The following content contains profanity that may not be suitable for readers of all ages. Please proceed with caution.

The Black Knight is a movie written by Sci100 . It is part of the BTFF Cinematic Universe along with Tiger Rage , Energy Revolt , and The Hunter. After all these movies, a crossover film named Heroes will be released on July 28, 2013.  A Release for The Black Knight had been annouched to be on February 15th, 2013. However, due to scheduling issues, the film was pushed back to March 16th, a month later. 

It was confirmed along with the other movies on January 1, 2013 (UTC time), but it was still December 31, 2012 for the Americas.  The Black Knight: Shadows of the Past was planned as a sequel but later was canceled when the cinematic universe was announced to be over. 


On the planet of Klingvonia, for 15 years there was a war. Then, a new age began, the Age of Shadows. Oppresed harsly by its government, the people suffered for many years. 246 years later, a boy named Drake is preparing to enter the world as an adult, but after a conflict with his father leaves his village early. Only Tragedy, Death, and Pain follow him, and within 4 years, an anger beyond control burns within him. Drake gains the help of a Technology Maker named Charles, and begins to attack the government. In this epic first part of what will become a fine franchise, one man becomes the symbol of hope for a people rising from the abyuss and becomes the leader of a full out Revolution againest Lord Darzon and his oppressive ways. Can the Black Knight lead the people againest him, and will they succeed ... or fail?


PART I: Epiphany

Black Screen with White Words showing up.

A Blood Stain on the Carpet. A yard of bodies, bones and all spilled on a once graceful and peaceful land. The Grass burned, the buildings demolished. The Dead counting to over ten thousand. This was the Battle of the Fallen Klingon.

There was War, Terrible War that ravaged the planet of Klingvonia. An Uprising of the People, not for the People rose, and many fell. Brothers turned on brothers, Fathers against Sons, mothers against Daughters, Friends against friends. The people rebelled against the government that loved, cared, even protected them. For 15 Years, the war went on. Until, there was peace. The 5th Era of Klingvonia was born. A new age, different than any before. This time, the Lords of Lords, leader of the world declared that as of that age, the people would fear the Government, they would not threaten treason again.

Thus the Oppression of the Klingon began. Thus, 250 Years later, the people once again began to grow restless. Thus, the darkness was casted over. The Fifth Age, the Age of the Shadows had begun.

The Soran Woods
5th Age, November 15, 238 8:00 AM UTC

Two boys are running across the woods, hopping over tree stumps, crossing over rivers, and fighting with two sticks.

Boy #1: TAKE THAT! AND THAT! AND THAT! ah ha ha. I’m beat you, you evil villain.

Boy #2: Not today!

They continue to fight, until all of a sudden the second boy takes a step back, and falls down a giant hill, landing in a cold, chilling water. The Frost of winter coming, and the leaves falling only makes it worse. The boy gets up, and looks at a big cut in his knee.

Boy #2: Ow...

The First boy looks over the edge, and shows down.

Boy #1: You okay Drake?

Drake: Yeah, what about you Richard?

Richard: I’ll get your dad. DRAKE’S DAD, DRAKE’S DAD....

Richard runs towards the village of Soran. He enters one of the huts, where a fire burns and an old man with many scars and pains beats on a sword with a hammer.

Man: Who is it?

Richard: Mr. Daniels, its Drake! He fell down a hill, landed in the water! He’s hurt!

Drake’s Father: Drake, my boy. I’m coming. Show me the way boy.

Meanwhile, Drake tries to get up, but he cries out for a moment, scaring the creatures away. Suddenly, he sees a movement behind a tree.

Drake: Who’s there?

The person behind the tree, steps out, and Drake looks in shock.

Girl: Are you alright?

Drake: Ow... my leg...

The Girl walks over, and looks at the cut. Blood is all over his leg.

Girl: I know just what to do. I’ll be right back.

The Girl runs up to a bush, and pulls off the leaves and then looks at the ground. She sees Aaval tracks, and runs over. There, she finds a small tree with yellow berries. Taking some of them, she returns back to Drake, holding his leg in agony.

Girl: I know just what to do.

She grabs a nearby rock and crushes the berries and the leaves, taking another leaf, putting the herbs and juices onto there. Then, taking a handful of water, cleans his wound, and then put the herbs and juices on the cut.

Drake: How are you.... ahh... doing that?

Girl: My mother’s the medicine lady.

Drake: Medicine lady.... Regina?

Regina: Yup. That’s my name. You’re cut should be gone in 3 hours.

Then, Drake’s father and Richard appear.

Drake’s Father: Drake? You okay?

Drake: Yeah... I’m fine. Regina helped me.

Regina: You’re welcome.

Drake and Regina smile at each other, as all of a sudden.... Drake opens his eyes. Getting up... he remembers how old he is, what day it is, and more. He’s 15 years old now.

The Village of Soran
5th Age, Junius 26, 246 8:00 AM UTC

A Cry is heard from one of the villages. Two men, dressed in Suits of Armor drag out a 15 Year Old Boy from a house. His Mother cries as she attempts to stop them.


One of the men address the mother.

Man: Under the Order of Lord Darzon, the Lord's Police Squad of Klingvonia must capture a boy and girl for every guard that dies from the hands of Terrorists. They will be used as his new guards. Be proud. Your Son will be a fine soldier for our great land.

Mother: NO...NO...

They drag him onto a spaceship and leave as the Mother cries. Drake, dressed looks through a window. His father, a bearded alien sees him, and grabs him, pulling him away.

Father: Look away Son.

Drake: But Father, why must they do that?

Father: Because its the way it is Son. Now, fetch some coal. We're making imperial swords today.

The Son goes to the corner of their hut, and grabs a piece of coal, throwing it into the fire.

Drake: But Father...

Father: Drake, I don't want to get into it. You know what they call this age, hmm?

Drake: The Age of Shadows.

Father: Yes. The First was the Creation Age, then the Medieval Age, then the Technology and Discovery Age, where we discovered life on different planets, and got modern Technology, and the 4th age, the Peace Age. Then came ...

Drake: The War of 15 Years, I know, I know. 'Tis the War of 15 Years, when Thieves and Murderers lurk for profit. Thy Mighty land turns bloody on sight, and ...

Father: All the Peace perished '. Yes, I know it too. I'm Sorry son, but let's make the Quota. Quickly.

The Father takes out a Hammer, and hits a piece of medal. Drake grabs another, and starts doing the same.

Later, Drake is walking out of his house carrying smaller animals. He sees the butcher, who shutters in fear.Drake looks over to see poor people with a blanket huddling near a fire they built, a weak and sick child asking for food to one of the Officers, only to be pushed away, and a man feeding off the bones of a dead Avaal, a small runt, worthless in the eyes of a Butcher.

Butcher: What's the Damage today, boy?

Drake: Lost 4 Avaal. 2 Sick. We only got 5 left, and here's the 3 best.

Butcher: I'll...I'll see what I can do.

The Butcher goes to his desk, where he pulls 3 coins out, and gives it to him.

Drake: But... this is 3 Daves. That's barely enough for one meal, not even enough for two people!

The Butcher: Hey. You give me Avaals, I give you money. That's how we work. I would give you 6, but Times are tough.

Drake: Fine. Thank You.

Butcher: And Drake.... stay away from those people. Don’t wanta get sick and poor like them.

Drake: Okay.

Drake starts heading back to his house when a guy walks up to him.

Man: Drake, my man.

Drake: Richard...

Richard: Think about it. In One Day, we'll be officially adults! Citizens of the Planet of Klingvonia!

Drake: Yay..... I get to be 16...

Richard: What's wrong?

Drake: It's just... my dad. He's Scared.

Richard: Of Them?

Richard points to 2 LPSK guards sitting down, drinking and laughing.

Drake: Yeah. He's weak. He keeps trying to avoid why things are the way they are.

Richard: I'll tell you.

Richard moves Drake to an alley, and speaks.

Richard: Get this. Year 2149, the 4th Age right. An new Lord is elected, comes into Power. Lord Beckett. Well, around this time, Government gets Greedy, starts raising taxes. People don't like that. Don't like lots of Change. Rebel they do.

Drake: And they started the War of 15 Years.

Richard: Year 2164, Beckett kills the bloody leader of the Rebellion. That's when they made the " treaty ". Afterwards, kills a bunch of people and thus the 5th age begins. Back to Year Zero.

Drake: I know but... 246 years, and they still treat us like scum?

Richard: Well...that's the way things are.

Drake and Richard hear footsteps walking towards them.

Richard: The LPSK. Come on, let's enter your Father's house.

They enter Drake’s house, to see a 15 year old woman giving herbs and berries to Drake’s Father.

Drake’s Father: No, I can’t take these. I don’t got any money right now.

Woman: That’s alright, you’re an old friend. I’m giving them for free.

Drake: I know you want to help the sick and the poor, but don’t you want just a little bit money Regina?

Regina: Not if no one can pay me because Darzon’s policies are strangling everyone, making them worry they’ll be dead the next day.

Richard: Regina, have Dinner here. We’re making a real nice dinner tonight.

Regina: I don’t know, I gotta watch my mom.

Drake: Please Regina. For us. For me.

Regina is silent for a moment, then says....

Regina: I’ll get someone to watch her. For you Drake.

Drake smiles, and she smiles.

Richard: So, what are we waiting for? Let’s make some food!

The Village of Soran
5th Age, Junius 26, Year 246 6:00 PM UTC

It's Dark, and a candle lights a table, where Drake, his father, Regina, and Richard sit in.

Drake's Father: So, Richard, how's your Pa?

Richard: He's fine. Merchant's giving us a good thing of Money. And Here? Drake's Father: Same, Same. You Lads excited for Adulthood, hmm?

Drake: Totally.

Drake's Father: What about you, Regina?

Regina: Well in my case, it’d be business as usual. Same old, same old.

Drake’s Father: Maybe. Are you going to stay here, be our medicine woman?

Regina: Maybe, but I’ve been thinking about South City, maybe even North City.

Drake: Not North City

Regina: Why not?

Drake: You have any idea what happens there? Every day, someone is mugged, or killed or even ....

The room goes silent immediatly.

Drake’s Father: Regina... my boy is right. North City is too dangerous. South City would best fit you, maybe in Raia City. Or you could ....

Regina: I’ll think about it Mr. Daniels.

Drake’s Father: Okay. Richard, what are you thinking about? Career wise?

Richard: Weapon Development and Technology. Maybe working with my brother.

Drake's Father: Ah, the Big City. That'd Suit you. Maybe the Capital?

Richard: No, No. Somewhere else. I'm not going to that city. It's like Hell.

Drake's Father: Now that's a job. What about you, son?

Drake: I'm thinking about traveling.

All movement and sound stops. An eerie wind enters the room. Drake's Father and Richard both look at him.

Drake's Father: A Traveler? Son, that won't give you a good life.

Drake: Well its better then this hellhole.

Drake's father stands up, and grows angry. Regina grabs Drake’s hand immediatly.

Regina: Drake, don’t push it, our fathers have lived here a very long time.

Drake's Father: How dare you call this village that. There are good people here.

Drake: The Butcher gave 3 Daves. Three!

Richard:You have to admit, times are tough.

Regina: Richard, they are. But we try our best.

Drake’s Father: Drake, don't waste your life. You can make swords, weapons. Help out here, or... join the army. We know you are good with a blade.

Drake: Dad! Every person on this entire planet would rather die then join the LPSK, or the Lord's Royal Army. Lord Darzon is a ruthless, cold man who likes to make everyone suffer. Why won't you admit it?

Drake's Father: Cause I'm Scared!

Once Again, all movement and sound stops. Another eerie wind enters the room.

Drake's Father: I'm Scared, not for myself, but for you. Drake, I can't lose you. Not like your mom.

Drake: Well...I can't stay here. Not anymore. I'm Sorry.

Drake leaves the room.

Richard: I... better leave. Thanks for the meal.

Richard leaves the house, leaving Drake's Father and Regina.

Regina: I better go too.

Drake's Father puts his head down, and mourns. Meanwhile, Drake is packing things in his bag. Regina then barges in.

Regina: Drake!

Drake: Regina, I’ve had it. I can’t stand it anymore. This village is just too much. I need to go, figure out who I am, what I can and will be.

Regina: So you’ll abandon every single person here, who needs you?


Regina: No...

Drake: Regina, I’m sorry I snapped at you...

Regina: No, forget it. I know this village doesn’t have a lot of opportunities, But you can’t give up on the people when they don’t have anyone else but themselves. Drake, just promise me one thing.

Drake: What?

Regina: Promise you’ll never forget Soran, and that you’ll always help the people that need it.

Drake: I promise Regina.. I promise.

Regina leaves the room, as Drake thinks about what just said. Later in the night, he sneaks out of the house.

Drake: Goodbye Father. Goodbye Richard. Goodbye Regina. Goodbye... Soran.

Drake leaves the Village of Soran... moving on to a new life.

The Soran Woods
5th Age, Junius 28, 246 4:00 PM UTC

Drake is sitting next to a tree, looking across the Vavamos River. He takes out a knife, and cuts a stick, making it sharper and sharper. Looking at it, he puts it down and goes traveling. Looking around, he takes a bow and arrow, and finds a small creature, and kills it. Grabbing it in his hand, he grabs some firewood and returns to his camp. Starting a fire, and skinning the hair from the animal, he cooks it as he opens his bag. In his bag are clothes, first aid, a Water bottle, some Daves, a rope, matches, and a blanket. He takes out the Water Bottle and puts some Water in it from the River.

Drake: I'm so...tired.

He eats the creature he shot, and begins to rest. Then, he hears a twig snap. He looks around, and takes his bow and arrows. Walking a bit, he passes by a big tree, then steps back and hides behind it. Marching down a road is Hundreds of Soliders in the Lord's Royal Army.

General: March. March. March. March. Onwards to the Village of Epiphany.

Drake: What are they doing out here?

Drake starts running faster and faster, returning to his camp, and running towards the village.

The Village of Epiphany
5th Age, Junius 28, 246 7:00 PM UTC

A Church Bell rings as the people shout. A barricade stands in the middle of the village. Drake walks towards the barricade, shocked with what is going on.

Drake: My Goodness, what is going on?

Suddenly two men grab him and drag him to the barricade, where a door opens. A man takes out a PROTO-Tool and points it at him.

Man: You're either with us, or against us.

Drake: I'm with you, I'm with you!

They drag him in, and let go. Drake gets up, and talks to the man who just threatened him.

Drake: Why is the Lord's Royal Army coming here?

Man: We're tired of thy Lord's Oppression. It's time the People Rise. Right?

The Crowd behind them cheers with him.

Suddenly, someone shouts.


Second Man: Roy, its time. Rally the people.

Roy, the man who had once threatened Drake climbs onto the top of the Baracade, and shouts.

Roy: There is one more chance to start the Revolution, one day more to help the world. We must fight the evil of corruption! We must stop them at once. DO YOU HEAR ME?!!

People of the Village: Yes We Do!

Watchman: They are Here.

The Army marches down the streets, in one giant row, armed. They walk closer, and closer, eerily sounding the night with their footsteps.

General: People of the Village of Epiphany. Walk away, armless, and you shall live. Or, you can fight, and all of you will die.

Roy: Live as Slaves? Slaves of the Lord of our world? Never.

The People cheer, and the general shakes his head.

Man: For AZMUTH'S Sake Man, let us live! Don't tax us to Death!

General: I got no choice but to arrest or die.

Roy: Then we fight to the death.

General: Have you got no sense? No Sanity?

Roy: I was about to ask you the same, General.

The General shakes his head, and returns back to his army, as unrest grows and tension rises. The People grab their PROTO-Tools, and prepare for the battle to come. They stomp their feet.

Roy: Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry men? It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again! When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums. There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!

Watchman: Do you hear the people sing...

Man: Singing the song of angry men...

Farmer: It is the zxmusic of a people who...

Farmer's Wife: Will not be slaves again.

Drake: When... the... beating of your heart...

Child: Echoes the beating of the drums....

Village: There is a life about to start when Tomorrow Comes!

Meanwhile, in the Capital, a Guard directs Lord Darzon's attention to a screen showing the village.

Village on TV: Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry men? It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again!

Lord Darzon: I haven't heard that song in a long time. The Last time so many people sang it was...

Village on TV: There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!

Lord Darzon: The War of 15 Years.

General: Ready? Aim...

Roy: Get Ready Boys!

General: Fire!

Roy: FIRE!

Farmer: FIRE!

Solider: FIRE!

They all fired shots, knocking down 39 people, 12 from the Rebellion's side, and the others from the Army. They continue to shoot at them, knocking more down. The General cries, and puts his hand on a device. He presses a button, and it shows a man's face.

General: Are you in there? Is it ready?

Traitor: Yes General.

General: Do it.

The Traitor pushes down a stick, and suddenly the buildings surrounding the the barricade, the ground beneath part of the city, and the center of the barricade explode, killing over two hundred withing 30 seconds. The Soldiers charge at Drake, who is running away from the Barricade. Two of the men fall from the top of the barricade and fall to their deaths. The Brave Defenders of the People charge at the Soldiers, as they clash at the site of the Barricade.

Roy: You Little Beaches. Kill them all.

Both sides shoot at each other using their standard Mark 12 Techadorian Multiblasters. Everyone is knocked down to the ground, killed or knocked. The General takes out his imperial sword, and attacks Roy with it. Roy takes out his sword, and begins their duel. They whip around, aiming for the kill. Drake hides behind a giant statue.

Drake: How did I get into this conflict?

Suddenly a Solider sees him and attacks him with a sword. Drake tackles him, and grabs his weapon. A few others see him

Solider: Kill him!

