Help yourself, old man! I'm busy!

Nodnarb storms away, leaving Jerrod on his own. He looks ahead at Nodnarb leaving, then his gaze turns to the alleyway. The scene cuts- abruptly again- to the art store. The employee is on a ladder, restocking when Nodnarb approaches.

Nodnarb: I need more paint.

Employee: You'll have to give me a minute, sir.

Nodnarb: I don't have a minute. I need it now. I don't want to be here anymore than I have to.

Employee: Look, sir, that's just how things are. I can't bend the rules for you.

Nodnarb: I don't want you to bend the rules for me. I'm not some kind of celebrity or something, okay?! I'm not like him. I'm not!

Employee: What are you-

Nodnarb pushes the ladder down and the employee falls off, landing on his back.

Employee: Gah!

Nodnarb: You're going to get me my paint. I want crimson now. Crimson!

Employee: You're crazy!

A police officer then looks over from one of the aisles.

Police Officer: Hey, what's going on here?

Nodnarb: This imbecile won't do his duty and bring me my paints! And I want more hair dye too!

The officer grabs Nodnarb and presses his arm against his back,.

Nodnarb: Gah!

Police Officer: That's enough out of you. You can't just attack someone for no valid reason.

Nodnarb: But my reason was valid! I just explained myself to you!

The officer leads Nodnarb outside before pushing him out.

Police Officer: You're lucky I'm not arresting you. Off duty and I still have to deal with this. You're no better than that Brandon 10 kid if you keep this up!

Nodnarb turns to the officer, bearing his teeth.

Nodnarb: I'm nothing like him! We don't... think the same at all!

Police Officer, shaking his head: You keep telling yourself that, son. Come back here again and you'll be heading to jail for assault.

The officer buckles up his belt and heads back inside the store. Nodnarb slams the side of his fist against the pavement. The scene cuts once more to the studio at night. This time, another exhibition are being set where patrons are looking at the art pieces. Aby stands by Nodnarb, holding his arm as she smiles at him. However, some groans of disgust can be heard- catching their attention. Lots of patrons appear to be leaving the studio now.

Nodnarb: Wait, what's happening? Please-!

Patron: Look, it's just- not as good as it was before. I don't know what you were thinking when you made these but, they're just not the same. I'm sorry.

The man leaves along with a group of others until the studio is empty. Nodnarb stands in the middle of the exhibit, defeated. Aby goes over to comfort him but he shrugs it off.

Aby: Look, it's alright. These things happen. They just don't understand you and your thinking.

Nodnarb: No. I'm the one who doesn't understand a thing. I keep on trying to be Kyrien, the person I want to be, but it doesn't work. Nothing is working the way I want it to!

Aby: You're an artist, Kyrien, and my boyfriend. There's good in what you do. Trust me, I know the feeling.

Nodnarb: What did you say?

Aby: I'm just saying that you can always get back from this.

Nodnarb: You don't know anything about me! You don't know what I've been through. Or do you?

Aby: Kyrien?

Nodnarb: I'm not like him, alright? I- I keep saying that. I'm me. I'm my own person.

Aby: Like who? Who are you talking about?

Nodnarb: Brandon 10. I'm nothing like him. Everyone keeps saying I'm like him.

Aby: You're not like him, Kyrien. There, I'm not saying it. You're you and that's all I care about.

Nodnarb: Yeah... yeah, I'm me.

Aby: Alright... Are you- feeling better now? I want to help you but this is kind of worrying me a bit.

Nodnarb: But it's not just him now, is it?

Aby: Kyrien?

Nodnarb: That girl- his cousin. She said something. She said we're similar. That she can feel what I feel. And her powers...

Aby: Kyrien, you're scaring me.

He shouts and turns away from her.

Nodnarb: I knew it! She's just like him! And now she's saying I'm just like him! But I'm not like him! He has powers, I don't. He has fame, I don't. He has his friends, I- I-

His glare fixates on Aby and she steps a step back.

Aby: Kyrien, please-

Nodnarb: I thought you were on my side. But you're just another obstacle, aren't you?

Aby: What are you talking about?!

Nodnarb: You're just like her. That girl he likes! Your names are even similar! You think I can't see that?! Huh? So was all this a waste of time then if I'm so much like him? Is this HIS art or MINE?! ANSWER ME!

Aby: Y-You're not...

Nodnarb grabs a painting and throws it off from the wall. He then kicks down an easel and throws some paint brushes against the wall.


Aby: Stop it! Stop it right now!

Nodnarb stops, panting for breath. He runs his hands through the sides of his hair. But then looks surprised. He looks down at his hands and sees black dye on them. The sides of his hair now have grey streaks.

Nodnarb: Aby, I-

He turns to her and sees looking down, fists clenched and she's trembling slightly.

Nodnarb: ...Aby?

Aby: Does our time together mean nothing to you? Is that what you think? Am I just- a reminder of some girl?

Nodnarb: No. I didn't mean that. I was just-

Aby: Get out.

Nodnarb: Wh-What?

Aby: Just leave. Please. I need some space to think about some things.

Nodnarb: Aby, please. Don't do this. You're all I have.

Aby: I thought that too, Kyrien. But I have this studio and I can't have you destroying it whenever you get upset at me. That's not the type of relationship I want. And I think maybe you need the time and space to think about yourself more than I do.

Nodnarb: ...Aby-

Aby: Please, just- GO!

Nodnarb remains silent for a moment before he turns around and leaves the studio. Aby stays where she is surrounded by the mess that Nodnarb had caused. The door is then heard closing. She then drops down to her knees and puts her face in her hands as she begins sobbing to herself. Outside, Nodnarb sits on the steps by the door and rests his arms on his knees.

Nodnarb: ...It's over. My life... it's over.

