The Bounty Hunters
General Information
Leader Bounty Hunter Boss
Creator Unknown
Other Info
Notable Members Bounty Hunter I (Retired)

Bounty Hunter IV

Bounty Hunter VII

Bounty Hunter Boss

Allies Bounty Hunter Minions
Relative Groups The Bounty Hunter I's Group
Objectives To eliminate their target

To get paid for bounty hunting

Status Semi-Active
First Appearance Heroes

The Bounty Hunters are a group of Bounty Hunters in Brandon 10.


The Bounty Hunters are heavily suited in armor and carry plenty of equipment. The majority of their armor looks similiar to the others but they are in different colors.

Known Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunter I

The First Bounty Hunter wears grey armor and resembles a tank.

In The Original Series, he was an explosive bounty hunter and his goals were mainly about blowing up planets.

In Alien Force, he becomes a retired bounty hunter who spends his time mining up alien minerals and exchanging them for payments.

In Ultimate Hero, his appearance does not change majorly from his Alien Force appearance.

Bounty Hunter IV

The Fourth Bounty Hunter wears blue armor.

Unknown Bounty Hunter

This Bounty Hunter wears purple armor.

Bounty Hunter VII

The Seventh Bounty Hunter wears yellow armor. He has an annoying and selfish personality. He is also very talkative and often talks about things that give opponents the upper hand.

Bounty Hunter Boss

Bigger and stronger than all the Bounty Hunters but is considered retired from the bounty hunting business.




As Bounty Hunters, their goal is what they are hired for. This could be from stealing cargo to kidnapping to blowing something up as long as they get paid.

The First Bounty Hunter's goal, however, was to explode things constantly. In Alien Force, His new goals were to obtain Earth and extraterrestrial minerals in order to make a fortune.


Original Series

  • Heroes (First Appearance) (BHI)

Alien Force

Ultimate Hero


Video Games

Online Games


  • The Bounty Hunter was discovered to be a group of Bounty Hunters in the episode, The Tenth Alien.
  • It is confirmed that there will be a green, red and black bounty hunter.
  • The first Bounty Hunter is the only Bounty Hunter to have minions and to have "Bounty Hunter" as a title even though he isn't one.
    • He is also the biggest of the Bounty Hunters which is why he looks different from the rest


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