Drake attacks the Soldiers, as they shoot at him using the multiblasters. He runs up to them, and kicks one down. He grabs the multiblaster of a second man, and knocks it out of his hand. He flips the sword around, and using the handle, hits the third solider in the ground.

The Two Forces continue to fight, as Roy and the General clash. Roy gets on top of a series of stairs leading to the church, as the General attacks. The General whips his cape onto Roy. Roy struggles to get it off, and when he does, he kicks the General to the ground, and leaves sparing the General’s life. The General gets back up, and looks over.

General: Well then... I think its time we end this.

He views one man fighting another soldier and takes out a Multibaster. Meanwhile, Drake is fighting his way out of the city, when he sees a familiar face.

Drake: Richard?

Richard: Drake?

Suddenly, Richard falls down. Blood spills onto the road as Drake cries out. The General puts his gun down and laughs, before walking away. Richard begins to tear, and so does Drake.

Drake: Why were you here?

Richard: Looking for you.... lost my way... caught up in fight... I'm sorry.

Richard turns his head, and becomes motionless. The Word around Drake mutes as he stares at the body of his best friend. He closes Richard's eyes to make it look like he was sleeping.


The Blood from the wound soaks Richard's clothes as the battle rages around him. Drake grabs his body, and begins to carry it out of the town. Everyone who might attack him don't, seeing the dead body he's carrying. He leaves the village, carrying up to a hill. Meanwhile, a ship appears and shoots a missile at the city, creating a gigantic explosion. The General and his remaining army fly away on the ship, while Drake watches the death of hundreds.

He Meanwhile digs a hole using his bare hands to make a hole in the ground. Getting them dirty, brown, and scarred, he puts the body of his friend in the hole and covers it up. He then takes out his bag a symbol that he took from his friend's pocket. The Crest of his family. He stakes it onto the dirt and stands up.

Drake: We are friends.... and you died .... I trusted you with my life, and you did the same, and I failed you, my father, and everyone. I'm... I'm so sorry. I really am.

Drake gets on his knees, staying there till dawn the next day.

The Capital
5th Age, Junius 29, 246 7:00 AM UTC

In front of the Lord's Office Building, the people are waiting for a press conference. The Army stands around, waiting for any possible terrorist attackers. Suddenly, a horn is sounded, and the Leader of the world appears.

Lord Darzon: My friends and people of Klingvonia. Yesterday, there was an uprising, a riot. A village far away from here rebelled against this government. We put them down, and killed every last citizen. Rebellion is not something to be tolarted on this planet. We will not let bloody poor people ruin our history, and our planet. No. If we are to survive as a race, there can be no blood shed. No Rebellion. No Uprisings. 300 Men from the army died in that battle. Therefore, 150 boys and 150 girls will join the army in the next 5 days. This is the cost for unnecessary blood.

The Capital
5th Age, Junius 25, Year 250 9:18 AM UTC

Camera cuts to modern day city. It's a sunny day and a ship flies past a building. Suddenly, one of the windows shatter. A man puts a rope and hook into a weapon, and shoots it. The Hook hits the building in front of it. A second man grabs a bag and wears it on his shoulder.

Man #1: How far do you think it is?

Man #2: A Few yards. Maybe 10.

They put a device on the rope and slide down, holding on, going across the road and landing on the other building. They run to the energy box, and open it up.

Man #1: This should be easy.

Meanwhile, a group of Guards surround a man wearing a big black suit.

Guard #1: Section A secure.

Guard #2: Section B Secure.

Guard #3: Section C Secure.

Guard #4: Lord Darzon, Sir. Madam Elizabeth wishes to see you.

Lord Darzon: Certainly. We must prepare for the 250th Celebration of the 5th Age of Klingvonia. We have many things to talk about.

The First Man stabs the energy box, and there's a flicker of lights and static.

Guard #1: Hello? Hello? Security is dead.

Lord Darzon: Be alert.

The Guards pull out weapons, including an PROTO-Tool. They slowly, but surely walk down the hall. Meanwhile, 3 men enter the building the main enternce. They pull out weapons and shoot across the main hall.


Attacker #2: I'd Listen to him if I were you, you Scum.

The Men from the Roof tie to the ropes to the ends of the roof, and jump down. Meanwhile, the Lord meets Madam Elizabeth.

Lord Darzon: My lady... how nice to see you.

The Men hit the window, and crash through it. Lord Darzon and the Lady move behind a table as the Men take out weapons and shoot at them. The Guards shoot at them, but the second man knocks their weapons out of their hands. He kicks them, and throws them to the ground. The First man attacks Darzon, but he punches the first man and throws him out the window, killing him.

Lord Darzon: I'm sorry my lady, but we must reschedule later.

He knocks the second one out, and with 2 guards, walks down a hall as he takes out a blade. In the Main Hall, the guard with the PROTO-Tool appears and shoots at the attackers. They hide behind Columns.

Attacker #1: What do we do?

Attacker #2: Hit the Elbow. Left one.

The First Attacker shoots the guard, and the guard falls down. While the first attacker goes after the guard, and the second one watches the others, the third person to enter the building pulls out a Thumbdrive and plugs it into the main computer.

Man Hacking Computer: I'm hacking through the firewalls. 90% Complete. Done. Accessing Main Database. Copying Files... now.

Attacker #2: Don't try anything... or else.

Attacker #1: Someone called the LPSK.

Attacker #2: Not the Lord's Police Squad of Klingvonia. Are you done yet?

Man Hacking Computer: I've only got 10% of the files... but that's better then nothing. Let's go. Call our Ride.

They start to exit the building when all of a sudden, 3 red dots hit each of the men. 9 guards surround them.

Guard: Don't Move!

Guard #2: Give us the files. Now.

Man: On my grave.

Suddenly the front of the building explodes, as the chunks of wall blow and kill the guards, and the two attackers. Only the 3rd Man remains. A ship appears, and a platform opens. The 3rd Man enters it and sits down.

Man: Lets go.

They begin to fly out as Lord Darzon arrives at the scene. He shoots at the ship, before watching it leave, and fly away from the city. A Guard walks to him, as the Lord begins to reveal his angry emotions.

Guard: They got 10% of our database.

Lord Darzon: Any Secure files?

Guard: Only Two.

Lord Darzon: Only Two...

Lord Darzon takes his blade and kills the guard.

Lord Darzon: That's the third attempt on my life this year. Gentlemen... it appears that there is an uprising in Klingvonia.

South City
5th Age, Junius 26, 250 1:13 PM UTC

A ship flies above the modern city, as vehicles drive on the roads, trains across the plains heading to Raia City, and People walk on the Streets. A Man, 20 years old walks down the sidewalk as he passes a store with a bunch of television-like devices are on. He stops, and turns to the TV.

Reporter: Yesterday, the Lord Darzon was yet again attacked by Terrorists. Many were injured, a few killed by the Lord himself. The Lord Darzon had this to say.

The TV Cuts to Darzon.

Lord Darzon: I announce that today, we are at war with the Terrorists. I will not stand for this nonsense anymore. The People have been given freedom , but I say now, we must clamp the freedoms of Speech, Religion, and even the press.

The TV Cuts back to the Reporter.

Reporter: At the same time, Charles Technology Inc. is having a change in leadership, with CEO Charles Ra's new job being Technology Development. The Board of Directors are now in charge and they are being controlled by the Klingon Government. Back to you, Bruce.

The Man leaves the TV, and enters a building. Charles Technology Inc. He walks towards the main desk, where he meets a receptionist.

Receptionist: Hello. Welcome to Charles Technology Inc. How may I help you?

Man: I'm here to see Charles Ra. It's about his brother.

Receptionist: I'm sorry but Mr. Charles is... wait did you say his brother?

Man: That's right.

Receptionist: One minute.

She pushes a button, and a man's voice is heard.

Charles: What is it Mrs. Hannabal?

Receptionist: It's about your brother sir. A man is here to talk to you about him.

Charles: ... bring him down.

She leads him to an elevator, where he goes down, alone. It continues to go it down for 5 minutes, until it suddenly stops. The Doors open, and he exits it. A man in a suit stands there, waiting.

Charles: And ... wait a second. It's... oh my gosh. Drake Daniels as I live and breath.

Drake: Nice to see you Charles.

Charles: Hey, where's um... Richard? Drake, I haven't seen him in 3 years. I'm Concerned. I was suppose to see him by Thanes 2 years ago.

Drake: You see... um, about that. He's ah... dead.

Charles's Face changes, and he frowns.

Charles: Oh.

Drake: I'm sorry. I only was able to tell you right now, because I've been... traveling. Getting stronger... getting more powerful.

Drake flashes back to the moment when Richard was shot and fell to the ground.

Richard, in Flashback: Looking for you.... lost my way... caught up in fight... I'm sorry.

Drake in the flashback begins to cry, as he shouts at the sky. Drake returns back to the present-time.

Charles: Well, at least I know now. Is there...anything I can do?

Drake: Actually, you can. I was wondering if there was a job I could have here.

Charles: Ah. Well, I could use some help around here.

Charles smiles, and pats Drake's back.

Charles: Follow me.

Charles leads Drake to a door, and presses a security code into a box. When it opens, they walk into an armory. Richard opens a box, and shows it to Drake.

Charles: Ironized Klingon Metal, fashioned into Dark, Black Armor. Silver plates, covered by the black armor. Mask with room for eyes, nose, mouth, but good enough for defense.

Drake: Could it protect me from swords?

Charles: Yep

Drake: What about Multiblasters? Lasers? Mutts? Bombs?

Charles: Yes, Yes, and for the last two... depends.

Charles closes that box, and opens up another one.

Charles: Red Cape, allows user to be invisible, along with 3 foot long sword. Sword capable of many things.

Drake raises the sword, and swings it, sending a powerful beam at the wall, and damaging it.

Drake: Nice... Very Nice.

Charles: Forgive when I ask this... what's your interest in it? In this section of the company?

Drake: Umm... I wanna borrow it. For ah.... cave diving. There's some serious caves in the Coran Mountains.

Charles: Cave Diving... huh. Reminds me of our bunkers here in South City.

Drake: Bunkers?

Charles smiles, and takes out a map of the city.

Charles: Well my friend, time for a tour of the city.

The Camera cuts to an underground Bunker below the city. Charles and Drake walk on the ground, looking at the ruins.

Drake: My God...

Charles: Just so you know, this is under Avenue X. Back in the War of 15 years, South City was the base of the Rebellion. Well once the Capital took over most of the planet, South City was the center of the final battle. They bombed the city, and during that battle, the civilians hid in these Bunkers.

Drake: Was there a tunnel system?

Charles: The Tunnel System went all the way to the first few miles of the capital, just on the edge.

Drake: How many Bunkers are still intact?

Charles: Two, maybe three. The Tunnels, I'm not sure about. Only you and I know about these bunkers and tunnels. I'm thankful for that.

Drake: Anything else worth showing?

Charles: Perhaps.

The Camera cuts to them walking in the city, and going towards a statue of a Solider with the words " The Cursed Star " on it. The River flows behind the statue. Drake takes a few more steps when Charles shouts.

Charles: STOP! Don't take another step.

Drake looks down to see a star.

Drake: The Cursed Star?

Charles: There is a legend from the War. If anyone steps on the star, the curse of the Ruined Solider, the Statue will happen. As Legend has it, the river drowned him, and during the bombing there was a storm. Lighting hit him and the river, turning it into blood, forming a twister.

Drake: What happened to the man?

Charles: We don't know. I bet it's just a legend. But, it could be a Rebel trap. Anyways, we never touch it. Ever.

Drake and Charles begin to walk away from the star, but Drake feels a cold gust of wind on his shoulder, before leaving. It cuts back to them in the Armory chatting.

Charles: Yeah, but I spend most of my time nowadays develop new tech. It's lonely but you can have some fun.

Drake: Interesting. What's that over there?

Charles looks over, and frowns at the Vehicle.

Charles: That would be unfinished project C.U2. I don't got a nickname for it yet but...

Drake: Is it functional?

Charles: Well yes, but ... you wouldn't want to try that...

Drake: Actually I would.

Charles: Okay, Okay.

Suddenly the scene changes to the C.U2 being driven around by Drake in the bunker. Drake is driving it as Charles talks to him.

Charles: This thing was built to help break through barricades, walls, and get to places faster. She's strong, speedy, and...

Drake: Awesome.

Charles: You want her?

Drake smiles as he says,

Drake: What do you think?

Charles: Well, I'll let you have it. Now, I don't know what you are going to do...

Drake: I'm going to fight back. I'm going to make things right, and stop Darzon. I have to save the people of Klingvonia.

Charles: Well if this is the beginning of a revolution, and the beginning of what will give you many scars and injuries, you'll need a second life. A public life. See, what does Drake Daniels do in his time?

The Camera cuts to him in the Bunker, lifting weights, running across the tunnels, jumping over holes, doing push-ups, and getting fit.

Drake: I can't let the government stand any longer. They killed him. They've killed too many. It's time to show the people of Klingvonia they have the power, not Darzon. I have to be a symbol of hope. I have to hide myself, so Charles, and my father aren't punished because of me.

Drake remembers him walking on the winterly mountains, as a blizzard was going on. As he was hiking upwards, he met an old man.

Old Man: Young man, got any food for this old man?

Drake: Umm, well, yes of course.

The Young Drake gives the Old man a loaf of grain, and sits down as the old man eats it.

Old Man: You okay boy?

Drake: Yeah, its just... it's been a year since my friend...

Old Man: Died. I'm sorry boy. Wait. A year ago... the riot at that village.

Drake: Yes. And now... I hate them so much. If I could do something I would. I would.. I would show the people of Klingvonia they have the power, not Darzon. I would be a symbol of hope.

Old Man: That village was called Epiphany. Do you know what that means?

Drake: No.

Old Man: Epiphany means " a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience. "

Drake is shocked, and begins to mutter.

Drake: If that's so, maybe... destiny is leading me.

Old Man: If you are seriously going to fight Darzon... you'll need some money. There's a rumor. In a cave, there is a chest. A Chest full of money. From the 3rd Age. The Technology and Discovery Age. Back then, it was worth a million dollars. Today... it would be worth 220 Billion.

Drake: 220 Billion!

Drake runs up the mountain, about to search when he turns around.

Drake: Wait, how far up is this c-

The Man smiles at him, and then disappears into the wind.

Drake: Cave.

He climbs up, and up, as the elevation makes him try to breath , only to get a second's worth.

Drake: Can't- I can't ... breath.

He finds a cave, where there is a crest. A Familiar Family Crest.

Drake: The Daniels family crest. But how could it...

He goes into the cave, and grabs a stick. He lights it, and uses his torch to light the way. He continues, till he sees an old chest.

Drake: The Chest... but how did the man know it was here?

He slowly, but surely goes to the Chest, and finds it open. Grabbing the top of it, he lift it up, and finds what he was looking for.

Drake: The Old Man was right. 220 Billion. Now, I can begin my training.

The Flashback ends and Drake stares into the void of one of the tunnels.

North City
5th Age , Junius 29, 250 4:20 PM UTC

In a runned down city, a woman is in a Hospital, putting medicine onto a sick man.

Woman: There.. there. Everything is fine. You’ll heal, and you’ll be as good as new.

Another woman runs to the first, and shouts at her.


Regina: Sorry mam. I’ll be over.

Regina walks over, and sees another man, coughing.

Regina: Wait a second...

The Man stops coughing, and walks up to her.

Man: Regina. My Daughter. She’s .... she’s dead.

Regina: Not Mom, oh god not mom...

Regina’s father: I’m sorry.

Regina: When’d she die?

Regina’s Father: Yesterday, in the cold sweat of the night.

Regina: Wow. Funeral?

Regina’s Father: That’s the thing. Honey maybe you could..... I mean I know times are tough but....

Regina: Dad! Don’t worry. I’ve give you the money. How much?

Regina’s Father: You don’t have to give me anything..... I’m Sorry,

Regina: Just tell me and I’ll be fine

Regina’s Father: Well ah.... 1 Bavaro.

Regina: One Bavaro.... that’s 10,000 dollars dad.

Regina’s Father: Please.... and I’m so sorry but..

Regina: No, no its fine. I’ll just have to really work hard to pay rent.

Regina takes out her wallet, gives out the cash, and walks away.

Regina’s Father: Wait, my daughter....

Regina turns around and looks at him.

Regina’s Father: Good luck on becoming an attorney.

Regina: Dad... I already am one.

Regina walks away, going to walk over to another patient when her boss says,

Regina’s Boss: Regina! Don’t forget your party in South City tonight. It’ll take a while to get home. Why don’t you leave now? I’ll still pay for the 2 hours you got left.

Regina: Really?

Regina’s Boss: Yeah. And.... good luck on your job.

Regina: Thank you.... Beach.

Regina’s Boss and everyone in the hospital looks shocked as she leaves it.

South City
5th Age, Junius 29, 250 8:20 PM UTC

A Mansion on the edge of the city is glowing in the night as the people of high society chatter. A vehicle stops at the pavement, and Drake steps out with 2 ladies.

Lady #1: Drake, let me help you walk to the mansion.

Lady #2: No, let me!

Drake: Ladies, Ladies... you both can help me.

Drake and the Ladies walk into the Mansion, where a man greets them. Meanwhile, 2 men, an elderly woman, and Charles are chatting at a table when they see Drake and his ladies.

Charles: Drake... and ladies, how nice of you to join us.

Elderly Lady: My name is Madam Elizabeth. It's a pleasure to see people of my... money.

Drake: The Pleasure is all mine.

They sit down, and engage in pleasant conversation.

Richard: Elizabeth, what do you think of Darzon's polices? They're set to expire in a few weeks.

Elizabeth: I think they are fabulous. If a Rebel kills a woman's child, then the man should take the rebel's child.

Man: But what if its your child who is forced to join?

