Genesis: Chronocle
Season 1, Episode 4
GCEP04 The Chase
Air date December 27, 2014
Written by NickFusi0n
Directed by NickFusi0n
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The Chase is the fourth episode of the first season of Genesis: Chronocle.


Nick, Vulk and the Runaway Splixson face-off against a mysterious figure who seems to be in charge of the Mechanical Lizard attacks.


Music-icon Soundtrack - The Crisis

Previously... on Genesis: Chronocle...

[Vulk] Come on, we don't want to be late for the plumbers meeting.

[Vulk] The Plumber Base is several hundred feet below the surface of your forest.

[Nick] Uhm... why are we stopping? The forest is BEHIND the mountains.

[Vulk presses a button on the control panel of his ship]

[A two-dimensional holographic screen appears in front of the mountain scape, facing the ship]

[Nick] Woah... this place is amazing. Who would think this was below a horror movie forest...

[Vulk] Nick, this is Magister Skorost. The lead plumber on all of Earth and a Kineceleran.

[Skorost] My, so... that's...?

[Vulk] Yes Magister, that's him.

[Skorost] We recently discovered that a Splixson crashed inside the forest above this very base.

[Vulk] It's not about how friendly it is. It's about how we're going to catch it.

[Skorost] Splixsons are an alien species from the planet Hathor. They possess the ability to clone themselves almost an infinite amount.

[Skorost] You have the Ne-O don't you? The original-

[Vulk clears his throat]

[Vulk] Got ya!

[He turns around and charges at a shadowed figure, which is revealed to be a Splixson]

[Vulk] Someone's after him.

[Wind-Up] Like who?

[Unknown] Like us.

[Wind-Up and Vulk look around and see that they are surrounded by hundres of mechanical lizards from all directions]

[The Splixson gulps]

[Vulk looks around with an angry and determined expression]

[Shot shows a close-up of Wind-Up, looking shocked]

[Wind-Up] OH. COME. ON!!

Theme Song
Time... Space... two omnipotent forces. Forces that must be kept in balance at all costs, and if not... The End is still premature.

[The scene shows a close-up of the Ne-O. The camera zooms out slowly to reveal Nick's hand, followed by his entire arm, and then his whole body. The camera moves behind him and shows Aubrey and Vulk standing by his side. In front of them is a gigantic castle-like structure and the sky is a burning red color, giving the appearance of a sunset]

[It then shows a frontal split-screen shot of all of them as they all jump towards the castle as the scene freezes, showing the castle in front of them]


Created by NickFusi0n

[The scene shows a birds-eye view of the forest, then zooms in to where the episode left off]

[Splixson] I have a really bad fealling about this...

[Vulk] There's... too many.

[Wind-Up] Come on you stupid slowpokes! We can take em!

[Vulk whispers to the Splixson]

[Vulk] He's nuts. He'll probably blow us all up while he's in his Praemiumsapien form.

[Wind-Up] I heard that!

[Unknown] Now that you're here...

[Wind-Up, Vulk and the Splixson look up at the edge of a hill]

[The unknown figure is revealed a to be a human. He is wearing black sunglasses and a black suit]

[The Splixson jumps]

[Splixson] Ah! Not that guy again!

[Vulk] Do you know him?

[Splixson] Duh! He's the jerk who put this thing on my neck and shot my ship down!

[Vulk suddenly gets an angry expression and looks up at the figure]

[Vulk] You... shot him down?!

[Figure] No need to feel left out, Loboan. You're next.

[Wind-Up] Oh no he's not! I am SO gonna blow your stuff up!

[Figure] Maybe, but first you will have to get through my Mechamanders first.

[Wind-Up suddenly stops his rage]

[Wind-Up] Mechamanders? ...Seriously?

[The figure smiles and disappears into the shadows]

[The Mechamanders start closing in on Wind-Up, Vulk and the Splixson]

[Vulk cuts through the Splixson's collar with his claws]

[Splixson] Thanks man!

[Vulk] Your assistance would be very appreciated.

[Splixson] Don't think I'm letting you take them on by yourself! I am pretty mad at these things too you know!

[Vulk] Fine then.

Music-icon Soundtrack - Combat Call

[Wind-Up aims his gloves at a portion of the Mechamanders and fires bombs at them, which destroys a small part of them. He charges at the Mechamanders and and smashes them to the ground with his boxing glove-like hands]

[Vulk gets down on four limbs and aggressively tears through the Mechamanders with his claws. He bites pieces of them off and drop-kicks another]

[One Mechamander approaches and closes in on the Splixson]

[Splixson] I uh... don't suppose you wanna talk about this?

[Behind the approaching Mechamander walk up another 20 or so]

[Splixson] Oh, THAT'S how you wanna play? Then let's even the odds a little bit shall we?

