Genesis: Chronocle
Season 1, Episode 6
GCEP06 The Breakout Part 1
Air date January 9, 2014
January 10, 2014 (Official)
Written by NickFusi0n
Directed by NickFusi0n
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The Breakout: Part 2

The Breakout: Part 1 is the sixth episode of the first season on Genesis: Chronocle. Along with The Breakout: Part 2, it is the two-parter finale of the first season.


Nick has gone missing, leaving Vulk and a close one of his to set out and rescue him before it's too late.


Music-icon Soundtrack - The Crisis

Previously... on Genesis: Chronocle...

[Vulk] Are you doing alright?

[Nick] Alright? ALRIGHT?! Remember what that guy said? He's going to attack THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!

[Nick] Hey Aubrey...

[Vulk walks out of the room]

[Nick] I'm sorry we haven't talked much lately. I've had a lot on my mind going . Plus school...

[Aubrey, on the phone] Listen, I know that you can have problems, but... at least tell me what's going on.

[Aubrey] Anything that has to do with you, I worry about. When will you understand that?

[Cal] Look, I've seen what you can do. Just because you don't believe in yourself that doesn't mean that others don't believe in you.

[Cal] But if everyone is depending on you, that means they expect to see a strong person who stands up for them and NOT a quitter.

[Nick stays still for a minute but then stands up and looks at the sunset again]

[Nick] We're going to the plumbers' base tomorrow. Gonna make a plan...

[Vulk looks at Nick, confused]

[Nick] Together.

[Nick] I don't need a huge plan or strategy. I just need backup. I'll face them alone and try to take them all out. If I fail, you guys bust out everything you have and use it against them.

[Figure] Just in case you didn't get the picture, my army will come for you tomorrow at 7 AM.

[Aubrey] I know you're lying.

[Aubrey] Just call me when you're ready to tell me the truth.

[Nick] Aubr... ARGH!

[He angrily kicks away a pebble and sits down on the bench, holding his head in his hands]

[Vulk] How are you doing?

[Nick] I'm fine... let's go.

[Nick] Three more minutes.

[He puts his phone back in his pocket and looks ahead]

[Nick] Then it's on.

[Nick] ...Aubrey?!

[Aubrey] ...Nick?

[Nick] You can't be here NOW.

[Suddenly the Mechamanders approach. There are hunders of them. They start walking down the street]

[Aubrey grabs Nick's hand]

[Aubrey] What... are those things?!

[Nick] Listen... we need to get out of here! You're in danger!

[Aubrey] What are you talking about?! What are those things?!

[Nick] There's no time, we have to go!

[Aubrey] But-

[Nick] NOW!

[Aubrey stares as a blue light appears]


[Aubrey stares in awe]

[From within the smoke cloud, a pitch black armored-looking humanoid figure with glowing neon-green spots on its body emerges and ascends into the air with the jets on its legs]


[Launchviper] What... WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!

[Figure] Well, that wouldn't TOO simple to answer now wouldn't it?

[Launchviper collapses and changes back]

[Nick blacks out and is unconcious]

[The Figure takes Nick and they all teleport. The Mechamanders, everything. Downtown is left severely damaged]

[Vulk] I don't have time to explain either, but Nick risked his life and got himself captured to save you...

Aubrey] He's gone now...

[Vulk walks up to her and puts his hand on her shoulder]

[Vulk] Well... are you just going to stand there and grief? Or are you going to help me rescue him?

[Aubrey] Me... but... how?

[Vulk] Come with me.

[Aubrey looks confused for a second, but then nods]

[The scene zooms away from them]

Theme Song
Time... Space... two omnipotent forces. Forces that must be kept in balance at all costs, and if not... The End is still premature.