He lets out a sigh and lowers his head. He then trembles for a moment before raising his head.

Nodnarb: And it's his fault. It's always his fault! RAGH! "You deserve this life" "There's good in what you are" They were just mocking me this entire time, waiting for everything to collapse around me, weren't they?! Well, who's laughing now, huh? (exasperated) ...Who's laughing now?

The scene slowly darkens on its own until nothing can be seen any longer. The scene then cuts suddenly to the morning where Nodnarb is resting on the steps, leaning against the wall. The sound of a door closing jolts him awake. He looks around cautiously then turns to see a cardboard box with his belongings inside. It's labeled Kyrien on the side in marker. He looks back at the door then at his things. He looks through the box and soon pulls out a red jacket, similar to Brandon's. He sighs and holds it in his hands. He gets up from the stairs and walks down the pavement, looking down at the jacket in his hands. He then stops when he hears a faint groan coming from the alleyway. Nodnarb turns his head and looks inside; his eyes widening.

Nodnarb: Jerrod...

He goes into the alleyway and sees Jerrod laying on the ground, bruised and injured.

Nodnarb: Jerrod. Jerrod, talk to me.

Jerrod: Is someone there... I can't-

He turns his head and sees Nodnarb approaching him.

Nodnarb: I'm going to help you.

Jerrod: Now? You want to help me now? No... I don't want your help. I don't want you near me. You did this! You did this to me, Kyrien! You did thi- (coughs)

Nodnarb backs away, stepping out of the alleyway. He clutches the jacket in his hands and looks down.

Nodnarb: Am I not supposed to have what I want? Is this the life I have to live by?

He holds the red jacket before him. His desperate look soon molds into one of determination. He throws off his red winter coat, leaving it on the pavement and throws on his usual red jacket. He runs his hands through his hair, wiping out the traces of the black hair dye and returning his hair to its usual grey tone.

Nodnarb: Kyrien is no more. From now on, Nodnarb is the life I lead. And the life that'll end Brandon 10's. But first, I need some answers.

The scene cuts over to a rooftop where Lucy drops down onto. She sighs and looks around.

Lucy: No training for a couple of days and, of course, no crime that needs to be taken care of. I might know how to take care of criminals but taking care of boredom is something I'm going to need some more help with.

Her eyes glance over the city in a bored yet sharp expression until they widen. She leans in with interest as she sneaks over to the edge of the rooftop. On the street level, a group of thuggish individuals appear to be entering a warehouse of some kind.

Lucy: Alright... this night might just be interesting after all.

Lucy dives from the rooftop and spreads his arms out, forming wings which allow her to glide over to the warehouse rooftop. Once there, she accesses a ventilation panel and sneaks inside- dropping down onto a metallic platform above the floor. She easily creeps on ahead and looks down, only to see a gas spreading through the area- having knocked the thugs out of commission. Lucy tilts her head but shifts over to see Nodnarb accessing some materials on a small laboratory set up towards the back of the warehouse.

Nodnarb: You brought this upon yourself, you know. Messing around with me. Toying with me. I don't like that. But I guess it doesn't matter. It's not like I'm talking to them anymore, so you might as well show yourself so we can have a proper conversation. Lucy, wasn't it?

A short moment passes before Lucy drops down behind Nodnarb.

Lucy: You knew I'd come? How?

Nodnarb: What was it you said before? You can feel me like I felt you? If our connection is a door into my psyche then you must remember that doors open from both sides.

Lucy: Well, I'm here. You didn't have to hurt these people just for that reason.

Nodnarb: Heh. I guess you're listening to your cousin. That I'm a bad guy.

Lucy: I didn't say that.

Nodnarb: I can feel it. Not just from you, from everyone. They think I'm unworthy of having his name. But I don't want it. What's so hard to understand?

Lucy: Why?

Nodnarb: What?

Lucy: Why do you despise him so much?

Nodnarb: Why don't you?

Lucy: He cares for me. Didn't he do the same for you?

Nodnarb remains silent for a minute.

Nodnarb: I didn't attack them without a reason. That's what a villain might do, wouldn't they? No, I- I had a reason. They're criminals. Bad men attacking the weak for their own needs.

Lucy: So you were trying to be a hero. Like me.

He chuckles with a smile.

Nodnarb: No... I had a reason to stop them. But a personal reason. They were just getting in my way. I can't have thugs running around in my neighborhood. My town. My world.

Lucy: Your world? I don't understand.

Nodnarb: I'm taking over. My life is done so this is the path I must lead. But before I can reach that stage, I have to take out Brandon Tennyson once and for all. And you're going to help me.

Lucy: Nodnarb, please. We can work this out.

Nodnarb: Stop trying to see good in me! There is nothing inside me but a void.

Lucy: ...Then, I'm going to have to stop you.

Nodnarb: Stop me? But I'm defenseless. I have no powers and, of course, I'm unarmed.

Lucy looks at Nodnarb with an unsure expression as he circles around her.

Nodnarb: But I am very, very intelligent.

Lucy: What's that supposed to mean?

Nodnarb: It means I'm quite skilled in various subjects. Including- but not limited to- quantum engineering, mechanical work, coding, signal redirection and-

He slips his hand into his pocket and retrieves a small syringe with a solution inside of it. He then inserts the syringe into the back of Lucy's neck, ejecting the solution within her. She tenses up at first but soon drops to the floor as Nodnarb removes the needle.

Nodnarb: Biological Concoctions. Sleep well, Lucy. Because when you wake up, you're going to help me destroy Brandon 10.

He smiles to himself as the scene cuts over to the hideout. Inside, Brandon is laying on the old couch- looking up at the ceiling with his arms behind his head.

Sarah, typing on the laptop: You seem pretty calm. Usually, you're so restless to go after the Conqueror.

