The Blobzarro
General Information
Species Polymorph
Home World Viscosia
Powers and Abilities

The Blobzarro is Benzarro's heavily corrupted form of a Polymorph from Viscosia.


Unlike Goop, he does not have a UFO and stays to the ground. His main body resembles a egg yolk, with a dark purple blob of slime in the middle with two pink eyes, and light purple ooze oozing out of it. He also has two drones with body's structured similarly to Goop, but more look more like giant raindrops, the also have ooze ozing out of them. These drones also have one pink eye. His Omnitrix is clenched on to the main body's ooze.

Powers and Abilities

As the main "hive mind" cannot move, he controls the two drones and tells them where to move. Like Goop, their slime/ooze is acidic. But, acidic enough to hurt whoever touches it. If the person who touches it survives, it infects them. The drones are also very slick and fast on any material.


The main "hive mind" is stationary, and wherever Benzarro stands to transform into The Blobzarro is where the "hive mind" will be.


His name is a combination of "The Blob" and "Benzarro"


  • He is one of BTF3's first Benzarro aliens to be thought about.
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