Genesis: Chronocle
Season 1, Episode 7
GCEP07 The Breakout Part 2
Air date January 9, 2014
January 10, 2014 (Official)
Written by NickFusi0n
Directed by NickFusi0n
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The Breakout: Part 1

The Breakout: Part 2 is the seventh episode of the first season of Genesis: Chronocle. Along with The Breakout: Part 1, it is the two-parter finale of the first season and the final episode of season 1 overall.


After uncovering the true purpose of The Organisation, Nick makes one last stand against them before a crisis unveils.


Music-icon Soundtrack - The Crisis

Previously... on Genesis: Chronocle...

[Vulk] I don't have time to explain either, but Nick risked his life and got himself captured to save you...

[Aubrey] He's gone now...

[Vulk walks up to her and puts his hand on her shoulder]

[Vulk] Well... are you just going to stand there and grief? Or are you going to help me rescue him?

[Aubrey] Me... but... how?

[Vulk] Come with me.

[Aubrey looks confused for a second, but then nods]

[The scene zooms away from them]

[Aubrey] This is just too strange...

[Vulk] We're going to Plumber Base.

[Vulk] We can use the scanners at plumber base to track down the Ne-O. Or an alternative, but more difficult, track down Nick's DNA directly.

[Scene switches to a blurred shot of what appears to be a high-tech prison cell, then to a first person view of Nick. He slowly opens his eyes and looks around, then jumps up]

[Nick] AH!

[He grabs his waist with his hand in pain]

[Nick] Ugh....

[Figure] You see, Nick Stone. You probably think we have met before, don't you?

[Nick] Wait... "we"?

[Figure] Yes, we. Refering to my previous question to you... we...

[Another but exactly-the-same looking figure walks out from a corner]

[Figure 2] Are...

[Yet another one walks out from the other corner]

[Figure 3] Not...

[Then the first figure stands up]

[Figure] The same person.

[Nick backs away, surprised]

[The camera switches to a close-up of the first figure, who smiles]

[Aubrey] Okay... this is really weird.

[The shot zooms away and shows her wearing a slim grey, white and neon-green plumber suit]

[Skorost] You'll get used to it.

[Nick] And you're doing all of this... because?

[The figures walk up to the cell at the same time. Suddenly they transform. They become a muscular creature with dark orange skin, big muscluar arms and short legs, and they all have two large spikes on their backs]

[Nick] What... the... heck...

[Figures] We are...

[They all speak at the same time]


[Exilist] We were banished for our experiments, but once we go back there with our army, we will claim our rightful places as the rulers of the planet... and then, we will expand and take over the entire GALAXY!


[He grabs the bars and easily bends them apart, then walks through the hole he made. He changes back]

[Back to Nick. He takes a look out of the window and stares in awe]

[Nick] No... way...

[The camera zooms away from Nick, who is looking through the window. On the mountain in the middle of the crater, a massive castle-like structure stands, running down the side of the mountain and on the top]

[Scene switches back to Aubrey and Vulk's point of view, revealing that they are looking at the same sight]

[Camera shows a shot of both of them, staring, speechless]

Theme Song
Time... Space... two omnipotent forces. Forces that must be kept in balance at all costs, and if not... The End is still premature.

[The scene shows a close-up of the Ne-O. The camera zooms out slowly to reveal Nick's hand, followed by his entire arm, and then his whole body. The camera moves behind him and shows Aubrey and Vulk standing by his side. In front of them is a gigantic castle-like structure and the sky is a burning red color, giving the appearance of a sunset]

[It then shows a frontal split-screen shot of all of them as they all jump towards the castle as the scene freezes, showing the castle in front of them]


Created by NickFusi0n

[The scene zooms back to where the last episode left off, with Vulk and Aubrey staring at the massive strucutre]

[The scene switches to Nick, also looking out the window]

[Nick] Impossible... what kind of jail is this?

[He looks away from the window and then the Ne-O, whose Neutralizer armband is now broken due to the transformation]

[Nick] Vulk! Vulk can you hear me?!

[Vulk suddenly gets an incoming transmission. He opens it]

[Vulk] Nick! Is that you?!

[Aubrey gasps]

[Nick] Yeah! Are you okay?!

[Aubrey] N-Nick...?

[Nick] Wait a second... Aubrey?!

[Aubrey] Y-yes... it's me.

[Nick] Uhm... Vulk?

[Vulk] We'll explain later. We came here to rescue you.