Elizabeth: Well it will never be mine. You know the law only applies the lower 90%.

Charles: I also don't get why he has the power to control the army. Its wrong.

Man: That law has been around for Over 200 years. It ain't going away anytime soon. Remember, its Lord for life.

Richard: And that's what's wrong with it. Isn't it time to you know... end the Oppression?

Elizabeth: That I agree with you on. He's being attacked more. Don't you agree Drake?

Drake: Yeah, well... clearly when people start trying to kill him, its time for change.

Man: If you know what's good for you, you'll shut up.

Drake: Sir, I don’t think you want to go there...


Elizabeth then slaps the man.

Elizabeth: I’m ashamed of you my son.

Elizabeth’s son: Sorry Ma.

The Ladies put their hands on Drake, and whisper in his ear. He then gets up with them.

Drake: Well if you excuse me... I have to leave. These ladies well... we have other plans. Goodnight.

Elizabeth: Goodnight Drake!

Charles: Goodnight.

Drake and the Ladies start to leave the Mansion, till Drake sees a familiar face.

Drake: Regina?

Regina: Drake?

Drake: Wow, Regina. It’s been... a long time.

Regina: Yeah.

Drake: Wow... how are things back in the village?

Regina: Fine. But struggling after you left. Your Dad is a drunk now. People are dying and yet here you are, a rich playboy.... doing nothing. Guess you got your wish.

Drake: Regina...

Regina walks away, with both hurt, yet only one confused.

The Capital
5th Age, Junius 30, 250 8:20 PM UTC

Ancient music is played as musicians play down the road. A Parade marches down the Main Street of the Capital, marching down to the City Hall. All 3000 members of the LPSK and all 5000 members of the army march down, holding their weapons close to their bodies as they march down to the City Hall. A Reporter in the stands on the sides, where the crowd sits, watching the Parade is talking live.

Reporter: Tonight, it is the 250th anniversary of the 5th Age of Klingvonia. Normally, security is high, but this year, due to the recent attacks on the Lord Darzon's life, the Secret Service, which rarely is called into Action is defending the Lord's life.

More Government Officials walk down the street, looking at the stands, where the crowd cheers and celebrates, eating treats and chattering. A few secret service men stand at the top of the stands, looking for any terrorists or rebels. One Police Officer at the bottom of the stands calls one of the Secret Service men.

Police Officer: Do you see anyone suspicious?

Secret Service Man: Not yet, but its hard to find them with all these people. There's probably over 10,000 citizens here.

Meanwhile, in a building that Main Street loops around, directly in front of the City Hall, 6 Police Officers and a few Secret Service men stand, looking for anyone. Suddenly, a man screams as he is pulled into the Shadows.

Police Officer: Who's There!? Show yourself! Now!

Then someone above grabs him, and throws him up. The Officers shoot at the shadows, only for a man to appear in the light, knock all the guns out of the hands, and throw them into the shadows. The Secret Service turn on flashlights, and point it, looking for the mysterious attack.

Secret Service: Who the Hell is this guy?

???: I'm your worst nightmare.

The Man attacks the Secret Service men, throwing two into another room, and locking it.

???: Sorry.

The SS's shoot at the attacker, but he knocks down one, grabs his multiblaster, and hits another member with it. With all the members down, he goes to the window, and opens it. He puts down a suitcase, and opens it. Suddenly, an entire station appears, having 2 guns on both sides, and a bazooka in the middle. He aims all of them at the 5 windows, which he opens. He looks outside, and sees the Fireworks are starting.

???: The Fireworks are happening. That means Darzon is appearing soon.

Chariots wielding two people in them, one Chariot representing each Age of Klingvonia goes down. The First shows a male and a female dressed in leaves. The Second shows a Woman in a big dress, and a man wearing the Armor of a Silver Knight. The Third shows a male Inventor, and a Female Space Traveler. The Fourth shows both in suits, shaking hands and smiling, while wearing peace signs on their necks. The Fifth shows the two people wearing pure gold, with Cannons shooting out hundreds and hundreds of coins, representing the wealth.

???: Is this to say that we've had a wealthy and peaceful age where nothing bad has ever happened? Lies.... all lies.

The Music stops, the Chariots, the Army, and the Police stop all motion, and the audience silences. The Mysterious Man in the building grabs the Bazooka, and prepares himself. Lord Darzon walks up a stage, and reaches the podium.

Lord Darzon: Good Evening my friends. Tonight, we celebrate the 250th year of the 5th age of Klingvonia. This is a truely amazing moment for our history. Now I know there are rumors of Rebillion, and rumors that my polices aren't ... favored among many, even some of our High Class Members.. Elizabeth *cough*. Anyways, let us not deal with that now, let us celebrate our survival!

Suddenly, the guns from the building fire, shooting at all the lights, knocking them out. They also take out the Secret Service men, hitting them in the groin, and knocking them down. The Crowd Screams as the Mysterious Man presses two buttons. Part of Main Street, sections without any people explode, scaring the public. The Man presses the trigger, and the Bazooka aims at Lord Darzon. The General who killed Richard, standing next to Darzon sees it.

General: SIR!

He pushes Darzon to the side, and they fall all the way down the stairs, getting injured as the Bazooka hits the building, resulting in a huge explosion. Then, the mysterious man steps back, and presses another button. The face of the building explodes, as rumble hits the ground. The Crowd Continues to panic when a Spotlight hits the building, and everyone looks.

???: Darzon's reign of Terror and Evil is coming to an end. Heed my warning. I will show the people of Klingvonia that you do not control them, but they control themselves. As of this moment, no Government Official is safe. Heed my Warning. Heed the Warning... of the Black Knight.

The Black Knight jumps off the building and uses his sword to levitate, slowly landing onto the ground. The Police and the Army attack him, but he takes his sword, and slices at them, sending a boomerang, and knocking many to the ground.

He runs, going past them, and takes out a device, and presses it. Meanwhile, at the top of the stands, in the shadows, 2 lights turn on, and they come closer, and closer. Jumping off is a huge car, the C.U2. It moves part of its body, and wings come out of the back, gliding it to the ground. It hits the ground, and drives towards the Black Knight.

Solider: What is that?

The Black Knight: My Car. The Cavalry.

The Door opens, and the Black Knight gets into it. The Door shuts, he sticks the sword into a hole, giving him control over the car.

The Black Knight: Let's Go.

He drives forward, knocking down all the men in the way. They shoot at the Car, but the bullets just hit it, and reflect, hitting the ground. The Car shoots at the building, blowing part of the building up. The Cavalary turns its wheels, creating a giant pillar of smoke as it turns and drives forward. Meanwhile, Lord Darzon is leaving the area when a man points his gun at him.

Man: You ain't going anywhere.

Lord Darzon: You... you're one of the men who attacked me a few days ago.

Darzon slips down, and knocks the other person down. He grabs the Man and lifts him to his face.

Lord Darzon: Now... you're gonna tell me who you work for... and who that Black Knight guy is.

In South City, Charles is looking at a Screen, watching the News.

Reporter: Live in the Capital right now, a man attacked the Parade for the 250th Anniversary Celebration. They call him... the Black Knight. Right now, he's traveling in a vehicle down the road, attempting to exit the Capital. Police are following him right now.

Charles: My God... Drake, what are you thinking?

Back in the Capital, the Cavalary shoots at the road, making it collapse once he drives over it, escaping the grasp of the Cops, the Army, and disappearing into the Shadows of the Night.

Meanwhile, Darzon walks up to a general.

Lord Darzon: Find him... and that Car. We're going to Area 52. Tomorrow... we're at War.

PART 2: Rebellion

The screens in the store turn on to see the reporter.

Reporter: I’m reporting live outside Raia City, where 3 days after a brutal attempt on the Lord’s life, the people are in a rage never seen before.

Raia City
5th Age, Julva 3, 250 12:15 PM UTC

Reporter, V.O: The situation is getting worse. Riots, Terrorism, and death fill the streets of North City, and surprising Raia City. The people are attacking the LPSK, killing and doing other unspeakable acts.

The Camera cuts to the people in Raia City. The camera focuses on 4 stone bridges connected together in a single spot, connecting all four rivers of the city. On one side is the people, shooting tear gas, bombs, grenades and other things at the riot force cops and the army soliders. The soldiers decide to come back, shooting at the people, killing them. One man then shouts.


There’s a huge explosion, blowing the left and right sides of the bridge. The Army aims and fires, knocking 14 people down. One of the rebels come, jump to the front of the rebel army, charges at one man, and stabs him in the chest. This makes one of the LRA soldiers shoot the rebel. Suddenly, the two sides clash, attacking each other so they may eliminate the other side .

Reporter V.O: The Devastation is... catastrophic.

The Camera cuts to the reporter, along with a new male reporter.

Reporter #2: This may be the end of what has been...a quiet, peaceful age. This could be... the beginning... of a dark time for our race.

The attack goes violent, as the blood falls over the bridge, and into the rivers. Suddenly, a hovercraft appears over the bridge, as everyone looks above. In a bright flash, the bridge is destroyed, and the people killed. The camera turns to static and changes to the reporters.

Reporter: We can confirm that the bridge is gone.

Suddenly, the screen cuts to a new character. Lord Darzon .

Lord Darzon: Greetings citizens of Klingvonia. Now. I know there is chaos, blood, death, hate, all of these emotions. During the parade, there was an attempt on my life. As I said, we are in war with these terrorists. I give you proof! The Black Knight! The Rebels at Raia City! These “ Terrorists “ threaten our very foundation. The Structures of this world will not fall. My reign... it is like gold. It is like diamond. Nothing shall break it. The World will not fall apart around me. It shall survive, and nothing will ever break my grasp. The Structures must stay. Rebellion can not be tolerated on this planet. We will not let bloody poor people ruin our history, and our planet. No. If we are to survive as a race, there can be no bloodshed. No Rebellion. No Uprisings. I condemn any man or woman or child who seeks to fight to a dishonorable death. For the cost of unnecessary blood, I will have to implant some... new rules. As of this day, under the Federal Embargo Act of the 5th Age, Year 250, all trade is canceled. Under the Homes Protection Act of the 5th Age, Year 250, No one shall leave their home cities or towns with the exception of government officials, to protect the people. Under the Military Control Act of the 5th Age, Year 250, As of this moment, the law is now in the control of the Lord’s Royal Army instead of the LPSK, and then the control goes to the government, which has more powers then the army. Under the Quartering Act of the 5th Age, Year 250, every household is to house 3 soldiers. The Soldiers are to be well fed, have comfortable quarters, and be able to enter any room, any building at any time. They will check in with the cities police headquarters to insecure no funny business is going on. Under the Rights Removal Act of the 5th Age, Year 250, city and/or town meetings and gatherings are thus now prohibited. Speak only to if you are asked a question by a soldier. Speak against the government or these acts and you face death. You do not have the right to give your own opinion. You do not have the right to believe in anything but what we tell you to. You do not have the right to have more than 3 adults in the house minus the soldiers. There are many more acts after this. But as of now... consider yourselves lucky. I do not wish for blood to be split. So... Knight. Will you fight? Or will you hide like a coward. I make my move. Now make yours.

The camera cuts to Raia City, as every bridge crossing all the rivers are destroyed, falling into the water. Soldiers are places into the city, and around it. Ships are shot at, and blown up.

South City
5th Age, Julva 3, 250 1:00 PM

Soldiers charge into the city, shooting down any civilians that are nearby.


Drake and Charles are using blowtorches, burning armor when they hear screams. Charles: What was that?

Drake: Let’s find out.

They go to an elevator, where they go up. It continues to go it down for 5 minutes, until it suddenly stops. The Doors open, and he exits it. Everyone is on the floor, as they watch soldiers shoot at the people outside, and then look at them.

Mrs. Hannabal: MR. CHARLES, GET DOWN!

She gets up and pulls the two of them down as the soldier shoots at the building, breaking a window and fatally wounding Mrs. Hannabal.

Charles: NO!

Drake: What’s going on?

Business Executive: It’s Darzon. He’s unleashed 5 new acts that give the army and him complete power and control.

The Village of Soran
5th Age, Julva 3, 250 3:00 PM UTC

The Soldiers charge into the village, raiding and taking whatever they want. One soldier takes some of the live aaval. Then, Mr. Daniels, Drake’s father walks out of his hut.

Drake’s Father: What? What are you doing? YOU CAN’T TAKE THAT!

Drake’s Father takes a sword and charges, hitting the back of a soldier with the handle of the sword. He then kills another soldier and cries out, fighting. The Soldier who took the aaval gives them to a friend, takes his multiblaster, and shoots him. A bunch of boots march by, as Drake’s Father falls to the ground, dead.

Raia City, and the rest of the cities, towns and villages in Klingvonia are on lockdown.

The Capital
5th Age, Julva 3, 250 3:00 PM

The General walks over into the room, and sees Lord Darzon.

General: Darzon.

Lord Darzon: General Javert.

General Javert: I have had my soldiers march to the cities, they have took them in control. We have scarred and killed the people, and done even more so. But do not despair, there is still some left for you. Now let’s grasp the rebels in our hand, and squeeze the hope from them.....

Lord Darzon walks over to a table, pours some wine like liquid into a cup, and turns towards Javert.

Lord Darzon: I have seen this kind of trouble, I have seen the eyes of men. They will not go down easy, they will not answer to you Javert. I see the sparks of freedom as they burn high and tall. The force that drives them can only be stopped by one thing....

General Javert: Death.

Lord Darzon: Yes. Death, my brother. Death.

General Javert: We shall strike like venom, we shall strike like the sword...

Lord Darzon: And no one shall prevail, but us. The Structures shall stand still, like the gold that founded this world

General Javert: 24601 Years ago...The Structures will stand,

Lord Darzon: The Order shall stay, and thus we shall remain.

General Javert: For many years, we’ve ruled, yet rebels fight and die

Lord Darzon: And now, the foundation weakens with this revolution coming....

General Javert: We shall stop them,

Lord Darzon: We shall fight,

Both: They will die by our mighty hands.

North City
5th Age, Julva 5, 250 9:15 PM UTC

In decaying North City... a rainstorm hits the city, pouring ice cold water on the civilians and soldiers. One soldier walks up to a man, and takes a thing of food he’s making and selling.

Man: That’s um... 3 daves.

Soliders: I don’t give a damn about your money.

Man: Come on. I have kids to feed.

Solider: They wouldn’t starve if they were dead... or in the army.

The Soldier walks away, as the man groans, having less money. The Solider is eating, before a wire surrounds his foot, and drags him all the way to the top of the highest building of North City. He screams, dropping his food before he comes face to face with... the Black Knight.

The Black Knight: WHERE ARE THEY?

Solider: Who?

The Black Knight: Where? Are? They?

Solider: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

The Black Knight: 2 nights ago, you invaded every city, kidnapping over a hundred people in both South City and North City. Why?

Solider: I’m not sure... they don’t give us that kind of details?

The Black Knight: Who leads you?

Solider: umm...ah...Oh! General Javert! Yeah him!

The Black Knight: Javert? He’s just a rumor.

Solider: No.. he’s real. I followed him at .... what was that village that was destroyed 4 years ago? Oh yeah. Epiphany. The Village of Epiphany.

The Black Knight pauses for a moment, quite shocked.

The Black Knight flashes back to that moment.......

General Javert: Well then... I think its time we end this.

He views one man fighting another soldier and takes out a Multibaster. Meanwhile, Drake is fighting his way out of the city, when he sees a familiar face.

Drake: Richard?

Richard: Drake?

Suddenly, Richard falls down. Blood spills onto the road as Drake cries out. The General puts his gun down and laughs, before walking away. Richard begins to tear, and so does Drake.

Drake: Why were you here?

Richard: Looking for you.... lost my way... caught up in fight... I'm sorry.

Richard turns his head, and becomes motionless. The Word around Drake mutes as he stares at the body of his best friend. He closes Richard's eyes to make it look like he was sleeping.


The Black Knight wakes up from his flashback, and begins to ask more questions again.

The Black Knight: Javert was the General there. Where’s Javert, now?

Soldier: Capital.

The Black Knight: Who else knows where they went?

Soldier: Mayor... the mayor!

The Black Knight: Thank you.

He drops the soldier, and the soldier falls onto a balcony on the building. He looks up, only to see the Black Knight is gone.

In the city hall of North City, the Mayor helps a soldier exit his office. After he shuts the door, he’s startled by a voice.

Voice: Long time you’ve been in this office.

The mayor turns around and sees the Black Knight.

The Mayor: You. The Black Knight. In North City. To what do I owe this... pleasure?

The Black Knight: You made drug deals with corrupt politicians and drug dealers. You don’t think that Darzon will not kill you for it?

The Mayor: I needed the drugs! For my wife!

The Black Knight: On the black market?

The Mayor: The Hospital wouldn’t give me any.

The Black Knight: Look. I won’t give the government evidence of your deals. If you do one thing for me.

The Mayor: What?

The Black Knight: Tell me where the missing people went.

The Mayor: That’s Top secret. I - I can’t...

The Black Knight: You can. You must.

The Mayor stays silent for a while, pondering on what to do.

The Mayor: ...ah....Area...Area 52.63 miles North directly from here. It’s in the Arctic

The Black Knight: Thank you.

The Black Knight opens the window, but the Mayor stops him.

The Mayor: Wait. You. You go in there, you won’t come out.

The Black Knight: I can bring back the people. I promise.

The Mayor: What do you expect? For all of us... TO GO AGAINST THE CAPITAL? AGAINST JAVERT? AGAINST DARZON?

The Black Knight is silent till he’s done.

The Black Knight: We can bring the people together. We can help fight for a better world. You’re only one of many who is delaying the inevitable. If Darzon remains... he’ll kill us all. Will you join me? Will you help fight?