Brandon: I know but- I'm just thinking about what happened to other day. Besides, I'm no help when there's a big target on my back.

Coco: Which reminds me- there really isn't one on yours, Sarah.

Sarah: I guess I'm not used to breaking headlines like you two.

Coco: Fair enough. So... the other day, huh? That's when you ran into evil clone, right?

Brandon: Nodnarb. Yeah...

Coco: Surprised we still aren't doing something about him.

Sarah: What's there to do? We're being treated like wanted criminals. If we go out when it's not important, we can get caught before we even have a chance to prove the public wrong.

Coco: But this guy knocked us out and handed us over to the Conqueror last time we met. I feel like it's kinda a big deal.

Brandon: But he's living a normal life, believe it or not. He hasn't caused any trouble since he came back to Earth. And this was before the whole Conqueror situation.

Sarah: Maybe he really has changed.

Brandon: Maybe.

Coco: But that's not the only thing on your mind, is it?

Brandon: No... (sigh) You know me so well.

Coco: For better or for worse, honestly. So what's up, man?

Brandon: I'm thinking about Lucy. I'm trying to train her so that she's ready to be the hero she wants to be but- that hero is basically me.

Sarah: What's so bad about that?

Brandon: I want her to be her own person. To live her own life.

Coco: Then maybe you should tell her that instead of leading her on.

Brandon: Huh? (gets up) What do you mean?

Coco: If you keep training her and praising her, she's not going to grow. Trust me, I've went through my fair share of negative reinforcement.

Brandon: (sigh) I don't know. I guess, I'll think about it later. Right now, our focus is on the Conqueror.

A faint buzzing is heard. Brandon looks down at his pants and retrieves his cell phone.

Brandon: Oh, it's Lucy. She probably wants to go training again.

Sarah: Try not to get caught this time.

Brandon: Come on, Sarah, you know me.

Sarah, looking annoyed: That's why I said it.

Brandon steps outside and answers his phone.

Brandon: Hey, Lucy. How's it-

Nodnarb, over the phone: Sorry but Lucy can't come to phone right now.

Brandon: N-Nodnarb?!

Nodnarb: That's right. You ruined my life, Brandon, so I think it's only fair that I ruin what you have left in the shambles of your life right now.

Brandon: Let her go! She has nothing to do with you. Your fight is with me.

Nodnarb: Oh I agree. But she has something I need and something I want too. And I'm going to use it to finally wipe out you. So prepare yourself, Brandon. You wanted a bad guy to rival your hero persona. Well, I'm going to give you one. Talk to you soon.

He hangs up. Brandon grunts and looks at his phone before running back inside the hideout.

Brandon: Nodnarb has Lucy!

Sarah: What?

Coco: Well, that was quick.

Brandon: Come on, this is serious. It sounded like he was going to hurt her.

Sarah: But he doesn't have any powers. You took the Ultimatrix from him, remember?

Brandon: Still. He's a hybrid. That makes him dangerous even without the ability to transform.

Coco: Do you know where he is?

Brandon: Well, there's a studio he lived and worked at. But I doubt he'd stay there.

Sarah: No but he doesn't have anything else aside from that studio, right? So that just means-

Brandon: He's still in the area!

Brandon rushes out. The scene then cuts to later with Lucy stirring awake. She then tries to move but is unable to. She notices that her arms are being held down within a glass container of some kind. She continues struggling to escape while Nodnarb adjusts the controls of a machine connected to the container.

Lucy: Let me out of here, Nodnarb!

Nodnarb: Sorry but I'm unable to do that. You see, stopping the procedure, this soon- might have disastrous consequences on your body.

Lucy: (groans) What are you doing to me?!

Nodnarb: Isn't it obvious? I'm draining your genetic ability to transform. Such a unique power, I must say. To transform a part of yourself into one of Brandon's alien transformations. With that power transferred into my essence, I will finally have what it takes to overcome his alien forms and put an end to him forever.

Lucy: That still doesn't explain why you want to destroy him. If he treats you like a villain, wouldn't this explain it?

Nodnarb: I'm doing this because of him! He made me into this thing.

Lucy: Into what? A villain?

Nodnarb: Into him.

Lucy: Look, I know what you're going through.

Nodnarb: Why? Because you're a clone of him?

Lucy: ...You know.

Nodnarb: Like I said, I'm very intelligent. The similar looks, the similar powers. It all makes sense- especially with that ridiculous hint you gave me. But I suppose, something went wrong with the cloning process when it came to you.

Lucy: H-Hey, what's that supposed to mean?!

Nodnarb: No matter. I have my answers now, clone. And pretty soon, I'll be the one with powers and you'll be the one left behind with nothing.

Nodnarb goes over to an adjacent machine set up similarly to the set up that Lucy is in. She looks over from Nodnarb and looks down, closing her eyes.

Lucy, silently to herself: Brandon, please, help me...

The scene cuts over the part section of the neighborhood again with Brandon rushing down the street. The Ulimatrix flashes for a moment and Brandon raises his arm up to answer.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: Anything yet?

Brandon: Still nothing. I've looked around but he can be anywhere.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: There isn't enough time to search the whole area for her.

Brandon: I know. I know. I just need-

He glances off to the side for a moment but then looks back, more carefully this time. The light in the window of an apartment building flickers a few times. His gaze then moves down to a washing mat's neon sign that flickers as well.

Brandon: -a sign...

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: Brandon?

Brandon, looking around: Nodnarb said that he was planning on using Lucy to get back at me. I don't think he meant just hurting her.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: How so then?

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: You mean- her genetic mutation?

Brandon: Exactly. He could be trying to use her powers to counter my own. And something on that scale in this area would definitely have an effect on the power grid.