[Nick] BOTH of you? But... wait a second... the evacuation! What happened?

[Vulk] Don't worry, everyone is safe, but Downtown is left severly damaged.

[Nick] And... Aubrey... what are you doing there? And what's with the outfit?

[Aubrey] Vulk and I came to rescue you. And this is some Plumber armor... I don't understand it either.

[Nick] Vulk... what were you thinking bringing her here?!

[Vulk] I needed help to save you, and she came by her own free will.

[Nick] But...

[Aubrey] Nick, I just wanted to say-

[Nick] No need to apologize. I should have told you everything... look how things turned out.

[Aubrey] I'm still going to apologize... I should have been there for you.

[Nick] It's okay...

[Vulk] If you two are done with the drama, then we should really get going.

[Nick] Wait, where are you guys anyway? I'm in some crazy castle prison.

[Vulk] We're... kind of looking at it right now.

[Nick] How did you find me?

[Vulk] We ran a DNA scan of your hair on your desk.

[Nick, embarrased] Ugh... seriously?

[Aubrey] Hey, if you haven't left it we wouldn't have found you.

[Vulk] She's right.

[Nick] Guess so... anyway, what's the plan?

[Vulk] I was hoping you could tell us. I don't see any entrances on this thing, plus, it's gigantic, who knows where you are?

[Nick] I don't know either. I can try to find the way out, but it will take a while.

[Vulk] What happened to you anyway?

[Nick] Well, let's just say I found out more about the organisation. They call themselves the "Exilists", and as we already saw when we were rescuing the Splixson, they're not humans, and it's not just one. They're some crazy aliens that plan to mix hundreds of different DNA samples to build an army and re-conquer their home world.

[Vulk] Hunderds of DNA samples? Oh no... did they... did they do something to the Ne-O?!

[Nick] No, they saved that for later, but now that I'm on the loose they can go after me any moment now. And as for the DNA samples, turns out, the gigantic castle you're looking at is a huge prison for aliens that crashed on Earth during the years. They're keeping every single one of them locked up.

[Vulk] What the.. but.. we've been tracking-

[Nick] I know, but I guess they hid their tracks pretty well.

[Aubrey] Nick...? What are you planning?

[Nick] I don't know exactly. If you guys try to come over here, by ground or air, the Mechamanders will overwhelm you. If I try to escape they'll find me sooner or later, and who knows how many of them there are here.

[Vulk] So what are you going to do?

[Nick] I'm not sure but... here's the deal. I'm going to try to rescue all of those aliens that they're keeping captive.

[Vulk] You're not actually serious... we should leave that to the Plumbers!

[Aubrey] Yeah! Don't get yourself into trouble!

[Nick] I won't, but I have to try. The Exilists said they wanted to return to their home planet, right?

[Vulk] Yes, so?

[Nick] SO... there's gotta be a ship in this building somewhere. Something they can use to get out. And if they're as many as I think they are, it's gotta be a big ship.

[Vulk] Wait, what are you getting at?

[Nick] It's simple. First I find the ship, then I go back and bust out all the aliens, then I lead them to the ship. They're aliens, I think they can operate it.

[Vulk] It's way too risky! And anyway, how are you going to get past the Exilists and the possibly thousands of Mechamanders they may have?

[Nick] Uhm... I didn't actually think that one through.

[Vulk] ...Seriously?

[Aubrey] Whatever you're doing, just be careful, okay? Don't get yourself in some crazy mess.

[Nick] I know, thank you Aubrey. And... I'll explain everything once we make it out of this, I know we will.

[Vulk] Okay, so what do you want us to do?

[Nick] Well, I-

[Aubrey] Uhm... Vulk?

[Vulk turns around and sees a bunch of Mechamanders surrounding them]

[Nick] Guys! What's going on?!

[Vulk] Mechamanders.

[Nick] Oh heck.

[Aubrey] They look angry...

[Vulk] Aubrey, ready to try that suit for a test drive?

[Aubrey] Not really...

[Vulk] Heh.

[Nick] GUYS?!

[Vulk] Don't worry, Nick. We'll take care of them.

[Nick] But...

[Aubrey] He said don't worry! Just be careful, okay?

[Nick] Okay... you too.

[They turn off the communications]

Music-icon Soundtrack - Run For It!

[Aubrey takes the blaster from her belt and aims it at them]

[Vulk] Just don't panic. Remain calm, the suit isn't that hard to use.

