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The Class Terror is the second Cody 10 episode.

Cody 10
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date August 7, 2012
Written by Jrshipey
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Cody Eedok woke up and took the strange arrow out of his shoulder. He snapped it in too.

"What was that arrow doing here? Huh, probably not anything I should worry about," said Cody.

Cody got ready for school, and turned into XLR8. He sped off to school, and then reverted. He noticed a strange, small, fat kid walking in to school.

"A new student?" questioned Cody.

The bell rang, and Cody ran off to class.

Later at lunch...

Cody got his lunch and went to sit by the trash can. But that fat kid was there, eating out of the trash.

"Umm, dude, that's my spot!" exclaimed Cody.

The fat kid burped and a green sphere hit Cody, and he was sent crashing thru the window. Cody got up, noticed his bruises, and transformed into Four-Arms. He walked up to the fat kid, and the fat kid took off his own watch.

He was a small, fat, green-brown frog thing. The frog thing ate some of the lunch tables and fired spheres at some kids. They ran in terror. Everybody was running away, except the lunch lady.

"Time to get schooled!" said Four-Arms.

"Horrible pun," the frog replied.

"Puns are all I got anymore."

The frog thing ate more tables and fired green spheres at Cody. Four-Arms dodged them all, and reverted.

"Stupid watch!"

Cody kept slamming it down until he transformed into Grey Matter.

The frog guy looked around, and GM jumped on his back, and reverted. The watch glowed, as if it some new dna in it.

"You'll pay, Eedok..." answered the frog.

The frog fired more spheres at Cody, but Cody hid under a table.

"I'll find you, Eedok!" replied the frog. The frog rolled thru some tables, and came close to Cody.

Cody slammed down the watch. He was ghost. The frog looked at Cody...

"A freak! A ghost! AAAAHH!" exclaimed the frog.

Cody thought about it for a second.

"No... A Ghostfreak!" replied Cody.

Ghostfreak chased the rolling frog. The frog rolled thru the window, and Ghostfreak followed. And reverted.

"Why does it hate me?" questioned Cody.

The rolling frog began chasing Cody. Cody slipped, and was about to be rolled over, when he threw a piece of broccoli at the frog's mouth.

"AAAAAAAAH! IT BURNS!" answered the frog.

"Mrs. Cafeteria Lady, could you please feed our friend here?" asked Cody.

The cafeteria lady threw some watermelon, apples, grapes, peas, applesauce, tacos, nachos, milk, and pie in the frog's mouth. The frog exploded.

The kids ran in. "THE CAFETERIA LADY IS A HERO!"

"Yeah, I only happened to fight off the little frog." replied Cody. He looked annoyed, when suddenly an arrow was shot at Cody, and he passed out.

The End