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The Cloak of Black Velvet is an upcoming episode of Tomas 10.

Tomas 10
Season 6, Episode 92
Black Velvet
Written by TomasFMaggi
Directed by TomasFMaggi
Episode Guide
"Ragdolls to Riches"
"The Evil We've Seen"


A series of attacks are being perpetrated by felons who work in shadows. Professor Paradox dispatches Tomas and the others to find the culprit is Black Velvet, a man who was forced to live in darkness after his eyesight was nearly obliterated by the shockwave unleashed by the impact of a meteor. He steals the planet's Doppler weather radar system dish to create a device to shroud the entire planet in a permanent darkness. Along with this, Blauwe is kidnapped by Black Velvet to help him complete his task. Now Tomas and the others must rescue Blauwe and stop Black Velvet.


Coming Soon...


  • Tomas Maggi
  • Austin Maggi
  • Fer Maggi
  • Santi Diaz
  • Professor Paradox
  • Blauwe Vreemdeling
  • Prisoner #775


  • Black Velvet
  • Shadow Men

Aliens used[]