[Aubrey] If you say so...

[Vulk] ...Okay... GO!

[Vulk gets down on four limbs and leaps at the Mechamanders]

[Aubrey starts shooting laser blasts at them. At first she doesn't properly control the blaster's recoil but gets the hang of it in a few moments]

[Aubrey] Okay! I got this!

[Vulk] Nice!

[He slashes through a Mechamander with his claws, turns around and headbutts another one. He jumps up into the air and dives onto a group of Mechamanders, then proceeds to rip them apart]

[Aubrey keeps shooting laser blasts at them. Suddenly a Mechamander leaps at her. She panics but tries to jump away, but instead leaps around 10 ft in the air before making a landing]

[Aubrey] Woah... this agility thing sure works alright.

[Vulk] Don't get too distracted!

[He bites off a Mechamander's head and spills it out]

[Aubrey] Uh.. got it!

[Vulk then turns around]

[Vulk] Those headphones should protect you!

[Aubrey] Huh?! From what?!

[Vulk's mouth opens in an X shape and blasts out a sonic howl which knocks the Mechamanders away and blows them up in mid-air]

[Aubrey stands there a bit shocked]

[Vulk] I said don't get distracted!

[Aubrey, annoyed] Fine...

[She keeps shooting at them]

[Scene switches back to Nick, who takes a deep breath]

Music-icon Soundtrack - Escape From Exile

[He snaps the Ne-O and slams it down]

[Nick] TESLASP!!

[Teslasp flies though the hallway of the prison cells and after a few minutes he reaches a corner. He slowly peaks around it and sees an Exilist, who doesn't notice him]

[Teslasp] Careful now...

[He zaps the Exilist, who slowly falls over, unconcious]

[Suddenly a red light lights up and an alarm goes off]

[Teslasp] ...Ah heck.

[He changes back. Nick hides behind a corner and sees three Exilists running past him, inspecting the knocked-out Exilist]

[Exilist 1] What do you think happened?

[Exilist 2] Something strong enough to trigger the alarm that's what.

[Nick] Good guess.

[The three of them turn around. Nick transforms into Protosect and blasts the three of them with a green energy ray]

[Protosect] Okay, it's about time before more of them start popping up. Gotta go!

[He starts running down the hallway and sees two more running towards him. They are both wielding blasters and try to shoot him but he jumps up and wraps his legs around them]

[Protosect] Nope!

[He shoots both of them down and un-wraps his legs]

[Suddenly, another one approaches]

[It looks around but doesn't see anything. The camera switches to a shot from below, showing Protosect sticking on the ceiling right above the Exilist]

[A blue light appears, Protosect switches]

[Nick] WIND-UP!!

[As Wind-Up falls down, he rolls his fist and punches down the Exilist]

[He changes back to Nick again]

[Nick] Okay... now then.

[Nick looks around and sees the elevator. He walks up to it and presses a button. After a few moments, the elevator arrives]

[Nick walks in and the door closes. The elevator travels down to the lowest floor. Nick walks out]

[Two Exilists are standing right in front of the elevator, having their blasters aimed at him]

[Nick] ...Oops.

[They start shooting. Nick barely dodges]

[Nick] AH!

[He slams the Ne-O down]


[He quickly rushes through the lasers unharmed, grabs the Exilists' heads and smashes them together]

[He changes back]

[Nick] Okay, if this is the lowest floor... there's gotta be a ship somewhere.

[He starts walking but then stops and looks at the wall. There is a blueprint of the entire building]

[Nick takes a closer look at it]

[Nick] Okay... launch pad, launch pad, control room, ship... where is it? Come on... Ah! Got it!

[The scene shows him running off]

[The scene switches back to Vulk and Aubrey, who are slowly getting overwhelmed by the Mechamanders]

[Aubrey] Uhm... this really doesn't look good!

[Vulk] Ugh...

[Suddenly, the Mechamanders stop moving and look back. A blurry blue dash speeds all around the Mechamanders, quickly destroying them]

[The blue dash appears in front of Vulk and Aubrey, revealing it to be Skorost, in plumber suit]

[Vulk] Magister Skorost?! What are you doing here?!

[Skorost] Figured you two could use a little help from a veteran.

[Vulk] But.. but.. you haven't had a battle in over 700 years!

[Aubrey remains silent, but surprised]

[Skorost] Have I? Oh well. I still know how to kick it.

[Vulk] That's good to know. Anyway, we found Nick. He's inside the castle.