[The scene shows a close-up of the Ne-O. The camera zooms out slowly to reveal Nick's hand, followed by his entire arm, and then his whole body. The camera moves behind him and shows Aubrey and Vulk standing by his side. In front of them is a gigantic castle-like structure and the sky is a burning red color, giving the appearance of a sunset]

[It then shows a frontal split-screen shot of all of them as they all jump towards the castle as the scene freezes, showing the castle in front of them]


Created by NickFusi0n

[The scene shows Vulk's ship flying towards the direction of the mountains]

[Aubrey is on Nick's seat, looking out the window. She turns around and looks at Vulk]

[Aubrey] I can't help but feel weird being flown in an alien spaceship by an alien dog...

[Vulk] I'd prefer "Wolf" better. Anyway, my name is Vulk.

[Aubrey] You... know Nick?

[Vulk] Yes, I'm his partner.

[Aubrey] So you know about him... I mean... that he's a monster?

[Vulk] Nick is not a monster. He may turn into one, but he isn't one.

[Aubrey] And... what's with you anyway? First you're a dog and now you're some alien wolf?

[Vulk] Well, I needed a way to blend in with the locals.

[Aubrey] This is just too strange...

[Vulk] I know this may seem strange to you, and I'm sorry that I can't explain everything, but Nick is missing and we have to find him as quickly as we can.

[Aubrey] How will we find him? I mean... we don't even know where he is... where those things took him.

[Vulk] We don't, but we can scan the Ne-O and track him down, wherever he is.

[Aubrey] Ne-O...?

[Vulk] The thing on his wrist that lets him turn into monsters... which by the way, are aliens.

[Aubrey] Well, figures....

[Vulk] We're going to Plumber Base... and no, not the kind of Plumbers you're thinking about...

[Aubrey] I assume they're not people who repair broken pipes?

[Vulk] Far from it. You'll see.

[Aubrey] Well... if you say so.

[She looks outside the window]

[Aubrey] Why didn't Nick tell me about this?

[Vulk] You think he didn't want to? Every day he would feel horrible for lying to his close ones all this time. Especially the past two weeks. He's been stressed-out about fighting those things.

[Aubrey] Wait... THAT'S what this was all about?! ...He... could have told me... I would have understood.

[Vulk] He had no way of knowing that, but believe me, he wanted to tell you and felt horrible for keeping it from you... but... put yourself in his place for a moment. How would you tell him with the fear of being rejected for being a... as you call it... "monster"?

[Aubrey] I guess he had a reason... and I could have understood him but instead...

[Vulk] You can keep blaming yourself, but right now, we're going to find him. One way or another.

[Aubrey takes a deep breath and nods]

[The camera shows the ship flying towards the mountain side]

[The hole from before opens and the ship flies through it]

[Aubrey] What... is this?

[Vulk] You haven't seen anything yet, heh.

[The ship then lands inside the base. The cargo door opens and they both walk out]

[Aubrey] Woah... this place is... amazing... How long has it been here?

[Vulk] Heh...

[Aubrey] What?

[Vulk] Oh, nothing. It's just that... Nick said the exact same thing when he first came here...

[Aubrey looks away, saddened]

[Aubrey] ...Oh...

[Skorost then approaches]

[Skorost] Ah, greetings Vulk.

[Vulk walks up to him and they shake hands]

[Vulk] Magister Skorost! I'm afraid we have bad news. We managed to evacuate the Downtown area of Inferno Tides, but Nick's plan didn't work that well... he got himself captured.

[Skorost] Oh no... and...

[Skorost looks at Aubrey, who backs away, a little surprised]

[Skorost] And who might you be, child?

[Aubrey] Uuuuuhhhh...

[Vulk] Unfortunetly, she wasn't part of the evacuation and was in Downtown when the Mechamanders approached. She... kind of also saw Nick transform...

[Skorost] Oh? I see... and she's here because...?

[Vulk] Nick got himself captured trying to protect her... and she's also kind of his girlfriend...

[Skorost] I see...

[Aubrey] Well, the truth is, we're not officially together, like-

[Vulk] Whatever!

[Skorost] So, what are you suggesting, Vulk?

[Vulk] We can use the scanners at plumber base to track down the Ne-O. Or an alternative, but more difficult, track down Nick's DNA directly.

