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The Branium Maximus is a Villain who appears in the Series, Ben 10: Galactic Legends.

Powers and Abilities

While just being a brain in armor, The Branium Maximus's armor does have several tactical weapons installed in it. One of these in fact, was able to incapacitate Hacker.10 in one hit. These weapons range from scoping lasers to large rockets.

His armor is highly durable, and according to ScareWolf, this armor is made of a element that naturally occurred on The Branium Maximus's planet. It is unknown if this armor is reflective or even indestructible.

Being a altered and enhanced brain of a long extinct species, The Branium Maximus possesses an enhanced intelligence, being the smartest specimen of his race. This also contributes to him having enhanced knowledge over technology. An excellent example of this is how The Branium Maximus originally created Hacker-Bot.01-X's as robotical workers for him to do his bidding. Eventually this semi-organic race developed impressive hacking skills and later abandoned The Branium Maximus due to their AI and their desire for a free will.


Although he does have enhanced intelligence, The Branium Maximus can be easily tricked by a clever opponent. Ben demonstrated this weaknesses when he acted as if he'd use the Omnitrix to call for help when The Branium Maximus let him go, to which he agreed and let him go. This could also hint he is very gullible, too.

The Branium Maximus relies on weapons, machines, and robots to do his fighting. While his weapons and robots did prove more than a match for Ben, he, himself did not put up a good fighting in Hand-to-Hand Combat, as he was defeated quickly by Creepy Crawly.


  • The Branium Maximus's design was inspired by Bowser Jr.'s Mega-Hammer in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  • He is the sole creator of all the Hacker-Bot.01-Xs.
    • It remains unknown why he called them that.
  • It was revealed in Brains vs Brawn that he can eject his brain from his armor and it can indeed survive. This is how he escaped at the end of the episode.
  • His name translates to "The Greatest Brain".
  • Credits to the creator of the picture.