[Skorost] I know, I've been keeping track of the tranmissions.

[Vulk] Wait, why are you here? I mean.. you could have sent the other plumbers...?

[Skorost] Those youngsters are nothing compared to a classic like me.

[Vulk] Well, that's one way of putting it.

[Aubrey] Thanks for saving us!

[Skorost] Anytime. I almost forgot how fast I am.

[Vulk] Well, we can talk about that later.

[Skorost] I sure hope Nick's plan works. That sounds risky as heck.

[Vulk] That's what I said.

[Aubrey] Yeah, it's pretty risky... but he knows what he's doing.

[Vulk, confused]

[Vulk] Are you sure about that?

[Aubrey looks up at the castle]

[Aubrey] ...Yeah...

[Nick is slowly walking through the hallway. He sees a metallic door with a button next to it and presses it]

[It opens, and behind it is a massive spaceship, shaped like a huge rocket]

[Nick] Well... found the ship.

[He walks in and suddenly the door behind him shuts]

[Nick] Oh heck no!

[He turns around, then back at the ship and sees an Exilist standing there]

[Nick] Ugh... which one are you again?

[Exilist] Most of us share DNA and memories, so in a way, we've talked before.

[Nick] ...Oookkaaaayy.. new question: What's your plan?

[Exilist] Since your struggles are useless, it wouldn't hurt to explain.

[Nick puts his guard down]

[Exilist] In a few hours, perhaps less, we will travel back to our home planet using this spaceship.

[Nick] And all the aliens you captured...?

[Exilist] Will be coming with us. We will use them as blank slates for our new and improved mutant DNA.

[Nick] And... what do you need ME for?!

[Exilist] We will be taking you with us. The DNA within the Ne-O will energize our army even further! Then... NOTHING can stop us!

[Nick] Yeah... like I'm going to let that happen.

[Exilist] Oh, but you don't have a choice. You'll never destroy all of us.

[Nick] Yeah? I already took out a couple of you Exilists after the alarm went off. What makes you think I can't stop the rest?

[Exilist] There are two more things that I should mention.

[Nick] And what may that be?

[Exilist] The DNA that we find... isn't always added to our army. Some of the DNA that we find is mixed and added to our own, but most importantly...

[The Exilist suddenly duplicates itself]

[Nick backs away and holds his wrist up]

[Exilist] That Splixson you and your Loboan friend were desperatly trying to save may have escaped us, but we already had a sample of its DNA. And so...

[Nick] ...You added THAT to your own.

[Exilist, still duplicating] Precisely.

[In a few minutes, the entire area is filled with Exilist clones]

[Nick] Oh heck...

[They all speak at the same time]

[Exilists] YOU CAN'T STOP US!!

[Nick looks at the Ne-O]

[He snaps it and slams it down]


[He ascends up and creates a bright flash which blinds all of the Exilists. He then proceeds to quickly melt down the shut door and fly away from them. He hides in a small room and transforms back]

[Nick] Phew...

[He looks at the Ne-O]

[Nick] Guys! Come in!

[Vulk, still with Aubrey and Skorost, responds]

[Vulk] We're here, Nick. What's going on?

[Nick] I found the spaceship. These things are insane... They are planning to fly off this planet with all the aliens they captured.

[Aubrey] Oh my!

[Nick] That's not all. The launch will cause the entire castle to blow itself up... along with the aliens.

[Skorost] Not good... not good at all.

[Nick] I gotta find the aliens quickly! That Exilist guy has already cloned himself like a million times thanks to the Splixson DNA he got from that runaway we were trying to save.

[Vulk] Seriously? Wow...

[Nick] Although I'm guessing not everyone in the building is a clone. I knocked out a few others and not all of them got knocked out.

[Skorost] Obviously. They wouldn't put their entire species in danger like that.

[Nick] I gotta find the aliens and lead them to the ship!

[A loud crashing noise is heard behind Nick]

[Aubrey] NICK! Are you okay?!

[Nick] I'm fine. They're onto me though! I gotta go!

[Vulk] Nick, it's TOO RISKY! You HAVE to get out of there! What if they blow up the base along with you!

[Nick] They won't. They still need the Ne-O... I'm not wasting anymore time! I'm gonna save those aliens!

[He shuts the communications]

[Vulk] Nick? NICK!!

[Skorost puts his hand on Vulk's shoulder]

[Skorost] If he thinks he can do it... let him try.