Sarah, over the Ultimatrix: I could try pulling up the area's power from here but it might take some time. We're not exactly up to date with our resources at the moment.

Brandon: Don't bother. I might have just the guy to help me out with that.

Brandon turns the dial slightly, ending the transmission. He then activates the Ultimatrix and scrolls through the available transformations. He then slaps down the face plate and transforms into Sharkbite.

Sharkbite: SHARKBITE!

Sharkbite looks around the area, sniffing intently. He lowers his head slightly and the world around him grows dark as purple and yellow senses flash around him. He then lifts his head up and looks around. Through his perceptive, the area around him is null and dark with objects such a power lines and generators being highlighted. The power appears to fluctuate however and divert to an alternate route, leading to a small warehouse of some kind. Sharkbite is then seen again as he delivers a toothy grin.

Sharkbite: Heh, Gotcha.

He pounces ahead as the scene cuts back to the warehouse. The procedure is already underway with sparks flying and electric discharge shooting out around both machines. Lucy groans and struggles against the shocks as she remains cuffed within the metallic cell. Nodnarb also flinches around as he had strapped himself into a similar set-up, albeit more open and designed for an input rather than an output drain like Lucy.

Lucy: Ngh! Argh!

Nodnarb: Hgnh. Heh ha ha! Soon, your power will all be transferred to me! And then I'll be the one with the power after all!

As the procedure continues, a banging sound is heard. Nodnarb looks over and sees the wall get pressed in with the imprint of a fist. Another imprint is soon added with the addition of more banging sounds.

Nodnarb: N-No. NO!

Sharkbite then smashes through the warehouse doors. He looks ahead, surprised, as the procedure continues.

Nodnarb: You can't stop this, Brandon! You can't!

Sharkbite: Oh yeah? Just watch.

Sharkbite makes his way over to the controls and strikes them down with a tail slash; destroying them. He then turns his head and eyes an electric generator on the wall. He then goes over and chomps down on it- soon tearing it off from the wall, completely. With the lack of power going to the machines, they begin to shut up and spark up. Sharkbite rushes over to Lucy's cell, spitting out the chewed up generator on the way over. He then strikes the cell a couple of things until a dent is created and places both hands within; pulling the dent apart until a larger opening is formed. He then reaches inside and breaks off the cuffs binding Lucy's wrists. She lets out a faint groan as she falls into Sharkbite's arms. He carries her out of the machine and off to the side, against the floor.

Lucy, coming to: Brandon? Is that you?

Sharkbite: Yeah. I'm here. Are you alright? Are you hurt?

Lucy, faintly: I knew you'd come. I knew you'd come for me.

She smiles softly as she closes her eyes again. Sharkbite sighs in relief as he sets her down. He soon begins to stand, only for a blast of energy to send him flying back into the wall. Lucy, now alert, sits up from the floor.

Lucy: Brandon?!

A menacing laugh fills the room as she turns behind her to see Nodnarb stepping from the smoke generated from the machine; now wielding the power of Astro, in the form of his arm.

Nodnarb: I have to say, these new powers are definitely on another level from the Ultimatrix. But I know they'll be in much better shape when I extract more data from the prototype you robbed me of.

Sharkbite: Ugh... You're still on about that? (getting up) Also, how'd you manage to mess yourself up even further with this DNA transference stuff?

Nodnarb: Don't tell me you're still underestimating me.

Sharkbite: I'm not. I knew you were up to something to moment I saw you again.

Nodnarb: I wasn't... But you forced my hand, Brandon. And now you'll feel the power of it!

Nodnarb raises his arm again, firing another blast at Sharkbite- who quickly dodges the energy beam. Lucy gets up weakly but with purpose.

Lucy: Nodnarb, stop! Please!

Nodnarb continues firing shots at Sharkbite until Lucy manages to move between the two of them.

Nodnarb: Get out of the way, Lucy! He has to pay for what he did to me!

Lucy: No!

Nodnarb: Just because we're connected, doesn't mean I'm afraid of hurting you.

Lucy: You might keep making him out to be the bad guy but what you're doing right now, the things you're willing to do because of him, that's what making you into a real villain right now.

Nodnarb: He made me into a villain! This is the only way I'll see the end to it.

Lucy: There's another way. A better way.

Nodnarb: No. He's had his chance.

Lucy: ...Then it looks like you've had yours too.

Lucy readies herself and forms her hand in a Drillbit-like drill arm. She charges ahead at Nodnarb with her drill arm curved low. He fires ahead but Lucy, of course, quickly evades the blasts. Nodnarb takes a step back as Lucy swings her drill arm down at the ground by him. He then turns around, switching from the Astro arm to a Crusher fist at his other side. The fist then swings over, striking against Lucy's side- knocking her over.

Nodnarb: You're not the only one with close combat abilities. With these powers, I can attack you up close-

He switches from Crusher's arm to Electrix's back generators; soon accumulating a charge around him. Lucy gets up and charges for him, only to get blasted by a short discharge. Sharkbite roars out, throwing some punches his way but Nodnarb blasts him back with a much larger electric wave. Sharkbite then lands on his back and, almost immediately falls unconscious. This changes Sharkbite back into Brandon with a sudden green flash. Nodnarb grins sinisterly and slowly approaches Brandon. He soon forms his arm with one similar to that of Rocks; sharpening its edge so it become more knife-like despite its rocky shape. He then stands before him, raising his arm up high.

Nodnarb: Now it ends, Brandon. Your reign finally ends here.

He's about to throw down his arm when he finds himself unable to. He looks up at his arm, surprised.

Nodnarb: What?!