[The Splixson stays still and after a few moments he quickly duplicates himself dozens of times to match, even slightly outnumber the incoming Mechamanders]

[The Splixson clones all leap and the Mechamanders and start beating them up. The scene shows a shot of one repeatly punching one in the back, another throwing one at its clone which kicks it and destroys it mid-air, and another which jumps up high and dives onto a mechamander]

[Wind-Up, Vulk and the Splixson, who now merges back into one, get close to each other, being even more surrounded by more oncoming Mechamanders]

[Vulk] I told you guys! There's too many!

[The splixson looks a little tired and gets down on one knee]

[Splixson] That's it... I'm out.

[Wind-Up] But I'M not! Stay close, I got an idea!

[Vulk] I was afraid you were going to say that...

[The Splixson and Vulk stick by Wind-Up]

[The scene shows the Mechamanders approaching]

[Wind-Up closes his eyes and crouches down]

[An orange-like aura appears around his body and slowly goes inside it. His body starts glowing brighter]

[Vulk] GET DOWN!

[Vulk and the Splixson quickly get down on the ground]

[Wind-Up opens his eyes and the camera switches to a close-up of his face]

[Wind-Up] ...BOOM!

[The camera zooms out and shows a long-distance shot of the forest. Almost a moment later, a massive explosion occurs from where Wind-Up was standing. The scene shows the Mechamanders being blown away, some even blown apart and exploding]

[A mushroom-shaped cloud rises towards the sky. The smoke lifts off and Wind-Up is surrounded by a yellow sphere-like shield, with Vulk and the Splixson inside it]

[Wind-Up collapses to the ground as the shield fades away. In the explosion radius, the ground and trees are completely scorched and there is a small crater from where Wind-Up triggered the explosion]

[Vulk] Nick!

[Wind-Up changes back]

[Nick stands up, looking exhausted]

[Vulk] See, THAT'S why I don't like Praemiumsapiens.

[Nick] You gotta admit it was pretty cool though.

[Splixson] Did we... get them?

[Vulk] I think so. I don't see anymore of them around.

[Nick, still recovering from the attack, looks slightly to the left]

[Nick] Wa..WATCH OUT!

[A Mechamander grabs the Splixson and quickly climbs up the cliff where the humanoid figure was standing]

[Vulk] NO!


Music-icon Soundtrack - Emergency!

[Nick] I gotta stop it!

[Nick tries to take a step forward but almost falls over. Vulk catches him]

[Vulk] You're not going anywhere. That sonic explosion you just created has left you without physical energy.

[Nick] But... Wind-Up did it...

[Vulk] Yes, but since you're technically sharing the same body with your transformations, whatever happens to them happens to you too.

[Nick] Ugh... so... now what?

[Vulk] I'll contact the rest of the team and tell us we found the Splixson, but now we gotta save it.

[Nick] How? We'll never catch up to them...

[Vulk] Maybe not... but we can use the scanner on my ship to find them.

[Vulk presses a button on his armor's belt. A few moments later his ship flies above them and descends to the ground]

[The next scene shows Nick and Vulk, already inside the ship which is now flying above the forest]

[Vulk presses a button on the control pad]

[Vulk] Attention all Plumbers! This is Vulk Izor and Nick Stone. We found the Splixson but it was abducted by creatures which resemble large mechanical reptiles. Please return to Plumber Base immedeatly and help us find them with the scanners. Me and Stone will be scanning the area.

[Vulk presses another button]

[Vulk] Feeling better yet?

[Nick] Kinda... I got a big headache though...

[Vulk] That was really reckless.

[Nick] Hey, at least I came up with something!

[Vulk] Right... sorry. We have to find the Splixson and the Mechamanders.

[Nick] Right! Anything on the scanner yet?

[Vulk] I'm detecting Alien DNA on the mountain tops.

[Nick] Then they have to be there! Let's go!

[Vulk] On it.

[The scene shows the ship flying towards the mountains]

[The next scene shows the ship landing]

[Nick and Vulk walk out and see the Splixson being kept hostage, with the humanoid figure next to it and all are guarded by Mechamanders]

[Vulk] In the name of the Plumbers, release the Splixson NOW!

[Figure] You make me laugh.

[Nick] I had had JUST ABOUT ENOUGH of this. I don't care who you are or what you're after. I'm SO through with you!

[He snaps the Ne-O. The hologram of Protosect appears, he switches to Teslasp, then Camineral]

[He slaps it down]


[Camineral] Okay you... time to make the cut!

Music-icon Soundtrack - Run For It!

[He charges at them and spins the saw blades on his front legs]

[The figure makes a hand motion and the Mechamanders also charge]

[Camineral slashes a few of them in half, then turns around and impales one with his tail blade. He turns around once again and headbutts one, blowing it up]


[Camineral looks up and sees a Mechamander falling towards him]

[He turns around and completely impales the Mechamander with the saw blade on his back. He spins it for a brief moment, sending the Mechamander flying]

[He changes back and turns around at the figure]

[Nick] Now... as for YOU...