[Aubrey] But.. what if he-

[Skorost] Relax... he's finally sure of what he can do. If he can do it, then just... let him try.

[Vulk sighs]

[Vulk] Alright Magister.. if you say so.

[Nick] Alright, that blueprint showed two massive wide-open spaces in this building. One is the ship room and the other one... has got to be where all the cells are.

[Nick takes the elevator and after a few minutes, he reaches the door. There are three Exilists guarding it]

[Nick] Really?

[Exilists] Stop right there!

[Nick slams down the Ne-O]

[Nick] WIND-UP!!

[Wind-Up] Time for you to EXPLOOOOOOODEEE!!!

[He shoots bombs at them and knocks them out, then he shoots the door open, changes back and runs inside]

[Nick takes a look around and sees all the prison cells]

[Nick] Woah...

[The scene shows various shots of aliens. They all stand at attention and look at Nick. They make strange noises]

[Nick] Hello? I can't understand you you know! ...Oh wait.

[He looks at the Ne-O]

[Nick] Trigger translator.

[Suddenly the aliens' speech is understandable]

[Alien 1] Arghafagag-what is he? Another Exilist?

[Alien 2] Shut your big mouth! He can kill us any moment he wants to!

[Nick] Everyone calm down! I'm here to help you! My name is Nick Stone. I was captured by the Exilists like all of you and I'm here to help you.

[Alien 3] How will YOU help us? You're just a human!

[Alien 4] Hey, give the kid a try he can probably do better than you.

[Alien 3] No he can't! No one can do better than me!

[Nick] Ugh, I don't have time for this.

[He slams the Ne-O]

[Nick] TESLASP!!

[Alien 1] What the...

[Alien 4] That human, he has the Ne-O!

[Teslasp] No really? How did you know? Just... stand back!

[He levitates and ascends up into the air and releases an electromagnetic pulse. All the cell doors open]

[Alien 1] We are free!

[Teslasp changes back]

[Nick] Listen! I've seen the blueprints of this entire prison! I know where the ship they're going to use is!

[Alien 3] Ship? We need no ship!

[Alien 5] Yes we do you dumb jerk, what other idea do you have?

[Alien 3] We bust the HECK out of here!

[Alien 2] And where are you going to go after that? Remain on this bacteria dump?

[Alien 3] Well uhm... uh...

[Nick facepalms]

[Nick] For crying out loud. Just. FOLLOW. ME. If you don't, the entire prison will be blown up once the Exilists take off.

[Alien 3] Why didn't you say that in the first place?!

[Nick] Don't you think I've been tr-

[Alien 3] Whatever! Let's go!

[The rest of the aliens all walk out of their prison cells and gather in front of Nick]

[Nick] Okay, here's the plan. I lead you to the ship, you operate it. There's quite a few of you here so at least 5 of you should be able to operate the ship.

[Random Alien] Drive can I spaceships!!

[Random Alien 2] Me too!

[Nick] Uhm... okay, everyone follow me!

[They nod]

[Nick starts running in the direction from which he came from, the aliens follow him]

[After a few minutes, they reach the ship]

[Nick looks around]

[Nick] That cloned guy is gone. You guys are free to go! The platform's up there!

[He points]

[Random Alien 3] Thank you, human.

[They all pass by him and climb up to the platform]

[One tiny little feminine-looking alien with pink skin shakes his hand]

[Tiny Alien] Thank you! You are very nice!

[It runs past him along with the other aliens. After a few moments, there are no more except the first alien that spoke up]

[Alien 1] What should I tell the others to do?

[Nick] Get up there and get out as quickly as you can.

[Alien 1] But... what about you?

[Nick] Don't worry.

[He looks back at the door]

[Nick] I still got unfinished business.

[Alien 1] If you say so... then me and the others shall be going home.

[Nick] Understood. Don't waste anymore time!

[The alien nods and follows-up to the others to the platform]

[Nick starts running towards the elevator and goes up to the highest floor, where the control center is]

[Nick] You've had this coming...

[The Exilists that are left turn around. There are about 7 of them]

[Exilists] So... you may have rescued the other aliens, but the truth is, we have no further use for them.

[Nick] What...?

[Exilists] We knew you would rescue the aliens. But we have already copied their DNA onto our database.

[Nick] Then why just let me rescue them?! No, forget that. You do realize that if they take off you would all die in the explosion, right?

[Exilists] True... but one of our own has already made a clone of themselves. That clone is far gone by now and is carrying the DNA database far away from here.