The Mayor looks at him while the camera cuts to Regina, suddenly waking up. She tries to move her arms, but they are electronically glued to the wall. She learns she’s in a pod, in a strange room, along with 100 others.

Area 52
5th Age, Julva 7, 250 5:13 PM UTC

A door opens, and out of it comes Lord Darzon.

Lord Darzon: Welcome to your home for all eternity, also known as Area 52. You are all here for... multiple reasons. Some of you are being studied for genetic reengineering and Klingon body studying. Others are going to become staff. And then some of you.... will be interrogated and tortured for infomation.

He walks over, passing by Regina, and walking to a man. He then points to a man, turns to two guards, and nods. The Guards open the pod, and take the man in for interrogation.


Lord Darzon: Rejoice. For he was the first to suffer.

Darzon walks over into Regina, and smiles.

Lord Darzon: Let us show what we do to those who don’t obey my laws... to remind them that they aren’t in their city’s protection. They are here, under my watch. No one is safe anymore.

He leaves the room, laughing as a scientist pulls a lever, and an electrical shock strikes all 99 people. Regina cries in deep pain as the camera cuts to a frozen tundra, where a base’s entrance is freezing cold, and the Black Knight stands behind a giant random rock.

The Black Knight: Area 52. A Living, frozen hell.

He looks at the entrance, to see cameras, and a guard watching the door.

The Black Knight: Great.... Drake, you can come up with a cool name for yourself, but you can’t think if there are guards here?

The Guard continues to look around, till he’s dragged into the Darkness. The camera cuts to Regina continuing to be tortured. Darzon smiles at her, and then nods at the guards.

Lord Darzon: Lower the shock so she can talk.

The Guard grabs a dial and turns it, as Regina quiets down.

Lord Darzon: You are going to tell me two things dear. The First about the drugs. The Second is about a certain little... issue I’m having. Understand the rules? Good. Now.. the drugs. In the last 4 days, we got files involving you preventing the mayor of North City to get drugs for his wife. Do you know if he got any... illegially?

Regina: I ... I don’t know... .I’ve been away a lot...

Lord Darzon: Don’t. Lie... to me. Yes or no?

Regina: ... yes, I know because his wife was better than normal one day.

Lord Darzon: See? Not that hard. The next is harder. I want to know this. The Black Knight seems to have... connections with a powerful weapons manufacturer. Who do you know who might work for these manufacturers?

Regina: What? Why?

Lord Darzon: Those are not cards on the table. Answer the questions.

Regina: Umm.. Ala, Donita, Drake...

Lord Darzon: Wait. Drake? You said that differently than the others.

Regina: Friend...

Lord Darzon: Ah. We’ll start there. Thank you... for your time and cooperation.

He starts to walk away when he shouts,

“ Guard, give her the worst. As a gift for helping us. “

The Dial is turned to the left all the way, as the screams of Regina echo thru the halls.....

Meanwhile, as Darzon goes down the hall, a guard walks up to him.

Darzon: What is it Lieutenant?

Lieutenant: Sir, the basement ......

Darzon: Needs more toilet paper?

Lieutenant: No Sir...

Darzon: Oh then more chemicals for Project: Beta, hmm?

Lieutenant: No my lord.... it’s....

Darzon: WHAT? WHAT? Spit it out Lieutenant?

Lieutenant: Sir, the basement has been... destroyed.

A cold, icy breath comes from Darzon as he stands still. His eyes blink, his face in a moment of confusion and shock.

Darzon: How.... could that be?

Darzon turns around and runs the opposite way, past Regina again, and into a elevator. The Lieutenant follows him, enters the elevator as the door shows, and presses Level B. They begin to go down till they reach a bump. Darzon opens the door and hurries to the other side of the room, where there is a locked door. He presses a button on the door that reveals an eye scanner and puts his face there. The Scanner scans his eye, and says

“ Access 1 Permined. Please give Blood Sample for final analysis. “

He takes a small needle, and gives him a cut. The blue blood hits the door, and the lights turn green. The doors open, and the two men are able to go thru. They take a few steps, and look around. Total trash. Damage, claw marks, everyone alive but injured critically. The Two Men look over the side bar, to see a bunch of letters in the form of flames.


Lieutenant: Sir?

Darzon in shock, mutters,

Darzon: He’s here. Seal off the building.

Suddenly, from above, a bunch of doors explode, shaking the building. The Elevator explodes and the roof begins to collapse. Darzon fall down in shock as the Lieutenant is is killed in the explosion. The Black Knight appears from the ashes, running down the hall , going thru doors. He sees a guard, headbutts him, and knocks him. He then kicks down a door, knocks a sword out of a guard and cuts a steel lock before he kicks a door down.

The Black Knight: Regina!

Meanwhile Darzon slowly walks past the Lieutenant's body and towards the elevator. A spark flies as he looks up thru the new hole made in the top of the elevator, and sees a damaged chain. He looks at the ladders on the side and jumps up with all his strength and power onto the top of the elevator and begins climbing. At the same time, The Black Knight hits the scientists and turns off the machines, stopping the torture devices.

Regina: The.... Knight... ah...

He runs over to Regina, reaches into a pocket, takes out a small blade and breaks the cuffs. Regina falls down into his arms, as he carefully lays her on the floor.

The Black Knight: Her pulse is weakening. She’s got a short breath, and is starting to slip. I gotta get her to North City fast. Someone will be able to help her.

The other cuffs automaticly open and the people either fall down or slowly get out and move around a little. He turns around towards them.

The Black Knight: We have to get out of here quick. Lord Darzon is trapped in the basement but not for long. The Guards and Javert, his brother will be coming soon. We have to hurry. Are you with me?”

One of the men looks at the others, who nod. He turns around and nods back at the Black Knight. The Black Knight nods back at them, and he grabs Regina. He runs thru the doors, pass the knocked out and dead guards as the people follow him. He opens a door, which shows a staircase.

The Black Knight: This is the hidden staircase I found in the guard’s map. Only a few select know about it. it’s for complete emergencies. This is Level E. It goes from Level F to Level A, not including the basement below F. Let’s hurry. “

The others begin to run up the staircase as a door near Floor F opens. Darzon walks thru, his hands covered in a few cuts. He looks up, and sees the people escaping.

Escapee: Lets Go!

Darzon grabs a gun-like weapon and shoots at them, knocking one woman dead and knocking her over.

Man: Get Down!

They hurry towards level A as the Black Knight stops two 14 year old teenagers.

The Black Knight: Keep her safe and alive. Hurry to the surface, and wait for me. “

He gives Regina to them, looks at her, and steps on the rail of the stairs. Darzon smiles and shouts,

Darzon: What are you waiting for, Knight? Hmm?

The Black Knight jumps down, slowly falling as the enemy realizes what is happening. The Dictator runs into the hall as the Black Knight lands on the floor and walks over to the door. As he walks thru, a brick hits him in the head. Darzon grabs him on the side, but is thrown across the hall. He hits a wall, where the two take out their choice of weapons: Swords.

TBK got off with a small hit from the knee since he was running towards him when the Knight headed with the sword for Darzon's neck. He easily slipped under me hitting me on the back hard from the other side. Drake, in the armor fell because of the hit and and had a crack in the armor.

Darzon: Give up. You’ve lost this fight my friend. I might as well just find out who you’re weapon supplier is, hmm? Ala... maybe you’ve traded with a wolf? Or .... Drake? Hmm?

In a quick act of anger, The Black Knight takes his sword, activates its powers, and sends a power boom at Darzon, sending him across the hall.

Drake hurries back to the stairs when a guard shouts to him.

Guard: WAIT, WAIT!

The Black Knight turns around and walks over to the guard.

Guard: Are you one of us?

The Black Knight: Who?

Guard: Ah. I see. There is a rebellion. A Revolution of darkness and blood is coming. The People shall sing. aH...Augh...I am close to death. I must hurry.

The Black Knight: SAY IT!

Guard: There is a man. A man named Caesar. He’s holding a meeting in South City. Go there, and then he’ll lead you the rest of the way. You’ll know where to look. Butt..... if you betray us..... ahh.... they’re kill you for it.

With his final breath, the guard fell down, dead. Shocked yet interested, the Black Knight hurries into the ground above. He reaches it when all the people get on his car, barely hanging on. He jumps into it, and the two boys put Regina next to him.

The Black Knight: Hang on Boys!

He starts to drive fast, hurrying away as a few of the LPSK shoots at him from Area 52. Darzon climbs up the stairs, opens the door... and sees that the Black Knight is gone, along with all his captives. He looks down, and sees a piece of metal. A piece of metal with the name of Charles Inc. on it.

Darzon: And yet... another piece of this game has been moved. Hmm.... get ready my friend.

South City
5th Age, Julva 9, 250 11:30 AM UTC

Charles is drinking something when he asks Drake something.

Charles: Well?

Drake: I freed all the 100 victims, including Regina, damaged Area 52, and I got the Mayor of North City on my side.

Charles gasps in shock, coughing up his drink.

Charles: He... he agreed? That drunk, no good old man agreed?

Drake: Yes...

Charles turns around, looking at his desk. He opens a drawer and takes out a badge with the letter R on it as Drake keeps talking. Then, he notices the badge.

Drake: What’s that?

Charles: Oh... nothing.

Charles puts away the badge and shuts the drawer.

Charles: So.. it looks like North City is on our side. Raia City is the main voice of these... rebellions, and I’m sure Soran would join you as well. Which means if South City can join....

Drake: Then that means that the Black Knight won’t just be a criminal getting people to rebel. He’ll be the symbol of a revolution. A new war.

Charles: At last.

Drake looks at Charles odd, and ponders for a sec.

Drake: Everything okay?

Charles: Yeah... I’m okay.

Suddenly, the doors open and a large group of soliders enter the room.

Drake: Whoa Whoa Whoa... get back! Get Back Charles!

They carry the royal flags of the Lord’s Royal Army and the flag of Klingvonia as the many enter the room, lining up. A custodian walks over, having been cleaning the far side of the room where he could not hear Drake or Charles.

Custodian: Hey! You can’t be here! This is property of the C-

Suddenly, a loud bang his heard as blood comes onto his clothes and chest, and he falls to the ground. Coming into the room is Lord Darzon.

Lord Darzon: Someone get that man out of here please....

Two soldiers drag the man out of the room as Darzon looks around, and finds Charles and Drake.

Lord Darzon: Which of you is Drake?

Drake looks around, finding any and all exits being watched and blocked by the guards. He then slowly raises his hand.

Lord Darzon: Ah...

He walks over to Drake, and hands him a letter.

Lord Darzon: I believe this is for you.

Drake cautiously takes the letter, as Darzon turns around, grabs the cup Charles was using, and drinks some of it.

Lord Darzon: I understand that Drake here is becoming a first hand weapons developer, am I right?

Charles: Yes, he most currently is.

Lord Darzon: Hmm. Well a friend told me about you... Regina was it? Yes well, I hear she’s a fine lady. Worthy of quite a good man.

Drake: Yes, well, you’re reason for visiting?

Lord Darzon: Oh yes... of course. You see... this comapny is now under the command and control of the government of Klingvonia. I have some... plans at the moment that require your services. You will do what I say... or I will kill everyone you know. Everyone you hold dear. You’ll be under surveillance for a long time, and if I see any funny business. well, you know.

Darzon begins to walk away when he adds,

Lord Darzon: Oh, and by the way... I’m sorry for your lost Drake.

Darzon walks out the room, with all the guards leaving.Drake grabs a small knife and cuts open the envelope and pulls out the letter. He scans it till he looks at one spot. Slowly, his face begins to change, mourning when his sadness becomes a single tear. All of a sudden, his single tear disappears as he begins to get angry, and his rage fills his entire body.

Drake: Dar....ZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drake shoves everything on the nearby table off, before flipping it, and destroying one of his machines. He breaths heavy as the screen cuts to a tall skyscraper with neon colors in the dark night.

EXT: South City
5th Age, Julva 12, 250 11:30 PM

The South Jazz Club. A nightclub in South City, emceed by the clubmaster, a flamboyant and vivacious Klingon. It is one of the many clubs found on the planet. The club was located on top of the tallest tower overlooking the city, and was accessed by way of a windowed elevator car on the outside of the structure. Inside the club was a main entertainment room whose central bar was illuminated with a steady white glow. The Club was one of the only places free of control of the government.

A vehicle rides up towards the club’s bottom door. The vehicle opens as a man in a black cloak, glowing dimly with blue lines exits. He walks over to the door, and opens it up. Then, a woman speaks.

Woman: Mr. Daniels?

Drake turns to his left to see Mrs. Hannabal in a white gown standing right next to him.

Drake: Mrs. Hannabal, a pleasure.

Mrs. Hannabal: You looking for someone?

Drake: Actually, I am. A man, named Caesar .

Hannabal smiles at his, as she puts a red liquid on her lips.

Mrs. Hannabal: The Clubmaster. He’s in this tower, you know. Go to him, and he’ll lead you to Caesar, the rebellion man.

Drake: How do you....

Mrs. Hannabal: Don’t worry. I’m on your side. We all are.

She takes his hand and leads him to the elevator. The doors shut as she smiles, before the two of them, alone , head towards the top.

The Capital
5th Age, Julva 12, 250 11:32 PM UTC

General Javert sits on a chair, with soldiers moving around as he looks at a picture of the Black Knight.A Soldier reports to him.

Soldier: Sir, Lord Darzon requests your forces in South City at once.

The Soldier leaves, and Javert groans.

Javert: Your move Knight.... YOUR MOVE!

South City
5th Age, Julva 12, 250 11:33 PM UTC

A pair of hands grab a cloak as Drake and Hannabal walk over to the bar. A few men cheer as Hannabal directs Drake’s direction towards a man with a white cane, white hair, and a cheerful expression talking to some dark men.

Man: Clubmaster, you must direct us to Caesar!

Clubmaster: Oh I know, I know. But if this... plan of yours is to succeed, we must take precious time. With all these... guards around my man.

Hannabal walks over to the Clumbaster, and says something to him. The CM jumps, quietly looks at Drake, and looks at the man.

Clubmaster: If you excuse me... I have someone to attend to...

As he leaves, the man says...

Man: He’s never left like that unless... Caesar’s arrival is here. The Rebellion is about to rise.

Clubmaster, leading Drake away: Now, let’s leave these primitive life forms among us, shall we?

Drake: Yeah....

The Clubmaster presses a button and a set of stairs forms to his private room at the very top of the tower. Drake and the CM climb up the was the stairs retract, and a new person enters the club.

Man: You on the list?

Woman: Yes, Regina.

Man: Regina .... yep you are. Proceed.

Regina walks onto the floor, and proceeds to get a drink before noticing Drake upstairs.

Regina: Drake?

At the same time, Drake and the Clubmaster are chatting.

Clubmaster: So... what is it you need, Knight?

Drake: How do you ...

Clubmaster: I’m the master of all entertainment, and knowledge of the secret, rebellious, and forbidden kind. It’s my job to know.

Drake: Well, I need to find a man. Name is Caesar.

Clubmaster: Indeed... many are. Dark times these are.

Drake: Where can I meet him?

Clubmaster: Well....

The CM points to his face, and grabs it. A mask comes off, changing his face to make it one very similar....

Caesar: You. Just. Did.

Drake: Amazing.... what is that?

Caesar: An ID Mask. Very hard tech to get here on Klingvonia.

Drake: You were at Epiphany. Weren’t you?

Caesar: At the time I was known to many as Roy. But I’ve had to ... reinvent myself. Thus ,Caesar, leader of the Klingvonian Rebellion was formed.

Drake: So there is a rebellion. How many?

Caesar: 300. Not a man or woman more. Now that we’ve.... ah, dropped the casual talk... what do you need of my services?

Drake: I know some of your friends rated Darzon’s private message and stole some valueable info. I need that info.

Caesar: For what?

Drake: Revolution. It’s Coming. I need you to lead me to them.

Caesar: Ah. Well you see... that raid was led by me. And I believe....

Caesar presses a button on the bar table, and a box opens up, before he grabs a device and lifts it into the air.

Caesar: This is what you were talking about.

Drake: My god.... is that a Spandtrixis?

Caesar: Yes. One of the most powerful technology able to record thousands of years worth in an instant. I wish the trixis part was off though. This ain’t no Galvan tech.

Drake: Then its ... the Spand. Caesar, you have to give it to me.

Caesar: Only if you tell me one thing.... why?

Drake takes a deep breath, and sighs, glaring at Caesar, this man he’s beginning to hate with all his might as the cameras cut to Regina, trying to look into the room they’re in.

Regina: What could they be talking about up there?

Hannabel: The Future of Klingvonia.

Hannabel sits down next to her, and orders a wine.

Regina: What do you mean?

Hannabel: Regina, is it? Drake’s told me everything about you.

Regina: Really?

Hannabel: Why of course. Now, I mean that there’s a new age coming. And Drake is a big part of it.

Regina: War?

Hannabel: Revolution.

Hannabel receives her drink, and gets up.

Hannabel: He always talks about you. Your hair, personality... you two are perfect for each other.

With that ,she gets up and leaves. Regina looks around, and then back up to the higher floor.

Regina: Maybe we would.....

The Camera cuts back to Drake.

Drake: 4 years ago, I learned the truth about the government. They’re cruel, powerful, rich, hateful, and destructive. They take everything we care about and break it down, before destroying it. For When in the Course of Klingon events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Caesar: Oh my...

Drake:We must hereby declare this as our independence! For it shall and will be the government ruled by the people, and for the people. And if no one shall stand up, I will. As the Black Knight of Klingvonia.

An eerily silence fills the room, till Caesar clears his throat.

Caesar: Here it is. The Spand. Now....