Some wet vines are wrapped around his arm, holding it back from coming down on Brandon. Nodnarb's gaze shoots from his arm over to behind himself, where he sees Lucy standing, regaining her posture. The view lowers to show that her legs are that of Loch Ness and are rooted into the ground, breaking through the floor's pavement. Apparently, their reach extended all the way over to Nodnarb and her will alone is forcing his arm back. He then grunts in frustration and tears away her vines with his rocky edge.

Nodnarb: I said, stay out of my way!

He then swings his arm in her direction, raising a rock slide from the ground which speeds over in her path. Her roots return to her feet quickly as she detaches from the ground by leaping into the air. The view follows her upwards, showing that she has sprouted Hackoid wings that flutter rapidly- keeping her in the air. Nodnarb steps forwards and fires rock projectiles from his arm up towards her way but she moves out of the way, dodging them. She appears to be coming down, curving around towards Nodnarb.

Nodnarb, angered: Enough of this! I won't let you stop me from destroying him! I won't let you stop me from living!

He then closes his eyes as he starts to form his arm into something.

Nodnarb: Now let's see what one of these newer transformations look like.

Brandon starts to come to as he lifts his head up, seeing Nodnarb standing ahead of him. He starts to raise his arm towards Lucy, much to Brandon's surprise.

Brandon: No. Don't!

Lucy looks ahead, alarmed as well, as Nodnarb holds up his arm, now in the form of Magnesium's arm. He even needs to use his other arm to support the weight of it, alone.

Nodnarb: No clone would ever be able to survive this, I imagine! (laughs)

He unleashes a condensed fiery blast which propels directly for Lucy in a series of smaller explosions. Upon impact, the warehouse trembles and even falls apart a little as platforms drop down and other pieces fall apart from the overall structure. Brandon looks ahead, after covering his head. He gets up and runs through the dust.

Brandon: Lucy! Lucy! Lu-

He stops in his tracks, surprised. As the dust starts to settle, a light field is seen. Behind it is Lucy, holding up her arm- now in the form of Astro. The light field starts to flicker and soon drops as Lucy, herself, drops down to her knees. She falls on her hands- as they revert back to normal- and breaths uneasily. Across from her, looking through the fading dust, Nodnarb panting for breath with a furious look in his eyes just stares at her. A sorry excuse for a grin appears on his face as he mutters under his breath.

Nodnarb: Sorry excuse for a clone. Just another inferior copy. Thought she could take me on. I'll finish this soon... yeah.... I'll finish both of them...

Lucy coughs and tries getting up, only for her muscles to give in, causing her to drop back down to the cracked up floor.

Brandon, faintly: Lucy!

Her eyes start to water.

Lucy, softly: It's no use, Brandon... I think I'm nearly up to my limit. His rage is just too strong. And he has my power now. I'm not special... I'm... a disappointment. I'm sorry, Brandon. It looks like I... failed you.

Her eyes look down in sorrow as she lays there on the floor. A couple seconds pass before a hand appears before her. She looks up at the hand. Her vision focused on the hand but the blurred view of the person holding their hand out soon becomes clear as Brandon is seen looking down at her with a faint smile on his face.

Lucy: Brandon... I-

Brandon: I heard what you said. But it's not over yet.

He starts to help her to her feet; she's not as steady as she was earlier.

Lucy: He's had powers before, right? Then he's more experienced than I am. If I can't even beat you at training then how do you expect me to beat him in an actual fight?!

Brandon: The point of the training wasn't to beat me, it was learn more about your powers. About yourself. Besides, we're not fighting me. He may be a clone but that's not what he thinks. That's not how he thinks. And that is what we'll use to our advantage.

Lucy: But how?

Brandon: What was that you were saying about a limit?

Lucy pauses for a brief moment before turning back to Brandon. Now she's the one with a smile on her face, making Brandon's even bigger.

Lucy: Am I thinking what you're thinking right now?

Brandon: Probably. Only one way to find out right?

Lucy nods.

Lucy: Right?

The two of them turn to Nodnarb; Lucy regaining her strength from before. Nodnarb's smirk then wears off into a disgusted snarl.

Nodnarb: What are you two looking at?! If you want to fight me, I'm right here! Either way, one of us isn't surviving this fight!

Brandon: It's alright if you wanna sit this one out, kid.

Lucy: Heh. After all that training? No. I'm fighting. Not just to prove him wrong but to prove this to myself. (turning to him) That I have what it takes to be a real hero.

Brandon looks at her slightly taken aback. He then regains his composure and grins before turning back to Nodnarb.

Brandon: Let's go.

Lucy: Right!

Lucy charges ahead with Brandon hanging back. Nodnarb smirks with a scoff then readies another blast with his arm.

Nodnarb: Didn't you learn anything from last time? Are you just that stupid?!

He releases another explosive wave towards her, only for her to jump up in the air. She had formed her legs to be just like those of Leap Frog at the last possible second, increasing her leap so it guarantees she'll be above the impact zone.

Lucy: Of course, I learned! It's important to gain experience from your loses! Something, I think, you never learned.

Meanwhile, Brandon activates his Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He then transforms into Magnet Man.

Magnet Man: MAGNET MAN!

He looks ahead, seeing Lucy bounce around Nodnarb while he tries hitting her with explosives.

Magnet Man: That's it, Lucy. Wear him down while I start up our special move.

Magnet Man then forms into a sphere and rolls off to the side. Nodnarb strikes again but misses. His frustration starts to evolve as he changes over to Astro's arm again, firing a beam at her. Lucy then forms into Hackoid wings once more and dodges.

Lucy: You nearly got me with that. But you'll have to try harder!

Nodnarb: GAH! You're really starting to irritate me, girl!

He slams his fist against the ground, sending out a wave of light energy that knocks her down. Lucy's wings form back as she holds her head. She looks up as he approaches her.

Nodnarb: Nothing but a dumb, worthless clone. You're not good enough to beat me so stop trying to live up to the expectation of the original.