[Skorost] I see. The first option could work... but...

[Vulk] Exactly. The Ne-O needs to be activated in order for us to catch the signal... and we don't know what that organisation has done to Nick. They could have shut down the Ne-O.

[Skorost] Or taken other pre-cautions in general...

[Vulk] As for the DNA scan, I can find something around his house that we can use to track him down, but even so, without the Ne-O's signal, it will be very difficult.

[Skorost] We have to try... Vulk, I need you to go to Nick's house and look for something that has a strong DNA signature from him. You two will set out to find him in three hours.

[Aubrey] Wait? Me? How am I supposed to help? I don't have superpowers...

[Skorost] You don't, do you? Hmmm... I think I have just the thing. Vulk, go back to your ship and have a look in Nick's house.

[Vulk] Sir!

[He enters his ship again]

[Aubrey] And... me?

[Skorost] Heh, come with me.

[Aubrey looks a little confused. Scene switches to Vulk's ship taking off]

[Scene switches to a blurred shot of what appears to be a high-tech prison cell, then to a first person view of Nick. He slowly opens his eyes and looks around, then jumps up]

[Nick] AH!

[He grabs his waist with his hand in pain]

[Nick] Ugh....

[???] Finally awake yet?

[Nick] Wha-

[From outside the cell, the figure appears]

[Nick] YOU! What... where...

[Figure] No need to ask where you are. You'll find out soon enough.

[Nick] How did I... wait a second...

[He remembers fighting the Mechamanders as Launchviper, before blacking out]

[Nick] Ugh... I... oh no, AUBREY!

[He angrily grabs the bars]


[Figure] I am not familiar with this "Aubrey", but after we captured you, we stopped attacking.

[Nick] Then.. she's safe...

[He lets go of the bars]

[Figure] Perhaps.

[He backs away and calms down]

[Nick] ...What do you want with me?! No, forget that. Who... ARE you?

[Figure] You see, Nick Stone. You probably think we have met before, don't you?

[Nick] Well, obviously. At the power plant where you abducted that electric alien, in the forest when you chased after the Splixson, and when you captured me... why do you ask?

[Figure] Because I know you're thinking I'm the same person do you?

[Nick] Duh. You're some weird secret agent who makes a bunch of robot lizards to attack Inferno Tides and kidnap aliens.

[Figure] Mechamanders. Simply our... pawns. They do well as as a small but versatile attack unit.

[Nick mockingly smiles]

[Nick] Seems to me like you need some robots to do your dirty work. Why not go after me... or... whatever you're after, yourself?

[Figure] And what would be the point of that? We have much more important matters to worry about.

[Nick] Wait... "we"?

[Figure] Yes, we. Refering to my previous question to you... we...

[Another but exactly-the-same looking figure walks out from a corner]

[Figure 2] Are...

[Yet another one walks out from the other corner]

[Figure 3] Not...

[Then the first figure stands up]

[Figure] The same person.

[Nick backs away, surprised]

[The camera switches to a close-up of the first figure, who smiles]

[Scene switches back to the Plumber base, and then a close-up of Aubrey's face]

[Aubrey] Okay... this is really weird.

[The shot zooms away and shows her wearing a slim grey, white and neon-green plumber suit]

[Aubrey] What is this?

[Skorost is in front of her]

[Skorost] You and Nick are not the first outsiders to discover the base. Humans before you who found themselves here, one way or another have been around for quite some time. Some have even became Plumbers themselves.

[Aubrey] Okay so... what does that have to do with me?

[Skorost] Well, you see, we've had emergency situations like this before too, which is why we designed these Z3-A armors. They are slim, easy to use, and don't require any training.

[Aubrey] Okay soooo...?

[She looks at her hands]

[Aubrey] How do I use it?

[Skorost] The suit will provide you with basic skills you need for combat against aliens. It has a built-in plumber communication system, allowing you to talk and exchange data with any plumber on the planet. It also has a small exoskeleton within it, which slightly enhances your agility. Don't get too used too it though. You will also have standard issue plumber equipment such as a blaster for regular self-defense.