Drake: Star making propaganda. The rebellion must make itself known. In 3 days, planet wide rebellion. North, South, and Raia at the same time. We have to act soon.

Caesar: Raia City is under my control now. You have my word.

Drake: And I have North under control.

Caesar: You’ll get South?

Drake: Yes.

Caesar: Good. Oh and by the way.... say hello to Charles.

Drake, taken back: What?

Suddenly, a loud series of cries come. Everyone looks above to the glass window to see a giant ship, bigger than anything they’ve seen. A huge ancient looking ship with modern weapons, glow, and other things. Three Soldiers jump off the ship, break the window and land on the floor. They take out blades and slice two of them. One of the guards stabs a dancer and walks over to the other sides of the club. Another man flips off the ship and onto the ground. Javert gets up, grabs a man and snaps his neck.

Javert: The government of Klingvonia is taking this club in possession. Caesar! Where are you?

Javert then grabs a disk and throws it, stabbing a bartender in the throat and exploding, destroying the bar. Drake Jumps down from the top floor and is confronted by a guard. He grabs a stick, knocks the guard down and sees a woman in distress. He then grabs the guard and punches him with all his might.

Regina: Drake?

Drake: Regina? What the Heck?

Javert: CAESAR!

Drake: Let’s just go.

Drake and Regina get in the elevator and go down, as Javert throws a bomb, which destroys the entrance to the club. Javert is then knocked down by Caesar, who proceeds to walk over to a giant hole in the wall, presses a button on his cane, and falls. He floats slowly to a car, which then drives away.

Caesar: Darzon’s found me. We must head to Raia City. I shall lead the Rebellion at last to revolution. Contact Charles. I must tell him.

Meanwhile, the doors open, and Regina and Drake get out.

Drake: You okay?

Regina: Yeah.... they’ll be here for us. You got an idea?

Drake: Yeah...

Drake runs into an alley, and after a while, Regina frowns.

Regina: Why that little ...

Suddenly, a huge car comes into view, and the Black Knight, with Drake’s head still visible pops out.

The Black Knight: Get in. Now.

Regina: Wait... you, him? The Same? What?


Regina: Okay!

Regina climbs into the car and Drake puts on the helmet. The Calvary hurries from the street and onto a main road, as Javert looks from above.

Javert: All Forces divert your attention to the Black Knight vehicle on 9th. Two cycles exit a building and hurry after the Calvary. A Tank also appears and follows it, shooting at the car.

The Black Knight: Hang on!

The Calvary hangs on, hurrying through the streets of the city as the cycles follow it. The Cavalry begins to maneuver thru the street, passing by many vehicles as the cycles follow it. The Black Knight presses a switch, opening hatches on the Calvary. Small balls of metal shootout, landing on the ground and exploding, destroying one of the cycles and blocking the tanks.

Meanwhile, Javert leaves the club, walking with a sword, killing a citizen as she walks by. He gets into a tank, and shouts to the driver.

Javert: Shoot them. Shoot them all.

The Tank hurries away, shooting anyone nearby as it follows the Knight’s trail. The Cavalry turns to the next street and crashes thru a building window, before spinning around and taking out the shooters.

Regina: How are you even... what?

The Black Knight: Hold on tight.

He shoots at the cycles, knocking them both to the ground. They hit a building, and explode in a fiery mass as the vehicle heads onto a bridge. A small hovercraft flies above the bridge, following the Calvary. A few more cycles appear, and the LPSK arrives with 4 squad cars, chasing the Knight’s vehicle. He turns the road and starts charging forward, passing by other traveling cars. Javert’s tank arrives in front of the car, so Drake turns the wheel and heads downtown. The squad cars go in first, followed by the tank.

Regina: What the hell are you doing?

The Black Knight: Taking a quick little shortcut.

He goes up a ramp, heading to the top of a building. The Squad cars follow him, and Javert’s tank stays below with the cycles who are catching up.

Police Man: Exit the vehicle now or be killed!

The Cavalry hurries and drives off the roof onto another. Two squad cars follow and crack the roof of the low land buildings. They take out their multiblasters and shoot at the car, but Drake presses a button, shooting bullets from the back of the car towards them. It flips one of the cars over, breaking the roof and leaving holes in it. The other car trips over these holes, crashing into the first car, and knocking both of them to the ground, where they crush the cycles and block Javert’s tank yet again.

Javert: For God’s sake! GET HIM!

The Cavalry lands onto a highway and starts driving on a fast lane. Having escaped from the LPSK for a moment, Drake looks at Regina patiently.

The Black Knight: We’re almost there.

Suddenly, a bunch of squad cars, along with a different tank appear on the highway, spurring the Vehicle into action. The Cavalry shoots at the squad cars, and Drake presses a red button, shooting tiny rockets at the road behind them. That part of the highway collapses, blocking their way. Then, they jump off onto a main road, where Drake presses a button, and the road below them reveals a tunnel that they drive into, before being hidden again. Driving at maximum speed, Regina begins to feel sick as they reach the end of the tunnel: A cliff that is in front of a giant hole where the Black Knight’s base is.

Drake: Hang on...Regina, hang on!

They jump off the cliff , and land on the other side, going thru the hole and stopping the car. Drake gets out, carrying Regina to a chair before taking off his helmet.

Drake: You alright?

Regina: Fast speed... ugh...

Drake walks over to a small bowl full of water, takes the cup on the stand next to it, fills it up and gives it to Regina. After drinking the whole thing, Regina throws the cup in his face.


Drake: I’m only doing what’s right.

Regina: What’s right is making sure people don’t die from sickness, or feeding the poor, not leading a revolution!


Regina stops, clearly shocked.

Drake: I’m doing this for everyone! For you, for Soran, for Charles, and Richard and...

Regina: Richard? What about Richard?

Drake: Richard is dead Regina. I don’t know if they told you he was missing but he’s been dead. For 4 years. I watched him die in front of me.

Regina: What...


Regina: Drake.... I...

Drake: Shut up! You said I was doing nothing, but I am now. But what are you doing, huh? Getting cake?

Regina: Drake, stop... please...

Drake: Look. There’s a small tunnel north of here, it’ll lead you to a set of rooms. If you want, you can take room 250. I’ll leave you alone.

Heartbroken, Regina leaves the base, and finds room 250. Once in there, she breaks down, and cries.

Regina: And to think I almost loved him once....

South City
5th Age, Julva 13, 250 12:19 PM UTC

Javert and his soldiers walk into Charles Inc. They enter the elevator, and take out their weapons. Meanwhile, Charles is looking at maps.

Charles: Hmm.. perhaps we can take out the police by going here... no... ugh. All this rebellion work is hard.

Javert: And Illegal.

Javert and his goons arrive in the room, walking towards Charles. Charles puts the maps in his pocket and takes out a sword.

Charles used the sword to stab one of the goons, dicing the second and knocking the third to the ground. Javert grabbed Charles by the throat ,took his sword and knocked him down.

Javert: You’ve been corrupted. You have to be killed. Now.

As Charles crawled to the wall, watching as Javert walked towards him with his own sword, Charles noticed a gun on the side. He took it and shot at Javert, who blocked it with the sword, but got a bloody slash as the blade accidently hit his face. Charles got up, and ran to the wall, pressing a button and disappearing behind the wall in a flash. In a secret tunnel now, Charles runs to the right, where a door opens, leading to a staircase and a back door. Caesar is standing there, waiting, and Charles walks up to him.

Charles: I’ve been exposed. Javert knows I work for the Rebellion now.

Caesar: Indeed. I have been revealed as well. It also appears that the Black Knight has joined our cause.

Charles: Has he?

Caesar: Yes. Drake is a good man. I'm sure he’ll be able to take care of himself. Meanwhile, as Javert savages the South... we can make our escape to Raia City. There we can make propaganda against Darzon and Javert.

Charles: There’s something else. I’ve heard the chatter. Is it true?

Caesar: What is?

Charles: Were you really Lord Augustus?

Caesar hesitates, and puts his hand on Charlie's shoulder.

Caesar: That’s a story for another time, my friend. Meanwhile... i have an idea for our propaganda. It involves a video I found.

Charles: So?

Caesar: It’s a public execution. Just the thing to rally the people.

South City
5th Age, Julva 15, 250 11:00 AM UTC

In a bar in South City, men are drinking when all of a sudden, all the screens in the city change to the face of Caesar.

Caesar: It is I. The Clubmaster. Though you may know me also by another name. Caesar. The Time has come for us to rise up. I have to show you something that I think will inspire you.

A new video appears on the screen. The Video shows 6 people climb up the stairs onto the board, ready to be hanged until death. A young teenager slowly walks up the stairs, the 7th person. He is shown to have a coin, a coin from 250 years ago. A symbol of the original revolution.

Young Teenager: Many of our love ones are off to war. They leave us behind for distance shores. They seek out our enemies to even the score. But some of them we may never see once more.

A man begins to put the rope around their necks, as the teen keeps singing.

Young Teenager: We believe people should be free to choose. So this war on terror is one we cannot lose.We are a nation that will fight when we must. Terrorists will learn this when they bite the dust. For do they hear the people sing?

The Man puts the rope around the neck of the teen.

Man: You’ll shut up now.

He then goes for the rest of the prisoners. At the edge, one of them starts signing.

Prisoner: Do you... hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men.... it is the music of... a people who will not ... be slaves again.

Then something shocking happens.All the prisoners start singing:

Prisoners: When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums, there is a life about to start when tomorrow comes.

The Men in a bar in South City then get up, and charge out of there. The people flood into the streets, overrunning the soldiers.

People: Will you join in our crusade? Who will be strong and stand with me?

North City
5th Age, Julva 15, 250 11:30 AM UTC

The people of North City leave their homes, clubs, bars, schools, and start marching down towards City hall. They take their guns and shoot at the soldiers.

People: Beyond the barricade... Is there a world you long to see?

They start to make a barricade, throwing chairs, tables, wood, even doors. They bring cars and park them to built it up. One young child, a young smiling girl runs up the barricade to give a man a flag. The Flag of Klingvonia.

People: Then join in the fight.... That will give you the right to be free!

South City
5th Age, Julva 15, 250 11:30 AM UTC

Meanwhile, South City has also started a barricade. The camera goes back and forth from the making of the South City barricade to the making of the North City one.

People: Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry men? It is the music of a people, Who will not be slaves again! When the beating of your heart, echoes the beating of the drums....there is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!

Raia City
5th Age, Julva 15, 250 11:31 AM UTC

Above in the skyscrapers, Charles is looking around in an office when he hears the commotion. He looks down, and sees the barricade. Smiling, he walks to the wall, and removes a painting. There is a safe. He opens it, takes out a gun and a badge. A star with the letter R on it. He then joins the crowd and starts to sing.

Meanwhile, a reporter runs into a room with 2 generals and Caesar.

Reporter: You have to look at this.

She turns on the tv, to show North and South Cities making the barricades, and singing the song.

People of both cities: Will you give all you can give so that our banner may advance? Some will fall and some will live, will you stand up and take your chance?

People of Raia City:The blood of the martyrs will water the meadows of this world!

Raia City
5th Age, Julva 15, 250 11:35 AM UTC

At the moment, Drake, as the Black Knight appears on the top of the South City Barricade.

People of North City, South City, and Raia City: Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry men? It is the music of a people, Who will not be slaves again! When the beating of your heart, echoes the beating of the drums....there is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!

The people begin to cheer, and shout, as the Black Knight screams,


Everyone in the three cities cheer with him, as in the capital....

The Capital
5th Age, Julva 15, 250 11:36 AM

Darzon sits in his chair, drink in one hand, knife in the other as he stares at the screen.... watching his nation turn against him.

Lord Darzon; If they want revolution... if they want war... then so be it. And thus, a new revolution has begun in Klingvonia.

Unknown to the people of the planet, the video with the prisoners still plays... as the man pulls the trigger, and the 7 people fall down, hanging. It gives a taunt, a warning. A message... revealing death is about to arrive.

PART 3: Revolution

North City
5th Age, Julva 16, 250 3 PM UTC

The North City Fortress. A fortress at the edge of North City built before the 4th Age of Klingvonia. It is located right on the edge of the North Cliff, which drops Hoff into a vast ocean and unknowable waters. It was once used during the extermination of another species that once dominated Klingvonia. They called them, Vladats. However,we used modern technology to wipe them out and thus, hunted the Vladats to extinction before becoming the new dominant species and building new cities. The reign of the Vladats had lasted for 2 ages, but we rose in the third age and had peace. Till the War of 15 years. After that, the Fortress was abandoned. Until now.

Voice: Be on the lookout men. The Army should be coming soon.

A General stands behind his troops, while 20 men stand with cannons and multi blasters. Suddenly, in the distant fog out in the ocean, a black shadow appears.

General: They’re going by water. A ship eh.

Solider: Sir... it’s not on water.

General: Then its a ....

Suddenly, the giant ship from the destruction of the South Jazz Club appears. Its revealed to have ancient looking features, armed with cannons, weapons beyond their minds, traps, and the power to fly using powerful engines. He charges towards the fort, and the General screams.

General: FIRE!

The Cannons began to shoot, aiming at the ship. Knocking some pieces of the ship off, into the ocean, the Fort quickly went on the offensive, shooting at the soldiers on the ship, knocking them all to the ground. One piece of the ship front received a giant hole in it, and the General continued to lead his group to attack. By the end of the strike, it seemed as if the ship would not be able to do anything.

Solider: Sir?

General: Let’s wait...

Meanwhile, on the ship, Lord Darzon walks out, looking at the old North City Fort. He then smiles, as General Javert also walks out.

Javert: Brother?

Darzon: Prepare to fire when ready.

Suddenly, giant cannons, assault rifles , missiles and other rockets appeared on the sides, and wood of the ship. The Ship started to turn around, going horizontal before firing.

Javert: FIRE!

Suddenly, in a burst of power and rage, cannons fired, bricks exploded, people fell to the ground, and the general shed a tear before he was knocked to the ground, and crushed by the falling rubble of the fort.

Darzon: Sorry.. its just good business.

The Fort broke apart, pieces of rooms falling into the ocean below. As their world around them collapsed, the Capital ship never relented, never stopped. Darzon laughed as the building fell into ruins, exploding as the soldiers died. In those soldiers last minutes, Darzon seemed to be evil incarnate, a satanic like figure. They closed their eyes and accepted their fate. A huge explosion sealed the deal, sending the fort into the ocean.

Darzon: North City is ours once more.

Javert: I’ll send troops over.

Darzon: No. I have another idea.

As their ship left the area, a huge explosion shook North City, killing millions.

South City Bunkers
5th Age, Julva 16, 250 4 PM UTC

Regina looked at a screen with a reporter on it.

Reporter: In the recent attack, 3 million citizens were killed, including those killed at the fort. This is now the tragic beginning of a new war. A war that may be worse than ever. This is the beginning. Let us hope that this is not our end.

The screen cuts from the reporter to North city. The Screen changes to a view of the damaged city. It cuts to security camera footage, showing missiles strike buildings. It then goes to the famous vehicle producer, MG. Suddenly, a huge explosion rocks the skyscraper, sending the giant down. A final camera shows the North City Barricade falling, followed by an explosion at City Hall. A body then hits the camera. The body of the North City mayor. People scream as gunfire rings in the air...

Reporter: We have a message from Caesar.

The Screen cuts to Caesar.

Caesar: The time for our freedom has arrived. Henceforth, the rebellion shall fight against Darzon and Javert. We can win! We..

Reporter: Could this rising star be the real identity of the vigilante, the Black Knight? And if to, who is this hero? And What will he do next?

South City Bunkers
5th Age, Julva 20, 252 1 PM UTC

A small cane. A weak back. A memory gone. Drake walks from Room 252. He eerily pass by the halls, filled with newspapers and photos.

“ BLACK KNIGHT SAVES SOUTH CITY. INJURED. “ is one of the papers.

Drake arrives at the main bunker, where he turns on the computer, and clicks a brown button. A part of the wall opens up, revealing a drink. Drake takes the drink, and scans te screen to see the latest news.

Reporter: It’s been a year since the disappearance of the Black Knight. After working with the man of the Rebellion himself, Augustus a.k.a Caesar a.k.a Roy a.k.a The Clubmaster .. and yes, its a lot of secret names, the Black Knight was struck down in the climatic hostage situation and the Battle of South City (5th Age, Year 251). The Black Knight’s idendity was never discovered, however the war that he helped start has now escalated. Current Death Toll is 40,500 Klingons. The war is turning in the favor of Darzon and the government. Let us remember this hero... this Black Knight who we pray will come back. And now to the other news... the death of lady Elizabeth...

Drake takes a sip of the drink, and then turns.

Drake: What do you want, Charles?

Charles is behind Drake, holding a file with photos and documents. He now wears a red suit with the Rebellion's badge on it.

Charles: You don’t answer your phone anymore. I can’t mail you... paige you, anything. You’re nonexistent in the outside universe Drake.

Drake: Because there’s nothing left for me. Regina left the bunker nearly a month or so after the Revolution started. She left to help North City again. I worked hard, fighting in North City, and Soran...

Charles: Yes I remember that day Drake. We all do. Regina, me, you, even Caesar. He was in Epiphany during that battle, the same battle that Javert was in. The Same Battle that ... that Richard died in. Junius 28 is a day we will always remember Drake. And so will today. A year ago... you came to my office with Caesar talking to me. We had you go to South City, being held hostage by Darzon, threatened with genocide, and you saved them. You saved all of them. And you were injured.

Drake: Ironicly by that legendary trap you told me about. The star.

Charles: Drake... you got your wounds, you got fixed up, then you're hung your cape and cowl and ended it. You gave up.

