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Welcome, one and all, to The CaT Gazette, BTFF's longest-running newsletter (not that there's much competition). The CaT Gazette is no longer in production, having finished its run in Issue 100 on December 9th, 2018.

NOTE: Just as a heads-up for anyone reading through this for the first time, the whole thing reads like a chronicle of my descent into depression in hindsight. It starts getting pretty dark after Issue 50, so be aware of that if the discussion of depression and suicide makes you uncomfortable.

What Is This?

The CaT Gazette is a newsletter posted to its subscribers' Message Walls every week. The newsletter consists of:

  • Happenings: The latest updates on all my stuff, whatever that may be.
  • Wiki News (Introduced in Issue 5): Since the Bellwood Times 2.0 is gone, I guess I'll fill in for it.
  • Editorial (Introduced in Issue 31): My shitty opinions on whatever.
  • Ads (Discontinued in Issue 44 and Reintroduced in Issue 59): Want to promote your series? Placing a short ad in The CaT Gazette is one way to do it! (Note that the Reintroduced version of this segment is only included when there are new ads to use).
  • Comic/Meme: A weekly comic of some sort (well it was but it devolved pretty fast into the "Meme" section lmao).
  • Art Corner (Introduced in Issue 15): A section where I showcase a piece of art I made over the past week.
  • Ben 10 News: Where I report the latest news about the Ben 10 franchise.
Discontinued Articles
  • Featured Article (Discontinued in Issue 44): A page created by someone else on the wiki that I thought was good and deserved more attention.
  • Writing Lesson (Introduced in Issue 44; discontinued in Issue 70): A weekly mini-lesson about various aspects of writing.
How Do I Subscribe?

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To unsubscribe, just remove your name from the list before the next issue. Easy as that!

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