[Aubrey] Okay... this sounds a little too complicated for me.

[Skorost] Not to worry, most of our tech is connected to the wearer mentally so you can get in touch with what you have simply by thinking about it.

[Aubrey] Okay...

[Skorost] You already have your standard equipment, but this can also come in handy.

[He hands her over a pair of what apperas to be headphones]

[Aubrey] So... I just put them on?

[Skorost] Of course!

[She puts them on and a green visor forms through and merges with her glasses]

[Aubrey] Woah... this actually does look better.

[Skorost] You'll get used to it.

[Aubrey grabs the blaster from the table behind her and it automatically attaches to her belt]

[Aubrey] So what do I do now?

[Skorost] Vulk should be arriving any second now. Go on the launch platform and wait for him.

[Aubrey] Got it.

[The scene transitions to Aubrey on the launch platform. Vulk's ship descends and lands and he walks out of the cargo door]

[Vulk] Ah, I see Magister Skorost has filled you in on the Z3-A Suit.

[Aubrey] Yeah, I'm kind of getting used to it already. Did you find anything at Nick's house?

[Vulk] Yeah, I found some of his hair on his desk.

[Aubrey laughs]

[Aubrey] There's always hair on his desk after he studies...

[Vulk] Well, it'll do for now. Let's take it to Magister Skorost.

[Aubrey] Right!

[Switching back to Nick, in the cell, he stares at the multiple figures]

[Nick] Okay... so there's more of you... big deal. That doesn't explain what you're after and what you want with me.

[Figure] What we're after?

[The figures laugh]

[Figure] You see... think of the place you are right now as... a prison.

[Nick, sarcastically] No, really? Is that why I'm in a cell right now?

[Figure] Yes... but this prison isn't for you...

[Nick] What do you mean?

[The figure steps aside and points at a monitor that's across Nick's cell]

[On the monitor, a massive prison facility is shown with hundreds, possibly thousands of cells. Inside the cells, there are aliens of various species. Hundreds of aliens, too many to count]

[Nick] You... this prison is for aliens?

[Figure] You're finally catching up, eh, Stone?

[Nick] What... what do you want from them? Why are they here?!

[Figure] We drain them of their DNA and constantly make experiments.

[Nick] Experiments... for what?!

[Figure] Experiments that involve mixing DNA, tampering with the very structure of DNA... manipulating DNA.

[Nick] And you're doing all of this... because?

[The figures walk up to the cell at the same time. Suddenly they transform. They become a muscular creature with dark orange skin, big muscluar arms and short legs, and they all have two large spikes on their backs]

[Nick backs away]

[Nick] What... the... heck...

[Figures] We are...

[They all speak at the same time]


[Nick] ...Yeah, that's nice. And I'm not waiting around anymore.

[He looks at the Ne-O to see that it has a thick layer of an orange metal-like armband around it, which blocks Nick from using it]

[Nick] What the...

[Exilist] You think we wouldn't take precautions about your transformations? You are a fool, Nick Stone.

[Nick] Fine, just keep me in this cell all you want, but what do you want me for?

[Exilist] You are mistaken. We do not want you. We want the device on your left wrist. With all the blank personality-less DNA inside it, plus our enormous supply of alien exiles, we will create an army of mutated aliens, and go back to our planet.

[Nick] Your... planet?

[Exilist] We were banished for our experiments, but once we go back there with our army, we will claim our rightful places as the rulers of the planet... and then, we will expand and take over the entire GALAXY!

[Nick] Well, there's no way I'm letting you take the Ne-O from me!

[Exilist] Look around you, Nick Stone. You are in a prison cell and a Neutralizer on your left wrist. You can't do anything to stop us. I'm afraid we have other matters to attend, but don't worry, we will come for you.

[They walk away as Nick stares, shocked]

[Scene switches back to the Plumber Base. Vulk is on a computer, tracking Nick's DNA]

[Aubrey] Found anything yet?

[Vulk] No, almost there though!