Drake: With good reason. Klingvonia didn’t need me anymore. You didn’t need me anymore. I saved South City. I saved millions of lives. But after that injury... I realized I couldn’t do it all, I couldn’t fight and die. I wanted more but there... there is nothing left for me.

Charles: That’s a bloody lie and you know it Drake. Have you ever heard of the tale of Augustus? You see... he was the Lord before Darzon. He was the lord in control 7 years before your father was born. For most of your father’s life, there was Augustus. Now, he was a kind gentle lord who saw the evils that our kind had committed. He realized it was time to end the policies. He reduced taxes, he made life easier, and a year before your father turned 16, he started creating a bill that would officially end the 5th Age and the Oppression of the Klingon.

Drake: What happened?

Charles: Darzon. Darzon happened. He didn’t agree with Augustus, and once he found out about the end of the 5th age... he had to act. So he staged a Coup d'état in the Capital. In the coup, Darzon along with his brother Javert and 3 others attacked Augustus in the street. Defending him was a solider. Your father.

Drake: What?

Charles: He might have told you and others that he had been in Soran his whole life. That was a lie. He joined the army when he was 14. Willingly. He was just like you. He found a love in the army and was happy. Anyways, defending Augustus was your father. He was randomly selected to help kill him, but betrayed Darzon. In return, Darzon scarred him, and ruined his face, his arms, even his hands. That day, he was 15. Augustus fled into the underground world, while he returned to Soran. There, he met someone. You. A few days later... Darzon found your mom in North City, visiting some friends. She was killed by Javert. From that day forth, your dad was a coward.

Drake: And what about Augustus?

Charles: Well.. Darzon took power and made life a hundred times worse than the 22 years. He took control the day your father became 16. Augustus hid for a while, then appeared in a village nearby Soran and received a new name. Roy.

Drake: Caesar is Augustus. He’s the rightful ruler of Klingvonia.

Charles: Yes. Yes Drake, he is. He formed the Rebellion to fight Darzon, to stop this chaos and evil. Drake. We’re losing. These files... they’re the names of 10,000 soldiers of the Rebellion. 1/2 of them from Raia City alone. All dead. I have to go and explain why we failed them. If Darzon wins, then all their deaths were in vain. Drake...please. You still are the Black Knight. You can still fight. You just don’t see. But, I believe in the Black Knight still. Even if he doesn’t believe in himself.

Charles walked over to a door, and shut it. Drake waited as the elevator went up, to the surface where he was sure a Rebellion Soldier was waiting to take him to Raia City. Drake turned his head, thinking. He walked over to a sheet, and pulled it down, revealing the armor.

Drake: No... I can’t. I mustn’t.

Drake flashes to the death of Richard as he fell to the ground, the funeral of his father, the moment he stepped on the star, fighting evil when a pain struck his back.

Drake: Ugh... but they need me. But I can’t do it alone... I can’t beat Darzon!

Drake flashes to the moment he fought Darzon in Area 52, the falling elevator, the parade scene...

Drake: But Charles and Caesar can help. If we work together... we can win. But what do I do... Can I even do it?

Drake looks at the armor, and then takes out the sword. He looks at his reflection on it, and nods.

Drake: It is time.

5th Age, Julva 22, 252 11:55 PM UTC

Midpolis is a ruined city, a shadow of the Vladats and even more... the old Rebellion in the War of 15 years. It was a huge city full of life, but then the extermination of the Vladats came. Then there was peace, and expansion of this Metropolis until the War of 15 Years. In the biggest battle besides maybe the final battle in South City, the rebel forces fought against the government, until the entire city was bombed. Now, only the nruins of the city remain. Until now. Today, a small rebel base camp exists outside of the city, as a few hundred troops prepare for battle.

General: Code Orange - I repeat this is a code orange. All forces report to your stations. Prepare for battle.

A hovercraft flies above the base, and lands on a giant pad. The hovercraft opens up a door to reveal Caesar and Charles walk out of it, and head towards the main building.

Caesar: You’ve done well Charles.

Charles: Thank you. This base wasn’t easy to make in the two days we had.

Caesar: True, True but you did it. And now.. I sense that there is something on your mind.

Charles: Yes. You know what it is.

Caesar: Has he recovered?

Charles: Of course not. He’s given up. I can’t believe that it happened...

Caesar: Drake’s defeat is sad. But we must move on.

Charles: Of course. If Drake wants to sit back then let him. How is the war?

Caesar: We still have favor in Raia City. But its starting to fade. The War is becoming unpopular. People are dying every day. No one wants any more death.

Charles: We have to end this. Now. We can’t keep it for another 13 years.

Caesar: Agreed.

Caesar directs Charles to the main base, where 3 generals, Caesar, Charles and two soldiers stand around a table covered in maps.

General #1: Hello Caesar.

Caesar: Good to see you General Nero. You as well Titus and Constantine.

Constantine: Let’s begin.

Charles: According to recent data, Darzon has assembled the Alpha and Beta Squads of the Lord’s Royal Army near Midpolis. Javert is taking on the terrorist organization Lunas in North City.

Constantine: Lunas, you know. Those darn Loboans on the moon. There’s been some trading with them but as you know... there’s been very little intergalactic trade.

Nero: Darzon himself is keeping himself occupied in the Capital. I think after South City... he realized that it wasn’t safe. He’s been hiding out since then. However... the government has the lead. With the Alpha and Beta Squads, we’re going against some of the best.

Titus: If we lose this fight... then there’s a big chance that the war will reach its turning point and thus, we will most likely lose the war.

Charles: Well that’s charming news.

Caesar: We also have to consider the possibility that if a battle can not end the war... then there we might have to consider Plan B and even Plan C...

Nero: I’d consider Plan B but god help us if we have to do Plan C...

Titus: I will not sign a treaty with Darzon. Nor will I accept Plan C.

Caesar: If a Mass-Exodus to another planet is the only option... then so be it.

Constantine: Well, after the battle... we’ll consider the options. Charles, make sure this base is prepared to evacuate within 20 minutes.

Charles: I’ll round up the necessary documents and supplies.

Caesar: In the meanwhile, I must tell you gentlemen. I will be going to Raia City where I shall ease the tensions that are arising. On Angusto 5th, there will be a meeting in Raia City. I expect you all to be there. It is there where we will make our final decisions... if all hell breaks loose. Good luck to you Nero. Same to you Titus.

Caesar turns around, and walks towards the hovercraft. Charles exits the base and begins to shout, ordering soldiers to start preparing for emergency evac.

5th Age, Julva 22, 252 2:50 PM UTC

The troops charge at the LRA, shooting at them. A sniper takes out a few soliders, knocking them to the ground. Two tanks arrive on the side of the rebels, shooting at the two formations of the LRA. One of the missiles hits a building, causing a raging fire to start. The armies continue to shoot at each other, as the buildings begin to knock down. Two soldiers in mecha suits, giant mechanical suits designed for combat shoot at the enemy firing multiple rounds, killing multiple LPSK and Soldiers of the Lord’s Royal Army. Nero is fighting with a mutliblaster, protecting an injured soldier.

Nero: Keep pushing forward! Move!

Two LRA soldiers walk down a pair of steps, shooting at Nero. Nero takes out a Nuclear Fusion Grenade Mini and activates it. He throws it at the soliders, and the explosion kills them in a fiery blast.

Nero: NFGM. Nuclear Fusion Grenade Mini. Not too powerful enough to destroy the city... but just powerful enough to do some damage.

Meanwhile, a few small aircraft fly in the air, passing by the armies. One opens a hatch and lets out 10 small rockets that strike both sides, as a another building, one of the few in the ruined city to be in good condition collapses, killing 30 rebel soldiers and 23 LPA. A paramedic arrives to help move the injured soldier, and Nero takes out a device showing the face of Titus.

Nero: Nero to Titus. Nero to Titus, you there?

Titus: What the heck is going on? I’m in the midst of dealing with the air forces, only to find several of them killing our troops.

Nero: We got 300 dead here.... the missiles are making the buildings collapse, the whole place is unstable. Tell your freaking men to aim better.

Titus: I’ll do that.

Nero: In the meanwhile.... good god what the ...

In five seconds, a bright flash occurs and the screen on Titus’s board goes black. Titus shuts it off, then looks at another screen, showing Charles.

Charles: Is he...

Titus: Time of Death Julva 22, 252. 2:55 PM. Nero was a goodman. But now I’m left to deal with the entire rebel army in Klingon at the moment. The Government Air forces are taking our men down, the soliders are crushing us, and we need a giant change in the status quo, or else we are toast.

Charles: Aye Aye Aye.... I can give you some more soliders but Constantine is too far away. Shall we plan for moving our base?

Titus: Yes. Get everything out of there now. I’ll... my god what in the same of sweet Klingvonia is that?

Titus turns his attention to the sky, where a giant shadow appears.

Titus: No... not that. Not that of all things.

Charles: Titus...

Titus: The Captial ship. We’re Doomed.

The Capital ship makes its appearance, breaking thru the clouds and heading straight for the ruined city.


Charles: That ship hasn’t been around for a year. There’s no reason they’d come unless we were a serious threat.. or something else has them alarmed. Something that isn’t our doing.

Soldier: Sir... we’re detecting an unknown vehicle heading this way.

Titus: LPSK? LRA?

Soldier: No sir... and its not ours.

Titus: Then what is it?

Titus exits the building he’s in, shoots an enemy soldier nearby and then walks over to a rebel.

Titus: Give me an eye on the vehicle.

Titus is handed a device, where he looks at and sees a familiar sight. He puts it down and smiles.

Titus: After a year... he’s back.

A group of army soldiers appear behind them, surrounding the General and the rebel soldier when all of a sudden, the vehicle jumps over a giant pile of rubble and land on the street. Two guns shoot at the army soliders, killing them all. Suddenly, two hatches open and 30 rockets shoot out of the hatches, flying upwards. The rockets hit multiple hovercraft and aircraft, knocking enemy ships to the ground. Out of the smoke from the car comes a shadow. Titus stands in awe as the Black Knight steps out, back. The Black Knight walks over to Titus, and nods.

The Black Knight: General Titus.

Titus: Knight. You’ve been gone a long time.

The Black Knight: I’m back. I was convinced by a friend to come back. It looks like you’re in a sticky situation.

Titus: We could use all the help we could get.

The Black Knight: Well... we got my car. Get all of that, Charles?

Charles: Yes... I did. Nice to see you... Knight.

The Black Knight nods and hurries onto the battlefield. He runs onto the battlefield, turning towards the soldiers. He throws a smoke bomb into the field, gasing some of the army soldiers before The Black Knight punches them, knocking them and sending them to the ground, unconscious. He then takes his sword, turns it on and swipes a beam at a building. The building slides right, landing directly on 60 army soldiers. Drake launches himself off the ground, charging at a soldier before kicking him to the ground and knocking him out.

Titus: You do the land... I can deal with the air. But how do you use this... thing?

The Black Knight: Cavalry. Automatic message 003.

The vehicle opens, and Titus enters. He looks around and finds the button he needs. Pressing it , two hatches open and 50 rockets appear ready to open. Moving a wheel around he finds an enemy ship and fires. The Rocket hits the ship, sending it into a building, and then sending the building on the enemy soldiers.

Titus: Now that is impressive if I do say so myself.

The Black Knight: Keep going!

The Black Knight leads a group of 15 soldiers into the middle of the battlefield. They kill a bunch of soldiers charging forward. Drake takes the sword and stabs the ground, creating a giant quake. Part of the city collapses into a valley below, most of it soldiers from the opposite side.

Titus:My god...

A rebel soldier then notes something.

Rebel Soldier: They’re... retreating!

The army cheers as the enemy retreats, the Capital ship taking the troops away.

Charles, V.O: I see a beautiful day... rising from this abyss. I see that I hold a Sanctuary .. and in the hearts, of generations hence.

Charles is sitting on his desk, opening a bottle and pouring a drink, smiling. Caesar smiles as he shakes the Black Knight’s hand with gratitude.

Charles, V.O: I see a bright future for the night has faded, and the dawn has returned. A hero is back, and in this battle... a turning point in a war which many see as necessary but bloody. I see a coming peace and it is a far, far better thing that I do... than I have ever done. Let us thank the hero who has saved a city from destruction and helped us win an impossible battle.

Raia City
5th Age, Julva 22, 252 5 PM UTC

Charles and Caesar are seen on a stage with the Black Knight in Raia City, giving the Black Knight a medal.

Caesar: For your honor and help in giving the enemy a major blow to the government.

The Black Knight: Thank you, I... i...

In a giant flash, The Black Knight’s eye vision gets blurry and he cries out. He falls to the ground, shaking as Charles drops to his knees.

Charles: Knight? Knight?

Caesar: Get the Press out of here. Now!

A few guards gets the reporters out the room before locking the door. Charles puts his head to his armor and then shouts.

Charles: DRAKE! DRAKE! ANSWER ME! Caesar... get him to a medic now! NOW!

Raia City
5th Age, Julva 25, 252 5 PM UTC

Drake opens his eyes, armor off, wearing new clothes while hooked up to a machine.

Drake: Where... am...I?

His vision clears and he turns his head.

Woman: Hey there... Drake.

Drake: Regina?

Regina: Yeah... it’s me. How you feeling?

Drake: Like a piece of junk. What... happened?

Regina: Heart attack. You nearly died. The stress of your body from the battle was too much for your heart. We fixed it... but you’ll be healing for a while.

Drake: How long have I been out?

Regina: 3 days. It’s the 25th. You know... I was one of the doctors who helped save you.

Drake: Really? Well... thank you.

Regina: You're welcome.

Drake: So... let’s say you and I have a little talk. About what’s happened since ...

Regina: Yeah.

Raia City
5th Age, Julva 25, 252 6 PM UTC

Regina: So yeah. Eight months ago they called and got me on the program. I work for the rebellion now. At least I’m doing something now, right?

Drake: Regina... about what I said that day...

Regina: Drake, I don’t want to talk about it. Please. I gotta help the others...

She starts to leave, and Drake gets out of his bed, takes out the tubes in him, and tries to walk to her. He falls down, but she goes and helps him back onto the bed.

Regina: What the heck is wrong with you?

Drake: I’m fine...

Regina: No you aren’t...

Drake: Seriously...

Regina: Drake, you can barely walk and it doesn’t help that you’re risking your life ...

In a sudden moment, Drake pulls Regina towards him and kisses her. She moves her head back in a sudden shock, then closes her eyes and allows herself to enjoy the moment. Drake and Regina continue to kiss till Regina forces herself away from him.

Regina: Oh wow...

Drake: I’m fine. Alright?

Regina: Okay. But... just don’t push it, alright?

Drake: Alright.

Regina gives him a hug and walks away, the two of them smiling.

The Capital
5th Age, Julva 30, 252 9 AM UTC

A storm is ravaging the Capital, thundering above, heading eastwards. A small craft enters the city, flying above the streets below. It flies by another ship, stopping at a bar entrance. As the storm moves on... the ship enters the factory district of the Capital.

Pilot: This is craft 001 coming in. 001 calling in.

Voice: This is Restricted airspace, please turn to your left and return to the business district or please leave the city.

A man enters the cockpit, and grabs the radio.

Javert: This is General Javert, royal brother of Lord Darzon, first in line for supreme control of the planet Klingvonia, slayer of all rebels, leader of the Lord’s Royal Army. I command you to let us enter.

Voice: Your code, sir?

Javert: 24601.

There is a brief radio silence before they get an answer.

Voice: You have permission to land. Thank you and have a nice day.

They pass the giant pipes carrying food gas, and water among other things to the skyscrapers and buildings of the city. They begin their descent, going for a pad on the port of a large round building. Out of the ship comes General Javert, who enters the building and is met by guards. They lead to to a part of the hall, where Darzon waits.

Darzon: Leave us.

The Guards leave, and the two brothers continue to walk.

Javert: Brother, the Black Knight is alive.

Darzon: Is he now?

Javert: Yes. We believe however that since Caesar and Charles were at the conference, that it is Drake who is the Black Knight.

Darzon: As I suspected. How is the war?

Javert: Since the battle at Midpolis, the tide of the war has changed. The Lunas have taken 1/2 of North City under siege. Our forces in South City are being attacked. The enemy is gaining a strong advantage. They have hope.

Darzon: Well then contain it .

Javert: What do you mean?

Darzon: I mean ... contain it. Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective, a lot of hope is dangerous. It's fine, as long as its contained. And this hope is dangerous.

Javert: So...

Darzon: Javert... Contain it or else I will do it myself.

Javert: There is a meeting on the 5th. They say that all the rebellion leaders will be in Raia City at the time. In One. Single. Spot.

Darzon: Good. Once more we will rule this planet. We will be feared. And ... after you have killed Caesar and the Knight... we shall have peace.

Javert: You know... its funny. Where you chose to meet. This old place is very dusty. I imagine that there is still some blood from the Coup.

Darzon: Javert. I chose it because it was convenient. Not because of Augustus.

Javert: So its not because the Coup happened at this very spot?

Darzon: You have something else to say Javert?

Javert: Just one more question. Augustus escaped, lead a small uprising in a village, then hid in South City for a few years, before breaking into YOUR home and taking precious data. He had the chance to kill you. Do you not realize that?


Javert takes a step back, knowing he crossed the line.

Darzon: The structures of our government will remain where they are. But we will destroy the structures of the Rebellion. Their little supports will be demolished and we shall get our revenge.

Raia City
5th Age, Angusto 5, 252 9 AM UTC

Compared to the ruined city of Midpolis, the businessful South City, the poor and damaged North City, and the stone-cold and dark features of the Capital, Raia City is the pure image of what all Klingons want. 4 beautiful, blue and cold rivers flowing quietly, bridges with hundreds of people traveling every day. Lots of good, gardens, observatories, everything.