[Nick] You... little...

[Exilists] No need to feel left out, human. We may not have the Ne-O, but we have a larger database of alien DNA than ever. And in our last moments...

[Their arms become more muscular]

[Exilists] We will have the pleasure of putting an end to you.

[Nick] Yeah... not gonna happen.

[He slams the Ne-O down]

Music-icon Soundtrack - Run For It!


[One of the exilists run towards him. He wraps his legs around it and knocks it out with a ray blast. He then jumps up into the air and shoots down the second one. The third and fourth are both around him. He aims his two hands and shoots a laser beam from both of them, knocking out both Exilists. The fifth one jumps in the air and attempts to stomp Protosect, but Protosect dodges, wraps his legs around the Exilist and flings him at the sixth one. Finally, he lands down and aims both claws at the seventh one]

[Protosect] Checkmate.

[The Exilist attempts to block the attack but the two rays Protosect shoots blast him back out the window of the control tower. He falls to his death, several hundred feet through the crater]

[Protosect walks up to the edge and looks down, then changes back to Nick]

[Nick] It's over...

[Nick looks at the Ne-O]

[Nick] Guys?

[Meanwhile, Aubrey, Vulk and Skorost are moving down the crater and fighting off Mechamanders]

[Nick] Guys, what's going on?!

[Aubrey, in-between shooting laser blasts at the Mechamanders]

[Aubrey] We got a surprise attack!

[Vulk] They knew we'd come after you and sent Mechamanders to stop us!

[Nick] Aren't they a bit late? I took care of them.

[Skorost] And the aliens?

[Nick] They're safe. They're inside the ship.

[Vulk] And when are they taking off?

[Skorost] Uhm... Nick...

[Nick suddenly realizes what is about to happen]

[Nick] Oh no... Vulk! Call your ship NOW!!

[Vulk] Took you long enough!

[Nick] Forget the Mechamanders! This whole place is going to blow the heck up!


[Vulk's ship suddenly arrives. In-between fighting off Mechamanders, they make their way through the cargo door and close it. Several Mechamanders attempt to break through but fail. The ship flies away]

[Nick, watching them from above]

[Nick] Phew...

[Suddenly, a red light starts blinking and a big red text with black background appears on the big screen that says "TAKE-OFF INITIATED]

VFX - Slow Motion

Music-icon Soundtrack - Final Stretch

[Nick slowly looks up to see the red light flashing, he then looks at the Ne-O, which has powered down due to the multiple transformations he did. He then looks at the side and sees a long tunnel with light up ahead]

[He then slowly starts running towards the tunnel, looking terrified. He runs as fast as he can, getting closer and closer to the light. Suddenly, an Exilist slowly stands up and sees Nick running. He grabs a blaster and shoots a laser beam which slightly goes past Nick's right arm, burning it. He yells out in pain for a short time but continues running. He almost reaches the tunnel as the spaceship starts to take off and create a massive fire. He continues running and looks at the Ne-O, which is now recharged. He slams it down and gets surrounded by a blue light, then jumps off the edge. The camera zooms out to show the entire castle, as Nick, still transforming, freefalls down the mountain side. The ship takes off and the entire castle explodes. Huge chunks of it and chunks of the ground fly out in every direction as the ship takes off and heads into space, leaving a massive flame trail behind it. The sky assumes a burning red color. In the meantime, Aubrey, Skorost and Vulk watch from the ship]

VFX - End of Slow Motion

[The castle continues to explode]

[Aubrey] Nick... NOOOOOOOO!!!

[Vulk and Skorost continue to watch]

[Suddenly Vulk looks and sees a bright blue light freefalling down the mountain side.

[Vulk] Guys! He's alive! We have got to hurry!

[The ship accelarates down the mountain side and lands. There is smoke everywhere. In a few moments, the scene transitions to Vulk, Aubrey and Nick looking around the place]

[Aubrey] Nick! NIIICK!!

[Vulk] Nick where are you?!

[Suddenly, a bright blue flash appears]

[Skorost] Over there!

[They run up to the blue flash, and from within it, there's Launchviper, looking critically injured]

[Aubrey] Oh no.. Nick!

[Launchviper changes back. Nick's shirt is torn apart and he has burn markings all over his body]

[Vulk] Oh no...

[Aubrey kneels down and presses her hands on Nick's chest]

[Aubrey] Nick... NICK!

[No response...]