[Figure] What's the hurry Stone? Don't you have all the time in the world?

[An orange and black ship flies above Nick and the Figure. The figure jumps up inside it]

[Nick] What the... how-

[Vulk] ...I don't need to be an expert to know that that's not a human being...

[Nick] It's not. But... what is he?

[The ship quickly flies away]

[Vulk] No! Not again! Let's go!

[Nick] No! His ship is faster than yours...

[Vulk] Wait a second, where's the Splixson?!

[Vulk looks over to the side and sees the Splixson running away downhill]

[Nick] You go get him. I'll take care of this.

[He snaps the Ne-O. The hologram of Protosect shows up, he browses to Camineral and then to Venomoeba, but then suddenly stops. What appears as a hologram is electricity which is slightly distroted and constantly appears and disappears, like the hologram is missing]

[Nick, thinking] What the...

[He continues browsing and then stops]

[Nick] Time to give the big-ol' birdy a try!

[He slams it down]

Music-icon Soundtrack - The Phoenix's Flight

[Suddenly, he gets surrounded by a ball of fire which shoots up into the sky. From within the ball emerges a large bird-like creature which looks like its entire body is made of fire]


[Scene switches back to the ground, a shot of Vulk]

[Vulk] I don't believe it... an Alessian... just when I thought I saw enough surprises today...

[Thousand Arrows] Okay listen up you unknown secret agent-looking weird alien guy who jumps higher than the average human creature can! I'm not quite interested in your goal and purpose, but I don't have to be to-

[Vulk] Oh for... just get him already!

[Thousand Arrows] I was going to! I had to finish my speech!

[Vulk] Well you can finish it later! Go get him and I'll get the Splixson.

[Thousand Arrows] Got it, partner!

[Thousand Arrows slowly ascends and then launches towards the ship]

[The scene switches back to Vulk who is chasing after the Splixson. He reaches up to him and tackles him down]

[Splixson] Ow!

[They both roll down the hill. When they stop, Vulk gets up]

[Splixson] What is your problem?!

[Vulk] MY problem? What's YOUR problem trying to escape like that?!

[Splixson] I don't like this place!

[Vulk] Yeah, well neither do I but I'm still here. You're getting sent back to Hathor by the Plumbers.

[Splixson] Whatever, it's not like I want to stay here.

[Vulk nods then looks at Thousand Arrows, who is high up in the sky and is flying after the ship]

[Thousand Arrows catches up with the ship]

[The scene switches to the figure, looking through the camera on the ship. He sees Thousand Arrows flying]

[Figure] Splendid... that will do.

[Thousand Arrows] Alright big baddy! You want to escape? Guess what? You can't escape from Thousand Arrows! In fact, I think a demonstrantion of power is in order!

[Thousand Arrows ascends higher and gets surrounded by a yellow aura, which engulfs his entire body]


[He crashes into the ship, leaving a yellow trail behind him. The ship falls to the ground and crashes on a plains field. While it's falling, Thousand Arrows descends down and transforms back]

[Vulk catches up to the ship in a few minutes, where Nick is standing]

[Vulk] Nice job!

[Nick] Did you get the Splixson?

[Vulk] Yeah, the Plumbers will be sending him back to his home planet in a day or so.

[Nick] Good... man.

[They both look at destroyed burning ship]

[Vulk] That guy... is he-

[Nick] No... I didn't see him get out but I know he escaped somehow.

[Vulk] I doubt it but... if you say so...

[Nick looks at the Ne-O]

[Nick] Some of the aliens in this are just... weird.

[Vulk] You're lucky to have Alessian DNA you know, they've been thought to be extinct for thousands of years...

[Nick] Huh...

[The camera zooms away from them]

[The scene shows Nick, in bed, sleeping. It's already morning]

[Suddenly his door opens and Vulk, in his dog form, walks in]

[Vulk] Nick! Wake up! You gotta come see this!

[Nick slowly gets up]

[Nick] Okay okay I'm coming...

[They both go the living room and look at the TV]

[Figure] Greetings, Nick Stone.

[Nick] Not him again! I TOLD YOU he wasn't dead!

[Vulk] Wait!

[Figure] This is a boardcast sent specifically to you, so you don't have to worry about others finding out your little "secret".

[Nick] What the...

[Vulk] This guy...

[Figure] I was especially satisfied with your performance last night, but I'm afraid you don't have much time.

[Nick] What... what is he talking about?!

[Figure] I'll have you know that in two weeks, I will sent an army of my Mechamanders into your precious town, and if you don't show up, I'll destroy... everything.

[The broadcast stops]

[Vulk looks at Nick]

[The camera shows a close-up of Nick, with an angry expression on his face]

To Be Continued...

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