Drake gets up out of bed, fully healed as Regina comes in.

Regina: How you feeling?

Drake: Well.. better than I have felt in a very long time.

Regina: Good.. now keep getting rest, and don’t push it. You can go to the Rebellion meeting. It’s at 10. I’ll check back with you in a few hours, okay?

Drake: Okay. In the meanwhile, mind if I have a look around the city?

Regina: Sure. Oh and Drake..

Drake: I know.

Drake walks out of the Hospital, and enters the street wearing a nice new suit. He takes a quick look around, gets in a craft and takes a seat.

Man: This is the Raia City Tour Guide Craft. Please be seated as we tour the city and show you the cities highlights.

The craft takes off and flies around the city, as the tour guides points out the 4 Rivers Bridge, which is destroyed in the riot beforehand. Drake smiles as he looks at it before the Tour ends and he exits at his temporary home. He walks over to the door, opens it and sees his armor.

Drake: Time to get ready for the meeting.

He then sees two strangers wearing odd clothes and carrying... weapons below.

Stranger #1: So we sneak in and we kill him?

Stranger #2: Yeah... that’s what Javert told us to do.

Stranger #1 takes out a mutliblaster and grins.

Stranger #1: So you get Charles and I’ll get Caesar.

Stranger #2: And if the Black Knight is there?

Stranger #1: We take him out as well...

Stranger #2 looks at #1, then sees something behind him and points.

Stranger #1: What?

The Black Knight appears behind them, knocking them to the ground and kicking the weapons out of their hands.


Stranger #1: We... we were going to kill them.

The Black Knight: Who told you to kill them?

Stranger #2: Javert... Darzon told him to kill Caesar and Charles off. Today at the meeting.

The Black Knight: Are there others? ARE THERE OTHERS?

Stranger #2: Yes... and they’ll kill all of you. Darzon will win the war. You don’t stand a chance.

Stranger #1: We’ll see you in hell.

Both of them bite on something, and suddenly blue foam comes out of their mouth, before they drop down dead.

The Black Knight: Suicide pill. Of course.

The Black Knight looks at a digital clock on a building to see there is only 10 minutes. The Black Knight hurries to the garage nearby, presses a button and out comes the Cavalry. Drake jumps into it and turns the wheel, driving down the road. He enters the Main Street, blocking other cars. He races down the street, hurrying as he passes many cars. The Car goes onto a ramp and onto another higher road, where it turns and heads towards the Arena.

Meanwhile, in the Arena - the generals and leaders of the rebellion are chattering, talking about the war and their personal lives. Caesar and Charles stand with Titus in the corner.

Charles: I don’t see him...

Caesar: Do not worry my friend. I’m sure everything is fine.

Charles: Where are your normal guards?

Caesar: Everyone needs a day off, man.

Charles: Just hope today is the one day you need them...

The Cavalry begins to maneuver thru the street, passing by many vehicles as the clock ticks down. The Black Knight shoots at the road, breaking it and sending the car onto another road with less traffic.

The Black Knight: Get out of the way!

The Cavalry turns to the next street and crashes thru a building window, before spinning around and taking out the shooters.The vehicle shoots at the ground, allowing him to reach the main street again, and go towards the arena.

The Black Knight: I got 4 minutes to hurry and get there... now!

The Rebellion Leaders enter a room, filled with seats. As the generals and soldiers take their seats, Charles and Caesar walk onto the stage, still talking. Caesar then nods and walks up to a podium with a giant orange ball hovering above.

Caesar: Please take your seats. The meeting will begin in 3 minutes.

In the back part of the arena, a man walks in the halls with a cane. The man walks into a second hall, where two guards are protecting a door.

Guard: Sir you can not be he-

The man takes the cane, beats the Guard in the face, grabs the second one and snaps his neck. The First Guard gets up, but the man snaps his neck as well.

Man: Pity... and I was told to only kill Caesar or Charles. Well.. sometimes there have to be exceptions. Great exceptions.

The Cavalry arrives at the entrance of the Arena. The door opens and the Black Kngiht exits it, running down the hall.

Soldier: Sir, you have no permission to..


The Black Knight breaks down the doors, navigates thru the walls, and find the two guards. Dead.

Knight: Caesar...

The Black Knight enters the door, and walks down another hall, hearing thunderless applause.

Caesar: I know that times are tough, but this meeting is to help shape our future as leaders in Klingvoina.

Ahead of Drake, the assassin opens a door, and goes on a viewing porch looking down at Caesar. Charles sits in the front row, right next to Titus. The assassin puts the cane into a hole in his belt, and takes out a small blaster.

Assassin: May they all burn in hell with me.

The Black Knight: NOOOOOOOOO!

Titus and Charles turn their head hearing the scream when the assassin jumps off the porch, grabbing the flag of Klingvonia hanging on it, and landing on the stage. The assassin shoots at the generals, killing two guards as the crowd gets up in shock. Caesar tackles the killer, knocking him to the ground and moving his gun away. The killer gets up, forcing Caesar up was well. Taking out the cane, he removes the hidden sword connected to the top of the cane and slashes at Caesar. Moving forward, he plunged the blade into the chest of Caesar. A quick cry, a gasp for air, and a cough of blood... and as a bright light enters the eyes of Caesar, once Lord Augustus, leader and mayor of the village Epiphany while known as Roy, charming partier and provider of secrets the Clubmaster... the killer whispered into his ear.

Assassin: Darzon says hello.

Caesar sheds a tear before the killer takes Caesar’s neck... and twists it in a flash yet deadly way. The Black Knight enters the porch, and sees the death of the leader. Charles gasps as he also sees this moment, knowing that in a minute, the full responsibility of the rebellion has just landed on his shoulders.

Charles and The Black Knight: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Charles: I’ll kill you... I’LL KILL YOU

Charles jumps onto the stage, and punches the killer. The killer knocks Charles to the ground and points at the group in front of him.

Assassin: Sic semper tyrannis!

He grins as he kicks the floor below him, and falls into the trap door. The man lands in a tunnel, and heads north. The crowd panics as all of a sudden, soldiers jump into the hole and follow the killer. They shoot at him, hitting the wall. In the dark, the man turns around, takes out a device and presses a button.

Assassin: I’ll see you all later. In the pits of ...

The Bomb goes off, destroying the tunnel and killing the man and the soldiers. The floor shakes and collapses, falling in a pit of fire. Many generals and soldiers die, Charles grabbing onto a column in the room, barely holding on. Titus runs onto the stage, barely making it. Tiny parts of the floor don’t fall, but many people die. Across the city, the explosion rocks the streets, destroying the ground below. On Main Street, a car is driving before all of a sudden, the ground below them explodes, flipping the car into the building. The Calvary is damaged, falling into a sinkhole before exploding as well, the Black Knight’s powerful weapon gone. A giant skyscraper is hit by the explosion from below, and falls into ruins.

Drake jumps down onto the stage, helping Titus and Charles escape the hole.

Charles: No... No...

The Black Knight looks around, and sees men. Dead. Alive. Injured. As sirens go in the air... Drake senses that Darzon might be watching... and grinning at the same time...

Raia City
5th Age, Angusto 6, 252 9 PM UTC

In a command room, Titus, Constantine, Charles, Drake in the Black Knight armor, and Regina to name a few of the 20 in the room all stand around a table. A soldier enters the room, and nods.

Solider: He is dead. We have confirmed it.

The Black Knight: How many are dead?

Solider: 40 in the Arena, including Caesar, 400 in the main street, 300 in the Raia Tower, and 200 in other locations. Total... 940 dead.

Charles: My god....

Regina: What now?

General #1: There is nothing left.

Titus: We have to do something...

Charles: No. There is nothing left for us to do. Now that Caesar is dead... people will lose hope. This is the turning point. We are doomed.

The Black Knight shakes his head.

The Black Knight: They can’t. They mustn't.

Charles: 13,000 Dead! One of them Caesar. You can’t... speak that off.

Titus: So What’s our next move?

Charles: We start a mass exodus. Get as far away as possible.

Titus: NO!

Charles: Any hopes of a treaty died with Caesar. Here is nothing else left.

The Black Knight: No. There is another choice. We will fight.

Charles: Drake...

The Black Knight: NO! We shall fight! We will take our swords! We will pierce their armor and we will win! We will fight back! We will fight Darzon. We will kill Javert. We will win back what is ours! We will not stand up for this. With the Sweat of our brows, gentlemen... we will declare our independence!

The Generals cheer to this, clapping as Charles looks around in shock. He then smiles as he takes off the R badge and gives it to the Black Knight.

Charles: Normally, I’d be leader of the Rebellion. However, I don’t think I’m worthy of the title. I think there’s someone else . You.

Drake stands there, in complete and total shock then Charles takes a rebel sword and holds it up.

Charles: Kneel. The Black Knight kneels before lowing his word and swaying it.

Charles: I dub thee Drake Daniels - The Black Knight, leader of the Rebellion, protector and defender of Democracy, General of the armies and so on.

The Black Knight rises with a new responsibility.

Charles: So.... what now?

The Black Knight: We let the real war begin.

The Capital
5th Age, Angusto 7, 252 9 PM UTC

A soldier walks up to Lord Darzon and General Javert, who are both sitting down.

Javert: Well?

Solider: He’s dead sure. Caesar is dead. I can not confirm the rest however. The killers set up a bomb in the tunnels. Killed over 900.

Darzon: My my. Over 900.... surely they must be dead.

Javert: You are probably going to fight back.

Darzon: No my brother. Like I said... their structures have fallen.

Suddenly, a loud panic comes from outside. Darzon and Javert get up, and walk to the window. Looking outside, they see a giant smoke cloud rising. Darzon glares upwards, as he sees a giant tank outside on the hill in front of the city.

Darzon: BLACK.... KNIGHT!!!!!!!

In a sudden flash, a series of dates appear on the corner of the camera, showing different clips. In one, The Black Knight leads a bunch of troops onto the battlefield, battling again on Midpolis.

The Black Knight: We have the hand in war, now let us fight. We live for your problems, we share your ideals and dream. We support you, for we will fight for you. We understand, we are one of you. If not... how could not succeed?

Workers:A new Klingvonia, the workers’ battle song. A new Klingvonia, the voice of the people. Rings out loud and long.

In the meanwhile, the North City Fort has been replaced by a military base. A missile hits the base, killing all the enemies. A series of flying jets fly into North City, shooting at the military flight jets. They sent a giant rocket at one of them, knocking a military plane into a bridge, and knocking the bridge and the jet to the ground.

People: We’re sick of Darzon and we want to be free. Come for us Black Knight and we will see. We will support, for we love you. We want to be you, is one of you. If not... how could we be loved?

Works: A new Klingvonia, the workers’ battle song. A new Klingvonia, the voice of the people. Rings out loud and long.

The Soldiers of the Rebels charge into North City, fighting and killing Soldiers. A Loboan from the terrorist group Lunas attacks the Black Knight but he throws the Loboan into the river, drowning him.

The Black Knight: I am a leader, but I’ve suffered the way that you do. I’ve watched my friends die, I’ve starved and hated it too. But I found my salvation in rebillion, in this nation! Let us go and be free.

People: A new Klingvonia... a new age about to begin. A New Klingvonia, we face the world together. And no dissent within.

Then, a solider walks up to Darzon, and says something.

Solider: North City is theirs.

Darzon sighs and looks at a clock. It is Angusto 28th. The Final Battle is approaching.

Raia City
5th Age, Angusto 29, 252 9 PM UTC

Titus: Knight, now that the North City is ours, the final battle is left with the Capital. Once we take that, the planet is ours.

Charles: Our chance is here. We can attack tomorrow, if you want.

The Black Knight: Good.

Titus and The Black Knight leave the room, leaving Charles. Charles walks around the room, looking at a map before sitting down.

Charles: One Day More. Another day, another destiny.This never-ending road to Calvary; These men who seem to know my crime will surely come a second time.One day more!

At the same time, Drake and Regina stand together in a room, chatting.

Drake: I did not live until today. How can I live when we parted?

Charles: One Day more!

Drake and Regina: Tomorrow you’ll be worlds away. And yet with you, my world has started.

Regina: One more day all on my own.

Drake and Regina: Will we ever meet again?

Regina: One more day with him caring

Drake and Regina: I was born to be with you

Regina: What a life I might have known.

Drake and Regina: And I swear it will be true!

Regina: But before he never saw me there!

All of a sudden, the scene changes to the Raia City Barricade.The Black Knight charges up with there ,with his sword and stands. The Screen slipts to the Black Knight and Drake, as if they were two different people.

The Black Knight: One more day before the storm!

Drake: Do I follow where she goes?

The Black Knight: At the barricades of freedom.

Drake: Do I join my brothers there?

The Black Knight: When our ranks begin to form

Drake: Do I say, and do I dare?

The Black Knight Knight: Will you take your place with me?

The screen then shows just the Black Knight, followed by a view of the entire army below, climbing up the barricade.

All: The Time is now, the day is here!

Charles exits the building and starts running to the barricade.

Charles: One Day more!

The Capital
5th Age, Angusto 29, 252 9:10 PM UTC

The camera then cuts to a royal room in the Capital, with Darzon walking down a large row of elite soldiers.

Darzon: One more day to revolution, we will nip it in the bud! I will join these little schoolboys, they will wet themselves in blood!

North City
5th Age, Angusto 29, 252 9 PM UTC

Poor Citizens: Watch 'em run amuck, Catch 'em as they fall. Never know your luck When there's a free for all. Here a little `dip',There a little `touch'. Most of them are goners, So they won't miss much!

North City, South City, and Raia City
5th Age, Angusto 29, 252 9 PM UTC

Men (2 groups):

1: One day to a new beginning

2: Raise the flag of freedom high!

1: Every man will be a king

2: Every man will be a king

1: There's a new world for the winning

2: There's a new world to be won

Everyone: Do you hear the people sing?

Charles runs up to the barricade, and stands with the Black Knight .

Charles: My place is here, I fight with you!

The Black Knight: One day more!

All these people begin to sing different things at the same time, overlapping.

Regina and Drake: I did not live until today.

Regina: One more day all on my own!

Regina and Drake: How can I live when we are parted?

Darzon: I will join these people's heroes. I will follow where they goI will learn their little Secrets, I will know the things they know.

Charles: ONE DAY MORE!

All of Klingvonia
5th Age, Angusto 29, 252 9 PM UTC

Drake and Regina:Tomorrow you'll be worlds away.

Regina: What a life I might have know.

Drake and Regina: And yet with you my world has started.

Darzon: One more day to revolution. We will nip it in the bud. We'll be ready for these Schoolboys

North City Citizens: Watch 'em run amok, Catch 'em as they fall. Never know your luck, When there's a free-for-all!

Charles: Tomorrow we'll be far away, Tomorrow is the judgement day.

Everyone: Tomorrow we'll discover what our Creator has in store! One more dawn....One more day....One day more!

The Night ends with the people of Klingvonia... all united, altogether waiting for one day more... and preparing for the end.

The Capital
5th Age, Angusto 30, 252 11 AM UTC

The Capital. Compared to Midpolis the ruined city, North City the diseased and poor city, South City home of business, Raia City full of life and Rebellion, and the villages, the Capital is a stone cold city. Entertainment is very little to none. The Law is powerful here, after years and years of being controlled by Darzon and the Lords.

No Ships. No Craft. Not a single citizen on the street. For months the people have feared a possible attack on the City. Merely 11 hours ago, the city learned that the Rebel Army was heading towards the Capital. And in Merely 11 hours, the entire city was boarded up, barricaded, and armed. The only building left was Darzon’s Royal Mansion , a sign that Darzon is scared and was prepared to fight to the end.

However, the LPSK stood with the LRA in the streets, preparing to fight. General Javert walked to the edge of the combined group, watching as the rebel army appeared on the of the hill, along with 3 tanks and a few ships coming in the darkness.

Javert: There is only one army in this planet. That’d be us.

Javert looks up and sees the giant Capital ship heading towards the rebel army. Meanwhile, on the opposite side the Rebel Army is amassing towards the Capital. The Darzon exits a room on the ship and walks on the deck, looking at the army and grinning. Black Knight walks on the top of the hill, looking at the Capital and notices the Capital Ship.

The Black Knight: They’re bringing out the big guns. Don’t worry men, we also have a weapon.

Suddenly, a giant ship, much like the Capital Ship. flies onto the battlefield. The ship looks much like the Capital ship, only more Modern. Giant glowing lines go across the giant black ship, with turbine engines on the side, wings that have multiple rockets and blasters charge forward.

The Black Knight: Charles, I give the army in your our command. Wield it well.

Charles, standing next to him nods as the Black Knight shoots a hook, grabs the ship and flies up to it, before landing on the deck.

The Black Knight: Take it nice and slow.... let Darzon know that he’s in for one big battle.

Darzon, looking as this gigantic ship comes at them.

Darzon: The Files that Augustus took.Of course...

The two ships head towards each other, quickly arming themselves for the battle. As the battle nears, the rebel army begins to walk slowly towards the Capital, walking as Javert and his army also walks foward. Then, the two sides near the edge, a bunch of Flighters shoot from the rebel side and fire at the buildings. 7 buildings explode and collaspe as they fly into the Capital. The Final Battle has begun.

Charles: CHARGE!

The rebel army races down the hill, along with the tanks and more Flighters, charging at the Capital. Javert’s army attacks back, on the defense. The two armies clash in the street, knocking many down. Charles blocks the shots with his sword and cuts the head off the solider.

The Tanks shoot at the buildings, shaking a giant building. Javert observes the battle as he walks up into the roof of a building.

Javert: I’d rather watch the battle and see how it goes. If the going gets tough, then I think I’ll join then.

As the ground battle war occurs, the two ships are mere meters away from each other. On purpose, the pilot of the rebel ship turns the wheel, turning it left.