[Suddenly, Nick coughs and slowly opens his eyes]

[Aubrey smiles, in tears and hugs him]

[Nick, slightly faint] A-A...Aubrey?

[Aubrey] Yes... it's me! You're... okay!

[She hugs him again]

[Nick] A-Aubrey.. that's a little too tight...

[She lets go of him and holds him]

[Aubrey] Are you alright?

[Nick] Not really... I... I... ugh...

[He collapses and faints]

[Aubrey] Nick!

[Skorost puts his hand on Aubrey's shoulder]

[Skorost] Don't worry, he'll be fine. He just needs time to recover, that's all.

[Camera shows a close-up of Nick, unconcious]

[The screen fades to black]





[???] Doctor, are you sure he'll be fine?

[???] Don't worry, he needs a little bit more time to recover, that's all. His injuries were bad but he'll be fine.

[???] That's good to know...

[???] Shall I leave you two alone?

[???] Yeah, that would be nice.

[The sound of a door opening and then being closed is heard]

[Suddenly Nick opens his eyes and slightly looks forward and sees Aubrey sitting down, with Vulk in his dog form next to her]

[Nick] Aubr...ey? Vulk?

[Vulk looks at Nick]

[Aubrey] Nick?

[Vulk] He's awake!

[They both stand up and walk up to him quickly]

[Vulk] How are you feeling, kid?

[Nick] G-good, actually. A little bit faint, but good.

[Aubrey] Your hair has grown longer...

[Nick] It.. it has? How long was I out?

[Aubrey] Around three and a half weeks.

[Nick] That long?!

[He tries to move but the pain gets to him]

[Nick] ARGH!!

[Vulk] Relax, kid! Don't be too hard on yourself. You've been recovering from your injuries for a long time.

[Nick] Injuries? I...

[Suddenly he remembers the massive explosion and everything that happened]

[Nick] That explosion... what...?

[Vulk] We found you unconcious on the ground. Your Xerafronian form saved you...

[Aubrey] You were pretty messed up though...

[Nick] And the aliens? What happened to them?

[Vulk] Don't worry about that. The plumber station in space took care of their ship. They are each already on their home planets, living happily.

[Nick sighs in relief]

[Nick] Thank goodness.. and.. what about the Exilists?

[Vulk] No sign of them, whatever was left of them must have blown up in the explosion. No signs of any activated Mechamanders either.

[Nick looks over to the side and remembers something...]

[Exilist] One of our own has already made a clone of themselves. That clone is far gone by now and is carrying the DNA database.

[Aubrey] What's the matter, Nick?

[Nick] Nothing...

[He leans back in the bed]

[Nick] Wait... what about my parents?

[Vulk] No need to worry about that either, kid.

[Aubrey] Yeah. We... kind of told them you went on a camp in school.

[Vulk] They were mad for you not telling them, but we managed to convince them anyway, with the help of some plumber tech. You know... voice changer, all of that.

[Nick] You guys... thanks.

[Vulk] Don't mention it.

[Aubrey] Yeah, anytime!

[Nick] So... now what?

[Vulk] Aubrey here talked to the doctors. You can go home in a few more days.

[Aubrey] We're staying right here with you though! Although.. we did have problems getting the doctors to let Vulk in.

[Vulk] Problems? I had to pretend I wouldn't go out if Nick wasn't by me! Do you know how much acting talent it takes?

[Aubrey] Well, excuse ME. I was just trying to...

[Scene shows a shot of Nick, smiling, then closing his eyes]

[The scene fades to black]

One week later...

[The scene shows a shot of Vulk's ship landing in the plumber base. From within it, walk out Aubrey and Vulk, followed by Nick, whose entire right arm is bandaged and he is walking with crutches. He has cut his hair back to the short length it had and is now wearing a pure black long-sleeved shirt instead of his old black V-neck T-shirt]

Music-icon Soundtrack - Our Future

[Skorost] Nick! Good to see you on your feet again... sort of on your feet at least...

[Vulk] Magister Skorost, he's been recovering for a while, but he's okay now... I guess.

[Nick] I'm fine, thank you.

[Skorost] Now that you're here. We have a surprise for you!

[Nick] Surprise...?

[Skorost] Indeed!

[From behind Skorost, a tall alien plumber with pink skin gives Skorost a briefcase, and from behind that plumber, about 20 other plumbers walk and gather]

[Nick] What is this?

[He looks at Vulk]

[Vulk] Hey, I wanted to tell you, believe me...