Lucy: But you're a clone too!

Nodnarb: Shut up! No, I'm not!

Lucy: You are! We're the same, you and I! So why are you turning this into a curse!

Nodnarb: You wouldn't understand.

Lucy: I'm the only one who'll understand!

Nodnarb: You can talk all you want but I know all your moves. I've wielded both the Omnitrix and the Ultimatrix before. I can counter any aliens you throw at me. And I'm intelligent enough to figure out the ones I haven't been introduced to yet. It's pointless to battle me.

Lucy: If you think that's all I'm capable of, you'll be surprised.

Nodnarb: I'm pretty sure I can handle whatever you have pla-

Before he can finish his sentence, Lucy delivers a low, swift kick that knocks Nodnarb off of his balance. As he's about to hit the ground, Lucy grabs his shirt and holds him up. She gives him a smug smirk as he grabs her arm.

Lucy: You were saying?

Nodnarb: Put it down!

Lucy: If you says so.

She falls onto her back, bringing Nodnarb upwards. She then kicks him in the chest, throwing him behind her with one swift move. Magnet Man then knocks into him, knocking him back down to the floor as he rolls against the metallic sides of the warehouse seamlessly. In fact, as he does that, the walls appear to close in- crunching on itself as the metal is pulled ahead. Magnet Man also appears to gain some more momentum with each rotation. Nodnarb gets up from the ground, definitely beyond angered.

Nodnarb: Do you think you can just toy with me? I am Nodnarb! And you WILL know my power.

Lucy: Just how much power do you plan on using?

Nodnarb: As much power as I want!

Lucy: Cool, just checking. Alright, get me out of here.

She stands on a broken piece of the machine as it's lifted upwards via magnetic pull. Nodnarb looks up, seeing Magnet Man rolling around the now cone-shaped warehouse around him.

Nodnarb: I won't let you win, Brandon! Even if I have to concentrate all my power into one form to destroy you!

Nodnarb focuses on his hands as he conducts a powerful build up of electricity. The electricity bounces between the metal panels surrounding him. However, Nodnarb's Electrix form starts to fail him as he drops down to one knee- already out of breath.

Nodnarb: N-No... My power. What's-?

Magnet Man: You didn't notice, did you, Nodnarb?

Lucy: You were using multiple forms to take me on when I was using a little less than yours. I knew my limit so I backed off but you wanted more. More power to fuel your vengeance.

Magnet Man: So you hit your limit, just when you needed your power the most.

Nodnarb: Limit? You think I'll let something like a limit stop me now?!

Lucy: You don't have a choice. It doesn't matter how determined you are, your body will refuse to use that power until it restores itself.

Magnet Man: And with all that electrical discharge surrounding you, rather than discharging my magnetism like you originally planned, the electrons moving around in there will fuel my magnetic field, giving me more force upon impact.

Nodnarb, eyes widening: No.

Lucy: And now that I had a nice little rest. (to Brandon) Ready?

Magnet Man: Oh yeah.

Lucy jumps from the floating metallic platform and forms her arm into one similar to Flex. She then stretches out her arm and wraps it around Magnet Man. She then raises him up as he floats in the air and then slams him down with the increased magnetic force causing him to slam down on the electricity surrounding Nodnarb.

Nodnarb: NO!

The impact then sends the metallic panels flying off. A green flash is then seen through the dust as Brandon emerges with Lucy, with her arm reverted back to normal, standing by his side. They look ahead and sees Nodnarb laying on the ground where the warehouse used to be.

Lucy: Wow.

Brandon: Yeah. I can't believe that actually worked.

Lucy: What? What happened to all that confidence?

Brandon: That was mostly apart of my magnetic personality.

Lucy nudges him in the side.

Brandon: Alright, alright- I deserve that.

Lucy looks at Nodnarb with a more serious expression.

Lucy: Is he going to be okay?

Brandon: It's always hard to tell with him. But I'll make sure he's sent away for good this time. No more breakouts or anything. Even though the Mechanics won't really be able to help us this time around, what with the whole criminal thing.

A faint groan is then heard as Brandon and Lucy turn to face Nodnarb, who stirs awake.

Brandon: That blast should've knocked him out.

Lucy: I guess he's stronger than he looked. Besides, he still transfer some of my DNA into his own. That kind of transference gives him some resilience.

Brandon: Huh... The more you know, I guess. Alright, come on, you.

Nodnarb: Don't touch me.

Brandon: Look, I can't just leave you he-

Nodnarb: Everything I had is gone because of you. Every single time I feel like I have a grasp on what life is, you always show up and take that away from me. I just- I just want to be someone. Am I not allowed to have that? How come you get to be famous and be a hero when I'm the one who gets to be the villain? Huh?! Is it because I'm a copy of you? Is that my punishment?

Brandon, in a solemn tone: It's because you do bad things to good people. You make those choices on your own behalf. That makes you dangerous and... not a good person. That's not the way of the hero.

Nodnarb: Not according to your rules, anyways. But if I'm a manifestation of your bad side then, tell me, when will you be willing to break your own rules when you feel cornered? Hm? When you're outmatched and afraid and alone. How far are you willing to go to make yourself feel relevant? That's my struggle... that's my life...

Lucy: It shouldn't have to be like that. You are your own person. Being a clone doesn't make you any less than anyone. It shouldn't have to force you down this path you're taking.

Nodnarb: I never chose this path. (turning to Brandon) You forced me down this path. All those years ago. Just like you forced her onto a path of good. Is this just some sick way of entertaining yourself? Of creating life to see who fails and succeeds?

Brandon: ...This was never my intention, Nodnarb.

Nodnarb: I don't care. Just know that, it's because of you that I'm like this. And you know it. You don't have to say anything. But I will. I hate you. I will always despise you and I will always hate being you, you monster.