Capital Ship Pilot: BRACE YOURSELVES!

Darzon grabs onto a pole as the wing of the rebel ship crashes into the Capital hole, leaving a giant hole . The Rebel Ship passes by, and the two turn around, circling each other.


The cannons prepare to fire upon the rebel ship, while the other ship does the same thing, including the rockets and missiles.

The Black Knight: FIRE!!!

Darzon: FIRE!!!

The two ships fire at each other, blasting away woods and metal, breaking apart. They continue to shoot at each other, and as the ships turn around, they blast powerful bombs, cannon balls and a bunch of missiles. Both sides take major hits, one rebel strike hitting a cannon and killing five men.

Darzon: Aim and Load...

Two Men take strange weapons with green color, red bars and purple buttons. They stick two green disks into the weapons (2 per weapon, thus 4 in total).

Darzon: Let us get the wind on our side...

They hold the weapons, aiming at the ship as the wind comes.

Darzon: Fire!

They shoot, the disk attaching onto the rebel ship. 4 disks on the capital glow green, as do the disk on the rebel ship. the rebel ship begins to forcefully come sideways at the capital ship. The Black Knight notices this.

The Black Knight: Tractor Beam. He doesn’t want to end it fast. He wants our ship, and wants to finish it the old way. Kill and Conquer.

The ship comes closer to the capital ship,. while the battle continues on the ground.

Charles: Keep going, go go go!

Two flighters bomb the street again, killing ore of the LRA. Charles slashes his blade, killing soldiers. As the buildings begin to fall, Charles notices the two ships about to hit each other.

Charles: No.

Charles goes all out on the soldiers, killing any in his way. As explosions rock the area, Javert, concerned jumps into the street and kills 3 men. He walks thru the crowd, knocking all rebels out of his way, killing them. He is then confronted by General Consistaine.

Consistaine: You won’t be going anywhere my friend.

Javert: Oh. Actually, I think I am.

Consistaine and Javert attack each other, clashing the blades. Javert is pushed backwards, knocking into a man before going forward, and swirling around. They continue to hit each other, clashing until all of a sudden Javert strikes the general, laughing as does it.


The General falls to the ground as Javert turns around and sees Charles. Charles marches up there, hurrying as he kills 2 soldiers. Charles reaches the circle and death stares Javert.

Javert: So the weapons master has come back to fight me again.

Charles: No. I’ve come here to stop you.

Charles and Javert begin their duel, a duel two years in the making. Meanwhile, the rebel ship comes closer and closer to the Capital ship.


The two ships collide as the two sides clash. The soldiers and the rebels march onto the other ships and begin to fight, being shot down and stabbed. The Black Knight takes out his sword and walks over to the other ship. Darzon smiles at this as he takes out his sword.

Darzon: Looky here. A birdie who never learned how to fly.

The Black Knight: To my regret. Never too late to learn, eh?

They begin to bang their weapons at each other, as TBK got off with a small hit from the knee since he was running towards him when the Knight headed with the sword for Darzon's neck. He easily slipped under me hitting me on the back hard from the other side. Drake, in the armor fell because of the hit and and had a crack in the armor. The Black Knight tries to punch Darzon and knock him to the ground but fails.

Darzon: So Drake... you finally decided to leave the closet?

The Black Knight: So identities aren’t really that important now?

Drake kicks Darzon to the ground and runs up to a rope, before kicking a board, and flying upwards to a board on the ships sail.

Darzon: Why that little...

Drake stands up, holding his sword and using it to balance himself. He sees the battle raging across the Capital, but its only until a little later that Darzon appears to his left.

Darzon: You are a coward, a thief and a traitor Drake Daniels! Your father deserved his death!

The Black Knight: Shut up. You. You are a murderer, a traitor, a sinful man and you will rot forever in the pits of hell where you will burn for all your days.

Darzon: Enough talk. This Ends now!

The two of them resume the clashing of the swords, as Darzon walks backwards, the Knight gaining the edge. Then, Darzon slashes the armor of the Knight’s left leg, damaging it. Darzon forces Drake to the edge of the board, where he almost knocks the Knight’s sword out.

Meanwhile, Javert and Charles continue to battle. Javert makes an uppercut as Charles ducks before slashing it again. The blades continue to move up and down, both sides as powerful and strong. Javert pushes his blade against Charles to try and take control.

Javert: You’re weak Charles... you won’t be able to win.

Charles roundhouse kicks Javert to the ground and jumps up. Javert jumps back up and they resume the battle.

Charles: Actually, I believe I will Javert. And you will be rotting on the streets. Javert pushes the swords down, trying to knock the blade out of Charles’s hands when a sniper for the rebels spots them He shoots at some of the soldiers nearby, but keeps his eye on Charles and Javert. A soldier charges at the Sniper on the roof, but the Sniper takes a sword and kills the soldier before going back and looking. Javert is now striking Charles’s sword, cracking it when all of a sudden, Charles pushes Javert into a wall. The Sniper fire, the shot hitting Javert in the stomach at the same time Charles stabs him. Javert cries for a second, then pushes Charles away and runs... never returning.

Darzon cries as he sees this. He then charges at the Black Knight, still blocking his moves as the swords go everywhere. Up, down, north, south, east, west, left and right.

Darzon: You are a fool if you think you’ll be able to win Drake.

The Black Knight: Well I already am winning.

Darzon slashes his sword, cutting the armor and slashing a bloody cut onto Drake’s left arm.

The Black Knight: Ahhh

Darzon: No you aren’t. Aha. Aha. Ahahahahahahaaha.

The Black Knight: You will pay for that.

Darzon: No, you will.

Drake pushes Darzon off the board, as they star falling to the ground.

Drake: If I can’t win while living.... then I’ll die a hero. A Maytr.

Darzon: Not on my watch.

Darzon drops his sword and shoots a cable hook at a building, flying over to there before flinging Drake to another building.. Drake’s left arm hits the building, before he falls to the ground. Drake groans as Darzon retreats to the ground... seeking safety.

A solider, along with Titus and Charles notice him and run towards him.

Charles: Drake! Drake!

Drake gets up, but then screams out. He sees the left arm of the armor is severely damaged, plus the wound is worse now, and Drake is beginning to bled quickly.

Titus: You need help..

Drake: No I’m fine. We have to find Darzon. Now. He escaped.

Suddenly, a huge explosion rocks the two ships, sending them a few miles away, crashing outside the city.

Charles: His Mansion. That’s where he’d be.

Drake: I’ll go there.

Charles: No Drake. We’ve won the battle, I think. There’s another way.

The Capital
5th Age, Angusto 30, 252 12:52 PM UTC

Darzon stands his Mansion, watching his city burn.

Darzon: This ... this isn’t how it was supposed to happen.

Soldier: Sir, the tanks are aiming right now..

Darzon: Leave me. Now.

The Soldier leaves, as Darzon sees the tanks stop. He closes his eyes, knowing where they are targeting.

I’ve lost the war. The Structures have fallen. Drake has won. he thinks.

The Black Knight: FIRE!

Charles: FIRE!

Titus: FIRE!

The Tanks begin to shoot, hitting the Mansion. Windows begin to shatter, concrete breaks, the foundations shake. Both sides of the Mansion are hit, even the entrance. The Soldier runs back in, and screams.


Stonecold, Darzon watches as the Cannons and missiles fire, destroying the Mansion. The back of the Mansion also goes under fire. Darzon walks past the solider, still screaming.


Two Guards also enter the room, and Darzon tells them,

Darzon: It’s just... good business.


The Guards jump out the windows as Darzon exits the building, going into the hall as the room bursts into a fiery mass. Two Soliders exit another room but are blasted into the other side, and killed. As the halls collapse, a board crashing onto the ground... Darzon flashes back to all those moments. The Coup, the birth of the Knight, Area 52, South City... all of it. He reaches the main hall, where he turns around, and grabs a handle.

Darzon slowly walks down those stairs, holding the side as he watches everything around him collapse. The walls explode, the floors collapsed, the glass shatter, everything. The ground explodes, as the chandelier falls. The desk bursts into flames, as everything becomes chaos, destruction, and the structures fall. Lord Darzon, Royal Lord and Leader of Klingvonia lets go of the handle, walks out into the open world, and stares as he is sent into the flames.

A huge explosion strikes the area, destroying the entire mansion. The land sinks below into an underground lake, cooling it off. On a floating flag, a body hits it. The body of Lord Darzon.

The Capital
5th Age, Angusto 30, 252 12:57 PM UTC

General Javert stands on a bridge, looking below. He holds his wound, turns around and seeing the explosion that kills his brother, he begins to fall.

General Javert: I am reaching... but I fall. And the stars are black and cold. As I stare into the void... of a world that can not hold. I escape now from that world, from the World of Lord Darzon... there is no where else to turn. There is no place to go on!

Javert falls to the river, and with a loud crunch, is dead.

Raia City
6th Age, Fallatia 1, Year 1 1:03 PM UTC

Cheering. He heard millions of voices cheering as he woke up. Regina and Charles stood there. Waiting.

Drake: How went the procedure?

Charles: Well right now, it seems like a success.

Regina: However, you have major wounds in your arm, plus a piece of metal was stuck in your arm, and you were bleeding. However, after I removed it, added some medicine and ing fixed it. Now, your arm is fine, but as of now, you have a thing called Parkinsons. Early in the course of the disease, the most obvious symptoms are movement-related; these include shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement and difficulty with walking and gait.It’ll get worse, but as the medicine works, within 5 years, the Parkinsons will end.

Drake: How... is ... the war?

Charles: Well, good news. We found the body of Lord Darzon in that underground lake that showed up. We also found the body of General Javert also nearby. We won.

Drake: At last.

Charles: Also, today is the 1st day of the 6th Age of Klingvonia. We have begun Year One.

Drake: The 6th Age. Wow. The 5th began and ended with a rebillion.

Charles: Yes. Ironic.

Drake: Um... Charles can I have a minute with Regina? In Private?

Charles: Sure.

Charles leaves the room, and Regina smiles.

Drake: So... the war’s over, hmm?

Regina: Yeah. Finally. What now?

Drake: I don’t know. How about you and me? Travel away. Visit the mountains, Maybe even space?

Regina: Really? Oh my.

Drake: Yeah. Why not? We get a few parts, make a ship. If the 3rd-4th ages could do it, why not us?

Regina: We could visit a beach planet... help the locals, explore.. Drake: And watch the sunset fall.

Regina: I’d like that.

Drake pulls Regina together as they kiss, and the camera zooms on their hands... grabbing onto each other.

The Capital
6th Age, Fallatia 1, Year 2 1:03 PM UTC

One Year later, the crowds cheered in the Capital City. Gardens grew and for once, the city was not cold but friendly. All the statues of Darzon and Javert fell down the day after the war ended. Behind the City Hall is a giant spaceship, a rocket. The crowd cheered as Charles walked onto the stage, and raised his hands above while wearing gold and purple robes.

Charles: My Friends. Many years ago, we wanted freedom. We wanted to escape oppression. Look where we got there now. WE ARE FREE! WE ESCAPED THAT OPPRESSION! We have reformed this government to become the first ever... NATIONAL REPUBLIC!

The crowd cheers as a series of steps go up to the door of the ship.

Charles: The Evil man that oppressed us, Lord Darzon is gone! Javert is gone! We are free! And now... pray as our hero, the Black Knight as he and his wife, Regina leaves.

Suddenly, Drake not in his armor and Regina walk up the steps, waving and smiles.

Charles: Say goodbye... like I am.

Charles nods as Drake and Regina walk to the top of the steps and opens the door.

Drake: Ready?

Regina: Ready.

They hold hands and smile as they enter the ship.

Announcer: 10, 9, 8, 7...

Charles: 6, 5, 4, 3...

Regina: 2...

Drake: One.

The Ship shoots up into the sky, before entering space and heading out. As the ship enters space, a new revelation unfolded on the planet below.

Charles: Now ... I have an announcement. With the introduction of the National Republic comes a new age. Where it is time to leave our false names and return to normal.

The crowd murmurs, confused.

Charles: There is no Klingvonia. We are not Klingons. We are Transylians. And this... is ANUR TRANSYL!

The crowd cheers as the camera returns to the ship.

Regina: So where to?

Drake: Anywhere is fine, my sweetheart.

Drake looks at a box that’s open, holding the Black Knight Armor and his weapons. Meanwhile, a pair of red eyes hides in the shadows of the ship.

Voice: Now... the war is over. A war that I orchasted to destroy the species that killed my brethren. It was I who had Darzon throw the Coup on lord Augustus a.k.a Caesar. I who had Javert learn of the little rebellion of Epiphany. I who helped remove Charles from power so he could influence Drake to fight. I who supplied weapons. And yet... they didn’t destroy each other. That fool killed Darzon and Javert. I’ve had to bide my time. But I will strike. After I eliminate the Black Knight. I will kill Charles and his precious New National Republic. Then, they will all die.

The Shadows disappears as Regina turns her head. She walks into the shadows to get something when a man jumps out. Regina screams as the man grabs her throat.

Drake: Regina!

With a loud snap, she falls down dead. The Man laughs as he shows his face.

Drake: Titus?

Titus laughs as his arms grow into wings and fingers become claws.

Titus: Tick tick tick tick tick. Poor Drake Daniels. The Foolish Black Knight.

Drake: Why?

Titus: the Transylians wiped out my species, now I will kill not only you, but the entire planet.

Drake: Why you little...

Drake grabs his sword and slashes at Titus’s face. A white cut goes in the middle. The face shatters and reveals...

Drake: You’re .. a ... a...

Titus: Vladat.

The ID Mask in ruins, a monstrous bat looking face appears. Titus charges at Drake, knocking him to the wal..

Titus: Excuse me.. the blood of a Transylian has been denied for far too long.

Drake kicks Titus and fights back, slashing and using the sword to protect himself. Drake accidentally hits a pipe, causing ice cold temperatures to hit the cabin.

Titus: You fool! You’ve doomed both of us!

Drake attempts to run to an escape pod, but Titus attempts to stop him.

Titus: I will... not let you... escape!

Drake kicks Titus, enters the pod and closes it. For Self-Preservation, Titus forces is weak body back into a more humanoid shape and closes the second escape pod. Drake attempts to leave, but the cold temperatures freeze solid, freezing the ship and the living...

February 15, 2013 09:20 AM YEKT

The sun sends out a burst of energy, ;blocked by the Earth’s atmosphere. In the depths of space, a small object flies toward Earth, heading towards what appears to be Russia. As it heats up in the Atmosphere, it explodes and a hunk of it is destroyed. The rest of it streaks across the sky, creating a giant line of clouds.

Russian Citizen:Что в мире является то, что? (What in the world is that?)

As the people nearby take out phones, the object crashes into the Ural Mountains. A loud shockwave destroys hundreds of windows, screams in People’s ears and makes some fly backwards. The camera reveals the object to be a meteor, and connected to the meteor is Drake’s ship. 239 Years Later.

February 16, 2013 9 AM MT

Drake wakes up in what appears to be his spaceship. He opens the escape pod, and notices the air. It’s not cold. The damage. It’s gone. Regina is missing.

Drake: Something’s wrong?

He tries to open the door, but it won’t budge. He then kicks the door open and runs out. He finds himself in a hangar with hundreds of soldiers and twenty scientists. Human Soldiers and Scientists.

Drake: Where am I? When am I?

A few soldiers shout things and head towards Drake but he exits the hangar.

Area 51 - Earth
February 16 2013 9:05 am MT

Drake: Where am I?

Voice: You are on Planet Earth. Home of the humans. I’m Shane Leon.

Drake turns around and sees a man. Blond hair, white skin, while wearing black clothes and has a giant scar on one of his eyes.

Drake: You understand me?

Shane: And you understand us. Before you woke up, We put a small devie in your system. It attached to your spinal cord. Helps to communicate with you and you to me.

Drake: How did I.. arrive here?

Shane: You crashed, frozen solid.

Drake: Wait. Where is the Vladat? Regina?

Shane: We saw the video of your fight. Project V will be watched carefully. Regina has been collected for scientific reasons. You can have her in a few hours if you want.

Drake: This is Earth, right?

Shane: Yes. Not Klingvonia, as your files were translated into English explained.

Drake sighs, and asks,

Drake: So what now?

Shane: Well there’s the usual lifetime experiments, or, you could have a few experiments, and live a life.

Drake: Doing....

Shane: Protecting the people of the world. You’ll be one of our heroes.

Drake thinks about this, and then shakes Shane Leon’s hand.

Shane: Welcome. To the FLA.

[The End]

Directed by: Sci100
Produced by: Paperluigi ttyd
Written by: Sci100
Screenwritten by: Sci100
Filmed by: Paperluigi ttyd
Based on: The Hunger Games Trilogy, Tron: Legacy, Iron Man, Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End, Captain America: The First Avenger, Les Miserables, and more.
Hugh Jackman as Drake Daniels/The Black Knight
Owen Wilson as Charles
Nicole Kidman as Regina Vivia
Michael Sheen as Caesar
Luke Wilson as Richard
Russell Crowe as Lord Darzon
Joaquin Phoenix as General Javert

- Post credits scene -


A man walks up to Shane.

Man: Sir?

Shane: Yes, Chris?

Chris Phillips: Sir, we’ve found that Project V is still alive like Drake. We’re sending him over to our international base in the UK.

Shane: You’re sending him over to M16?

Chris Phillips: Yes sir.

Shane: Keep him safe. If that east is really what it is... then we may all be at risk.

Chris Phillips: I have another report sir. There’s been ... a giant humanoid tiger sighting near Southern Russia. They say... its an alien.

Shane Leon turns around and nods.

Shane: Let’s get ready.


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