[Aubrey] Hey! I wasn't informed of this either!

[Skorost looks at Vulk, who nods. Skorost also nods]

[Skorost holds up the briefcase and opens it, and within it, there are two plumber badges]

[Nick] Magister Skorost...?

[Aubrey] Woah, what are those?

[Skorost] Nick Stone, for your incredible courage, risking your life to save hundreds of other aliens and succeeding while doing so, I now make you...

[He gives the badge to Nick, who puts down his left crutch and his held by Vulk. He holds the plumber badge in his hand]

[Skorost] An honorary plumber!

[The other plumbers behind Skorost cheer]

[Nick] Thank you!

[Skorost smiles and turns around at Aubrey, holding the other badge]

[Skorost] And you, Aubrey Senali, have shown compassion, incredible talent after moments of being introduced to the plumbers facility and immense care for your close ones. And for that... you are ALSO promoted to a honorary plumber!

[He gives her the badge. The plumbers once again all cheer]

[Aubrey] Me... really? A plumber? This is amazing!

[Skorost] Welcome to the team.

[Aubrey] So does that mean I can keep the suit?

[Skorost smiles]

[Skorost] ...Of course.

[Aubrey] Yeah!

[Vulk also cheers as Nick grabs his other crutch again]

[Nick and Aubrey look at each other as the scene zooms away from them]

[Later, it's sunset. The park is once again populated. Nick and Aubrey are sitting at the bench they were at before Nick was captured. Vulk is also standing beside them, in his dog form. All three of them are looking at the sunset]

[Nick] I can't believe it how much has happened the past two months... fighting aliens, rescuing hundreds of aliens.

[Vulk, sarcastically] Almost getting killed...

[Nick] Hey!

[Aubrey] I'm just glad it's all over...

[Nick] Yeah...


[Nick looks at Aubrey]

[Nick] Aubrey, look. I don't think I ever got a proper chance to apologize, but... now that you know my secret... I'm so sorry for lying to you all this time. I know I should have told you a long time ago and I am so sorry for making you feel bad about this...

[Aubrey] There's no need to apologize. I'm the one who should have trusted you when you said you needed time alone. That was very brave of you and I shouldn't have gotten in the way...

[Nick] You never did...

[Aubrey smiles]

[Nick] So... do you forgive me?

[Aubrey holds his hands]

[Aubrey] I... already have.

[Nick stands up from the bench with his crutches, still looking at Aubrey. She also stands up, then they hug]

[Vulk looks away and smiles, then walks beside them and looks at the sky]

[The camera shows Nick and Aubrey hugging before slowly moving up and ending at the sunset]

The End...

Music-icon Soundtrack - Dark Times

[Suddenly, a dark cavern is shown. Within it stands a humanoid muscular figure which appears to have two horns sticking out of its head, but they are both twisted, one upwards, one downwards. Suddenly, metallic sounds are heard and then they stop]

[Figure] Well well... to what do I own this unexpected visit?

[Out of the shadows, the creature who made the robotic sounds walks and is revealed to be none other than the Rogue Chronosapien]

[The Figure turns around to face him]

[Figure] Templius...

[Templius] Actually, we've already had this conversation a few times.

[Figure] Hm? Is that so?

[Templius] Ehm, yes.

[Templius looks away and then back at the figure with twisted horns]

[Templius] My attempt to retrieve the Ne-O was a failure... the Loboan known as Vulk Izor gave it to some human. That kid's got some nerve facing me.

[Figure] Hmmm...

[The figure then turns its back at Templius]

[Figure] You have done well.

[Templius, surprised] Pardon?

[Figure] I said you have done well...

[Templius looks a little confused but then looks away, seemingly calm]

[Templius] I see...

[The figure once again turns around to face him. The camera pans to its face and reveals two sinister glowing red eyes]

[Figure] Time... is on our side.

Major Events

  • The Exilists and their base are destroyed.
  • Nick suffers serious injuries and spends roughly 4 weeks recovering.
  • Nick and Aubrey are promoted to honorary plumbers.
  • The Rogue Chronosapien makes his debut in an unknown point in time and his name is revealed to be Templius.
  • A mysterious figure makes its debut.



  • Exilists
  • Mechamanders
  • Templius


  • Mysterious Figure

Aliens Used


  • This episode was released one day before its official airdate because of the writer's Internet issues.
  • This is currently the longest episode of Genesis: Chronocle.
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