The Claw
The Claw.jpg
General Information
Creator Drew Saturday
User Zak Saturday
Type Grappling Hook, Pole Vault, Ability Tuner

 The Claw is the weapon Zak Saturday uses to focus on his abilities and can also be used as a grappling hook.


The Claw is a long, golden mechanical pole with the claw of Tsul 'Kalu at the end. It glows when Zak uses his powers.


Drew Saturday, Zak's father, created it for him when he was little. It was originally called the "multi-function adaptive combat enhancement function", Zak started calling it the Claw, which quickly caught on.


It contains a spring loaded cable and telescoping shaft. Zak has used it as a grappling hook, to snare objects from a distance and to swing from, and as a vaulting pole.

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