Brandon grimaces then looks away.

Lucy: You're being delusional.

Brandon: Lucy.

Lucy: Brandon is a hero. He's my hero!

Brandon: Lucy-

Lucy: And he's my family!

Nodnarb: Well, he's my worse enemy!

Brandon: Stop it, both of you!

The two of them are silent and taken aback by Brandon's outburst. He turns back to them, looking defeated.

Brandon: It's true. I've made some mistakes. Not just for you, Nodnarb, but for you too, Lucy.

Lucy: Brandon, what are you talking about?

Brandon: I guess it'd probably be better starting for the beginning. When I was younger, I invented a cloning machine designed to, well, create a clone of myself. One that'll get the work done at the... lab so that I can do my hero duties outside. But I was reckless. I always convinced myself that maybe it was the machine or maybe he was just bad from the start. But seeing the path that we've been on and the path that you tried to make for yourself. Not to mention, the path I've walked on and the path I've made for Lucy. I can see that that was my fault now. I abandoned you and you turned on me. I understand that now... maybe, I have this entire time.

Nodnarb: Then why didn't you say something?

Brandon: I tried, man. I tried telling you were your own person and that you can make good choices in life. Even when we worked together against the Conqueror, I felt like maybe there was some good in you after all. But I was wrong. Uh- not for the obvious reasons but- I mean, I was wrong about you being bad. You were good from the start. It was my lack of responsibility that made things go bad for you.

Nodnarb: So you finally admit it. Your crimes against my humanity. How does it feel knowing all the bad I've done is because of you?

Brandon: No, you don't get to play that card, Nodnarb. I admitted my mistakes, sure. But you've made some too. You jumped to conclusions, you let hatred guide you and you even worked with my worst enemy... twice. I may have started to take the blame for the path you walk on but I won't be held accountable for your actions. That being said... I'm ready to move on.

Nodnarb: ...And what does that mean?

Brandon: It means, I'm sorry, Nodnarb. I'm sorry for the pain I caused you. I can understand if you still hate me but don't let this whole clone business stop you from seeing you as, well, you. What happened to you all those years ago, shouldn't have happened. But you have your life ahead of you. You can lead that life now without holding onto any of that pain and anger. That's what I want for you, at least. So yeah... I'm sorry I misjudged you and I'm sorry that you had to go through all that because of me.

Nodnarb remains silent for quite some time as he lowers his head.

Nodnarb: You know... I always thought of you as sort of annoying brother. Always trying to undermine me and prove me wrong. But, in reality, you were more of a father for me.

Brandon looks surprised as Nodnarb looks up at him.

Nodnarb: And I guess, just for once, through all that emotion and pain, I just wanted you to be proud of me of who I was. (sigh) So what are we supposed to do now? Just pretend the past six years didn't happen?

Brandon: No. We can't change the past but we can move forward.

Nodnarb: I don't know...

Brandon: I'm not forcing you. You can make your own choices. I just- want you to make the right ones.

Nodnarb is silent once more. He turns away from Brandon, probably thinking about his words. Brandon continues looks at Nodnarb.

Lucy: But what about me?

Brandon turns to Lucy who looks at Brandon, a little uncertain.

Lucy: You said that you made mistakes. For both of us. Is it because... I was a mistake?

Brandon: No. Lucy, no. That's not what I meant at all. I'm happy you're around. I was serious about training you, about making you the hero you want to be. But I guess, I was too happy. I finally had a chance to do it the right way. To raise a clone version of myself. I guess, it was my way of making it up to Nodnarb. I just didn't feel piece it together until now really.

Lucy: So what does that mean?

Brandon: Look, you're capable of taking care of yourself. You've proved yourself time and time again that you can be a hero. But I keep praising you and cheering you on, ignoring the little things that can wind up making a big difference. I'm treating you like you're perfect, I'm spoiling you. And that's not a good way of training you at all.

Lucy: No. No, you're wrong. I need you.

Brandon: You don't. You just need to get stronger, better. It'll take time, experience and spirit but you have that. You have all the makings of a good hero. You just have to do it on your own. I'll still be here for you but... it might be better if you start working on your own.

Lucy: ...I see. I guess, you're right. If I want to be a hero and use make your power my own, I have to learn this on my own... in my own way, lead my own life rather than following yours. I'm just- not sure if I'm ready for it. Ready to move on.

Brandon: Same...

Nodnarb: ...And I feel what you feel. (gets up) I suppose... we're all not so different after all.

He turns back to face them.

Brandon: We might be afraid of what's to come but we have to do this. Not just to better ourselves... but each other. To make up for our mistakes and live our lives the way we want to.

Lucy- reluctant at first- soon delivers a strong nod and looks ahead, determined.

Lucy: Okay. I'm ready to move on!

Brandon looks between Nodnarb and Lucy. He closes his eyes for a moment then sighs.

Brandon: Yeah. Me too.

He opens his eyes to see Lucy smiling at him, proudly. He returns the smile softly. The two then turn over to Nodnarb, who strokes his chin with his finger, pondering.

Lucy: Are you thinking this over?

Nodnarb: Shut up, this isn't easy for me.

Brandon: It's okay, I overthink some things too, y'know.

Nodnarb: We're not the sa- Erm- I mean, that makes sense... I suppose. (sigh) Alright, I am in need of moving on as well. So I will join you guys in moving forward by putting our differences aside and making way for a better tomorrow. I want to make up my mistakes to you, Brandon. And you too, Lucy. I want to be better, live my life the way I want to without having to second guess myself. And maybe, maybe, I'll be able to pick up from where I left off. If they'll have me back that is.

Lucy: I hope so too, Nodnarb.

Brandon: If not, you might have a spot on the team with the rest of us.