[Aubrey] Oh...

[Vulk stops and looks at her]

[Vulk] Don't worry, he'll be fine.

[Aubrey] If you say so...

[Suddenly the computer lights up and shows the globe with a red pulse on it]

[Vulk] Wait, I got something! It seems to be coming north-west from here.

[Aubrey] Is it Nick?

[Vulk] It's definitely his DNA signature, but I don't have an exact location, just the direction. We will have to keep going until the signal gets stronger. I have location and scanner on my ship already. Let's go!

[Aubrey] Right!

[They both run towards the ship]

[Skorost] Hold it one second!

[They stop and turn around to see Skorost, but in plumber suit]

[Vulk] Magister Skorost?

[Skorost] I just wanted to wish you both good luck.

[Vulk] Thank you.

[Aubrey nods]

[They enter the ship and fly out. Skorost watches and walks away]

[Scene shows Aubrey and Vulk in the ship, which is now leaving town]

[Vulk] You ready to save Nick?

[Aubrey] I don't know if I can do this... I mean-

[Vulk] Don't worry, I know you can.

[Aubrey] Thanks... you're actually kind of cool.

[Vulk] Oh great.

[Aubrey] What, I'm just saying.

[Vulk] Well, we can get to the introductions later.

[Vulk looks at the scanner]

[After a few moments, they land on a hill in a forest]

[Aubrey] Wait, I recognize this place...

[Vulk] You do? What is it?

[Aubrey] We've studied about this at school. Basically we're on another really high mountain side. After we go through the forest, there's a massive downhill drop, or a crater to be more accurate. In the middle of it is yet another mountain.

[Vulk] So like a super large crater, surrounded by mountains but with another mountain in the middle of it?

[Aubrey] Pretty much.

[Vulk] Well, it'll have to do. Let's go!

[Aubrey nods and they both move out. The ship cloaks]

[Nick looks around, then walks up to the bars and looks left, then right, then steps back]

[Nick] Yeah, pre-cautions my butt. I don't need to touch the Ne-O to use it. Access Recognition Mode!

[Ne-O, from beneath the Neutralizer] User Recognized.

[Nick] Initiate Random Transformation in 10 seconds.

[Ne-O] Voice Command Accepted. Transformation in 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4...

[Nick steps back and closes his eyes]

[Ne-O] 3... 2... 1...

[Ne-O] Initating Random Transformation.

[A blue light appears and from within it a muscular humanoid shark-like creature appears]


[He looks at his arms]

[Sharklitz] Oh yeeeehehehehahaaaah baby! This big guy is gonna knock ya' face off!

[He grabs the bars and easily bends them apart, then walks through the hole he made. He changes back]

[Nick] Okay... how much time do I have until they figure out I escaped... maybe-... wait a minute...

[He starts walking towards a window]

[Back to Vulk and Aubrey]

[Aubrey] The big crater should be just up ahead.

[Vulk] Nick just activated the Ne-O! The signal is right in front of us!

[Aubrey] Yes! Let's go!

[They start running towards the direction until they run to a thick bush line]

[They look at each other and nod, then Vulk walks forward]

[Back to Nick. He takes a look out of the window and stares in awe]

[Nick] No... way...

[Vulk cuts through the bushes and they reach the giant crater with the mountain in the middle]

[Vulk] ...Woah...

[Aubrey walks up next to him and stares, amazed]

[Nick] Just... no way...

[The camera zooms away from Nick, who is looking through the window. On the mountain in the middle of the crater, a massive castle-like structure stands, running down the side of the mountain and on the top]

[Scene switches back to Aubrey and Vulk's point of view, revealing that they are looking at the same sight]

[Camera shows a shot of both of them, staring, speechless]


Major Events

  • Aubrey gets her Z3-A Suit.
  • The Organisation is revealed to be called the "Exilists", plus their purpose and motives are also unveiled.
  • Sharklitz makes his debut.



  • Exilists

Aliens Used


  • This episode was unofficially aired one day before it's announced airdate because of the author's Internet issues.
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