Nodnarb: J-Just like that? Weren't we just enemies mere moments ago?

Brandon: Yeah, well, stuff happens.

Nodnarb: You shouldn't be so lax on your enemies. But again, I am thankful to you.

Lucy: Hey, I just thought of something. If the Conqueror is back, we should all work together to take him on. We'd be unstoppable then!

Nodnarb: Sorry but I must refuse.

Lucy: Huh? Why?

Nodnarb: I'm trying to move on with my life. Getting away from the Conqueror is a much needed step. If I can roped into another fight, who knows how bad that'll affect my recovery. I don't trust myself enough to commit to being a hero without falling back to the role of villain. For now, I'm just going to be myself without having to worry about being a clone anymore. After all, I've seen what good can come from taking that title proudly.

He gives a faint smile to Lucy, who- of course- smiles back. The scene transitions to a back alley, with Brandon and Lucy walking together.

Lucy: Thank you for walking me home. Especially since we may not be seeing each other so much now.

Brandon: You make it sound like this is the end.

Lucy: Isn't it?

Brandon: Look, I only said you had to try moving on away from me. I want you to grow as your own person like Nodnarb is going to.

Lucy: I know but there's still so much I can learn from you.

Brandon: Maybe but I think most of the feeling is just from wanting to be around me.

Lucy: Yeah... it probably is. I guess, I just look up to you. You give off those kind of vibes.

Brandon: I guess Nodnarb was looking up to me all these years. He was just too frustrated to say something about it. And I was caught up being a hero that I didn't even notice.

Lucy: But that's all in the past now, right?

Brandon: Yeah. I suppose it is. To moving forward, eh?

Lucy: Heh. Yeah. To moving-

As Lucy tries to finish her sentence, she collapses onto the ground. Brandon stops and looks down at Lucy, alarm building up within him.

Brandon: Lucy? Lucy! Lucy, talk to me!

She remains unconscious as Brandon holds her up.

Brandon, looking around: We're too far away from the hideaway to carry. But we just might be close enough to... We don't have time to think this over. I'll have to deal with whatever happens when I get there.

Brandon hurries down the alleyway, carrying Lucy in his arms.

Brandon: Don't worry, Lucy. I'm going to get you some help!

Brandon steps in a puddle as he runs on by. A similar puddle is stepped in as well by Nodnarb as he passes by over to the studio. He's about to knock on the door when he stops himself. He then starts to turn away when he stops himself there as well.

Nodnarb: Come on. Come on. You can do this. You can at least try. It'll be different this time. You're moving forward, after all. (sigh) (turns back to the door) You're moving forward.

He knocks steadily on the studio door.

Nodnarb: Aby? It's me. Uh- can we talk? I'd like to apologize.

The door soon opens. Nodnarb's concerned looks soon transition to ease as the door opens. However, they are soon replaced with panic as Aby is being held by the Conqueror Droid secretary.

Nodnarb: Aby!

A chuckle is heard as the Conqueror walks out from the side, hands clasped behind his back.

Conqueror: It would seem our old friend here had gotten himself acquainted with a lovely, young lady. It's almost unfortunate what I'm going to have to do to her because of you.

Nodnarb: What do you want from me? I've given you everything I can.

Conqueror: Yes. That's what I thought as well. But then a little voice told me differently. You still have something I desire. And I'm going to take it from you, no matter how much pain it brings you. Droid. You know what to do.

Conqueror Droid: Yes, sir.

The Droid raises its arm and blasts Nodnarb directly, rendering him unconscious. The droid lets go of the girl, knocking her to the side. The Conqueror smiles as he looks down at Nodnarb's body.

Conqueror: Another one for the collection, it would seem. Our plan is coming along, marvelously.



  • Brandon
  • Coco
  • Sarah
  • Lucy
  • Aby Yukimura (First Appearance)
  • Jerrod the Homeless Man (First Appearance)
  • Citizens


Aliens Used


  • The title of the episode, The Clone Wars, is a reference to the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  • The spin-kick trick that Lucy performs in the episode was inspired by one that happens in the film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
  • When Nodnarb saves the children from the skidding bus, that scene was a reference to when Spider-Man had saved two children in Spider-Man 2.


  • While the Shock Speed Duo scene was definitely a guaranteed, it was originally thought of happening differently. Nodnarb would've planted a device on Brandon where he would have to maintain a certain speed in order to keep the device from exploding. The charge accumulated from running that fast would eventually dampen the device. However, that was changed to fit a more natural scene while also paying a better homage to the source of the idea behind it; the 1994 film, Speed.
  • While the title of the episode was wanted for Brandon 10, it would thought that the episode wouldn't have a big enough impact to be deserving of such a title. It was then thought of introducing more "clones" into the mix in order to give the episode more weight with a full on war between different clones throughout the series. However, the episode would have been too spontaneous; at least for this season. The narrative was shifted to focus more on the relationship- not just between Nodnarb and Brandon but also- between Nodnarb and Lucy, with the two of them actually being clones of Brandon.
  • Nodnarb's alias, Kyiren Aliver, is based on name suggestions left by SpeedyTARDIS for Nodnarb before the name change that occurred in The Final Fight Part 1.
  • The scene where Nodnarb's life starts to crumple apart was the most difficult scene to write in this episode, going through about three different iterations before a long break was commenced. The final version is a much simplified version of the scene, for better or for worse.
  • Rather than the gang that attacked Jerrod, Nodnarb was going to use an innocent woman as a hostage to draw in Lucy. His rants would addressed to her rather than himself. The hostage would've also made a slightly bigger role in the scene than rather being unconscious before Lucy even arrives.
  • The resolution for Lucy's situation was meant to be apparent in this episode but since the episode was running long enough already, it was saved for the next episode.
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